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July 16, 2014



The TELL here is the way Democrat constituencies are reacting to gangbangers moving in on their turf. Mutiny would be a kind way of describing it. Acme Cigar done blown up in Wile E Democrats face once again. Back to the war on vulvas or something like that!

Ignatz Ratzkiwaski

The Dems will not agree to amending the anti trafficking law because the successful deportation of several hundred thousand illegals just arrived would demonstrate the Dem claim that it would be impossible to deport 11 million illegals already here to be a question not of possibility but of party before country.


Dems will not agree. Undoubtedly true.
Get a Repub Senate, pass the change through Budget reconciliation as part of INS appropriation bills, make Obummer VETO it. 2016 Dems in competitive elections will love that.


The bigger TELL is that even though Dem constituents want these amnesty jumpers sent back, the Dem Capos refuse. The Capos are in this strickly for themselves (their lifetime seats), they need fresh parasites to grow the crime family, so they'll shaft the existing plantation hands to do it.


... strictly...


You need to distinguish between Democrat in prog blue hells, who don't have to face a credible challenger in the November election, and the ones who are in red and purple districts. I would hazard that once the Senate has a minority leader named Reid, that a pretty good chance that a veto proof majority will exist for fixing this stupid law about treating central American illegals different that Mexican and Canadian ones.

Captain Hate

The elevator has reached Machi 1 on the descent:



Sid Vicious and Flathead's alma mater, say it isn't so,


the case Drudge highlighted;


James D.

But if they can make it inland (or get a court summons and then flee rather than appear in court) they can run out the clock and, after a few crime-free years of committing unsolved crimes, be eligible for a compassionate waiver from President Clinton.

Fixed it.


and from our northern border:



We're on the Eve of Destruction.

Eric in Boise

We're on the Eve of Destruction

Or, hopefully, at a tipping point:

See the attached list for locations.I plan on attending one of the protests (Black Cat and I-84 in Idaho). It's only a couple of miles from my house.

Tell a friend.


Why would they bother when they can just walk across any border into the USA and go any where they please?



I hope Jane,TC and Dave aren't listening to Howie Carr. Deval Patrick asked been asked to accept more illegals into Massachusetts. Howie said he (Patrick) should set up a camp on his 77 acres in the Berkshires. Patrick said "we can't turn our backs on these children." NK,Malloy said keep them out of CT.


From CH's link to the horde:

You can well imagine, then, that Brandeis University is taking a firm position on the hardleft anti-Israel professors/political agitators who are disparaging Jewish leaders and calling Barack Obama a "Chicago schwartze" for his (get this!) allegedly over-enthusiastic embrace of Israel.

The "schwartze" epithet amuses me but how effing stoopid do you have to be to think Zero is nothing if not a fellow Joo hater.


*has been asked*


Yeah, that's comic fodder alright.


Quinny has Beauprez ahead of Hickenlooper in Colorado. Beauprez has low name recognition so he potentially has a lot of upside. Hicky signed that gun bill that got two Democrat in the State Legislature recalled. He is probably at pretty close to his ceiling. Sorry to see you go, Hick.


Marlene-- Drunken Danny Boy Malloy? what's going on in Ct? Oh, an election this year, and he doesn't want Central American invaders brought to Ct? Fainting Couches for the Yale faculty Lounge, STAT.


Marist has Hick +6 as of yesterday, NK, and Udall +7. Marist always favors the Dem so I dunno. Hick wasn't afraid to be seen with Obama unlike Udall. I'd split the difference for now.

RCP has GOP +7 on the no tossups map and has given Iowa to the GOP but NC to the Dems:



Fox now reporting BCFS now pulling out of the Palm Aire Resort deal. Looking for another facility. Via Jim Hoft:


Eric in Boise

Of course not, Porch. Did you see those pictures of the Palm Aire? Why, the pool didn't even have a high dive!

Think of the children!

Seriously, see my link in my comment above. Any JoMers thinking of participating? If so, can you post a report?


Eric, I'll be out of town this weekend but I know a few folks who are going.


I thought the last Dan Silva, 'the English Girl' was dissapointing, I think he's recovered some with 'the Heist' it starts in Venice, where JiB just left and clarice is going, and travels through a good chunk of Europe

Eric in Boise

I know a few folks who are going.

Facebook? Twitter? Word of mouth?

I'd really like to see this get traction.


I can't be cynical enough with this crew;



As a citizen of Florida, I hate global warming,

Will the fine folks of Canada, Maine and New Hampshire come down here and spend, spens, spend each winter to reduce our tax burden?


Nobody like Global Warming. That's why we now face Global Climate Change.

Frederick, the most important thing to learn about science is the difference between a theory and reality. A scientist will propose a theory to explain what will happen. The theory is tested against data. When the data match what the theory expects, the theory is not rejected*. When the data do not match the theory, the scientist rejects it. A new theory is proposed, and we check it with data. Eventually we learn how things work.

*for the theory behind global warming, scientists use computer models to create expected temperatures. So far, no model has created expected temperatures close to actual temperatures. Thus the theories used in the models must be rejected. Scientists are creating new theories and testing them. It may be decades before scientists can claim to understand the climate. Until then, nothing is happening very quickly on warming (we might even be cooling, nobody really knows) so Florida will still be a wonderful place for me to visit my mom -- Canadians and New Englanders will still visit your beaches.


I believe the aove is a Frederick imitator.




calling Barack Obama a "Chicago schwartze" for his (get this!) allegedly over-enthusiastic embrace of Israel.

To them this is accurate. Anything short of dismantling the state and handing its citizens over to Hamas is an "over-enthusiastic embrace."

Eric in Boise

I'll be blunt:

Whoever's socking Frederick is a vile piece of crap, and needs to stop. Stop. Right. Now.


Is it possible that Reid might finally get his ass torched?


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