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June 14, 2014


Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

A president who dissolves our borders should be removed from office.

Comanche Voter

My stars and garters. Obozo finds out about all this when a summary of the newspapers is delivered to him somewhere between the 12th green and 13th tee at Palm Springs today.


Ouch. Reality bites.

Who? Certainly not Obama.


1980 Mariel Boatlift
2014 BarryO's Votelift


Conan OBrien bleeds him with a cut so sharp it he at first does not notice the wound:

"Former President George H.W. Bush turned 90 today, and he celebrated by going skydiving," O'Brien said, as the audience dutifully applauded the feat. "So if you include Obama there were two presidents in free fall today."

Double Douchebag hardest hit...

Some Guy

Since TM reads the NYT so I don't have to, how much space did they devote to the IRS 'dog ate my homework' email issue?

Rick B

"after hearing radio ads promising they would not be deported"

I would imagine Fenton Communications handled the ad buys for the casting calls for props for BOzo's application of his Merde Touch to immigration. I wonder how the discussion in the Oval Faculty Lounge is proceeding wrt who takes the fall for this one?


What religious organizations are telling these 'kids' to come here?

Barry Dauphin

I thought they were coming into the country because of a video posted on Youtube or doesn't that explanation still work?

Some Guy

The good news is that they are all registered to vote...

Thomas Collins

Ignatz, I agree that Obama has neither faithfully executed the office, nor preserved, protected or defended the US Constitution. Impeachment by the House and removal by the Senate, however, is a political matter, and there is not a consensus among the body politic to remove Obama.

My wife told me today that two of her liberal friends told her that they agreed with my son's critique of the prog white privilege meme (I had linked my son's piece, which appeared on the Federalist blog and was linked by Insty yesterday, a few threads ago). What they don't see, however, is that by supporting Obama, they are giving succour to these toxic ideas. A friend of mind who always propounds free market economic ideas then tells me he thinks Obama is virtuous and smart. There is a disconnect between what Obama really is and what most of the electorate thinks about him.

We're stuck with Obama until 2017.


96% of the Honduran children mentioned "free shit" and "welfare". 100% mentioned that Honduras sucks.


Of course, my fishwrap just delivers the ranting of the crook, Jim Greer, the Cheetoh's top man, although they buried it in the local section;




Is there any report of any illegal kid being united with the illegal parents?


Do you ask him, Don Tommasino, an example of this wisdom and virtue;


btw belated congratulations for Greg,


On the plus side, at least NK's daughter doesn't have to worry about 47 of Alaska's volcano's.

Five active volcanoes keeping Alaska scientists busy


Gang Violence?

Maybe that's why we're not shipping them to Chicago.

Jeff Dobbs

On the plus side, at least NK's daughter doesn't have to worry about 47 of Alaska's volcano's.

I'm sorry, have you seen JOMs birthday list?


Since TM reads the NYT so I don't have to, how much space did they devote to the IRS 'dog ate my homework' email issue?

Some Guy.

Not 1 single word. 18 1/2 Minutes vs. 2 Years: Which Is Worse?

So how does the New York Times handle this extraordinary loss of two years’ worth of Lois Lerner’s emails? (“Really, they were here just a minute ago. We were just about to hand them over to Congress when, gosh darn, they just vanished. Damndest thing.”)

This will amaze you, I know, but it is true: the New York Times today devotes zero words to the story.


I'm sorry, have you seen JOMs birthday list?

Hit, I have not. but from her couch in Wasilla Sarah Palin can see a bunch of people in Russia having Birthdays also!

Kamchatka and the Northern Kuriles volcanoes: Erupting or Restless

Whole lotta' shaking going on in the Aleutians.

Some Guy

Zero words?

Zero for Zero I guess...

At some point don't think their knees would hurt?

Thomas Collins

I'm not surprised that the NYT ignores Gigagate. The IRS scandal is the one that, if focused on by Oligarchic Media, could result in political support for impeachment of Obama. The House never could have impeached Nixon if Oligarchic Media covered the Ervin hearings and other aspects of Watergate (such as Judge Sirica's handling of the proceedings against the Watergate defendants) in the same manner as it has handled the IRS scandal.


I bet you we are paying Mexico to allow them through (which they would normally never do).

Jeff Dobbs

Josh Earest, call me!

Lois Lerner's Emails Were Deleted

Jeff Dobbs

I don't care, I don't correct typos.


Porchlight, the reason they are getting through Mexico is in the article I posted on the 'Hope from Iran' thread earlier this morning.


"A similar political-mob alliance was negotiated in Chicago a dozen years ago by Jesse Jackson. Obama rose in the Illinois Machine, mentored by the Godfather, Emil Jones. "

History repeats!

" No; this is an organized mob, run by adults (including Valerie Jarrett and her kind), in collusion with governments and mafias south of the border -- "

Beasts of England

Only three golfers on the course today under par. And they're each at -1.

Getting firm and fast out there. Kaymer will love each and every par today - they're his new bestest buddy.

Captain Hate

That Honduran president is the second one after the dipshit in the cowboy hat that was kicked out and our wonderful State Dept wanted them to violate their Constitution to keep in place, no? Maybe every other president is a POS; kind of like our country.

Then again it's a Rick Moran article.

Captain Hate

Beasts, that's the way the USGA wants it.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--Impeachment by the House and removal by the Senate, however, is a political matter, and there is not a consensus among the body politic to remove Obama.--

I said "should" not "will". :)

The Federal government's executive branch should consist of a Department of War, some post offices and a mint but it won't.

Beasts of England

Correct you are, Captain. And they're finally getting it. If no moisture comes tonight, -4 may win the fancy trophy. The original architect (Donald Ross) would be proud.


Eric Cantor's out here in the Hamptons this weekend.

Captain Hate

Beasts, I'm surprised they didn't nuke Congressional from orbit after par got thoroughly slattered by everybody a few years ago. It was iffy already because of the length before some of those graphite shaft bombers were even born; but then somebody had the bright idea to cut the rough "one last time" before a drought moved in. D'OH!

Captain Hate

Shocking that Forrest Gump is living large after his defeat. I didn't see that coming at all. Quite the man of the people imo.

Can the GOPe be any more of a caricature?


Naturally, Obama capitalizes on the problem of the IRS having unreliable computers: President Obama Requests 10.5% Budget Increase for IRS, Despite IRS's Failure to Perform Basic Budget Planning

Captain, our IRS computer systems just crashed.

Mr Spock, status report

Captain, the Computer system has indeed lost all the Lois Lerner E-mails. We have insufficient memory power remaining to recapture that data loss.

Source of the problem, Spock?

Low level employee's at the Cincinnati Office

Captain, Star Fleet just signaled that we will receive an emergency infusion of an extra 10.5 percent Dilithium dollars which will be confiscated from the Taxpayers of GAIA in the Sol System.

Woo Hoo! Thank you Uhuru. Carry on Mister Sulu. Steer a course for Vegas and some well deserved Liberty.

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

Hilarious daddy.
Almost as good as your Wally and Beav serials.

Beasts of England

Not a fan of Congressional, Captain - even in the kluged US Open configuration. Nuking it would be a great improvement, provided it had some choice collateral damage! ;)


You never know what will be the spark that will finally push people over the edge.

Fresno VA Hospital Blocks Fox News Channel From Waiting Room Television

Let them eat cake Make them watch CNN.

Captain Hate

Welp Beasts, it has a special memory for me because I was there when Venturi nearly passed out from the heat while playing 36 to win it. Too bad I only have a few specific memories of that time, particularly what boorish assholes Arnie's Army was.


well seeing how Castaway was directed at him, as well as the shout out, for Zapata, the Honduran president doesn't seem in a mood to do us any favors

Jeff Dobbs

If I leave now I can get 4 hours of practice in before the pool tournament tonight.

But then, thanks to Ig, I'm on a Led Zeppelin binge and if I wait 42 more minutes I can finish Led Zep III.

How'd Hillary put it?

Hard Choices.

Beasts of England

Dang, Captain - were you there in a stroller. ;)

Gallery raised the roof for UGA Bulldog Todd, but hardly any applause for Kaymer. Pretty darned tacky. He even mentioned the lack of support from the fans in an interview yesterday. This ain't the Ryder Cup - hopefully they'll show some love for a player who has already set or tied four Open records this week...


Why Benghazi Matters

Hopefully Trey Gowdy helped put this together. It is very compelling.

Old Lurker

Careful. "Nuking it (Congressional) would be a great improvement, provided it had some choice collateral damage!"

A long graphite drive could hit my house.



Anyone ever tie the keeping of the marine in Mexico to their turning a blind eye to the illegal migration through their country?

ISTM that Obama's needing to keep the migration agreement on the down low may be why there has been no effort to free him.

Just a thought.

Beasts of England

It would be a Golftron bomb, OL. Killing only turf grass and progressives. ;)

Rick B


What did the poor turf grass do?


There will be inequality as long as little boys and girls dream of being "knights and princesses" instead of "serfs".

Captain Hate

Steph, when you have so many active clusterfucks it's hard to keep them from intersecting.

Beasts, I was a bit older than that. It was so damn hot and humid that I just found my way to a pond in the shade and dangled my bare feet in it. I remember seeing Nicklaus back before he did an image makeover (way before they were called that) and he was still Fat Jack. I didn't hear it but Father Hate heard Charlie Sifford talking about whoever was leading midway through the second day "He's just like a feature on a new Cadillac: Automatic choke."


Meh. I live in the rough - no big deal. Now nuking a few (most) bunkers and replacing with rough I could live with. Sand should always have salt water lapping over it.

Decided against the trip to Biloxi next week. Just can't get excited about going. Last trip I tiered up and now qualify for free rounds of golf every trip but last week it was 95 degrees and windless. I ask you - is that a benefit?


Beasts of England

Just trying to spare OL's house RickB! lol

Awesome story, Captain! I've watched the replays of his second round and it must have been a scorcher. And it's hard to imagine anyone dangling their feet in a pond during any US Open these days. Kinda like the UGA frat rats used to do at Augusta. Those days are long gone...


Fab, daddy. I posted it on FB and I expect you'll be getting offers from SNL.


Interesting how of you have an R behind your name you're stupid, but if you have a D behind your name, you're (lets say it all together) RUSTY!

Jason Linkins--Huffington Post: Hillary Clinton Looks A Little Rusty

CBS News: The interviews betrayed some rusty political instincts on Clinton's part after she's been largely out of the game for over four years.

TIME Mag: Some are taking the Gross interview as a sign that Clinton has gotten rusty—that she’s not quite ready for the campaign trail again. But in another light, the fact that she was bold enough to push back suggests that she’s more ready than she was in 2008

SLATE: Was Hillary Clinton just rusty in her interview with Diane Sawyer

UK Telegraph: she will need to sharpen her ring-rusty stump skills if she is to prevail.

Boston Globe: It was all evidence of a rusty candidate, not ready for prime time



To boldly post, Clarice:) Many thanks.

Cecil Turner

Hillary!™ should stick to T-ball . . . cuz it's obvious she can't hit softballs.


@Captain H.

Well, In Fairness (as some might say!), Cantor was slated to do some fundraising this weekend for one of the GOP primary congressional candidates before his defeat. So he just had to soldier on!


For you Zeppelin fans:

KMOX St. Louis News ‏@kmoxnews 1m
Enter to win limited edition @ledzeppelin boxed sets from @radiodotcom: http://cbsloc.al/1hBGOVd Perfect gift for your favorite #ledzep fan!

(Cut/pasted from twitter - Hope the link works!)

Captain Hate

They were different times, Beasts. I think some old duffer made the suggestion I do that because of the heat. Believe me, I was a model of good behavior compared to those jackasses in Arnie's Army who were yacking away while other players were addressing the ball. If I had Mr Peabody's wayback machine, they'd all get whacked with the cluebat. In the words of Woodrow F. Call after nearly bludgeoning a man to death, "I don't tolerate bad behavior; it's uncivilized."

Captain Hate

Thanks for the info, Tonto; I wonder if it occurs to him that doing fundraising for other RINOs (I assume) is the type of activity that didn't endear him to the people who voted last Tuesday.


Speaking of Golf...

If someone wanted to own the most splendiferous lot to build a house on in BrandyWine Bay in Morehead City North Carolina, why I don't believe they could find a more suitable bit of wonderfulness than my tick infested, overrun by fire-ants, overgrown lot right on the 15th Fairway at 207 Oak Drive, which for the generous price of $75,000 will allow me to send my oldest to dartmouth for 1 and a half years.

Just you folks click on this here link (with PICTURES), and tell me that you don't want to instantly flee from your hi-tax, cold and boring homes, to the beauty of Carolina's Crystal Coast with temperate weather in Carteret County, and only 1 quarter mile from the inland waterway, and no Volcano, Grizzly Bears, nor wolves!

Don't play the game myself.


Beasts of England

Never witnessed his army's behavior in person, Captain, but I've read enough tales to believe that they were truly an unfair advantage to Arnie - to some degree, at least...


Maybe like Bender, she needs alcohol to function, there's more than enough evidence for that supposition, there's a challenger to Tim Bishop, in Jib's old haunts, who may have
been for whom the fundraiser was for, Zeller?

Holman Jenkins, really thinks a tax reform plan is the be all and end all?


Re the alleged disappeared e mails.

Data rarely disappears unless the hard drives are crushed or shredded. Our company was tech based and we had lots of engineers and basically an expert can recover the data from most hard drives. Further, the data is often kept on servers as well or now, in the cloud.

The IRS explanation, after 2 years of prevarication and delays, is almost certainly a Grade I lie.

Beasts of England

Looks like Kaymer had a little visit from the Bogey Fairy last night. He made a fine decision on the unplayable lie (no telling how much clumped sand could have been mixed with the pine straw), but he needs some fairways and greens quickly.


Obama voter Althouse mad at the New Republic.


So the real difference between the Taliban and the mob is?



Let's hope they had the same company destroy the emails that built the Obamacare website. They should be easy to recover if so.

Captain Hate

Let me put it this way, Beasts: I'd been an Arnie fan before that but after that eff him. He should've told those a-holes what the right way to behave on a gold course was instead of letting it slide to his advantage. I was on the Jack bandwagon at that point which was like buying Microsoft when it was an IPO.

Speaking of Windows, I've had some very strange experiences today ridding my laptop of some viruses that were making it sluggish; including having my entire desktop change to an abridged version only to reappear when I ran a Malwarebyte scan. Maybe Gates has been hiring some Commie Core grads.

Miss Marple

Good afternoon, all! Been to the grocery to get my fuel points at Kroger (2X on weekends) PLUS 4X fuel points on gift cards, so bought some of those for places I rouutinely use and for grandson's birthday next month.

Sheryl Atkisson has a few questions for the IRS:


I am an admirer of hers because she has a very suspicious mind, sort of like me, only younger and better looking. HA!

Beasts of England

Not to pile on The King too much, but he had several flaws which were never allowed to pierce the public consciesness...


henry-the book I was quoting from that Etzioni edited Socio-Economics: Toward a New Synthesis wanted economics departments to start pushing its vision so that "big corporations, state and local governments, and nonprofits" could hire those newly envisioned economists.

Closed minds for closed systems wondering where the pot of gold went to.


an expert can recover the data from most hard drives.

Absolutely true. I lost a hard drive -- a rugged 15K RPM SCSI one -- early last year during a brown-out. It had about 10 years of email on it, and it had not been backed up recently (*blush*).

I sent it to a data recovery place in Novato (CA) that was recommended by a friend in the storage business. They determined that the drive heads had crashed.

I got back every last byte on the disk in perfect shape. The data came back on a 2.5" drive with a USB interface; the company can handle any drive file format. Mine came back in FreeBSD's UFS.

Retail price was $2,700, but I got a substantial discount through said friend. For the sort of investigation into the IRS, this is peanuts.

Yes, there are cases where they cannot recover all the drive data. But these are very few, judging on what that company told me.

In any event, I'm very skeptical that Lerner had email stored on her computer instead of on a regularly-backed-up server. If that much email is missing, it is malicious.

Beasts of England

I notice that the IRS never loses any emails during my audits. Ugh.


or premeditated.



The Taliban and the warlords in the Afghan government and the ISI and some of the Revolutionary Guards in Iran are all in it up to their eyeballs. 95% of the world's heroin comes from Afghanistan and the poppies were growing right up to the wire of our outposts and bases.

We allowed it because the people might stay away from the Taliban. Ha! The deals with the devil began to be made the day Obama announced our timeline for withdrawal.

And yes, there is a drug problem with some returning vets. And some were running dope back home, but few.

Captain Hate

So the Children of the Cornhole have outraged Outhouse? Everybody has their breaking point. I have a feeling a few silicon heads who've supported 404 are feeling somewhat insulted by this IRS crock no matter how much they want to believe otherwise.

Stephanie tortoise not the hare

More than malicious as the excuse is that the emails going from the IRS servers to external servers were the only ones missing. The internal emails were all that remained.

Those other agencies' servers are searchable for email by sending server, by sending emailer, by numerous search parameters. Lotus notes, Windows, outlook whatever are very export and searchable via MSaccess if nothing else.

Not even mentioning the html search capabilities available.

IT might seem like magic to demoncrats, but email is more akin to a caveman and his first brush with fire.


My favorite Mrs. L quote on one of our straight through 12 hour drives to catch the ferry to Nantucket as the girls squirmed in the back seat "Girls, we will stop when your Father has to go to the bathroom..."

I love Mrs LOL!


the excuse is that the emails going from the IRS servers to external servers were the only ones missing. The internal emails were all that remained.

Is that the excuse? Wow. I can see no way for a hard drive crash to cause this.

If the email deletions were done recently, is there no backup for the previous years? There have to be a few of these (tape, no doubt). And taps lasts a long time.




@Captain H.

This is the most vicious primary I've seen since I've been out here. One candidate (Demos) accuses the other (Zeldon) of raising taxes like a drunken sailor when in the state legislature, and of voting for Obamacare (not sure how, since he's a state legislator). Demos is supported by Guiliani and Pataki.

Zeldon is accusing Demos of being a puppet of Nancy Pelosi (getting "California money"). Cantor's fundraising for Zeldon. Tea partiers out here were supporting Zeldon but now that Cantor's in his corner are confused. Ads are on every five minutes.

Their Democratic opponent, Tim Bishop, barely won last time -- it was the last race called. Bishop is a former academic and is The Worst. Jack Is Back has written about him.

Meanwhile, the only bookstore out here, Bookhampton, looks like Hillary! campaign headquarters. They must have 100 books in the window. They had to take out the Elizabeth Warren display to make room for it.



That's not quite the excuse, at least according to USN&WR:

The IRS said technicians went to great lengths trying to recover data from Lerner's computer in 2011. In emails provided by the IRS, technicians said they sent the computer to a forensic lab run by the agency's criminal investigations unit. But to no avail.

The IRS was able to generate 24,000 Lerner emails from the 2009 to 2011 because Lerner had copied in other IRS employees. The agency said it pieced together the emails from the computers of 82 other IRS employees.

But an untold number are gone. Camp's office said the missing emails are mainly ones to and from people outside the IRS, "such as the White House, Treasury, Department of Justice, FEC, or Democrat offices."

So much for the IRS's forensics lab.

I still find it very hard to believe that the IRS used POP3 email instead of a server.

Beasts of England

I'm afraid Stan and the boys would declare shenanigans on the IRS email issue...


I was wondering what Terry Gross of NPR looked like.

Exactly like I imagined.

This is the gal who got Hillary so mad that the rusty old crone responded "No, I don't think you are trying to clarify. I think you're trying to say that, you know, I used to be opposed and now I'm in favor and I did it for political reasons. And that's just flat wrong. So let me just state what I feel like you are implying and repudiate it. I have a strong record. I have a great commitment to this issue and I am proud of what I've done and the progress we're making."

Way to go Rusty Hillary! I haven't seen so many bullets dodged since the Bosnian Tarmac.

Stephanie tortoise not the hare

Camp's office said the missing emails are mainly ones to and from people outside the IRS, "such as the White House

The stuff I'd read said all outgoing/incoming from non IRS servers. Stuff on FB so it's probably 3or 4 generation linkages and semi corrupted itself like a game of linkage/lede telephone.

STILL stretches the imagination.

James D.

But an untold number are gone. Camp's office said the missing emails are mainly ones to and from people outside the IRS, "such as the White House, Treasury, Department of Justice, FEC, or Democrat offices."

It seems like there's an easy solution to that, isn't there? Lois can make a list of all the people she corresponded with, and THEIR email can be subpoeaned.

Stephanie tortoise not the hare

Off to a pool party. BBL

James D.

let me just state what I feel like you are implying and repudiate it.

And I think we have a new tagline for JOM!


New post as TM prepares to leave us on our own for fathers Day.


Hey tech guys: Is it odd that a crash would only wipe out external emails? Is there a separate server or whatever for internal emails? It seems quite odd.

And if so, what do they mean by "mostly"?


Daddy, that New Republic cover Althouse is mad at is NHRA Top Fuel powered manure spreading at a minimum. "Toxic" racist policies?

Walker: lower taxes. Kleagle Byrd: higher taxes. Check.
Walker: increased school choice vouchers. George Wallace: block school doors. Check.
Walker: freedom from union overseers for govt workers. Jefferson Davis: war to keep slave overseers employed. Check.

Maybe the CCW so citizens can defend themselves in bad neighborhoods? Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke recommends the law abiding citizens in the hood get armed and trained. Milwaukee Mayor Barrett wants them disarmed and safe like in Chicago. (Barrett is the white one).

Maybe Voter ID? The cases in Federal courts have old white people as plaintiffs.

Who knows? The progs must be afraid he'll run for President and trounce Hillary!


And if so, what do they mean by "mostly"?

Imperfect use of the delete key.



Please read the excerpt I posted above, if you haven't. The internal IRS emails appear to have been reconstructed from the email accounts of other IRS employees.

There are two general ways to store email messages: POP3 and IMAP. A POP3 account downloads your email messages to your own computer, and they are stored nowhere else (unless you choose to do so). These are used mainly by individuals and very small companies.

IMAP serves, OTOH, store email messages on a server, and all employees access the server to get their email messages. Every small to large organization uses IMAP servers, because all the email is in one place. It is then easy to manage and back up.

The IRS simply has to use an IMAP server of some sort, whether it is Exchange, Notes, Domino or something else. There is no other way they could manage it, and I'd bet they have many dozens of email servers.

The implication is that Lerner had a POP3 email account. That simply makes no sense.


Camp's office said the missing emails are mainly ones to and from people outside the IRS, "such as the White House, Treasury, Department of Justice, FEC, or Democrat offices."

So check the emails received backed up at the White House, Treasury, Department of Justice, FEC, or Democrat offices."


So Peter Baker, thinks Iraq is all about Obama, whereas Michael Gordon, actually offers some possible alternatives,


The implication is that Lerner had a POP3 email account. That simply makes no sense.

Well except to the media, which is destroying this country.

Thanks for the explanation.


From taxprof, via Instapundit, here's the IRS email policy:

The IRS email system runs on Microsoft Outlook. Each of the Outlook email servers are located at one of three IRS data centers. Approximately 170 terabytes of email (178,000,000 megabytes, representing literally hundreds of millions of emails) are currently stored on those servers. For disaster recovery purposes, the IRS does a daily back-up of its email servers.

The daily back-up provides a snapshot of the contents of all email boxes as of the date and time of the backup. Prior to May 2013, these backups were retained on tape for six months, and then for cost-efficiency, the backup tapes were released for re-use.

In May of last year, the IRS changed its policy and began storing rather than recycling its backup tapes.

Bolding mine. We are expected to believe this? And it has nothing to do with Lerner's hard drive crashing.


Sorry, DrJ. That daily tape/recycle story is still fishy.

I believe they do daily backup/snapshots, and that they 'recycle' those tapes after some length of time. However, I suspect they ALSO do full weekly backups (retention 6-12 months), and full monthly backups (retention 1-2 years) and full annual backups (retention 5-25 years).

As for disk corruption being at fault - major BS. Server disk arrays are formatted as mirrored (R1) or with parity (R-5) which means should any individual disk holding data fail for ANY reason, the data is recoverable and restorable from the mirrored pair (if R1) or from the parity disk (R5). That's bare minimum redundancy. Most large orgs would have more than that (they have to comply with Sarbox, SEC, OCC, IRS.....), but that's the bare minimum.


Agreed, AliceH. The IRS story is so far from even antediluvian data center practices as to be absurd.

The data corruption is allegedly from Lerner's drive. I believe she did not run any RAID arrays. I also suggest that this is totally irrelevant.


might as well be a 404:


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