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July 30, 2014




I've got 1 dozen organic mini-Persians soaking in ice water in the sink for 1 hour.

Buford Gooch

Daddy, you're drowning kittens?

Eric in Boise

Oh, dear. He's soaking free-range Iranian midgets.


Soylent Red

I've got 1 dozen organic mini-Persians soaking in ice water in the sink for 1 hour.

Don't feed them after midnight or they'll multiply, try to nuke Israel, and chant "Death to America" in tiny little voices.

Beasts of England

Now it's official: there are more new threads today than Beasts has girlfriends.


Do you chop up the garlic or just stick the whole clove in there after it's peeled?

Beasts of England

Are you talking about one of my girlfriends, daddy?




Great punch line but an even better set up. :)


World's greatest three year old drummer.


Epic mocking of Ventura.


Walter Williams on the incompatibility of labor unions and black economic progress.

Man Tran on iPhone

I sent that video of the PBY to my Helo buddy. He immediately sent me a picture of him sitting in the pilot's seat with a SEG on his face.

Small world.


Piloting it or photo op, MT?


Beasts: Now it's official: there are more new threads today than Beasts has girlfriends.

TM: Beasts, when was the last date?

Beasts: Sunday AM

TM: How'd it go?

Beasts: Like Negotiating With Dr. Evil.

TM: Ouch:( You didn't feel it was money well spent?

Beasts: Like Financing Al Qaeda.

TM: Yikes! What was the problem?

Beasts: No Transgender Sensitivity.

TM: Yowzer! I assume you dumped her?

Beasts: Justified.

TM: Why exactly?

Beasts: It was like Tunneling in Wartime.

TM: So whats next on the agenda?

Beasts: Looking For Fresh Ideas And Faces.

TM: daddy said he ran into 4 great looking College CheerLeaders on his dog walk today.

Beasts: Whoa, Fun With Numbers!

TM: Last I read he said he was trying hard to deflower a mini-Persian.

Beasts: That's the Funniest Thing You Will Read Today.

Man Tran on iPhone

He knows the owner and flew it. Don't know if it was in the left seat.


Bad ass!


Well, if the process of home made pickle making is idiot-proof I may have done all right.

When the un-deflowered organic mini-Persians were soaking in the Ice Water in an empty plastic tupperware dealie for an hour, I was up the street with the pups, chatting with my Tax Attorney friend and his dog Bella (Fry's girlfriend).

Once I started talking about being in the middle of a home made pickle experiment, he started laughing, said he wanted to try one that minute (I said no) and then he said he remembered a great Andy Griffith episode where Aunt Bee makes the worlds worst homemade pickles: and the boys have to pretend to like 'em.


That had me worried, so when I went back in I pulled the laptop up to the sink and pulled up Clarice's recipe from the Sunday thread and started doing it that way, but then I couldn't tell about what to do with the garlic, so I scrolled down to Anonamom's recipe, and then since my hands were wet I couldn't scroll back up, so I just sort of "winged it," so it was like I was doing half Aunt Bee's Recipe and half Clara's recipe:

Anyhow, I am confident when I bite in to one in about 2 weeks from now they will be edible!

And then, like Aunt Bee in that Pickle Episode I'll be able to get back to important stuff:


Too bad we couldn't have the UN transplant the threatened Mosul Christians to Gaza and transplant the Gaza Palestinians to Mosul.

Gaza would thrive, and Mosul would...you guys know the punchline.


very funny.

it is also a balmy 52 degrees here this morning, at the end of July.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

at Instapundit - "SO, BASICALLY, ALL THE STUFF OBAMA’S OPPONENTS PREDICTED IS HAPPENING NOW: DIA Chief: Al Qaeda Ideology Rapidly Expanding. “That theology has spread at an alarming rate due in large measure to the fact that al Qaeda is winning the propaganda war, and the U.S. is seen as weak and compliant.”

Good thing all those Bibles were burned in Afghanistan. We wouldn't want anyone in the ME exposed to any new ideas or beliefs. :(


daddy, my cousin's pickle recipe it is to be consumed starting a couple of days out---you can do those today to tide you over until
yours are ready.


This Caroline Glick is a must read. http://www.frontpagemag.com/2014/caroline-glick/israel-hamas-and-obamas-foreign-policy/

And the fact that these policies are not a matter of disengagement from foreign policy. His administration simply pursues historically repugnant policies.

He really was quite taken with Said's view of the world wasn't he?


Daddy's coincidental Mini Persian deflowering with TM's Iran Thread is just too funny. I also can t believe he found a screen shot of aunt Bee reading Aviation Journal.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

henry posted this on the last thread -

"WI open records law strikes again. This time it uncovered a private G**gle group of lefty game changers. UW prof, NARAL, and a bunch of MSM types."


It makes me sick to see the 501(c)3 organization representation in this group...just like the JournoList group.

Nonpartisan 501(c)3 organizations. Yeah right.
And there sits the IRS harassing conservative groups...holding them in limbo...demanding info. It is sickening


And yes while Obummer s foreign 'policy' is incompetent, it is based on his hatred of judeo-christian values and peoples, and his adoration of third worlders and 'anti-colonial' dogma.


"The country needs and, unless I mistake its temper, the country demands bold, persistent experimentation."
-- Franklin D. Roosevelt,
32nd U.S. president

Doesn't it give us a warm fuzzy feeling to know the ed oligarchs found that to be the inspirational quote of the day?

And that they felt the need to identify who fdr was?

Captain Hate

The juiceboxers probably think he was some old gimp who smoked evil cigarettes.


--Anyhow, I am confident when I bite in to one in about 2 weeks from now they will be edible!--

Just so long as you didn't use kerosene daddy you should be ok.
And even if you did, like the boys in Mayberry you'll learn to love em. :)

Captain Hate

Maybe he should've asked Miss Marple:


Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Someone on FB posted this comment on a link to the Caroline Glick article -

Donald Sensing ~ "Remember that Obama's campaign refused to lock out foreign-source donations via charge card or other means. So just watch the Arab money pour into the DNC and the nominee's campaign chest in 2016."


Economy grew at 4% in second quarter.


Daddy's 2:16am is brilliant as usual.

And the Glick column rse linked to is indeed a must. Obama has succeeded in the impossible: Unifying Israeli opinion (against him).


Recession fears off for now. RickB and MelR JimmyK and Cathyf will have to drill down into the Consumer spending numbers to determine how much of that was for food/energy inflation, but the inventory build and business spending and export numbers should hold up. The 4% will be revised down of course, and 2014 GDP will be in the 1.5%% -- that's lousy StagFlation: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-07-30/q2-gdp-surges-4-beats-estimates-driven-inventories-fixed-investment-spike-historical

Captain Hate

Ladies and gentlemen, your GOPe:



If I may say, I did predict >3% a month ago (and there was some scoffing), just as a bounce back from the awful Q1. It's still a very weak number, as I'd also said, since it means cumulative growth for 2014 is at a roughly 1% rate. But those inventory blips tend to reverse themselves unless the economy is really tanking.

Of course, the number will also be revised in a month.

Captain Hate

The comments at zerohedge are pretty funny. We've reached Soviet levels of disinformation by the feds and their MFM enablers. Pretty damn disgusting imo.

Miss Marple

Good morning!

Pence deigned to appear on the local radio yesterday, where he mouthed the expected outrage and said he was sending a strongly-worded letter to Obama.

He also touched on the state's "Healthy Indiana" initiative which he is trying to substitute for Medicaid and totally ignored it was MITCH DANIELS who crafted it. AND he ONCE AGAIN referred to Daniels as "my predecessor" and refused to call him by name.

Let me tell you something: Daniels would have figured out a way to find out where those kids are, if he had to set the entire state police on them. He would have put up notices in the Hispanic neighborhoods, required registration with the state, put out alerts to the schools and churches, etc., but HE WOULD FIND THEM.

Daggone, Pence makes me so mad I start channeling my inner Gus!

Do not vote for Pence in the primaries if he decides to run.


Life in Baltimore Blue Hell-- simple truthes-- Blue Hell Liberals are mentally ill (BTW, this article is another example of the Old Libs v. Prog Left civil war):


CaptH-- please ignore the comments at ZH-- they are generally from Paulian nihilists. They have most facts right, but their judgment like Ronnie himself....


2Q CW from academic and business economists was generally correct JimmyK.. ..blind squirrels/dismal scientists and all ;)

Captain Hate

AND he ONCE AGAIN referred to Daniels as "my predecessor" and refused to call him by name.

Other than ego and insecurity, I don't understand this. He must surround himself with yes men and women because when you follow a popular pol it's not a good idea to get a percentage of his supporters at least slightly upset by a small minded constant self reference.

Rick B


The PCE component is adjusted for inflation. I agree with Jimmyk re inventory build. A Q2 build isn't a healthy sign. The CapEx and residential investment component guesses are risible - the residential investment number contradicts the Commerce new home sales numbers. Perhaps Uncle Sugar has begun lying to his diary?


Victor Davis Hanson on why the world is suddenly becoming such a nasty place.

James D.

If we had a functioning press corps, Zero or one of his flunkies would be asked, repeatedly:

"Since your administration has been revising economic figures every month and every quarter, and always downward, why on Earth should anyone believe your second quarter economic growth report?"


How much of the residential investment and new home sales numbers are single family homes vs multiple unit apartments and other rental structures?

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

I don't think any of the Daniels people are still at the statehouse. He kept them on long enough to preserve appearances, but they are all pretty much gone.

Pence has a grudge for some reason, possibly because Daniels suggested the truce on social issues several yeas ago. It is counter-productive and as you pointed out, makes me think less of Pence. It is
really bad politics when Daniels was possibly the most popular governor in our state's history, running second only to Doc Bowen, and not very far behind, let me tell you.


You know, the fundamental result of Barry and the crazy left's foreign policy of feeble minded insouciance will be precisely the thing they claim to despise more than any other.

They so hate America and are so profoundly led astray from reality by the True Believer nature of their ideology they will create a vacuum of power that the thugs of the world will fill with the most virulent new imperialism and domination of the weak that it'll make the 19th century look positively benevolent.

King Emperor Barack; progenitor of the Neo Imperialists.
Has a certain ironic ring to it.

Miss Marple


I believe I read earlier this week that single-family home construction is way down. That means construction has to be rentals.

I wonder how many of those rentals are being built in Williston, Bismark, and other points out near the Bakken? When I drove through western North Dakota last month, it seemed like every small town had an apartment building or two under construction.


single family homes vs multiple unit apartments and other rental structures?

I don't think that breakdown is available so cleanly, but the "starts" were stronger for multiples than singles, as Miss M suggests.


What is this guy thinking lately?

MEDIA ADVISORY: Rubio, Colleagues To Unveil Legislation Curbing Sexual Assaults On Campuses

Rubio will be joined by Senators Claire McCaskill (D-MO), Dean Heller (R-NV), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), among others. Victims and advocates will join the lawmakers for Wednesday’s introduction.
Captain Hate

I think impeaching Slick was the dumbest thing the GOP has done as far as long term consequences and trivializing the Constitution. I remember supporting it at the time because Clenis was such a lowlife who never should've stained the White House, but what he did probably deserved a censure by Congress rather than impeachment. Now we have the GOP cowering when 404 is indeed committing impeachable acts; afraid to point them out as such while stating that politically it's impossible.


Okay, I have my cucumbers but no glass jars.We really should have a pickle off.

Does horseradish have leaves or do you just put the stuff from the fridge in?

I'm gonna make both recipes.


JiB-- James Bond is in the Hamptons: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2708976/Daniel-Craig-wife-Rachel-Weisz-dropped-East-Hampton-airport-pal-Steven-Spielberg.html

Miss Marple


At first I was sort of dismissive of that bill, but got to thinking about it last night. Anything that shines a light on the hypocritical and feckless manner in which universities are administered is fine with me.

Most of the schools ignore serious problems to focus on piddly issues which they can use to bully conservatives and religious students. They don't give a rat's rear end about real rape as it makes their campuses look less than friendly, so it gets swept under the table.


Pelosi senility watch by the bay;
no deportation without representation.



The invasion of Texas continues.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Rubio & others that get sucked into the DC madness need to remember this quote -

"If you get your info from the MSM most of what you "know" is not true & most of what you do not know is important." ~ Scott @ Powerline

When politicians get their info from the "news" media...they are being fed propaganda from leftist advocacy organizations.


Now I say they revised "up" 1st quarter GDP to -2.1% from the previous -2.9%. So we get about 1.8% cumulative for the 1st half. Still pretty weak stuff.



Rick B


Jimmyk is correct (again) about the muddiness of the residential construction reports. The new home sales number is clean (and down 5% YoY on a YTD basis) but the split between houses and apartments is discernible only through the permit and completion reports which do not include dollar values.

Captain Hate

What is this guy thinking lately?

Oh for God's sake, the rights of the accused are almost nonexistent on campuses, which is why you have the existence of groups like F.I.R.E., and the Cuban Combover has to burnish his RINO credentials by making it even worse? I think it's time to realize the light isn't very bright upstairs.


daddy, just peel the garlic and throw it in whole. Good luck!

Once everything is in the brine, try to weight the pickles down so they remain covered...Check them after one week to see if they are done to your taste..if not continue and keep checking--Once they are--refrigerate them, Don't worry about any scum at the top--just skim it off--it's the fermentation product.

Captain Hate

I just sliced up a pickle cuke and have it soaking in Garlic Expressions.

James D.

CH, you're 100% right.

Rubio (and any other R's) signing on to this campaign just gives legitimacy to the Dems' "war on women" garbage. It perpetuates the completely bogus "1 in 5 women is raped during college" lie. And it further intertwines the federal government in matters that it has absolutely no business being involved in.

It's a lose-lose deal for anyone who believes in limited government, due process for those accused of crimes or silly little things like the truth.


No world for stupid men;
Two more craven Hollywood leftist idiots to ignore.


Thanks guys.
So the residential numbers may harmonize if single family starts are down but multi family starts are up is my take away.


James, James, James...

Once again you fail to understand that once the GOP wins the Senate they won't do stupid shit anymore.

Until then the House needs to shut up and Rs in the Senate need to reach across the aisle.



Somewhere at a convention or maybe several conventions, there were closed door meetings outlining the new Democratic Party strategy called "no fingerprints".

This policy called for undocumented face to face meetings, fake e mail accounts, etc so that there would be no paper trail.

Fortunately, there are enough dumb Dems that conspiracies such as the Wisconsin Cheese Ring and Journo-List have been exposed.

Such strategies are Antithetical to our democracy. When one considers Journo-List and their fellow travelers there is a real threat to a free press.

There is no better description of these people than cockroaches.


OK, I am conducting a JOM poll as it is always my understanding that nothing in government goes away, long after the reason for existence ends.

It's no surprise probably that I think WIOA is intended to be an update to get School to Work into place. The fact that Texas rolled out Competency standards on Monday that has been some project of it Workforce Commission makes me seem prescient but is not making my day. (those links are on my blog in comments this morning)

Now I discover per this official National Archives termination order that NSSB was terminated during the gwb presidency in 2003. http://www.archives.gov/records-mgmt/rcs/schedules/independent-agencies/rg-0220/n1-220-04-009_sf115.pdf

I think we can safely surmise nssb was not terminated because gwb hated big government. Now labor economists are suddenly citing what is going on in Texas as nssb again. Not mentioning that termination order.

I am not hit so I cannot do a real poll but since people here are spread all over and this IS the statute passed in a hurry that no one wants to talk about.

I know this is not as much fun as pickling, but would love insights. Plus I want everyone here watching their states and locales.


clarice, I foresee a market for pickle anchors. How does one weigh a pickle down?


nssb is National Skills Standards Board and it was a voluntary coalition of the sort that WIOA now mandates. And what was 15 industry areas tranlates into the 16 or 17 (if you count Green Energy) areas for Career Pathways also in WIOA and Ga's HB 186 that I mentioned in the book as to why I thought Competency was where this all ends up.


rse, not sure if this ties in. McClintock constantly rails on unauthorized expenditures and the leadership in the party of stupid failing to stop them.




How does one weigh a pickle down?

Cucumbersome regulations?

Miss Marple


I will be happy to help keep an eye on things if you can tell me what I am looking for.

Indiana has had a Workforce Development department since early in the Daniels/ administration. It handles unemployment, re-training, job listings, etc.

I haven't seen anything about career pathways but I could have missed it.


Don't worry about any scum at the top

Been doing that for six years now and you want me to stop just like that? Oh, wait you were still talking about pickles...

Never mind...


Ignatz-- the increased multi-family construction and dead single family market has been evident (i.e suggested by and infered from) in the data for over 4 years. The ZIRP (plus LIHTC in Urban areas) has facilitated new multi-family rentals, because households/families are not forming so low rates aren't creating new single family units, but rentals instead for singles/couples delaying or giving up on families. In some select markets, NYC, SF, Miami etc Condos for international capital flight investors are also being built. So plumbing fixture, concrete and door maufactures are happy, lumber is left out in the cold.


Does horseradish have leaves

You're looking at the wrong end.

How does one weigh a pickle down?

Badmouth it until it has poor esteem.

Miss Marple


More on Pence's letter and buried down in the bottom is the notation that 8000 illegals have been put into legal status since 2012 courtesy of Obama's DACA for people who were brought here as children. THAT is a little fact that hasn't made the news around Indianapolis.


Mrs. Buckeye's grandma used to make lots of pickles with homegrown cucumbers. We inherited a crock that I would guess is at least 10 gallons. Has a disc about 2 inches thick, same material as the crock, with holes in it. Drops into the crock to hold the cukes down. Heavy sucker. Also has a wooden lid that covers the crock. Grandma said it helped keep the bugs out.


--buried down in the bottom is the notation that 8000 illegals have been put into legal status since 2012 courtesy of Obama's DACA--

Does a slow moving coup, with or without ebola or Fuddy, count as asymmetrical?


Spanish/hollywood pinheads: I saw Almodovar at the NYC film festival what, 25 years ago when Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown opened. Cruz is stunningly beautiful and Almodovar is a strange little guy. Just Gulfstream Lefties, no news there.

Miss Marple

Buckeye, My dad had a crock like that, although he used it to make sauerkraut, which he then canned.

His first experiment with sauerkraut was a disaster, though. He got some recipe which purported to work with fermintation in the jars. Complete flop, as 12 jars of fermented cabbage exploded all over the cellar.

My mother was NOT pleased!

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself


“This is a human problem, and it has been the religious call of all religions to welcome the stranger, and it’s in that spirit that I believe the clergy can call the United States, Mexico and all the players to perhaps a higher response than might otherwise happen,” Brown said on the first full day of his trade mission to Mexico."

from the party that didn't want God in their platform....
It is all so sickening that it is unbearable.
We should all listen to "the clergy"??? Which clergy is he talking about? Rev. Wright? Rev. Al Sharpton? Gene Robinson? Farrakhan? Muslim Imams? Voodoo priests? Wiccans?

or my Pastor? Chuck Swindoll? J. Vernon Mcgee? James Dobson?

What "higher response" is he talking about? Do the 10 Commandments matter now?
What foundational moral belief is he talking about???

Miss Marple


I have to tell you the hair stood up on neck when I saw those figures. Indianapolis only has one paper and it is a Gannett lefty publication, so they aren't going to point those figures out.

I am going to have to start watching local news more, although I have to say if talk radio didn't cover it I doubt the local TV stations did.

Very disconcerting.

Thomas Collins

Time for a pickle ad!


The Obama administration is urging federal employees to stay home during the summit of African leaders being held in Washington, D.C. next week and to monitor local news for announcement of a possible “closing of the federal government” —ostensibly over traffic issues.

At the same time the administration said the federal government is taking no “additional precautions” to deal with the potential spread of the Ebola virus by those attending the summit.

In a twelve paragraph article on the summit of African leaders hosted by President Obama, the New York Times devotes five paragraphs to the issue of Ebola affecting the summit—an issue the Gateway Pundithas raised in several articles this week.


Something tells me the food tasters don't get the day off...

Miss Marple

Miss Marple, amateur novelist, wonders whether the evil-doers would deliberately introduce ebola in order to take control through martial law.

I know, I read too much Tom Clancy in my youth, so will remove my tin foil hat and get busy on my work around here.



My son and I brewed some beer that was still pretty active when bottled.

Couple of bottles blew up, luckily after he took them to his apartment.

I drank mine before they had a chance to make a mess:)

James D.

Buckeye, I was always worried about that during my brief homebrewing career, but luckily it never happened to me.

"We have a lot of folks in the United States from other countries—many of them are here legally, many of them are not, they are here illegally—who go to different storefronts and financial institutions to wire money back to their relatives back home,” Vitter said in a phone interview with Breitbart News last week. “That’s not a horrible practice per se, but clearly some of the folks doing this are here illegally. I have legislation proposed, the WIRE Act, that would simply ask the businesses doing the wiring to require documentation of a person’s legal status. If they’re here legally, great. But if they can’t document that they’re here legally, we’d charge a significant fee and that goes to border security and enforcement. I’ve asked the GAO for some data about numbers of people and remittances to help push my WIRE Act.”

Back in 2011, the Congressional Budget Office determined that $38 billion was sent to foreign countries—mostly in Latin America, but substantially to Africa and Asia as well—by immigrants, both legal and illegal. A 2006 report from GAO found that the United States was the largest remittance-sending nation in the world. And in 2010, the anti-amnesty Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) found that $25 billion of remittances sent out of the U.S. were from illegal aliens.


Why in the hell would 11 million government-cheese lotto winners come "out of the shadows?"

They have it made.


















I almost put
on my link to the number but didn't want to rob Davey of one of his few joys in life.

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