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August 20, 2014



Warring Media meme's in Ferguson:

ABC News and their Teams of Editors: Jail Records at Odds With Ferguson Cop’s Claims That Outsiders Causing Trouble


Who ya' gonna' believe?


Good Morning!

It's a day ending in the word "day", so once again we are watching an empty podium, waiting for our President to show up and address the Nation.

Dave (in MA)

Has there been any more info on the cop's injuries?

The most recent mentions from Google News sources (including the NY Post) still only point to gatewaypundit's unsourced claim.


I read both Laurie Garrett and Richard Preston's
accounts about ebola, the last in the New Yorker, it was a real life horror tale,

Dave (in MA)

Only 5 minutes late today.


Obama 1 minute ago: "No faith teaches people to murder innocents."

He either does not know the Quran or he is lying about the Quran.

Which is it?


Obama: ISIL has no place in the 21st Century.

I agree. Therefore what, Mr President? As the leader of the Free World and the strongest military on the planet, what now will you do about ISIL? What is your solution to eliminating ISIL? You have the podium.

Dave (in MA)

Re: my 12:51, Foxnews just made the same claim, but then named their source as the gatewaypundit.

Some Guy

He either does not know the Quran or he is lying about the Quran.



The future does not belong to those who slander ISILam.


Bret Stephens with a good analysis of the ideological roots of Barry's FP disasters.
Trigger warning; gratuitous shot at Palin (and Perry).


Since we're OT just ten comments in, how about some levity:



For anyone interested in Alaska Politics from last night, there is no clear winner on our big Prop 1 vote (to repeal opt to "repeal the repeal" of the taxes placed on the Oil Industry when Sarah Palin was Governor.) The Repealers are leading by about 5,000 votes, but "there are more than 11,000 absentee ballots to be counted so it's possible we won't have final result until Sept 2.”

Here is a fair history of the Issue if anyone is interested: 'No' votes hold narrow lead in Ballot Measure 1

Apologies for harping on this, but it is an issue of major consequence in the State and I think it will have consequences in driving people to the Polls in November.

Jack is Back (Again)!

Back on August 13th at the Police Chief presser:

"FERGUSON Mo. (Reuters) – Ferguson, Missouri, Police Chief Thomas Jackson said on Wednesday the officer involved in the shooting of a black, unarmed teenager last weekend had been injured during the incident and was treated in the hospital for swelling on the side of his face.

The officer involved has not been named.

Jackson told a news conference he could not release any more information on the shooting because witness statements are still coming in."

And then you have this statement from the Chief:

"KMOV reported that the officer Darren Wilson had sustained injuries to his head, according to the police:

The officer who shot and killed an unarmed teenager in Ferguson, Missouri was injured in the alleged altercation, according to Ferguson Chief of Police Tom Jackson.

Jackson, who spoke on the phone with News 4′s Laura Hettiger Wednesday morning, said the officer “was hit” and the “side of his face was swollen.” The chief did not say if the officer suffered any broken bones."

Jim Hoft then used his sources to ID the exact injury - the orbital socket,,,,


Even after reading that story I couldn't tell if a yes vote or a no vote was to lower taxes.
A little help?

Dave (in MA)

Ig, he just wants to make sure the cocktail party invitations keep coming.


"When people harm Americans, anywhere, we do what's necessary to see that justice is done."

Shit Barry sez that he thinks no one will notice. Chris Stevens et al were not available for comment.


I hate the way, they write these ballot propositions, wouldn't it be logical to say yes to maintain, no to reverse course,

And well a gratuitous slam at the Huntress is expected, I suppose.


I hate the way, they write these ballot propositions, wouldn't it be logical to say yes to maintain, no to reverse course,

Yes Narciso,

And we are required by Law to translate the convoluted language of those ballot initiatives into various Native Indian dialects, many of which have never had a written dialect during their existence. Consider the difficulty in translating a double negative into an oral language that has no concept of a double negative.


Dateline Ferguson Brewing Co.:

(sorry CH)*.

So, blacks and whites dining together, working together--no cats nor dogs in view. From the window, however, one can easily see 15 folks (mixed, but what are racists of any ilk to do?) sitting in a parking lot opposite the Ferguson Police Dept. That they are outnumbered by the 25 or so (also mixed) film crews is more noticeable from the parking lot.

Just another middle-class suburb with aspirations. People are more upset over the impression (you know who you are, film crews) they are getting nation- (world-!) wide than any so-called racial tension.

Can I still draw combat pay for this comment?

*meaning I'm sorry, CH, not that I think you are mockable. Wait...maybe better said i apologize. Sorry.



Sophisticated enough for you Bret:

With Russia wanting to control a vital pipeline in the Caucasus and to divide and intimidate our European allies by using energy as a weapon, we cannot leave ourselves at the mercy of foreign suppliers.


More bullshit from the champ:

So ISIL speaks for no religion. Their victims are overwhelmingly Muslim, and no faith teaches people to massacre innocents. No just God would stand for what they did yesterday and what they do every single day. ISIL has no ideology of any value to human beings. Their ideology is bankrupt. They may claim, out of expediency, that they are at war with the United States or the West, but the fact is, they terrorize their neighbors and offer them nothing but an endless slavery to their empty vision and the collapse of any definition of civilized behavior.”

The president said “people like this ultimately fail.”

Uh huh.



Private contractors create shovel ready jobs.



Yes on Prop 1 raised Taxes. No on Prop 1 lowered Taxes.

Sarah Palin raised taxes on the Oil Industry and the Legislature loved doing it since Dems love raising Taxes.

Parnell, current Governor, decided thru that House Bill 21 to roll back the Taxes instituted under Sarah. Huge Tax savings to the Oil Industry, with the goal of trying to make Alaska more competitive drilling and job wise.

As soon as the Tax cuts Bill went thru, an initiative was started to repeal those Tax cuts made by Parnell and keep the Oil industry Taxes where they were under Sarah.

So No on Prop 1 was to fight that repeal effort and keep Oil Taxes low. Yes on Prop 1 was to make the Taxes high again.

It has been a real divider.

On the Yes on prop 1 (hi taxes) side you have Sarah and Joe Miller, but most every other big Repub in the State, such as Lisa Murkowski and the Governor and the 2 Dan Sullivans, are on the No (low taxes) side.

Former Dem Governor Knowles is a No, and Begich spinelessly refuses to take any position either way.

It is worth it in my view to click on this link and to click on the 2 sections titled "Supporters" and "Opponents" especially if you expand the column for opponents.

Most of the individuals in the state who want to grow the size of Government are on the "Yes" side (Keep the Taxes High).

Weird bedfellows.

My overall pessimism with the lack of a clear victory last night, is that it will in my view motivate and bring out the big Government fans of free money and the Eco Warriors and the "Lets turn Alaska into a big Park" crowd out in force in November, all detrimental to Dan Sullivan, the decent guy but uncharismatic lousy debater who now faces the very slick Mark Begich for the Senate.

Captain Hate

daddy, how 'bout an analysis of the GOP primary for Senate?

Captain Hate

Ok you addressed it just before I commented.

Captain Hate

Captain Bullshit rarely slings it as heavily as when talking about the religion of pieces.


they call themselves the Islamic State, they use kunya (battle names) they are 'well funded raving psychotic'* often from Gulf States


* true lies


FoxNews producer just rushed out leaving her phone # (312-xxx-xxxx) for payment for meals.

People keep asking my bartender for interviews with the owner.

Overall, I'd say the foodis good, but the tourists detract from the experience.

Rick B

Fortunately, only Delta, US Airways, United, Air Canada, Sabena and Lufthansa serve ROB (Monrovia), so there's very little chance of Ebola reaching Australia or South America unless someone changes planes. I've also been reading that Ebola only kills 60% of those infected, rather than the 90% figure used in initial reports.

I've also heard that a visit to Mecca is the only real cure.


'an act of violence' strangely passive locution,
is that what Pearl, Berg, the fellow in Riyadh, Quattrochi were subject to?

Jeff Dobbs

Overall, I'd say the foodis good, but the tourists detract from the experience.

Food? What about the beers?

Dave (in MA)

daddy @ 12:55, that's true on a technicality because the religion of pieces doesn't consider infidels and apostates to be innocent.


When you've lost Dylan Byers of Politico...

Here's Byers tweets following Obama showing up late to comment on the video'd beheading of the American by the Religion O' peace.

"Obama stepped to a podium and delivered his remarks… Afterward, the motorcade drove to the Vineyard Golf Club."

Dylan Byers @DylanByers · 1h

"Obama stepped to a podium and delivered his remarks… Afterward, the motorcade drove to the Vineyard Golf Club."
Dylan Byers @DylanByers · 57m
Pool report #3 confirms: Obama is indeed golfing… avec
Alonzo Mourning, Glenn Hutchins and Cy Walker.

Dylan Byers @DylanByers · 42m
I usually dismiss the "Obama golfs as the world burns" critics. I find his decision to golf today somewhat baffling.
ReplyReplied to 0 times RetweetRetweeted 135 times135 FavoriteFavorited 55 times55


What if ISIS decides to send Ebola out into the world? Suicide by Ebola?


St. Louis County - Monrovia.... what is the difference? Looters be looters.

I find it deeply disturbing that there has been no accounting whatsoever regarding the president's trip back to DC.

In the meantime we are in Santiago. Peregrino's Mass at noon. Pulpos, anchoas, queso manchego and a local Galician cheese; razor clams and a glass of white wine... feeling very blessed and very close to heaven.

Eric in Boise

Well, Jim Hoft now has another voice supporting his story about Wilson being injured. It's some fringe site called Fox News.

Oh, and Sue: Please try to stay off-topic.
Sorry CH.

Captain Hate

I find his decision to golf today somewhat baffling.

Only "somewhat" baffling because 404 went golfing instead of attending General Greene's funeral.


...true on a technicality because the religion of pieces doesn't consider infidels and apostates to be innocent.


I do not know if our President knows squat about the reality of Islam. My current view is that I do not believe he has the brains, energy, passion, curiosity or commitment, to every actually study the Text in full to understand what it specifically tells us. Instead I see him simply saying like he does in everything else in his life, stuff like, "I grew up in Indonesia as a child so I know what it is like and therefore I understand the Islamic world."

That suffices to make basically every journalist in America and LIV voter, who know nothing of Islam, think he is cool and knows all about Islam since he had such an exotic upbringing. It is again a falsity, just the same in my view as saying for his first bio description for that proposed book cover, that he was born in Kenya. "Wow", He was born in Kenya! He must know all about Kenya and Africa. What an exotic upbringing, that'll sure help our book sales if he writes one!"

Rush would call it symbolism over substance. On truly knowing Islam, I consider Obama the mental equivalent of Sally Quinn as the WaPo's Religion editor---a spouter of trite, vacuous banalities.

The other side of the argument tho' would be that he knows it intimately and is constantly downplaying the truth like a wolf in sheep's clothing. Currently I think the sheep's clothing that he is wearing is an anti-American Marxism, not Islam. I see him as way too mentally lazy to have the commitment and curiosity to ever learn the truth about Islam.

Danube on iPad

Dr. Baden's "assistant" is something of a fraud (I knew there was something weird about this guy):



Steyn comes to the point:



But he did stay at a Holiday Express once,


Please let me be the first to tell CH:

North Korean statement insults Secretary of State Kerry's'hideous lantern jaw




...to get my bonafides back, how about the lady on the Perry grand jury being a democrat operatice? This should get tossed. The sooner the better.


I'm to the point where if the Mexican's beheaded our Marine in Jail I think the President would go play golf.


Is operatice a word? How did spell check let that go through? Operative.


Remember Nixon was the former MO AG. Due process? What the hell is that?



Since this is (halfway, anyway) on topic, I'll repeat something I said a couple days ago -- Is it really terrible of me to wish that one of those people whose heads are being chopped off by ISIS would coincidentally happen to be infected with ebola?

Eric in Boise

He'll divot to the economy soon, daddy.


Off with the dogs for a long long one, since today is back to school day and Momma is doing chauffeur duties for dash 2.

Wish us Bear-free luck:) Cheers.


He'll divot to the economy soon,

Beautiful, Eric!


As I was pointing out on the other thread, Cathy, there was very little attention paid to James Foley, unlike say Bergdahl

Jeff Dobbs

One more Perry mugshot.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

via Congressman Stockman's FB:

The prosecutor who indicted Perry was assigned to the case after donating to the presiding judge.
He also faces six months in a Bexar County jail for instructing a witness in an intoxication manslaughter case to illegally flee to avoid a subpoena.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

BTW ladies, there is an awesome FB page called "Women Against Feminism" that you should follow. Mostly millennials and they have attracted the ire of the feminists big time.

Eric in Boise

One more Perry mugshot.

I think it was Iowahawk who commented that he should have gotten a mugshot of whassername (you know, the skaggy DA) and shown up in a T shirt with that on it.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

More Stockman:

Given that it took citizens about 30 seconds to find out grand juror Rho Chalmers was a Democrat Party activist who served as a Texas Democrat delegate and attended an event with a prosecution witness during the grand jury proceedings, did Perry special prosecutor Michael McCrum, himself a Democrat donor and former Obama nominee, knowingly allow a tainted juror to continue serving?

Anyone else know about the highlighted part?


This is an ominous coincidence,from WMUR 9 in Manchester...the other missing journalist,Steven Sotloff has a NH connection. He is a 2002 graduate of Kimball Union Academy,a prep school located in Meriden,NH.

Rick B

I'd like to see "you'd have to be drunk as a Travis County DA to ..." show up in political ads all over Texas in the coming months.

Captain Hate

Please let me be the first to tell CH

I saw it earlier but I appreciate the effort to let me know that those garlic reeking scamps are concentrating on the right feature of Clutch Cargo.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Also, while I am recommending FB pages, all you Ahians and everyone else, too, should follow the Brimfield police FB page. The chief there is awesome.


Sample overnight report from last night's activities:

Midnight Shift Last Night….

Sgt. Dumont and his shift continue to confound and make criminals swear. Officers received a call for a stolen vehicle. Sgt. Dumont located the vehicle traveling on Tallmadge Road near I-76. He turned on his very beautiful and bright red and blue lights…and the car kept on motoring. We believe the driver and his passenger were likely having an in-depth conversation about world peace. Not really. They were more likely discussing the ability of the car they were driving versus the ability of the car behind them, which sort of looks like a disco ball at night.

The vehicle eventually pulled over and Sgt. Dumont requested the driver and passenger keep their hands in sight. The driver kept reaching back into the vehicle…and Sgt. Dumont kept instructing him to keep his hands in sight. Backup from Tallmadge PD and Kent PD arrived and both men were removed from the vehicle and cuffed. It seems the driver kept reaching back into the console area to...wait for it…take giant gulps of vodka. I guess stealing can make a person thirsty.

Both subjects were found to have multiple warrants for their respective arrest and were each given a pair of our world-famous silver bracelets. Officers also recovered items that had just been stolen from the Wal-Mart. Both men were transported to the Brimfield Mope Recovery Center Headquarters, where they were processed and then posed for commemorative photos of their visit. They were then transported to the Portage County Bed and Breakfast, where they received matching jumpsuits and non-skid slippers.

Great job to Sgt. Dumont and a big thanks to Tallmadge and Kent PD for the assist.

Carry on…Chief Oliver.

Jeff Dobbs

I think it was Iowahawk who commented that he should have gotten a mugshot of whassername (you know, the skaggy DA) and shown up in a T shirt with that on it.

From the comments at the powerline post with my first mugshot:


“And police forces should reflect the diversity of the communities they serve.”

Racial "healer" Stedman Holder.

Captain Hate

More fans of King Roger's stewardship of the NFL:

MarkMaske ‏@MarkMaske 16m
There have been 55 illegal contact penalties compared to 8 last year through 2 weeks of preseason, 107 defensive holding compared to 20.

Very consistently called league imo.


You guys know where that joke comes from, right?

(I was going to link this yesterday, but the pic was too big so I didn't.)

Man shows up for jail in T-shirt with mug shot [of self]



Here's what I read about the tainted grand juror this morning:
More troubling, however, is the fact that Chalmers attended, photographed, and commented on an event with Democratic state Sen. Kirk Watson while grand jury proceedings were ongoing.

Watson was a witness in front of the grand jury. On June 27, 2014, Chalmers shared a photo of the Watson event on a community Facebook page she started called Developer’s Dungeon. “Senator Kirk Watson telling the story of the Wendy Davis fillibuster (sic),” she wrote in a comment accompanying the picture.



I made a Shaky DA/t-shirt mugshot comment a few days ago, but I cant find it now.


Some Guy

"I do not know if our President knows squat about the reality "

You could have stopped right there daddy.


Found it:

I think the decision to make her famous is in Perry's hands, and if I were him I would be wearing a Shaky DA t-shirt to my mugshot sitting.

If they insist on a close up, I would have a washable tattoo of her drunkenness on my forehead.

Posted by: Threadkiller | August 17, 2014 at 02:42 PM

Eric in Boise

Hadn't seen that, Ext. Hilarious. That kid definitely looks like quite the NES.

* Non Eagle Scout


How could a half-Muslim with the middle name Hussein, and a father whom he fantasized about but did not know, have resisted looking into the actual message of Islam?

I'm going with sheep's clothing for 800, Alex.


Since we're barely on topic anyway...


Where does that money go?

The roughly $17 billion will be a combination of cash and consumer aid – an amount approximately equal to the bank's profit for the past three years.

"Consumer aid"?

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Thanks BR.


The guy in Ext's 4:04 is a Mainer. :(


he also has South Florida ties,

Miss Marple

lyle, You an I might think that "consumer aid" is something like refunds.

I think, however, that it is a scheme to support a group of consumer advocates, sort of the community organizers of the retail world.



I thought Obama was in charge of the White House not the other way around.


I think Obama knows full well what Islam is all about.

There are only 2 explanations for his behavior vis-a-vis jihadists as far as I am concerned:

1) He is indeed a Muslim who is siding with the barbarians through a desire to participate in the jihad.

2) He's really an atheistic Marxist-Socialist who, along with many of the extreme Leftists, have entered into a pragmatic, realpolitik alliance with militant Islamists to destroy Western Judeo-Christian civilization, with the hubristic but misguided and naive belief that they will be able to destroy militant Islam before the jihadists destroy them.

Either way, Obama is an enemy of ours.


I would say the latter, when he visited Pakistan, he stayed with the anti Zia opposition,


I think that is part of why Obama looks so forlorn and dejected at the recent press conferences.

Killing fellow Muslims is a real problem.

Jack is Back (Again)!

Friday is the Ferguson "Day of Rage" protest across the country including the White House. To bad The Champ will be breaking 100 while the protesters stomp their feet.


[Breaking a hundred is easy. All you need is a pencil with an eraser on it.]

Stephanie accidentally OnT?


Iowahawk is a contributor!

The book’s contributors include Sonny Bunch, Christopher Buckley, David “Iowahawk” Burge, Christopher Caldwell, Andrew Ferguson, Jonah Goldberg, Michael Graham, Mollie Hemingway, Rita Koganzon, Matt Labash, James Lileks, Rob Long, Larry Miller, P. J. O’Rourke, Joe Queenan, Helen Rittelmeyer, and Christine Rosen. Jonathan V. Last, senior writer at the Weekly Standard, editor of the collection, is also a contributor. All eighteen essays in this book are appearing for the first time anywhere.

(A)Nuther Bub

I wrote a thoughtful (my description) letter to Boehner three weeks ago or so about the masses invading at our border and my view of the long-term dire consequences of the Republicans' basically ignoring the matter. Received this email response today.

August 18, 2014

Dear Mrs. _________:
Thank you for taking the time to contact me. Your ideas, comments, and questions help make possible my goal of leading a House of Representatives that listens and reflects the will of the American people. That's why I hope you'll keep in touch, whether it's by signing up for my weekly email updates, or connecting with me on any of the following social networks:

Like on Facebook
Follow on Twitter
+1 on Google+
Follow on Instagram
You can also stay informed by subscribing to my YouTube channel and Flipboard magazine.

Right now, my focus is what it's always been: getting our economy moving again to make sure our kids and grandkids have their chance to realize the American Dream. Your input will be critical as we go about fulfilling this mission.

Thank you again, and I wish you and your family all the best.

John. A Boehner

No one on his staff even took the trouble of adding even one sentence noting the topic of my letter. The typeface used on "Dear Mrs. So-and-So" was a different one from the text.

Yes, I'm gonna rush to Facebook to "like" him.

Some Guy

Orange you glad you took the time to write him (A)Nuther Bub?

Eric in Boise

Friday is the Ferguson "Day of Rage" protest across the country including the White House.

I honest to Gaia assumed that the White House would be participating when I first read that.


I think he's both, fdcol63. More number 2 than 1 mainly because he's too much of a pussy for jihad.

Too harsh? I think not.

It just appears to me he's too lazy to be a zealot when the shit gets real.


A(B), what? An inside the beltway person who is incompetent in using computers? He probably believes everything the IRS tells him about the backups.


I sure wish they were, Eric. I'd love to see all those juvenile white boys in the WH gettin' down wif da homies marching in solidarity. Maybe Tommy Veitor and Ben Rhodes could don a do rag armband.


The Coffee Corner in Ferguson has turned its back room over to a group selling Ferguson Proud and I Ferg! t-shirts, lawn signs, mugs, &tc. Ran into Chris Hayes of the eponymous MSNBC show there and asked him if he would wear one on his show. He smirked, but allowed that he might display it tonight. I left before his film crew finished setting up for their taped bit.

Really all one needs to know about the beverage sitch is that a growler of the good beer is cheaper than a pound of the locally roasted coffee.

Forget the meme that the town is overrun with poor thugs. They really ought to be concerned with the invasion of hipsters.

Dave (in MA)
"Obama stepped to a podium and delivered his remarks… Afterward, the motorcade drove to the Vineyard Golf Club
And now we know why he was only 5 minutes late this time.

I was figuring that it was just Valerie getting faster at getting him dressed up in his big boy speechin' clothes.


You an I might think that "consumer aid" is something like refunds

Refunds to whom? The hedge funds using MBS as collateral for leveraging up 40 to one? No, MM, I sadly know perfectly well where the money is going. I was just struck by the euphemism.


(A)B,my daughter started as a lowly legislative correspondent when she went to DC to work for one of our Senators. A 20-something LC probably responded to your letter,using a template of approved language. So,a fresh out of college,idealistic 20-something is answering letters and e-mails,stuck in a cubicle while everyone else is on vacation.


Corner Coffee House; I ♥ Ferg!

I also saw, but did not join, Holder's meeting. Only traffic issue of the day was a lane blocked off for the handful of black SUV's and about a baker's dozen St. Louis City cop cars.


Finally, appeals court sets hearing dates for Voter ID, John Doe, gay marriage.

Gay Marriage Aug 26

John Doe Sept 9

Voter ID Sept 12

Rulings tbd, hopefully before the Cubs win a World Series.


No good deed goes unpunished, BoFA bought up Countrywide and I think Bear Stearns, yet they get the Vercotti treatment,


Walter, should I put on my old Ferguson Ritenour YMCA Swimming warm ups in solidarity? (Mom bought a size I would grow into -- they finally fit). ; )


he's too much of a pussy for jihad.

There are numerous ways to wage jihad. Only if one fights to the death does he get the 72 big prizes, but Allah looks kindly upon the legal jihad, financial jihad, demographic jihad, institutional jihad, cultural jihad, etc.

Obama is probably sympathetic to jihad, but perhaps he's more aptly described in Eric Hoffer's "The True Believer," (recommended to me by Ignatz, and many thanks for that, Ig).

The book analyzes and attempts to explain the motives of the various types of personalities that give rise to mass movements; why and how mass movements start, progress and end; and the similarities between them, whether religious, political, radical or reactionary.

In the book, Hoffer speaks of the Man of Words, which might more accurately describe Obama.

Mass movements begin with "men of words" or "fault-finding intellectuals" such as clergy, journalists, academics, and students who condemn the established social order (e.g., Gandhi, Trotsky, Mohammed, Lenin). These men of words feel unjustly excluded from, or mocked and oppressed by, the existing powers in society, and relentlessly criticize or denigrate present-day institutions. While invariably speaking out in the name of disadvantaged commoners, the man of words is actually motivated by a deep personal grievance. The man of words relentlessly attempts to "discredit the prevailing creeds" and creates a "hunger for faith" which is then fed by "doctrines and slogans of the new faith".[19] A cadre of devotees gradually develops around the man of words, leading to the next stage in a mass movement.

Eventually, the fanatic takes over leadership of the mass movement from the man of words. While the "creative man of words" finds satisfaction is his literature, philosophy or art, the "noncreative man of words" feels unrecognized or stifled and thus veers into an extremism against the social order. Though the man of words and the fanatic share a discontent with the world, the fanatic is distinguished by his viciousness and urge to destroy. The fanatic feels fulfilled only in a perpetual struggle for power and change. Examples include Jean-Paul Marat, Maximilien de Robespierre, Benito Mussolini, and Adolf Hitler.


Beasts of England

Friday is a Day of Rage? Oh, boy! What to do, what to do...


BoA bought Countrywide and was forced into a shotgun wedding with Merril Lynch by the feds, narc.


Yes, Marat in particular was discussed earlier, re the Great Upheaval, that relied on Schama's Citizens but other works as well.

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