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July 21, 2014



Soft bribery.


Poor little rich girl. At this point, what does it matter?


'soft'? more like stone cold bribery, with some laundering going on by using the retarded daughter as a conduit.


It is really just the payout for who knows what perfidy.

The country should be scandalized by this sort of thing, and should really be able to figure it out. This is not hard stuff--it is very basic corruption. It may be that the country is sick enough of her not to vote for here, but that is not enough. Truly, a great percentage of American voters are fools and idiots.

Once upon a time there would be real outcries against this, but then again, once upon a time ex-cabinet members did not make this kind of money just by flapping their lips.

If anything could be said to map the general decline of our civilization manifested by our "public life" it would be the "career" of this "woman".

This kind of irrational elevation of someone with such little accomplishment, competence, or even good faith--and one who is so obviously a malicious fraud--is not indicative of a Republic in sober control of its destiny; it is the sign of a irresponsible, arrogance and insouciant aristocracy ruling over an immature and self-deluded polity of near serfs.

The Clintons make the Perons look like saints.

There are real questions here about just what was traded for these sort of outrageous "speaking fees"--real legal questions. These will never be raised in any venue where they might lead to official investigation or prosecution.

It is no wonder that the Obama gang is so bold. We can look forward to the Obamas be showered with even more riches over the next 30 years even as our nation, society and civilization is destroyed right in front of our faces.



The Clinton mode of production, then, is running for office or serving in office.

Thomas Collins

Perhaps Mrs. Clinton can give a speech analyzing the comments of her successor on the Israeli Gaza operation.


The Israelis must be thrilled to have an honest broker such as Kerry coming to the Middle East to.


She didn't earn that.


Putin is signalling his intentions very clearly. It doesn't matter what the truth is. He and his scum will do everything they can to try and turn this into a clear Russian victory.

He is double dog daring the Western European elite to do something. Germany is so screwed. Their foolish green power grid is not working out very well and they are increasingly reliant on Russian oil and gas. Just last week the Bundestag outlawed fracking. What kind of fools are they? Try roasting your knackwurst on coal, perhaps?

Poland is proceeding and the UK is very slowly proceeding and no one is talking U.S. NG to Europe. That is how crazy the conversation has become.

We have more gas than we know what to do with and the Marxists have tied it up into a hacky sack ball. Time for some leftist heads to roll.

Comanche Voter

The outrageous speaking fees for Hillary and Chelsea are just a form of rent seeking.

But those two are "down" with the common folk alright. Just ask them.

James D.

Another sign of the times: I just saw a DC metrobus go by, with a big ad on the side for jobs in the Secret Service. The ad has the website, and in huge letters it happily announces "No worries..
We will train you."

If I were under SS protection, that would not reassure me...


The left will be like, and will do their best to make all of us like, the Hindu who starves to death right next to a well fed cow and for exactly the same reason; an irrational, dogmatic religious belief.


Matt-- I have no idea why ze Germanz aren't financing LNG export facilities in NYC, Phila, Baltimore Wilmington NC and Gulf coast to ship LNG to Northwest Europe. How can you possibly make Vlad your sole source supplier?


BTW-- no real shale gas in Germany, limited possibilities in Poland.


If preznit Semi-Retired actually cared and wasn't a stooge for all the green scammers, he could announce plans to build out half a dozen LNG export facilities on the east coast and the gulf coast. Of course, the downside is all those well-paying jobs that would be created along with positive economic effects...


Lyle-- equally true. The last thing Obummer wants is thousands of high paying enegy jobs in the Blue Hells of NYC/Phila/Balt.


I wish to God this guy was POTUS -- damned natural born rule: http://news.yahoo.com/canada-impose-further-russia-sanctions-over-ukraine-153920384.html

“It is rarely a good idea to return to the White House just for show, when the situation can be handled responsibly from the road,” said Jennifer Palmieri, the White House communications director. “Abrupt changes to his schedule can have the unintended consequence of unduly alarming the American people or creating a false sense of crisis.”

Good Lord.


We can look forward to the Obamas be showered with even more riches over the next 30

Only of the girls start getting coy about running for office, sd. Otherwise, I agree 100%.

Hey, so if the presidency is such an enormous job that no mere human could possibly manage it, how is it that all these investors figure that Hillary would have the time to repay their bribes?


Instead we have the equivalent of Justin Trudeau, or the maniacs on the Norridge I mean Toronto council, that make Rob Ford seem sane,

Jack is Back!

Well, they are trying to establish a number of LNG export terminals but getting lots of "green" amd "local" resistance.

Cove Point for example down about 40 miles south of DC in Calvert County, MD. Then down Savannah way you have Elba Island,

There are 10 more in the Energy Curve of the gulf coast (Texas, Louisian and Mississippi).

Need FERC approval, of course and we all know how this regime feels about hydrocarbons,


--“Abrupt changes to his schedule can have the unintended consequence of unduly alarming the American people or creating a false sense of crisis.”--

Like the idiot doesn't have the rest of us scared to death already.
I guess the point is if it looked like he might actually do something it'd be even worse; point conceded.


You knew these stories would start popping up, right?


The link is for demonstration purposes only. If your inner masochists can't resist, you'll note the proximate age of the writer. Looks to me like he's worried about a bad acne breakout before the next big school dance.


If a pro-American POTUS 45 pushed for LNG export, would Vlad buy more Akula class subs and blast th LNG carriers mid-ocean, and blame it on design defects or poor American engineering?

James D.

NK, a pro-American POTUS would, one hopes, buy more Virginia class subs so as to dissuade Vlad from any such actions.


Too bad we don't have a pro-American POTUS.


Not yet...

Jane on Ipad

So what did he say? Nothing?

Tom Maguire
It is no wonder that the Obama gang is so bold. We can look forward to the Obamas be showered with even more riches over the next 30 years even as our nation...

I have no opinion about Sasha and Malia, who may (or may not!) be wonderful people. But thirty years of listening to the usual suspects praise the wit and wisdom of Michelle and Barry?

Maybe we will get lucky and an asteroid will strike.

Beasts of England

I'm only semi-outraged by the HMS Pantsuit windfall, as she arguably has some very unique insight into US and world politics. I'm über-outraged by the $75k tribute speaking fee for Chelsea. What the fudge does she know about anything? Anything!

A quick search through the webz reveals that for $75k, you can hire Pat Riley as a speaker. Like him or not, that fee sounds appropriate based on his accomplishments and experiences. And highlights the impropriety of the goofy child's fee.


>>>Maybe we will get lucky and an asteroid will strike.

Posted by: Tom Maguire | July 21, 2014 at 04:36 PM <<<

Move over Kang and Kodos, Tom Maguire is a supporter of the SMOD.

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