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July 07, 2014



narciso: Remember in 2008 when driver's licences for illegals were a big taboo and cost Hillary some stature in the debate?
Now they are a feature instead of a bug. I think all states should review their states rights statutes and tell Obammy to pound sand.

Beasts of England

That was my first and only utility stock, Captain. And not exactly the risk/reward band for my typical investment, but it was highly touted by my stock jock and I had no complaints about the returns.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

maryrose, I see a huge potential for scuzzbucket protestors to embarrass everybody. Cleveland's a donk city which will probably never change. Plus the entire convention bidness is nothing but a shell game for dying cities to pay off the mobbed up unions. To hell with them all.


That's TC territory Dave. I'm gonna text him.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Beasts, they've often been a good place to park money during a downturn. Lots of energy mutual funds do very well.

Rob Crawford
Gov Brewer said there were even kids from China and India in the detention center she visited.

Walked here, did they? Just WTF is Canada doing to stop them?


Gov Brewer said there were even kids from China and India in the detention center she visited.

The Illegal Immigration battle is a huge topic down under, and the Aussie Left continues screaming at the top of their lungs about the Abbott Administrations following thru on their campaign promise to stop illegal immigration: There's no turning back on boats for Morrison

Much back and forth in the comments. The Aussie Left as I recall said that they were against Illegal Immigration, but even more against any efforts that might actually stem Illegal Immigration. Sound familiar?

FWIW, here is a small map of the eastern Indian Ocean:

It is relatively easy to see that if you were in a boat leaving Sri Lanka for asylum, there are multiple countries nearby other than Australia to land, including the undepicted Maldives. And yes the Cocos, Keeling Islands, are Aussie territory and much nearer than the Aussie continent, but it seems that it is somewhat of a similar case to our southern border, wherein people from China and India and Central America sure are coming one heck of a long way if they don't have a particular destination in mind.


despite the raisingg of the Cochran,



It appears Murrieta won today's match. More to come on Friday, with chance of bonus weekend news cycle ICE SWAT participation. They sent the bus to TK's neighborhood instead.


Posted by: Rick B | July 07, 2014 at 08:08 PM -

you're gonna make an economist all misty eyed.

I've been wondering how they will massage the numbers to prevent a recession call as a well. maybe +.1% growth and the President can go on a road campaign for Recovery Summer VI.

one thing in all of this I wish I would have been more clear headed about is buying a car that gets 15 mpg ... yikes. think I've driven it only about 100 miles in the last few weeks.


>>>Houston has the very best, rich. Or so I've been told...<<<

sure beasts ...

they should just have them here and make them 1 day.


Posted by: maryrose | July 07, 2014 at 08:26 PM-

motor voter ... the gift that keeps on giving.

Beasts of England

Great link, henry! All this push-back must be a little unnerving to the fascist progs. They've been allowed to be bullies for so damned long that I bet they never thought that rubber band would snap back. Wait until it really releases! Those cowards will never understand...

Rick B


An econ prof would charge you $1K per unit to learn something you can figure out by staring at your parked car. I liked CH's link on the number of people who are discovering how much not going to the movies costs.

It's almost as if the anti-deflation ZIRPgun has run out of bullets. All over the world. At one time.

Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

Memorandum headline;
John Walsh Takes on NRA, Vows to Continue Piers Morgan's Gun-Control Campaign on CNN

The first rule of a-holes.


Beasts, read the comments. La Raza showed up wearing ski masks & flying a Mexican Flag. Even if the Feds don't club the protestors, those thugs will.

Beasts of England

John Walsh will have just as much luck as Shorty Bloomberg - nada. I think the guy did some good after losing his child, but he's consumed by his own celebrity and ego now.


buying a car that gets 15 mpg...

Hey! I know that car, and how difficult it is sometimes to get out of parking structures!

Beasts of England

I read some of them henry. I look at it the same way as I do when the blacks start jawing about racial warfare on whites - it's a numbers game and their lib allies are giant pussies. They are only super-sizing their future rebuke.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, these racialists, gaystapo types, and progs have been emboldened by the inherent decency and patience of those on the right side of the spectrum. Nothing lasts forever and they'll only have themselves to blame. It won't end well.

Rob Crawford
La Raza showed up wearing ski masks...

Does California have no anti-Klan "no masks" laws?

Rick B


Cheer up. You could be living in Cairo.

I wonder if the Egyptian riots will have a higher death toll than the coming Ukrainian riots? Would it be reasonable to use Chicago as the control sample?


and here is something that could make for a long summer-a west coast ports strike.


currently it is a small group trying to organize but the ILWU is also working without a contract (expired July 1) and the smaller labor dispute hasn't made it to dockside yet. would the ILWU cross a picket line of a group trying to organize?


Beasts, got it. The good protestors included many legal immigrants! This does not split well for La Raza or the JEF.

Rich, 14 mpg? When I was your age my car got 8 mpg and ran fast once extracted from parking structures. (72 Mark IV, bored, stroked, heads shaved, cam, plenum, big mechanical double pumper, and factory recliners for seats).


Via Drudge.


Only a fool, or a moron, or a psycho, or a slimy
low-life has failed to realize by now that Obama
is an embarrassment and a disgrace to the USA

Captain Hate on the iPhone

It's hard to overstate how uninterested I am in this CBS show with Halle Berry they've been inundating every kumurshul break with for at least a month.


an unfortunate Vizzini moment:


Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

I notice more and more mainstream progs referring to conservatives and even mildly conservative Republicans as "crazy" and "the crazy party".
I also note the BBC now refuses to interview CAGW skeptics.
The totalitarian temptation is not far submerged and not far off so I hope we're prepared for them to get more and more openly fascistic.



if only I saw the big yellow sign that said "Closes Promptly at 7PM". Oops. parking garages-what a racket.

Rick B-

>>>An econ prof would charge you $1K per unit to learn something you can figure out by staring at your parked car.<<<



Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

Should we start using the phrase so and so "jumped the Brit" or "jumped the Kudlow"?

Captain Hate on the iPhone

As dotty as Hume and Kudlow are, I think Rupert's got 'em both beat.



DrJ has ridden in it and Janet and Family and Elliott have seen it.

six speeds, over 400 hp, black ... if I drive slow (ie the speed limit) the mpg is a bit more reasonable ... but damn it, it has a 160 mph speedometer.



an unfortunate Vizzini moment:

Posted by: narciso | July 07, 2014 at 09:23 PM

Obama violates the constitutional immigration and naturalization laws that are on the books and voted on by congress and violats laws dealing with border and interior enforcement that were voted on by congress BUT he is handcuffed, HANDCUFFED, by some child refugee law passed in 2008 by congress in a lame duck session by his predecessor.

His choices are very illuminating...



Fun fact: your Mustang has more horsepower than the sum of horsepower of all the cars I have ever owned.


one source told Newsradio 1200 WOAI as many as 300,000 Central American immigrants are now ‘en route’ to the United States


the federal government attempted and failed to relocate and process some of the 240,000 migrants and 52,000 unaccompanied immigrant children who have been captured crossing the border in recent months

The nice thing tho' is that the total number of Illegal aliens in the States stays at 11 million.


Anyone seen any links about this:

One of the pro-Cochran PACs that the Republican incumbent-protection mafia hastily set up is actually domiciled inside a black church and is run by the church's treasurer!

Posted by: torquewrench at July 07, 2014 07:52 PM (noWW6) at AOS..

And just how can this PAC if it was so hastily set up (between the primary and runoff) have an approved tax status????


From Omri Ceren, The Israel Project:
At about 1:30am local time Tuesday the IDF spox announced - over Twitter, of course - that Israel had launched Operation Protective Edge. At least 80 rockets from Gaza had slammed into into the country on Monday, in addition to the 150 rockets from the last few weeks.
There will be more on this in the coming hours and days of course. But before the deluge, I wanted to make sure you saw one last overview from Amos Harel - the veteran military correspondent from Israel's left-leaning Ha'aretz - published just before Israel launched the operation. It's as solid a 'how we got here' as we're likely to get. Two things to pay attention to:
(1) Israel made a last-ditch effort to deescalate before the Operation - "The Israeli proposal for calm came from the Israel Defense Forces via the media on Thursday. Similar messages have probably been sent to Gaza via Egypt. First, Hamas responded with positive signals. The Israelis were told that Hamas would soon enforce its control over its military wing and over the smaller armed factions in the Gaza Strip. But that didn’t happen."
(2) Hamas steadily escalated its demands for ceasefire before the Operation, including a bunch of nonstarters - "It seems Hamas is painting itself into a corner. It is accusing Israel of being responsible for the deaths of its activists, but it is raising the bar on its demands for a cease-fire agreement. We’re no longer talking about a return to the understandings after Operation Pillar of Defense in November 2012. We’re talking about demands to release dozens of Hamas militants from the West Bank who were released in the Gilad Shalit deal and whom Israel rearrested after the abduction of the three youths in the West Bank It seems Hamas also has demands on Egypt and the Palestinian Authority: easing movement through the Rafah crossing, which has been almost completely closed, and the transfer of money to pay the salaries of Hamas government employees in Gaza. It seems Hamas’ financial and strategic woes are serious enough to risk an escalation, despite the chance that a direct confrontation with the IDF will exact a heavy price and that Egypt, now ruled by generals, won’t come to the rescue."


Seriously, I guess because it's a Spielberg project, but clearly she has don'an alien child, 'don't know where to go with this, like the Sprint hamster would say;

By contrast they mercy killed Intelligence, which was a halfway
decent show

I think a little dystopia, Winter Soldier, Past of Future Present, even the
latest Transformer offering goes a long



Rich, Sounds like a heck of a ride! if I didn't have to drive through so much snow...


Ext, I completely believe and have for some time that the invasion was staged. Common sense says you all these countries are acting in concert. It was timed to force a vote on amnesty this month before Congress breaks for the rest of the summer. Two immediate results: 1) wedge to divide and weaken the GOP ahead of November and 2) goose Dem turnout. Bonuses: more Dem voters and a squirrel to distract from IRS.

Jane, MFM coverage has picked up considerably. Even the non-Fox outlets are discussing the optics (their words) of Zero not visiting the border when he comes to Texas this week. Candy Crowley got a surprise when Dem Rep Cuellar agreed with the mayor of Murrieta that Obama is unresponsive and unprepared and ineffective. Jamie Dupree who is usually cautious says the story is blowing up on Capitol Hill.



The UK papers are interested in looking at the Cochran/McDaniel Primary situation so we may finally learn a bit about whats going on. Mississippi GOP primary repeat could be headed for THREE-PEAT as lawyer says he'll be 'surprised' if he doesn't find enough fraud to trigger yet ANOTHER election

Beasts of England

They'll never move back until they're kicked back, Ig. I hate it, but it's reality. My only hope that after they've been defeated, that the squishes on the right never again show them any courtesy or allow them any power whatsoever. They're dangerously stupid and irrational and will only try again if given the chance.

Danube on iPad

Allahpundit, quoting (I think) Major Garrett:

"Obama told the groups what they had been dying to hear—that he was going to condemn House Republicans for inaction and set the most expansive legal course permissible to beef up border security, slow deportations of noncriminal aliens, and provide legal status to millions of undocumented workers—all by himself…

"Obama made it clear he would press his executive powers to the limit. He gave quiet credence to recommendations from La Raza and other immigration groups that between 5 million to 6 million adult illegal immigrants could be spared deportation under a similar form of deferred adjudication he ordered for the so-called Dreamers in June 2012.

"That executive action essentially lifted the threat of prosecution and deportation for about 670,000 undocumented residents—those older than 15 and younger than 31 who had been brought to America before their 16th birthday.

"Obama has now ordered the Homeland Security and Justice departments to find executive authorities that could enlarge that non-prosecutorial umbrella by a factor of 10."

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Rich's car is super cool. I know nothing about cars...but I know his LOOKS great.


P.s. the admin knew it's fiercest opponents would go nuts, in fact they're trying to force a confrontation. But the rest of the country isn't so thrilled Never underestimate the power of NIMBY.

Even the Dem LIV biddies at work today were grousing about why it was taking so long to do anything about it. The biddies might at this point be blaming Perry (in their ignorance) but it's the WH who is trying to look as if they're doing something right now.

Wait until the biddies hear that Zero will be tying up traffic on Wednesday.


it's not it's, stupid autocorrect


ugh...this kindle is clearly a Democrat


DoT, Allahpundit was quoting a Garrett story from last week. Not saying Obama won't try, but the optics are quickly slipping away from him.


Sure enough, today from AP sources: Obama is backing off



iaf bombing gaza targets ...



seeing is believing.


Porch et al who comment via Kindles -

Are you using Kindle Fire/tablet? Or do Kindle-readers like paperwhite etc. also have (however limited) R/W internet functionality?


'Unexpectedly' one of the anti ISIS militias in Syria, is not all that eager to fight them,

Thomas Collins

I live right across from that funnel cloud. Unfortunately, I didn't see it. I was too busy having spaghetti and meat sauce, red wine, and hummus and Armenian cracker bread, in preparation for 24. And what a great 24 it was. Spoiler alert:

I can't believe Chiang has custody of Audrey again!

Jane, if you texted me, I didn't get it because I turned off my smartphone in preparation for an evening of dining and 24. As far as I know, no twister has touched down in the Seaport District. I hope your neighborhood was spared this time.


True, rich.

AliceH, I am on a Kindle Fire HD. I didn't have a Kindle and wanted a Paperwhite but my husband decided I needed the upgrade. Kinda glad he did. ;)


Or believing is seeing........


>>>the admin knew it's fiercest opponents would go nuts, in fact they're trying to force a confrontation<<<


with an added bonus that the admin can squawk "racist" in time for November.


Pondering this for several days but here goes:

Obama and the ferret think they are so smart and have schemed this all out, but it's working about as well as you wound expect from narcissistic sociopaths. They think they can simply move the chess pieces around the board and scheme out the reactions of the republicans and progs. They don't realize the chess pieces are not muggle pieces but are wizard pieces and have a say in the game.

They think a rook is a rook, but a rook that is here legally and played by the rules and is labeled 'hispanic' on their precious census is not reacting to this as they expected. IOW, it's a wizard piece that is just as likely to resist your moves as it is to react as you expect. Ditto to the 'old style' democrats and some moderate liberals that aren't down with this whole thing. NIMBY raised its head and they are shocked. At the nail salon today, the legal immigrants are pissed. They are not even one generation off the plane, and they see the competition coming. People aren't stupid... although mobs are. They are mob organizers and expected mob reaction and got a people reaction.

It's the same miscalculation as they had on the Bergdahl release.

When you are a narcissistic sociopath, governing is hard. Getting those voters to move around the board as you expect is harder - particularly when you make generalizations about them based on your data mining and census figures and other tools that are only good for looking at groups and not individual datum.



2013 Mustang GT

it is worth every penny, when I could afford it. alas, now it has to go.

sorry folks for reminiscing about the car, but I'm probably selling it this weekend. fun while it lasted.


Thanks, Porchlight. I have an old (2nd gen) kindle reader - with button-keyboard. It has nearly impossible-to-use internet reading. I'm going to upgrade to a Paperwhite regardless (eInk is amazing), but am wondering if I also ought to dip a toe in the tablet water also. Love my laptop, which is 5 years old and working like a champ, but a tablet that lets me read/comment on JOM would be nicer for hanging out on the front porch swing, or on the back porch. (I'm not an Apple fan, so iPad is not in the running.)


I'm probably selling it this weekend.

Sob. I'm sorry to hear this, but I understand.


On another note...

Good news: the gnat/fly/bug that's been flitting about the house tormenting me for the last 2 hours is finally dead...

Bad news: by drowning itself in my beer.



Kindle Fire here, too. Love it. There is SOME functionality for downloading files/videos/apps for work although the Excel is pretty simple... think visicalc.

There is also storage space for data files and such. I don't keep anything on the cloud except for books... a lot of books, but the books are also on my ipad and my husband's ipad and my iphone and my husband's iphone and my daughter's and my sons... Anything purchased via Amazon is available to any device that has the kindle app whether it be the kindle (that doesn't have 4LTE) or the phones that do. They are all tied into the same kindle account.

If you take the kindle to the salon, the wifi may not be there, but if you have downloaded the book to your device, the book is readable... but your data services are not. Or you can just read on your iphone kindle app at the salon. Depends on if you want to go blind or not :) ... although I read the entire HPotter series on my iphone before I added the kindle to the collection.


AliceH, that was precisely the reasoning for me, although I didn't realize it until the kindle was put in my hands at Christmas. It's great to be in the living room with the kids and reading JOM at the same time. I'm not an Apple fan, either.


thanks DrJ. figure once i get settled and the business takes off I can get another ... maybe something with a launch button ...

oh no get AliceH another beer stat!


Rich, got rid of my 04 Mustang Conv on 12/31 and haven't looked back. Not a GT (hubs calls it the secretary version), but I was ready for a change. Hubs still has his 04, but I don't think we put 20 miles a month on it anymore.

Definitely don't miss the gas mileage. Love the new toys on the Escape like Sirius, Nav, Hands free, weather backup camera... also love the heated seats that were considered too 'luxury' for an 04 'sports car.' Only had 84K miles on it when I sold it. :( My knees are thanking me for it though.

Rick B

"They are not even one generation off the plane, and they see the competition coming."


Excellent analysis. It has to be BOzo and ValGepetto working alone. The political organ grinders would have jerked the leash hard enough to bring BOzo to his knees faster than Reggie does.

Alternatively, RC could be absolutely correct, with the Chicago unpleasantness over the weekend being an opening salvo. We must all try to keep "front sight, center mass and squeeze" foremost in our thoughts as we contemplate the near future.


Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) has reportedly rejected President Barack Obama’s offer to briefly shake hands when Air Force One lands in Austin on Wednesday. Instead, the governor came back with a counteroffer.

“I appreciate the offer to greet you at Austin-Bergstrom Airport, but a quick handshake on the tarmac will not allow for a thoughtful discussion regarding the humanitarian and national security crises enveloping the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas,” Perry wrote in a letter to Obama. “I would instead offer to meet with you at any time during your visit to Texas for a substantive meeting to discuss this critical issue.”



thanks, Stephanie. That helps.


Yes, Rahm and Gibbs for god sake, would say, what are you crazy?


Thanks, Rick.


when the wrong people hate eomething



Eric Cantor’s stunning primary defeat is leaving his campaign in a financial bind.

The Virginia Republican’s political operation has asked his House GOP colleagues to cut checks so he can wind down his once-powerful campaign committee, as well as pay his campaign staffers and cover any other related costs stemming from his stunning defeat last month.

Under federal law, Cantor would also have to repay any funds meant for the general election spent during his unsuccessful primary campaign battle against fellow Republican Dave Brat. Since he lost and has no general election in November, Cantor would be required to return those general-election contributions to the donors.
Several lawmakers and GOP aides said Cantor needs to raise upwards of $150,000 to shut down his campaign committee, perhaps far more.
Cantor spent years traversing the country to raise money for himself, the Republican Party and other GOP candidates now has to raise money from his colleagues to repay donors.

Cantor was not only generous with his time, but also was free with his campaign money. He frequently cut checks for candidates, and hosted dinners for lawmakers at restaurants all over Washington.


My sad face is having trouble with this one.

Beasts of England

@Steph: if I remember correctly, Cantor spent more at one steakhouse than Brat spent on his entire campaign. How sweet it is!

Captain Hate

Several lawmakers and GOP aides said Cantor needs to raise upwards of $150,000 to shut down his campaign committee, perhaps far more.

Maybe LaTourrette can get his fat cat cronies to pony up for Forrest Gump, or did they squander it all bribing donk voters for Cochran. Surely the CoC can cut a check and make this disappear.


Ain't it awesome, beasts?

He seems to have thrown around his campaign donations as freely as he threw around taxpayer money. Imagine that. Karma, she's a bitch.


@ 10:54 p.m. Interesting reference. Thank you.

Rick B


Thanks for the link, I had never read Bentham's Critique before. He was truly a petulant toad with the wit of a gnat. The Molasses Act, Corn Laws and Navigation Acts were all taxes designed to enrich certain classes of Brits while impoverishing Americans. The Brits put very little of their subjects money into the colonies but they sure as hell took a lot out when the colonies became going concerns. In a perfect Heaven, Smith and Bastiat would arise every morning and beat Bentham senseless to start their blood flowing.

Eric in Boise

In other news, the Japanese are starting to wake up. albeit slowly:

Faster, please.


Drowning in a beer is never bad news.


The Bureau of Land Management is saying that they plan to aggressively seek legal action against Cliven Bundy over the militias he allowed on his ranch. The Bureau says that the militias and anti-government forces pointed their guns at federal officers and that Bundy allowed them to do that. They also plan on getting a lien on his property to recover the one million dollars, they claim he owes for grazing rights.

The militias rushed to Bundy’s aid aft5er the BLM sent in 200 heavily armed officers with automatic weapons and snipers. The BLM rounded up Bundy’s cattle and were going to ship them to Utah for sale. They also destroyed the water lines Bundy had run for his cattle.



All this push-back must be a little unnerving to the fascist progs. 

Not hardly, I hate to say.

This is Hans Gruber 101. Big Flag America has given the cameras somewhere to go besides the porous borders. Meanwhile the illegals are still in the US at a station that needs no extra burden.

At this point the people shitting themselves aren't the ones you would think.

Danube on iPad

Correct me if I'm wrong:

It would be a violation of existing law for the U.S. to immediately return these new arrivals to their home countries unless they are from Mexico or Canada. Otherwise, they must remain here until they get a ruling, after a hearing, from an immigration judge.

This process is required by an act by a unanimous congress, signed into law by W in 2008. The law was enacted to protect minors who were victims of traffickers in juvenile sex slaves. No one contemplated that scores of thousands of minors would show up to take advantage of that procedure.

Last week Obama asked congress to amend the law so as to allow an expedited return process. Now he either has or has not changed his mind, depending on whom you believe.

The GOP house should pass such an act by noon tomorrow. But they won't.

Publius of Idaho

When will we stop calling them illegal aliens and start calling them what they really are: potential democratic voters?

And when will we stop calling it a "crisis at the border" and start calling it what it really is: Obama's plan for the sacking of America?


Obama SHOULD just ignore that law like the others he ignores... or issue an exec order modifying it like Obama care. He's hiding behind this law to allow the train of 'kids' to continue to flow. And even if the house were to pass it, you think Reid will bring it to a vote? Not without the Obama batshitcrazy signal to go ahead. Ain't gonna happen.

Illuminating what he chooses to enforce and ignore... and how far up his azz Reid is.

Maybe Murietta should reroute those 'kids' to the alleged pederast's hometown.


I have no corrections for you, Danube.

Your comment painted the target.


When will we stop calling them illegal aliens and start calling them what they really are: invading parasitic communist voters?


NEW YORK – The retail giant Costco Wholesale has issued an order to remove all copies of Dinesh D’Souza’s bestselling book, “America: Imagine the World Without Her,” from the shelves of its stores nationwide, WND has confirmed.


Some members are more equal than others...

Publius of Idaho

Thanks Steph,

'Democratic' didn't feel right as I was typing it.


Tonight we have sipped good wine.

After a surprisingly quick legal process, the delightful and charming MrsJ collected on a court judgment for work she did but for which she was not paid. A simple bank account attachment did it.

In any event, we are very glad that this chapter is behind us.


Wrong link!!!

Holy crap! That was a saved taunt.

The WND link:



Yea, DrJ!


thanks all, a curious irony:


Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

Came across this hilarious quote from David Feherty of the Golf channel from 2009;

From my own experience visiting the troops in the Middle East, I can tell you this, though: despite how the conflict has been portrayed by our glorious media, if you gave any U.S. soldier a gun with two bullets in it, and he found himself in an elevator with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Osama bin Laden, there's a good chance that Nancy Pelosi would get shot twice, and Harry Reid and bin Laden would be strangled to death.

Danube on iPad

"The Brits put very little of their subjects money into the colonies"

Well, not exactly. They maintained and supplied troops for the defense of the colonies, and fought in their defense against the French (and the Indians). The British view of the matter in the 1770s was that the colonists were decidedly undertaxed in relation to the benefits they received from Mother Country, and needed a whiff of the grape to adjust their ungrateful attitude.

Bad call.

Corsi points out that Costco co-founder and director Jim Sinegal is a huge leftist, a major Democrat donor, and even spoke at the 2012 Democrat convention that nominated Obama. Ironically, Sinegal has prospered from the same capitalist system Barack Obama is trying to destroy through controlist policies. 

The book, like the movie, logically smashes the Obama Democrat Party meme that America is a force for evil in the world. 


But will the cameras be there when Big Flag America burns their Costco bras?


I know Costco is a pioneer in labor saving devices, whereas advocating raising the minimum
wage, to crush his competition,

Is bzz pro a real publication, or is it some bozarre Brundle fly creation


Holy cow! This is bad.



This is bad?

Americans demanding an end to censorship is bad???

Bad for Costco... yep. America, no.

Jane on Ipad

We have a new baby - who is 20" long. (Isn't that really long for a newborn?) 7 lbs 11 ounces!

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