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July 07, 2014



Great News, Jane.

That's an uplifting note to start the day on!


This is bad?

Americans demanding an end to censorship is bad???

Bad for Costco... yep. America, no.

My several years of posting must have given no indication as to which side I'd be rooting for, Steph.


Wonderful Jane!

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

On FB -

Jane on Ipad

I was talking to my niece yesterday who was due on the 25th. I told her we should have a pool. Then I told her a story about seeing a friend of mine who was due in 2 months, betting in a pool when she would deliver and then she had the baby that same day. And then Paige goes and does the same thing!


Good news, Jane..

Jack is Back! (In the USA)

That is great news, Jane. Frederick was 23" and 8# 9oz.

By the time this is over there will be blood in the streets. But its what the Regime wants. They think there are more of them than us and the Champ has a pen, a phone and the military after he was able to emasculate it over the last 5 years.

I do not like the smell of it at all.


Yeah my other niece told me all 4 of her kids were longer than 20 inches.

I bet that hurts.



I don't think using the military would work any better than it did for Governor Rhodes at Kent State.

But Zero is so full of himself, i wouldn't be surprised if did.


if HE did

Miss Marple

Morning, all!


There is progress. Only a year ago all of these connections would not have been mentioned in the Washington Post. As a bonus, the column also details Eric Holder's many overseas meetings with foreign officials.


Yeah and the "Judge" is an Obama buddy. I'm sure he will be told how to rule.

(Boy am I cynical)


AliceH:Bad news: by drowning itself in my beer.

Bug in your beer? Clench your teeth together and sip like a filter-feeding baleen whale.


Or put a frog in it to eat the bug.

Jane, those were the exact height and weight of my daughter, so must be perfect. Good news.

James D.

I have a question, which I already know the answer to, but I'll ask it anyway.

Why is it that conservatives ALWAYS seem to face a rigged game of "heads I win, tails you lose" when dealing with the left?

When the strict letter of the law is not in our favor (no matter how unevenly applied the law is, or how poorly thought out it was in the first place), we obey it regardless and accept whatever negative consequences flow from it (election losses, businesses shut down due to absurd regulations, careers destroyed by reckless and unfair prosecutions, etc).

When the law is in our favor, and the left openly violates it, we don't act because "it's not the right time" or "it's a political loser" etc.

Eric Holder withholds evidence and lies to Congress. Kathleen Sebelieus violates the Hatch Act. The Obama campaign flouts cmapaign finance laws in myriad ways. High IRS officials violate numerous laws. Obama himself openly refuses to enforce duly enacted laws (even some that he signed!). And on, and on, and on.

But any legal redress, or even a serious attempt at it, is a non-starter.

How did we get here, where they can use the law to destroy whomever they choose, and even when it's shown after the fact that they lied and cheated (the Ted Stevens prosecution, to name one example of far too many), there is no consequence at all.


From our Chitown friend, Hamas delenda est. Israel is no longer amused, calling up 40,000 reserves.

James D.

Speaking of abuses of law, I just saw this gem, linked at Instapundit:

In a Federal Register notice on July 2 titled “Administrative Wage Garnishment,” the EPA stated that by the authority of the Debt Collection Improvement Act (DCIA ) of 1996 it issued a proposed rule that “will allow the EPA to garnish non-Federal wages to collect delinquent non-tax debts owed the United States without first obtaining a court order.” According to the Treasury Department, under DCIA, such debts include “unpaid loans, overpayments or duplicate payments made to federal salary or benefit payment recipients, misused grant funds, and fines, penalties or fees assessed by federal agencies.

And my favorite part?

The EPA rule also states that, “we view this as a noncontroversial action and anticipate no adverse comment.”

I'll bet they do.

Here's the link:


Stephanie tortoise not the hare

What's theirs is theirs and what's yours is theirs.

What is controversial about that, peasant?

Old Lurker

James, the Founders were steeped in the long history of oppression by European despots and brutal invaders from the East and North, by religious zealots of several stripes, they knew that life was cheap and survival rough and dirty, and they just knew, and they trusted, that there had to be a better way.

And they knew all this because they had read and studied real history, in the original languages, from centuries of the human experience from which they drew some clear lessons and conclusions.

They simply knew "this ain't working; let's try this..."

Our demise began with erasing knowledge of the past human experiences and lessening the skills of reasoning from observed facts and history.

Simple as that, seems to me.


So the fix is in with this judge, he's a one man, multiple conflict of interest to the
administration, to the Saudi officials that would look askance at interference with some of their projects in North Africa and the Levant

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

and fines, penalties or fees assessed by federal agencies.

The EPA is gonna use that to destroy farmers & ranchers (any land owner, really) using obscure environmental regs.
If they don't destroy them....they'll let the citizen know they CAN destroy them.


James D, here's another example, via Iowahawk: Remember that well-connected (to Mooch) company CGI that got the huge no-bid contract and screwed up the 404Care website? Well they're at it again:


The real answer is that the "opposition party" plays nice and devotes resources to keeping people like Thad Cochran in power instead of encouraging new blood.



My favorite part is that "federal workers" AKA public sector union members are not subject to the regulation.

So which conservative will they target first?


no expense will be spared here, I bet:


Old Lurker

When you give individual agencies police muscle and collection powers you are asking for trouble because they can and will use that power to bypass any budget discipline we might have had over our government. Look how impossible it is to find out where all those billions in forced bank settlements go.

This is the twin of the new trend in paying government workers the "public pay scale" plus all the back scratching bonuses,double dipping, overtime etc ways those folks take cash from taxpayers, achieving total compensation packages much more generous than the private sector which supports them all.

Apparently my sour mood from yesterday continues. (I blame DoT for posting that Bork quote)


Thomas Collins

Congrats, Jane.


Old Lurker

correction: "when you give individual agencies the right to write their own regs, police powers to enforce them, and the right to keep whatever spoils they can grab...."


"when you give individual agencies the right to write their own regs, police powers to enforce them, and the right to keep whatever spoils they can grab...."

then what you have is more akin to organized crime (or banana republic) than actual government.

'America' Filmmakers Demand to Know Why Google is Getting Their Search Results Wrong


Hey, remember when searching for "natural born citizen" in 2007-2008 didn't turn up Minor v Happersett?

I do.


Congratulations, Jane.

Old Lurker

It is exactly like organized crime, Jimmy, where the street level guys make the rules, break the legs, grab the cash and upstream the share required by the layers above.

Breitbart legal analyst Ken Klukowski argued that the Citizenship Clause of the 14th Amendment does not automatically confer citizenship on all individuals born in the United States on Monday’s broadcast of Laura Ingraham’s radio show.



Old Lurker

It is also like the rules used by the Viking (et al) invaders, minus the raping part. At least so far.


Cuellar in Texas already saying this border invasion is as bad for Obummer/Dems as Katrina was for GWB/Repubs ( or Mariel was for Carter/Dems). A lot truth in that IMO. The diference of course is legacy Media coverage. The limited coverage has been very critical, but contrast that with the UNlimited media lies during Katrina.

Old Lurker

Where's Shep when you need him, huh, NK?

James D.

The difference of course is legacy Media coverage.

The other difference is that Katrina was a natural disaster, while the border invasion has been deliberately precipitated by Obama.


Matthew Maverick J----

I plan to call him Mav. His mother is 6' and his father is 6'8 so it's probably good he is a boy.

Old Lurker

I was tempted to cut&paste the entire text of the LUN.

Miss Marple

We are outmanned by the massive forces of lawters and bureaucrats who are expert in regulations.

What we need are dedicated attorneys who are wiling to comb through the laws and regulations and point out which ones the administration is violating, and also to figure out how to get standing to sue.

For the life of me I do not understand why many of these things do not come under the "equal protection" clause.

I am convinced that there are teams of lawyers who game out how Obama can get away with things. I didn't nnow about that law about minors from non-contiguous countries; they did.

I still want to see all communications with anyone in the government and the governments of the countries south of the border. Also throw in Brazil, since that commie woman probably would have been willing to serve as an intermediary.

I also want to see all money transfers which left the country, as well as money transfers to representatives within this country
Like Old Lurker, I am NOT in a good mood!

Miss Marple

And you can tell I'm not in a good mood because I forget to correct my typos before posting!

Old Lurker

MM, you will know you are truly a JOMer when you forget all about typos.

Style Book Rule #1.

Miss Marple

I must do some work in order to reach my goal of increased income in order to pay for my trip to the UK with grandson next year.

Off I go!


CGI Federal is essentially what used to be AMS. AMS was founded by a bunch of Robert McNamara's proteges.

I was doing some minor work for them when their CEO, Charles Rossotti, went to work for Clinton as the head of the IRS. The open secret around here at the time was that Rossotti maintained an interest in AMS (actually public information since Clinton granted him a waiver) and used his position as IRS Commissioner to hamstring AMS's competitors.

A few years later, I did some hours for AMS to Y2K-certify the work I had done earlier. That was about the same time that Mississippi sued AMS for a billion dollars over non-performance.

I remember all this because the consulting firm I was with picked up two outstanding employees after AMS lost the lawsuit and people started jumping ship.

In federal contracting, every dawn brings a new start to history. Past performance is not only not considered during competitions, it is deliberately ignored.


The other difference is that Katrina was a natural disaster

Not to mention made much worse by Democrats, yet blamed on Republicans by the MSM.


Congratulations, Jane. Great news.

James D.

I meant to mention this the other day - it fits with a lot of what we talk about here.

We had a presentation at work from a vendor with a new product we've licensed. It's web-based software for voter targeting. It's also incredibly creepy.

It combines actual state voting data, consumer data from Experian and other sources and street-level mapping. So with just a few clicks, I can, say, generate a list of all Republican homeowners in the California 9th Congressional District who voted in the last two general elections.

I can also select based on gender, age, homeownership or not, gun ownership, positions on a whole list of hot topics, hobbies and interests, and what sort of causes they donate money to.

Now this all sounds like what most big campaigns probably already have access to. But the combination of all that data in one place is disturbing. And what's scarier is you can drill down to the individual household, and see name, street address, party affiliation, and a street-level, Google Maps-style picture of their actual home.


Rick B

"They maintained and supplied troops for the defense of the colonies, and fought in their defense against the French (and the Indians)."


Pitt declared the objective of North American operations in the Seven Years War to be acquisition of French Canada. The acquisition of monopoly status wrt trade with North America was judged a worthy use of British regulars in order to expand and tighten mercantilist concerns. In the end, Pitt was successful in expanding the British trading monopoly to India as well as North America due to the victory over the French.

Handing the bill for expanding the trading monopoly to colonials already burdened with the Molasses Act and Corn Laws proved to be somewhat shortsighted.

James D.

I'm looking at the website right now, and I've found Janet.

I now know her middle name, and the date she first registered to vote in Arlington.

And so can anyone else who pays the fee for this service.



James D @11:18, pretty soon they'll be able to match that up with those images from airport scanners, so we'll really no longer have anything to hide.


James D,

How does the service provider you mention get these data? I thought voting records were confidential (beyond whether one voted or not). Also, what is included in Experian's "consumer data?" How do they know one's position on various hot topics?


(I blame DoT for posting that Bork quote)

That sure was a downer.

Beasts of England

One benefit of a gated community - no Google street view.


DrJ, a lot of that data has been available for marketing purposes via block level Census data (I used to sell access to it in the early 80s). Tying to mapping and satellite data via voter rolls is trivial. Experian ties credit card data to check-out scanning data / store discount card data to complete the picture. The push to use facial recognition data is not for airport security -- it is to catch those of us who use cash. Thank your local DMV for selling your drivers license photo to fill in this blank spot.

Big data. Little privacy.


Oh, and thank Zuckerberg Data Mining for positions on hot topics.

Beasts of England

Congratulations, Jane! The world always needs more tall folks! ;)

Jack is Back! (In the USA)


Your 10:24 Reynolds OP-Ed in USA todaey only highlights what I have been observing about Belgium. There they have a coalitiion government that can't agree on anything. Right against left, Walloon against Flemin, north against south, west against east. So what then can the outcome be?

Bureaucrats with all the power. The pols can't pass any laws or manage the bureaucracy which leaves the technocrats with free rein and boy do they use it. Wh vote (and in Belgium its mandatory) if you elect one party (The NVA) with over 35% of the vote but because they are center-right and want to reduce spending, regs, government and do something about the Islamization issue they are stiff armed out of the coalition.

Unfortunate for us even without a parlimentary system and numerous small parties we are falling into that trap. We can't even control the IRS, the State Dept., the EPA, the AFT, the ICE or CBP or any other agency. They do what they please knowing the politicians are neutered.



I understand all that. But how do they know how I voted or what my position on hot-button topics might be?


Congratulations, Jane!


Here is the link to the paper where the Bork/Troy quote can be found:



James D.

DrJ, they don't have your actual vote, just, like you say, WHETHER you voted or not. Broken out by General, Primary and Special elections (and, for primaries, which party primary you voted in).

The issue data is modeled - they assume it based on demographics and so forth. It looks accurate for Janet, anyway :)

For the consumer data, it includes:

Married or single
# of children in the household
Homeowner or renter
Veteran or not
Education level
Net worth
Charitable donations (by general category, not specific charity/organization)
Hobbies (taken from magazine sales, mail order sales and, I assume, credit/debit card purchase data)
And more, I'm sure, that I'm forgetting at the moment.


DrJ, political contributions are online in WI, probably public information elsewhere.

James D.

Like I said, none of the data that's available is necessarily surprising. But seeing it all together in one place, so easily accessible to anyone who can pay the license fee, is kind of shocking anyway.

And then the question is, if that's commercially available, what level of information is accessible by the government (or, say, the Obama 2012 campaign with all the assistance from all those ever-so-helpful FB and Google folks who "donated' their time to his cause)?


--The push to use facial recognition data is not for airport security -- it is to catch those of us who use cash.

Free business idea: Check-out line Contractors. Do your own shopping, turnover cart to contractor who scans/estimates cost of items in cart, client provides cash, contractor completes check out/pays cashier, contractor-client recon cash paid w/ receipt for goods, plus fee.

Platinum service might include pre-paid retainers and monthly settlement, etc.



Thanks for the follow-up. I don't use Facebook, and there is not much info on me in LinkedIn. So maybe I'm safe there.

Jack is Back! (In the USA)

JamesD, henry and DrJ,

Yesterday on Cavuto, Larry Sabato (I know, I know:) was saying that the republicans should not be counting their chickens just yet. He noted that the Dems are far ahead of the Repubs in areas of voter registration, voter intelligence, tendencies, issue command, etc. [See your conversation above]. According to Sabato the Dems will have a huge get out the vote and an infrastructure and assets to get them to the polls. Herman Cain today mentioned that in Mississippi where 30% of the population is black the state NAACP is spending big money on the same GOTV for Dem candidates.

While our Top Men are still creasing their togas.

Publius of Idaho

By the time this is over there will be blood in the streets. But its what the Regime wants. They think there are more of them than us and the Champ has a pen, a phone and the military after he was able to emasculate it over the last 5 years.

Does this also explain why Homeland Security has been buying up all the ammunition for the last 5 years?


RickB@11:24, that's a fantastic cogent summary of the ultimate reasons for the rebellion. I know that a democratic republic was a brilliant revolution against 1000 years of European Divine Right of Kings, but at heart, the rebellion was about 'business'. GeorgeIII's coffers were empty and the debt service carry was huge. His cronies demanded that the Royal Navy be deployed 24/7 to defend their maritime trading profits; so George looked at those highly productive American colonials to be the tax cash cows to maitain empire, which generated the wealth for George to payoff his cronies, the croonies who kept George and Pitt in power. The colonial taxes were of course immoral and oppressive because they singled out the colonials to pay taxes other Brits did not have to bear, and of course the taxes weren't for services provided to America, they paid for the Royal Navy to defend the Channel ports, the Med, the Carib Sea, and the south atlantic/pacific whaling fleets and Seven Years War debts. Royal Navy protection was not worth what George was taxing; the American productive class had resources and options, they used them to rebel. These economic grievances make up the majority of the text of the Declaration.
BTW-- the Declaration was read aloud publicly today July 8th 1776.

Jeff Dobbs

GOP Convention will be in Cleveland.


The site selection committee recommended two dates for the convention, either June 27 or July 18. A final date is to be picked before the RNC meets for its annually meeting in August, the sources said. RNC chairman Reince Priebus has been pushing for a date in June.

That would put the convention two months ahead of previous conventions, giving the GOP nominee more time and money to fight off the attacks of Democrats.



I bet it will be June 27th. Dallas was thought to be first choice for location but second choice for dates because the earliest date it could offer was July 18th.


Do the Repubs know that CH lives in the Cleveland area?


BTW my 25th college reunion (lefty liberal arts college) will be June 2016. Should be interesting. I did meet one conservative at the last reunion (someone I had not known while at school there). So I'll have at least one fellow wingnut on my side.


what level of information is accessible by the government

Well, thanks to the ACA they have all health information, the ATF keeps all firearms records (not supposed to, but this ain't email) and in some states (infamous FOID card in IL) all ammo purchases, plus tax records (and all "private" 501-c3 donations for conservatives), plus if the CFPB gets its way, add in all financial balances and transactions.


lefty liberal arts college

Is there another kind?

James D, I am a bit surprised that income and net worth information is made available. That's the sort of data that government agencies like the Census Bureau take great pains (allegedly) to keep confidential. Since you mentioned Experian, I guess private credit rating companies can sell the data to anyone? I do find that disturbing. Those firms manage to skim data from transactions and credit card applications without clearly telling people that the data will be for sale.


Drudge removed 20 immigration links and now features one giant headline: Sarah Palin's call to impeach Obama.



In this case I happen to agree with Pat Buchanan (and DoT): Impeachment is a waste of time and possibly counterproductive. Better to focus on getting a large majority in the Senate, win more seats in the House, so that even the Dems are scared to support anything Obama does.

Man Tran on iPhone

Slightly O/T, do any of you with g**gle fu have any idea what the effective taxpayer overhead is for BOzo's fundraising?

It seems to me on the face of it that we piss away several dollars for every dollar the SCOAMF brings in on the ever so thinly veiled trips to visit some grade school for ten minutes. Not even allowing for the productivity losses from traffic jams, etc.



I think the impeachment talk is to plant the idea and raise political support. Clearly at the moment any impeachment effort would fail. However getting the public to talk about it is good. McCarthy wrote a book saying the same thing.


Hey-- I agree with jimmyk and Pat Buchanan about tactics? :) Win elections, win the Senate, pass a budget that repeals ObummerCare and cuts Medicaid and 'green' BS and takes away EPA CO2 authority, Obummer will of course veto... the Dems will then demand he renegotiate with the Repubs to save their 2016 skins. If Obummer stabs everyone in the back to screw America? dozens of Dems in the House will support impeachment. That is all.


No I agree with the Huntress, the only way anything will change is if he is removed from office, laws, Supreme Court decisions, he doesn't have any respect for, he sends his 'flying monkeys' on from the IRS, OSHA, the Justice Department,




So what, will he sign the budget, or veto it, he targets ranchers, holding on to their last plot of land, he blocks the access of veterans to our monuments, George 111, was a piker by comparison,

Old Lurker

"Is there another kind?"


There are lefty engineering schools, lefty business schools, lefty education schools, lefty journalism schools, lefty universities...shall I continue?


Paging Captain Tupolev... Captain Viktor Tupolev.... to the Kamikazee courtesy phone.


Actually impeaching him would be great, but if the polling on impeachment improves, that's a good thing, too. Certainly it would bode well for 2014 and 2016.

Palin is right about this, too: Expect a deluge of pre-election commie appointments to the courts.


Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see a conviction, but not only won't it happen at the moment, it won't even happen if the Republicans take the Senate, since conviction requires 67 votes. Unless there's a real smoking gun on the IRS stuff, or the usual live boy/dead girl thing.


I am for winning elections, Impeachment is a political process, winning elections and controling the budget is better political process. If winning elections doesn't curb UNconstitutional usurpation? screw impeachment, go to rebellion. Rebellion? probably won't even have to be armed rebellion, witholding taxes and boycotting Big Education will make the Progs squeal and sue for peace by offering surrender. They are parasites, the host can always shake them off when they get to be to great a nuissance.


lefty liberal arts college

Is there another kind?

Not really, with the exception of Hillsdale, Wheaton, and other small religious schools.


The closing lines from the Palin link:

The many impeachable offenses of Barack Obama can no longer be ignored. If after all this he’s not impeachable, then no one is. 

Repeal and Replace Romney would prefer that no one is impeachable. How better to control 1/6 of the economy?

Thomas Collins


CH and maryrose, did you see that Cleveland is going to be the site of the 2016 GOP convention?


Representatives better represent constituents that want the President impeached by not impeaching the President and encouraging a rebellion.

Captain Hate

Do the Repubs know that CH lives in the Cleveland area?

If they nominate a Jebby/Fat RINO Bastard ticket, they'll sure as hell know.


Obummer has copied several of GeorgeIII's usurpations, but not all. Obummmer has been more clever than George, and certainly more clever than Kamikazee Andrew Johnson: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_were_the_list_of_grievances_in_the_declaration_of_independence

jimmyk on iPad

Remember Detroit was the site of the 1980 convention. Great for the country, couldn't prevent Detroit's slide into the toilet. Hope Cleveland fares better.


Don't forget, NK, he was born every bit as British as George III as well.


He is the reason for the new onslaught on the border, why Baghdadi, is preaching a sermon in the city where Petraeus first cut his teeth, to liberate at great cost, why electricity prices are 'naturally going to sky rocket' why we're approaching the seven lean years, that Joseph warned the Pharaoh about,

jimmyk on iPad

On the other hand, there was another Chief Executive who was forced to resign because of his opposition to gay marriage back in 2008.


Another good news story.

The Satellite NASA launched in 1978 (ISEE 3) and later abandoned, has been contacted by scientists who hang out at Watts Ups blog, and now they have been able to fire it's stabilizing thruster rockets as it re-enters the Earth Moon region. The hope is these guys can get it to do some Climate related Science.

Here's a WATTS-UP link, and a general overview from The Atlantic: NASA's Zombie Spacecraft Learns to Fire Its Engines

Getting it to fire it's thrusters proper after 20 some years has a little of the spirit of Apollo 13, and ISEE-3 might be a great name for a brand new 20 inch baby if anybody was searching for a name:)


If after all this he’s not impeachable, then no one is.

True. If impeachment is a remedy no one will dare to use, then it may as well not even exist. We have no remedy at all.


ISEE-3 might be a great name for a brand new 20 inch baby if anybody was searching for a name:)


We watched The Right Stuff when I was pregnant with our youngest and we darn near named him Chuck Yeager B------.

(A) nuther Bub

Talk about impeachment of Obama when there's one cup of rice left in the cupboard, gas is $25 per gallon and five Hondurans are being housed in your guest bedroom. Otherwise it's craziness, unless we want this president to regain his former popularity.

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