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June 01, 2014


Miss Marple

Of interest to East coast JOM folks:


Sorry it is off-topic, but story now breaking.

Fred Beloit

Starting yesterday, as a matter of fact, I am refusing to listen to any more of his lies, strawmen, and blatantly illogical speeches. I'm done.


clarice, dead on analysis of the achieving families from the Caribbean and Africa and elsewhere. It is the immigrant's dream. A child who becomes a doctor or an engineer or teacher.

Obama is a complete dog's breakfast. I think the press is only confirming, grudgingly, how deeply incompetent and anti-American Obama is.

Rick B

Read today's Pieces before reflecting upon the mediocre intelligence required to display the flair for the bleeding obvious exhibited by the NYT editors and the less than mediocre intelligence manifested by the people dumb enough to pay to read it.

It's my hope the President will continue to speak frequently. Each time he speaks he gives further evidence of the general lack of intelligence which is the hallmark of the Progressive Democrat Party. His speeches reflect not only his own lack of intelligence, they reflect the lack of intelligence of his entire communications staff as well as the lack of intelligence of his remaining advisers, all of whom appeared to have passed Lawrence Tribe's Sycophancy 101 course at Harvard Law School with flying colors.

I understand the NYT editor's advice to the President to stop speaking but the Republic is better served by him continuing to remove all doubt regarding his intelligence and competence through constant public utterance.

Miss Marple

Complete Twitter timeline from a soldier who served with Bergdahl, assembled by SooperMexican. Very illuminating and lots of info that is not being discussed in the press:



Well then, Fred, you will be shirking some of your responsibilities.

Yes, Obama, Clinton, Holder, Hagel, Kerry, Panetta, Jarrett, Rich, Geithner, Pelosi and Reid are prolific liars.

But that makes it only that much more important that you pay close attention to what they are saying, and give us your valued feedback on your perceptions.

Jeff Dobbs

Good morning! I called it last night, the pool tournament ended at 3am.

Made it to the final match before I surcame to my opponent. Second place, $120 haul.

Pool is now funding poker. We'll have to wait and see if poker will return the favor.

Red beans and rice day. Beans soaking, now to cut up the ham and get the bone in a pot to make the stock......


Wait, what? Obama's just not that smart?


He comes away "scratching THEIR heads"? ™.

Having a lot of fun with Ms Wolverine. Also eating a lot of yummy Asian food and shlepping around the Sawtelle neighborhood of L.A.

Dublindave 2016

This is navel gazing from a Newspaper that's becoming increasingly irrelevant as it grapples with how much to pay it's vag-staff and non vag-staff.

This President has picked up the pieces from the disastrous Republican Foreign policy(does anyone actually believe Republicans will ever be in charge of Foreign policy again?????Me neither) and brought some stability and consistency to our role in global affairs. We're simply not going to throw American lives away because EXONN MOBILE needs the Iraqi oil laws re-written or Haliburton is eyeing a juicy contract.

Sorry fuck heads but those days are well and truly over.

Tom and Judith Miller need to try harder.

Captain Hate

Reince Priebus showing some rare spine by slicing Rodham, Rice and the JEF. Top Men to the fainting couches STAT.

Captain Hate

LOL @ Chris Wallace talking about Rodham being a "formidable candidate". What exactly has she won besides a carpetbagging Senate seat in a state dumb enough to vote for Schoooooooooomer.

Claire McCaskill on representing dimwitted skirts for Rodham.

Captain Hate

A swing and a miss on "the CIA backed the video story".

Captain Hate

I think dumbassdave is Claire McCaskill.

Another Bob

Ms. Marple, multiple people who were downrange in the area of Bergdahl's unit are coming forward to corroborate that story. And they're pissed because of the number of killed and wounded in the search for Bergdahl.

Captain Hate

Bob Woodward is as out of it as Donald Sterling.

Captain Hate

Evan Bayhe "I think Rodham has a strong record as Secretary of State". Laura Ingraham and Liz Cheney are both incredulous.

Miss Marple

Another Bob, that is good news.

We probably won't get him tried for desertion, but we can pretty much make sure he's not paraded around the country like some kind of hero and given a million dollar book contract.

Miss Marple

Evan Bayh wants to be Hillary's VP nominee. He publicly backed her during the primaries. She was narrowly beaten by Obama here in Indiana, which was an embarrassment for him.
That's why he disappeared from the Senate.

Now is his time! And if Hillary falters, he will run in the primaries.


If these reports are true trade without Congressional consultation even more egregious.If I didn't know better I'd say he was trying to Deep Six hs party forever.

Captain Hate

Yes I could see the donks trotting out Bayh as a "middle of the road" candidate. He strikes me as a commiecrat version of Romney who is incapable of exciting anybody.

Cecil Turner (on mini pad)

The problem with the President's approach remains that he doesn't see it as a "war," but a nebulous "threat." And, like any other threat, it's one to be protected against.

We see it in the stifling ROE in Afghanistan, the full scale retreat from Iraq (and upcoming flight from AFG and the Mideast in general), and the return to an isolationist hand-wringer's approach to foreign policy.

And now trading known policy level unlawful combatants for one captured soldier. How could that possibly go wrong?

Captain Hate

From the Horde:

PFC Matthew Michael Martinek, Staff Sgt. Kurt Robert Curtiss, SSG Clayton Bowen, PFC Morris Walker, SSG Michael Murphrey, 2LT Darryn Andrews, were all KIA from our unit who died looking for Bergdahl.

Well look at this...... Yet ANOTHER O'Vomit scandal that has a body count. The people that dumbass released will create even more bodies. This is truly unbelievable.

Cecil Turner (on mini pad)

Reports of Bergdahl being (at best) a deserter are hardly new. here is one from the NYT a couple years ago.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

What I cannot understand was why that guy enlisted in the first place. Seems to me he was not Army material at all, more of a pro-Taliban peacenik type.

1. Did the Kabul station chief object to the trade, and was he outed in retaliation?
2. How long did Obama know that the release of 5 Gitmo prisoners would effect the private's release? Two months? Two years? Has he been holding the exchange until it would take another scandal off the news?
3. Have the parents been in contact with the Taliban? Are they Muslim converts?
4. Was this kid on some sort of a spy mission, to inform the Taliban of tactics and strategy?
5. Is there already a book deal? How much? When was the contract signed?

These are all questions I want answered. And I do NOT want him paraded around like a hero, and I do not want Obama to get ANY political advantage from this!

Captain Hate

I really hate Evan Bayh.

Captain Hate

Laura Ingraham not taking any of Woodward's namby pamby say nothing intelligent crap.

Miss Marple

Things I know about Evan Bayh:

1. His wife was overheard saying she couldn't wait until he could get back to Washington. This was while he was governor in his first term.
2. He does not like his wife to wear pants in public. I got this from a salesperson who sold her clothing. (I have an extensive local spy network.)
3. His father saved Ted Kennedy's life when they were in a plane crash.
4. There were several financial scandals when he was governor, including a really juicy one involving the head of the lottery and a black mistress he hired onto the state payroll.


Now is his time! And if Hillary falters, he will run in the primaries.

He could have made a serious name for himself by voting against the health care fiasco prior to his retirement. But he didn't because he's a commie weasel, just like the rest of them.

Miss Marple

Extraneus, Indeed he is. He often portrayed himself as a moderate, but not only did he vote for Obamacare, he voted against the partial birth abortion ban, and voted for the confirmation of some iffy people specifically against the wishes of people in this state.

Soylent Red

Obama is a complete dog's breakfast.

I think you have that backwards.

The problem with the President's approach remains that he doesn't see it as a "war," but a nebulous "threat." And, like any other threat, it's one to be protected against.

The President doesn't see it as a threat either, IMO. He sees it as a misunderstanding, animosity borne out of years of Western imperialism, Islamists believing in Islamist exceptionalism, the way he believes in American exceptionalism etc. Some sort of disagreement that can be worked out with talk and the right mixture of deal-making and payoffs.

Alternately, if he does see it as a threat, he sees it as a political threat. As in, "I'd better not let anything bad happen. It could spoil my poll numbers/re-election chances/political capital to push my agenda."

I have no proof of what goes on in his head, but I am confident that he doesn't conceptualize "threat" in the way we would use the word.

Miss Marple

Well, well, well. On Face the Nation we discover that the Bergdahl deal was available FOUR YEARS AGO and Pannetta said no to it.

So, this crappy event has been held in reserve for some time. This is egregious on two fronts:

1. Exchange was done to get VA scandal out of the news cycle.
2. He allowed the soldier and the family to remain in limbo for 4 years.

Miss Marple

Oh, look! The Taliban are posting pictures of the 5 being welcomed on Twitter!



Welp, the local news is ablaze for the Bergdahl/jihadi trade. No mention of all the soldiers who died looking for him.


If the exchange was done for clever political reasons, wouldn't it have been even more clever to get the guy's name in the news first?

People have to be going, like, "Who's Bergdahl?" "How many other POWs are there?" "Why haven't I heard of this dude?"


Last night a friend suggested that maybe Obama can trade the tens of thousands of illegal aliens in our prison system for the one Marine held in the Tijuana jail.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

People have to be going, like, "Who's Bergdahl?" "How many other POWs are there?" "Why haven't I heard of this dude?"

Yes! Great point.

I liked MM's question on the last thread too -


Did the Kabul station chief object to this prisoner exchange?

Miss Marple

Extraneus, I think this is like the "emergency lying" that someone pointed out criminals do.

They have probably been searching for a way to get the VA thing off the front pages and someone remembered this deal offered.

Plus, if they had put it out earlier so people remembered who he was, then all of the weird stuff about him possibly being a deserter, his strange parents, etc. would ALSO have been out there.

The LIV's are all he cares about. This is what they hear:

"Obama got a soldier released. Now we can bring all the troops home. Yay!"

Happy, happy, joy, joy Ignatz

--But Mr. Obama’s tone has shifted radically, depending on his audience and the context.--

Classic narcissistic manipulation; say whatever you need to whomever you need, even if the statements are 180 degrees apart.
If need be do it in the same sentence.

Beasts of England

My Uncle died this morning. Thanks again for all who offered assistance (especially Mel) and for their kind words after his stroke a few weeks back...

Centralcal on iPad

Very sorry to hear that, Beasts.

Rick B


Think of "threat" in the context of the Mahometan savages raising the stakes by naming a date certain for the release of a headchopper special video if the Guantanamo Taliban aren't returned. What "goes on in the President's head" can be estimated by considered reflection on the behavior of Pavlov's dogs, Skinner's pigeons and Pitzer faculty coupled with a brief study of Professor Obama's favorite Marxiat diagrams.


Did the Kabul station chief object to this prisoner exchange?

That'll obviously be answered by the internal investigation.


my sympathies, beasts.
well done pieces, Clarice.
Daddy, you have been on an awesome posting roll lately.
jib, great Belgian posts.
Two and a half years of silence from Obama: wouldn't that be a blessing. I'd gladly have the taxpayers pay for him to stay in one five star hotel after another eating sushi and $100 a pound beef if he would just STHU.

Old Lurker

Sorry Beasts.

Jeff Dobbs

Sorry to hear that Beasts.

Beasts of England

Thanks, all.

Don't know if anyone has seen this Tweet for Bergdahl's dad, but it doesn't look good. Coupled with stories from the Army Times' Facebook page about his POW son's drinking and smoking hash with the Afghan locals, I find that my cynicism may justified.

Like everything emanating from Teh Obama Criminal Enterprise, it stinks.

Rick B


I disagree. Tomorrow he's going to announce that everyone gets to pay a higher utility bill in order to fight the SkyDragon. That's to keep the Watermelons on board. Will the following week be dedicated to Vulvarian baby killers, Reparation Racists or Sodomites?

Every time he strokes the rancid progressive Marxist core of the Democrat Party he does more damage to the party than good and increases their losses in November.

If the NYT wants him to sit down and shut up, then I want him talking.

Beasts of England

Maybe it should be Teh Obama Kriminal Enterprise (TOKE) or (TOKEn) ;)

Jack is Back!


If you read Michael Hastings RS article from 2012 you will find that Bergdahl, at least from Hastings viewpoint was a wannabe, soldier of fortune and not a Jihadi wannabe. He first tried to enlist in the French Foreign Legion and was turned down. [NB: there are sensible French more so than sensible American's at times]. Suggest you read that article I have link a couple of times on the previous thread. Very revealing facts not present in any of thes posts.

He was also a creature of the elitist community that blankets Sun Valley and had illusions of their acceptance of him into their lives. He would have made the perfect ass-wipe to Kerry and his ilk given the chance.

He was a gung-ho recruit who became disillusioned and got into a dysfunctional unit by some measure but that doesn't excuse his desertion and cross over which is what he attempted.

Beasts of England

Okay. Now I'm pissed. Here's what the POW's father said yesterday while standing next to our alleged CinC:

Fuck me.


So sorry to hear that Beasts, I suspected Mark 'Tiger Beat' Landler's column would be the subject of the last thread.

You know no one has made the 'Homeland' tie in, yet, in that series, a US Marine, had gone missing for eight years, he returns to the world a little out of sorts, turns out a Zarquawi type AQ chieftain, has sent him on a mission, to avenge a drone strike against his family, '24 borrowed a snippet of this, for their new arc

Miss Marple

Beasts, I am sorry for your loss.


Sorry to Hear about your Uncle, Beasts!

5 more of the worse have just been returned to help:


Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Sorry about your uncle Beasts. Great Pieces, Clarice.

There seems to be a lot of frantic scurrying to find a story to get the twin disasters of Bummer's West Point Speech and the full blown VA scandal off the front page. If the Friday resignations of Shinseki and Carney, and the Saturday exchange of an (alleged) US deserter for five high-level Taliban chiefs is the best they can do this next week may get interesting. When the NYT and WAPO are not amused by a former Democratic Messiah, there might be real trouble on the left. One can only hope.


JiB, the 501st Parachute Infantry is hardly a dysfunctional unit. It is a sister battalion to my 3-509th, who are among the best of the best. A plurality of 509er's have Ranger tabs and multiple combat tours. Both Bn's are based out of Ft. Richardson and get to do Arctic work as well.

4-25th has been going back to Eastern Afghanistan time and again. It is rough duty but not as rough as Helmand, where the terrain sucks. They have bled steadily over the past 8 years.

Bergdahl was a basket case and should have been shipped home. Bad platoon management.

Jack is Back!

Obama has screwed the pooch in this Bergdahl deal and we all know its political because his staff admitted it in 2012. Bergdahl's dad has become a captive ass of Islam as a result of trying to get his yellow ass back but I don't blame him for going the exrtra mile because I would not wished the Bergdahl ordeal on any family regardless of their politics.

Is Bowe worth 5 extreme bad guys who will postively, absolutely deliver their poison tomorrow? Hell no.

And the GOP should not shy away from calling this what it is - a deal that puts every soldier of America, anywhere in the world at risk.

Danube on iPad

Very fine work, Clarice. And very depressing.


Funny, I forced myself to read the whole NYT account of the Bergdahl deal, and there was no mention of any controversy about his capture, whether he was a deserter, etc.

The idea that we'd give up five Taliban terrorists to get this guy is really stunning. The NYT also claimed that Obama had added a "signing statement" to the bill making such transfers without notifying Congress illegal that allowed him to do this unilaterally. Hmm.

On a related note, did people see Taranto quoting someone named Jonathan Owen saying that O's speech at West Point was the "worst speech in presidential history.

It is, in my opinion, the single worst speech in presidential history.

In every paragraph of this interminable speech, there are enormous problems. He meanders around, ignores facts, creates new ones (who knew our economy is so robust?), insists that Iran, Russia, China, Burma, Sudan, Egypt and Syria are all falling into line and it's all because of his actions.

I'm not sure who Jonathan Owen is, but he speaks the truth.


surprisingly this fellow is not on the DHS profile, shocker


Danube on iPad

Note that Obama is constantly hailed for his soaring oratory, yet no one can remember anything he has said except "if you like your health plan you can keep it. Prriod."

I think there's a chance that this Berghdal shit may turn out to be an exploding cigar for Obama.


How will this blow up in O's face? Will the military have the guts to charge him? Has anyone from high up said that he'll be court martialed? How could he have been promoted twice?

Jeff Dobbs

no one can remember anything he has said except "if you like your health plan you can keep it. Prriod."

Well, I for one will never forget Obama's "generations from now we'll be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when . . . the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal."

We're only two days away from the sixth anniversary of that speech.


We're only two days away from the sixth anniversary of that speech.

And has the planet not been cooling? Let's give credit where credit is due.

Captain Hate

Anybody holding their breath for any of the Joint Chiefs to resign in protest? I know that he's purged the ones that would have but it's somewhat disturbing that so many Powells have climbed the ladder that far.

Jeff Dobbs

Other Obama sayings off the top of my head without googling...

"I do think at a certain point, you've made enough money."

"You didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen."

"I won."

"Don't call my bluff, Eric."

"It's not that I want to punish your success. I just think that I think when you can spread the wealth around, it's good for everyone."

But I certainly agree that the average voter couldn't tell you any memorable quotes from Obama speeches, or if they could, it would be something worthy of derision.

I bet if you asked even his most ardent supporters to tell you what they most remember about his 2008 acceptance speech at the Dem convention, even they would be hard pressed to come up with anything other than the Greek columns.


Shinseki, and before him, 'Ashley Wilkes' as Rush called Wesley Clark, was the archetype, they get promoted, whereas Gant, Flynn, Petraeus, McCrystal,
Mattis, get shown the door,


TRying to explain this, is like teaching a pig French:



sanity is not a destination in your neck of the woods, is it jimmy;


Eric in Boise2

The one that really stuck in my craw was where, in an interview, he said something along the lines of "I think the American people are upset that I haven't been able to force Congress to do all those things I talked about in 2008."

Constutional scholar, my dying a**.



My initial reaction to Bergdahl's fathers speech was " How does he know this language?". Not like he has had opportunities to talk to his son and therefore have motivation to learn it so he could communicate with him. Presuming his son really did forget English.

Now that you have provided the translation, even more incline to think he is the whack job sympathizer I thought he probably is.

Thought the whole podium event was a prog, lefty freak show.

Eric in Boise2

ConsTItutional. Ugh, more coffee.

Eric in Boise2

Sorry for your loss, Beasts. Prayers coming your way.


I remember him saying "it is great to be back home" while visiting Kenya.

Jeff Dobbs

Sitting out on the deck blogging, decided to play some tunes. So I harken back to my youth and found some Metallica*. I had forgotten they had a song called Don't Tread On Me.

Liberty or death, what we so proudly hail
Once you provoke her, rattling of her tail
Never begins it, never, but once engaged...
Never surrenders, showing the fangs of rage

Don't tread on me

So be it
Threaten no more
To secure peace is to prepare for war
So be it
Settle the score
Touch me again for the words that you'll hear evermore...

Don't tread on me

Love it or leave it, she with the deadly bite
Quick is the blue tongue, forked as lighting strike
Shining with brightness, always on surveillance
The eyes, they never close, emblem of vigilance

Don't tread on me

*The first time I ever pierced my nose was in college. I put the safety pin through my nostril and then went out and bought the Mettalica (Black) album with it in. It is the album that has Don't Tread On Me.


--I bet if you asked even his most ardent supporters to tell you what they most remember--

Not the 2008 convention speech, but I'd bet a few could remember "get in their faces" and "We're gonna punish our enemies and we're gonna reward our friends".

The quote I always think of first was from 2009 just a few days into his Presidency, in answer to some fluff 'how is it being actual President? questions: "Turns out, I'm pretty good at it."


My condolences, Beasts.


My sympathies,Beasts. I'm just catching up and DoT @ 1:35,I hope you are right. We've been up at the cabin,the pollen and mosquitoes are thick,but the weather is beautiful.When I started reading the comments about Berghdal,I felt sick. By the way,I had a heated discussion with a liberal last night (friend of s-i-l). I won't discuss the details of the argument,but geez,how frustrating! Make a factual statement and get bleeding heart whining thrown in your face.


Oh, and my first reaction to Bergdahl's fathers speech was "Taqiyya? Two can play that game".

Not claiming that's plausible. Just possible, though.

Beasts of England

The whole thing stinks, Buckeye. The players, the timing, the ceremony, the eventual ramifications. I wonder if there is anyone around that lousy bastard who truly loves this country. It's depressing.

And, without a touch of irony, Idoicracy is on Comedy Central. It's got what plants crave...

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Condolences Beasts.

Is anybody preparing a multi course crow dinner for rich?


Make that "proud" to be home.



CH, what is the summary of the rich battle last night? I won't have time to scroll back.



Yes it is depressing Beasts.

My condolences at the loss of your uncle.

Jack is Back!


I agree to a certain respect. Kerry, by running, created the Swifties who mad public a biography of lies and exaggeration that John F**king Kerry would have rather been hidden. He is still among the living and powerful but his reputation is dust to most of the vet community and those honorable patriots at home.

I can see those Afghan vets who feel at risk looking for a deserter and watching their comrades get killed or maimed taking this on rigoroously like the Swifies but will the media give them any notice?

No. But like the Tea Party they can be PITA to the regime if they are mad and play it right.


Bergdahl's fathers speech was " How does he know this language?

I know OF some people in Northern Idaho who after hearing Bergdahl speak on the podium with Obummer yesterday would like to hit him over the head or worse.

Frau Dolmetscherin

AFAIK Mr. Bergdahl studied the pashto language "to plead for his son's life." There are online videos.

I already noted that the preezy was holding this get-out-of-jail card for maximum distraction. The best thing would have been FLOTUS having a baby right now, only she nixed that years ago saying two was her limit.

I hope DoT is correct about the exploding political cigar. This deal stinks. Who *is* fighting for the US marine down Mexico way?

Frau Dolmetscherin

Beasts, my thoughts are with you. Growing up in CA, I never had the experience of knowing my TX grandparents, aunts, uncles or cousins. I wish I had.

Jack is Back!


With all due respect, have you read Hastings article? And you yourself say that it was bad platoon management which if you combine his observations with your judgement equals a dysfunctional unit. Just because he is airborne doesn't mean a few slackers and bitchers can't make a unit intolerlable. Even their first CO calls them a bunch of slackers and distractors with questionable morale. Hastily thrown together to meet a political surge target. Expedited training and put in the most at-risk harm's way for greenies.

I am not excusing Bergdahl's actions but his unit has an obligation to make sure no harm comes to them as a result of a loose cannon. Making observations now about how he acted and behaved doesn't give me a lot of confidence in those guys judgement back then. As you said poor leadership judgement abetted by the platoon themselves.


Beasts, sorry to hear about your uncle. I hope your aunt can find comfort in some way.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

The lesson of the Kerry's defeat was do not get a critical mass of veterans angry, especially those who have served in harm's way. There is no return for them once their bullshit detector goes off.

It seems like our Dear Leader has not learned that lesson. His speech at the West Point Graduation, his handling of the VA debacle and the springing of an alleged deserter could not have been better designed to galvanize veterans' opposition than anything I can imagine. And all in three or four days.

Frau Dolmetscherin

Jim Rhoads- Barry sez, "'Cause I got it, I flaunt it."

BTW Who is the most powerful person in the world these days?


a similar course seems to be occuring a little south of here


he was an AID contractor, who thought he was in contact with dissidents, but they were actually
DGI plants, and they've been holding him for a number of years.


"Is anybody preparing a multi course crow dinner for rich?

For what? Wanting to be confident of facts before reaching a conclusion? Wanting to investigate reliability of various assertions? Not granting full credence to an article by a guy writing in Rolling Stone? Giving a moments thought to possible contributing factors (not excuses - factors) such as youth/inexperience?

The dots we have are most easily connected one way, but they aren't all the dots.

If rich is to be served a multi-course dinner of crow for what - at worst - turns out to be misplaced compassion, I'll join him for dinner.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

TK, I recall rich being sympathetic to Bergdahl and dismissive of naysayers like Malkin. It's not like I've never led with my chin before...


the arrest of El Chapo, has likely staunched the bleeding but those guns ended up in someone's hands



Bayh, appeared to be smarter than his old man, that Quayle forced out if one recalls, but he continues to 'remove all doubt,'

Beasts of England

Thanks, henry, et al. My Aunt also had a series of strokes a year or so ago and is barely compos mentis. Tough situation all around. My cousin is having a heck of a hard time. I've talked to her several times today, and if I weren't working, I'd head out to Dallas for a few weeks. Ugh.


My sympathies, Beasts.


Good Morning!

At the moment it's not on Drudge, it's not on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, or in any US paper I can google except the NY Post, but the gunman who shot dead the 3 Jews in Brussels on the same day of the UCSB murders has been arrested:
Brussels Jewish Museum killings: Suspect 'admitted attack'

Police found Mr Nemmouche had in his possession a Kalashnikov rifle and a handgun believed to have been used in the attack, the Paris prosecutor told a news conference on Sunday.

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