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August 27, 2014



Imagine that.


From the article:

And that is the problem: If he fails, then they fail

Is Obama failing?

Emery notes that he is failing the Democrats that put him in power, but does not address whether Obama's handlers are all that disappointed.

I contend that he has been the most successful President in his accomplishments as they relate to his goals.


According to the Libyan herald, the State department is sticking to the first rule of North African fight club

Cecil Turner

Entirely too many Democrats see the actual enemy as the GOP. I strongly suspect the President is one of them.

His national security team (especially NSC Rice and Deputy NSC for whatever Ben Rhodes) were obviously chosen for the ability to spin foreign policy, not shape it.

The only thing they care about foreign policy is whether or not it'll lead to a drubbing at the ballot box. And apparently it's got to get reaaaalllly bad to lose that last 36%.



Is that an Arabic expression for "cakewalk" ?


Quite a blind spot, isn't it TK? Many on the "right" seem to share it.

Captain Hate

TK is correct except they wanted him to pretend to work at the job a lot harder because that will cost them electorally. He's hurt his party as much as he's hurt the country imo.

Give pees a chance.

Eat every carrot and pee on your plate.


He let the Dems render the Republicans powerless, and now he is removing what is left of the Dems power.

Think of them as the S.A having just met the S.S.



You say you want a revolution?


Btw, there will be another season of the strain, if you want dystopian allegory,


Wait of minute is TM saying that Emery has small bazingas, instead of bazongas or Obama, now I am confused?


Mark Steyn's pointed commentary on the last thread, shows how dangerous shores we are trawling


Does Steyn think our problems have risen above the "rinky-dink technicalities."


Gallup clues us in on the enthusiasm gap. a 15% Gap is historically pretty large. Indys enthusiasm exceeds Democrats as well, foreshadowing a beatdown. It appears all the base stirring jingoism aint working for Zero:

One in three Americans (33%) say they have given "quite a lot" or "some" thought to the 2014 midterm election, up from 26% in April. Importantly, Republicans (42%) are much more engaged than Democrats (27%) in the election at this point.


A guy who I sat next to on the plane last week said he was a political independent who voted for Obama. He said he thought Obama was doing " a terrible job" and that he was probably going to vote Republican despite his disagreement with the social policies of the Tea Party (!?). He told me all of this because I was reading the WSJ editorial page and there was an op-ed piece about Reagan and taxes, and he said he had voted for Reagan and that he remembered Reagan teaching everyone about taxes and the economy. I said that I was afraid that even the Republicans have forgotten what Reagan taught, and attempted to disabuse him about his confusion regarding the tea party. I generally avoid discussing politics with strangers but he started it and he was pleasant and polite. His dismay with Obama was encouraging because I think his POV is shared by many if not most independents.


Independents are about 2 to 1 against Democrats in most polls these days, so your thoughts are spot on.


What are the social policies of the tea party?


boatbuilder and Gmax:
your posts give me new hope. People are finally waking up and smelling the coffee.


"What are the social policies of the tea party?"

Damn good question, Jane. I don't think that that guy or anyone of his like-thinkers could give a good answer to that.

Cecil Turner

A better question is "what's the President's policy on national security?"

Except the obvious answer is: he doesn't have one.


If you get your news from mainstream sources, you're told that the Tea Party is chiefly a racist,homophobic, nativist freak show.

Captain Hate

maryrose, I've notice for over a year that my lib Facebook friends never point out a single thing about 404. They would never come out and say this, but I think they're embarrassed by his performance. Or at the very least feel betrayed or let down.

Danube on iPad

I believe Obama's overarching goal in foreign policy was to reduce American influence and interventions abroad. I don't think he had the slightest notion of the perilous chaos that would fill the vacuum, nor that he welcomes it.


If he does not welcome this chaos, why hasn't he unloaded a shitload of Tohomahawk missiles on the perceived enemy like he did in Libya?


BTW boatbuilder, thanks for your report and I'm glad you had a good discussion. The persuadables are ready for persuading. Getting them to seek out alternative news sources is more than half the battle.


White Heat on in the background as Jimmy Cagney just yelled "Made it ma, top of the world!" as he went up in a ball of fire again.

Barry makes it very easy to picture him atop the fuel depot of the world ready to set things off with his revolver with one last shot into the leaking fuel valves he already intentionally broke.

Danube on iPad

Perhaps he does not think unloading a shitload of Tomahawk missiles would reduce the chaos.


you're told that the Tea Party is chiefly a racist,homophobic, nativist freak show.

Make them say it.


My lib friends had nothing to say about Obama on our recent trip to Lakeside near Cedar Point. I agree with you that the diillusionment runs deep and they have only themselves to blame for voting for him. They don't want Hillary either so they are stuck. Did you see where our crazy Senator Sherrod Brown wants everyone to boycott Burger King? How he ever got re-elected is a mystery to me. When he talks his voice sounds like a box of rocks.He is hoarse all the time.


Iggy: I love "White Heart" and Cagney was my dad's favorite actor.
NK: Today I found out I am 8 years older than you. I was in 11th grade in 1967.


My response to his remark about the "social policies of the tea party" was to say that in my understanding tea party is not really a party or even a coherent political bloc, but the name has been hijacked by opportunists and misrepresented by political opponents. I said that the tea party as I understand it is (or was) dedicated to the propositions that we are overspending and overtaxed, and something has to give. I said I think that he and I and most tea partiers agree on this, and he did. He acknowledged that his opposition is to "the Religious Right" which as Porch points out above has been successfully equated with the tea party by the propagandists. I did not get into my personal view that the "bogeyman" aspect of the religious right has been grossly exaggerated and misrepresented by lots of people who should know better, both Dems and Republicans. We ended up talking about golf.


White Heat?

"You want air, I will give you air"... blam, blam, blam, blam blam....




I still love the movie where Cagney smushes a grapefruit in that gal's face.

Danube on iPad

Made it, Ma! Top of the world!

Danube on iPad

Public Enemy. Mae Clark.


Strawman Cometh

On NPR yesterday around 7:15 AM EST a George Mason professor on Forin' Affairs (see what I did there?) informed us that Barry's "shrewd" "Machiavellian", "strategies" is playing our enemies off of each other and has them discombobulated. The quotes are real. At this point I'm driving 75 mph in an '84 Corolla (ask Hit) on I40 past RDU airport. There is a bit of traffic. I start to giggle to myself, then uncontrollably, veered two lanes through LOL, but controlled myself before I made the local news.


--Barry's "shrewd" "Machiavellian", "strategies" is playing our enemies off of each other and has them discombobulated--

Yeah, a lot of people, including Neville Chamberlain, tried that shrewd strategy a couple of times on the plains and rolling hills of central Europe last century.
They tended to expand beyond their original scope and have difficult side effects for many decades to come to say nothing of the mountains of corpses.
I can believe Barry is that shrewd.

hit and run

I've seen Strawman's Corolla, that Corolla has been in my driveway. However I cannot personally vouch that it can maintain a speed of 75 mph.

They can go five different speeds, dontcha know.

Heh, probably a 5-speed.

Tell me I'm dumb.

C'mon Exaspo.


I adore Noemie, and agree that this article is genius.

It's absolutely gorgeous here--sunny, dry and fear skies/ Ambled a bit, then visited friends. This afternoon we swim, rest some more and head off for the first evening's festivities. Behave!


"A guy who I sat next to on the plane last week said he was a political independent who voted for Obama. He said he thought Obama was doing " a terrible job" and that he was probably going to vote Republican despite his disagreement with the social policies of the Tea Party (!?)"

Yeah because 6 months of the highest job creation since 1999 along with the stock exchange reaching historic levels is enough for any voter to run away from the President who presided over these economic numbers and back into the arms of a party single handedly destroyed the United States economy in the first place.

ROFLMAO...that's like saying you'd rather have an arsonist in charge of controlling fires than an actual fire figther....it makes absolutely no sense at all.

You Republicans suck on every single level and if by chance you did get a President into the White house he/she would fuck it up again.

Cecil Turner

Here's an example of the "good news" out of Washington:

And notice when the wheels came off? That'd be 2009.


clear skies, not fear skies..


I hope you enjoy everyday of your wonderful vacation. It sounds heavenly. I have never been to France but would love to go some day.
Last night Meghan Kelly was astounded that Bammy will once again be fund-raising on Friday in Rhode Island.
Meanwhile immigration over-reach will be delayed because of current crisis with ISIS. Remember Obama never lets CrISIS go to waste. He will do his usual nothing to resolve the situation.


Heh - CrISIS. Very clever, maryrose.

I can hear it now: You can't spell "crisis" without ISIS.

Cecil Turner

Isis crisis . . . it's a hinky pinky. (Not in the same league with a Knickerbocker's liquor locker, though.)

Carol Herman

Boring. Ferguson was an issue where obama could have made a difference. But he chose not to. Europe (and the Mideast) can go to hell in a hand-basket. Americans aren't interested in going to war.

Looking back on the 20th Century, Eisenhower's statement: "Beware the military-Industrial complex," remains as true as ever.

The GOP has no stars. Sabato's analysis that there's no evidence of a wave, may be accurate? Rush says the dems are holding back on pollsters because they'd only get hurt.

How come the GOP can't figure out a better message?


The Iraq policy of the Obama administration in the first six years is what really tees me off. It was malign neglect--Iraq had to turn out badly to make sure that Bush's war would look bad, even though by 2008-9 relatively modest engagement would have sufficed to keep things on track there. Reminds me in a way of the chapter in Churchill's memoirs on "Air superiority lost" about the Allies' failure to invest in aircraft or to enforce the Versailles limits on Germany.

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