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July 16, 2014



How awesome of you Porch!

I vote Boca... whichever season it is. It's easier to get to Boca via car or air as most airports have at least 2 or 3 flights a day to somewhere close to Boca. Minnesota, not so much. And you'd probably have to go through somewhere else to get there. Like Detroit. Ick.

Jim Eagle

jimmyk and NK are tops in my opinion from our meet up even though screwed up hectic on my part because I got my dates mixed up. Have also met sbw and Tonto with Harry, What a duo!


Is it possible Reid might finally get his ass torched?


miss Marple

Night, all!


We have a new Vietnamese restaurant opening that that is replacing a dreary Chinese one. Its name? Pho' King Good.



I don't have no stinkin' rules. I have shit that bugs me. You guys live by your own rules.

Jim Eagle


The Ferrari was a joke to get Narc to respond to my many requests tio meet up, We are only 20 miles apart and share the same books:)

Frederuck has Tuger, I have Scott, Mrs, JiB has McIlroy. Whi you got?


Steph, I couldn't figure out that story--it supposedly links to the Washington Times but it doesn't it links to something else that references the WaTimes and there's no date on anything. Is this really a new story?

Jeff Dobbs

WashTimes link


Is this there only explanation for everything;



I did my best to get a smile from you, sue.


Besides the fraudulently manipulated data in the climate models, there are simply too many as yet unknown cosmological and geothermal variables that are not, and cannot be, factored into the models for any of them to be truly predictive.

The hubris of AGW proponents who pretend that they have "settled" the science is laughable, and they should be ridiculed accordingly.

Jim Eagle

Regarding VN restaurants: I proposed to Mrs. JiB at Nam Long in South Kensington in 1998 while the Flaming Ferraris were knocking back Mai Tai's:)


Thanks, Hit.


Thanks. Can't brag bc it all belongs to my parents, but if the Boca place seems like the better choice, it is attached to the Boca Hotel & Resort and overlooks the Intracoastal. Lots of space and plenty of lodging options.

Cooking and enjoying adult beverages with JOM folks would be a dream for me. Or we could cater it and relax. :)

Beasts of England

One of our Vietnamese restaurants is named Phuket.

Jim Eagle


Phony name, Phuket is a famous resort city in Thailand, Differernt cuisine believe me even though they play on words.

Go For Boca but bring lots of dollars.

I still say if you want to accommadate the most at cheapest cost then go cruise.


Thanks Hit... sorry Clarice,

Back and forth to the computer tonight as I'm in the middle of rearranging the kitchen cabinets, pantry, buffet, breakfront, etc. Where the hell does all that stuff come from? And why did I think I needed some of it? OMG.

I've got three sets of fine china. Four sets of everyday china and three sets of melamine china for outdoor use. Plus two sets of fine crystal (Waterford and Gorham), two sets of everyday glasses, two sets of casual stemware, and three sets of margarita/sangria glasses/pitchers and several sets of cocktail glasses.

And that doesn't count the china my mom has that she is giving to me (the whole purpose of the kitchen rearranging was to find room for the stuff from mom). Holy cow. I think I need an intervention.


Wouldn't that be Thai, I had that once, super spicy shrimp. I've had pho,twice, that great place off Conneticut Avenue, and one in North Miami, which was adequate.


I still say if you want to accommadate the most at cheapest cost then go cruise.

Well, I can rent the Cal ski lodge near Norden CA. It is very inexpensive, but *ahem* very rustic.

Beasts of England

Boca! Boca! Boca!


narc, Pho is really variable. The authentic joints are great, but those that are Americanized can be dreadful.

Eric in Boise

JoM guys secure in their manhood can always eat here.

I ate at another place in Portland with the same name, so I'm thinking it's not uncommon.

Jim Eagle

Boca is fine by me, Only 3 hrs away, But it is more expensive than a cruise,


I'll mention one other thing about Vietnamese restaurants: If you can, go with a native.

One fellow I hired back in the day was Vietnamese of Chinese extraction. He swam out of Vietnam when it fell. That was good enough for me, so I hired him.

Many years later he took me to a good Vietnamese place. He ordered off-menu, in Vietnamese, and occasionally the waiter would look at me with concerned eyes. He assured the waiter that I could take the heat.

What magnificent food. And food that I would otherwise never have had.

Beasts of England

Crap. Yes, it's a Thai restaurant. Narrative fail. ;)


I was thinking a weekend, JIB. Can one really book a weekend cruise for less than a Boca hotel? If so maybe we should go for it.

Jim Eagle


You can get 3 or 4 day cruises out of Port Canerval. Anyrthing is possible.


So as Patterico points out, a California judge has ruled that the death penalty is unconstitutional because there haven't been enough executions, that's the short hand,


You can cruise out of Canaveral or Miami on a 3 day Bahamas cruise on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line for as low as $200. Doesn't include all those crazy fees, though.


I don't recommend Carnival as they seem to catch fire, have engine failures or have an outbreak of sicknesses.

The problem with a cruise is no one can join it late. IF someone's schedule doesn't exactly sync, they won't go. Kind of a bummer if you want to get maximum attendance.

Jim Eagle

I am in Southampton July 26 to August 12.

Cruises are still the cheapest wasys to meet up.

If any ones wants to do the numbers, please do.


Well, the Cal lodge is $22-$25/night:



Jim Eagle

Somehow I see us meeting up in Salina, Kansas.



Did they ever pass that law in Palm Coast limiting the rentals of those gorgeous houses in Cinnamon Beach?

Those sleep 12-20 each for about $500-750 per night. We could get two or three of them and that would be about $60-75 a night each.

They are still listed on VRBO as available to rent...


Or we could rent several condos at Cinnamon Beach and split the condo rentals. Those rent for $175- 225 per night and are 2 to 3 BR rentals. That could be as low as $90 a night _assuming we each got a bedroom - less if we share. Lots of common areas to hang at and only 30 minutes south of St Augustine.


We could invade JiBs spot for parties. :)


I heard Odimbulb wanted 1.8 Billion to house 50,000 juvie border jumpers. Do the math. 36 thousand per kid. Seriously.


That sounds ideal, Stephanie!


yes, carnival has some mad juju, I was driving up this morning, and I caught Herman Cain's show, out of a Jacksonville station I think, better than Rick Sanchez, who had the local post rush hour slot back home, because of a Chinese curse I think, anyways his description of the situation was quite good, then he started pushing the Top Men strategy of not picking the most conservative senator in Georgia! because they don't have that much
individual impact, all the while touting Perdue over Kingston,


Salina is near the Eisenhower library and a Holiday Inn.

Jeff Dobbs

Somehow I see us meeting up in Salina, Kansas.

I just knew you'd go there! :)

If you take out the JOMers not in the lower 48, the geographic mid-point of all JOMers is . . . Altoona, KS, population 414.

If you go two hours from Altoon, you'd hit KC to the north, Wichita to the west, Joplin to the southeast and Tulsa to the south. Oh, and Salina is less than 3 hours to the northwest.

But I was thinking we really, really should try Amarillo.

Beasts of England

I remember the Cinnamon Beach links, Steph. Another good idea...

By the way, I'll offer to cook one night - I'll even bring my Ada Boni cookbook!


Hays or Russell. Like in the old KOMA days.



Some Guy


I have a shirt that has "Phuket" on it from the last time we were there, and whenever I wear it I see people sort of mouthing how they think the word should be pronounced. Nobody ever asks, but it's Poo Ket.


I really am open to anything that the maximum number of JOMers can attend. I know we'll have the grooviest party no matter where we go.

Jeff Dobbs

"Geographic center" is a measure of the shortest distance between JOMers. Even if there were 5,000 JOMers living with Marlene, the calculation would only count the distance from Maine once.

If you change the measure to "center of gravity" -- which weights for number of JOMers, the center moves a little east and north to . . . Morgantown, IN, population 986.

Looks like that would be somewhere about an hour south of Miss Marple.

Morgantown celebrates "Colonel Vawter's Day" in the third week of September. I'm just saying, it's probably a big party.

Rob Crawford
You can get 3 or 4 day cruises out of Port Canerval.

Back in the mid-80s my dad and I took a one-day party boat out of Port Canaveral. We saw:

o The ships used to track NASA launches.
o A missile sub in for something or other.
o Dolphins
o A Russian "fishing trawler"
o A pair of Tomcats buzzing the previous item

I caught nothing that day, but you can tell it's stuck with me regardless.


Those of us traveling by car could bring the kitchen essentials like flour, sugar, etc and the kitchens are awesome. The Publix is 5-10 minutes down the road and we'd get to see Frederick in his native habitat.

Beasts, that course used to host a SR PGA event and is an awesome one. JiB is a member. :) Plus the Cinnamon Beach resort has tennis courts, community pools (in addition to the ones that most of the houses have) and lots of running/walking trails. The condos aren't done in 'condo' furniture either but real comfortable usable furniture and the kitchens are stainless and granite and the balconies are fit for more than 2 people at a time.

And the houses, OMG a religious experience.

The nice thing about Florida is that every where in the US has cheap flights there. Kinda like Vegas without the hookers (ok without as many hookers). ;)

I prefer it to Amelia Island Plantation which is too full of itself and way pricey for what you get.

It depends on the numbers game... if you are talking 20 or so folks it would be easy to do Porch's parents and some hotel rooms or one or two of the houses at CB or 4 or 5 of the condos. If we are talking 50-60 folks, the cruise makes more sense just from booking/cash/flights.

Those of us with cars could arrive a little early for airport transfers so rentals would be kept to a minumum.

Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

Guys, come on. I can put everyone up, gratis.
You'll awake to the cheerful chirping of cute little ground squirrels....in your bed.
I have yet to see a bear on the trail to the outhouse, but I've never walked it at night and bears are kind of nocturnal, so....
Anyway, come one, come all.

The nearest liquor store is only about 25 miles. Well actually the nearest store is too. Well, the nearest human habitation.....


How about Bransen, Missouri... lots of hotels, casinos (always a feature I like), and it's kinda central to most everyone. Downside... getting there from anywhere. Flights would be a pain, and if it's not early fall, the weather would be a crapshoot.

Another plus for Florida is the weather. And the golf. And the weather.

We are preliminarily planning a trip to Universal in late Sept, so y'all should be glad I haven't mentioned it for a possibility. Golf, Citywalk, Roller Coasters, Harry Potter Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, Roller Coasters, lots of hotels, Roller Coasters, easy flights to get there,
Roller Coasters, great restaurants, Roller Coasters. :)

Oh yeah and we can all take a ride on this:


It's awesome :p

Soylent Red

Wherever you muldoons decide to have it, make up your minds early and I'll be there.

Re: Vietnamese food.

Lincoln, Nebraska was one of the refugee relocation sites for Vietnamese. So out in the land of big sky, big beef, and Big Red you can swing north on 27th street into Little Saigon and get some of the best Vietnamese food going. I got hooked on it in college because it was cheap and spicy and paired well with cheap beer. For those who don't know, Vietnamese food is like a cross between French cuisine and good Hunan.

Vietnamese people (at least the ones I've met) are very nice and hardworking as well.

Have you or Senor Gourd ever crossed paths with Guy Clark?



Vietnamese people (at least the ones I've met) are very nice and hardworking as well.

I'd say brutally competitive. When I was a TA at Berkeley, all the best students were Vietnamese. They were really bright and worked really hard. The Chinese were not the "problem," at least not then.

That's when the dinosaurs roamed the earth, so it may be different now.

Captain Hate

The ewok tearing up the twittosphere: http://twitchy.com/2014/07/16/preventing-access-ace-of-spades-calls-out-msm-for-parroting-dems-deceptive-terminology/


I'm game for whatever y'all decide.

Tampa and the Sarasota area are possibilities, too. I know some of y'all have business/homes there.

Also, some of y'all have panhandle connections, but it's much more difficult air wise to get to the panhandle than either coast of Florida.

Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

ValJar destroyed on twitter too for lying through her little hyrax peg teeth.
Lying little communist.
Oh for the days when creepy traitors like Alger Hiss had to hide.


This comment at the twitchy link is priceless!

Pendog • 8 hours ago
I read yesterday that man would prove the existence of aliens within 20 years. That didn't take long.


Danube on iPad

"California judge has ruled that the death penalty is unconstitutional"

That's a federal judge in CA, ruling that CA's DP is unconstitutional. That judge is Cormac Carney, a Bush 43 appointee whom the cogniscenti will recall as a fine wide receiver, first with the Air Force Academy and then with UCLA. HE was in my firm before going on the bench. Fine guy.

I have only read newspaper acoounts of his ruling, but ny reaction was that, while everything he says is no doubt true, where is the constitutional violation? Problem is, any appeal will be to the 9th Circuit, and will be "argued," if at all, by Jerry Brown's cuckoo AG. Game, set and match.

But take heart: a sentence to CA's death row is a joke, because the prisoner knows he will never be executed. Meantime, his life is actually quite cushy compared to what it would be in the general population of the prison. So send 'em out to the GP, and let nature take its course.


henry, 48 here at six am. Going to be mighty chilly at the Willy Nelson/Allison Krause concert in Interlochen this evening.

Haven't turned the furnace on though, nor worn long pants.


Balmy 52 here.

Miss Marple

Morning, all!

Morgantown is on the edge of the hilly area of southern Indiana, the portion that was not affected by the last glaciation. The terminal moraine for that episode runs just south of me, between my home and Martinsville.

The town is mainly known for its antique stores and an IGA grocery. They used to have a root beer stand/drive-in shaped like a barrel, but that closed about 20 years ago.

I probably won't be able to go unless your meet-up is within driving distance, but will enjoy everyone's discussions about it anyway.


Terrible internet access lately and late to the thread, but a comment on the AGW topic.

Because of where I am, I have been watching a lot of ABC TV (Australia Broadcasting Corp) lately, and they have been ferocious in their attacks on Aussie Prime Minister Abbott for carrying thru on his campaign pledge to eliminate the Carbon Tax.

The ABC (Australia's equivalent of the taxpayer supported BBC) has a number of reporters of the MSNBC mold that continually attack Abbott, and they have been so much over the top lately that a recently elected Liberal Senator McGrath has called for defunding of the ABC.

"Turning to the ABC, Senator McGrath said he had grown up listening to the ABC in country Queensland but that the broadcaster had "left people like me and my constituents behind".

"I want to support the ABC. I like the ABC.

"Yet while it continues to represent only inner-city leftist views, (Sound familiar?) and funded by our taxes, it is in danger of losing its social licence to operate.

"I'm calling for a review of the charter of the ABC and if they fail to make inroads to restore balance then the ABC should be sold and replaced by a regional and rural broadcasting service."

Right on, right on, right on, Senator McGrath!

It is worthwhile to keep Australia in mind during all of this, as they (the Left and Academia and the Media) are using their tools in a Saul Alinsky manner to target Abbott and are trying to destroy him in the way that they effectively destroyed Sarah Palin. So far Abbott has down a good job punching back.

Miss Marple

Hi, daddy!

I figured that Abbott was doing a good job as we never read much about him in our media. When that woman was in charge there were lots of stories about her, but she was a lefty.

The person we have who reminds me most of Abbott is Walker. Not a flashy guy but goes ahead with what he thinks is the right thing, and totally ignores the media and the dem hysteria types.

Miss Marple

Yahoo has been doing some surprising stories lately, This one is interesting.


Jeff Dobbs


Got this error message this morning:

Errors have been detected in the file c:\xxxx\xxxx\xxxxx\outlook.ost

ZOMGWTFBBQ! I Lernered my email!!!1!1!!

I can get away with anything now...

Ok, it was just a sync issue because my battery died and I had made changes in my archive folders that hadn't synced with the server yet - and outlook wouldn't open until I ran the repair tool.

But that's not what I'm telling the congressional investigators, though. I'm telling them all the emails are gonzo.

Sandy       WDC Delinda Est      Daze


Just passing by, and wanted to say, apropos the topic:


Either one stands with Steyn or one stands with the socailist-prog-commie-leftists BASTARDS who wish do do nothing more than control every aspect of our lives.



Re a meet up, I would vote for the small rural town IVO Miss Marple, in Indiana. Midwest is the best !

65F this morning in Va Bch. Had a tornado last Thursday and three inches of rain, which was much more damaging than Arthur's glancing attack the week prior.

Vires et Honestas,


Good morning, JOM! So nice to see Soylent again.. Didn't know that about Lincoln, Nebraska--I LOVE Vietnamese food!



Let us know when you plan to come into come into Manhattan this summer we'll meet up. If you want to waste a bunch of money (as my family did for my Father's Day gift) get youeself and Frederick tickets to the MCFC-LFC game at Yankee Stadium Wed July 30th. I'm sure it's a sellout at this point, so StubHub only.


Morning Miss Marple!

The ABC news folks, Rachel Maddow lookalikes, trot out their Lefty allies and shovel their loaded softball questions, but the good thing about Abbott is he still has the opportunity to stand on the floor of Parliament during question time and give it back to his questioners as hard as Maggie Thatcher used to give it back to her critics.

I've seen a couple real zingers from Abbott over the last few days mocking his over the top Chicken little questioners as pathetic in taking the once proud Liberal Party so low. His boxing training in College is serving him well, as he can throw a punch as well as take one. I love the guy and just hope he stays tough and principled.

Have been watching the British Open first round all day here in Guangzhou at an Irish Pub. Beautiful conditions at the Open.


sbw-when you check in, I have put up links to a UK article on how PUSH Buffalo is creating the new model for a community controlled economy for Post Industrial Cities. I point out what the article does not that it's all about tax dollars, but I thought you would want to read it.

PUSH buffalo was the cosponsor with MIT CoLab of the 2012 Economic Democracy Summit. Yesterday's link to TC that GMax thought was an Onion parody also came from following up on the summit.

All of the invasion migrants into these visions that are mostly sitting on various foundation websites. The problem is the foundations are working with the mayors and community colleges and now we are about to have WIOA.

We all have lives while bo builds this framework of intentional destruction with tax dollars and new debt.

Good morning everyone!!

The Panhandle would be fun, but Steph is right on airfare.



More Holder/Dem hypocrisy,

Miss Marple


I would guess that the Dow is not going to be hanging around at the 17,000+ peak it hit yesterday.


Daddy-- have you seen the video of the Boeing 787 air show, it was linked at the UK Daily Mail.


Someone like MelR can tell us better, but in our screwy Bearded Spock ZIRP World, the stock traders may love the layoffs, because it means MOAR QE Hopium from the Hobbit Fed Chair.


Blah blah blah on either side. It's a scam and you all know it but you are little men, on both sides, so the fiasco carries on, for one side failes to clean house and the other fails to cry CRIME!!!!


...but it *is* a crime.

Simple as can be.


The article did not mention that Dr. Christy was offered the Nobel Peace Prize (along with Al Gore) but declined. And as to the comment above deriding The University of Alabama at Huntsville, Huntsville has the contract to analyze US satellite climate data. Along with the Hadley Centre at the University of East Anglia it is a premier climate research center.

Sissy Willis

I'm frustrated that so many are saying the temperature has risen for the last 35 years when, in fact, it has leveled off for the last 17 years, according to what I have read.


So will they bringing the GUM store for preferred party members, Orwell it's a cookbook


Missed it NK. Hopefully we will have better internet service in Malaysia and I can view it then.

China has been terrible lately for internet. Google is totally dead in my location, and I am only able to open about 15 to 20 percent of the stories I click on, and when you try to refresh or go back you lose the server and have to shut down and reboot to try to start all over again. I think I read that the Chinese are on another internet Censorship campaign and there is some story out about them jailing a News reporter.


Dr Roy Spencer's website daily posts the UAH Sat temp charts; those plus RSS Sat Temp charts are the most reliable public record of temps during the 1979-present satellite era.

Miss Marple

South America is going to be hit with a huge temperature drop next week. The map Bastardi posted looks like a southern polar vortex.

There was record snow and cold in southern Australia last week.

I am planning on a bad winter and doing what I can to keep the heating bill down this winter.


Hi Soylent! Gourds did play with Guy Clark at least once that I remember - at an outdoor show in Nacogdoches, a pretty little East Texas town where I believe hit and run has spent some time. I actually drove out to that one (it was pre-kids). They might have had other shows together that I don't know about.

Good to see you and glad you are down for the JOM party, wherever it may be.


Daddy-- Farnsborough rehearsal video. if you want to save it, here's a link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-2694186/Fasten-seatlbelt-Dramatic-video-shows-Boeing-Dreamliner-perform-stunts.html?ito=video_player_click


NK, MS at 18,000 layoffs will be seen as a bold move. The expectation was 10-15,000. My two cents is it is not enough as the big blue fruit combine dooms the windows franchise.


MissM-- BTW, our rosebed that we started in 2013. The harsh winter killed one plant, and I thought a second as well. Rather than digging out the second, because it was at the end of the bed, my wife insisted we keep an eye on it. And last week the most beautiful yellow rose blossomed from the new green stems. Sometimes there are pleasant surprises in nature.


Shocking Ad Offers More Than $6K Per Month to House Illegal Immigrant Minors



You are all welcome to the cabin in the woods. How about mid-January? : ) We'll be on the west coast of FL next March. We also have plans to travel out west,probably later in 2015,to celebrate our 40th.

Jeff Dobbs

Nacogdoches, a pretty little East Texas town where I believe hit and run has spent some time.

"Spent" . . . "done" - what difference at this point does it make?



I was able to change my flight to the day before. If you can make it to Ft Lauderdale. I'll ask if I can bring you to the meet and greet.

Captain Hate

Welp, after Forrest Gump was tossed out overwhelmingly in the largest primary turnout in his district, he is now under consideration to replace Reince Priebus. And people wonder why we call it the party of stoopid.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate, Reince is apparently not as well versed in the careand feeding of big ticket donors, hence the push for Forrest Gump.

Whenever I am tempted to think maybe those donors have our interests at heart, I always remember that one of the biggest moversand shakers is Georgette Mosbacher, the Kim Kardashian of the GOP.


Wile E Coyote facepalm, Captain,


"Ich bin ein Denier!"

I deny that Anthropomorphic Global Warming has any significant impact on climate.

I deny that Global Climate Change is having a net negative impact on life on Earth.

I deny that Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere is a pollutant.

I deny that alternative energy sources have Socialist solutions.

I deny that any Science is Settled.

I deny that those funded by Politicians seek Scientific truth.


Dear Anthropomorphic "global disruption" advocates,

Please answer two questions:

1) Which comes first, rising levels of CO2, then increased warming temps; or increased warming temps, then rising CO2 levels and what data support you claim?

2) How is it that CO2 levels three million years ago were equal to those of today?

"Atmospheric CO2 at highest levels in 3 million years"

Then there's the context in which to place NWS records, the one on which most of you rely to claim "massive" rising temps due to industrialization:

"Western Europe experienced a very cold climate between 1560 and 1850 that brought dire consequences to its peoples" (http://www2.sunysuffolk.edu/mandias/lia/little_ice_age.html).

Please note, the author of the above *agrees* that humans are causing planetary warming.

"The LIA is a period between about 1300 and 1870 during which Europe and North America were subjected to much colder winters than during the 20th century. The period can be divided in two
phases, the first beginning around 1300 and continuing until the late 1400s. There was a slightly warmer period in the 1500s, after which the climate deteriorated substantially. The period between 1600 and 1800 marks the height of the Little Ice Age."

The Industrial Revolution occurred smack dab in the middle of that second period, c. mid-1700s.

According to Penn State meteorological department (http://www.meteo.psu.edu/holocene/public_html/shared/articles/littleiceage.pdf), temps during that period _dropped approximately .6 C_.

The result (see the SUNY article) was, to put it just as sensationally as the IPCC, famine and death, storms and cataclysms.

Thus, the claim that "Temperatures already have climbed about 0.8 degree Celsius ... since the industrial revolution..." is placed in context.

With the LIA as context--and the following "massive" temp increases of, er, cough, .2 C (.8 - .6 =.2) above the norm during the 20th and 21st Centuries--a rise of .8 C becomes, shall we kindly say, less dramatic. Indeed, one might say--given current hysteria induced calls for drastic political solutions to prevent THE END OF THE WORLD--problematic.

Finally, using "consensus" to support your argument is relying on a logical fallacy, argumentum ad populum, to validate your argument. What else have ya got?

Doubting Thomas

Miss Marple

Why is it that studies funded by oil companies are always bad, but studies funded by environmental groups are good? One would think conflict of interest would work both ways.

I know, silly question.

Captain Hate

I've never felt such a disconnect from the party. It's like Reagan never existed.

Miss Marple

What drives me crazy, Captain Hate, is that I don't believe they have any concept for what life is like outside the Beltway and upper echelons in New York.

We never hear them talking about high food prices, or how student loans are killing the future for thousands of grads, or how people cannot afford to travel or buy new furniture, etc.

They don't understand how demoralizing it is to see how foreign policy collapse, along with our influence in the world.

I guess the border mess will at least wake up a few, as it is such a blatant violation of our sovereignty and security.

Captain Hate

Levin: Why would any news host ask Rove why a President won't secure the border?


But I was thinking we really, really should try Amarillo

Lets ask the Captain

Tampa and the Sarasota area are possibilities, too

I could bring the boat down to Clearwater( Tampa/St Pete/Clearwater). Might have to do boat trips in shifts if the group gets too large, but at the dock the more the merrier. I think capacity would be around 15-20 due to number of lifejackets, again party at the dock is much higher.

James D.

MM & CH, I agree.

Overgeneralizing, I think that DC (and NYC, LA, etc) attract hyper-ambitious, hyper-confident people who think they can do anything, and who believe that words and images define reality.

And in their daily lives, that's how it works. The MSM (nothing but words and images) drives events and creates (and alters) perceptions of what's going on.

Elections are all about words and images - cleverly named bills, rhetoric divorces from the actual results of legislation, etc. - and it usually works there, too.

And they spend their lives 24/7 surrounded by people who are just like them. People who are used to manipulating the audience and the voters; people who truly believe that "optics" are more important than facts.

And they don't even know it, because it's their entire world. After all, fish don't know they're wet.


JamesD-- I think you are dead right about words and images and manipulation. I have always thought that the reason the Obamacare rollout got away from this administration so badly was because it was being run by politicians who thought they could BS their way out of anything. Then they found out that you can't BS your way out of technology disasters. It works or it doesn't.


Why would any news host ask Rove anything?

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