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July 24, 2014


Danube on iPad

Several unexpected hours on the runway at O'Hare. But hell, the seat is reclined and the nice lady keeps bringing me Bloodys. I'll live.

Jack is Back!


If you had to go to Chicago then you deserve muliple bloody marys:)

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

They did indeed, Pagar. His wife "grew up" to be two inches taller, give or take, than Rod. Except around the house, she always wore at least 2 inch heels. He loved it, and had a plethora of droll come backs at the ready when any one mentioned it. There was never any doubt they were the loves of each others' lives.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

You're right about that, DOT. I gruntled a few myself.

Thomas Collins
"(6) Special rule for certain high cost housing area. In the case of a project located in a city having 5 boroughs and a population in excess of 5,000,000, subparagraph (B) of paragraph (1) shall be applied by substituting “25 percent” for “40 percent”."

Ignatz, I thought you'd be amused (or further outraged) by Section 142(d)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code (see above). What that provision means, in layspeak, is that privately owned housing developments in New York City have less stringent low income set aside requirements for accessing tax-exempt financing than developments in the rest of the country.

Jack is Back!


Just saw your tribute to your ex-partner. He was a remarkable guy to the right thing - protect your family.


Here's the kind of wild-eyed conservative and his crazy proposals that just might bring Leviathan to its knees.
Paul Ryan; hey, let's combine 11 stupidass Federal welfare programs into one huge stupidass Federal welfare blockgrant for the states to play with.
Does Dave Brat have a brother who lives in Wisconsin?


Thanks for the gallows humor, TC. No doubt there are hundreds of such examples.
National sales tax for all! At one rate that is.
Oh wait CA has about fifty different sales tax rates. Never mind.


"Right wing social engineering"


I just want to see the DD-214 Kerry promised to release. Jimmy Carter's first act as president was a general amnesty for draft dodgers and other war protesters. Pretty douchy if you ask me.

Kerry apparently required a review by an officer's board to obtain his honorable discharge. This in itself is unusual.

But since he's a prima facie douche we will get to see him brought down by his own douchebaggery. I just wish he was gone.

Jack is Back!

News you can use or not: Meghan McCain will not join the View,

The Border Crisis House Chamber July 24, 2014  

Mr. Speaker:

Wherever I go, people express a growing anger over the illegal immigration that is overwhelming our southern border.  People ask me:

• “How can we talk about securing the border in the Ukraine or Iraq while our own border is wide open?”  

• “How can we talk about supporting the population of Central America when we’re $18 trillion in debt?”  

• “How can we talk about giving jobs to millions of illegal immigrants when fewer Americans are working today than when the so-called recovery began?”  

• “If the federal government can’t defend our own border, what good is it?”

Mr. Speaker, I cannot answer them.

The fact is, our southern border IS wide open; it is practically undefended and everybody knows it.  The many thousands streaming across it know that if they break our laws and enter the country illegally, they will be rewarded with free food, clothing, housing, medical care, transportation, legal representation and relocation, all at the expense of struggling American families.  Ninety five percent of them believe they’ll get “permisso” to stay – and at the moment, they’re right.

Until we fundamentally change that reality, the mass incursion of our borders will continue and our nation’s sovereignty will slowly fade away.  

The American people are awakening to the danger that illegal immigration poses to our country.  It is crowding out millions of jobs desperately needed by American workers.   It is overwhelming our schools, our hospitals, our courts, law enforcement, prisons and our local and state budgets.  Perhaps worst of all, it is undermining the process of legal immigration upon which our country is founded.  Why should anyone go to the expense and trouble of obeying our immigration laws when they can reap rich rewards simply by defying them?   

This administration has actively encouraged this crisis with its promises of amnesty, and it now needs another $4 billion to feed, clothe and house this new surge.  Conspicuously lacking from the President’s proposal is any serious effort at enforcement or deportation.  

The advocates of illegal immigration tell us we need comprehensive immigration reform, but what they really mean is extending some form of amnesty to those now illegally in our country.  Yet it is precisely these promises of amnesty that are causing and encouraging the mass migration we now are seeing. 

Any short-term measure this House approves must include provisions:

• First, to rescind the President’s unlawful Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals order that has clearly encouraged the current surge;

• Second, to detain all of these new arrivals while expedited deportation hearings proceed;

• Third, to provide unrestricted access for law enforcement to all federal lands at the border; and 

• Fourth, to activate the National Guard in whatever numbers are necessary to secure our southern border now.

Once the immediate tide has been turned back, it is imperative that existing law are enforced before any new laws are considered, including:

• Rigorous enforcement of sanctions against any employer who hires an illegal immigrant;

• Completion of the border fence authorized in 2006;

• Deportation of any illegal immigrant who comes in contact with law enforcement or who illegally applies for government assistance; and

• Resumption of federal cooperation with local and state law enforcement agencies to assure enforcement of immigration law.

If we are not willing to enforce our current laws, there is no reason to believe that any future laws will be enforced.  And until we enforce them, we really can’t accurately assess what changes may be needed.   

The people with whom I talk are tired of excuses and tired of promises of future reforms.  They want to see our current laws enforced and our border secured and every act of this House should be focused on pressuring the President to do so. 

History is shouting its warning at us: nations that either cannot or will not defend their borders aren’t around very long.

Let that not be the legacy of this administration and let it not be the epitaph of the American Republic.




A modern miracle.


Has met with the Pope.
May The Lord protect and bless her and her family.

Jack is Back!

Tommorow we make the grand journey up I-95 to Nuw Yawk. Leaving at 12noon from Frederick's soccer camp, Trying to make to Fayetteville or even beyond then the big drive up to Southampton.

tonto, we are there until the 10th, Lets have lunch together at Pieere's:)

All NYer's like peter, NK and jimmyk invited out for the day or night. Plenty of room liike bedrooms:)

Anyone here is welcome to come on over. Plenty of roiom.

Jack is Back!


Come on finger, grow:)


Good Morning all over again. An airline I am familiar with has resumed flights to Tel Aviv.


Of course, I love this quote from Best of the Web:

"A few months back, Mr. Obama argued that foreign relations is not a chess game," Baker notes, adding: "But at times, it seems like three-dimensional chess." Maybe the world would be a bit less disorderly if its lone superpower's leader were not so simpleminded and soft-headed.

He's just not that smart.®




I thought Ryan's proposal was interesting. What would you do?

Jack is Back!

God forbid Amazon can't deliver those goods:)



Kerry, as Obama's plenipotentiary, is a paradox - the physical presence of a geopolitical absence:

Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn't there.
He wasn't there again today,
I wish, I wish he'd go away...

Thus John Kerry, in Jerusalem and Cairo and beyond.


JimR, Sorry for your loss.

Porch, I voted.

The funniest item in BOTWT was the notion, which Taranto corrects, that, gosh, all these bad things happening at once, it's just incredibly bad luck for Barry.


Kerry is a Doofus whose jaw is made from clay
When the world's problems are hard, Doofus comes to play
Oh, Doofus, Doofus, Doofus, with all that sagging clay
Doofus, Doofus, Doofus, who cares what he may say


It is not that Obama merely suffers bad luck, he is, himself, bad luck.


well I've dubbed him, Alinsky's (or in a pinch)
Ayer's sorcerer's apprentice, he was ignorant of the world's realities, thirty some years ago, and he hasn't gained much understanding since.

Now Barry's new excellent adventure, it's too facile to compare it to Vietnam, a more apt version is El Salvador.



I thought Ryan's proposal was interesting. What would you do?--

It might be incrementally better than what we have, but is it the goal? What comes after it?

The right never has the concrete goal of repealing the federal welfare state and restoring the constitutional republic. And so people rightly say "it can never be repealed". Of course it can't if it isn't even a goal.
The left never says "we'll never have single payer" or "what sane person would let us ban coal powerplants"; those are their goals and so they usually achieve them.

The GOP's biggest goal is what? I don't know if they have any that aren't puny.
If only their goals were half as ambitious as what the pinkos accuse them of.

miss Marple


Yes, he is bad luck. I don't think any team he's ever backed has won. I knew that the soccer team would lose when he hitched himself to their star. Chicago Olympics is another example.

This goes to countries, too. Every time he supports a group or country, bad things happen. He is like that guy in the old Lil Abner comic strip, who walked around with a rain cloud over his head.


I agree with all of that Iggy, but I think transferring the programs to the states, with private sector oversite is a good start. Well it will be a good start in red states. The rest of us are completely screwed.


prologue to Lerner's lapses:



Veteran Broadcaster: Obama Not American Citizen Poll Is Huge; Bill O'Reilly Is A Liar



Just received an all call from my daughter's school. If the students have attended the school before, one utility bill is needed to prove you live in the attendance zone. If you are registering for the first time, they require five (5)different forms of proof. Wow!


my overview of Ricks seems apt:


The invasion was incited by President Obama’s threats to grant these children amnesty with just a phone and a pen that he’ll use to cross out the sections of the constitution that limit his powers.


Not so bad for a "hapless putz."

Klavan is a bonehead.


this is the second station on his journey to
the left,

Disappointment in the American government over the last 10 years. Our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were the first big shocks. I thought that invading Afghanistan was the right response to the 9/11 attacks, but I never expected the U.S. military leadership would be so inept in fighting there and in Iraq, running the wars in ways that made more enemies than were stopped. I believe that the invasion of Iraq was wrong, not only launched on false premises but also strategically foolish in that ultimately it has increased Iran’s power in the Middle East.


Sounds like he started in the left field bleachers from that. He sounds like Mother Sheehan. Or World Cant Wait.


You nailed it, Gmax. Ricks has been a Leftie since he was in diapers.


The people have to be sanctioned, not the agency, otherwise we pay for it. The agency should be defunded.


Ricks has been a Leftie since he was in diapers.

That's been my impression, but he'll get plenty of mileage and celebrity out of his announcement that he has evolved to proud Leftist from middle of the road status.


Jane, did you get my email.

It's like when they sanctioned Citigroup for it's subprime shenanigans, but awkwardly they didn't even note who managed that division,

Just stop digging Hillary, peregrushka did not work:


I did not get an email. What address did you send it to?


I guess it was your old radio one,




I got it and replied. (I also say Clarice's). I never ever look at that email.


You could update in your response,


Sheesh, too late, I deleted everything. Send me another and I will then.


the main problem, McFaul seems to suffer this delusion, is the idea that Medvedev was somehow independent of Volodya, even when he is out of power, he will hold the reins,


I hope someone who watches network news will tell us if this story has been reported. A LA woman in active labor was prevented from crossing the street to reach her hospital because BOzo's motorcase was scheduled to pass by ... but didn't for at least 30 min., maybe longer. Video at link. Not clear who's to blame but the secret service is supposedly looking into it. BOzo is continually interferring with the plans of others, and if it were GWB every network would be filled with stories of flights missed, weddings delayed, beach vacations spoiled, etc., by the selfish prez.


Thank you, jimmyk, and anyone I may have missed. On Kindle, and may have had a beer or two. Drinking a local "half" IPA which is pretty tasty.


Chicagoland folks, Iowahawk is moving down here to Austin and says his midcentury modern house is going on the market soon. "No tire-kicking." Stay tuned.


Gee, Jim. Sorry.

Porxh, I'll vote for the Gourds.

miss Marple

I understand the interst in Midcentury Modern, but I am sort of a farmhouse or colonial revival type.


Thanks, clarice.

MM, I am with you. My folks live in a 1954 Philip Johnson house and it is lovely, but I am a little tired of that style because it is the only one my peers seem to care about. Therefore I am letting my colonial revival freak flag fly. :)


Beasts is an Iowahawk buddy. Since planes are out, how long is the commute in a Ferrari from that toddlin' town to Huntsville?


Austin to Huntsville - maybe 14 hours? Get thyself down here, Beasts. I am sure he'll schedule a meetup sometime after he arrives in October.

Hey I'm Mid-Century Modern too!

"Mid-Century Modern"

A term invented to make an old, spartan, ironically energy-inefficent type of architecture that went in and out of style in less than a single generation -- cool again.

Now that's marketing!


No, no Porch; Beasts buys Iowahawk's Chicago box.

Some truths CNN reveals only accidentally. One such truth Anderson Cooper shared on the night of July 17. In speaking about the shoot down of Malaysian airliner MH 17 earlier that day, Cooper referred back to “July 17, 1996, when TWA Flight 800 was shot down off the coast of Long Island in New York.” See it here:...


miss Marple


Back in the 90's I worked with a designer in a high end furniture store. We did rooms for people who wanted a makeover.

I learned to appreciate different types of style, but I also learned there are some types I am more comfortable with.

At my age, Midcentury is the style of my childhood and youth, so no matter how hard I try I just can't get into it, because to me it looks dated. The same thing happens to people who grew up with the country style of the 80's, or the hideous Spanish revival of the 70's.

It is funny how the styles change. People don't realize furniture styles change like fashion, only a bit slower.

I have a lot of antiques so Midcentury just won't work for me.

My daughter, of course, thinks my house looks old-fashioned so she likes Scandinavian and Midcentury! Ha!

General rule of a style trend: when you can find accessories for your decorating style at K-Mart, it is just about to go OUT of style!


well it's less foolish than some of his earlier



well we're not pursuing the spanish example:




Bright boy. It's heartening to see that after 5 or 6000 years some people finally get it.


I really can't fault Ricks for the causes of his confusion. We mismanaged Iraq and Afghanistan(if they could ever have been be managed in the first place) terribly.

Washington simply would not look at dissenting opinions until they had to. There is a groupthink that is fostered to get ahead. Bad decisions were made after we took Baghdad and then doubled down on.

In Afghanistan we neglected the place for 6 years until it blew up in our faces. 2006/07 things got so bad that we had to buck up. We didn't go in with postwar planning. But it wasn't just us, it was our allies as well.

We called most of the shots but the whole thing was an uncoordinated mess. "Here, you guys run around over there and we'll go over here." That's what happens in coalitions.

And we didn't push the rule of law, probably the greatest mistake. In much of the Ummah paranoia and revenge and cutthroat feudalism are prevalent. A simple, consistent drive towards land rights and justice would have short circuited the cycles of oppression and revenge that is the root of much of the problem in both countries.

Ricks is also subject to the same Eastern Corridor bullshit that most people back there are. The propaganda machine is in overdrive.

I agree wholeheartedly with his opinion of our homeland security and intelligence establishment. But it is Obama's administration that is both forgetting the lessons of 9/11 and Big Brother.

As to torture, well, we disagree on what was done and the need for it at the time.

And as to the oligarchy, he really needs to look outside his are of expertise. This isn't capitalism we are living in anymore. It is a corporatist global economy that we have allowed to develop. There are no limits on size or scope.

Our defense establishment is a dozen megacorporations now. All in the interest of economies of scale or synergy or some other bullshit. But the reality is that a fighter plane costs 10X as much as they used to in constant dollars. A frickin destroyer costs over $1.5 Billion.

And no matter how space aged, they run out of bullets and then are just a big fat target.Having half a dozen Arleigh Burkes is great for the first wave but what then when you attrit 1/3 of them in battle and it takes 7 year to build one?

The Pentagon is a mess. Add most other government agencies to it.

The one thing most people agree upon is that we're headed down the wrong path. And what we are lacking is a logical, coherent philosophy whether of state or in strategy or economics and business.

When we're in the hole to China for an ungodly amount and they are also the sole source for so many key products we need, we're doing it wrong.

Mr. Ricks has some excellent points, but we live in an age where specialists know an incredible amount about their field of expertise but almost nothing about the world around them. He's a good man and can be engaged.


A term invented to make an old, spartan, ironically energy-inefficent type of architecture that went in and out of style in less than a single generation -- cool again.

When irony met symbolic. Iowahawk invented the Earth Week Cruise-In.




A "modern" hero:



Well I agree with DHS which seems right out of
Terry Gilliam's Brazil, what purpose they serve, 'begs the imagination' one can be an anti interventionist, somewhat like Edward Luttwak has developed into,

It seems to pat a script, really was there any doubt where his sympathies lie, after he missed the Anbar Awakening,


As to mid Century Modern I can appreciate it but it's not my style. LA and Palm Springs are the archetypical MCM towns.

Our new cathedral, purchased from Rev Schuller, has an incredible space called the Arboretum designed by Richard Neutra, whom I have grown to respect immensely. The lines are stunning and warm and very religious.

It also has a Richard Meier that was featured as Starfleet Academy in the new Star Trek films and a Philip Johnson Crystal Cathedral which some of you may have seen. All we need is a Gehry to round out the top architects of the 20th Century.

Out in Palm Springs the crowd with the skinny ties and tight brimmed hats would swizzle martinis in homes which are an almost perfect complement to the austere surroundings.Line and plane and lots of glass, or in other iterations some very cool (literally) spaces. Almost a Bauhaus adaptation.

But for me it is about matching a structure to the space. Living in SoCal we have very little architectural tradition and what we do have gets torn down quickly.It is an architectural Rodney Dangerfield environment. No respect.

Pasadena and San Marino are exceptions and then some of the older neighborhoods of LA. Mission style an Craftsman have had a heck of an impact but the great LA structures can be identified on two sets of hands:

Disney Hall
The old Bradbury building
Griffith Park Observatory
some FLW homes, which are totally impractical
Lotsa Greene & Greene
Our Lady Queen of Angels Cathedral (LA)
Christ Cathedral Complex (Garden Grove)
The Gamble House
The Huntington Library
San Diego Expo buildings

When one looks for Mission style it gets tough, as a lot of the best buildings were subject to earthquakes and renovation. The Missions can be incredible. We looked at a 1920 house that overlooked Mission San Juan a while back.

UCLA, USC, Pepperdine, Loyola, etc have almost nothing architecturally outstanding. UCI near my home has perhaps the worst architecture of any campus in the country.

Pre crash the Wilshire Corridor was supposed to be built into a new urban legend, but that seems to have died. Something like that would define a city for hundreds of years and make it a destination. LA still doesn't get that.

In architecture, getting it dead, solid perfect is very difficult indeed and most clients don't care.


You guys are 90 percent "junk."


I love DailyMail links cause I always find something that makes me feel better about myself compared to the maggots they cover. :)
In this instance, following daddy's "junk" link, I have actually found the last two people on earth who would knowingly let the world see them in the company of disgraced barnacle Joe Francis.
Unsurprisingly it is two very common low lifes who are apparently willing to have their pictures taken next to anything alive or dead so long as it's published somewhere.
Sweet Jesus, what a culture.


Something to tick off both sides of the Carolina feud:


this world is more garish than Paddy Chayevsky
could envisage, well except for Altered States


evening all...

>>>STOCKTON, Calif. (AP) — Prosecutors in Central California have obtained an arrest warrant for a tuberculosis patient who they say is contagious and has refused treatment.

San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Stephen Taylor said Thursday that police are looking for 25-year-old Eduardo Rosas Cruz, a transient who comes from a part of Mexico known for a drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis.<<<


catching up ...

My condolences JimR.



Good Luck to Mr. Porch. I've played that song on the jukebox here at a local bar a few times.


>>>Feds consider letting Hondurans into USA without making trek through Mexico...
'Refugee Status'...<<<

Seriously? Is there goal to empty out those countries in time for the '14 election?


everyone must be sleeping ...


this passes for serious journalism ...



This is what I was leading up to earlier today.

If approved, the plan would direct the government to screen thousands of children and youths in Honduras to see if they can enter the United States as refugees or on emergency humanitarian grounds. It would be the first American refugee effort in a nation reachable by land to the United States, the White House said, putting the violence in Honduras on the level of humanitarian emergencies in Haiti and Vietnam, where such programs have been conducted in the past amid war and major crises.

The talk about securing the southern border, is a distraction to give people a false sense of security while ignoring that the surge in immigrants that walk into the country legally but ignore the immigration laws.

The Pew Research Center estimated in 2010 that 45% of illegals in the country came through legal means. By getting Visas or temporary Refugee status, like the victims of the Haiti Earthquake. 60,000 came in the aftermath and those Visas have expired, how many do you think are going back.

Since the Pew Research estimate was done, the current administration have doubled the number of temporary Visas issued to people. According to the Consular Visas Foreign office, in this year alone more than 10 million temporary Visas along with 475,000 Green cards have been issued.

How many of those have overstayed their Visas, no one knows for sure, since the government has no way of tracking them. Laws passed after 9-11 to track Visa holders have never been fully implemented. In case anybody has forgotten all the hijackers had entered the country with valid Visas, which they had used to get licenses to board the planes the used. 5 of them had overstayed their Visa at the time of the attack.

Let's not forget the Boston Bombers which were also legal immigrants or the Saudi who have been suspected early on the case and had also overstayed their Visa.

Closing the border is great but if don't fix the other issues, it is for naught.


well they have a history, since the last election, when they started the 'two minute
hate' which is the subtext for the wretched
True Blood treatment, it's a milder form of
the rage virus, that makes downing a civilian
air liner acceptable,


probably shouldn't slur TMZ as serious or as journalists ...


well you have turn the fawcet off first, before you clean up a flooded room. they don't even want to do that, that was the promise after 1986,


Narc, I agreed but what if turning off the faucet is the excuse to bypass the plumbing directly?

BTW, I forgot to add that Obama's immigration reform will allow anybody with Visa, valid or expired to apply for amnesty.


just great...was looking for a primer on the constitutional crisis in Honduras back in '09. One of those Obama Administration screw ups iirc, the then-Pres, was a Chavez ally and was trying to re-write the constitution and the rest of the government revolted. Obama sided with the Chavez ally.



Yes he was trying to change the constitution to allow him to run for re-election as he was term limited. Following the script that Chavez, then Morales in Bolivia, and Nicaragua had followed.


Change the constititution and become President for life. Its no wonder Obama like the idea and supported him.


Well, I've tried to like the show Rectify and I admit it has moments, especially in the writing, but without someone to like or at least hope you can like it's hard to care. I don't, much.

Bumper sticker seen today.

Legalize the Constitution.


Yes, it was plucky little Honduras, which was the first sign of resistance, Miguel Estrada,
wrote up a legal analysis that proves the ouster was constitutional Frances Robles, who would embarass herself as Martin family flack, did mucb the same for Zelaya, then again the former story got her big break at the Times, so is she dumb as a fox?


It's interesting the villain in Tyrant is played by the same fellow who was the kind
Saudi officer in the Kingdom, Ashram Barhom.

Miss Marple

Good morning!

Competitive Enterprise Institute has unearthed a video of Jonathan Gruber, an MIT professor known as "Mr. Mandate" for his role in helping to draft the Affordable Care Act, explaining that the INTENT of denying subsidies to people who states' did not set up an exchange was to force the governors to do so.


This should probably be forwarded tot he courts and to any democrat who tries to pretend that the wording on subsidies was just a typo.


Very quiet here in the wee hours. MM,the daughter is into mid-century. She went to a furniture store to shop for a sofa and chair and noticed a ceramic ashtray/magazine stand. She said Nana used to have one of those! Ha,remember when an ashtray was a decorative home furnishing?

In other news,the eight illegal children sent to Maine were placed with "relatives."


Hatred for the Jews really confounds me, and I'm constantly asking people how it came about (waving to Jimmy). This is an essay by Michael Ledeen that does more warning than explaining - (I understand the roots in Iran and Muslim counties, I just don't understand how and why it got here).

Anyway - lots of people are warning about the war that's coming that we are ignoring. This is what it will be about.


Miss Marple

Marlene, I have made some good money selling stuff that I consider hideous.

A subset of the Midcentury trend is the one in glassware. The younger set is totally uninterested in clear glassware, except for a few pockets of traditionalists who collect Waterford Crystal. Most want colored glassware in those midcentury colors of orange or turquoise, and they are particularly fond of the stretch neck vases and the free-form bowls.

People who have large collections of Fostoria or Cambridge clear glass find no market for it. My grandchildren, however, will probably;y gravitate back to clear, as the desire for colored glass seems to ebb and flow between generations.


Oh, for goodness sake--I've paid next to no attention to that decision as it alone matters only slightly more than a whit in this game in my mind, but isn't that exactly what Congress did with the states in regard to federal highway moneys when they connected that funding to dropping the speed limit to ?55, way back in the day?

I remember lots of discussion at the time that that was a provision/intent of the ACA to "encourage" states to "comply."

And as far as a recent discussion about who is winning the game-
I may have to join with those who declare that they've already "won."
Mandating the EMRs and all the information that makes accessible in two or three clicks, and the potential dangers that represents as far as health care allocation decisions based on group outcomes, let alone privacy concerns---that might prove to be what can't be undone.

Captain Hate

@MichelleDBeadle: Hey @nfl & @nflcommish, are you guys releasing more of that cool pink merchandise? Ya know, so women can get pumped for football? #2games


the short answer is money from the Kingdom and
emirates, the same folks behind BCCI, who leased Bill's mentor Fulbright and Fred Dutton and Andrew Young (Steve Emerson noted this, in
the American House of Saud, 30 years ago)
cultivated this attitude, also Ray Close, the future founder of VIPS, Scowcroft, Kissinger's
protege, who cultivated the likes of Hagel


Suspect this will be coming to other communities but next week in Atlanta the EPA will be holding "Just Energy" hearings on the 29th and 30th. The community action groups are planning to attend and march for social justice and equity implemented by pretending this is all about limiting carbon dioxide.

Good morning everyone. Aren't I on the most fun distribution lists?

Captain Hate

That's what happens when you spend a large percentage of your time behind enemy lines, rse.


Jane@7:45...I've been thinking the same thing. I got carried away scanning book titles on amazon last night. I prefer a biography or memoir and there must be hundreds of Holocaust memoirs. We all grew up reading Anne Frank. I thought we were to "never forget."


Gruber, he should be named Hans, is a nasty
nazgul, who must be warded off with garlic,




What blows my mind is that liberals are openly touting their support for Hamas. Hell CNN and MSNBC are doing the same thing. Between that and Putin, I wonder how close we are to WW3.





Washington Post has a story up about Glen Beck and a defamation Lawsuit related to the Boston Marathon Bombings.

What interested me was not the story, but this point that a commenter at Lucianne noted from the bottom of the story:

Updated at 4:30 pm: The Post emailed Beck’s lawyers at 1:30 this morning EDT to see if they wanted to comment and did not hear back before this story was posted at 3:05 this morning. Since then, a spokesman has responded saying they do not wish to comment.

So that's how this professional Journalism with all it's Teams of Editors works? You pound out your story on some target, and then at 01:30 AM you e-mail the targeted guy's Lawyers to see if they want to add a comment, but they have to get that comment back to you before posting time of 03:05 AM.

I don't know if the story is right or wrong, but everybody at the WaPo ought to be horsewhipped just for that.

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