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July 07, 2014


Captain Hate

The coal counties of Ohio have seen through Gaylord Focker since 2008.


Solar panels and butter!

Here in beautiful sunny California our power is now 50% more expensive than in Texas, I recently read. Industry is fleeing California because of its #1 in the nation income taxes and all sorts of other penalties just as bad as on energy and taxes.

And Jerry Brown is bragging about our "surplus". California is the real life equivalent of the film "Grey Gardens".

Everything looks proper on the outside while internally it is all falling apart.

As Obama says "Let 100 Muriettas bloom" the underpinnings are giving way.

Danube on iPad

Who the hell listens to anything Obama says these days?




NYT slant these days is interesting. Clearly they are dumping on the Progs, and supporting HildaBeast to the hilt. I guess the old white Lib Dems made Pinch a better offer than the Progs.


Industry is fleeing California because of its #1 in the nation income taxes and all sorts of other penalties just as bad as on energy and taxes.

Yay! Then the air and water are getting cleaner!


In America, we don’t have to choose between the health of our economy and the health of our children.

Beating up strawmen again, I see.


OT, sorry if linked - good news in Colorado. Hick and Beauprez are tied in the first post-primary poll.

I had a feeling when Hick fake-apologized to the sheriffs that he knew he was in trouble.


Mark Folkestad

CH, will the rest of Ohio firm up? I'm praying that no mortal damage is done before we can regain the presidency and the Senate.

Matt, if I partially chicken out on my Alaska plans and buy a pre-existing home outside of Craig, with the advantages of no RE tax, grid power, landline phone, cable TV and, within a few months, upgrade of the cable to allow for broadband internet, the rate for that electricity will be substantially lower than the national average. It is generated by a hydroelectric installation above falls that are impassible to spawning salmon, thus not an environmental headache, and since the power grid on Prince of Wales Island does not tie into Ketchikan or any other island, the rate will not go up because Alaska Power & Telephone can't sell "surplus" power to other utilities hard-pressed to replace their coal plants. Nice. But whether I take the coward's way or go ahead with my off-grid small island plans, my place will be available for JOMO Tribe gatherings, and I could host refugees from Warmista strongholds as they make their own resettlement plans!


Good Morning!

Switched over to CNN this morning to see if the trial of the Israeli's had started yet, but I see the story they are pursuing at the moment is a Left wing newspaper in the New York City's West Village, running a pro-Obama story headlined "The N______ In The White House."

One of the Talking Head's on that channel doing a bit of damage control says that "the piece is making an important point, do some people dislike the president because of his color?", but he thinks it is inappropriate to say it in that way.


heh, then again except for Gates,none of these are worth reading:


Captain Hate

will the rest of Ohio firm up?

Depends on the quality of the GOP candidate.


CH, that will get you innuendo.

Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

--do some people dislike the president because of his color?--

Almost certainly, but I submit many more like him because of his color and they are just as retarded for doing so as the others and their excusing the harm he has done and the legion of idiocies he has perpetrated is, in the long run, more harmful to blacks than the people who dislike him because of his shade.

Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

As laudable as it is for the Times to peek out and see reality they only touched on half the story. They hinted at the other half with this;

Ms. Wong, the spokeswoman for Mr. Steyer’s political organization, said Mr. Steyer had invested heavily both in creating jobs in the emerging clean-energy industry and in training workers for those positions.

Steyer is not just a hypocrite for funding coal while espousing altruism he is an even bigger one for pretending his alleged altruism does not also carry just as big a conflict as his previous fossil fuels position.
He's on the warpath against coal because he'll make a bunch of money from his investments "in creating jobs in the emerging clean-energy industry".

He's spending $100 million not to save the planet but to kill his competitors.

Mark Folkestad

Well said, Iggy!

Captain Hate

Someone send this to that idiot Purdy:





The NYT proves that Steyer is a hypocrit AND a liar?... nice bit of work.

Jack is Back! (In the USA)

As I have noted before, the problem is how coal is used to generate electricity. I is used in over 90% of the plants as "baselolad". IOWs the utility has undeniable faith in dispatching this power because of its reliabiility and availability at very high (over 300mx) loads. The big plants are in the 1,000 to 1,500mw range. When it gets to hot they can bring on peaking power plants that use NG or Oil. The other baseload dispatch plants are the nukes.

Rrenewables are a PC appeasement by the utilities and require and equal amount of either baseload or peaking capacity to back it up. This day and age most major baseload coal fired plants are backend fitted with not just precipitators and/or baghouses but scrubbers that reduce SO2 emissions considerably. Note how the acid rain discussion has run dry the last 10-15 years?

This is not a war on coal. This is a war on productivity, growth, quality of living and economic freedom. The growth of electric power capacity (and that means baseload, which means either coal or nuke) is linked to the growth in GDP and vis a versa. The corollary's are exhaustive.

As the good Commies they are, the Greens and Dems see this as good for the children but it is really only another arrow in the quiver of "Kill America".


We don't need coal, we can just sit shivering in the cold and the dark! Steyer, he has a big enough stash that he can afford the slight hit.

BTW, his $100 MM is a very dumb bet. Aint no way, the Democrats don't take a huge paddling in November. He could just the burn the cash in his pellet stove and get more bang for the buck...



Beasts of England

But, he's a good billionaire, not some evil billionaires like the Kochs. Cut the guy some slack. Team Blue!!

miss Marple

I have noticed that Joe Bastardi has been repeatedtedly posting about the record amounts of sea ice in Antarctica. They just got the pass T Glacier cleared about 2 weeks ago, where there was around 80 feet on the road. There was still snow in the passes at Yellowstone when I was ther on the 28th of June.

If we have another bad winter people are not going to be accepting of brown outs, blackouts and high energy prices. If the fall is cold some good ads could target those who are getting money from Steyer.

Dave (in MA)

Heads up, MA JOMers, tornado warning in Middlesex County until 5:30.

Beasts of England

This guy's rapidly becoming one of my favorite columnists. After Clarice, of course...



It’s time to cut foreign aid to countries that won’t stop their citizens from entering the U.S. illegally, says … John McCain?


So making coal power more expensive to prompt a shift away from coal power won't actually make power more expensive. Uh huh.

And coal externalities have no cost.

Uh huh.

Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

1 Adam 12; we have reports of a dead strawman at 5:16.


Externalities. Sheesh.



Jack is Back! (In the USA)

In order for me to travel from Rome to America, I had to:

1. Show I had a boarding pass.
2. That I had a legitimate passport issued by the USA or another country not on the visa program
3. At security I had to take off my belt, my shoes, remove my tablet and laptop, take out all my change and other metal objects, put my jacket on the belt - all to be Xrayed.
4. I had to walk through a metal detector and if the bell went off I was either wanded or frisked.
5. If it was today, I would have to power up my phone, my compiuter and mytablet to show it is working.
6. Upon arriving in the USA I had to wait in line and show my passport, answer a few questions, fill out a customs form - all this in order to enter the country.

We do this in the name of securtiy and immigration enforcement.

Now on our Southern border for some reason, you don't have to do this if you walk across or sneak across. And then once you get here, we don't retrospectively have you show a passport or visa, or take off your shoes, your belt and walk through a metal detector because we know, we know, we know that you would never bring a weapon or a bomb or a chemical or biological device with you. Hell we even know you don't have a cell phone and if you do it probably works so why turn it on to find out.

Not only that, think about all the airfare you saved.

Beasts of England

Why do you have to suggest cost externalities from coal? If they truly exist, just list them and quantify their financial impact. Should be easy, right, Fubar?


Ask some eagles about the externalities of wind power.


The Cult of Externalities

Rick B

"If we have another bad winter people are not going to be accepting of brown outs, blackouts and high energy prices."

Miss Marple,

Joe Bastardi predicted a bad winter in comments to the El Nino flop article at WUWT. My hummingbird feeder usually needs refilling every other day and I've noticed it's already stretched to four days. They're heading south about three weeks early this year.


According to this morning's Politico, the US House is looking at passing that Workforce and Innovation Act I am so worried about under a 'suspension of rules.' The House plans to take up the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act this week, the massive jobs and workforce education bill the Senate passed in June. "WIOA would update the workforce system by placing a fresh emphasis on partnerships between businesses and workforce training organizations and overhauling the employment system for young people with disabilities. The House is considering WIOA under suspension of the rules, which indicates members think it will be easy to pass. No amendments will be offered and two-thirds of members will have to vote for the bill for it to pass."

I have read it and we are royally screwed as is any concept of federalism if that passes.


Ask some eagles about the externalities of wind power.

Not available for comment.

I think Fubar just wanted use the word "externalities" without worrying about the non sequitur/strawman aspect.


Love this new guide to Personalized Learning that was altruistically underwritten by Intel. http://www.iste.org/about/media-relations/2014/06/30/new-guide-for-personalizing-learning-unveiled-at-iste-2014-in-atlanta

As frau noted this morning Adolph seems to have had more obstacles in establishing Fascism there than we are having here.

Beasts of England

lol, jimmyk! It is a very important sounding word, huh? Probably on the SAT and everything. Five syllables - argument over!! ;)


"Externalities," reminds me of the Rickey Henderson exchange with a hotel cashier when Rickey said he wanted to pay for his "accidentals."


Also noted "On this day 33 years ago Ronald Reagan nominated Sandra Day O'Connor to become the first female justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. Considered a federalist and moderate conservative, O'Connor served until 2006."

In 2006 O'Connor found a far more lucrative way to fund her retirement. She joined the Rockefeller Foundation as a trustee. Now I am not wondering why she was pushing those Civic Mission of the Schools reports that I saw as the antithesis of what the Founders had in mind.


To be fair, he might have been referring to positive externalities.

Jack is Back! (In the USA)

Does anyone believe this flood of immigrants is a surprise to the Regime? I believe it is a contrived event to envoke handwringing sympathy for the humanity of it all. But what they forgot was is that they have a complete idiot and incompentent manchild in charge to respond to that kind of event.


Respond? He is responding.

He is being flexible.


JiB, a brilliant scheme cooked up by the "Fast & Furious" bran* trust.

*the JEF uses up all I's as they become available. Brain without I is bran, which tastes like cardboard and increases the admin's main output.


Does anyone believe this flood of immigrants is a surprise to the Regime?

Er. Not me.

Mexico has long maintained tight security at their southern border.

Under the Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony, punishable by up to two years in prison. Immigrants who are deported and attempt to re-enter can be imprisoned for 10 years. Visa violators can be sentenced to six-year terms. Mexicans who help illegal immigrants are considered criminals.

The law also says Mexico can deport foreigners who are deemed detrimental to “economic or national interests,” violate Mexican law, are not “physically or mentally healthy” or lack the “necessary funds for their sustenance” and for their dependents.


If it's true that many of these new invaders originated from countries adjacent to that southern border (and why should we simply believe that, btw?), there can only be one reason:

The US and Mexican governments struck a deal.

What did we pay the Mexican government to open their southern border, escort these people up through their entire country, and send them to us?

Rick B

"I believe it is a contrived event to envoke handwringing sympathy for the humanity of it all."

My bet is that it's intended as a sop to Hispanics -evidence of the Fascist commitment to "help". I have sincere doubts as to its efficacy.

"Jose, this is Juan. I want you to show him the ropes this afternoon, he'll be taking your place starting tomorrow morning."

Jeff Dobbs

Miss Marple:
There was still snow in the passes at Yellowstone when I was ther on the 28th of June.

No more snow on any roads in YNP at this point.

Unfortunately, my pics of Old Faithful came out blurry, so we'll skip those.

Tetons from Cottonwood Creek pullout:

Tetons from Jenny Lake overlook:

Grand Prismatic Springs, Midway Geyser Basin:

Lower Falls of the Yellowstone, Artist Point:


Let's face it. These "children" didn't walk 1,000 miles through Mexico in the summer, avoiding cities, Federales, and camping out in the desert, just to get to the US border. Their parents didn't just send them across over Mexico's southern border with a compass, a map, a string and a fish-hook.

The whole thing was clearly staged by the US government.

Jeff Dobbs

Found a pool hall in Driggs. Yay!


It's in Mexico's interest to send Mexicans over the US border. The only reason they could possibly have to allow illegal immigrants through their southern border is that they've been paid to do so, with the understanding that the immigrants wouldn't remain in Mexico.


Isn't that obvious?

Beasts of England

I certainly agree, Extraneus. And can someone tell me how a mass, premeditated, coordinated violation of federal law is not a Constitutional crisis? A few more years of this crap and I may become a bit cynical...


Btw, people are saying that some of these new invaders were from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Check out the map. Only Guatemala and Belize border Mexico.


Anyone from Honduras or El Salvador would have to first make it through Guatemala or Belize.

Drudge was talking this morning about a 4-year-old who came across unaccompanied. Are we to believe that kid made it all the way by himself?

Rick B

"The whole thing was clearly staged by the US government."


Absolutely. The intent was to generate iconic images of very slender (preferably ribs showing), small in stature and obviously young Indios to jerk some tears. What showed up, due to BOzo's Merde Touch, was Los Gorditos with cerveza bellies and two day beards.

It just ain't what ValGepetto, BOzo and Mooch envisioned at the hash party in the WH residence where the 'planning' took place.

Captain Hate

Time to tune up the world's smallest violin:



There is a pipeline from Central America to our border. The coyotes buy off the officials and the deal is that the illegals don't stay in Mexico. This is big business at work.

Once they get to Nogales or El Paso or across the Rio Grande they get picked up by minivans and driven to the next stop, usually a safe house.

They can then get an airline ticket or bus ticket anywhere they need to go.

Jim Miller

Every once in a while, you learn something from an unexpected source. A year or so ago, I learned from my Puget Sound Energy bill that about one-third of their electricity comes from coal plants. And this in the part of the United States that has the most hydro.

And in spite of the fact that Washington voters passed a referendum forcing a switch to more reliance on "renewables" -- a group that does not include hydro, hard as that may be to believe.

One result of that referendum is that, from time to time, the power managers have to throw away very cheap hydro, in order to buy expensive wind power.

(PSE serves more than 1 million electric customers, most of them in the Seattle suburbs. A city-owned utility, Seattle City Light, serves the city.)


I admit I'm given to thoughts of DOOM, but seriously. If the whole thing was a conspiracy all along (and not just recently, but for years, which it had to be), how is it possible that no House Republicans have asked to subpoena the Dept of State emails? Bad backup policy?

Btw, I have no fantasies about this. I've seen enough mafia movies to know that this was all done verbally, by underlings, with plausible deniability for the top dogs. But what about the money? We had to have paid the Mexicans.


What is being done to stem the tide? What is the FBI doing to investigate the IRS scandal
What is Obama doing to help the Ukranians besides sending food?
What is happening with the investigation into the Benghazi lies?
it seems to me that everything hasstalled out. Investigations lead nowhere and Bammy and company are trying to wish all the scandals away. "Not a smidgen of corruption" Even I know the logical follow-up there was Why take the Fifth ala Ms Lerner and how come so many meetings at the WH. Answer please and don't give your usual bs lecture or we will start to treat you like the dog you are.


I guess the answer is... Big Coyote.


For the Allman fans:



Narciso's 02:56 link is on Hillary's lousy showing on "The Hawking Scale," a scale created by taking a look at a particular book's reviewers, and coming up with a number for when they quit reading in that particular book. Hillary's latest effort is a stinker in that regard, tho' not as terrible a stinker as Piketty's Neo-Marxist stinker.

The link says that the scale is based on Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time," apparently another book that got put out to the Used Bookstore pasture well before the average guy slogged past the first few chapters.

I recall reading the thing about 20 years ago, and ultimately crossing the end line, but my opinion was that it was poorly written. Hawking's seemed to me to have a real problem expressing himself understandably, in easily understandable language.

I specifically recall his difficult to follow explanation of the time travel relativity bit; why someone moving at a great speed in relation to someone stationary would cause one to age at a different rate relative to someone else. He did it not using the speed example, but instead using gravity fields (i.e.) locations on mountain tops versus mountain valleys. I thought it excessively convoluted, and it resulted in a lot of head-scratching and very slow rereading on my part to try to decipher his meaning.

Ultimately I read Steven Greene's great sentence in one of his books explaining the thing, wherein he simply said that

1) Einstein said that everything is moving thru time at the speed of light,

2) yet any motion thru space is subtracted from that speed of light motion thru time,

3) therefore the faster one's speed through space, that person will age slower relative to somebody who is not moving so fast through space, since that other person is moving faster thru time.

Explained in those simple terms, it obviated a full clunky chapter of Hawking's for me, and I suspect if he had just said that instead of screwing around with gravity and mountains, he would have a much better Hawking number than he's got.

And to show that it wasn't simply a fault of this reader, that reminds me of Feynman's excellent short book Feynman's Lost Lecture: The Motion of Planets Around the Sun

Feynman said he decided to come up with his own geometric method of explaining the orbital motions of the planets around the sun because he couldn't understand Newton's explanation! Ha!

Specifically, I 'couldn't follow Newton's argument due to its use of obscure conic section properties' LOL.

So if Feynman couldn't understand Newton, then I don't mind proudly saying I couldn't unscramble whatever the hell Hawking's was aiming at:)

Jack is Back! (In the USA)

The talking heads are so confused. Instead of talking about the law for Central American immigrants (hearings versus deportation) why are they not asking: "Why now?"

How come not 2 years ago or 6 months ago? Why now? What has changed?

Poll numbers?


Big Coyote is so big that there aren't enough Mexicans to keep it in the black. They need to import Guatemalans, Hondurans and El Salvadorans, and bribe their way up through 1,000 miles of desert in order to make their revenue targets.

Dave (in MA)

Gregg Allman was hospitalized last week for an undisclosed illness and canceled/postponed a bunch of shows with his side band.


It is about 120 days until the great liberation inthe Senate. I am starting to mark a calendar counting down the days. My husband and I will be working at the polls so I am counting on all the JOMers to keep me posted on elections in your states.We only have a governor race and some rep races in Ohio but our chances of getting the 2016 Repub convention look promising. Our only competition now is Dallas. I think it would help the GOP take Ohio in 2016 if the convention is held here.


time to break out the updated energy flow diagram


click on the source data to find the underlying numbers. a note: renewables on that graph include hydroelectric, solar, wind, and biomass (table 10.1 gives all the details).

Beasts of England

@daddy - Hawking is seriously flawed in that theory. And this analogy may be appropriate for you: think of flying in a plane at 500 mph - you don't feel it because you are shielded by the airframe, much as we're shielded on Earth by our atmosphere in hurling through space.

Time and age are independent of those external forces. If his theory were correct, full-time pilots would look forever like thirty year olds, and live to be 120. Sorry! ;)

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

I wish one lousy news reporter would ask even half of the questions that get raised here at JOM.
Is this border insanity being covered in the MFM?


I don't buy into conspiracies, Ext.

But if I did, it would include the President of Mexico lecturing congress on immigration.

White House, Democrats Applaud Mexican President Slamming Arizona Law


That I know of McClintock was alone in his indignation:



The entire federal government consists of democrat public sector union workers. And it certainly seems like the corruption has infiltrated every agency. The DOJ is certainly not an exception asnd I suspect house has been cleaned in the FBI and CIA.

We're toast.

Dave, did any tornadoes touch down?


I'm waiting for the Seals to do a rescue op of the US Marine imprisoned in Tijuana.

Unfortunately they'd have to get the go ahead from this CIC, so not gonna' happen.


that is an odd way to explain it, time dilation is the easier and clearer explanation,

Jack is Back! (In the USA)

Ex has done a tremendous job covering the email losses and computer literacy of this topoic but I have to wonder why the media including Fox News hasn't gone into the forensic detail that Ex has?

If yoiu are a reporter wouldn't you want to find someone with an expertise in computer systems to use as a resource insetead of relying on what you think based on your use of a computer?

This is a dereliction of fundamental jouranlism but not surprising since it is predicated on protecting everyone with your own gimlet eye.

Captain Hate

our chances of getting the 2016 Repub convention look promising. Our only competition now is Dallas.

I've never given this any credence for a variety of reasons. I think the choice will be Dallas and it always has been.


Via Geraghty today we have yet another datapoint on exactly how large an @ss whupping is brewing up for November. Read it and just giggle at folks like FUBAR who are going to take an absolute thrashing:

John Couvillon of JMC Enterprises in Louisiana examined the turnout in states that had contested primaries for both Democrats and Republicans in statewide races this year and four years ago — 14 states so far.

Here’s what he found, compared to four years ago:

Republican enthusiasm (percentage-wise) is stronger than it was in 2010, and (2) overall turnout volume is lower than in 2010, although Democratic turnout volume has deceased far more than Republican turnout.

Republicans made up 55 percent of the turnout four years ago; this year they’re 63 percent of the turnout


Deceased probably was meant to be decreased, but I think deceased and Democrat turnout kinda rolls off the tongue, don't it?


Rick B

To put Los Gorditos invasion in perspective:

Legal Permanent Resident (Green Cards) issued

2011 - 1,062,040
2012 - 1,031,631
2013 - 990,553

Clearly, BOzo's Merde Touch affects legal immigration as much as it does the birth rate or employment. Los Gorditos don't come close to making up for people who decided to pass on the opportunity to come to BOzoland.


so for 40 years of favors and subsidies wind and solar make up 3.3% and 17.1% of total renewable energy supply in the US. Total renewable supply (which includes hydro and biomass) is 8.49% of total supply in the US. So solar and wind make up .28% and 1.48% of total US supply.


well clearly the dog that didn't bark, were the emails Judicial Watch was able to turn up.

About Mexico's gloved fist policy, one can consider how they return Cuban emigres,when
they tried to ingress, which is somewhat ironic as their interior minister in 1956, sent the reason for said immigration to Cuba
that same yrar,

Beasts of England

I'm surprised that Birmingham is courting the Dim convention. I think that Alabama is the second reddest state, and bringing in a bunch of commies sure ain't gonna move the needle in the Heart of Dixie. Well, not in the way the lefties hope.

Captain Hate

I'm surprised that Birmingham is courting the Dim convention.

Those deadbeats never pay their bills. Duke Power threw a lot of money to paying off their last convention accounts payable. Grifters and lowlifes; and that's being charitable.



I think I still look like a 30 year old! At least that's what I'm told on layovers in the Philippines, Khazakstan, or Bangkok:)

Everywhere else I'm pretty much just another fat, baldheaded white guy, who feels about 120:(

Guess it's e = mc2 Relative!


i think Dallas has the better bars and strip clubs.


Jeff Dobbs

Time and age are independent of those external forces.

More externalities that have no cost.


The 4 y.o. was accompanied by a 17 y.o.cousin. Gov Brewer said there were even kids from China and India in the detention center she visited.

miss Marple

Although not strictly MSM, Bret Baier covered the immigration thing pointing out the government job ad for unaccompanied minors crossing the border. Stephen Hayes pointed out that it was the number of minors in the ad (65,000) and the date (January 29). Krauthammer said that ad was one of the reasons that Republicans are so suspicious about the whole thing.

Mara started attempting to deflect it and talked about the Senate mix migration reform bill, and Brett asked her if there was anything that would have stopped this flood in the bill. Kraut said no, and it was ridiculous to act like it would have helped.


All of the relevant emails were sent to Nicole Flax. Why hasn't she been questioned?


More than the usual Horde venting;


Rick B


Look on the bright side - economists now have clear data to document the elasticity of demand break point for energy. Unexpectedly, it ain't quite as inelastic as imagined.

I'll be very interested in watching the gymnastics which the NBER will perform in order to avoid declaring a recession after the Q2 results are in. The 'pent up consumer demand' appears to have the same general quality as the SkyDragon atmospheric 'heat' which escaped to the abyssal deep.

Dave (in MA)

Jane: https://twitter.com/David_Leavitt/status/486286199040909313/photo/1 Funnel cloud over Boston Harbor

We just got a bit of drizzle while I was watering the veggies.

Captain Hate

Mara started attempting to deflect it and talked about the Senate mix migration reform bill, and Brett asked her if there was anything that would have stopped this flood in the bill. Kraut said no, and it was ridiculous to act like it would have helped.

Once again, thanks to McRINO and the other Repuke clowns that McTurtle loaded into the car to create a convenient strawman for obfuscation purposes. Seriously, what a sad excuse for an opposition party.


you really need a program to tell the players;


Beasts of England

Houston has the very best, rich. Or so I've been told...

lol, daddy and hit!

@Captain: I had a pretty good chunk of DUK - that was paying a sporty dividend and kicking ass - when I heard about their sponsorship. I had to punt after that. It used to be a non-issue investing in companies with relatively traditional or neutral political philosophies. No longer true. Glad I got out of AAPL before the little turd at the helm of their corporate ship made his asinine global warming statements. And don't get me started on BRK.A.


I know a dog bites man,


previously on Charleston Blue, aka Shamless, it was suspected that Delko was on of th bad guys, well not exactly,


Gov Brewer said there were even kids from China and India in the detention center...

But Obama told me all countries are "exceptional"...

Why come here?


We have enough downtown hotel space and some darn good restaurants. However Dallas is well Dallas so it is a tough competition for us.
Jane: Nicole Flax- the next lynchpin to square the circle. My guess is it goes higher than her but Obama will not be implicated. Even ValJar and Pfieffer would fall on their swords for him.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Just remember if you ever think about parking some jack in electric utilities, Beasts; Ayers father ran one. Actually some smaller ones might be ok but there's too much potential for the state commissions to screw 'em for my liking. Having toiled for one which no longer exists, I've seen sausage making from the inside.

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