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July 11, 2014


Captain Hate

Immigration reform brings out the inner stoopid.


Years ago sbw or Ranger presented a question that was very instructive when it came to Obama and his supporter's willingness to oppose him.

"What does Obama have to do to no longer garner your support?"

The impeachment predicament makes a variation of the question is in order.

What does Obama have to do for you to advocate for impeachment prior to mid-November? 


What rupert couldn't get in on this parley

Rick B

I propose a grand bargain on immigration be instigated as soon as the moat full of piranadiles next to the electrified fence and mine fields is complete.

Survivors would be granted green cards on a "dry stump" basis.

Stephanie tortoise not the hare

Immigration also brings out the contempt the elite have for middle America and their desire to make sure their club doesn't get polluted by uppity middle class folks stumbling their way to prosperity. They prefer dealing with folks on the bottom rung not "privileged" to be on the third or fourth rung and banging on the clubhouse door.

The welfare class is a convenient holding pen they are drooling to throw the uppity into. They know the bottom rungers won't dare to presume equality with their betters

Beasts of England

While I'd usually find myself in the pro-billionaire camp - these guys need to put a sock in it. They're well insulated from the nominal impacts that rampant immigration would cause. The unwashed will never cross their moats.


Good post (in previous thread), Some Guy.

I agree that actually impeaching Obama at this point would be stupid. But Sarah Palin isn't the Speaker of the House. She has her own role as a principled conservative. She's rabble rousing and that's in line with her current job description.

Is she were Speaker of the House, she would probably say (as Bohener should probably say):

"I agree that many of the president's decisions have been unlawful, and he may even have committed impeachable offenses. But, for the good of the country, we would rather work with the President than pursue impeachment at this time. Surely he's a reasonable man, a patriotic American, and will step back from some of these egregious violations of his Oath of Office."

Bush was obviously never impeached, but the Democrat controlled House did refer 35 Articles of Impeachment to the Justice Committee, which passed by a vote of 251-166. It never went anywhere, but the message was sent, the base was sufficiently roused, and Wexler, Kucinich and the rest of the 251 weren't trashed by their own party.

Getting more average Joes to consider the idea that Obama has violated his oath of office would not be a bad thing, and I believe that this was the point of Sarah Palin's recent piece.


"The bill also included a sensible plan that would have allowed illegal residents to obtain citizenship, though only after they had earned the right to do so."

That's my nominee for "most stupidest".


Apparently Mrs. Palin is not backing down.



I think her more recent piece supports my point about what she's trying to do.

Impeachment is the ultimate check on an out-of-control executive branch. It is serious, not to be used for petty partisan purposes; and it is imperative that it becomes a matter of legitimate discussion before the American people lose all trust in our federal government.

Impeachment requires moral courage to advance what is right, and it requires political will. A complacent or disheartened electorate may silently endure these abuses from the administration, the permanent political class is only too happy to maintain the status quo, and the mainstream media is not a fair watchdog. So, the nation’s last line of defense is for We the People to rise up and say, “enough is enough.”…

Some argue that at best the House might vote for articles of impeachment, but the Senate is unlikely to convict. But that is no argument against holding a president accountable and sending the people’s message to all successors…

The only thing necessary to transform America into something unrecognizable is for good men to do nothing! If not these violations and the president’s promise to continue to “go it alone” in ignoring the separation of powers and rule of law, what will it take for you to take a stand? How bad does it have to get?


Let's move the most recent wave of 95,000 illegals to Harvard's campus. You'll be shocked at how fast the concept of photo IDs being racist is put to bed.

Rick B


If the Billionaire Boys Club plan is so spiffy, they sure wouldn't mind a Billionaire's Capital Levy being used to fund it. BOzo wants $3.7 billion to take care of 100K Gorditos - let's set the Billionaire Capital levy at $37K per capita and grab $370 billion as a starter.

Rob Crawford
Immigration also brings out the contempt the elite have for middle America...

Middle America? Their contempt is for everyone who isn't an Ivy-league graduate living in the northeast or California cities. The illegals aren't competing for middle-class jobs -- they're competing with the high-school dropout from Appalachia or Over-the-Rhine.

(The H1B nonsense is what threatens my job. That and idiots who think a third-world college degree and a slip of paper from a certification mill makes someone a good developer.)

Rob Crawford
While I'd usually find myself in the pro-billionaire camp...

I don't care if someone's a billionaire or not. I care that they want to dismantle the United States in order to maintain their status.

Rob Crawford

The TSA letting illegals fly without ID is just the latest evidence that the airport security theater is tyrannical. A hallmark of tyranny is that it is arbitrary -- there is no rule of law, no equality before the law, and special exemptions are created for no more reason than the convenience of the tyrants.


PowerLine has a great set of documents from the Democratic Alliance.

Parting question: why is "Global Climate Change" part of a progressive agenda ?


Captain Hate

Getting more average Joes to consider the idea that Obama has violated his oath of office would not be a bad thing, and I believe that this was the point of Sarah Palin's recent piece.

Palin connects with the Reagan democrats better than anybody did since the original. That frightens the Ds and the GOPes so the orders went out early to marginalize her.

Rob Crawford
Parting question: why is "Global Climate Change" part of a progressive agenda ?

Because the "solution" is fascism, just as the solution to all the other "problems" they find is.

Captain Hate

What rupert couldn't get in on this parley

I think he was sitting down to tea and corn meal with the Ferret.



whenever I here those billionaires drone on I think about this article published surprisingly in Spectrum.


Some Guy

Let's move the most recent wave of 95,000 illegals to Harvard's campus. You'll be shocked at how fast the concept of photo IDs being racist is put to bed.

Look, I'm all for stopping the 'run for the border' horde, but I believe that suggestion falls under the Cruel and Unusual clause.

To paraphrase Buckley, I'd be more comfortable with the 95K staying if the entire Harvard campus was deported.


The illegals aren't competing for middle-class jobs -- they're competing with the high-school dropout from Appalachia or Over-the-Rhine.

I realize that, but they are replacing our middle class with an imported H1B class that, should they get too uppity, can be terminated and sent back home.

They don't mind the illegals taking the low level jobs, they love it as it depresses the wages for those jobs and the lack of language skills and other detriments pretty much assures they will not rise above their station.

I used "middle America" thinking about an article that was on FB where IBM forced its employees to train H1Bs and then terminated their jobs. Outsourced without leaving the city much less the country.

Maybe I should have phrased it as you did, but I think they don't mind the bottom rungers killing each other to grab the first rung.

And I do believe the welfare class is just a messy holding pen to get us used to its existence and moving us over to it gradually.

If your upside is unlimited amounts over half a trillion (thanks to compounding/investments) and 100 billion in taxes to pay for the refuse, to them its not a big damn deal. They can always make more. Particularly once they have eradicated any up and coming competition. So they are perfectly happy to shunt 60% of us into the pen.

Rick B


You hit it on the head. The Pew political typology survey paints a very nice New Party picture which leaves our oligarchs waiting for their visit from the Committee on Safety to set the time for their exciting, once in a lifetime, tumbrel ride. I suspect we're going to see a lot more "why doesn't she just shut up" "polls" commissioned by the Voice of the Fnork and their NBCMFM counterpart.

I sure wouldn't mind seeing a Heritage Party on the ballot.


We live in an optics nation, everything is about how things appear not necessarily how things are.

As has been noted by several Obama has injected himself into everything. It is all about him, regardless of how it ends, in which case he blames others, every action with Obama is I, I, I.

That is the reason why impeachment will end up blowing up in the Republicans faces. Impeachment is personal, no matter how hard the Republicans will try to frame it in terms of laws that were broken or circumvented, it will be interpreted as an angry racist crusade against a still mostly popular 1st Black President.

Has anyone noticed the amount of stories that while mildly critical also seem to portray the President as a well-meaning but flawed man. As someone who has been overcomed by the enormity of his duties, someone who opponents have thwarted his every effort to help the country.

Obama is already being painted as a symphatetic person, if slightly inept person. Impeachment will only accelerate that, America does not like bullies and that is exactly how it will be portrayed.

Rule of law is great in the abstract to most voters, but they can not wrap their minds around an abstract concept. They can certainly understand bullying and also when something appears personal.

As long as Obama's actions can be framed in a way to appear as personal convictions, meant to benefits others, any impeachment talk will fail, and it likely to do more harm than good. It is a lesson we should have learn fromt he Clinton Impeachment attempt.


krugman uncorks a stemwinder.


economists say ZIRP is bad because the fantastically wealthy say it is bad for them ...


might have to re-read it to understand it.


From neo's link above:

The Democracy Alliance does not itself raise and spend a great deal of money. Rather, being a partner in the Alliance requires one to contribute large amounts to other left-wing groups. The Alliance evaluates left-wing organizations on various criteria, and makes recommendations to its members as to where they should put their money. Currently, the Alliance lists 21 groups in its “Aligned Network”: America Votes, American Constitution Society, Black Civic Engagement Fund, Brennan Center, Catalist, Center for American Progress, Center for Community Change, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Common Purpose Project, Fund for the Republic, Latino Engagement Fund, Media Matters for America, New Media Ventures, New Organizing Institute, Organizing For Action, Progressive Majority, Progress Now, State Engagement Initiative, State Voices, Women’s Equality Center and Youth Engagement Fund. You can see the list, with descriptions of each group, in the document below:

The most interesting of the DA documents that have come to light is the one below. It contains DA’s “investment recommendations” for 2014. Not only does it list the recommended organizations, but it rates each organization in several categories, sets out the group’s budget for 2014, and shows how much of that budget should be contributed by the 100 members of the Democracy Alliance. One category in which DA rates the organizations is “Collaboration,” as DA believes that all left-wing groups should coordinate their activities for maximum political impact.

L Ron Hubbard's blueprint for a new age via Scientology is now the model for American poltics.

Just awesome.


Posted by: Captain Hate | July 11, 2014 at 06:19 PM

great point.




did it work?


faux pas unfauxed.



BTW with LeBron headed back to Cleveland and the GOP convention scheduled before the playoffs end, the GOP is gonna have some issues.

Captain Hate

Rick, I can still remember the electricity in the air when McCain did the first real "mavericky" thing of his political life and, against all of his instincts, chose her as a running mate. You could hear the excitement of the crowds with a spontaneity unlike anything the Party of Rockefeller had experienced since RR. Every high priced consultant was choosing between jumping off a building or ingesting a lethal dose before they decided on a death from a hundred surreptitious pinpricks in the back.

Maybe it doesn't do me any good to not forget about each and every one of the identifiable assassins who took part in it; but I'll take my chances.

Some Guy

Getting more average Joes to consider the idea that Obama has violated his oath of office would not be a bad thing, and I believe that this was the point of Sarah Palin's recent piece.

Just as Ted Cruz was completely in the right during his filibuster, and I believe it was a worthy endeavor, we're ignoring the Elephant in the country.

The GOP (and particularly the GOPe) lacks a talented enough and courageous enough individual in a leadership position who can navigate those waters. We don't have Reagan, but don't even have Bob Dole (who would actually be great at this). Cheney could handle it, but he's not in play.

It's just outside Orangeman and the other stooge's skill set. It sucketh mightily, but it won't change between now and November.

Right now 60+% of the country has clear incentive to vote "R", and we shouldn't pursue anything that might alter that.


Steph-the Rockefeller F, which is involved with DA through the Family Fund, originated the idea that the efforts for social change should all be coordinated. They are quite confessional about it. It can be odd to read.

I also enjoyed those DA docs and had hoped more would leak. IIRC the new director came from the nEA.

Captain Hate

I think you're right, Some Guy. Notice that when he was doing his third rate standup act in front of a bunch of dumbass college students, 404 mentioned "impeachment" which surely entered his ginormous ear flaps from a very irritating source. I hope she keeps it up.


Well, CH, You could tell every time McCain was with Palin on the stage, he did not like her and had only added her as his vice-president nominee was because his "handlers" told him to do so. McCain seemed so uncomfortable around her--it was obvious.


That was a bit unfair to IBM, Stephanie.

IBM has had to transition from a company that once held Respect for The Individual as its highest principle...


Respect for the Individual

Our basic belief is respect for the individual, for his rights and dignity. It follows from this principle that IBM should:

Help each employee to develop his potential and make the best use of his abilities.
Pay and promote on merit.

Maintain two-way communications between manager and employee, with opportunity for a fair hearing and equitable settlement of disagreements.

(The others were Service to the Customer and Excellence Must Be a Way of Life.)

...to one that jettisoned that has-been phrase.

Here are their current Principles:

Dedication to every client's success.

Innovation that matters - for our company and for the world.

Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships.

(Details at the link.)


Only old-timers remember the Respect for the Individual trope anymore.

Actually, most of those old-timers are gone.

Rob Crawford
whenever I here those billionaires drone on I think about this article published surprisingly in Spectrum.

That is shocking. I left IEEE because their line -- pushed through Spectrum -- was always "government must do something!"


Ex-you forgot their System of Systems philosophy as I detailed in my book. I discovered after it was in print that ISSS-Int'l Society for Systems Science-even cites IBM's program to support the idea that human societies can now be planned.


The only good thing I can say about Obama is he saved us from a McCain presidency


Sorry, Peter. Snark aside, Mav could not possibly have been as bad as this punk.


And I can't stand McCain.


Right now 60+% of the country has clear incentive to vote "R", and we shouldn't pursue anything that might alter that.

No question, but then even these inferior fools should be saying "Mrs. Palin has a point, but..." and leave it at that. No need to insult her intelligence.

Just leave it out there.

Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

--You don’t have to agree on everything in order to cooperate on matters about which you are reasonably close to agreement.--

Why didn't this ever occur to anyone else?
These guys have to be rich because they're so smart right?

Proposed Constitutional amendment;

If you're really good at something you can talk about that thing and that thing only in public.
Otherwise, torment your wife, your kids or your goldfish with all the rest of the crap you know nothing about.


Dedication to every client's success. [accrues benefits to the company]

Innovation that matters - for our company and for the world. [accrues benefits to the company]

Trust and personal responsibility in all relationships. [accrues benefits to the company]

It's all about IBMe.

Yep. Sounds right for today's culture.

Rob Crawford
I used "middle America" thinking about an article that was on FB where IBM forced its employees to train H1Bs and then terminated their jobs. Outsourced without leaving the city much less the country.

Always a joy. At my first employer, they outsourced a department -- to Arkansas, but still -- and required everyone to reinterview for their job or apply for new jobs. They offered one guy his existing job and his wife a job with the outsourcing firm...

Current employer keeps sending the biggest, highest-profile projects to offshore and failing. As in "this system does nothing we need it to do, after millions of dollars over budget and months late" failure. From what I've heard the cause is basically a complete lack of professionalism.


This is Frederick.

My Dad, JIB, wamted me to tell everyone that he cut the tip of his index finger off while cutting cukes for pickles on a mandolin. We just got back from the hospital where they put a huge thing on his finger after soaking it in Iodine and Hydrogen Peroxide. When the blood hit the solution there was a big chemical eruption like a souffle.

I know this because I am into science, biology and anatomy.

He is okay but can't type. He asked me to do this for him. He says he will lurk from now on.

Nice to meet you.


Good question!
Mickey Kaus ‏@kausmickey 5m

To @billgates, @warrenbuffett -- How many new STEM and EB-5 visas did your Amnesty-First alliance w/ La Raza get you?

Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

Yike, Frederick. Thanks for the update.
Your dad should have made finger sandwiches.

Rob Crawford

Stephanie -- I work at a company that is married to IBM. If an IBM sales drone says something, it's taken as gospel, no matter what anyone else says or recommends.

Recently I heard they've been making "tuning" recommendations that really don't make things faster, but end up requiring more licenses...


We might have the votes in the senate to impeach after 2014.

I'm not saying we should do it, but if we do, it should be after the election.


Hi Frederick.

Hope you enjoyed your recent trip to Europe.

You are so understanding about your dad's booboo. My children and husband always insist I had to have been careless.

Like anyone has ever accused me of being preoccupied.

Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

From the last thread I wanted to agree with DoT that LeBron's essay was mighty impressive.
I suppose making a few hundred million makes that easier to do, but there are still darn few who do it.
He has taken some impressive steps considering how easy it would have been to take wrong ones.


Thanks for letting us know Frederick. Sorry to hear about your Dad's finger.


Sorry to hear that Frederick, hope he gets better soon

really enjoyed your travelogue of Europe.


Welcome, Frederick. Condolences to your dad.


The GOP (and particularly the GOPe) lacks a talented enough and courageous enough individual in a leadership position who can navigate those waters. 

I assume tbat is because we live in an optics nation.

And of course we are to believe that the optics can only be viewed through the persuadeables fun-house mirror.

A mirror that, oddly enough, looks just like the mirrors to the left of it.

It would be to risky to install a mirror to the right, because what optically minded conservative would ever want to see themselves as they appear?

The big tent is only big enough for clowns and ring masters, so enjoy your optics as long as you can. Even the fun house has an exit.

Rick B

"there was a big chemical eruption like a souffle."


That's cool - how loud did he yell?

Thanks for letting us know and thanks for all the interesting stuff you posted from your trip.

What one thing would you like to see again?


Fredrick, I second narciso's remarks.
Hope you'll keep typing to update us until your father gets his finger healed.


Wish your dad well, Frederick.

If you have a chance, will you ask him to notify us if he plans on a hit and run style avatar?

He will either laugh or explain that "TK" is the one he warned you about.


Do not think for one minute that any meaningful number of this wave of illegals are going to be sent home. Likewise, do not think that there will not be wave after wave of these in the next 2 years. Those of voting age will vote one way or another in the next presidential election.

GWB may have been the last America president.

I watched Labour do this to the UK. They destroyed it--and I mean destroyed it. The UK will never recover. The same thing will happen here but on a broader scale.

For various reasons, our elites have decided to destroy America. They are succeeding. Except for the snow, it will be indistinguishable from Mexico or Brazil. The elites do not care in the slightest about this.

This national suicide of the USA is one of the strangest--and saddest--events in the history of Western civilization. But then again, a nation that will allow itself to be destroyed by the likes of Soros, Buffet, Obama, ValJar, the Clintons and Harry Reid deserves its destruction. What contempt history will have for us that we allowed ourselves to be destroyed by such pitiful and pathetic excuses for human beings. One cannot even call them mediocrities,

It is hard to see how it can be stopped now short of civil war, and it is glaringly clear that the nation is not up to that task. We cannot even stand up to Obama. Can you imagine what would have happened to a POTUS like this even 35 years ago?

The Democrats know this, this is why they are so amazingly brazen about this all

Have a look at this.

Tell me how this is not an act of war, or would be in normal times. Tell me that this does not show absolute contempt for the USA on the part of Mexico.

In a normal time that would never do something like this.

Our elites of both "parties" have completely betrayed us. The America most here grew up in will not come back; what will replace it will be a hell on earth. Then whole world knows this: they chortle and smack their lips.

No one, not a one, holding any sort of national office is prepared to do the right thing. Not a ounce of manhood among them all.

Again, it is as though we have lost a war and are governed by an occupying power.


Dear Frederick, thank you very much for letting us know about your dad's unfortunate trip to the ER. I assume the souffle you noted was the bubbling that happens when Hydrogen Peroxide meets open skin (e.g. a wound like you dad had). Open wounds have an enzyme (catalase) that reacts with Hydrogen Peroxide by bubbling. If you pour Hydrogen peroxide on your unbroken skin, you won't get the bubbles.

Again, thanks for keeping us posted, and let your dad know we are all pulling for him.




Frederick, thanks for sharing your trip. I hope your dad's finger heals quickly. Any hot tips on Argentina vs Germany?


Mr.Rick B,,

No yelling. He has a purple heart. I want to see Vence and Siena again.

My dads says hello yo every one.


how's the work on the thorium reactor going?


My dad liived in Argentina but likes Gerrmany. So do i


hola i haz acount


I like Germany's style of play as well, but if Argentina can make it a low scoring game they could win it.


Mr. narciso, my dad likes you a lot because you read the same books.

He says the reactor is missing one piece, the $100 million grant from DoE.

Rick B


Call him Braveheart while he's wearing the bandage. He mentioned staying in Tuscany for a vacation so you'll definitely see Siena again. If he takes you back to Venice, ask him for a day or two at Lago di Garda (lots of amusement parks).


In the past 2 weeks, 4 people I know have cut their finger(s) on a mandolin. My niece says they are the devil's toy. My oldest daughter took a hunk out of her thumb, I did and my niece. None if us required a trip to the ER. But plenty of band aids were used to stop the bleeding. I'm throwing mine away. Hope your dad gets better soon Frederick. I adore you, just so you know. ::grin::

Beasts of England

After the discussion this afternoon, I just put a 3.5lb standing rib roast on the Weber - off-heat, of course. In about 45 minutes it will be 120-degree perfection, and my date for the evening, Shawna, thanks you for motivating this culinary adventure.

Full details (about the roast) sometime tomorrow. Beasts out! ;)

Some Guy

Our elites of both "parties" have completely betrayed us.

Nixon resigned only because Goldwater and other republicans told him it was time. Name one single Democrat who would put country before party like that?




Frederick, we've been reading your stuff almost as long as we've been reading your dad's. Feel free to participate as long as you want and give your dad our wishes for a speedy recovery.

RickB, UI did a test run--400 deg for 30 minutes and it came thru without any problems.


I am so sick of hearing the term "elite" applied to the idiot media munchkins who populate the MFM, and the collection of crooks and morons who constitute the political class. They are the total antithesis of elite.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

How is it that JIB has now joined HIT in the wounded finger department? Sounds like a conspiracy to me. But inquiring minds want to know.

Captain Hate

Thanks to JiB's accident, Frederick's description and Bing, I now know that a mandolin can be something other than a musical instrument.

squaredance, other than Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, and possibly a handful of others whose names currently don't come to mind, I agree with everything you wrote.


Democrats can only be beaten when Democrats speak up.


Mrs. Clarice, berore i go to bed my Dad wants you to know we love all of you.

Some Guy

In the past 2 weeks, 4 people I know have cut their finger(s) on a mandolin.

I was once setting one up for my wife, and as I started to say,

"whatever you do, don't..."

[to my horror she touches the blade}

"...don't touch the blade! Oh ****. Here you'll need this"

[hands her clean towel]

I still to this day don't know what she was thinking.


great to see you in the comments Frederick. great write up on your vacation. Tell JiB I hope he heals up quickly.

Government health officials are cracking down on safety at the nation’s highest-level biosecurity labs after a disturbing series of lapses, including an anthrax scare, discovery of lost vials containing live smallpox — and a new report of the accidental shipment of highly pathogenic bird flu.




hum not too different to the scandal at the nuclear weapons labs during Richardson's tenure as Secretary of Energy.


well strictly speaking, they are minions, courtiers, my Renaissance studies have refined
the point, I call Jeb, the Medici, because they too were bankers who got into politics,
he's the Top Men's new pick, in part because he
hasn't made waves.

You're welcome, Frederick, hope to meet both of you soon, now that I'm in your neck of the woods,


Posted by: Captain Hate | July 11, 2014 at 08:33 PM -

lol I had to look up the same thing.


at least squaredance came by to cheer us up.


JiB, so sorry.
I cut the tip of my index finger off while cutting cilantro with scissors for salsa while enjoying a margarita at the beach years ago. It grew back.
(I didn't even look at it--or clean it!--just smacked a bandaid on it and left it for a week.)


sound delicious beasts ... the roast i mean.



Sorry about your Dad, hope he had a digitally speedy recovery. Loved your site.



James D.

We've got a mandolin that has never come out of its box. After reading Frederick's report on JiB's injury, I think we'll leave it in there for the foreseeable future.

I loved your updates from Europe, Frederick. Almost as good as being there!


>>>I am so sick of hearing the term "elite" applied to the idiot media munchkins who populate the MFM<<<


so am I. one would think there would be some reflection, some embarrassment. Nope, they just go onto the blogging circuit with a few million in vanity start up capital.

this bit from Rothbard kicks around my head to sum up the age::

>>>The general atmosphere of a “sellers’ market” will lead to a decline in the quality of goods and of service to consumers, since consumers often
resist price increases less when they occur in the form of downgrading of quality.4 The quality of work will decline in an inflation for a more subtle reason: people become enamored of “get-rich-quick” schemes, seemingly within their grasp in an era of ever-rising prices, and often scorn sober effort.<<<

Some Guy

One of the silliest arguments against impeachment is that it would lead to President Biden.

Biden is a clown, but he wouldn't be worse than the current resident. It would at least be amusing, which is better than sickening.


Hey I cut my finger today too, and spilled black ink in it - well actually I reached for something and got black ink all over my fingers which I cut immediately so the ink could seep in.

Unlike Jib, I still have my finger.

Frederick, love your blog. was Santorini your favorite? It's one of mine.



How horrible, fantastic, incredible it is that we should be sending our boys to Iraq because of a quarrel in a far-away country between people of whom we know nothing.



did he say that recently or was that in one of the campaigns?

Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

One of the headlines at Bing is "man loses fingertips".
Everybody reads Frederick.

cindyk on IPad

Frederick: it is very hard to raise your parents but "Bully" for you! JiB definitely has a keeper.

cindyk on IPad

Extraneus: Love and agree with your insights. You make me think, and pause. You, along with several fellow JOMers are on my bucket list of "must meets"!

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