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July 30, 2014



Jobless with Teresa. What a fate.

Jack is Back!

Jobless with Teresa. What a fate.

Yeah, but he'll have free pickles and won't have to bother Clarice and others on how to make them.


What goes around comes around. This excoriation of Kerry is irony at its finest.I bet right now he wishes he was back in the anonymous Senate.His Senate brothers did him no favor approving him for this job. The sound you hear is his so called legacy being torn to shreds.


Good Morning!

How are all you A**Holes doing today?


He does his job as well as whoever it was that "fixed" his face.


I want to get to watch DOT gloat over Kerry's fate. Apparently Britt Hume went to prep school with him. (Kerry not DOT)

Jack is Back!

OT: From The Conference Board. [Jobs for all our south-of-the-border friends]

"Online Labor Demand Edged Down 15,500 in July
 Following a strong June increase of 155,900, July showed a small loss  States were mixed with about half showing small gains

NEW YORK, July 30, 2014...Online advertised vacancies showed a small drop of 15,500 to 5,044,600 in July, according to The Conference Board Help Wanted OnLine® (HWOL) Data Series, released today. The June Supply/Demand rate stands at 1.9 unemployed for each advertised vacancy with a total of 4.4 million more unemployed workers than the number of advertised vacancies. The number of unemployed was 9.5 million in June.

“Labor demand continues to be at historically high levels with employer demand running at about 5 million ads each month,” said Dr. Gad Levanon, Director of Macroeconomics and Labor Markets at The Conference Board. “While the average monthly increases have become more modest since early 2013, the overall trend has helped lower unemployment levels and reduced the U.S. Supply/Demand rate from a peak of 5.2 in June 2009 to 1.9 in June 2014.”

In July, professional occupations showed a small gain in Computer and Math (13,400) and Community and Social Services (3,500) but a drop in Healthcare (-8,300). The Services/Production occupations showed losses with Office and Administration (-15,700) and Installation and Repair (-9,600) "


John Kerry's legacy was sealed when he met with the Viet Cong in Paris in 1971. It has only gotten worse since, IMO.


It' s tough to really the Ashley Judd level of cluelessness, but Grimes gives it a shot


Seems unfair to judge Kerry's competence without specifying what his objectives are. Sure, we can all agree that he's a horse-faced blowhard, but he and his boss are probably reaching their true goals.


After Ending Interview with Israeli Ambassador to the US, Mika Brzezinsky Invites Viewers To Watch the Next Segment on "Morning Jew"

From the comments...

5 Another speak-o

Posted by: Roy at July 30, 2014 01:42 PM (VndSC)


Well he makes Hagel look competent, well that's my story

Some Guy

A secretary of state this out of touch with reality can’t perform his job.

Didn't stop Hillary...

Miss Marple

Well, I am glad someone said it and put it in print.

I bet our international standing would go up if foreign governments didn't have to listen to his blustering and posing any more.

I can't stand him. My disdain for him is only outdone by my disdain for Obama.

Carol Herman

Nope. Won't happen. O'bummer can't afford the fight with the senate, which would come to pass as another dem dolt sat in the chair for confirmation.

O'bummer is saving his fuel for when an opening occurs on the supreme'o's bench. And, even there, if we're talking AFTER the November elections ... the supremeo's would just probably shrink.

Besides, what's kerry done that hasn't been part of zero's policies? There was an "exit" susan rice took ... when she last visited. And, Netanyahu was so tired of her she left the country without any diplomatic send off at all.

Ahead? Paper airplanes will fly between various groups who will say they've got a "cease fire" ... but I doubt you'll see one. More than likely this will just fade away. As soon as Israel discovers a way to end the tunnels in Israel getting opened and Israelis shot at. Today? There was an attempt. But the soldier who was about to be kidnapped screamed.

We're always told those gaza militants make "successful getaways."

By the way, the only way to solve this for the long term is to do what Israel did at the bottom of the Negev, when ethiopians were making successful pilgrimages into Israel. First? Depo-Provara injections were tried, but the women began to wail. So a very secure border barrier went up. And? Those who try to flee meet the wall. And, of course, the Bedouins. Who treat them like slaves.

There's a need for a wall. It must be dug deep down, before it even takes shape on top of the sands. These barriers really work!

James D.

MM, it's tough to decide who the most contemptible and loathsome person is in the Zero administration.

All of them, from Zero on down, provide so many good reasons to despise them and condemn their works.

Maybe what we need is a regular feature, like the top 20 voting for college sports, to keep track of which of them is the most vile and harmful to the republic in any given week...

Miss Marple

James D, So true. And probably a good idea.

After all, while we are fixated on the loathsome Kerry, who knows what evil Holder is up to, or for that matter, Hagel the Dim Bulb?

A reoccurring feature would keep us vigilant!


j.i.b., to answer your question from the previous thread, Shelter Island Yacht Cllub, which, if memory serves me right is right across Shelter Island Sound from Greenport, but they may stage the race course closer to Southold to get away from the ferry.


I missed this one when it came out. Illinois turning purple? Here:

Gov. Pat Quinn is facing an increasingly uphill battle against Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner, a new We Ask America poll shows.

Rauner is now sitting on a 14-point lead in the poll that was conducted July 28, which is up from his 10-point lead he had in a June poll. Rauner’s boost can be attributed to his economic plan, which includes a state income tax reduction.

Danube on iPad

The most fervent prayer I have ever offered up is that my enemy be made to appear ridiculous. In the case of Kerry, at long last my prayer has been answered.


Former Ambassador Bill Richardson on FOX verbatim 3 minutes ago:

Egypt yes, they've got their domestic problems their democracy problems, but they have always been a broker, a positive broker between the Israeli's and the Palestinians.."

Morsi of Egypt: “We must never forget, brothers, to nurse our children and our grandchildren on hatred for them: for Zionists, for Jews,” Mr. Morsi declared. Egyptian children “must feed on hatred; hatred must continue,” he said. “The hatred must go on for God and as a form of worshiping him.”

“The land of Palestine will not be freed except through resistance,” he said, praising the militant group Hamas as an extension of the Brotherhood.

“Who is our enemy? The Zionists. Who occupies our land? The Zionists. Who hates us? The Zionists. Who destroys our lands? The Zionists,” Mr. Morsi added, lashing out at “America, France and Europe” as “Zionist” supporters.

“And the last of them is that Obama,” Mr. Morsi said. He called the American president a liar who promised the Arab world “empty meaningless words.”


He's had plenty of years of practice, DoT.


Thankfully, Morsi is out of power, but I just wanted a little more specificity on the record about Egypt always being a positive broker between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Maybe McRINO should explain why only three members of the "opposition party", including one "wacko bird", opposed Lurch's confirmation.



Rep. Ellison (D - Islam)

Yeah, you Joos! Stop obliterating my terrorist homies and drop the blockade so they can rearm!


Maybe McRINO should explain why only three members of the "opposition party", including one "wacko bird", opposed Lurch's confirmation.



Ellison is ghost writing for Obummer. That's what Obummer ordered Netanyahu to do. It seems Ben told Obummer to pound sand. It's on.. Third World POTUS against the uppity Jews. And the Egyptians and Saudis ore on Israel's side. The MB Turks are sitting it out, Obummer is useless to them.


Ellison is a Cair favorite, which is to say Hamas, whose home office is in Doha, quelle surprise.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Mika can't escape Zbig's influence.

Miss Marple


That is why Morsi was so dangerous for Egypt. Obama pushed for an early election because the Muslim Brotherhood was the only group/party which had an established organization, so Obama knew they would win. That is why Morsi got elected.

Once Morsi tried to make himself a dictator and violated a lot of the Egyptian Consitution, the army stepped in. (For which I am quite thankful.)

I heard Richardson, who actually sounded more intelligent than anyone else I have heard from the dem side on this topic. (Faint praise, I admit.) He was explaining to the idiot Fox correspondent (who is apparently either a victim of brainwashing or intimidation) why Egypt could broker this deal, even though (as the REPORTER said) it was impossible for Hamas to trust Egypt because they had "decimated" the MB and Hamas was an MB ally.

Said reporter was huddled in a shelter with a helmet and a bullet-proof vest and sounds like he should be removed, since he is sounding more pro-Hamas every day.

Anyway, Richardson said the bargaining chip Egypt has is that they have the access from Sinai to Gaza sealed and won't let anyone pass.

I see Richardson has grown a beard to hid his neck fat.


Missm-- Morsi and Obummer were following the same playbook, i.e. win an election as a way to grab dictatoral power. That's why Obummer was so furious to see Morsi taken out by the Egyptian people and military.


Professional courtesy that didnt apply to Tower or Ashcroft

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Didn't the MB get organized quickly in Egypt with US help including Billy Bombthrower?



We may not have to worry about the federal debt.
What if California goes under.?



You knew this would happen, right?

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Bill Richardson has more pockmarks on his neck than Norval.


Agree, Miss Marple.

I just didn't want his impression left out there that the leaders of Egypt have always been wonderful in regards to being honest and reliable brokers of peace between the Israeli's and the Palestinians.

And just saw this new story up at the BBC on the Religion O' peace:
Militant Islamists in Somalia have shot dead a Muslim woman for refusing to wear a veil

Miss Marple

Captain Hate, The MB had a well-organized operation when Mubarak was overthrown. They were the ONLY groups which did.

Hence Obama pushing for quick elections using aid as a carrot to get them instituted.

Obama supports EVERY Muslim Brotherhood government, ally and scheme in the Middle East.

A lot of Kerry's missteps have been due to Obama's insistence, I am certain.

Beasts of England

A small glimmer of hope? All major news agencies covering Lerner emails on the web - with brutal headlines. This won't help move the needle for Stedman, but the level of disparagement aimed at conservatives - from the most hated agency in America - likely won't be forgotten by the independent voter.



Ellison is all for peace, right?

Beasts of England

And the progressives in the comments at TWT are having a five alarm chimp-out. Poor babies, they hardly had time to enjoy their 4.0% economic growth.


The Egyptian military are heroes to me for standing up to Zero.

Israel and we all know including the Saudis that Iran is the main problem in ME and until that problem is taken care of the whole world is in mortal danger.

Captain Hate

Obama supports EVERY Muslim Brotherhood government, ally and scheme in the Middle East.

A lot of Kerry's missteps have been due to Obama's insistence, I am certain.

I agree with all of that and would add the Ferret as who is driving this.

Miss Marple

Yep, Captain Hate. The Ferret is pro-Iran, who supports Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood.

Funny coincidence, that.


A catch-up OT.

Captain Hate linked this on one of TM's 8 new threads from yesterday that I have just come across:

Famously, Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, let off a loud fart when making a deep bow to Queen Elizabeth I. He was so ashamed that he left the country for several years. Allegedly, on his return, Elizabeth greeted him with the double-edged assurance: “My lord, I had forgot the fart.”

That reminds me of Mark Twain's wonderful comic and slightly obscene, but well hidden and unpublished farce, 1601, CONVERSATION, AS IT WAS BY THE SOCIAL FIRESIDE, IN THE TIME OF THE

My guess is that Twain probably wrote it after having read what the Captain posted.

Anyhow, you have to scroll way down on my link to actually get to the text, because there is so much prelim and comments on what follows, but I do like how Twain apparently had to get the head of West Point Military Academy to secretly print the thing since he couldn't take it to any of his regular publishers.

Here's a taste of the dialogue:

toke her maiste ye queene a fantasie such as she sometimes hath, and had
to her closet certain that doe write playes, bokes, and such like, these
being my lord Bacon, his worship Sir Walter Ralegh, Mr. Ben Jonson, and
ye child Francis Beaumonte, which being but sixteen, hath yet turned his
hand to ye doing of ye Lattin masters into our Englishe tong, with grete
discretion and much applaus. Also came with these ye famous Shaxpur...

In ye heat of ye talk it befel yt one did breake wind, yielding an
exceding mightie and distresfull stink, whereat all did laugh full sore,
and then--

Ye Queene.--Verily in mine eight and sixty yeres have I not heard the
fellow to this fart. Meseemeth, by ye grete sound and clamour of it, it
was male; yet ye belly it did lurk behinde shoulde now fall lean and flat
against ye spine of him yt hath bene delivered of so stately and so waste
a bulk, where as ye guts of them yt doe quiff-splitters bear, stand
comely still and rounde. Prithee let ye author confess ye offspring.
Will my Lady Alice testify?...


I'm hesitant to post this but hit the link, skim most of it, and read the bullets. Unbelievably, mindbendingly ignorant.


James D.

lyle, you are FAR too kind to the idiot Friedsoft, or however the heck you spell it.

He's not ignorant. He's a liar, and a jackass and he and his ilk ought to be skinned alive and fed to a pack of starving, rabid, feral dogs.

And even THAT is being too kind to him.


FOX reporting that Rebels are planting land mines near the MH-17 crash site in Ukraine.


~This is the Hot Air Link to a couple of Lerner's emails. Janet posted the 2nd one on facebook where Lois talks about how equality really screws up her vision of life.


I yield to your exquisitely fine taste, JamesD.



According to FOX, Mayor DeBlazio may be trying to pass a Law that would prevent me from standing in Times Square in my underware and playing my guitar:(

Captain Hate

daddy that poem is hilarious. Btw my mental image is of the Cate Blanchette version of Elizabeth making the comment about the fart. Who says history can't be fun?



Will this be the scandal that does them in?

Dave (in MA)

Fred Thompson ‏@fredthompson 51s
Dem Sen caught plagiarizing, blames PTSD 7 yrs ago. I don't buy it. Wouldn't have been able to get a diagnosis from the VA that fast. #tcot


Sullivan's Kramerica intern, removing all doubt at a remarkable clip. Using up his reservoir of Vizzini.

You know I never saw the Dutchess, but having read the text, Georgianna, by Amanda Foreman, I know Kiera knighley was all to wrong for the part


They are nasty Voordelak, the Donbas repo team ( that's the Russian bloodsucking ghoul, for those without the Rosetta)

Captain Hate

Some movies are just extremely poorly cast.

Captain Hate

Where is PETA when you need them?


Jack is Back!

Talking movies, I just found out that the Southampton Cultural Center has a 4 person advisory board on which on Alec Baldwin is a member.

The Cultural Center uses the old Malcom White Post of the American Legion where my Dad was post commander. I am at wit's end as to whether I should give a damn since I only live here part time and don't vote or whether I should wrote a letter to the editor asking "what was the board thinking"?

The Village is conservative but the Town is democrat and the paper is big time left wing (limo leftists). But I think I need to do something for the legacy of all thse Legionaires,


So Charlie cook, has just become an insufferable jackass or has it been a gradual process


Dog Walk time.

It's gonna' be a long one, but when I get back I hope I don't have to hear anymore from the JOM ladies here about how hard it is for women in having to put up with 9 months of pregnancy and then a couple months following to guard the nest.

Broody octopus keeps record-breaking four-year vigil

The brooding period typically takes up the final quarter of a female octopus's life.

"She has only one job once those eggs are deposited," he said.

He added she quite possibly ate nothing for the whole 53 months.

"Everything we know suggests she probably didn't eat."

And she didn't even get to eat any pickles while pregnant!


JiB, I urge you to at least try to do something, but I don't know anything about what would be most effective.


He's a military hating, thorough 9/11 denialist, his greatest acting was in Beetlejuice when he played a decent human being, often he lets the Mask slip


Best candidate:

Report: Louisiana Republican Flees Interview 

When Asked About Obama's Birthplace; Controversy?

According to the Washington ComPost @ Business Insider Louisiana Republicancongressional candidate Lenar Whitney walked out of an interview after being asked if she believed Obama was born in the United States. Whitney denies she walked out of the interview saying she answered the questions. These "reporters" should ask Obama.

Yahoo News reports: Louisiana Republican Flees Interview When Asked About Obama's Birthplace

Wasserman said he attempted to "change the subject" and ask whether she believed Obama was born in the United States. Her aides then ended the interview.

"When she replied that it was a matter of some controversy, her two campaign consultants quickly whisked her out of the room, accusing me of conducting a 'Palin-style interview,'" he continued. "It was the first time in hundreds of Cook Political Report meetings that a candidate has fled the room."

Whitney could not immediately be reached for comment. [...] Yahoo News.

Lenar Whitney published the following response @ Facebook:

What The Cook Political Report printed about me is an outright lie. I left the interview with Dave Wasserman, several questions later, after he asked me if I was a "birther".

It was obvious, from the onset of the interview, that Wasserman had planned to jump me simply because I am a Conservative Woman and liberal shills like Dave Wasserman want to destroy us.

That's the real #WarOnWomen [.] Facebook.


I thought Republicans had the birther optics under control??


France Offers Asylum to Christians Iraqis Fleeing ISIS; Washington, DC, Silent

Strange that our gov't wouldn't be all over this. Oh wait. They're asking for the AUMF to be repealed instead.



Lord Monckton gives GOP talking point for media's questions


Finally some sanity.

Danube on iPad

Sounds to me like this lady has them perfectly under control.

Danube on iPad

Conductor lectures Queen Beatrix on the wonders of Islam; gets kicked out.



Not bad optics for a shadow birther.

Danube on iPad

What makes her a birther, shadow or otherwise?


That was the conductor? I thought Mu'ha'mmad forbade music along with dogs and pork.



Those musician have more cojones that the a lot of the newspapers. I hope they are all safe but BRAVO!


Will this be the scandal that does them in?

I suspect the real scandal is that this was not a violation of ethics rules. In any real job with serious attention to ethics and compliance, there would be all sorts of restrictions on how one can earn income and invest. Corporations, and especially financial institutions, have to jump through all sorts of hoops to show compliance. But politicians and spouses can seemingly do whatever they want, even though the conflicts are much greater.


Which Charlie Cooke?


I'm not normally a religious person, but if we're offering prayers, I guess I should contribute.

Oh Allah, all merciful, and Oh Prophet, peace be of course upon you, would you please welcome the believers to your heavenly embrace, preferably in a blaze of fire?



Jimmyk, I believe you are correct.

Bet you never would have guessed?


DoT, Apparently that was not the conductor, just some nut who got on the podium.


And Oh Allah, all merciful, and Oh Prophet, peace be of course upon you, would you please consider the border crossers to be deputy believers so that you may be able to take them into your heavenly embrace as well? After all, you are all powerful and could do this if you wanted to.


Jeff Dobbs

Miss Marple:
Obama pushed for an early election because the Muslim Brotherhood was the only group/party which had an established organization, so Obama knew they would win. That is why Morsi got elected.

I have a pic for that.





Jeff Dobbs

If you make the most of it and you study hard and you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don't, we just might get stuck with you as Obama's Secretary of State.

Danube on iPad

Thanks Clarice. I must have misread it.

A hunch, unsupported by any research at all: the Supremes will not hear the House's suit.

A very, very strong hunch. the speaking-fee issue will not bring any Clinton down.



Sheila Jackson Lee: We Never Tried to Impeach Bush, Because We Recognized He "Had That Authority"

Sheila Jackson Lee cosponsored articles of Impeachment against President Bush.



Sheila jackson lee removing all doubt yet again, does Charles cook say anything about this, three guesses, o


They must be kicking themselves in the ass for not suing Bush instead. Surely they could have found a good judge.

Danube on iPad

I don't remember any claims by anybody that Bush exceeded his constitutional authority. (But I'm getting senile.)

Captain Hate

Milbank goes full retard:


Danube on iPad

I assume Boehner's suit will be filed directly in the SCt, but I really don't know. Anyone have any ideas?


"Jobless with Teresa"

Saw them open for Fugazi, Roseland Ballroom '91.

Rick B

I wonder if Sisi sent thank you notes to Twitter, Google and Facebook for their help in nailing down the cases against the MB which resulted in all those death penalties? Social media makes life a lot easier for dictators.

Some Guy

I don't remember any claims by anybody that Bush exceeded his constitutional authority.

Actually, reading the full articles of impeachment is pretty funny:


Here are some fun ones considering the current resident's actions:

Article XXIV--Spying on American Citizens, Without a Court-Ordered Warrant, in Violation of the Law and the Fourth Amendment

Article XXVII--Failing To Comply With Congressional Subpoenas and Instructing Former Employees Not To Comply

Danube on iPad

"Social media makes life a lot easier for dictators."

Not really. Early forms of it (fax, videocasettes) helped bring down the Soviet Union and adjusted Ceaucescu (the original DoT) to ambient temperature.


Just fed my dog some pork. I think I'll play a little music to really challenge the Prophet, maybe show a few cartoons.


If'n I was the Republican candidate in the Illinois Governor's race I would get in my SUV and head up to the South Side of Chicago and stand with the AA families that the teacher's union and Rahm are screwing.

I would make charter schools a central plank in the platform.Really, what does he have to lose? And he could throw the fear of God into the Marxists.


matt-I spoke in Ill a few months ago and IIRC was told that the Rep candidate is a big charter school operator.


This does not sound wise.

Adam Housley ‏@adamhousley 2m

Multiple sources tell me there are significant talks to possibly bring the Americans with Ebola back to the U.S.

Miss Marple

Greta just announced that on her program, centralcal, adding that there are few facilities equipped to treat ebola in the US.

Hunky dory idea, isn't it?


Hello. ways and Means find Lerner used personal email and home computer for official work. Letter to Holder from Camp, new stuff on page 2.


A few months ago, there was a story about a net decrease of 80,000 people enrolled on Missouri medicaid. At the time, a lot of emphasis was put on there being high demand coupled with technical glitches on the exchange causing delays in processing.

Now it seems they're admitting it's more than that in this article:
Missouri Medicaid enrollments

It seems that of the 51,600 medicaid eligible applications pass on from the Federal exchange (total all months thru 7/10):

1) Missouri has completed processing 39,000, or 76 percent, of those applications -- about 12K still backlogged


2) Of the 39,000 that were processed, only 8% (3100 applicants) were found to actually be eligible! Yikes!

Also reported: Number applying to medicaid directly (not through the exchange) has dropped. June 2014 was 5% lower than June 2013 - thats about 44,000 applicants in just one month.

If this keeps up, MO may have the lowest medicaid population rate in the nation. ;)

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