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July 23, 2014



Good Morning! First of all - Happy Birthday Mrs. Jib.

Secondly I think Clarice nails it:

If the administration prevails against all these challenges, the victory could prove Pyrrhic. After all, Barack Obama has less than 2½ years left in office. If "the law of the land" is whatever the executive branch says it is, the next president could
rewrite ObamaCare again without even needing Congress's help.


The Alaska Democratic Party is getting a boost from a group in Washington, D.C., that’s dedicated to preserving the Democrats’ fragile majority in the U.S. Senate.

In the past two months, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which is aiding Alaska Sen. Mark Begich’s re-election effort, has transferred more than $400,000 to the state party, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission.

Last election the Alaskan Dem campaign slogan was something link "No outside Money in Alaska Campaigns."

The Alaska Republican Party, in contrast, has received no money from national affiliates in the current two-year federal election cycle.


I assume this "secret" incentive should be contrasted with the well known provisions of the law such as those permitting you to keep any plan you liked or any doctor, period. It is true that with a law so well understood and so truthfully explained that it is unlikely that state/federal subsidy would have been overlooked until after it became the law of the land.

Miss Marple

Wasn't there a court case about the states not having to set up exchanges? And at the time that the governors opted out wasn't there a lot of harumphing about this from the dems, and hand wringing about the subsidies?

Wasn't there discussion at the time about how the opt out was a blunder by the people who wrote that provision?

I don't think the intent was secret at all, because they had to add subsidies after the fact and there was a lot of noise about why the bill had been written the way it was.


George@06:57 - exactly.

The "secret" subsidy incentive (which WH argues it eliminated via multiple IRS regulations) contrasts with those well-known incentives of the employer-mandate (which WH delayed 3 times) and individual-mandate (which WH waived for numerous orgs in addition to defining dozens of exceptions).


My schadenfreude theme song for 404:

Richie Sambora You Never Really Know.

Incredible guitar playing, then:
You never really know
You never really know
You make your plans so carefully
But it burns out of control
You never really see
No, you never really see
Something hiding in the shadows
brings you screaming to your knees....


TM, the lack of a WI exchange (really the lack of graft opportunities tied to creating one) was in the local MSM along with the Medicaid expansion thing -- until the federal exchange got launched. Walker was against both as a waste of WI taxpayer money. When the MSM/Dems push this, he will shrug and say he will deal with it in January, just like he eliminated BadgerCare wait lists without fed money. This will change few votes, and do little for the enthusiasm gap.


The House has sent something like 400 bills to the Senate which Reid has refused to take up and which Media is not interested in reporting in any way (except to sound exasperated about attempts at ACA repeal). A significant number of the bills are attempts at ACA *fixes*.

I wonder... if the House passed a bill legislatively granting subsidy eligibility to plans on the Federal HHS exchange, how would we know?

Miss Marple


I thought this was important.

Especially because Twitter sent me a "suggestion" of people to follow courtesy of the White House. In my email.


Jane, that's a quote from Taranto BOTW. But I sure hope the SCOTUS grasps that. There's something to TM's argument, but but , heck, how much more did no one know when this 2k pp POS was passed .

Miss Marple

Bloomberg flies to Tel Aviv and asks FAA to quit handing Hamas an undeserved victory:



Well no, if the GOP takes the WH they will not get away with the same tactics. The Democrat get away with it because 1) they are immoral hypocrites, and 2) They have the backing of the whole Professional Left Establishment (e.g., Academe, Media, etc.).
The GOP would not even attempt it, and, should they try, the democrats will say exactly what the GOP says now (or at least the saner elements of it), and the media, and thus the country, will completely ignore the "precedents" set during Obama.

If it was a matter of "precedents", Justice Roberts would never have betrayed us in the first place.

Moreover, this sets a destructive path, and a path the GOP should not and cannot take, particularity if they campaign on a return to rule of law.

In truth we have reached a tipping point in this country. It is hard to see how we get it back.

Obamacare is here to stay. The democrats always knew this, the rest of the country has not yet figured it out.

The Democrats are about destroying us. They are concerned with nothing but destruction, power and wealth, and they would do anything to get them. Anything. We must stop thinking that we are merely in a political, electoral struggle. The current border crisis so clearly illustrates all of this.
America is now in new territory; it is territory for us, but depressingly common for much the rest of the world. We are not dealing in a space where it is about reason or even the national interest, however misguided that interest is apprehended by the Democrats.

In truth we have reached a tipping point in this country. It is hard to see how we get it back.

This is why people like Palin are correct: If we cannot impeach Obama or people like holder, then our check and balance system is broken beyond repair. All we can say is that prior to this we had relied on the good will, common sense and general decency of politicians (and perhaps some misplaced fear of impeachment), but these have been wiped away.

The generations' long war against America by the Left is reaching in denouement, and they are winning.


Congress isn't going to fix this before the election. They have six days before August break. There will be a limited session after Labor Day,I believe between mid-September and the election,they aren't in session. Gov.Lepage said Maine can't afford to pay the subsidies,he's been a fierce critic of the ACA.He has vetoed Medicaid expansion 5x. This will be another issue in the governor's race, Michaud as a congressman voted for the ACA. He released a blah,blah statement saying he's been working on bipartisan fixes. By the way,Michaud told one of hubby's partners that yes,he had read the entire ACA bill before voting for it. HaHaHa!!!

Happy Birthday Mrs. JiB!


Henry,I think Lepage should be Walker's VP candidate. Good cop/Bad cop. It would be fun to watch! Moonbat heads exploding! :)




FTA (Steyn's just linked):So now the question may go to the full panel of the DC Circuit, which Harry Reid's post-nuclear Senate has stacked with favorably disposed Democrats. Or it may go to the Supreme Court, and we'll all get to watch John Roberts twist himself into a pretzel all over again. One thing's clear: without the federal exchange, Obamacare as we know it is dead. On the other hand, it's entirely unclear whether whatever replaces it will be better or worse or just more complicated and expensive and tortured, which is generally the way to bet with 21st century American government.

As to Mr Earnest's point on "what Congress intended", who can say? No Congressman who voted for the bill read it. Presumably, some legislator's staffer wrote that actual line about "established by the State". If we could locate him among the vast entourages of the Emirs of Incumbistan, we could ask him what his "intention" was. Until then, calibrating the competing degrees of deference to a corrupt bureaucracy, a contemptuous executive, a politicized judiciary and a feckless hack legislature brings to mind Samuel Johnson's line about arguing the precedence of a louse and a flea, with a tick and a cockroach thrown in.


TomM-- sorry, but you miss the point entirely about the Halbig case. I mean that respectfully but seriously. What this case is about is who makes the law. Who decides the laws we are compelled to live under. Congress? or some unelected permanent Statist/Lib/Dem (same thing?) bureaucracy? THAT is what the case is a about. I decided 34 years ago to study and practice Regulatory Law. In that time I've watched as permanent bureaucrats took a logical premise-- agencies may write Regs to fill in the 'intersticies' of Statutes passed by the Congress or State Legislatures to implement the statutory scheme ('Interstices' mean small cracks or gaps-- SMALL)and run wild and turned the premise into -- LOIS LERNER. The Bureaucrats re-write the statutes, or 'administer' them as they see fit. The federal and State bureaucracies are our own EU Regulatory Machine. And they are as corrupt and dictatorial as The Cook Countyor Tammany machines ever were or Stalin's Commissars. Halbig is 2 Judges on the DC Circuit saying ENOUGH. If the statute was incorrectly written, THE CONGRESS must correct it. The POTUS's Commissars LIKE LOIS LERNER cannot. Halbig is the whole ball of wax; does Congress make the law or does the Imperial Bureaucracy make the law? That is what SCOTUS will have to decide.


You ere duped easily. You already speak as if these are legitimate programs, as opposed to not even very slick scams being orchestrated by not even very bright, nor creative street hustlers; e.g., the CBC. Hell, you act as if you've become complacent, or as if you don't even know that you're being ripped-off to redistribute the wealth.

You also speak as if every state will be paying its air share and receiving its fair share, when, in fact, states like California and New York And Illinois will be receiving disproportionately much higher dividends on their investments, and most other states and their taxpayers will be paying disproportionately much higher pre miums to compensate. If you swallow this, you'll swallow anything.

James D.

Since NK (I think) mentioned watching the Tour de France last night, I'll mention that I have a relative riding in it:

Alessandro Petacchi of Team Omega Pharmacy-Quick Step


I'm not sure if he's my second cousin, third cousin, second cousin once removed or third cousin once removed, but he's definitely a (distant) blood relative.


Clarice@8:13-- excellent points. What did Congress intent? 'Congress' means Harry/Nancy/and BigGov Insurers who wanted something so vague none of the Dems or voters knew what was in the ACA, because the whole plan was to have the BigGov Insurers and Bureaucrats make up the law as they went along. The Subidies and Medicaid are ENTITLEMENTS, so we have to pay for them no matter what the BigGov Insurers and the Bureaucrats do. Now that we voters have seen what the Insurers and Bureaucrats have done, the last thing the Dems want is another vote. SCOTUS should make them vote. ACA will collapse because it's a joke. The Progs didn't want it because it's not total socialized medicene, the taxpayers hate it, and the previoussly insured hate it. The only people who like it are Medcicaid Mill operators, SEIU, and a couple of million parasites who jumped on the permanent Medicaid bandwagon. They are the losing side of the election.


"Congress isn't going to fix this before the election."

Congress will never "fix" this. This not merely do to their lack of competence, honor, bravery, patriotism or even accountability to their electorates, all of which are be near insurmountable obstacles in and of themselves, but rather because we are no longer in a constitutional republic under the rule of law.

The Law is what the Nomnekaltura says it will be. If you do not think so, witness the hideous decision of Roberts in the first place. It does not matter if he was a plant to begin with, or if he was "turned" by some combination of bribery and threats. The decision by all reasonable norms is outrageous, and yet we have it. Roberts full well knew this and somehow was compelled to betray the nation anyway. This fact is in some ways much more destructive than Obamacare istself could ever be.

Congress is part and parcel of this corruption of our system, but even if it were not, even if we filled every seat with patriots, It would not be enough: it would just go to the next level of tyranny.

Only until the American people realize what is happening and put the malefactors in jail, will this turn.

This would mean locking up some judges,

This will never happen.

I doubt that even 40% of the electorate knows who Roberts is or what he did, much less understand how bizarre his ruling was.

No, Obamacare is here to stay.

James D.

And here's a photo of my cousin (with companion). Janet and Rich have met me in person, so I'll leave it to them to comment on any family resemblance, or the lack thereof:




Ah, the twit from Maine, Smith is it, is pushing the Disclose Act, I think I saw it on CNBC, seriously what is the point of the law, if the plain text isn't operative,


ObamaCare – Fake Applicants Approved For Health Care Subsidies"


How long can we survive this mess?


Bravo familia JamesD. The Tour Riders are amazing.


Happy Birthday, Mrs. JiB!


justice deferred is justice denied:


Bravo, James D.


"ACA will collapse because it's a joke. T"

No it will not collaspe, it will morph in to even more tyranny.

Just watch them compel, either directly by law, or indirectly through statue or "social market forces", "the states" to set up exchanges.

There is too much money and power involved for this to "collapse". That is just the point.

And the democrats were clever enough to get the big money insureers on board. They have co-copted much of the business community.

Remember that this is not about "Health care", not even to the Democrats homegrown lumpenproletariate, it is about money power and crashing the system (that is, the country).

The country may collapse first, which is rather the point.

Given that we have pass the point where we are a constitutional republic ruled by rational laws, is some sense the country has collapsed already.

It is true that Obamacare is a symptom rather than a primal cause, or, looked at another way, a front in a larger battle. It is also true that repealing it could be a made a beachhead and rallying point for this larger war. We appear to have moved pass this point now, however, and the American people would need substantial education and prodding to move them back to this threshold.

This is why the Democrats did not care about how they brought it into being, or how idiotic the actual bill is. The fact that is was passed was enough.

Again, until the electorate can see what the broader game is, nothing will change and all politics will play into the Democrats hands.

One doubts that an electorate so morally and intellectual degraded is up to this.

James D.

I just wish I knew precisely how I was related to him. My grandfather (a Petacchi) left Italy when he was ten (he was sent away to work on a ship whose captain was friends with the family because he was "bad" according to my mother); this was right around 1900 or so.

So Alessandro Petacchi is descended from a Petacchi who stayed back in Italy. But that's as much as I know. I do have an aunt who keeps in occasional touch with them, but it's hard to get a straight answer from her. I suspect she doesn't really know, either.


"Obamacare slowly succumbs to it's birth defects"

See article at PJ Media.

It's a better read than most.


Very impressive, JamesD. As is your cousin riding in the TdF. :)

This isn't quite a Fox Butterfield, we need another name (warning: NYT link):

Hamas Gambled on War as its Woes Grew in Gaza.

They need to reverse the causality.


right, jimmy, because Hamas was previously known for it's excellent public works programs
and cutting edge scientific research,


Pagar thanks for the reference to the Catron article. He and the Phillip Hamburger book eloquently state the point I was making in this thread about the Permanent Bureaucracy running wild to circumvent Congress.


It's easy to forget that Halbig v Burwell (and the other 3 suits) was filed not specifically in response to whether subsidies were permitted for Fed Exchanges, but whether either the Individual or Employer mandate penalties applied in those states not building their own exchanges.

Halbig filed one day after proposed IRS regulations essentially expanded the definition of exchanges eligible for subsidies (and individuals and employers subject to mandates). That was May 2013 - just 2 or 3 months after the final deadline for states to declare yea or nay on either building an exchange or partnering on one (vs. default to Fed).

From November 2012(LUN): "Some conservative groups also question whether subsidies to help people buy coverage can be paid in the federally run exchanges—an argument discounted by Democrats and most legal experts."


this was not a 'Secretary shall determine' situation, it's hard not to be cynical.




Saw someone in a Mitsubishi driving around with a Palestinian flag (big) and a sign in the back window, "save Gaza" on the Van Wyck Expressway. Gave a tootle of the horn and a flip of the bird. I felt better for having done it.

Miss Marple


Excellent article with supporting evidence, timeline, etc.


ok, that excuse doesn't hold water:


Captain Hate

The long national nightmare is almost over:



their audience is not selective enough, apparently


National Nightmare? David Gregory? Don't make me laugh.

The Family Guy's Stewie has more sophisticated viewers.


National Nose Hair indeed may be more apt.


F Chuck, is the heir apparent, along with the
crew, from Morning Joke, Larry Spivak going
capoiera, in the next life.


MissM/AliceH-- the Timelines you(and the Federalist article) point out exactly what happened. Harry/Nancy/Bureaucracy sat back and waited for all 57 States plus DC to open Exchanges and get their 'free' money from subsidies. They arrogantly assumed Progressivism Uber Alles would rollover the states, and that state exchange requirement in ACA that Dem Hacks like Sen Nelson required as a figleaf, would not be an issue. 16 months later after tea party wins and a Repub House 34 States refused. No problem, the Dems used the IRS to 'fix' things. We've seen that the IRS were political hatchet men/women in 2011. The Dems deliberately used the IRS to re-write ACA, because the House and voters would never support ACA again. Halbig is as big a deal as I mentioned above, it is the whole ball of wax.

Captain Hate

Maybe Princess Chelsea can host the show after she gives the spawn of the crime family to Betty Currie to raise.


What this case is about is who makes the law.

I could not agree more completely. Whether clear or muddled, it certainly does not say Federal exchanges and regulations are not law. If its broken, then the legislation must act to fix broken law, or it stays broken. In other words, if you don't like your broken law, fix it, or you keep it. Period.


Clearly they were tracking MH-17, at cruising speed, moving southeast for enough time, to leave any anbiguty it was landing in Kiev

Miss Marple

Captain Hate, The only one worse than Chelsea would be Rowan Farrow.

It would be interesting for Meet the Press to actually attempt some straighforward journalism, but I guess those days are long gone.

Todd is a diim bulb, so there will be some amusement as he tries to skewer Cruz or Paul or Jeff Sessions. Todd's expertise is along the lines of "Wow! He's so cool and hip, that Obama!" Followed by a swoon.


Meanwhile,the Racine Unified School District burned weeded some books out of its libraries. Apparently Faulkner does not fit with its Common Core curriculum. Anyone looking for classics on the cheap has a new source.


well that would be an 'exercise in not being seen' but Tweety still has a show, so ratings
aren't really their thing,

Captain Hate

F Chuck is good at asking foreign policy questions to David Brat in the middle of his victory party.


How about MSNBC's Krystal Ball to replace David Gregory?


On twitter ,'removing all doubt' comes easy;



Well there are least a few USA Intel officials who can make a case for Russian gangsterism. Must be pre Obummer holdovers:http://hotair.com/archives/2014/07/23/us-intel-mh17-missile-an-sa-11-fired-from-eastern-ukraine/



Captain Hate

The McTurtle game plan:


Beasts of England

I'm not worried about Snoop smoking pot at the White House - I'm worried about him being at the White House!


Holman Jenkins says the shoot down is a result of Putin's weakness domestically not strength internationally.
Paywalled but you don't even need the URL. Just pasting the title into Bing depaywalled it.


there is a certain skill set that demands you speculate without any facts whatsoever 'imagine
a can opener'


On now:



Putin is not "weak" domestically.
He is not weak in terms of "pragmatic power", and he is certainly not weak in terms of "political power", as if electoral politics mattered at all over there.

He has literally no opposition. The worse that could happen to him is some sort of internal factional power struggle, but that would hardly change anything.

Jenkins should camp out in Russia fro a couple of months, he might learn something.
(He then might spend some time in Italy for he is woefully ignorant of Italian politics as well. Berlusconi out of politics? Berlusconi and his comparable to Putin, his ex-KGB thugs and the Oligarchs? Only in the minds of the EU Left.

Just silly, half backed and ignorant fluff.

The WBJ just keeps getting worse as time goes on. Soon it will be no better than the NYT.


Someone should tell him this was going on;



A solid economic foundation is a prerequisite to a continued interventionist course, but as
Bret Stephens points out, that is not preeminent in Volodya's mind,


henry @9:45:

looking through the list, all of the books were acquired 2005 or more recent...they must not have a lack of funds...


--As much as I like the logic and simplicitiy of following the law as written, a secret incentive that no one knew about and which was discovered after the fact is probably hard to characterize as an incentive.--

There is a fairly large assumption built into this sentence; that the left hand knew what the right hand was doing.
It could very easily have been written as an incentive at the time of the drafting of that section. If there's ambiguity in the language, which the court found there wasn't, it can consult the record to gain insight to congress's intent. Despite what the court considered fairly unambiguous language they did consult the record and found scant evidence either way, mostly of course because this thing was a synthesized monster cobbled together in the dark in The Cabinet of Dr Pelosi without debate or even knowledge of what was in it.
That the incentive shrank from sight when exposed to the light of day is hardly surprising, although I'm not entirely sure it did.
If there was no incentive to states to set up their own exchanges why would any of them? In 2010 the feds gave the states $50 million to begin the process of setting up their exchanges. In Aug 2011 they awarded a couple of hundred million to the 13 states who elected to do so to further help them set up their own exchanges and on that very same day issued their proposed rules that would make subsidies eligible to all exchanges.
This timeline suggests when they figured out few states were going to set up their own exchanges they realized they had a large problem and tried to fix the hopelessly law administratively.


...hopelessly *broken* law....


Hey guys, would you please give me a rational explanation as to why you are posting and then deleting my comments?


Ignatz@10:58-- summarizes exactly what happened and why. Halbig is all about the lawless Permanent Bureaucracy making up entirely new laws (Entitlement Laws no less) because they didn't like what the elected Congress and 34 State Legislatures did (or didn't do.) This case is the whole ball of wax about how we govern ourselves through Constitutional separation of federal powers and federalism.

Be tough.

Persevere, exasperated. The NSA is just messing with your mind.

Rick B

"A solid economic foundation is a prerequisite to a continued interventionist course"


Does Putin lack a steady source of funds? If we place Putin and the Mahometan financiers of the current altercations in Africa and Mesopotamia in the pirate category and consider the World Bank raid on the pirate's lair in Cypress in that light, then Putin's seizure of Crimea and financing and loosing his condottieri in the Donbass is a reasonable response.

The EUnuchs used the loot from the Cypress raid to keep their mortally ill banking system breathing for a few more months. They intended to loot Ukraine in the same manner by giving EUnuch banks precedence over Russian banks in the Ukraine BK.

Putin 'just said no', he wants to bleed the Ukraine himself and use the proceeds to purchase organs from the EUtopian corpse while it's still trembling.

If you consider the purpose of the war bands operating in Africa, Mesopotamia and Ukraine to be energy supply restriction to maintain high prices, they're doing pretty well - and they're cheap to boot.

What more could a pirate want?


I was referring to our '5th year of recovery summer'


Putin is all about power, and his power derives from Russia's strategic advantage of being virtually sole source gas supplier to much of central and western europe, and of course the 20+% export tax he siphons off to run his gangster government - and fill his personal Swiss accounts. A map of gas and oil pipelines explains Ukraine's importance. The Ukraine machinations are all about Putin showing the EUunchs who is master and who is servant. I think he's made that point very clear.


Exasperated, no one is deleting your comments. If a comment disappears (as occasionally happens to many of us), you have the wonderful Typepad software to thank.


I mean, if we could delete comments do you think we'd ever have to put up with the likes of bunkerbuster, dana, etc.?


This is what happens if you choose the name "Exasperated."

Happy Birthday Mrs. Jib.


Shouldn't we have a vote before deleting someone's comment?


He really is following Alexander 111's lead;



Obama: I don’t watch the news because I usually already know the stuff they’re reporting


Hey guys, would you please give me a rational explanation as to why you are posting and then deleting my comments?

Tom Maguire is a famously hands-off blog host. I can't remember a single time a post has been deleted.

As others have pointed out, you are most likely just experiencing the joy of Typepad. It will give you a success message every time, even when it doesn't successfully post the comment.

Captain Hate

Does 404 appear anywhere except in front of a bunch of prescreened community college drones or people so dumb that they pay money to listen to him?


--If that is true in 2014 it should have been true in 2012. Yet I am unaware of any Democratic gubernatorial candidates or Congressional candidates making this argument.--

The final IRS rule was issued in May 2012, and it wasn't til July of 2012 at the earliest thatFreedomWorks was raising the issue.
Michael Cannon and Johnathon Adler in September of 2012 and the OK AG also in September 2012 really got the ball rolling but even then the question of who would or would not be eligible was an isolated issue and hardly something the public was going to listen to.
In the campaigns of 2012 a Dem wouldn't have had anything to run on because the IRS had just said there was no issue to do so; all exchanges were eligible and the opposition to that idea was largely under the radar. And the quite unpopular ACA was hardly an issue virtually any Dems were raising in any form unless they were intent on losing their race.

Now, that means the incentive effect of the state/fed exchange differential may have been fairly negligible prior to the IRS rule but the court was in no position to determine how effective an incentive it was, only that it was written as one.

Miss Marple


When I first started posting here I thought I was being deleted, too.

Sometimes a post won't show up and then 5 minutes later, when you refresh, there it is.

Sometimes the next page has started and you don't see the little arrow at the bottom of the thread directing you to the next page.

And sometimes they just disappear, for no good reason.


Does 404 appear anywhere except in front of a bunch of prescreened community college drones or people so dumb that they pay money to listen to him?

No. I can't remember ever seeing him address an unfriendly audience. Military audiences don't like him, but they are restricted from expressing it.


Correct-- he's POTUS of the Progs, for the Progs, by the Progs. He cares about no one else.



Candidate in Mississippi claims he was food service Special Forces.
Check his medal.
Not just anyone can get one.


Like Ryback, the 'cook' on the Missouri in 'Under Siege' who happened to be a Seal.


IRS head confirms investigators have found backup tapes in Lerner probe

The head of the IRS confirmed Wednesday that investigators looking into missing emails from ex-agency official Lois Lerner have found and are reviewing "backup tapes" -- despite earlier IRS claims that the tapes had been recycled.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, testifying before a House oversight subcommittee, stressed that he does not know "how they found them" or "whether there's anything on them or not." But he said the inspector general's office advised him the investigators are reviewing tapes to see if they contain any "recoverable" material.

The revelation is significant because the IRS claimed, when the agency first told Congress about the missing emails, that backup tapes "no longer exist because they have been recycled."



Investigators in Congress and with the inspector general's office want to see those backup tapes because of the possibility they might contain emails that otherwise were lost in Lerner's apparent hard drive crash in 2011.
Why make that statement? What evidence is there that Lerner had emails stored on her hard drive?
Some Guy

"Candidate in Mississippi claims he was food service Special Forces."

That isn't his only...uhmm...shading of the truth.

"I was a Green Beret who served in the Gulf War during Operation Desert Storm"

The hellholes known as the kitchens of Ft. Bragg and Korea!

There is a link to his resume in the comments:

"Also claims 10 years as a cop – if being a Wal Mart “loss prevention officer”, a security guard at a casino, and a School Resource Officer in a college counts as being a cop… Also, doing these jobs between 1999 and 2006 don’t equal 10 years."


GAO investigation finds most fake Obamacare applicants are getting subsidies. Isn't the IRS in charge of looking at applicants' financials and determining if they qualify for subsidies?


--Candidate in Mississippi claims he was food service Special Forces.--

Thad Cochran?


Does he go by the name, Billy Ray Valentine;


now it's been established that Rob Ford is still the sanest person on the Norridge, I mean
Toronto city council, there's a candidate in
Vancouver, who aspired to the status of those worthies,


Question;are you Republicans pissing your pants with the potential destruction of Obamacare?

I have a feeling you're all praying that the courts save you from this.


This is awesome:

Some Guy

Yes DD, we are swo swcared.


Try this link for Pagar's 12:29.



Yes, Daveyboy, we want to be saved from the potential destruction of Barry's signal "accomplishment".

BTW still waiting for the name of that left wing 501c corp that was the only non profit harassed and denied by the IRS. Let me guess, the hard rive you had it stored on got scratched?


Not sure if this Run Liz Run video has already been posted. If not, well, words fail.

Also, Happy Birthday to Mme. Lilywhite.

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