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June 10, 2014



Trash to treasure.

Comanche Voter

Poor Old Hillary Can't Budget--or forecast cash flow. She was "dead broke" in January 2001--despite having received an $8 million advance for her book in December 2000; and while the deal for Billy Jeff's bucket of swill biography hadn't been signed yet, it could be anticipated. And lo and behold in August 2001, Billy Jeff's book publisher came through with a $12 million advance.

Seems to me that most Americans could do okay with receipt of $20 million in book advances within a 9 month period.

And that was just the start of the money train. $109 million (that they will admit) received between the end of 2007 and the start of 2014.

But I do have a bit of sympathy for this American Evita ("Don't Cry for Me America").
She has a shrill and grating voice--which prompted comic Dennis Miller to comment, "She sounds like my first ex-wife."


Hey TK-- wasn't Hillary's dad a white collar middle American guy from Suburban ChiTown? Hillary wanted for nothing in her yute as I recall. And according to Susan MacDougal, Hillary despised the ..ahem.... less haughty white people of Arkansas while Hillary was doing her Eva Peron on the Arkansas River dance in the 80s.


Comanche-- love that Hillary as Eva Peron reference... I've believed that for 25 years. Plus I always enjoy a good stage musical reference.... not that there's anything wrong with that.

Danube on iPad

It all makes me puke.


I wondef who the GOP will pick that has a story similar to Hil's?

If you want to win over the "middle", the best thing to do is emulate your opponent.


Captain Hate

De Commio making a difference:


Jack is Back! (But in Typhus Hell)

I wondef who the GOP will pick that has a story similar to Hil's?

Real quick. Slow and expensive WiFi on the ship:

I remember Rick Lazio going up against Hill for the NY Senate seat and how just by infringing in her space in the debate she used that as a "dog whistle" to all the single moms and career women in NYC to see what a chauvanistic pig Lazio was and she never looked back.

I see the same scenario. Who will take the risk and call her out on the campaign? Who?


I apologize before hand for citing Major


they also chipped in to Caligula's Horse at the Pentagon

Trevor Saccucci

The late, great David Brudnoy regularly referred to Hillary! as Evita, and for years I've referred to her as "America's ex-wife".

Going back to the previous thread and references to Hillary's looks, the problem isn't that she doesn't look like an ageing woman. There's nothing wrong with showing your age. The problem I have with her looks is that she doesn't appear fully human to me. She has the gross form, appearance, and behavior of a human being, but the nuances are missing, leaving an overall impression of mechanization and coldness. I get a strong "uncanny valley" vibe from her.


Yep CaptH--- Mayor Bane is a nasty piece of work. 43% more black and brown people are getting 9mm holes put in them, but the gangbangers (and a very small group of innocents) aren't be stopped based on reasonable suspicion. So in Warren Wilhelm's malignant brain-- it's all good. For those of us with daughters living in the Bronx and use the subway, we have a special disgust for this bastard.

Jeff Dobbs

Can we go ahead and start in on the Hillary/Goldman Sachs thing?

Clinton’s Sachs-ual Relations

Goldman Sachs, which has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Clinton Foundation, paid Hillary Clinton around $400,000 last year to make two speeches to top executives and clients. Even the liberal Mother Jones is raising questions about the former secretary of state’s associations with the financial firm that is much maligned in liberal circles, despite its generous financial support for Barack Obama

I've got a lot of potential Instapundit hits riding on it.

Goldman Sachs Loves Hillary Clinton

Captain Hate

I see the same scenario. Who will take the risk and call her out on the campaign? Who?

Anybody who's a good campaigner, which Rodham is not. Reagan disarmed everybody with his "there you go again" against Carter and his "refusal to use my opponent's youth against him" with Mondale. Both were masterful performances. Lazlo was an amateur comparatively speaking.

I could see Rick Perry making an ironic folksy smile at some of Rodham's howlers. Or Christie (as much as I dislike his policies) giving an exasperated look. I think that after 8 years of the JEF, Rodham will be a very tough sell.


It will be amusing watching them defend Clinton from the same accusations they made against Romney.


BTW Happy Birthday to your princess, hit! She shares a birthday with the oldest Gourds daughter, who turns 14 today.

Princess Porchlight #1 turns 11 later this summer. So far, 0-10 has been great. I suspect it gets rockier from here on out. ;)


Romney's wall street money was 'honestly' made. Obummer attacked Romney just because he made money-- it worked to keep blue collar whites from voting for Romney. Hildabeast's wall street money is all dirty... pay for access crap. She loses plenty of Obummer's 2012 votes IMO. A Repub who relates to the little guy will work well. Scott Walker anyone?(Christy would have had a real shot, but his buddies blew that with the GW Bridge nonsense.)


Maybe, NK. Seems like this media can spin anything and the LIVs will buy it.


Being discussed on Cspan by the Senators that give a shit:


This quote comes from the Federal Register according to Crapo from Idaho:

Records in the system may include without limitation: (1) Borrower/co-borrower information (name, address, zip code, telephone numbers, date of birth, race/ethnicity, gender, language, religion, social security number, education records, military status/records, employment status/records); (2) Financial information (account number, financial events in the last few years, life events in the last few years, other assets/wealth); (3) Mortgage information (current balance, current monthly payment, delinquency grid, monthly payment, refinanced amount, bankruptcy information); (4) Credit card/other loan information (account type, credit amount, account balance amount, account past due amount, account minimum payment amount, account actual payment amount, account high balance amount, account charge off amount, second mortgage); (5) Household composition (single male, single female, etc., presence of children by various age categories, number of wage earners in household, household income, credit score(s) of borrower/co-borrower at origination (Vantage Score), deceased indicator, marital status); (6) Property attributes (property type ... census tract/block/latitude/longitude)" and on and on.

I found the quote here:


The Consumer protection guy testified that yes that is what was sent to the lawmakers on some official communication, but they really don't forsee collecting all that info.



The Dems are focused on the evil lenders of student loans.

Miss Marple


Above is link to detailed story on the loss of Mosul.

Apparently the terrorists have seized helicopters!


Here's the walk back - Hillary "clarifies" dead broke comment:


This book launch isn't going so well.

James D.

TK @ 11:21 - I saw a piece about that 2-3 weeks ago and posted about it here.

Zero's handpicked toadies with access to the financial and credit information for 100 million+ citizens. What could possibly go wrong?

Thomas Collins

Many persuadables will think it's time for a woman POTUS, and think Hillary will be acceptable. MSM is already all-in on this. Scandals will not derail Hillary. The only think that can derail Hillary is if a younger GOPer such as Walker or Rubio or Cruz or Haley makes the case that it's time for a new generation of leadership. Christie or Jeb Bush will go down to a NYTimes approved defeat. Of the older faces, Romney, because he has gone through the drill, has a better chance than Christie or Bush, but he would in the end lose too. To have a chance of defeating Hillary, the GOP needs a fresh face.

On Tuesday, Hillary Clinton said, “I can understand the reaction, but I think that in life things need to be put into context and as I recall we were something like $12 million in debt…So we understand what that struggle is because we had student loans, both of us, that we had to pay off. We’ve had to work hard.”

She didn’t repeat the words “dead broke.”

“We have a life experience that is clearly different in very dramatic ways from many Americans, but we also have gone through some of the same challenges as many people have,” Clinton said. “I worry a lot about people I know personally and people in this country who don’t have the same opportunities that we’ve been given.”

$12 million? Come on, Politico. You might mention just how they got to be so in debt, or tell us about the millions in publishing advances.

Miss Marple

James D., My particular concern is that little statement about GPS coordinates at #6.

Sounds to me like a way to send people to loot your home if you don't toe the line.


Five American troops were killed in an apparent friendly fire strike in Afghanistan, the Pentagon confirmed Tuesday.



James, they also discussed the agency's plan to track credit card purchases. 900 million accounts will be tapped.


We had no money when we got there, and we struggled to, you know, piece together the resources for mortgages, for houses, for Chelsea’s education. You know, it was not easy.”

Why the need for houses (plural) requiring mortgages (plural)? Dems seem to believe only schmucks live within their means.

James D.

This article kind of terrifies me:


“We are seeing more direct violence as a result of radical groups, and that does concern us,” said Rich Roberts, a spokesman for the International Union of Police Associations. “There seems to be more people out there who are blatantly anti-cop, and heavy exposure through the Internet and other propaganda seems to make people with these violent views feed off each other.”
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Officer Laura Meltzer hangs up pictures of suspects Jerad Miller and Amanda Miller before a news conference Monday, June 9, 2014 in Las Vegas. Two police officers were having lunch at a strip mall pizza buffet when the Millers fatally shot them in a point-blank ambush, then fled to a nearby Wal-Mart where they killed a third person and then themselves in an apparent suicide pact, authorities said. (AP Photo/John Locher)
Enlarge Photo

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Officer Laura Meltzer hangs up pictures of ... more >
This year is on track to be one of the most deadly for police officers since 2001, when terrorists hit the World Trade Center, according to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, which tracks crimes against law enforcers nationally. There have been 23 law enforcement shooting deaths so far this year, compared with 15 shooting deaths at this time last year.

23 deaths is horrible, of course. But it would be nice to know some perspective here.

How many innocent people have been killed by police this year? I would be willing to bet it's quite a bit more than 23.

The beauty of the article, though, is that most people won't get past the headline and that scary 53% number. Anyone here want to bet that we'll be hearing it used by Eric Holder in the near future to justify his continued attacks on conservatives?

Danube on iPad

Renault was a Captain, narc.



‘Just Admit It’: Administration privately concedes risk of Taliban swap, despite Kerry comments

Secretary of State John Kerry's dismissive "baloney" response to whether five Taliban members released from Guantanamo pose a risk to American troops is receiving pushback from, of all places, Obama administration officials.

Despite Kerry brushing off such concerns in an interview on Sunday, Fox News is told that administration officials who briefed members of the House on Monday evening were not ready to rule out the possibility that the freed inmates could endanger Americans.

Several lawmakers said administration officials admitted Monday there could be some additional risk to Afghan civilians and Americans because the five hardened Taliban members have been freed, in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger told Fox News that Kerry's claims were "absolutely bewildering," particularly in light of the Monday briefing.

He said administration officials told lawmakers that the release "could potentially endanger American soldiers."

The administration, he said, has "got to get their message straight."

To Kinzinger, there's no question the release poses a risk.

"This is putting Americans in danger, it is putting the Afghan people in danger, and just come out and admit it," he told Fox News. "I mean, just admit it and say that you thought this was worth it, but don't try to pretend like it's not an issue."

Rick B

James D.,

Wrt to your comment re ridicule - it's effective if can be linked to President Baghdad BOzo Isuzu's iconic "If you like your insurance, you can keep it.". The iconic lie can be split and used as well - "When a Democrat promises that you can keep your higher utility bill, you might be able to believe him.".

It's not necessary to shout it from every roof top every day because the Liar in Chief has already imprinted the iconic lie upon the electorate.


I have normally been supportive of police and law enforcement, having been a police dispatcher for a numbe rof years.

But as police have become more unionized and supportive of liberal politicians and policies, coupled with the militarization of police and law enforcement agencies at all levels along with all the horror stories of bogus "no knock raids" and their hostility at being video recorded, I think even I have become increasingly cynical and skeptical about police officers and their intentions.

When the SHTF, just who are they going to support? A tyrannical government, or the people?

Dublindave 2016

I haven't even read Tom's opening salvo on this thread...I have no idea what the substance of the attack on Hillary is nor do I, like the rest of American care...........

People think you've got to go to college to study politics. You don't. You only need to be born to study politics because you play it every minute of every day, with your workmates,your family etc....

As a student of politics can I just say that that reason Hillary is going to crush you Republicans in the Presidential race is not because her record is so clean and perfect or her vision is in sync with the majority..... but because...and I want you JOM'ers to listen to this.... because you suck ass.

That's it in a nutshell. You suck ass. Do you really think that the electorate is going to hand over the keys to America to an disgusting obese Nixonian gov who thought that it'd be really cool to shut down motorway access to the largest economic wealth district in the history of the world cause his feeling was hurted.WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!

Or rape boy/lazy eye Scotty walker and his frumpy wife who trashed Wisconsin while offering to blow the richest men in America on live radio??????Come on guys??????

Hillary will be the President in 16 not because she's awesome, but because you suck a winos ass.


Dublindave 2016

sorry...this is why we keep winning.

Thomas Collins

Dublindave 69, you're so much more charming when you're talking about the chivalrous way to engage women with whips and chains, as you were doing on the other thread.


What conservatives need is a '16 candidate who will perform current polling, NOT underperform like Romney. I wonder how strong the support of persuadables for ' a woman' in '16 is? will they vote against their interests just to get some woman POTUS? We know 55% are now reliable anti-prog voters-- with the LightBringer himself being the Prog symbol. Will an old white lib get more support than a hipster caramel dude? I really wonder about that.,especially because she'd have to campaign against Obummer the incompetent Prog. They key is to get a repub who will give the 55% confidence that they will undo the Prog horribles, but not impose conservative horribles. I am surprised to say that the future of political conservatism in the USA is Libertarian-Conservatives, not Social-Conservatives.

Eric in Boise

you suck a winos ass.

Now you're hurteding my feelings.


Weeboy's liver workout got an early start today.


I think Dave raises a fair point.


"but they really don't forsee collecting all that info."

Only 99.99999999999999999999999999999 % of it.


However, Hillary Clinton will never be president.


"Frumpy" how cavalier of you DuDa!!!

The Repubs will definitely have to nominate someone who doesn't 'suck ass'. Romney didn't, but in hindsight a super rich guy was the wrong guy to run against LightBringer. Romney would probably beat HildaBeast, because she's rich too. Running a middle class guy against HildaBeast reverses the '12 scenario. How does a rich old white lady get the Bruthas and Sistas and the bankrupt white millenials to vote for her? She loses millions of '12 Obummer votes, and Walker picks up millions of working class votes Romney left on the table. I like the set up so far. Oh, and if HildaBeast implodes and Fauxchahontas gets the nomination? '08 numbers in reverse.

Dublindave 2016

"Dublindave 69, you're so much more charming when you're talking about the chivalrous way to engage women with whips and chains, as you were doing on the other thread"

I am not a pretty creature,I never said I was. but I do like to think that I am an honest one. And while my previous riffs on male sexuality were probably repulsive to some, they in point of fact an honest indictment of men;we men can operate in many different spaces at the same time-we like pics of 18 year old sex bombs and we love our wives for the love and humanity they bring to our miserable lives and yes......we like to have our schlongs sucked too.We're both shallow and complicated. Fickle and deep. Loyal and disgusting dogs who long to wallow in the human gutter and who want to have it allllllll.

That's my take on on my gender, you can burn me at the stake if you feel i've lied, but regardless I still maintain that the women we love get better with age. I'll never give on that point.

You are screwed in 2016 because you don't have a candidate. The fact that attacking our candidate is your primary goal reveals this to us.

Now go away.

Miss Marple

NK, I repeat my warning that Fauxahantas is dangerous. She comes across like some middle class older aunt and talks about her mother brining her up and how she worked her way through state schools.

She goes on shows that don't challenge her, merely nod as she pontificates.

I am going to have to break down and get a copy of her book to see how she is framing the issues, but so far it's a lot of "rich people chip in to help these young kids get started." All lies, of course, as the taxes will be on every working person and the benefits will only go to those who toe the party line.

Danube on iPad

Check Drudge.


Here's the most recent polling showing the 55% anti-prog vote pool. But Romney underperformed polling-- candidates have to give voters a reason to vote for them. http://hotair.com/archives/2014/06/10/reuters-poll-obama-approval-at-3855-two-thirds-worry-about-dangerous-detainee-swap-precedent/


Weeboy's preferred '16 candidate struggled so hard with her poor family's finances.


Dublindave 2016

Yes...I am very drunk today and should stop writing....the Jack ryan movie I got from redbox will help me to drink the rest of my beer while concetrating on someting and maybe by tonights episode of fargo i'll be sober enough to partake in this thread again.......but what's the point. You have nothing to sell and no ones buying.

Hillary has 2016 nailed.

Dave (in MA)

"Frumpy"... Rodham would give her left nut to look as good as Mrs. Walker.

Miss Marple


No surprise. The book is mostly about foreign policy, which the dems have ZERO interest in except for when they are whipped into a frenzy against a Republican president.

Captain Hate


Countdown to that tree killer hitting the "remainder" list...

Rick B

"I am surprised to say that the future of political conservatism in the USA is Libertarian-Conservatives, not Social-Conservatives."

Demographic trends make that unlikely over the long term. Libertarian Gullibles are the least likely to reproduce during this period of abundant milk surplus coupled with the OPM Famine while Social Gullibles are somewhat more likely. The recent announcement of the totally unsurprising news that Hispanic birth rates have fallen to replacement levels in conjunction with the wild success of the Progressive Black Genocide Project pretty much destroys the 'minority majority' myth peddled by the progs and strongly suggests the course which will be followed by the Libertarian Gullibles.

The future does not belong to sterile hedonists.

Some Guy

If Hilarity gets the nomination in 16, it will be her last achievement.

She won't win. She'll just be a repeat of McCain, Gore, Dole, Mondale, Humphrey...

The "it's MY turn!" candidates always lose. Perhaps the government should help the political parties by mandating that 'Sell By' dates be imprinted on the foreheads of nationally prominent politicians.

January 2009 was over 5 years ago.

Dublindave 2016

Man,even a drunk uneducated Irishman who has zero ability to structure a sentence properly has got you pegged for the losers you are.......That's sad.

Miss Marple

Well, DD, I frankly will be happy with any of the potential GOP nominees. Some are more conservative than others. Some are more charismatic. Some are smarter.

ALL are better than Clinton, Warren, Cuomo, or anyone else you drag out.

Even the ones I don't like very much, I like better than your choices.

Dublindave 2016

The "it's MY turn!" candidates always lose.

Because the 'it's my turn' candidates are usually republican and privatizing social security and medicare are not popular planks.

Hillary will win because she's got a clear vision for this country that goes beyond Mitch McConnel obstructionism........she's old,sexy and exciting and she's going to get America back on track.

Of course Barrack Obama could have done that but failed to but hey,this is politics where selective memory is an asset.


RickB-- I have a rare disagreement here. I never believed that racial-religious demographics are voter destiny. Culture/socioeconomics ultimately rule on voting. Is there a relationship between racial demographics and culture. Undeniably, but it is not a definitive relationship. IMO no matter what the future racial demographics of the voter pool, the cultural winner will be the social 'liberalism' that owns most boomers, and a vast majority of millenials. 'Don't judge' and 'don't be a hater' is not just a moronic adolescent girl cry any longer, it is a cultural imprint on the biggest voter block. Sad but true.

Some Guy

Ignore DD, he's just going through the stages of grief again. Progs will be doing that alot over the next couple of years. You'll see their progress as they begin to dismiss Momjeans for 'not doing it right' so it doesn't poison their worldview.

Jeff Dobbs

Josh Earnest - call me. I have something for you.


Prog Central has DD spinnin' HildaBeast feverishly here .... good...good (I wish I could post the image of Emperor on the Death Star in 'Return of the Jedi'.


Let's just face the fact that Hillary Clinton is an easily-mocked, phony, lying POS, with no past accomplishments or redeeming qualities, who never earned her wealth, lacks humanness and political finesse, and has an age problem.

Dave (in MA)


The muzzie sistah-hood is back in business


Sorry. She's not likable, either. Nobody really likes Hillary. They say they do, but they lie. She's a shrew.



ABC News’s Diane Sawyer destroys Hillary Rodham Clinton on Benghazi


Bret Stephen neatly dispatches Hillary's memoir, in other news



Stipulated, Ex.


Even in that WaPo link, Wemple tries to downplay whether Benghazi was a "scandal." I want to know why her good friend, "Chris," was there in the first place and where she was that night while he was killed and most likely raped, though not necessarily in that order.


The fact that she's up in the polls is a testament to DublinDave's point about ass sucking.


Dave-- I am no fan of the arab female aesthetic. But since she had the kid, Huma has gone way down hill. Besides, the whole Hillary-Huma-Wiener thing is beyond creepy.



You know what to do.


I want to know if it is true, as I have been told by knowledgeable people from State, that the US policy was NOT to send in force to Benghazi without a request from the home state.

If that is true, it is a stake to be driven through the vampire currently pushing a book.

Miss Marple

I still want to know why Huma is never criticized by the Saudis or anyone in the Muslim community for marrying a Jew.

Don't give me the non-practicing Jew explanation; half of Israel is non-practicing.

Why is she exempt? I understand it can be allowed if it is for a higher cause, but in that case, what's the cause?


Polls about '16 are worth as much now as, well, anything truthful coming out of Shrillary's pie hole.

Miss Marple


I bet Libya would have allowed it, if someone had ASKED.


Dolts, the whole lot of them!

"In fact, the Apollo 11 mission carried astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins to the lunar surface in 1969."


MissM-- @12:52. That is very much part of the Huma-Wiener-Hillary creepiness.


The 'equal' pay nonsense will be fascinating to explore as to the Clintons earnings 2001-2015. It's a lock Bill has 'earned' far more than HildaBeast, and that will be in aggregate, and per speech, and average/year not in gov't -- anyway you slice the #s. What's Hill gonna say, Bill's a much better grifter than me, so he earns it?

Miss Marple

I have been here too long and must get back to work, however, I am struck by the parade of characters we have seen in various hearings.

It seems to me that the entire federal government (with the exception of the military) is full of thugs, hipsters, and overweight drones.

Not an inspiring assemblage. Rather depressing, if you ask me.


It is kinda odd - Barack overseen by Valerie Jarrett; Hillary overseen by Huma Abedin. Puppets and puppet masters?

Eric in Boise

CC, that just demonstrates that LIVs have given us a LIA (low info administration).


Special dispensation, Weiner was known as one of the nominally anti Saudi congressman, but he
wasn't for Gitmo, domestic oilproduction,
fighting the jihadists in Iraq, any real gesture


That Hillary went down so hard versus Obama leads me to think her time has passed. She has more baggage than anyone in recent memory who has run.

On foreign policy she has been completely tarred with Obama's brush.I still believe that is going to come back and haunt us in the short term rather than the long. Look at China and Russia's actions of late.

Mosul has been lost. This, by the way, puts the Sunni extremists in virtual direct contact with the Iranian border. Not a happy ending there to be had. The Kurds who could have taken Mosul 3 years ago are also on edge now.

al-Maliki's scummy politics are really coming back to haunt him and the rest of the world now. A Taliban state does exist from Syria to Mosul. Sub-Saharan Africa is turning into an even larger dog's breakfast. Cote d'Ivoire, Senegal, Cameroon, Niger, Mali, CAR, Nigeria, the Sudans, take your pick.

If no one has been paying attention, the extremists have been very active in Pakistan as well.

The world is a much more dangerous place than it was 6 years ago and much of the responsibility lies with Hillary Clinton.


I still want to know why Huma is never criticized by the Saudis or anyone in the Muslim community for marrying a Jew.

Summary Answer:

Muslim scholars teach that Muslims should generally be truthful to each other, unless the purpose of lying is to "smooth over differences."

There are two forms of lying to non-believers that are permitted under certain circumstances, taqiyya and kitman.  These circumstances are typically those that advance the cause Islam - in some cases by gaining the trust of non-believers in order to draw out their vulnerability and defeat them.  


Does any other answer make sense?

Captain Hate

"I'm glad Bergdahl is back"

--Johnny Walker Orange Boehner


Johnny is simpatico with traitors, CH.


Actually that is exactly the right thing for the Speaker of the House to say.

Says nothing about the circumstances of BoweB's 'capture' or the price to recover him. The House of Reps are 'glad' he's back.

Frau Leihbibliotek

Hillary! and Bent Willie each have a very special meaning for the word "touch."

NK - having Weiner's child would make anyone go down hill.

Perhaps the Hillary! folk are pulling a "Ron L. Hubbard" with the book which is buying and then returning to the warehouse for resale, thereby driving up the sales numbers.

Miss Marple! Don't buy that book if it's available for free. Hubbard's swabbies also bought and donated his books to public libraries.


Any other answer make sense?

Why yes, Huma is completely westernized and rejects islamism. That answer makes perfect sense. Which answer is more likely to be correct.....?

James D.

There's one thing I take issue with in the Sultan Knish piece that lyle linked to:

Waving around Bin Laden's head is a good way to distract them from the fact that the United States has lost the war in Afghanistan, that Obama's own strategy there failed badly and cost numerous American and British lives, and that we are turning the country over to the Taliban.

Obama's strategy in Afghanistan did NOT fail. It completely succeeded.

His strategy was designed to make him look tough on foreign policy and neutralize one possible line of attack by Republicans in the 2008 campaign and in the early days of his presidency. Mission accomplished.

His strategy has nothing to do with the actual situation in Afghanistan, or with our national security, or with any military goals. Those were - and, obviously, still are - entirely irrelevant to Obama.

Captain Hate

Rodham taking marketing tips from the Scientologists; from one cult to another.


"Puppets and puppet masters?"

Naw. Kinky sex.


My guess is that Clintonistas and publishers have been running that scam on all of the Clinton books. I refuse the believe publishers would take a bath on advances, with no payback plan in place.


Your sarcasm meter seems to work just fine, NK.


Here's one reason HildaBeast was so thoroughly trounced in '08... soopergenius spokeswoman: http://hotair.com/archives/2014/06/10/hillary-aide-rides-to-her-defense-her-set-of-expectations-not-those-of-middle-class/


If you say so, MarkO - not quite sure about Barry and ValJar, though.


TK-- but...but... that would mean Hillary is an amoral Manchurian Candidate the likes of Angela Landsbury.... and that Wiener is a political whore who is a traitor to his people. UNpossible!

Captain Hate

Chuck Hagel unmasked:



Well his announced strategy, which he sabotaged, there's only so much shorthand one can use, the Abedins are Indian muslims who became well tied to the Ikwan and General Intelligence front in the Kingdom

doting daughter followed in their footsteps, working for AQ fundraiser Naseef's journal

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Has there ever been more of an "It's my turn" candidate than Hillary Clinton?

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