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June 14, 2014



Even Nicholas 11, had one solid figure in the cabinet, Witte, Stolypin, among the crew of cronies, unpossible in this instance:



Actually I thought we managed to carry on quite well for a summer Friday night.

New post up. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/wider-world-is-primary-not-the-stifling-prison-of-the-instantaneous-present/

I am getting into the Governance vision and what is called the Totality economic vision instead of the individualistic one. Ed is the way in, but this has never really been about ed as the end game.

A book I am still working on makes it quite clear that anyone doing community organizing work in the 90s is quite familiar with this intended governance vision. No wonder 404 is so determined to push Positive School Climates with every tool of authority he has.

We really do have a coup going on. We ought to have the same knowledge as the funders as those making all these plans at our expense.


hang on, Tom Fitton, (Judicial Watch) seems to be able to demand much more readilythan Camp or Issa, we still don't have that much vaunted memo, he was muttering about,

Maybe it's because there are legal penalties and sanctions, with Fitton, than the kabuki the latter seems to produce

Frau Steingehirn

The Kings!!!

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--....Totality economic vision instead of the individualistic one.--

They really use that term?
They must not catch the "totalitarian" reference.
Or maybe they do.

Frau Steingehirn

Who me sorry? It's great to be king.

Pres. 404 is hoovering up money while the world burns. His pension is *guaranteed*.

Dublindave 2016

Kevin McCarthy suggesting that he's more open to immigration reform than his predecessor.

McCarthy less Conservative than Cantor.

Dublin2016 sends flowers to Laura ingraham for her fine political skills.

Tea party says "Huh,wah,wah goin on????Huh????Not know wat goin on.Teeth be hurtin need origelly"

Jeff Dobbs

.OBama's Foreign Policy: Error 404

Captain Hate

Team Repuke obviously needs more beatings until they get the message.

Beasts of England

lol, hit!

Glad JOM is back online. I would have felt bad about spamming myriad inboxes with my golf anecdotes this weekend.

Speaking of which, current leader Martin Kaymer has played the first two rounds without a bogey. I'm not sure how to say 'that's pretty righteous, dude' in German, but maybe I should learn.

He also won his only major at Whistling Straights, another links-esque track. Could be trouble for the field. I think we'll know better after today's round.

Boat time! See y'all later...


TK,DoT, between the fairly regular site problems and the two of you yammering about birthers this site is getting increasingly frustrating, I love JOM and the people here, but I beg you once again TO PLS STOP IT.


And that can be arranged. see Cochran, Thad


hit, that is brilliant.

Danube on iPad

Looks like LeBron got the "not three, not four, not five" part right.


That lazy, incompetent bum and street-hustler will say only whatever he has to say and he will do only what he has to do to continue to live like royalty; e.g., remember?, instead of making any effort whatsoever to help the unemployed to find jobs, that scum bag spent all of those months campaigning for his own reelection, and his evil supporters loved it, just like they loved Bill and Hilary's deceit. Democrats sure do love their liars, don't they?

Danube on iPad

TK will continue to post birther crap no matter what anyone says or does.

Frau Knopf

Clarice, it's beyond one topic. The two have more buttons than the pearly king and queen.

Danube on iPad

Bob Bergdahl, creepy stalker:


Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--TK will continue to post birther crap no matter what anyone says or does.

Posted by: Danube on iPad | June 14, 2014 at 11:16 AM-

Pretty sure there's an unspoken corollary there.


What the fuck?


Danube, weren't your Ted Cruz posts unsolicited by me?




Since you brought it up, clarice, here is a Peter Boyles link:


Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

And the tango begins again, but they can never agree on who is leading.

Jeff Dobbs

Tough Cheese would make a great name for a band.




I'm just SOB TK anymore along with DuDA.

Rick B

It's never too late to Narcisolate!!


morning all. lol, still at it.

thought this was about the IRS "losing" Lerner's email and the wonderful 404 service of typhuspad.


Today, Ig, clarice is leading.

I ended the last thread with what I would consider a breakthrough regarding the IRS and the GOP's lackluster performance on prosecuting the matter. Instead it is recognized that my birther stuff gives clarice a fit.

No kidding.

How about this. If TM tells me that I am as much a nuisance to his blog as you say I have been over the last 5+ years, I will stop posting.


over 2 years worth of email ... thought the 'e' stood for eternal and evidence.

except when you are an irs employee caught up in a congressional investigation.

Jeff Dobbs

Forget the pistolas.

Desperate times and all that


i hear that laguna seca is going to be great in august


Excellent, hit.

Jeff Dobbs

Since we've got ourselves a shiny new thread, I'll put this up.

A poll...

Birther comments are.............

Your opinion matters and don't let anyone ever tell you differently.



Frau Knopf

I blame the buttons...

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--How about this. If TM tells me that I am as much a nuisance to his blog as you say I have been over the last 5+ years, I will stop posting.

Posted by: Threadkiller | June 14, 2014 at 11:38 AM --

Why is it your fellow commenters hold no sway?
It's like a guy in an apartment building playing Led Zeppelin at 3:00 at 100 decibels and saying he'll only stop if the owner of the building tells him to, never mind the 150 neighbors finding the place unlivable.
He might be legally within his rights but that doesn't make him a good neighbor.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz



Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Frau Knopf

Beasts - if I knew you were going to visit my email box last night, I would have straightened up a bit. xxxoooxxx


Re Birther Poll: Cash On Delivery ??? or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ...

Hard to tell because they both make perfect sense.


I'll be in Monterey this August. I grew up a couple of miles from Leguna Seca. The Concours d'Elegance will be going on around August 17, too.

Some Guy

A great case of the left eating their own:



Report the issue to the landlord?

Some Guy

Re Birther Poll: Cash On Delivery ??? or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

COD pieces?

Frau Knopf

Sounds fishy to me, SG.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

What if he's a slumlord? :)


Then we all agreed to live in a slum.


Frau Knopf

Lois Lerner and Doctor Faustus have a mutual friend. Will NSA cough up the missing emails?

BTW Martin Kaymer looks dapper.


Rat-A-Tat-Tat! (Boom!) Rat-A-Tat-Tat! (Boom!)


Clarice's Occupied Dreams?

Old Lurker

Per the GOPe weekly address, we seem to be moving to allowing Vets to use any hospital, which I support. But nobody seems to be suggesting the simultaneous shutdown off many VA hospitals nor the firing of VA staff who will no longer be needed.

Reminds me of a non profit on whose board I served. After watching the money for a while, I observed that when we had a task, we hired somebody at a very high salary to do that task. If that person failed, then we hired somebody else to help the first person. And so on.

Frau Sauerstoff

Carpy. Oxygen-robbing. Discussion.

Some Guy

You misspelled that first word Frau...

Jeff Dobbs

It's like a guy in an apartment building playing Led Zeppelin at 3:00 at 100 decibels

Is it IV or Coda?

It matters.

Re Birther Poll: Cash On Delivery ??? or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ...

It was inserted incorrectly after I hit publish. It's a conspiracy!

Frau Sauerstoff

JOMese for crappy, SG.

Some Guy



TK, when you exceed chicken little in announcing the sky is falling, your occasional interesting point (e.g. True the Vote & Reince timing with the IRS thing) gets lost in the noise and has no impact.

Frau Sauerstoff

Shades of Basil Fawlty-

""You started it, you invaded Poland!"
Old Lurker

Which makes its real meaning twice removed from Sh*tty, Some Guy.


So, it seems Qatar is the odd man out, which explains our behavior in the Bergdahl burlesque and our 'unexpected' reaction;


in the Lustbader Bourne entry, the key facilitator is a colonel in their counter terror command, who gets his proper reward,
ala License to Kill

Frau Sauerstoff

Arghhh...LUN was not for "The Germans" (Don't ention the war) episode.

OT and totally unimportant - my son and younger granddaughter do an awesome silly walk.


Speaking of unexpected;



Which should make it easier for you to Scroll On By, Henry.

The only reason we are having this discussion is because clarice's contribution to today's thread was to slam DoT and myself.

If you know how chicken-little is going to respond, why mention the sky at all?

clarice owns today's weather report.


Henry, do you believe that I only make good points'occasionally? '


henry-don't miss the quotes at the end of today's post on the distinction between public and private belonging to the era of the individual.

It does feel like the era of the parasite, doesn't it?

Work. Pay taxes. Pay healthcare premiums. Pay actual healthcare costs because of deductibles being so high.

What's wrong with that economic vision? Why would that cause such slow growth?


f TM tells me that I am as much a nuisance to his blog as you say I have been over the last 5+ years, I will stop posting.

False dichotomy, TK. It’s not post or not post.

I don't mind your posting, but consider two things:

1) Everything in moderation, and

2) When you realize further discussion will not be productive, suspend your fruitless efforts because other topics can be more useful.


it's not really too far a stretch is it;


yes, nominally they support the FSA, which has worked with both Nusra and Daesh;


Should clarice moderate her complaints, sbw?

How did 'birther' get started on this thread?


I love ya, TK. Be childlike, not childish.


Yahoo has a story that Phil Mickelson is trying to make a move at the US Open. He is currently tied at position 30 and is even for the day at the 8th hole. I'm not exactly sure how they figured out he was trying to make a move.

Frau Sauerstoff

OL, twice removed is still a stench, n'est pas?

My husband just showed me that Pres.404 has almost the entire southern CA air space closed.
Barry will be in Palm Springs, too.



Or perhaps "maven": someone who knows a lot about a particular subject. Is "unselfish maven" an oxymoron?

Miss Marple

Well, I don't like all of the arguing so I am registering a complaint, as it has indeed become a bit tiresome.

It is especially annoying when nothing ever gets settled. I feel like I am watching that old Star Trek where the one guy has a facehalf black and half white, and the other guy has the same face only mirror image, and they fight all of the time no matter how ridiculous everyone on the Enterprise tells them it is.

And, TK, you forget that clarice was stopped from commenting on the other thread because of the 404 issue. Now you are using her complaint about it to start up all over again. That is juvenile.

Quit it, please.


MM, read her complaint.


Come on, sbw. Be a grown up then.

I woke up, had a cup of coffee, went to the Saturday thread, and saw I was getting beat up.

If you don't want the kids to fight it helps if you are able to identify all the kids involved.

One sided admonishing never works. This is why the GOP fails as well.

Miss Marple

I read it, TK.

I agree with her.

Please stop.

Miss Marple

And so I won't be considered one-sided, I am asking Danube to stop as well.


That's a little more fair, MM.

Frau Unfug

Any bets on what the black flag beasts will do to the US embassy in Baghdad? According to John F'n, as handed down from his father*, each country is entitled to the type of government the people "choose." Iraqi purple fingers are losing their heads.

*Richard Kerry, "The Star-Spangled Mirror"-

"The Star-Spangled Mirror:America's Image of itself and the World" captures the dilemma of America's continuing reliance on an enduring fallacy of foreign policy-the assumption that other people ought to share our view of world order."

Miss Marple

I imagine they would love to sack the embassy, Frau, and either behead the people there or take them hostage in return for something like the West Bank.

This is such a horrible situation, and we have collaborators and morons in charge of our government.


rse, the only way their closed system models can conform to the world is by changing the world -- eliminating knowledge and innovation via extermination of the ax maker mind is the most important way to create a closed system world. From "you didn't build that" to "you can't build that" is only a public-private partnership away.

TK, "occasional" only when measured by the total number of posts. You make as many good points as the rest of us on a calendar basis, but it is a PITA to wade through the birther carp to find them. Same for Danube.

Frau Wahnsinn

Our preezy led from behind to get rid of Gaddafi and then armed islamic rebels to go fight in Syria against Assad and now those and more vicious islamic fanatics are destroying what small good we did in Iraq? And all with our $$$, weapons and Obamaphones?
Did I get that right?


I don't think they will take the embassy. If by chance they do Obama will immediately become Carter and we know what happened during his administration.Barack doesn't want that to happen so he will finally move and make a decision.

Frau Wahnsinn

Miss Marple, if these subhumans have the chance, they will blow up the embassy and carp on the rubble. I hope Father Bergdahl has watched some of the videos of the swath of death the hordes are making.
Peace, man.

Miss Marple

Frau, I don't think they have the expertise to blow it up. I think they would much rather see their black flag flying over it while they prance around on the roof, holding a few decapitated heads.

Miss Marple

By the way, I wonder how much ammo the Marines at the embassy have. I sure hope it's more than that of the Library of Congress SWAT team, but doubtful.

Beasts of England

lol, Frau!!!

Beasts of England

Did Gus and I miss the Led Zep thread? Carp.

Frau Wahnsinn

There are some fundamental differences between the two men, maryrose. BHO does not give a fig about this country or any other. We have too many examples. Carter was weak; Obama is a calculating fraud.
I'm in a DOOM mood after the bad news from Ukraine and Iraq--and now the current unrest in the JOM basement.

cindyk on IPad

Took the poll. My choice wasn't there: TK and DoT are those two kids in the backseat of the car bickering when you are driving across the hot plains of South Dakota with no air conditioning. The fighting continues until you reach around from the drivers seat and knock their heads together with one hand. The bickering stops until the pounding headache ceases. If it starts up again - repeat. (First hand experience that this works - being one of the 2 kids in the backseat)!


hit @11:41 - Awesome !

So, Clarice has upgraded her pistolas to a matching pair of full-auto Mac-10's ?

We're all in big trouble now.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

LOL Cindy. I don't know to this day how my dad developed his unerring aim for my brother's and my heads while driving on a two lane road at 65 mph. The speed limit in PA was 50 then. All of that stopped when we were old enough to sit in the front seat.


we three kids specialized in seeing how close to the edge we could drive our parents on car trips. I think there's a chip running this app installed in each kid in America before birth.

Danube on iPad

If those guys want to sack the embassy, there's nothing Obama can do to stop them.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--Then we all agreed to live in a slum.


Posted by: Threadkiller | June 14, 2014 at 12:25 PM--

It wasn't a slum when I moved in. I do notice I don't come home nearly as often anymore.


Wow - your parents were softies. My dad actually followed through on the "behave or you can get out and walk". On I-70. Two states from home.

Jeff Dobbs

I've documented our cross country trips growing up. 7K miles was normal on our 4-5 week excursions (TX, NM, AZ, CA, OR, WA, AB, BC, MT, ID, WY, CO, UT, NM, TX).

We honestly never had any problems. My younger brother got the back of the station wagon, and created a little fort/bunker with luggage and blankets. My older sister had a walkman and headphones or a book. And I sat in the middle of the middle seat, leaning forward with arms on the bench front seat passing time by watching license plates, counting highway stripes, making up stories of the people in the cars and trucks we passed, and when all else failed, played mental golf between the median and spots on the side of the highway.

I would sit like that for hours at a time.

Oh, and I never missed a fairway.

Our 30 hour drive from here to Idaho is 3 weeks away. I'm pretty sure I'm doing it straight through again without a hotel. It remains to be seen whether I let mrs hit and run drive at all.

Old Lurker

"Our 30 hour drive from here to Idaho is 3 weeks away. I'm pretty sure I'm doing it straight through again without a hotel. It remains to be seen whether I let mrs hit and run drive at all."

My favorite Mrs. L quote on one of our straight through 12 hour drives to catch the ferry to Nantucket as the girls squirmed in the back seat "Girls, we will stop when your Father has to go to the bathroom..."

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