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June 14, 2014



Anyone notice *any* reportage asking how our intel community failed to detect a large caravan of ISIS jihadis streaming out of N.E. Syria into Iraq ?

Or *any* reportage asking why oBOzo didn't mobilize any of our air assets based at Incirlik to stop the advance in its tracks ?

cindyk on iPhone

Growing up in WY (era 1962-72) we would take a family vacation to say...Niagra Falls. Picture no AC, no seatbelts, no radio. Dad driving 80mph with one arm out the window, in a 1961 Pontiac Bonneville. Those were the days my friend.

Jeff Dobbs

"Girls, we will stop when your Father has to go to the bathroom..."


Some day I'll probably sue Garmin. I mean, the urge to "make good time" is innate in the human male.

In the olden days, you could measure when you started and when you got there to gauge how you did. Sure, there were certain points that would give you some input to how you were doing, but it was pretty imprecise.

But now with GPS, you know real-time how you're doing. Have you made up time, or have you lost time? If I stop for gas now, that'll be like 12 minutes lost! Stop for the bathroom? When I don't need gas? NO! I don't care if it's 10 in the morning, this is our lunch stop. We're not stopping again until 4pm at the earliest.

And then, you get on the interstate and hit construction.

Wait. What?

They want me to go 55mph when the GPS algorithm is calculating based on 70? Do you know how many minutes I'll lose doing that?

I'll get a ticket some day just because I'm losing time on the GPS.

I just hope it's a red-blooded American trooper who pulls me over. I'll appeal to his sense of right and wrong for what I was doing.

And if he doesn't budge?

I'm coming after you Garmin.


Love Mrs. L, OL.
Hit is the obvious present master of long distance driving with kids. He does it every year.


If those guys want to sack the embassy, there's nothing Obama can do to stop them.

Those guys want to sack the embassy, and Obama doesn't intend to even try to stop them.


About what I suspected;


Iraqis fighting back--and they should--Sistani urged them to fight--the ISIS number is small--they hope to win thru terrorism, not numbers.Apparently we've deployed a warship to the area.


All of that stopped when we were old enough to sit in the front seat

I don't ever recall not being old enough to sit in the front seat. You had to in case we stopped short so my mother could block you with her hand to keep you from hitting the windshield.

Trevor Saccucci

Those guys want to sack the embassy, and Obama doesn't intend to even try to stop them.

I'm not sure he wants to. He seems to have a pattern when dealing with the factions in international conflicts. He supports the dictator over the democrat, the Islamist dictator over the secular dictator, and the Sunni Islamist over the Shia Islamist.

What he doesn't support in these conflicts is American national interests.


TK, A “He started it!” wouldn’t accurately represent the situation, nor would suggesting DoT is doing it, too, remove your heavy load as a persistent commenter on one subject that many of us feel has been well ventilated albeit not resolved.

“Give it a rest“ is good advice that, if you take, DoT is likely to follow.

Both of you, please be kind to us all.


they're like piranha, or rabid wolves, this is Zarquawi's old outfit, and even Bin Laden, found them problematic,


“He started it!” wouldn’t accurately represent the situation

Reminds me of a time back when someone might say "Sarah Palin knocks it outta the park again!"

Followed by "legitimate" criticism of Sara's perceived shortcomings.

Followed by Sara fans dumping on "honest" criticism.

Followed by complaining alla those Sarah bullies are "picking on me"

Replay with Romney or Newt ...

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