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July 24, 2014


Miss Marple

Once they get into those enclaves, which aren't very large, can't they be apprehended and sent back?

It's not like they have a whole lot of territory to hide in.

I must not understand something about EU immigration law.

Danube on iPad

Asymmetrical. Dark Forces.


Miss Marple

Two bits of news this morning:

Miriam Ibrahim has been released from Somalia and is on her way to Italy.

Another plane is missing, this time in Africa. Air Algerie flight AH5017 headed from Birkina Faso.

Miss Marple

Missing plane story. Flying from Ougadougu, Burkina Faso, to Algiers.


Miss Marple

Now there are reports plane crashed in Niger.


Well it is not as though this sort of thing was not predicted.

Jeff Dobbs

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition! Their chief weapon is three 20-foot high fences and fear and surprise.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Maybe they should attach some of those solar panels that fry birds to the fences?

Keep out illegals & be "green"!

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Put windmills between the fences to chop up anyone that makes it over the 1st "oven" fence.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself


Great moments in oratory!
"...And that’s when all kinds of …stuff happened. That’s what it was, stuff.” - President Obama
“I’ve got two years left in this presidency, I want to get a whole bunch of stuff done,” Obama said."

Reminds me of this from JOM Nov. 2013 - "We’re relying on old stuff. I don’t think we should have this old stuff; we should have some new stuff that is going to help us grow and keep pace with global competition.” - President Obama http://justoneminute.typepad.com/main/2013/11/great-moments-in-oratory.html


Have a look at this.

If this is true the we have really lost all pretense of being a Republic. Now we see why the Democrats have been so open in their lawlessness. They really do not think that they can be held accountable.

Asymmetric warfare. A "soft" Civil War.


I think George Carlin did a bit about his stuff.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Great post title - As The Hard Drive Turns.




That is truly disturbing squaredance.

James D.

OT, did anyone see the article from Newsweek linked over at Instapundit:


Putting aside the content, I was really shocked at how poorly written - how flat-out childish and stupid - it was. I guess I shouldn't be surprised; it's Newsweek, after all...


what is 'Newsweek'?


Gov. Lepage learned on Monday that eight unaccompanied alien children were sent to Maine. He was on a conference call with a White House official and other governors.The governors were given no information about where the children have been placed in each state,no questions were answered. I guess we won't know which town the children are in until they show up at school in September.


Safety tip to those of you who live in gated communities: without armed citizens behind the fences, they don't work. Putting the armed citizens 60 miles behind the fence doesn't help much (ask the border patrol).


yes, that was dissapointing on Judah's part, but he's shilling a book on the would be czar, as I pointed out last night, I don't
believe this story,


Captain Hate

Putting aside the content, I was really shocked at how poorly written - how flat-out childish and stupid - it was. I guess I shouldn't be surprised; it's Newsweek, after all...

Based on your description I had to check it out. What an embarrassment even by their almost nonexistent standards.


Newsweek -- its a company you could buy at Dollar Tree


I almost never link anything from that portal,
DeBorchgrave and Ed Klein were once part of this publication, that Lovett and Harriman
initially underwrote, it does show his mindset
but it doesn't focus on the structure that enables this regime,


Gov LaPage learned"
According to the story at PatriotUpdate.com
The UN is controlling our southern border and decides which illegals go where in the US.

The same site has a well written story about the Declining Military morale and how it is endangering the US. Both articles are dated 23 Jul.

I can't link on the IPAD.


Re Squaredances HUD link;

It’s affirmative action for housing. They even call it the “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule”.

I'm having a hard time grasping the idea of affirmative action for people who illegally break into our country. Surely the solution for the brutal, racist way they're treated here is to go back to a less racially insensitive place.
We're experiencing a slow moving coup which may take a few decades but which the Dem party has now fairly explicitly embarked on.
You don't get to a new order without destroying the old one.
Call me a loon, but we are experiencing asymmetrical warfare. Until we acknowledge that, we're going to be as hopeless at it as the Dems are at the asymmetrical warfare with radical Islam which they seem to think they can hold at bay after they have outlived their usefulness in bringing about the New Order.


CNN out with a poll that shows that twice as many people report their family hurt by Obamacare as the number reporting they have been helped. Just wait. Since almost 1/2 say no impact, but all of those mandates and other nasty provisions will kick in soon enough.


It is not going to take "a few decades" more from now. It is going to take a couple of years.


the same pattern applies in the UK, hence the resistance by the UKIP less in France, although Hollandaise ascendance is changing this, Belgium, there's a particular
high official, I've referenced before, Germany,


Sierra Leone's chief Ebola doctor contracts the virus




Health officials have confirmed the first case in the United States of the deadly Middle East respiratory syndrome, a virulent and relatively new condition first reported in Saudi Arabia in 2012.

The unnamed health-care worker is a U.S. citizen who was living in Saudi Arabia, according to an Indiana state health department spokeswoman. He arrived in Chicago about a week ago from Riyadh, the Saudi capital, where he may have picked up the virus while working at a health-care facility, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.



A good article (IMO).

"It's going to take a couple of years"
Which is why you see Obama saying in every speech "I've got to get stuff done now."

LONDON (Reuters) - Saudi scientists have found gene fragments of the deadly Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus in air from a barn housing an infected camel and say this suggests the disease may be transmitted through the air.

MERS, a serious respiratory illness caused by a virus known as a coronavirus (CoV), has infected at least 850 people since it first emerged two years ago and killed at least 327 of them, according to latest figures from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

The vast majority of human cases have been in Saudi Arabia, but isolated MERS cases have been reported across Europe and in Asia and the United States in people linked who have recently traveled in the Middle East.



asymmetrical warfare isn't new. it is just another aspect of Communism and another dirty trick orchestrated by the Obama crowd. There is no depth to their depravity.


hard to see, how anything comes of this;



I dunno, Exasperated, Danube makes a pretty compelling argument to the contrary.


Watching a hearing on the violence in Iraq. Congress asks questions about "ISIS" and administration clowns answer using "ISIL."


TK, @10:48. Where?




He had a poem in the last thread, pagar.


Fire when ready, TM:



After Cruz Warning to White House, FAA Lifts Israel Travel Ban ...



"The generations' long war against America by the Left is reaching in denouement, and they are winning."

Posted by: squaredance | July 23, 2014 at 08:06 AM

I understand your pessimism, but they are not winning. Their diabolical and insidious schemes keep failing. If they have a winner, show it to me?


--It is not going to take "a few decades" more from now. It is going to take a couple of years.--

Since you have already been here for several years saying that I hope you don't mind if I consider the timing still in question.


Are they failing with immigration?

Or is it a winner for them and "the children?"


If they're not winning it isn't because they are facing an opposition party leadership with any principles or desire to fight.

Some Guy

Just catching up, but anyone else notice DD's sudden appearance on prior threads with a string of 'nothing to see here' posts regarding the IRS 'non-scandal'?

Smells like desperation, and it's rather hilarious what a thin reed they're clinging to with the 'only a democrat 501c denied' defense. On second thought, it doesn't just smell like desperation.


TK, I have used this IPAD, (which must have been the next step up after the caveman started using sticks to write with) to find that poem.
I think I'll go with Exasperated on this one.

Rick B

Perry has decided to correctly identify Los Gorditos as Los Pequeños Asesinos.

It's an interesting political move, definitely contrary to GOPe group thought and definitely outside the perceived Goldilocks Optimum.

I'd toss in "fugitives fleeing justice in their home countries" for good measure. There's no sense in going halfway.


I chalk it up to stupidity.


It does feel to me like things are coming to a head - I just don't know which head.

And then I remember that Congress is impotent and the media is a joke.


--US to give Iran another 2.8 BILLION--

Gee, if Barry didn't give our enemies and the largest state sponsors of terrorism in the world those billions it would almost cover what he claims he needs not to enforce the law on our border and to take care of the chilrun.
Where's that pen when it would actually do some good?


well the parallel is inexact, but having read Schlaes Coolidge, it is akin to him before and after the police strike, even the Medici has some thoughts out now,


Pagar, I forgot about your iPad woes.

I was being facetious regarding Danube's take on the situation.

He went anti-border patrol once he found out I was pro-border patrol. Now I mess with him.

I did not mean to drag you into this.


FAIR, Pagar, you should post your laptop problem here. These guys can fix anything!


"If they're not winning it isn't because they are facing an opposition party leadership with any principles or desire to fight."

Posted by: Ignatz | July 24, 2014 at 11:24 AM

That's just goofy. HA, HA, HA


FAIR should have been FWIW...


8,000 sexual assaults by LA Raza's minor league farm team in TX alone? Nan Pelosi says give dem chilrun snactuary?

Tell me again who's waging this here war on da wimmenz?


The Noisyroom.net has some thoughts by Diana West on American Thinker.'s thoughts on her book.


--That's just goofy.--

No it's not just Goofy. It's Mickey and Pluto and Donald and those three annoying nephews of his and those two creepy chipmunks. Get rid of all of them and maybe the Dems would finally have a fight on their hands.


Army: Of 1100 captains pink-slipped, 48 were in Afghanistan

WASHINGTON — Of the more than 1,100 Army captains notified last month their military careers would soon end, 87 were deployed worldwide and 48 were serving in Afghanistan at the time, Army officials said Wednesday.

The Army has been talking for months about the need to separate the captains as well as more than 500 majors this summer as part of the broad Army drawdown, but it’s the first time details have emerged about the sobering business of delivering pink slips to troops in harm’s way.


More of the Dems not winning?



Those 8000 sexual assaults were over an 5 year period and they only constitute 12% of the sexual assaults in that period even though Hispanics constitute 38% of the population.


No, their schemes are not "failing", and I challenge you to point out one that is failing.

Understand what I mean. Programs like Obamacare might be "failures" form a rational economic, social, moral or even possible "political" POV (and here I mean poltical in a very narrow, and short term sense) where the expectation is one of helping America continue on its path of freedom, liberty and prosperity, but that does not make them failures from the Leftists' POV.

Obamacare has really in a matter of months destroyed the system. It has politicized medicine in even that short time that is beyond believe. We do not even really know what is going on with it now. The future will make the VA scandal look like a parking ticket mixup at the DMV>

In the very long term it is a disaster and highly destructive in almost every meaningful aspect.

It is not going "to be fixed" and it is not going away. IT does not matter who is in the WH or who is in power on the Hill. What is going to happen eventually is that only the Nomenklatura will have access to decent medical care, and the leadership in innovation in this sector will pass out of the USA.

But beyond that, the Left occupies the high ground, in fact almost all the ground whatsoever, in almost all institutions in this nation that matter: Academia (indeed the entire Educational Establishment), the Courts, the Media, Technology and really pretty much all of the high end Corporate world (most fortune 500 corps. now have a Chief Diversity Officer, for example). The only institution left really is the military, and they are not going to last much longer.

How you can say that their schemes are "failing" is beyond me. It leads me to believe that you do not understand what is really going on, that you have become so inured to the ascendency of the Left that you do not really how radically the landscape has shifted.

The mainstream has now shifted so the most repugnant, anti-American and anti-western ideas and agendas are now the commonplace.

The government now is in open war with the American people and they are winning. You seem not to get it.

You might check out "Silent Revolution" by Barry Rubin; it gives a good overview of this.





finding more tunnels from the main cave



Pagar's 10:37 link is indeed very good. Never heard of Salim Mansur, but perhaps he's a worthy successor to Adjami?

And the Krugman piece linked by narciso @11:11 is surprisingly good reading, at least compared to the usual Krugman diatribe. Of course the last third of it gives the usual die-hard Keynesian lament that the stimulus would have worked if it had been larger. And it doesn't question the heroic view that the Fed & Treasury prevented a repeat of the Great Depression. The first part discussing the crisis is reasonably sane, even if it ignores the elephant in the room of Fannie & Freddie and how the "debt overhang" got there in the first place.



Those 8000 sexual assaults were over an 5 year period and they only constitute 12% of the sexual assaults in that period even though Hispanics constitute 38% of the population.

Posted by: Bori | July 24, 2014 at 11:41 AM--

So? They constitute 100% of the sexual assaults that wouldn't have occurred if we had a secure border. Are even people on the right now unable to distinguish between criminals who break into our country and citizens?

James D.

Those 8000 sexual assaults were over an 5 year period and they only constitute 12% of the sexual assaults in that period even though Hispanics constitute 38% of the population.

Bori, I think you're conflating two totally separate figures here.

Ig is referring to 8,000 sexual assaults specifically by illegals.

You're talking about 12% vs. 38% of the total population (and it's a question whether the illegals are even counted in those figures).


Hard to disagree with anything in square's 11:42 except this;

But beyond that, the Left occupies the high ground, in fact almost all the ground whatsoever, in almost all institutions in this nation that matter:

They don't occupy almost all the ground or even most of it in either the citizenry or the arena of ideas and so I think his DOOM and gloom and belief that things are irreversible are premature. He may be right but I have more confidence in the remnant power of what we were given by our predecessors and by the great unwashed, as Barry called us.


TK, my laptop problem is:

I turn it on and only get a black screen.
All suggestions that are intended to solve the problem welcome.


James D,

The figures cited were for Hispanic gang members, some of which were illegals. The 38% of the population does estimate the total number of illegals in the State.

My point is that there are better arguments for controlling the border and securing it. Much better arguments for fixing our Immigration policies than trying to paint Hispanics (illegals) as blood-thirsty, sexual savages.

I could say that 88% of the sexual assaults are committed by non-Hispanic Whites and blacks, both statements are true but they are besides the point, which is illegal immigration and how to deal with it.



That's DOOM™.


Daniel Henninger; Obama to World: Drop Dead.
He makes the same reference MM or AliceH made the other day;

The president and his team need not worry about injecting a false sense of crisis. This being the 100th anniversary of 1914, more than a few people are wandering in and out of commemorative World War I events, their head swimming with Yeats's lamentation that "mere anarchy is loosed upon the world."


We shouldn't talk about bad illegal aliens.


Sorry, mark.
There; do I avoid a lawsuit and/or Trademark board action?

Rick B

"You're talking about 12% vs. 38% of the total population (and it's a question whether the illegals are even counted in those figures)."


The paradox of the Schrödinger Mexicans remains (and will remain) unresolved. The US Census finds them in the US while the Mexican Census finds them in Mexico. The US Census does include the illegals in its 38% estimate.


This guy uses somewhat different numbers but they are for only illegal aliens in Texas;
100,000 gang members.
Since 2008;
143,000 arrested.
447,000 crimes charged.
5000 rapes.
2000 murders.

The NYPD has assigned "nearly three dozen" detectives to the case, according to The Post. Investigators are watching surveillance cameras located on both sides of the span and from nearby subway stations and Pace University, the report said.

"We have no good images of these guys on cameras," a police source told the newspaper. " ... None of the footage captures the perpetrators of this crime."





Old Lurker

"If they have a winner, show it to me?"

$18T in national debt to third parties.

80% of income taxes paid by 10% of taxpayers.

50% pay none.

Most of the population survices quite well without a fulltime job of any kind.

Most government spending transfers money from a producer to a taker.

Once on a government payroll, never off it.

Vast majority of regulations controlling individual actions are written by staffers who never answer to voters.

The list writes itself, at least for those who can still read and write in English, a diminishing pool.


Religion O' Peace update:

Isis orders all women and girls in Mosul to undergo FGM, says UN

The "fatwa" issued by the Sunni Muslim fighters would potentially affect 4 million women and girls

Old Lurker

That was to be my very next post, Daddy!

I suppose that will be a free procedure under Obamacare when it reaches our shores?

Rick B

Not just free - mandatory.


Igz @12:37

I know exactly what numbers you refer too and his figures but if anything I have learned is not to take politicians numbers too seriously.

Go to the source, Trust but verify as Reagan would say.


How about merely looking things in the eye and telling it like it is.

It is called "reality", a concept which no doubt does requires a trademark hereabouts, but does not require one elsewhere.

The Feds are moving a human wave of illegal migrants around the country, planting them where they like, and you muck me for "negativity". You are just willfully and knowingly kidding yourselves.

I have not been wrong yet, but a great many here consistently get it wrong and are whipsawed by events. Comically, I see them come round, often a good 2 years later.

Get clear: they are winning. It is not a matter of "doom and gloom", or "beliefs". It is a matter of sober appreciation of the truth.

If the tide can be turned, it will require that a substantial majority of Americans look that truth right in the eye and then act accordingly. If JOMers cannot do this, what makes you think the rest of the nation will?

You evidently think you have all the time in the world, and that out there under all this mess is the good old America of your youths just lying low and one day it will just rise up and shake this all off.

Neither of these is the case. There is little time, and the Nation is wholly other than what you want to think it is.

The current immigration "Crisis" could not be a clearer case in point.


"No, their schemes are not "failing", and I challenge you to point out one that is failing."

Point out one? I can point out thousands, even millions. like, for example, whenever a Republican wins an election anywhere, and there are tens of thousands of them and a majority in state and city governments, where all politics is local. You make it more complicated than it is.



Sharia, Insha'Allah


If we keep in mind the model here we will realize they have to go a considerably shorter distance than we might think.
They're not trying to institute a new Soviet Union or take a Great Leap Forward to build a New Man.

All they want in way of a New Order is a Chicago Machine or a Tammany Hall on a national scale; an unbreakable electoral lock made up of clients of their patronage system and infilled wherever necessary by outright voter fraud, corruption and thugs.

Socialism will always be an unrealized, unattempted and unintended carrot held out for the idiot true believers, but Boss Tweed and a money and privilege churning Machine is the real model. They're not even reputable enough to be Fascists. They don't care if the trains run on time or even run at all, so long as they and their cronies get their cut of the contracts to build and run them.


Oh Republicans keep winning elections but it makes no difference at all.

"millions"? Too funny.

"A Republican wins an election anywhere"? Stop it, your killing me! (this one is a real zinger.)

Do you really believe that claptrap?

You are wholly missing the point, and are not paying attention to what is going on.

That is just what I am talking about.



That is the bigger picture that many are overlooking. The current isssues at the border are about controll, but more importantly about distributing money to organizations that will help you get elected and maintain their control.


The Perry quote from Rick's link:

"Sean, there have been over the course of the last five years, since the fall of ’08, over 203,000 individuals who have come into Texas illegally who have been booked into our county jails.Those individuals have accounted for over 3,000 homicides and over 8,000 sexual assaults. We can’t afford to wait for Washington to secure this border. We’ve had enough.”

How does citing that Texas is 38% Hispanic constitute a "trust but verify" factoid to the contrary?

Man Tran on iPhone

Strategically, is there any difference in Hamas surrounding their rockets with the chirrun and Odumber flooding the country with 'em?


--Igz @12:37

I know exactly what numbers you refer too and his figures but if anything I have learned is not to take politicians numbers too seriously.

Go to the source, Trust but verify as Reagan would say.

Posted by: Bori | July 24, 2014 at 12:28 PM--

If you have a source which legitimately refutes his numbers I will be more than happy to look at it and if it stands up to scrutiny will be more than happy to acknowledge same.

This site says TX has averaged around 1200 homicides and 8000 rapes per year lately so 1/3 or less of the those crimes committed by illegals is not implausible, but may or may not be accurate.
You're saying they're wrong. Show me they are and I'll gladly agree.


It's a war between good and evil. It's that simple.

Satan's best trick was to get you to believe that He doesn't exist.


"They're not trying to institute a new Soviet Union or take a Great Leap Forward to build a New Man."

Oh of course they are, that is how we got to this point in the first place.

Goodness, spend some time on a major college campus. You assertion could not be more wrong.

What, you think it is just some petty little criminal political machine?

BTW, you seem to think they are mutually exclusive, but these sort of short term machinations of political machines always accompany these sort of Oligarchical collectivist coups. One is just the expression of the other in a different social or political aspect.

It is true that we had at times the Boss Tweeds without the Lenins , heretofore in the USA, but that is hardly the case with the ascendency of the New Left today or their forebears in the New Dealers of yore.

It permeates society, not just localized machine politics.

The whole history of the West in the last centenary was the "realization of Socialism" in one form or another. The Signal point here is that without an external force, it is rarely up root.

It is America the is heretofore has been the anomaly. I can guarantee you that no external human force is going to come to our aid.

Some Guy

Quick check this out before they take it down:


responses are great


--Isis orders all women and girls in Mosul to undergo FGM, says UN--

The future does not belong to those who slander Islam. Will Barry speak up about a real war on women other to blame Bush?

The little shit was all too happy to take great credit for the Arab Spring, but now when it has truly blossomed into nothing but dessicated killing fields he retreats to the links and fundraisers where he can talk to really smart people about really important "stuff" that really interests him instead of mundane things like millions of mutilated women and girls and hundreds of thousands of corpses.

I'll take a large lemon meringue cupcake.  And I don't need a bag for it.

Omigod, follow 'some guys' link.


supposedly it's not exactly right


second from the top,

screaming like a chicken with it's head cutoff, does little good, rse has shown
the regime's links with media, ngo's other
blogs have illustrated the pattern


But seriously, Ignatz, Putin's government couldn't exist without the support of the Russian Mafia, and visa versa. Its the same with Obama and the thugs in Chicago. Its called s symbiotic relationship, except that Comrade Obama needs Chicago's thugs more than they need him.


Goddamit, I wish I knew as much as squaredance.

I used to joke to my daughter that "I know all and see all" if she expressed doubts about something I told her.

He really does. How else could he know so darned much including every aspect of other people's minds, what they think and know and even the future including the very timetable it will all happen on?

Do you follow the horses or the market? If not you're leaving several hundred billion on the table.

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