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June 14, 2014



I noticed clarice posted once on this thread.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Where does the GOPe come up with a steady stream of losers like Murphy? By himself he hurts the party's chances worse than any Tea Party candidate has including she who shall not be mentioned.


Nailed it, DrJ. Both times. I actually used to know a lot about disk array configs, disk management, recovery, data backup, retention, etc for small, medium, enterprise apps and systems.... I've forgotten most of it of course. Still - the chance to feel even formerly semi-literate on a subject doesn't come up too often for me, so I leapt at the chance to add to your 8:43. ;)

Captain Hate on the iPad

Beasts, amidst all my yammering about Venturi at Congressional did you neglect to mention an eagle from an increasingly shaky, at the time, leader?


Trying to catch-up and don't know if this has been posted but this is an interesting take on Obama's muses and prosecutorial abuse/misconduct.



his track record has been substandard of late,
the 'crook' who looted the Florida GOP, yet managed a fairly confortable plea, has similar
sentiment, any new musical selections,


Let me try again, as my previously-posted comment disappeared into the aether.

AliceH, your comment on backup schedules is a good one. Even the computer nerd sites I read have not mentioned that daily backup tapes are recycled because they give way to others, such as weekly, monthly and annual backups. This is standard IT practice.

The IRS is lying through their teeth.

Captain Hate on the iPad

I'm up in the attic listening to CDs, narc. I'll go downstairs shortly and try to find something in sync with what I'm listening to now; specifically Mike Reed's People Places and Things, who went through a phase where he played jazz classic tunes emanating from Chicago (classic is in the ear of the beholder, naturally). I got a new disc by his group this week, where he expanded his vistas to include New Dutch Swing, which I've previously linked the ICP Orchestra although there's plenty more avenues to explore. We'll see what I can find.

Beasts of England

Yes I did, Captain - but only after two bogeys. It was a wash. ;)

Beasts of England

I believe tomorrow will be a classic US Open Sunday. Kaymer has a PGA and a TPC on his résumé, and even though the PGA title is a major, it's not an Open. Much bigger deal.

The course should be fast and hard and the nerves frayed. I'll stand by my -4 winning score predicted early this morning. Someone at level par can post a 66 with almost no attention and hope for the best.

The USGA has nailed the site two years in a row: last year's Merion and now No. 2. Almost as exciting as soccer...

Captain Hate

Well damn, I couldn't find anything that I was looking for although I thought I found the perfect setlist for People Places & Things only to get a 404 when I tried to get the audio (I'm guessing the band asked/told them to yank it). And I looked for some related things and couldn't find something I thought would be appropriate.

But I did find this date from Cafe Oto in London, where everybody seems to bring their A game, of one of my favorite pianists and drummers, along with a sax player with whom I'm unfamiliar but based on a spot listen he sounds just fine so here we go:



Captain Hate

Hmmmm, I found a .wav file that's still available for the People, Places and Things group but it has to be downloade to play; let's see if this works:


Voila and


Captain Hate

Question for narc, Beasts or anybody else who may click on my links: Does it matter to you if I link mp3 or the less compressed ones (which sound better imo but have to be downloaded although I'm sure most of your connections are faster than mine and they do it almost istantly)?



I just click and listen. I don't know enough about what you're asking to have an opinion. Just keep loading stuff, please.

Captain Hate

Thanks for the feedback, daddy. Will do. Any comment on the music of the above two selections?

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