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July 29, 2014



LOL TM - you are on a roll!



Thomas Collins

Carolyn Maloney would say TM is in super assault magazine trigger cartridge clip mode.

Danube on iPad

I guess we have to guess how many (if any) fewer victims there would have been if the killers had had ten-round magazines, which of course can be ejected when empty and immediately replaced with a fresh one.


Since 2012, the Gun Grabbers have proven to me that there is no sane discussion about firearms technology. The Prog Gun Grabbers are absolutists and tyrannical. Facts mean nothing to them, they want what they want. They have made me an absolutist against any further regulation of firearms, and I don't own any.


TM had his caffeine today--six new threads!


Stop the World threads, I want to get off!

TM had his caffeine today--six new threads!


I'm thinking it may be infuriation at the lack of Gender Sensitivity polling.

Not that there's anything wrong with that:)



daddy--I responded to your cuke question at the end of the other thread..Make those pickles--you can do it..A big crock or plastic tub can hold them until you are ready in a week or two to refrigerate them.


--and I don't own any.--

I, for one, am willing to overlook this character flaw.

Jack is Back!

daddy & clarice,

This was my recipe I was going to make before amputating my fingertip:) I use Kirby cukes and big mason jars, Last year we made large dills like you get from Bubbies.



Clarice, do you need a particular kind of cuke? I asked because my neighbor gave me one from his garden but said it wasn't the pickling kind. So I ate it.

James D.

Zero is on TV right now, but thankfully it's not loud enough for me to clearly make out what he's lying and/or whining about.

If anyone's actually listening to him, is it just the usual garbage, or has ValJar sent him out with some new material today?

Jack is Back!


I use Kirby cukes, The smaller the cuke the less seeds.

BTW, I also have pickled Asparagus and it is a great substitute if you don't like Cukes.


From TM's link to, er, TM in his second para. A little bon mot from a resident troll:

This gun debate is good for a few house Republican seats in 14. Dems need to get seriously fucking messy on this.....

Posted by: Dublindave | January 30, 2013 at 04:24 PM

Amazing how BOzo's incompetence/maliciousness has, in just 18 months, completely changed the ground game for the election in less than 100 days from now.

Jack is Back!

The PR Stunt Presidency in HD. No wonder DuDa is nervous. Its come to this - Prez Everyman:)


miss Marple

We should have operatives writing sob story or mush letters to the president. Sooner or later one would get chosen for one of these lame dinners.



Not sure if anyone is following the global growth in disdain among our allies for Obama and Kerry. The German language edition of Der Spiegel headlines it as "The failure of John Kerry", calling it a debacle. LUN.

The "paper of record" can only report that Israel is broadening its offensive while the WaPo reports "Israel steps up bombardment".

The Israelis are going into the schools and mosques, and it seems, even the power plant to destroy the missile caches.

Maybe Hamas can explain that as well.

It would seem that UN schools are especially likely to be missile storage facilities. How can that be Mr. Ban Ki Moon?


OK I admit I burst out laughing when I read this tweet. Jonah Goldberg:

I'm not near a TV, did Obama appear with a bearded dude speaking Pashto? I love it when he does that


I don't think I've ever seen a sign in a store that indicates what kind of cuke it is. How about "pickling cukes"?

Rick B

"How can that be Mr. Ban Ki Moon?"

Gaza is so very, very small. Tiny, actually. All buildings are zoned for multiuse and UN schools are designated as school/missile storage and launch facilities.

The really great thing about the multiuse designation is the opportunity provided to children to learn life long (albeit, very short) practical skills.

Jack is Back!

Rick B,

Are you channeling Hillary or you unaware she said the same thing:)


Taranto gets his licks in on the pundits trying to rescue 404Care from the subsidy issue, including noting this Pauline Kael-like comment by TNR's Jonathan Cohn:

Most of the health policy wonks I know are baffled by these new legal challenges to Obamacare—the lawsuits that one federal court rejected last week but another one approved, and then got more attention thanks to some 2012 comments by one of the law's outside architects.

Taranto also notes that Kael never made the remark attributed to her, only something similar but much more self-aware.

Behind the wall, but we know how to get around that:



How big an egg did that douchebag Kerry lay? Well I have seen quotes from reliable sources quoting the Palestinian Authority ( you know those lovable rascals in charge of the graft and corruption racket in Judea and Samaria ) as characterizing the meeting of Douchebag, with Turkey and Qatar representatives as "the friends of Hamas."

If Kerry had a functioning soul, that would cut deeply. Sadly, I am sure he is unaffected.



Pickling cukes in the store are most likely Kirby variety. There are other varieties grown for pickles but they are not common. Usually something grown in someone's garden with seeds from a specialty supplier.


Kerry, a functioning soul? I doubt he has a functioning cerebral cortex.


Jane, unwaxed smaller kirbys are what is recommended but I tried everywhere and there were not yet here so I used small persians.


You'd probably have better chance finding pickling cukes at a farm stand. Maybe because it's been such a wet summer there were none where I looked.

miss Marple

I went looking on line and discovered there is also something called the National Pickling Cucumber. The Kirby cucumber often is not.

Kroger never carries anything like this, so I would have to check out farmers markets and some of the organic farms or specialty produce sellers around here.

Jack is Back!


Pretty late in the season for Kirby's. At the Green Thumb today they had none,

If you thought Florida was scary, how about Brazil? Yikes!



WaPo is warning its base to prepare the worst in November--Obummer the incompetent. It appears WaPo will support Hillary in '16, I bet the NYT backs Fauxchahontas:

Old Lurker

"(CNSNews.com) - For the first time ever, the average price for a kilowatthour (KWH) of electricity in the United States has broken through the 14-cent mark, climbing to a record 14.3 cents in June, according to data released last week by the Bureau of Labor Statistics."

Too bad we don't have any coal or other carbons that could hold down these costs, huh?


Interesting link at Insty on the Brady Bunch. Seems one of them did a piece on how the next scary military pistol will end up in civilian hands because it's so sexy and all.

Funny, but I never did see a mad rush to the Beretta 92 that the Army still uses. The Marines just did a big buy of 1911's. The 92 just didn't hack it all that well in our wars.

The 1911 was developed by John M Browning (Radhi annahu adhu)in response to the perceived inadequacy of the Colt 1892 revolver in stopping fanatical Moro terrorists on Mindanao (sound familiar?) and is the granddaddy of all of today's semi-automatic pistols.

Now they are talking .40 cal or .45 cal again. The 1911 has a bit of a kick. That did factor in when the Beretta was chosen, but if you're going to keep a bad man down you have to do it with authority.

The .40 is a compromise round that is popular with a lot of police forces. Of course most cops can't hit a target at 10' when the adrenaline gets going.

But you can bet that Holder and his lapdog media will take up a new meme just to divert the yokels.


No points for guessing who the apparatchik was:


OK, points for alliteration.

Jack is Back!

That POS exaggeratior Jesse Veout of you bntura won his defamation lawsuit against Chris Kyle's widow.

My wish is that some ex-SEAL does the deed and makes sure the great BS artist of Minnesota understands what it feels like to get the shit beat by a REAL SEAL not a phony one like Jesse tries to portray.

More stolen valor but this time against a hero's widow. Scum is too polite a word for him.


I love my Beretta 9mm. But then I'm not military nor LE. I like my Beretta .45 even more.

Jack is Back!

Good God: How did that happen?

That POS Exaggerator Jesse Ventura.....


sorry, I didn't read TM's link. silly me.


OL-did you see the Community Center was providing breakfast and a sack lunch to go to the Clean Power hearings and the March for Climate Justice today?

They were calling it 'Just Energy' as a tool for economic justice. Also read today of a March 2013 federal Workshop of the Climate Change Education Roundtable (started Sept 2009) that was laying out how to get all the nationally ranked business schools to make this a focus. They wanted current and future business leaders to have the requisite mindsets.


Also red and her dad went to the shooting range with some of hubby's friends this weekend. They said it was packed. Red also said most college students she knows want a cancel carry permit when they are old enough.


From Lyle's Fox link, the last sentence:

"HHS has claimed the agency remains confident the program will not have a shortfall."

After November elections HHS will announce the need for Bilions of emergency funds to keep premiums from 'skyrocketing'. Food, gas, electricity, and insurance are all skyrocketing... wages and jobs are dying. can voters figure this out?

Rick B


Stop whining about power cost increases. Tomorrow's GDP report will reflect the fantastic potential achieved by simply raising the cost of all energy. If it weren't for rates hitting the damned point of elasticity we could finally have some significant growth, according to progressive economic models.

Stupid consumers. Turning up thermostats in the summer and down in the winter needs to be included in the definition of treason.

A real patriot would just spend more for the same amount in order to ensure growth in the economy.

Jack is Back!

Our klutzy leftist Obama ass kisser friend Greg Sargent Inadvertently proves the Halbig Plantiff's Case:)


Don't you love it when these doofuses shit in their hat and then pull it down tight?

Old Lurker

:-) Rick


JiB-- out of the mouths of JuiceBoxers. The Red State guy is correct, in any 'close' statutory construction case, a version change like that tips decisively that Congress intended to NOT include the provision. Typo my ass-- it was in and they they took it out.

Jack is Back!

Wedding Day: Guess Who:)

Rick B


We can't really know for sure until Chief Justice Floorwax&deserttopping renders a decision.


RickB-- now now, as you may remember I am a Roberts supporter who believes in the power of redemption.


Choomed at his own Wedding... figures.


The above picture would seem to indicate that Moochelle had her first round of plastic surgery before the wedding.


He's removed all doubt on a number of occasions since. so the Dems fundraise over
the prospect of the only legitimate check
on a lawless executive, while Boehner lets
it be known, he wanted to campaign last time on the Congress's success, like that sham budget deal, after they stabbed Newt in the back

Beasts of England

I guess trying to wade through all these new threads has made me a contrarian - I think their wedding photo is cool...


Hey, MaryD, someone gave me a copy of this book yesterday.

The Decline and Fall of IBM

Only $3.49 for the Kindle version.



Their goal is abolition, ala the aftermath of Dunblane and Port Arthur, which Rupert fanned
the flames in both, they are relentless in their goals, as the latest decision out of Virginia, re affirmation of traditional marriage shows, it doesn't matter what lies
they have to tell, what misrepresentations of fact, who they have to slander,


Ext, thanks for the reminder. I was waiting for that to come out in a dead tree format.


Why would you post that picture?


A fellow who gets a bit of grief at the Horde,
takes a whack at Sargent:


BB Key

Dare I say it ? Another new thread


Another new thread. TM must have had the day off.


I concurwith tha AoS post aboutthe Sargent stuff.

Jack is Back!


Jack is Back!


Why shouldn't I post it? Is there some policy among the JOM illuminati I don't kmow about?


From the Ace link;

Bonus Damage [Ace:] Via @drewmtips, the state of Oklahoma has now moved to include Jon Gruber's "Speak-O's" into the record.

Beasts of England

JiB@7:27 - No shit!


It would be shocking if the plaintiffs in these cases (Halbig, etc.) had overlooked that bit of legislative history. Of course it seems that nothing will persuade leftwing judges whose minds are already made up.

Jack is Back!

The Future, I wish:

Jack is Back!

Hey. My TV is on POI for the 1st time. I fianally get to know what the hell you guys talk about:)


I just watch it for the sociopath with the gun, JiB. :)

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