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August 31, 2014



If any of you guys want to watch me play Candy Crush, just let me know.


Geez TM.

I was already thinking that the only thing missing from those videos of the "JV" ISIS recruits we see every 10 minutes on TV, doing push-ups and sit-ups and super squats, was a "Go You Chicken-Fat Go!" soundtrack playing in the background.


CaRooooooo! Hat tip, Hit!

Jim Eagle

USA JV Team beats Tuekey but not by as much as Finland.

Eric in Boise

From the prior thread - Mooshelle's healthy s'mores alternatives:

Place the banana in aluminum foil and wrap tightly. Place the foil-wrapped fruit next to but not on the flames.

Be sure to save the extra foil - we'll be back next week with a fun headgear project for the whole family!

Jim Eagle


LOL. Remind me why we shouldn't visit Idaho next year.

Laura White

Jane, if you can get me through level 266, you're an angel. King is making a lot of money from those who have recourse to this-or-that aid; on principle and because I'm cheap, I intend to win without purchasable help.

Eric in Boise

Um, our roaches aren't as much fun to catch as the ones in FL?

Come on down!

Beasts of England

Sort of like golf fans? Sort of like golf fans?!?!

It's getting kinda rough over here at JOM. Next thing we know, our host will be taking cheap shots at SEC football! ;)

Jeff Dobbs

TM's lack of love for watching golf isn't new......

Saturday's time trial is now must-see TV for the half-dozen folks in America who care about cycling. Here is a viewing tip - flip between the cycling and the golf (I'll be flipping between watching paint dry and grass grow, but I love to read about this stuff later).

Posted by Tom Maguire on July 21, 2006

Beasts of England

He compared it to cycling? Yikes! Didn't know it was that deep! ;)


Maybe hit would like to put the earbuds and microphone on while playing in his pool tournaments.

I had a two or three year unbeatable run at foosball back in the day, and would have loved for a big audience to be listening to the involuntary expletives let out by my opponents in those days.


--Television needs limitless content.--

It pretty much already has it or could if it wanted to.

There's another feature missing besides quantity, but I can't quite put my finger on what it is.


Fibonacci? Certainly not golf or cycling... or pro wrestling... they all look alike.

Danube on iPad

Try watching NASCAR.

Jeff Dobbs

I played twice on table 7 last night - the table that has a live webcam. So anyone at JOM can watch. No audio, though.

Walter found the link to it and shared it with JOM some weeks ago.

(I got knocked out of the tournament on table 7 last night . . . a failed defense attempt allowed my opponent to run out)



I once purchased 5 more moves - I think it was level 60. I'm now on 655. Apparently I have no life. If you visit I will get you thru 266. Not quite sure how to do it otherwise.


somethings need to be stated, even when they are so obvious:


of course this will never appear on their dead tree edition,

Beasts of England

Or soccer.


China rules out democracy for the former British territory

Before 1997, the city of Hong Kong had been a British colony for 156 years. The reintroduction of that bustling capitalist city into communist China was always thought to be a risky proposition. It was China’s Deng Xiaoping who crafted a policy known as “One Country, Two Systems” in the 1980s, which was aimed at assuaging concerns in Hong Kong that their way of life would persist even after the Union Jack was lowered and the flag of the People’s Republic was raised in its place.

Well, the reintegration process has finally begun and Beijing has determined that the semi-autonomous province will no longer have its own politics as well as its own economic system. The Chinese government rejected calls from democracy activists aimed at allowing Hong Kong residents to directly elect their own leadership. Beijing would be vetting any prospective candidate to first determine their suitability for office.

Beasts of England

Glad California is banning one-use plastic bags! How dare the free market have any say in the free market. Thankfully we have activists to do our thinking for us. Especially activists who are our betters!

Can you imagine the turmoil if those who wanted to bring their own bags, simply brought them; and those who wanted to use plastic bags were simply offered them? Outrageous!


Yes, it doesn't seem that impressive, if there was footage like the SMERSH training camp, in 'From Russia with Love' it would strike some fear.

Laura White

Jane, nor have I evidently. The truth is my real work makes my head hurt and thus many many distractions are in order. Even watched the remarkably impressive Turkish team today while our fellows were down (not for long--there are limits, and I wish all basketball players would wear shirts with some sort of sleeve.) Since a visit isn't in order in the next few weeks, I'll tough it out. But thanks!

Eric in Boise

Oh, and JiB:

Remind me why we shouldn't visit Idaho next year.

White. Water. Rafting.

You know you want to.


A close friend of mine lives in one of the bay area communities that has been living under the bag ban for some time.

He is a borderline commie and he was all for the ban until he had children.

When his kids were in diapers he would visit bag free America twice a year and I would give him a stockpile so he could repurpose the single use bag as a portable poo handler.


Jack, from the previous thread, here's something for Frederick and his blood experiments: Coconut water.


I know I want to, Eric.

Ever been to the cities of Wallace or Osborne?

Stephanie a proud athletic supporter...wut?

Beasts, now you have to purchase brand new plastic poop bags instead of recycling grocery bags from the store.

Thought California was into recycling or repurposing (the new term for making new stuff out of old stuff)? Not so much it seems.

Plus now they are making it more expensive for the poor to own pets having to purchase poop bags instead of using free grocery bags.

Why don't progs want the poor to adopt a stray?

ASPCA hardest hit.

Beasts of England

Plastic grocery bags have so much utility that they have to be outlawed! Seriously, have you ever known anyone to chunk the things after returning with groceries? I haven't. They're killer for carrying stuff back on forth to the boat. My favorites say: Piggly Wiggly. I'm high class like that...


I don't really "get" video games. Either that, or I fear I'd become an obsessive about them and therefor keep them strictly at arms length.

On the other hand, I thought this was pretty great:

In 1785 Thomas Jefferson wrote to his fifteen-year-old nephew, Peter Carr, regarding what he considered the best form of exercise: "...I advise the gun. While this gives a moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprize, and independance to the mind. Games played with the ball and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of your walks."

h/t Ace by way of Maggies Farm.

Eric in Boise


Osborne, no, but I have been to Wallace. Beautiful Northern Idaho country with a rich silver mining heritage. Unfortunately, because of the mining, it's a Superfund site, or at least it was when I was there ten plus years ago. Interesting mining museum there as well.

If you're seriously thinking of coming out you can EMail me on hotmail with the name ek.anderson. Maybe we can get together for a quick meet up if you're anywhere down south. If you're going to just be visiting Northern Idaho that probably won't work as Boise and Cd'A are about seven hours apart, but I'm still willing to provide any info on the state you might need.

I really love this place - just like JOM :)

Miss Marple

Laura, I am up to level 158 but I am like you: I don't want to pay for help or extra turns. I am way ahead of the grandkids, however, who got frustrated and went on to other games.


Don't try Angry Birds, Alice. That's all I'm saying.

(My wife has been at it for a year or so now. Doing it right now, in fact.)

Beasts of England

Thanks for sharing that, AliceH. In all my readings about Jefferson, I've found very little discussion of his personal weapons or the use of same. Odd.


Ext. at 6:46 re China and Hong Kong:

Oh, for goodness' sake, China, don't be so boring! Why can you, an Asian people with your own long, rich heritage be so duped by a set of German Marxists who were funded by English aristocracy? First you became opium doped by them and then you followed their enslaving political theories!

Thomas Collins

What's the surprise? If Keeping Up With The Khardashians has viewers, why shouldn't The Sultans of Thumb Action command an audience?

Miss Marple

Hmmm. Maybe I should start selling my leftover grocery bags to Californians on eBay.

Probably not. eBay is in California so they probably have a ban on them like they do vintage leopard fur and Nazi WWII memorabilia.

Danube on iPad

Downton Abbey season five coming up. They lost me when they killed that guy off in the final episode of season three. I couldn't follow season four at all, and I'm getting tired of Maggie Smith's act anyway. I like the costumes, though.


If Scotland becomes independent, will the "United Kingdom" have to give up its name? Ha.

Stephanie a proud athletic supporter...wut?

I used to play candy crush. Now I play myvegas.com. free chips every hour and you earn bonus points that can be cashed in for actual stuff. I'm sitting on enough points that my next Biloxi trip I can get 2 free buffets at the Beau plus two free room nights.

I like games that give me stuff!

Plus I can open it and hit the autospin feature and monitor it while doing other stuff.

Multitasking FTW


Piggly Wiggly. Always loved that name. Hmmmmmm. If we rename all grocery stores to PIGGLY WIGGLY, we can starve the muzzies out of the country. Win!


-Seriously, have you ever known anyone to chunk the things after returning with groceries?--

No. Why, I just used two to wrap up my old waste-oil filled oil filter I'm burying in the middle my trash can.
I won't mention what I did with the four gallons or so of waste oil I've been accumulating. :)


--What's the surprise? If Keeping Up With The Khardashians has viewers...--

Damn it! I knew I was missing something.

Miss Marple

I came into my office with a glass of wine and the dogs all followed me thinking I MUST have snacks. Then Maggie, the big dog, started bumping my arm.

So I told my daughter I thought they wanted their evening treat. She said "OK." As soon as she said OK and got up, they heard her and all went out to the family room to get their treat.

Our dogs are spoiled.

Stephanie a proud athletic supporter...wut?

I won't mention what I did with the four gallons or so of waste oil I've been accumulating. :)

Used paint cans are good for getting rid of liquid stuff.

And for those of you who pan fry bacon, I hope you have a bacon grease can on your stove. Holds the yummy goodness for seasoning green beans, collard greens, etc and I add a bit to my immersion fryer to get back that 80s frying goodness that made fried food taste good. They are hard to find in stores anymore.


I won't mention what I did with the four gallons or so of waste oil I've been accumulating. :)

Making dinosaurs?


Eric, I may have puzzled you by jumping in.

Beasts of England

My bacon grease can says: Piggly Wiggly. ;)

Laura White

I adore Piggly Wiggly! None in Nebraska, sad to say. Of what other store can one say that one is going to piggle?


Stephanie, I have a microwave 3 piece steamer that I use for bacon only. One paper towel in the steamer tray, bacon and another towel above the bacon.

The grease piles up in the bottom bowl for an easy pour into the cup.


You're welcome, Beasts.

Extraneus --Don't try Angry Birds, Alice. --

Thanks. I haven't. I won't. A dear friend played all the something something versions? Did stuff? Pigs involved or something? I don't know - I made a great effort to consciously tune it all out once I realized it was some sort of video game slash uber-fad slash obsession.


--Making dinosaurs? --

Why yes. In the winter I just toss it on burn piles but I needed to change my pickup oil today and was running out of room.

Centralcal on iPad

I am addicted to a game called Township.

Ah yes, the plastic bag ban. I have a huge stash in a nifty container in my pantry. I may out live it, I may not. Meanwhile, they are great liners for trash baskets in the bathrooms, and I dump all the yucky stuff in the fridge into them (sparing my garbage disposal and the water treatment plant much work), all veggie parings, coriings, etc. go into them also, along with greasy pan drippings.

Maybe someone needs to invent a bag that would deteriorate naturally and not become a pollutant. Oh, wait, wouldn't that be THE PAPER BAG?

Liberal. That is the only word you need to define insanity. To be be one, is to be that.

Beasts of England

Having had my ass handed to me by work the last ten days, I finally have some time to do what I do best: date night! Ha! Hope she doesn't wanna spend a lot of time making idle chit-chat! ;) Beasts out!


they are fragile, like those matryyoska dolls:



Ex-I rather doubt it is coincidental that the full K-12 on the new type of curriculum and the new concept of citizenship (collective) and all the other ed reforms will graduate within next year or so.

Unfortunately I have a 2011 paper that likely candidate Hillary's philandering hubby wrote the lead-off pitch for that lays out the global ed-eco combo. What Bill said infuriated me with her job at the time, but the Chinese politico explained that we would have to learn to accept collectivism over individualism.

Color pics of everyone. Bokova of UNESCO front and center. One more point Hong Kong has really been pushing Kohlberg's Theory Of Moral Development in what it means to be a citizen now.

Miss Marple

Frank Lutz just said that Obama has been asked by dem candidates not to make campaign visits.

I rejoice in how this enrages him.


Heh, Miss M, D Gov Candidate Burke will be at LaborFest tomorrow while Obama is speaking, but refuses to be anywhere in public while Obama is on the grounds. This in WI, in Milwaukee! Hell, Walker will greet Obama at the airport but Burke must hide! We should dare him to play golf with every D Senator up in November.


Well that's nice, but they enabled every one of his deeds, they should have to pay for his deeds, it's too easy to escape accountability,
it's convenient Gillebrand all of a sudden 'remembers' some slight, from years ago,

whenever you look at your food bill, thank whoever continued QE 2, with your insurance bill, remember Landrieu and Begich,

Miss Marple

henry, I think GOP governors should invite him to come visit their state if there is a dem Senate or gubernatorial candidate. The shuffling and stammering would be wonderful to behold.

I don't know why I have to make up these strategies. One would think those hot shots in DC would be able to do better than a Midwest grandmother, but they can't.

Rick B

Wretchard The Battle of the “Gulang” Heights

Another good read. With the UN trip wire removed, will Israel have to take out the ISIS trash created by Clinton/Obama?


No, Miss Marple, they don't want to, they make a good living off the chaos of others,

Miss Marple


Those people in DC should be glad I don't have super powers.

Danube on iPad

Here's an idle thought;

It's my understanding from what I have seen reported that there are a number of highly vulnerable, known concentrations of ISIS madmen in Syria, including command and control centers, transportation and logistics hubs and training facilities. How about - without any pondering, hand-wringing or public discussions with congress, we select (say) the six ripest targets and strike them simultaneously with MOABs?

Would it seriously degrade the ISIS army? I have no idea. But I would bet my bottom dollar that it would seriously reduce the flow of starry-eyed jihadists from the U.S. and UK. The accounts of the survivors should be enlightening.

I can dream, can't I. (No victors, no vanquished.)

Danube on iPad

Al Sharpton and Eric Holder will be on the scene tomorrow, assuring us that justice will be done:

"An African-American man has been arrested and charged with a hate crime over pellet gun attacks on white joggers in New York´s Central Park. An African-American man has been arrested and charged with a hate crime over pellet gun attacks on white joggers in New York´s Central Park. Edward J Fall, 20, from Morningside Heights was charged with criminal possession of a weapon as part of a hate crime, assault and reckless endangerment after the attacks on August 17 and 18."

Miss Marple

Danube, I have no argument with MOABS on those targets.

I also am approving of the UK's idea to deny admission back to the UK for anyone who goes to those ISIS areas.

Miss Marple

Heading to bed with a soporific book.

Good night, everyone!

Eric in Boise

Eric, I may have puzzled you by jumping in.

Yes, you did.

It doesn't take much.

(Hangs head.)

Invitation stands for anyone interested.


he keyed off a very disturbing column in the National post



DoT--I believe the concern is that if Obama did that (which by the way would generate enormous domestic political benefit) they might revoke that Nobel Peace Prize. Not going to happen. Fore!


the longer we wait, the harder it gets:


Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Alec Baldwin outburst clock reset:



'Hard rain's going to fall' only if they care to listen



You can almost see his stinger, in that pic,


Totally off-topic, but here's video of WonderBoy and a couple hundred of his closest friends yesterday at the halftime show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fMAaU5YFus According to the boy, when they get to the part where they make the map of the US he's at about Miami or a little south. So about where Hurricane Andrew made landfall.

As for Digital Crack (on the off-topic everyone else is on?) the best form of digital crack is the game Zuma. I got to be appallingly good at it in a previous videogame developer life...

Rob Crawford

I'm going to admit being hooked on the YouTube channels and, occasionally, Twitch streams of some video game players. Only a few of them ("Yogscast" -- from Britain) could be called professionals, but:

o They're usually funny, more so than what I've seen on TV or cable the last few years. They don't just play the games; the best are building a story while they do it. The multiplayer games are often hilarious (or just bizarre).

o I can see people who REALLY know a game playing it. "Direwolf20" is a Minecraft player who can twist the game to do what he needs; some of the people writing add-ons for the game use him to find problems with their code.

o They're good people, who actually do some self-sacrifice for causes they support. Each Christmas the "Yogscast" crew pick a charity and go live continuously for a week or two, like an over-extended Jerry Lewis telethon. The last two years a small group have played "Kerbal Space Program" continuously for three or four days, raising cash to build water systems in the third world.

Yeah, some of them are stoners, and most of them just barely keep their language inside the PG-13 required by YouTube, but there's some good stuff out there. Maybe not high drama or though-provoking work, but better than a sitcom or most "thrillers".


Bed time.

I'll leave you with Rubinstein playing Chopin's Polonaise in A flat major (a signature piece):


This is a Max Wilcox recording for RCA.


Sounds great, cathyf!

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Q: Is it free shipping to Ireland?
Unfortunately, they have discovered that it is actually cheaper to ship Ireland to the television.

Q: This more than I make in a year. How the heck can anyone afford this much for a TV?
Obviously, a new job is in order for you. Have you considered a career in sales of recreational pharmaceuticals?


My wife and I bought this after selling our daughter Amanda into white slavery. We actually got a refurbished. It's missing the remote, but oh well-- for $10K off, I can afford a universal, right? The picture is amazing. I've never seen the world with such clarity.

Amanda, if you're reading this, hang in there, honey! We'll see you in a year.



lol, that's right up there, with the reviews for Veet. yes the storm came right around where Turkey point is, but it was felt in Homestead,


carlos slim's really jumped the sharknado today, more than most



there have been quite a few Simpsons episodes I had missed that were inspired, and some who were quite smug:


Captain Hate

Where is Beasts? I was wondering if he caught Lou Holtz's howler yesterday when he said Georgia played at Jordan Hare stadium.



He signed off, saying he had work to do.


What he does on a date is called "work" now?

Danube on iPad

No shit:

"A whopping 95 percent of respondents to a BBC straw poll have said that they think multiculturalism in Britain is a failure. The poll was taken yesterday morning during the BBC’s Saturday Morning Live show, and asked 'Is multiculturalism working?' Just 5 percent said 'Yes'; 95 percent said 'No'

"Breitbart London’s James Delingpole was a guest on the show. During the discussion of the results, he said: 'I think the thwacking great majority in that poll says it all. The multicultural experiment in Britain has failed totally and people have finally realised how much it has failed. Rotherham was just one example; we’re seeing cases all around the country. It has been a disaster. I think that this is going to be the turning point.'"

Danube on iPad


Jeff Dobbs


Let's start this day off right............

Happy Birthday Frederick!!!

Happy Birthday Mrs TK!!!

Happy Birthday Frau!!!

And since Miss Marple has only divulged that her birthday is in September, without revealing the specific day, we begin day one of Wishing-Miss-Marple-Happy-Birthday-Every-Day-in-September.

Happy Birthday Miss Marple!!!

One down, 29 more to go.


Just in from a great walk with the pups to Crow Creek Pass down toward Girdwood:

You start way back in a canyon, then climb steeply for a mile or so through a number of winding cutbacks through trees. Eventually you exit the tree line and then cross over into a huge valley (pictured below) and entering way back at the trail at the bottom right, you pick your way upward on whatever trail you want, on past some old dilapidated Gold Mining debris, past some Waterfalls, and on up to the top of the pass.

Looking back:

Looking forward:

Cresting the top you walk a further mile or so past some large snowmelt lakes and streams that feed the waterfalls you've already passed on the way up.

Another few hundred years leads you to the far end of the Pass and this sign, telling you your elevation (3,500 feet) and from here is where the long slow, 20 mile descent begins if you follow the trail to Eagle River.

You can also see that there's a "dirty round the edges but beautiful" Raven Glacier behind the sign, but I kept the dogs away from it as crevasses can be deadly.

Thankfully it was sunny and beautiful for most of the day, and all we bumped into was a Mountain Goat way up above us, and a bunch of little ground squirrels that the dogs chased fruitlessly. Lost 1 Tennis Ball in a river but at least Scout was smart enough not to jump in after it.

Gonna' be a 2 Advil night for the old knee joints...but well worth it!


This was posted a while ago in a gif file, I think.

Trey Gowdy Ice Bucket Challenge - YouTube


In the longer video you can here the names of his dogs.


Thanks for the Wretchard link at 09:03, Rick B.

A very worthwhile read. Richard Fernandez is consistently excellent.


they might revoke that Nobel Peace Prize.

They could give it to Michelle!

I'm surprised she hasn't been in the running for one on her own anyway, what with being so smart and so beautiful and so pleasant to be around

Man Tran on iPhone

Following up from the dead thread on floppy disks: we had a gal pal back in the mid-70s who was a sysadmin at O$U. She came back from a national conference with a button that said:

Floppy now, Hard later


happy birthday one and all


Meanwhile in Socialist Utopia of Venezuela, not only are out of toilet paper and other essentials but now have to import crude oil in order to export their own oil.



the dead thread on floppy disks:

X-Men 137 had a mutant very angry at the Professor and the new Mutants for hiding her floppy disks:

A mutant, Kitty Pryde possesses a "phasing" ability that allows her and objects or people with which she is in contact to become intangible.[1] (Sort of like floppy disks)


It is dark, humid and awfully warm here in Charlotte at 6:45.

Paper says our US Senate race (Hagan/Tillis) getting close.
More outside spending than any other one in the country.
Guess we'll see how stupid the people of NC have become since 2012 when Romney won here.

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Happy birthday wishes to Frederick, Mrs. TK , Frau and Miss Marple!
Did we miss anyone.

Amazing links on this thread last night . Too many to catch up on.
Daddy, those pictures look like that must have been an all day trip.don't think I could have made it.

The 5000+ reviews on that huge screen TV link were hilarious.

Thanks to all who posted the links.

Miss Marple

Good morning!

Stephanie, thank you for the hilarious Amazon link! It makes me happy that thee are so many funny Americans, none of whom live in or near DC, I bet.

hitandrun, I cannot believe you remembered my birthday month! My birthday is actually next Monday, the 8th. Thank you!

daddy, beautiful pictures and you have inspired me to take up walking in a local park with my poor dog Maggie, who craves more action than I can provide (which is why I send her to Barkefeller's day care once a week to play with other dogs). The scenery isn't as pretty, but there are trees and a stream.


My birthday is actually next Monday, the 8th.

Well early happy birthday! I have a large grant from NIH that is starting on your birthday too!

So you all don't think I'm hopelessly stuck in the romantic era, here's some Beethoven that is well worth listening to:


Gilels, Waldstein, third movement.

Back to bed.


Miss Marple, you will be so happy you made that announcement. Otherwise you were facing 30 endless days of birthday wishes. Just ask Maybee what that's like!

Happy birthday Frau. Hope it is Fab!

Happy Birthday Mrs TK and Frederick! Have blast.

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