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July 23, 2014


Rob Crawford

Eric -- notice NO ONE ever goes after the Democrat campaign offices masquerading as churches in the inner cities. The "reverends" get slipped some cash, they give "sermons" that sound like Duda's blather, they bus people to (one or more) polling stations, and everyone looks the other way.

Democrats depend on breaking laws on every level, from campaign finance to vote fraud to non-profit status for their propaganda arms.

And then the conservative Republicans started building an effective legal organization, and the Democrats could not let that stand. So they transferred a partisan criminal from the FEC to the IRS and put her in charge of taking the Tea Parties down.

And fascist little Duda gets all fuhrerprinzip over the idea and spouts his butt-hurt bullshit over having seen some Tea Parties offending his sensibilities.

I hope Duda ends up like the board of the Sirius Cybernetic corporation.


He would bring a super soaker full of holy water, to the vampire shindig


Rob Crawford
He would bring a super soaker full of holy water

Paintball gun with special holy water/garlic paste loads.

Captain Hate on the iPad

The Horde is having a party over Rush's report that Egypt made Lurch go through a metal detector. No word if the neck bolts caused alarms to go off.

Eric in Boise

ou wanna know if your scandal is phony or not?Ask yourself whose been fired,demoted,arrested,arraigned,suspended,impeached,re-assigned?

Answer:Nobody.Why? Because there is no scandal.

Also Duda, I don't recall any of those things happening to Joseph Stalin or any of his inner circle.

Whee, no scandal!! Not a smidgen of corruption!!

You leftist idiot shitstains justify any trashing of the rule of law, decency, or decorum, as long as it's your tribe that's involved. I don't think you realize that your tribe isn't going to be in power forever, and that NONE of this is going to end up playing out the way you see it playing out.

Some of us are making preparations, though.

What are you doing?


It's in this thread,




You are absolutely right, which just means we can target you until you are bankrupt and in jail the next time around.

Isn't imperialism cool?


Gateway Pundit has another story about the Iowa BSer Braley.




Senate Budget Committee ranking member Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), an immigration hawk, shredded House Speaker John Boehner's working group border crisis recommendations in a Wednesday afternoon statement, calling Boehner’s plan an “institutional surrender to the planned illegality” of President Barack Obama.



Danube on iPad


Warfare. Ebola. Loon.


Rollicking fish on!

I had one more just in case you didn't bite.

Did you know that the number of illegal immigrants that enter Texas each week is greater than the number of babies being born to citizens of that state? The mainstream media is shining the spotlight very brightly on all of the children that are coming over, and there is a reason for that. They are trying to tug on our heartstrings. But there is another part of the story that you aren't hearing much about. By refusing to protect our borders, Barack Obama has allowed hundreds of thousands of gang members to illegally enter the United States and settle in our major cities. In many communities, gang activity is already wildly out of control, and someday our cities will burn because of the foolishness of the federal government.




Good night. This idiot administration and the havoc it's causing is wiping me out. Bless you all. XOXO


You too, clarice.

Eric in Boise

Clarice, I'm thinking that's the intention. I feel the same way, though.


Danube on iPad

Warfare. Twitz. Donofrio. Loon. Retired Border Patrol Agent.


Well it's a Confederacy of Fools, who would be out of the depth, wearing the mickey mouse costume, at Disney World,


Retired people should not be trusted.


Transcript: Retired Border Patrol Officer Zach Taylor explains surge of illegals on U.S. border


Stick around and watch Danube eviscerate Mr. Taylor with facts.


one comes to the conclusion, that they shot down that plane, because Volodya assured them
they will never be called to account, like the Plane crash in Poland four years, what other theory makes sense

Danube on iPad

Looney looney tunie
Looney looney tune
Asymmetrical border patrol. Warfare. Invasion.

Looney looney tune
O fa la la la
Looney looney tune.


Obama WANTS THEM HERE. Maybe a GOP member with at least on testicle could make that statement OUT LOUD. Or would that be RACIST.


Unrelated to anything, but on the theme of out-of-control government, Tim Blair points to Jim Treacher's settlement of a lawsuit against the Treasury Dept after one of its employees drove a government vehicle into him as he was legally crossing a street.


The linked article doesn't say much, but if you click through to the underlying stories, it is very creepy, in a Kafkaesque kind of way. The State Dept stonewalled, and somehow a cop was persuaded to ticket Treacher for jaywalking, even though he wasn't, while he was lying in a hospital gurney. It's like we're living in some Eastern Bloc country in the 1970s.


So Hamas's chief bankroller, was also the recipient of 11 million dollar in weapons,


"You mean the IG report that indicted the IRS for improperly and illegally targeting and delaying Tea Party applications..."

You need to learn the difference between 'illegally targeting' and using inappropriate filters to determine if an organisation should be granted a tax exemption,Mr.Black helicopter.

This isn't about whether the IRS screwed up or not,they did because they granted 501c4 status to Tea party groups "primarily" involved in political activity. Those groups should never have been granted those exemptions. This is about whether the IRS was politically motivated in selecting "Conservative " groups over "Liberal" ones.Considering that the only group to have it's exemption denied was a Lib group it's pretty obvious that there was absolutely zero political motivation on the part of the IRS.

This is sad time for the American Conservative.Instead of having policy ideas or vision, it's concerned itself with half baked theories about the evul government and looney toon conspiracies...it's rightly earned it's reputation among the media as 'the tin foil hat party'.


yes, it all fits into the theme of government inpunity, here and there.




The IRS, the VA-health admin, The Justice Dept, and FAST and FURIOUS. The AGRICULTURE DEPT and PIGFORD, The ENERGY DEPT and too many pay-offs to count. The EPA, When Fascists are given power, they over reach and always go rogue and criminal. And America sits like a frog in the sauce pan. Libs don't realize. They are dead long before most of us. We'll fight back at some point. They'll just boil or get gassed.


--You need to learn the difference between 'illegally targeting' and using inappropriate filters to determine if an organisation should be granted a tax exemption,Mr.Black helicopter.--

You don't take the fifth and "scratch" your hard drive for filters.

I think I have this right; we can't trust the NSA or the CIA but we can trust the noble IRS. Got it. You should run with that this Nov; sounds like a real winner.


A lot of Conservatives have viewed my writing and have been jolted into reality. They have the information that the only group to loose it's 501c4 status was a progressive liberal group and thus they can no longer feel victimized by the IRS.

My work here is done.


My work here is done


Eric in Boise

My work here is done.

Yeah. Sure it is.

Besides, I think you mean "I work here is done."



Can't lose your status if you can't get that status. Friends. Wee wee DOUCHEBAG DAVEY is completely dishonest. He's not even intellectually dishonest. He's just a DISHONEST HACK. He completely understands his dishonesty, it's not a difference of opinion or a disagreement. That is why I don't cut the libtard any slack. What he wants for you and I, is disgusting. It's not funny.


a more succinct response;



--A lot of Conservatives have viewed my writing and have been jolted into reality.--

I'm going to have to ask for another citation on that one too, Davey.
You were worthy of at least a tad bit of respect when you were honest enough to just blurt out the truth and admit things like what the IRS did were evil and illegal but the crooks were on your side so it was OK.
Alas he seems to be gone. Daveyboy we hardly knew ye.


--My work here is done.---

Back to the street corner, the hot pants and the eye liner, eh?


Night everybody.


As an honest lefty, I amagine dublindave is happy to learn about the found "backup tapes." He hopes that we can soon read every email Lois Lerner ever wrote or received.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Yeah. Lois should be thrilled. She can prove her innocence.

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