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July 23, 2014



"You are chronicling the slow deterioration of Barack Obama."

What's so slow about it? And is there a catalyst?


Best wishes, Miss M.

Miss Marple

NK, I will.

Evil is often masked as the banal, something which I thought would never intrude into my little corner of the world.

Live and learn.

Some Guy

Cannot hack MacLaine in any movie...

except Being There.


Steph-the attack ad Kingston was airing on Perdue over the weekend made relatives insist they were now going to vote for Perdue. Interesting as they called it "too over the top."

Miss M-again so sorry for your situation. Will try to keep the levity up here if only in the form of irony as in we saw it back in 2008.


Honest to hell.

Matt Lee ‏@APDiploWriter · 32m

Homophone hilarity (or not) at @statedept:
MS HARF: It was the royal you.
Q: The royal you?... Is that a sheep?...Female sheep with crown.

James D.

'The Apartment" is the one movie I like MacLaine in.

Although her cameo as herself in "Defending Your Life" is pretty amusing...

Miss Marple


I find sarcasm helps. No use wringing ones' hands and crying and such.

That's why I came back to post. It keeps my mind from dwelling on things.

I won't say anymore.


Clarice @ 2:18 - those handbags are gorgeous. You always know where to find the nicest bags


This just cries out for a caption:

I know how Bibi feels.


This too shall pass, MM. Shirley MacLaine in Steel Magnolia described your ex well: "He is a boil on the butt of humanity!


Somewhat OT:

I despise John F'ing Kerry with the intensity of a 1000 suns.

That is all.

Stephanie tortoise not the hare

Yep, rse. The comment I heard about Kingston was "he doth protest a bit too much" I still went with Kingston as I'm uncomfortable with family dynasties in Georgia and Perdue/Nunn really set my hackles on edge.


MM-when Red was younger (she is the middle of 3 young'uns), we were somewhere and the speaker solemnly stated that parents should NEVER use sarcasm with their children.

Her eyes got huge. Later she wanted to know how those families would interact and where would the fun be.


Lyle @5:07-- take a number and stand in line*

* James Webb will be way up near the front.


The next GA guv could be Jimmy Carter's grandson. The race is a toss-up, and the current Repub. guv has serious problems.

Beasts of England

'I'm melting! I'm melting...'

BHO channels the Wicked Witch of the West

Captain Hate

Dogs and cats sleeping together - I agree with Erick Erickson's take on this

We've pounded him so much in the past, all of it deserved, that when he's really correct about something it deserves recognition.


--The general rule is that where the language is unambiguous courts will not inquire as to legislative intent. What is ambiguous about "established by a state?"--

Don't know if you read the Halbig opinion DoT but in it they first establish that the language is not ambiguous and say they need go no further. They then said, paraphrasing,
"but we did anyway just to see what's there and found very little to even base an opinion on if the language was ambiguous."
The 4th circuit's opinion is so closely reasoned and apologetic they almost seemed to be begging for the SCOTUS to take it up and decide it for them.

Just once I'd like to hear a court render the following one paragraph judgment "hell, the morons in congress didn't know what they meant and neither do we. We don't have an opinion other than, vote for the other guy"


Perhaps the Court will find a penumbra of ambiguity.

Stephanie tortoise not the hare

Carter will not win. Deal has the usual dem gadflies trying to make problems. Same gadflies that were buzzing Perdue for years. It's an industry in Georgia left over from the Murphy days.

Captain Hate

How could anybody vote for a Carter as long as Adultery of the Heart is still stealing my oxygen as a constant reminder of what a horrible excuse for a loader he was?


Thanks, flodigarry.

Captain Hate

Jimmy Carter = Slick + impulse control.

Beasts of England

Jimmuh was a total turd of a president and remains a deeply confused individual, but I don't think I'd ever compare him to Clenis in any way...


catching up, so maybe this was covered...

Extraneous@2:42 --How in hell can they not know if it was a full backup and from what date? I've never seen a backup system that didn't timestamp the file(s).

In large systems, when backups expire, the only event that happens is the files/tapeSN are removed from the backup catalog database, and the tape is removed from where ever "live" backups are and placed into where ever "usable inventory" tapes are kept. The tape will eventually be grabbed and new files written on it... no telling when.

Don't get me wrong: when they said the tapes were "recycled" they were playing fast and loose with their language by purposely implying the data was already overwritten, when it may not have been yet. They are willing to lie, but have shown a preference for just giving ambiguous statements that aren't exactly responsive.


The limited modified hangout option. Obummer not only looks like Nixon, he's using the same cover-up playbook.


They are willing to lie

True but probably not to one or more Federal judges with the power to pass out free passes to Club Fed...




Awhile back a VA whistle blower was on Cavuto and explained the DC bureaucracy this way:

One gets hired by the gov
One advances by butt kissing
When one advances one must expand the personnel under him/her
Added personnel requires more $'s added to budgets
Multiply by this by 1'000k


I see it was already linked.

What a goof I am.

Danube on iPad

Didn't read it, zingy. Pretty arduous for me to these days, so thanks for the summary. Don't know what the 4th was thinking.


More cash for waivers. This time a big donor to O got a waiver to bid in wireless spectrum auctions as a small business -- even though his business has too much revenue to qualify. As a lurker somewhere south of Kenosha put it, hometown rules.

Captain Hate

but I don't think I'd ever compare him to Clenis in any way...

Have you ever heard him talk about some of the squeezes of dictators he's visited? It sounds awkwardly creepy and weirdly inappropriate.

Beasts of England

True of every bureaucracy, glasater - that's why they're so pernicious.

Beasts of England

Have not, Capt. - maybe I should rethink...


I know Beasts.


"And I will say, for all the Democrats around here, I’m not overly partisan.”

Sheesh, I hope that was a laugh line.

Captain Hate

I haven't heard him do it for a while, Beasts; I think it was mainly in the 90s. Maybe Rosalyn kicked him in the nuts until he promised to stop doing it.

I think he's had puss on the brain for a long time; you just don't drop a comment like "adultery of the heart" in an interview for a national publication unless it's on your mind constantly.


Somehow Slick + Impulse Control is such a complete contradiction that the result would be highly unpredictable and quite possibly dangerous. Come to think of it, maybe that was Jimmuh. But Jimmuh was a model of competency compared to 404.


so says the man named 'jimmy'

Some Guy


Jimmah is, contrary to his obsessively created image, just a nasty little man.

Not sure if ya'll saw Jay Nordlinger's "Carterpaloozai" piece awhile back, it not LUN.

Some Guy

...*if* not LUN





Thomas Lipscomb who runs one of these companies, thinks my theory is right--the back up company had no reason to incur the extra expense of destroying the tapes, and when the IG asked, they handed them over..they were probably always sitting in a big warehouse . Think Indiana Jones.

Captain Hate

Some Guy, thanks for that trip down memories I wish I could exorcise lane.

Danube of Thought

Colchester – Experts estimate there are nearly 300 adult loons living on Vermont´s lakes and ponds, up from just a couple dozen 30 years ago. On Saturday, more than 200 volunteers spread out across Vermont for the annual loon survey.


Miss Marple

Some Guy,

Thanks for the Carterpalooza link. He is almost as terrible as Obama.

I was a young married woman in those years, and I still carry the memories of the unending misery of his administration. I rant about it to my children from time to time, in case they show signs of giving him some respect.


Part of a rollicking good time is keeping tabs on loons.


So the Dem prez timeline from the last 40 yrs looks like: incompetent-->poonhound--> incompetence on steroids. The Rep looks like: greatness-->mush--> compassionate "conservative." No wonder this country is so effed up.


Carter was a mawkish Uriah Heep, and he spoiled from then on,

the interesting thing about that chart, is the top three institutions, the military, small business and local police, the base of the Tea Party, the ones least disposed to the administration's blandishments, bribes et al

Raymond Chandler, who wrote Double Indemnity, was quite aware of the darkness
under LA Sunshine, but he could tell the difference,


Clarice, that explanation makes sense to me up to a point. Here in the frugal private sector the daily rotating backup / weekly full system backups get over-ridden as they cycle through. (More permanent backups get stuffed in a warehouse). If the govt is as wasteful as we often believe, the IRS may have purchased new tapes for each day and only kept 6 months nearby. It does cost more to run through a magnetizer (which I wouldn't trust with sensitive data) and / or shred than to toss on a shelf. If destruction wasn't in the contract, it wouldn't happen. So the IRS free spending ways may be their doom.


I remember camping in Vermont and hearing the loons calling throughout the night. It is a singularly unique sound.
Happy Birthday Mrs. JIB!
How are you feeling JIB?
I am sure some tool from Bammy's WH called the 4th circuit and said "hey fellas ,can you help us out here? ACA is going down the tubes..."


henry: I hope against hope that real evidence is found of the deception and the collusion of Lerner,the IRS and people at the WH in response to Citizen's United. Let's see Earnest try to spin that...


Hard to believe the IRS was too dumb not to mandate destruction of the older "tapes," considering their convenient six-month recycling plan and extra-convenient excuse for shredding hard drives due to their data being so super-private?

I think we'll be let down about this so-called "backup tape."


Here is what the 4th circuit was thinking;

For reasons explained below, we find that the applicable statutory language is ambiguous and subject to multiple interpretations. Applying deference to the IRS’s determination, however, we uphold the rule as a permissible exercise of the agency’s discretion. We thus affirm the judgment of the district court.

I believe their reasoning was that both arguments were extremely close, so close in fact that they could not use the first test in Chevron (non ambiguity)

And so proceeding to Chevron' second test they found they should defer to the IRS's interpretation of the ACA mostly because, as the dissent in Halbig claimed, the government couldn't have meant to exempt federal exchanges from subsidies because that would ruin the whole ACA scheme.

The DC circuits first Chevron argument was considerably more rigorous and kind of eviscerated the fed's arguments. The 4th circuit should have read the DC's before they issued their ruling. :)



Re: deleted messages: Shortly after I arrived here - within the first year I think, Elliott posted my full name in a post - which really freaked me out. I emailed TM and he deleted it immediately. It's the only post I know as having been purposely deleted since I got here.

Some Guy

I remember camping in Vermont and hearing the loons calling throughout the night.

I remember tailgating in Berkeley and hearing the loons protesting throughout the day.


evening all. catching up a bit.

Happy Birthday Mrs. JiB.


TM deleted plenty of Cleo's stuff when he was most pointedly going out of his way to ruin the place.


Didn't he delete some stuff that nutcase who was stalking clarice posted too?


well I've seen this pattern, for 20 years, big
revelations, followed by obfuscation, demonization of the investigators and a media
blackout, the reverse is true, when it comes to our side, the Rove approach is typical,
he was forced from his post, by some nebulous rumors, had to go into debt, was ultimately
absolved, yet he learned no lesson going forward.

Some Guy

I'm sure TM only deletes extraneous posts...

...oh wait.


Kirsten Powers' loses her mind and says our nation is obligated to take in every person or at least minor who arrives here illegally if they came from a difficult circumstance.

She also laughs at the notion that Barry's signal he would not deport any minor who makes it here illegally encouraged the tsunami of illegal minors as wildly implausible.

I find few things more disappointing than a very attractive fool talking, especially one who occasionally isn't a fool.


Noted, unpleasant dwarf with little tiny fingers like cocktail weenies says Barry should "man up" regarding Putin.

When a pygmy like Lupica is telling you to man up you must wear mom jeans and throw like a girl.


Kristen is now a born again Christian and into sanctuaary cities and social justce. The vigor of thenewly converted. Sometimes religious organizations overlook the poverty and need right under their noses and reach out to the world's woes.
I did a week long immersion into the Cleveland inner city with high school students a few years ago. It is amazing to see the conditions of poverty and and the food kitchens as well as people picking up clothes and getting a free lunch and at times a shower. Just 5 exits on the freeway and it is a perilous existence for many.


Johnathon Turley again decries the unconstitutional expansion of the state this time saying Halbig was the correct decision.

Like Kirsten Powers however he wishes for the "legal" expansion of a state far beyond anything contemplated by the Constitution. They wish to be enslaved legally and safely; not haphazardly and arbitrarily.


five exits from the suburbs is what I meant.
MM; still praying for you.

Captain Hate on the iPad

George Costanza's favorite "author".


I want to go on record as not wanting to be enslaved in any way. It is bad enough we have to pay taxes. if I could I'd live off the grid.
I agree with many of Rand Paul's positions.


raving incoherently, he's more a troll, he has to thrown in a dig at Cheney, leasing 1,500 sq feet in his noggin, rent free.


--Kristen is now a born again Christian and into sanctuaary cities and social justce. The vigor of the newly converted.

Then she's a bad Christian. Sanctuary cities are violating very reasonable laws and as both Christ and Paul emphasized we are to help those less fortunate but obey the laws and the magistrates.

Miss Marple

You know, the food pantry I work at has some rules. We don't just open the doors to everyone.

They can come once a month. They are limited on the amount they can have. They have to sign a form swearing to their income. (On this I know some lie, but most don't since they think we can check, which we cannot.)

If we just said "Free food for all who want it" there would be nothing left in about 2 hours.

Kirsten needs to learn some math (national debt, what each immigrant costs, how many there are, etc. etc.)

And she needs to understand we cannot absorb every poor child in Central America. That's what those groups like Save the Children are for.


Powers made it clear she agrees with democrats on every issue but abortion. She is a member of the pro-life democrats. Not too many of them I would guess. She was on one of the afternoon Fox shows last week making it clear she is a democrat.


She would like to change her party from within in re abortion.


Politico: "It’s all because of what most Democrats insist is a drafting error in the law, but it’s kind of a big one...


Heh. Ya think.

It's pretty jarring to hear #SusieTheBear talking openly about his vision of a Neuordnung while Israel is under attack. dd must be proud.


The 4th Circuit's opinion, particularly the pizza analogy was the stupidest piece of writing I have ever seen in a federal circuit court opinion.

MM-when Red was younger (she is the middle of 3 young'uns), we were somewhere and the speaker solemnly stated that parents should NEVER use sarcasm with their children.
I'm imagining WonderGirl and WonderBoy responding to that. I think it would be a "Really?" WonderBoy can raise one eyebrow, and I think he would use it here.

(Actually I'm thinking of my parents, brother, husband, sisters-in-law, mother-in-law, cousins, aunts, uncles...



henry, I am talking about the outside firm they paid to backup their own system and backups. It cost them nothing to keep them in the warehouse for more than the 6 mos after the contract was cancelled as they were obligated to. They just pitched them in their warehouse. No sense incurring extra expenses until the warehouse is full,

Rob Crawford
She would like to change her party from within in re abortion.

She has a newborn fetus's chance in Illinois of making that happen.


Clarice, yup. I am puzzled the IRS didn't have a destroy / shred / burn clause in the contract. They must be more cavalier about info security than I assume. Given the ACA exchange rollout, that shouldn't surprise me.


OT: I really want the UN off of US soil. It's a Hamas organization it seems to me, and we need to get rid of it.

Miss Marple

The only reason I can think of for having the UN here is to keep an eye on some of them. I personally think the aggravation far outweighs any benefit we gain from having them close by.

Let them relocate to Switzerland or something.

Captain Hate on the iPad

I was thinking Sudan, Miss Marple.

Miss Marple

Well, I am thinking that we have to lure them out. I don't think Sudan has any 5 Star restaurants.

Let Switzerland put up with them for a while, and then THEY will send them to Sudan.

Eric in Boise

we cannot absorb every poor child in Central America. That's what those groups like Save the Children are for.

I was going to post something smartass/snarky (who, me?) containing "Sally Struthers", but I couldn't come up with anything. And you know what? That's actually for the best.

So instead I'll just say: Thank you for your service to your community, MM. I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through personally, but you're a giving person with a gentle soul, and people like you always come out just fine.


Yes, it's horrible writing, because the premise is indefensible, something they are too busy to acknowledge here


the government couldn't have meant to exempt federal exchanges from subsidies because that would ruin the whole ACA scheme.
Well except that given the details of the whole ACA scheme who could tell what "ruin" is?

The basic underlying logic of ACA is to take away from sick people the highly focused tax deductions for medical expenses and raise their insurance premiums and cut off their access to medical care. And to take that and give it away to healthy people through premium subsidies and coverage mandates for lots of "free" shit. So the family with the learning disabled child in the $30,000 top flight private school loses their flexible spending account tax exclusion (worth about $15,000) and that goes to giving 100 healthy millennials $150 each in a free "checkup" each year. (The one where the democratic party precinct captain asks and records the number of guns in your house, whether you smoke, drink, if someone is beating you, and encourages teenagers to engage in S&M sex.)

So the whole ACA scheme is based upon taking away healthcare from sick people so that they can fund freeshit for the Obama Freeshit Army. Whether subsidies should apply to people who bought insurance on the federal exchange or not is extremely dependent upon the very specific political questions of which states are involved and whether the ACA is taking money away from those people or handing it out.


Judge Gregory, the author of King, was Doug Wilder's law partner, recess appointed by
Clinton, ultimately confirmed under W, as a peace offering to Leahy, that worked out,


"For a Prog group to overtly admit its plan is refreshing-- it also happens to directly violate the IRC Code by overtly claiming a partisan political PARTY purpose. Certifying Emerge America Maine as 501(c)(4) would have been a gross abuse by IRS"

So you're saying that the 'Tea party 'groups flagged for inspection,unlike Emerge America didn't deserve to be targeted because none of them were "primarily' involved in political campaign activity? We know from the Inspector generals may 14 report that that is absolute bullshit!It states that a large number of Tea party groups were involved heavily in campaigning for political entities and raised money specifically for election ads. .....AND still they got their 501c4 status.....
unlike Emerge America who btw way weren't directly involved in political campaign activity.

We know that the 'First coast Tea party of Florida" got their 501c4 status in 2011 and began campaigning that very week through their FACEBOOK page. The organizers posted hundreds of messages talking about 'An Obama state of emergency' and later requested people to get out and vote for Romney. Here's one:


Yeah,the First coast Tea part of America sounds like a real pillar of the community,a prime social welfare organisation. And yet they got their 5014c status and Emerge America,who simply trained women to run for office and never got directly involved in campaigning had theirs denied.

I can go through the rest of the Tea party non-political social welfare groups who got exemptions and show you just how political they really are.

And yet,still to this date the only group denied it's 501c4 status was a liberal group that had been granted it in the past,that never got involved in direct campaigning unlike many of the Tea party groups.Ooooooh....the poor Tea party groups getting there little ittle 501c4 delayed...those pwooor lwittle Twea Pwarty groups....boo hooo.....booo hoooooo.


"Phony scandals" and not a "smidgen of corruption" is so stale talking points, that it appears the cupboard is bare for Double Douchebag"

You wanna know if your scandal is phony or not?Ask yourself whose been fired,demoted,arrested,arraigned,suspended,impeached,re-assigned?

Answer:Nobody.Why? Because there is no scandal.

Oh wait-there was one person who got suspended.Lara Logan.

Some Guy



You mean the IG report that indicted the IRS for improperly and illegally targeting and delaying Tea Party applications and which Dems and progs hated? That's what you're hanging your hat on?

--You wanna know if your scandal is phony or not?Ask yourself whose been fired,demoted,arrested,arraigned,suspended,impeached,re-assigned?--

Yeah, John Mitchell never sent any of his president's men to jail either.

This is sad but funny; like one of those ancient Japanese guys found on a deserted island 30 years after VJ day still fighting a long lost war.
Banzai! Kamikaze Dave!


Like I was saying earlier, the problem with modern noir, one example Gangster Squad, is that it is all dark, they can't see the light,
also Josh Brolin is too identified as a thug,
to even play the antihero

Take Howard Hawks's treatment of the Big Sleep, it was much more well lit than Chandler's text

Rob Crawford

Shove a roll of barbed wire up your behind, Dublindave.


I may have to switch to drinking saki. Japan to help developing countries build coal fired power plants. [do the usual WSJ paywall dance]. They figured out climate hoax is not helping the poor.


We had 900 homeless vets living in tents in San Diego this past weekend for "The Standdown".

This is a 3 day event every year where homeless vets can get food, medical care, housing assistance, addiction treatment counseling, clothing, etc.

Tell me again about the poor little immigrants.

It is a political scam plain and simple meant to rouse the leftist base and make the right look bad. All of the Marxists can polish their turdish credentials while the border control situation continues to explode.

The Left has no desire to fix the problem. It is politically useful in keeping the Latino demographic engaged. The law be damned. All legal immigrants be damned.The cost be damned.

We cannot provide for our vets and are being asked to take in a bunch of con artists in many cases.That's what is going to hurt this country in the long run. The gutting of and disrespect for the law.

Eric in Boise

Duda, I seem to recall that Lois Lerner got suspended.

So by your logic, even though she took the Fifth, because she's still receiving her full salary, and is going to receive full benefits, there's no scandal.

Glad we got that cleared up.


So some people still Duda.


Shove a roll of barbed wire up your behind, Dublindave.


Just got a notice from UPS that my long awaited backorder of chairs for the patio is in transit from Home Depot. Yeah!

I'm leaving for Gulfport and another slot tournament in the morning. Yeah! Boo! on UPS. Hopefully, the daughter and her BF will hear if the truck shows up with the chairs.

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