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July 21, 2014



I agree -- the mediots will do anything to advance the narrative, no matter how ridiculous.


good fiddance


and good riddance, too


Over the weekend I pointed out that the Leadership Council was filing a CERD complaint with the UN and basically mentioning the need for the US and Mexico to 'fix' what is wrong in those central american countries.

Then I get Wharton's Jeremy Rifkin informing me that the EU is the first of the shifts to the new continental governance model that will overtake the nation-state by mid-century. Lucky me got to look into the Baoa Forum to see what China wants in Asia.

Doesn't this all look like not wanting a distinction anymore about boundaries to the south involving North America?

Black Hat

No one told the WP reporter that there would any math involved. Sheesh!

James D.

What a remarkably stupid piece, even by the low standards of the WaPo.

Nowhere in the WaPo article is a mention of what the homicide rate actually is, which would be relevant to the question of how dangerous the country is.

And they get paid for this...


TomM is reading the WaPo as well? OhhhhKayyyy. The numbers and truth mean nothing to WaPo and NYT editors, only the Narrative matters.The reality is that the Dem party is screwing significant portions of its base white,black and Chicano working class by demanding open borders unlimited poor uneducated immigrants. Those groups will boycott the Dems, as working class whites boycotted Romney, because the Dems offer them nothing. Plus, with the OPM famine, the public union AFSCME empire will hemorrage members and money, so the Dems are all in with creating a new and different electorate, because the current American electorate is epic fail for the Dem gangsters.


That may be the dumbest stat, but this wins dumbest sentence (my bold): "In El Salvador, a 2012 truce between the country’s leading gangs reduced the number of homicides considerably, but little is left of that agreement, and the number of dead is rising."


Miss Marple

Obama to make statement on Ukraine at 10:50 eastern from South Lawn.

He will probably amble up to the teleprompter about 11:15 or so.

Beasts of England

Pass a law raising the median age. Problem solved!


Any sane gambling house would make the over/under for Obummer's TOTUS appearance no earlier than 11:30EST.


BoE@10:26. Is that you Harry Reid?


...either leave or stay behind and face death.

I think the person who wrote that should be called out by name.

By Maria Elena Salinas

María Elena Salinas co-anchors the Univision Network’s national newscast “Noticiero Univision” and the weekly primetime newsmagazine “Aquí y Ahora” (Here and Now).

Miss Marple

I had to laugh at the South Lawn appearance, for once again, this is try #3. Obama is incapable of getting a reaction right the first time. It always takes at least 3 tries on any issue.

Beasts of England

lol, NK!


"The worst part is that just as they are abandoned by their families, their governments or the societies in which they live, they are also rejected by U.S. laws, which do not grant them refugee status. "

Here are some other countries that are nearer than the US is to Honduras/Guatamala/ElSalvador whose child refugee policies are left unmentioned:

* Mexico
* Belize
* Nicaragua
* Costa Rica
* Panama
* Columbia
* Venezuela
* Ecuador

The question reporters on US policy should be asking is not "why are they leaving home?" but "what is the US doing (that other countries are not) that draws them here?"


In Honduras, which is considered the most dangerous country in the world,...

If so, it's probably illegal for any illegal Honduran getting in the U.S. being sent back.


Ted Cruz does not see a problem with that stat.

Rick B

If you were a young Honduran murderer, would you:

A) Stay to be apprehended and tried.

B) Head north to BOzoland for a paid vacation plus new opportunities as a pharmaceutical distributor.

The Honduran murder rate is 90.1 per 100K. That implies a total body count of 7,300 along with a 'young murderer' count of 3,000+.

Bienvenidos a los Estados Unidos, asesinitos.

Old Lurker

As we adjust the employment numbers here, let's just adjust the murder figures by subtracting those who were in gangs or the drug business.

Problem solved.

Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

TK, you must be a party of one.


I've got to give Lindsy G credit for this quote, it's a good one:

“There’s a battle of wills between the KGB colonel and the community organizer. And the colonel is winning.”


OL@11:00-- another Harry Reid proposal?

Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

My UN chart says 91.6 Rick. Perhaps they keep a rolling average and yours wasn't updated last week. :)

Miss Marple


Still no Obama on my TV.


How so, Ig?

Miss Marple



BB Key

11:11 No O . The little man has no manners

Rick B

Perry Sends National Guard to the Border

Good for you, Governor. Now set up internment camps and deny access to the Feds. Turnabout being fair play and all.


It's 11:15EST, is Obummer at TOTUS yet?

Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

--How so, Ig?--

If someone, Alan West for instance, does one stupid thing that one stupid thing is pretty much all you mention about them from then on and seems to be the prism through which you view them. Seemingly that one stupid thing delegitimizes them leaving me wonder who you can ever vote for since everybody does many more than one stupid thing.


On a lighter note, Univision does have its hotties, that's for sure, e.g., Miss Venezuela Beauty Pageant on or about Labor Day every year until that pig, Hugo Chavez, banned it. Hopefully it will be back this year, now that Chavez is history,

Danube on iPad

"the number of dead is rising."

One thing for certain is it never goes down.

James D.

He's out there lying now.

I can't hear what he's saying, but since it's Obama, whatever he says pretty much has to be a lie, doesn't it?


Wait-- is Obummer using this presser to bitch and moan about the jooz? for real?

Beasts of England

Teh JEF is looking rather grey. And he needs a new speech writer. There's no eloquence or meter to his words. It's not his stunted delivery; the prose just ain't there...


TK is indeed a party of one, and the party charter says that TK is insufficiently ideologically pure to be a member, and must be purged.


Some stats re 36,000 illegals convicted of crimes here and released by BOzo in 2013. Not to be confused with the 68,000 criminal aliens released by BOzo earlier.


Talk about saying nothing...sheesh...

Beasts of England

@OL: we should just make crime illegal. Problem solved!


I have been linking West for sometime now without stating the obvious. Give me some credit.

As far as Cruz is concerned, he is getting slammed by me for his take on the border crisis.

My prism does have a tough time washing a patriot's vote to loot the treasury for a preferential group from where I look to see the light. It is having the same trouble blacking out the completely misinformed position of Ted Cruz.

Cecil Turner

AFAICT, Ted Cruz is the only one with a sensible proposal that addresses the root problem. And yet, watching
Fox News Sunday, I am assured that the "immediate crisis" is completely "unrelated":

WALLACE: Senator, the result of this, Democrats say and I think most independent people believe rightly or wrongly is that would mean that nothing is going to get passed and even some of your fellow Republicans say that if nothing gets passed, if you're going to hold up any action on the immediate crisis to deal, to stop the president from his executive actions unrelated to this immediate crisis ...
So I guess the real issue is not the influx of illegals, but how we keep them comfy and process them . . . and the President and Democrats (with support from independents) are on it.

Shows what I know.


Ironic, NK.

What it the purity test for me to join your club?

You welcome persuadeables of all stripes don't you?


The President signs an Executive Order to protect LGBT employees from workplace discrimination

This EO signing was at 10:15, just before his Ukraine remarks. Did BOzo tout his LGBT order in his public statement?


Does the Cruz proposal require the signature of the President that gets reigned in by the proposal?


No... we don't take in refugees from failed political parties, unless and until the Dem Party fails, then a careful reeducation program will insure that former Dems have returned to sanity.

Try the Paulians, or LaRouche.

Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

True on the recent West links, TK, I had forgotten about them.

Still, the sense remains that you look at a politician's purity the way a Sheik of Araby looks at his bride's; if it turns out there was one slip up you hadn't been aware of at the time of the wedding not only is the happy marriage over but it should end in a hail of rocks. :)


Like a good Muslim, Obama was outraged with the handling of the dead bodies.


BOzo was outraged at the handling of the dead bodies, but in the IL Senate stood alone in favor of leaving live babies who'd survived an abortion in a closet to die.

Beasts of England

He didn't me took the LGBT EO during the portion of the speech I watched, DebinNC.

I'm offended by the handling and desecration of the bodies, as well. The fact that fraud warnings have been issued for credit cards of the deceased being accessed is hard to fathom.

Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

Not tryin to criticize TK, just wondering who, if anyone, fits your parameters.
Cruz and West seem about as libertarian/conservative as one can be and still get elected and even West got unelected. If they have to be purer than them how do we get from where we are to where we should be, politically?


That is some analogy, Ig. :-)

Did you see the 15 min video I posted by a Tucson sector retired Border Patrol agent?

I don't think Cruz is engaging in a simple slip up. He could have used FNS to tell the truth about what is going on down there.

For what it is worth, I can assure you that what the agent says about the ammo shortage to CBP agents is 100% true.

Here it is again:


Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

--He didn't me took the LGBT EO--


Miss Marple

Just saw a reference to "bolt neck" going to Israel.

Had to think a bit, but then burst out laughing.

Beasts of England

me took = mention


Welcome to Medieval Times -- Islamic monsters want to grab Jerusalem, Islamic Monsters have driven Christians out of Mosul, and Slavic Fanatics slaughter the innocent and pillage the bodies for credit card and identity theft. We've done a time warp back to the 11th century.


--Slavic Fanatics slaughter the innocent and pillage the bodies for credit card and identity theft. We've done a time warp back to the 11th century.--

Bring out your dead, however remember we don't take American Express.


They don't have to be "pure" or pass some test like NK's "Are you part of Jindal's non-inclusive 100%?"

I don't like seeing someone I respected doing an anti-American values political stunt and getting away with it. But instead of making the politicians aware of their transgressions, a purity test is imposed on anyone who is outraged with the transgression.

Miss Marple


And where is Christendom? Where are the rulers who will drive the monsters back?

I don't like going back to the 11th century when we only get the bad parts.


If TK says he isn't gay, that's good enough for me. :P


just wondering who, if anyone, fits your parameters.

Rep Tom McClintock


Working link


Captain Hate

Just saw a reference to "bolt neck" going to Israel.

Had to think a bit, but then burst out laughing.

Whoever did the cosmetic surgery on that goof must have figured we needed a good laugh. Either the surgeon made him sign an adequate amount of caveats to ward off a malpractice suit or no attorney thinks it's possible to seat a jury which doesn't despise Lurch.


MissM-- quick answer. There is no Christendom (except in Orthodox Vlad's Russia and Serbia), there is only post-Christian Humanism. Hence, the return of Medieval times.


CH- I bet Lurch thinks he look Mah-Velous!!


Libertarians are either too pure or not pure enough (I'm not sure which) for P.J. O Rourke.


Thanks glasater!

I have also enjoyed watching Rob Woodall from Georgia.

Here is an interview:

Captain Hate

Probably, NK; I've seen so many pictures of him for which my reaction has been "Dear God, I would never show my face in public again after that" yet he seems to revel in them.

Beasts of England

@Barry: {{{ golf clap }}}


Where's the raping and pillaging?

Oh wait.





Miss Marple

Extraneus, Doesn't surprise me.

They should have polled on his religion, because I bet it's close to 70% that think he's Muslim.

The LIV's have managed to internalize that he doesn't ACT American, no matter whether he was born here or not.

Danube on iPad

I found that retired Border Patrol guy to be rambling and incoherent. I couldn't finish it.

Beasts of England

P. J. O'Rourke is my kinda smartass. I'd sure like to share a Bordeaux and a Cohiba with that guy. Although I might die laughing...


Perfect timing, Ext.

From Ig's O'Rourke link:

No, it wasn’t full of nuts – no Birthers, no Birchers, no Truthers, no xenophobes, homophobes, white supremacists, no one wearing a sidearm, and if there were any male chauvinists they were keeping a cork in it because they were accompanied by wives with strongly held egalitarian views.

Blacks, Latinos, and Asians were there, if not as many as I’d like to see. Gays were fairly well represented. Millennials were all over the place. Various types and kinds of libertarians and libertarian-conservatives were present, some of whose views could be made fun of, and were.

So he is thankful that 40% of the population weren't represented but less than 3% of the population was "fairly well represented? "


Correction: Exts link says that 41% of NK's unbecoming party believe Obama has a citizenship problem, not 40% of the population.


I guess that means you can't dispute the content of the video, DoT.


unbecoming = unwelcoming

Rick B

"We've done a time warp back to the 11th century."

Too early. 1300-1500 fits better in terms of the armed bands fighting in Nigeria, Libya and Mesopotamia as well as the Russian brigands looting the Donbass. It's also a reasonable period fit for the low intensity cartel conflicts in Central America.

Think of it as a Renaissance of the condottieri.


Correction to the correction: It may well be 40% of the population would fit the response of "not sure" Obama's a citizen if they count the people who are sure he isn't a citizen.


Well Daesh is doing a good impression of Tamerlane, his greatest hits, is what prompted Ibn Tammiyah, the leading salafi to get cracking with Nigeria, there was a 19th century warlord, Shoko something who seems to be Boko's inspiration, and of course there's Khelminitsky's Zaporizhian Cossacks, from the 17th Century,


--So he is thankful that 40% of the population weren't represented but less than 3% of the population was "fairly well represented?--


However, I thought this was the most problematic;

I’m opposed to abortion. But it’s a moral, not a legislative, issue. Imagine trying to make the Ten Commandments into laws.

Umm, most people including the Founders recognized the Mosaic law as the foundation of not only our laws but most of the laws establishing Western Civilization.

If he's opposed to abortion because the baby is a person then he has no right NOT to make it a legislative issue since the one legitimate role all libertarians can agree on is the state must protect innocent persons from harm by others.
What law isn't based on morality?

Danube of Thought

I guess that means you can't dispute the content of the video

I am entirely indifferent to the content of the video. I don't know what was the content of the five minutes I watched, except something about the Ebola virus going from the jungle to the city. Wow.


Some disagree with Danube's efforts:

came across this video interview from earlier this month and recommend you all take the 15 minutes to watch it.

Retired border patrol officer, Zack Taylor, says the immigrant surge has all the hallmarks of asymmetrical warfare, which seeks to destroy the infrastructure of a nation from within.

We must have an informed electorate which understands the dangers of this manufactured illegal immigration crisis. I hope you’ll watch and share this video.


Guess he should have read your uninformed partial review.


That was another Allen West link that had to be chopped in order for the comment to be allowed to post.


Apparently the agent Danube is wowed by has testified before congress as an expert witnesses:



Danube on iPad

"So he is thankful that 40% of the population weren't represented but less than 3% of the population was 'fairly well represented?'"

I would be too.

Did the BP guy say who is waging asymmetrical warfare against us? (Know your enemy, and all that.)

jimmyk on iPhone

I also had an issue with this in PJO's piece:

"What would be a good yard sign for a libertarian politician?

Vote for _______
He Can Give You Less "

How about "He'll Take Less from You." Conservatives have to stop emphasizing the cuts in benefits and talk more about the increase in freedom (and after-tax income).



"Not only are they[feds] messing with the [border] agents pay right now, they [feds] are telling them [border agents] to run away from assault. If somebody wants to fight, leave them alone. Don't shoot at anybody.

They just told the border patrol here that they are not going to get any ammunition for their weapons until 2015. What's that about?!

They are not going to have any practice ammo for their carfors(sp?) until 2015? Well thats over a year away. FY2015 starts in October 2015. So, what is it that the border patrols agents are not going to get where historically, Department of Homeland Security used to buy ammunition for the border patrol by the boxcar load."

Interviewer asks: You're saying the border patrol agents in Tucson sector have to ration their ammunition for the next 14-15 months?Zach Taylor:

"They can't use it. They're doing zero accountability. In other words, they can't shoot any of it. And it's being accounted for round for round.



More on Taylor:



Not "moron"...

Buford Gooch

Nicaragua is the most dangerous country? According to whom? Mr. Google's top two responses had it as 8th, and not on the list.

Tom Maguire
the number of dead is rising...

I hate bad grammar in a newspaper. Surely that should be "a number of dead *are* rising."


My husband and I used to drive all over the place in Mexico up to and until 2006. At that time the writing was definitely on the wall not to do so any longer.
Wonderful trips and experiences and I'm so sad that cannot happen anymore.

The first time we went down there for a driving trip I did my homework and read that the median age for Mexico was about 23 years of age. That was in the mid eighties approx. I'm sure the median age for Mexico has gone up since then.

It was a wonderful country to travel through and in and my heart breaks that no longer is the case.

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