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July 26, 2014





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My thoughts on social justice.

No one who believes they have the right to kill any inconvenient child believes in social justice.

Posted by: Pagar | July 26, 2014 at 05:26 PM

miss Marple

This is why I always have had a fireplaces, a site close to surface water like a stream, and keep lots of canned goods.

You never know.


>>>But when life hands you lemons, keep in mind - this would have solved our carbon emissions problem.<<<

maybe I haven't had my daily allowance of coffee, but that is a strange mash-up.


>>>President Readying 'Very Significant' Executive Action On Immigration...
Unilateral grant of 'work authorization'...
Gutierrez: Amnesty for 5 million...<<<

the pen and phone.


it's a decidedly mixed metaphor:


I don't know if this piece or Nogcera's pretending the Tea Party and the Chamber of
Commerce are not fundamentally at odds, is more snarkworthy



temporary relief from deportation and work authorization for perhaps several million


some good news for change




why would he need to waive work place verification for millions if it is a wave of "children" coming in?


OBAMANOMICS IN ACTION: Typical US Household Worth One-Third Less Than Under Bush

The gatewaypundit.com

IMO, the figures are much worse than that.



here is the executive summary of the report:


wow ... inflation helps those at the front of the wave and hurts those at the back.

Obama: The President for the 1%.



The link is from a few months ago, but IMO, it shows the sheer insanity of allowing illegals to come in and take jobs from American workers. Many of these illegals are coming from areas where 2 or 3 dollars an hour would be good pay.



Because it is not a wave or a crisis. As a reference point look at 2005, 1.6 million caught at the border including 110,000 under 17 with 77,000 of them unaccompanied minors.

This "crisis" is the excuse to do what he is proposing massed amnesty. It seems that few are taking notice of it.


Thanks, rich! Great link!


back in 2005, where did they end up:


Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

why would he need to waive work place verification for millions if it is a wave of "children" coming in?

Yes, Rich. The "migrant children" meme is a damn lie. Especially the "unaccompanied" part.


as usual Lurch removes all doubt:




There are IMO, larger issues involved. We are a consumer economy and it is failing. We need to replace the older retiring workers with new ones.

There are not enough births to replace those that are dying or retiring. Millenials would rather stay at home living in their parents basement that work the jobs available. AA's would rather accept that which the government provides and do the same.

In order to maintain the huge welfare state, a new source of consumers is needed to replace the aging and those that would rather be poets, artists, writers or just sit on the porch drinking beer.

Both parties recognize this, there approaches are different but the goal is the same. The Republicans and the COC see amnesty as their solution to provide workers and consumers. As well as a shot to the economy, because there will be new businesses started by the newcomers and a cheapor workforce will allow them to compete globally in areas where they are priced out by labor costs. They can make up in volume anything that would be lost in wages.

The other side needs find a way to sustain the Welfare state and the economy from collapsing. They also see the influx as way to regain voters that they with their mismanagent have lost. They don't have another Obama in the horizon, not to mention that the circumstances that pushed Obama to the top will not always be there. So their approach is from the humanitarian side, create a fictitious crisis, assert that we are the cause of it (War on Drugs) and propose the solution that they wanted all along, mass amnesty.

It is a tricky game for both sides, as we have seen both are trying to blame the other. If it does not work they don't want to be held responsible for the consequences.


sorry it was the Israeli David Brooks, I was referencing:



so let me see if I can sum this up:

today's border crisis is really no worse than it usually is and the Obama Administration went to their default position of lying to try to pass an amnesty to solve their own created crisis.

disgusted by Washington DC.


Except we've seen this magic trick, before in
Europe, it doesn't work in the long run, it's
the Milton Friedman paradox, about mass immigration and the welfare state.


“No one who believes they have the right to kill any inconvenient child believes in social justice.”

Abortionists are like slaveholders: they justify their actions through a tortured definition of “human.”



>>>Millenials would rather stay at home living in their parents basement that work the jobs available.<<<

I find this as a rather broad brush. Many work hard with the best job they can find. Many have difficult and conflicting responsibilities. Many have discovered that their degree after spending about 4 years in school and 35k only qualifies them for low wage employment and the only alternative is to "live in the basement" to pay down their loans.

>>>AA's would rather accept that which the government provides and do the same.<<<

This is a broad bush as well. It would be better to think of welfare as in itself a full time job. A recent study (can't find it) showed that it pays just as well and having multiple generations caught in the welfare system can't be good for the long term of a society.

Not sure how bringing in a wave of Central Americans is supposed to solve that.

Rick B

"it doesn't work in the long run"

It really doesn't work when the bottom quartile of the theoretically exiting generation can't exit because they have no savings to augment benefits which are somewhat shy of covering necessity. They remain in positions which are then unavailable to the immigrants and the bottom of the pyramid gets a bit crowded.

Fortunately, it's nothing that a good dose of central planning can't fix in a manner which will be irremediable over the intermediate term.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Here's more sneaky crap from the lousy administration.


"The sponsors often are relatives or family friends." - Really? I wonder how many "often" means?

"government data indicated that Indiana sponsors have received 245..."

So how many went to relatives? How many went to "family friends"?

This administration is such a bunch of liars.


>>>Millenials would rather stay at home living in their parents basement that work the jobs available.<<<

I've been seeing some interesting trends. First of all most of you know I always say the best thing that ever happened to me was that I grew up poor, so I learned how to work. Lots of kids of my generation didn't have that ethic and it seemed to get worse in the next generation.

The reason I hired Amy 12 years ago was her work ethic. I was amazed that someone who had grown up in a family of wealth had the best work ethic I'd ever seen.

I don't think that was typical at all.

Now I see that the people who are raising kids with a great work ethic to a large degree are the successful people, not the poor people. I am sure that is because of all the benefits you can get if you are "poor". And the biggest accomplishment of those benefits is keeping people poor.

I also see a lot of middle class people who don't seem to think work ethic is #1. It's as if they have guilt about making their kids work, or something because most of them had it pretty easy.

My two cents.


>>>They remain in positions which are then unavailable to the immigrants and the bottom of the pyramid gets a bit crowded.<<<


>>>it's nothing that a good dose of central planning can't fix<<<

yea! a minimum wage hike ought to fix that.

evening Rick.


looks like Ignatz will be dropping some coin in Vegas in September:


707 hp ...





My last 3 comments disappeared in Typhusland.

Yes, that was a broad brush on both examples. Yet is the same broad brush that is use by both sides both pro and con.

That it has been proven not to work in the long term by some of the most Centrally controlled countries makes the current course, and act of lunacy.

I tried to post some other background information from the Bipartisanpolicy.org site by I think that was flagging my comments.


It is an absolutely bogus set of prepositions on both e3stablishment side--rich's critique is just the tip of the iceberg.

All can, of course be taken apart on purely utilitarian grounds and/or even purely factual grounds--they in fact extremely half baked notions built on fragile and sophomoric assumptions--but there is a major point that is beyond the utilitarian.

Nobody gave either party the right to change the demographic or ethnic composition of the nation, nor defile our institutions in order to do so. Nobody gave them the mandate to take this apon themselves, and is is hard to imagine how this ever rightly should happen. It is beyond mere "government" or its purview. It is in fact an clandestine war against the nation. There is no justification for this, even if we accept the very dubious notion that they may act in their self interest here.

Likewise, no-one gave them the brief, much less the competency, to "prophesize" about future conditions of the nation and then act upon it is a vacuum. It is completely ridiculous, and one is hard pressed to find another era in our political culture were political parties indulged ion such mysticism, for that is really all it is, about the future to so radically alter the present.

This is a betrayal of their very role.

We need to remember that they are after all just political parties.

The problem is of course, that we are so far down the rabbit whole of Oligarchical collectivism, multi-cult PC gobbledygook and outrageous political, moral and intellectual corruption that we cannot even have a rational conversation or reasonable debate over the fundamental issues. We can no longer have a national discussion about the national interest because we are so fractured that there is no such thing as a national interest.

Instead we have elites that are separated from the nation, its interest and their citizens--they are in fact separated from reality.

The notion that the GOP need to "respond" legislatively to Obama is risible. They need to "respond" by enforcing the law and by calling things by their real name.

Jack is Back!

Ha! Made it to Southampton but it took me 11 hours to drrive opbasically the same distance I did Friday in 7 1/2 hours. From Fredericksburg, VA to the DC beltway it was bumper to bumper at 10 to 20MPH when not at dead stop. Then the approach to the Delaware Memorial Bridge it was a total blockage andI diverted to Newcastle and may have saved 30 minutes.

Om the Turnpike it was good until exit 7 which was stop and go for 30 miles. At one time we drove 9 miles in 30 minutes, The same on the 278 on Staten Island, the Belt Parkway and later on a mid-island stretch of the Southern States Pkwy.

I don't know it's the start of most holidays or what the reason but its the busiest, most congested trip I have ever had up to Southampton. From now on we go back to the car hauler and flying up.


Oh so they are related to their sponsors eh? Who would have guessed?

Some body need to as a question: Who really is paying for the coyotes to bring them up here. We we hear numbers between $4k and $10k a pop.

Where is this cash coming from.

None of these people are going back, and only a small minority are "children".

It is a total con game, and it is right out in the open.

If they get away with this there is in fact nothing that they can not get away with.


was this the link,



I also see a lot of middle class people who don't seem to think work ethic is #1. It's as if they have guilt about making their kids work, or something because most of them had it pretty easy.


With the exception of the Kennedy's and the Clinton's and the other big money "Public Servants" where the rules of society don't apply, my guess is many folks are aware of how effective the Left has been at smearing the possessors of wealth, and I suspect a strong "Work Ethic" that goes along with achieving that wealth has taken a hit as well, so I imagine that almost unconsciously around dinner tables (if anyone still eats as a family unit around dinner tables in this country) the topic of a strong Work Ethic to achieve wealth or some other material success is either no longer stressed for reasons of self protection, or stressed with PC caveats.

It is informative to watch how desperate that vicious pig Michael Moore has been forced to lie in order to make people believe that he is not a wealthy member of the 1 per cent. He and the Left have so effectively maligned the notion of personal wealth that he has to pretend he is not one of those covetous bastards in order to maintain his street creed and his "I'm one of you common folks" schtick.


--I don't know it's the start of most holidays or what the reason but its the busiest, most congested trip I have ever had up to Southampton.-

It's the millions of staycationers in our sixth consecutive recovery summer.
Anybody in hospital recovery this long had a tag tied on their toe long ago.

miss Marple

daddy, I think you are right.

Plus, no one has the answer anymore. Tell,your kids to got to school to get ahead? Even STEM major rent immune from buyouts, layoffs, etc.

Also, around here, with the "balanced schedule" the schools have put into effect, there is not enough time to really work at a summer job. My grandkids go back to school next week.

And there aren't part-time jobs for kids as much. Those jobs are being filled by adults desperate for any paycheck because their unemployment has run out, or with immigrants. Neither of these groups ask an employer to work ado school and sports schedules.


Well they are quite nearly at the end of the Strigoi cycle, their stingers are fresh.


OH there are plenty of Millennials that want to strike it rich--check out the start-up scene in NYC or SF. Of course, a great many of them think that they can strike it rich quick, but when you have absolutely insane valuations of pseudo-tech firms like facebook, who can blame them given the the examples that are set?

Never mind that hispters hardly comprise a majority on their generation; the fact that some wold rather be "poets" than work hard to better themselves, is common to all youth. The boomers where the greater sinners here, and by quit a long shot too. This "analysis" of the Millenials really is just ascribing to a generation what is common to all generations when they are young. It is unjust, and borders on slander.

If there are problems with this generation it is the fault of the prior one; they have been robbed of their culture and civilization and all that goes with it--most particularly its moral and intellectual foundations. This is hardly something that they can be blamed for. It is squarely at the feet of the ongoing Leftist plot and their BoBo enablers in the Boomer cadre.


Posted by: Bori | July 26, 2014 at 08:15 PM -

noted and I'll wheel over to the site later. We are probably more in agreement than disagreement, but for some reason the lazy millennial caricature has been bothering me for some time. Maybe it hits a bit close to home ...


I suspect a strong "Work Ethic" that goes along with achieving that wealth

Think about that. Where does it leave you? It almost says to your kid "you don't matter enough for success."

So are parents sucked in? Are they stupid?

Hell I think most parents pay absolutely no attention to what is going on in this country. They are too busy.


Forget about protect and defend, how do you preserve the country if there are no borders and no laws?


Most parents have no idea the amount of indoctrination their children receive. They do not fathom what Marxist Leninist hell holes are educational system has become. They think it is just a few radicals like it was back when they were in school. They have no reasonable way to respond. This is how the march through the institutions was designed to work.

In fact, most parents struggle with the indoctrination they themselves receive day to day. We are constantly bombarded with left wing cant about who evil every good, decent and desirable thing. All values are inverted and at every point.

It numbs the soul and darkens the spirit.

The sad thing is that some day, perhaps long after the last boomer is dead, the millennials will ask: why did this happen? How could they allow this to happen? why did the nation destroy itself at the very height of its power and accomplishment.

Odd are that they will have to find the answers for themselves.

The boomers in time will be reviled and despised as the most irresponsible generation of our history.


You don't. That's the hope and the change.

miss Marple

I don't think Millenials are lazy. I think they have taken a look at the futility of trying to get ahead while saddled with student debt, a poor economy, and high health care and have decided that life is too short to waste time paying the government.

They would probably be quite happy to work more if they could keep more of their paycheck.

Plus, there just are not a lot of jobs.

miss Marple

squaredance, I would point out that a great many of our troubles were put in motion before Boomers had reached positions of influence within business or industry.

Also, if Millenials get to blame Boomers, then do Boomers get to blame the WWII generation? That seems rather pointless.

We are all responsible for our own actions. Otherwise, it's like Obama blaming Bush for everything.


I don't think Millenials are lazy. I think they have taken a look at the futility of trying to get ahead while saddled with student debt, a poor economy, and high health care and have decided that life is too short to waste time paying the government.

Here is the difference MM. In my time, if I took a different "look" I would have not survived. I had no option but to work my butt off, and I had absolutely no understanding of the government's role. And frankly, I don't think that is different today. What is different is the mindset and the knowledge that you will be taken care of regardless of what path you take.
On the upside, that gives an enormous advantage to anyone who is brought up differently. The problem is, that is not really in vogue.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

They would probably be quite happy to work more if they could keep more of their paycheck.

I think that is true, MM. Your earlier post touched on something too.
I think there is definitely a push to try & make young people satisfied with less in life.
Don't own a car. Don't own a home.
Ride the bus or a bike. Live in a tiny apartment!...it's cool!

The "green" scam seems to be about making people feel good about being poorer.


Bori, I want to thank you for your reply. I always read your post as some of the most thoughtful ones here at JOM. I agree there are a lot of factors involved, but I just don't see how we can absorb a whole lot of new faces in our nation, most who are going to be drawing all kind of government freebies while we have a large part of own citizens drawing a lot of freebies

The other thing I 'm worried about is the alleged reason we hear that these illegals are coming, violence! Young children who see violence every day are learning different values.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

I posted a video of "youths" in France rioting.
France has "youths" & we are getting "children".


I am surprised that no one has taken up the most important Math question that was brought up on yesterdays Math thread.

Here is General MacArthur:


Here he is in profile:


For refresher, here is the argument at lunch between Einstein and Kurt Godel from April 1951, which I posted yesterday:

One notable discussion took place the day after Douglas MacArthur was given a ticker-tape parade down Madison Avenue upon his return from Korea. Godel came to lunch in an agitated state, insisting that the man in the picture on the front page of The New York Times was not MacArthur but an impostor.

The proof?

Godel had an earlier photo of MacArthur and a ruler. He compared the ratio of the length of the nose to the distance of the tip of the nose to the point of the chin in each picture. These were different: Q.E.D.

The Parade was 20 April 1951, shortly after MacArthur was relieved of command by Truman.

My guess is that the photo Godel saw on 21 April 1951 was probably the first one (number 3) below but possibly the 2nd (number 4):



Now I don't have a ruler handy like Godel did at lunch with Einstein, but I do have my trusty toothpick in hand (can't fly a plane without one:)

Utilizing my toothpick, it is obvious to me that there is a striking difference in the size of the pipe bowl between image 1 and image 4, which, due to the weight difference increasing the downward pull on the lower jaw, I can imagine may have contributed to an apparent extension in the distance between tip of the nose down past the nostrum, to the tip of the chin in image (1), which is different from the difference in image (4). I think we can all agree on that.

Ergo, my conclusion is that Godel was correct, "the ratio of the length of the nose to the distance of the tip of the nose to the point of the chin in each picture" was different, but it was in fact the same General MacArthur in both photos (and probably all 4 photos), and therefore Einstein was correct not to bite on the Manchurian MacArthur hypothesis.

Did you guys pretty much come up with the same conclusion, or was there a second gunner on the grassy knoll?

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself


Why won't the feds say the ages?

"Gov. Nikki Haley’s office says federal officials will not provide governors any additional information. That includes details on the children’s ages, where they’re sent in South Carolina or how they arrived."

It is really all sketchy as hell....

sammy small

Blaming the Boomers is the same broad brush as was mentioned earlier. The counter culture of the 60's is the subset of Boomers that is to blame. The triggering events were the JFK assassination followed closely by the Viet Nam war draft. Womens lib, the pill, save the whales, save the planet, were all birthed in the outfall.



Janet has a 7:59 link about Indiana , lots of other states have the same problem.
We can't take in all the world's problems.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

from my 7:59 link - Mississippi too - "In at least one other state, Mississippi, the governor criticized the federal government for placing children with sponsors without notifying state officials, according to the Associated Press."

Jack is Back!


The French have "jeunesses" but since it sounds so damn close to Jooooos, they call them "youths":)


Jeanette, didn't,see yours. Sorry!
I give up this IPAD is driving me to a good book.

Danube on iPad

"Where is this cash coming from"

From those who are waging asymmetrical warfare against us. The deuce of it is, it's impossible to know who they are. But rest assured, they're out there. Dark Forces.




I thought they called them "disenfranchised" youths, which I believe is a euphemism for Citroen Torchers



I agree whether we can or can't is besides the point, as a general amnesty will not only affect Central Americans but if Obama has his wish everyone that is currently in the country but not a citizen.

I am totally against the prospect of general amnesty, I have children that would bear the cost. My point is that we have both parties trying to misguide the country to achieve something that is a proven failure.

If we look at the timeline regarding the crisis, before May, there was not a pip about the number of UACs. Is worth noting that until late May, the Republican Congress was about to vote on their version of Immigration Reform.

As soon as the winds turned that the vote would not happen this year, leaks by the Administration began about the crisis at the border. A crisis that necessitated immediate action by Congress on Immigration Reform. Then the leaks about where the kids were being sent, etc.

We've been played are still being played and so are those on the left.

BTW, the comment about the MIllenials was meant in a sarcastic manner, not an indictement. I paraphrased Pelosi's comment about O-Care. Yet, there is a shade of truth in the statement, in that in many occasions is not the job but where or what kind of job that will determine whether they take it.

My son a millennial himself, had been working at McDonald's since he was 16. By the time he started UNLV, he had been promoted to manager. He left McDonald's because it was not a cool place to work. He took another job, where he gets to dress up everyday, even though the McDonalds job paid more, had tuition reimbursement and other benefits, appearance was more important.

Texas Liberty Gal

I think they are transferring people who are of voting age or look like they're that old so that they won't be creamed in 2014! Sounds outlandish but nothing they do will astound me.


Well I am off with the dogs now to catch Larry Kudlow's weekend wrap-up, and I will keep you advised as to "The Brainiac Count."

I thought this story on the upcoming decision by the Fed's as to whether or not to list the Wyoming Sage Grouse as an endangered species, thus locking up large chunks of territory, was worth a mention.

The commenters to the story, who seem to be locals from the area, believe the recent decline to be due to Ravens, not to fracking and mining, etc. The final graphs in the story say this:

David Naugle is a professor in the Biology Department at the University of Montana and a national science advisor for the Sage Grouse Initiative who was an advisor on the study. Asked if measures like those outlined in the report were sufficient to reverse the bird’s decline, Naugle deferred.

“I don’t have a crystal ball,” he said.

Ultimately, that question will be decided by the Fish and Wildlife Service next year, Naugle said.

That reminded me of a story I posted about yesterday, about a Federal Judge overturns a Threatened Species Listing for Beringia bearded seals

His rationale was that the Fed's predicted what would happen to the seals over the next 100 years, and he said they could only reasonably make predictions up to 50 years in the future.

So my prediction is that even tho' the Sage Grouse expert has no "Crystal Ball", the Fed's do, and come next year they will list the Sage Grouse as "Endangered."

I also predict "3 Brainiacs". Cheers.

miss Marple

The President of the United States, against the will of the people and without legal authority, is importing foreign nationals of unknown age, whose character and political motives are unknown, and settling them around the country in secrecy.

I think this is exactly what impeachment was designed for, but as a realist I know that it will not happen.

But people need to point it out, anyway.

Danube on iPad

It's not just that he's not that smart. It's not just that he's a liar.

He's sick.

miss Marple

Goodnight, everyone!


Wikipedia administrators have imposed a ban on page edits from computers at the US House of Representatives, following "persistent disruptive editing".

The 10-day block comes after anonymous changes were made to entries on politicians and businesses, as well as events like the Kennedy assassination.

The biography of former US defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld was revised, describing him as an "alien lizard who eats Mexican babies".


I believe this is generally know as "Godel's Spoof".



Strawman Cometh

It's not a paradox. It is an axiom.


Point taken, Strawman, but in practice, it is a paradox, because governing coalitions can rarely stop any one of the two, take Balladur
in France, the Bildt regime in Sweden,

Strawman Cometh

In the year 1873 the United States Attorney General ruled the word “jurisdiction” under the Fourteenth Amendment to mean:

The word “jurisdiction” must be understood to mean absolute and complete jurisdiction, such as the United States had over its citizens before the adoption of this amendment… [14th] Aliens, among whom are persons born here and naturalized abroad, dwelling or being in this country, are subject to the jurisdiction of the United States only to a limited extent. Political and military rights and duties do not pertain to them. (14 Op. Atty-Gen. 300.

Strawman Cometh

yes, its an issue/matter of education of the electorate. DOOM


>>>Israeli military commanders supervising operations against Gaza believe North Korean experts have given Hamas advice on building the extensive network of tunnels in Gaza that has enabled fighters to move weapons without detection by Israeli drones, which maintain a constant monitoring operation over Gaza.

The North Koreans have one of the world’s most sophisticated network of tunnels running beneath the demilitarised zone with South Korea, and Israeli commanders believe Hamas has used this expertise to improve their own tunnel network.<<<



--He's sick.--

Was talking to my counselor today who kind of bristled when I used the term 'mental illness' for my brother.
As he pointed out, pretty cogently I thought, a real illness like cancer or diabetes does not involve making a choice in behavior whether to harm others to protect oneself and a true psychotic doesn't know right from wrong and is usually compelled to act bizarrely or harmfully.

Somebody who is disordered OTOH knows right from wrong (why else would they be so deceptive in hiding their lies and misbehaviors?), they simply choose the wrong to protect their delicate psyches regardless of how badly it harms others or disrupts their lives.
They're not sick in the classic sense so much as self centered to an extent we can't really comprehend. They're not personality disorders; they're character disorders.


plucky little North Korea does seem to get around, they aided with the Iranian nuclear
program, their missile program, they provided
the reactor in Deir ur Zeir and now this


Was never a huge John Force fan but it's pretty cool that his daughters are the top qualifiers this weekend, one in Top Fuel and the other in Funny Car.


I'm sure, they'll get right on it,



Photos: Indonesia’s Newly Elected President Bears Striking Resemblance to Barack Obama: “Indonesia’s Obama”







James D.

The counter culture of the 60's is the subset of Boomers that is to blame.

I think you have to go back to the 50's. I say this half-jokingly, but in terms of cultural rot and the trends that have given us the Milennials today, you can trace it all back to "Rebel Without a Cause"

It's our cultural worship of the teenager, which as a concept didn't really exist until the 50's. Our whole pop culture is built around teenage desires and feelings now, and our politics follow. And it's been extended, both younger (sexualizing children at ever younger ages) and older (infantalizing people into their mid-late 20's a la Pajama Boy).


Before turning to Clarice's great Pieces this morning here's the latest chapter in the ongoing saga of our $78 Million Dollar Ice Breaking/Ferryboat that you guys paid for.

Quick JOM Recap: This enormous vessel, The Susitna, built in 2007, which has never broken a single ice berg nor ferried a single car (since it was built for transport between 2 cities but only one of which had a port) has been docked 800 miles south near Ketchikan to the tune of $70,000 Dollars per month for 7 years now, while the MatSu Borough desperately tries to sell it or give the thing away. Turned down by the Swede's, the Guamanians, and the Sultan's of Dubai, the Borough now has it's fingers crossed that maybe the Philippine Navy can come up with $6 Million to take it off our hands.

Anyhow, burned by the monthly $70,000 dock cost, the Borough last year decided to moor it on the cheap, for only $29,000 a month. As readers of Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin Series will recall, moored vessels that don't get taken care of proper, get crusted with barnacles and moldy, and quickly turn into garbage scows. Ditto the Susitna.

The MatSu Borough’s long-idle ferry is gathering a layer of marine life thick enough to slow the unique craft once heralded as a high-tech solution for travel between the Valley and Anchorage.

Clumps of seaweed and mussels have slowed the craft by 2 knots an hour, Stormont says. Cost-saving measures mean crews no longer take the ferry for monthly shake-down cruises but instead just start it and then shut it down. Valves are starting to stick, steel hulls are starting to rust and the "zincs" used to avoid saltwater corrosion need replacing.

Now the Borough head guy wants $100,000 just to clean it proper so the Filipino's can take it for a spin.

I'll let you know how that goes.

James D.

TK, your Boy Scout link is especially horrifying (but, sadly, not surprising).

If I were in charge of the world for a day, every Border Patrol officer present at that incident would be fired and stripped of their pension. Along with their immediate supervisor, the person(s) responsible for their training, and the person(s) who ultimately signed off on hiring each of them in the first place.

And then they'd all be placed on a "government offender" list (same idea as the sex offender registries) and banned from ever being employed by any government at any level, or from possessing firearms, for the rest of their lives. They'd also have to inform all their neighbors and any future employers of their status as offenders, and maybe have to put a special sticker on their cars, etc.

I can dream, anyway.

James D.

Great Pieces today (as usual), Clarice!


James D,

If only the Boy Scouts had tried crossing the Russian-US Border instead of the Canadian-US Border, things would have turned out great:

After 14 years, Russians boat across Bering Strait to visit Alaska relatives

Twelve men in two aluminum skiffs left Provideniya, Russia, on Tuesday, motored across the international date line and landed on the pebble shores of Gambell, Alaska.

The village was waiting.

“Payangituuq!” elders yelled, crowded on the beach. The Siberians are here!

Miss Marple

Good morning!

Fascinating story about the famioly reunion across the Bering Strait, daddy!

Thanks for posting it!

Miss Marple


Steyn points out it is what Obama DOESN'T say, as much as what he does.


great pieces this morning Clarice.

>>>One wonders if it has yet occurred to them that when they pooh-poohed American exceptionalism, insulted our oldest allies, reached out repeatedly to embrace our worse enemies, and denigrated their own land, that maybe -- just maybe -- they were also diminishing their own power and role upon the world stage?<<<

read the whole thing



Rich, I was here to post the exact same sentence.
How I wish it would be posted in every Social Studies classroom in this country.

Outstanding, Clarice.


great minds anonamom!

or in my case the broken clock. iirc, Clarice and others pointed that out way back in 2008.



That was your Opus Magnus, so far. What a great concluding paragraph. I echo both rich and ananomom.

Centralcal on iPad

Today's Pieces was exceptionally good, Clarice.




Yeah it really is Clarice. So far it made my day!

Miss Marple

Agree with everyone else, Clarice. Great article!

Old Lurker

I once had to write a MONTHLY rinky-dink newsletter for my local civic association. It consumed my thoughts for the entire month and soaked up all my time.

How in the world does Clarice do this week after week after week?

Clarice is my hero.


great content week in and week out.

and because it is Sunday, here is the Gov. using the i-word again:



Great pieces, clarice, Oren rightly situated American's involvement with the Middle East,
beginning with the missionaries, when we forgot that aspect, that we began to lose our way.

William Eddy, the son of American missionaries
in Syria, was the one that brokered the deal with King Saud, forgot that rule. 'America is
great, because America is good'


I suspect they're perfectly content to diminish their own international power so long as America's is diminished as well for a long time to come; that's what traitors do.

Miss Marple


My son called this morning because a classmate, a talented woman who was a fantastic musician and choral director, was killed in an accident last night not far from my home. Her SUV was hit and she was ejected through the sun roof and killed instantly. It is a great loss to a great many people.


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