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August 15, 2014




you are correct. he line itemed the funding for the office which was then partially re-funded by Travis County itself.

Eric in Boise

I agree, Rich.


Jim Messina taking to twitter and showing his love for the Texas legal system.


is that the creepy dude in the van who wrote Obama Cares on his hands?


Joaquin Castro is an idiot. Is he the one Hillary wants for VP?

And I'm with you Eric, I couldn't even finish the video.

The left is only going to get dirtier and to stay that way. They get away with it, they gave up integrity years ago, and there is nothing to lose.

I'm ready for secession.


Fifteen JOM penalty yards and loss of down for the first post containing "Orangejello".


How bout NOSMO KING?

((According to Intelius People Search, there are a couple Lemonjellos around, including a Lemonjello Jackson in Missouri, a Lemonjello Snarfblat in Arizona, and a Lemonjello Snicket in Georgia. Funny, there is an Orangejello Snicket in the same town in Georgia (Buena Vista). ))


I have a client named Amazing. His first name really is Amazing and his sister's are Providence, Grace and I forget the other one. All biblical related.


There have been a couple references or implications as to "too many" shots but if a felon doesn't stop approaching, what is an officer supposed to do?

Don't shoot to kill. Don't shoot to disable. Don't shoot to scare. Shoot to stop toward center of mass. That prime directive applies not only to citizens defending themselves, it is taught to police as well.

As for the speculation over Brown's toxicology lab results, it would be funny as hell to watch the conniption fits among the pothead lobby if it comes back hot on THC and THC only.


yes, the very one, reminds me of one of the creepy Blofeld henchman, in "Diamonds are Forever, it occurs to me, all those reporters like this Lowery character, didn't bother to look around and see where the altercation might jave originated,





Does a statute authorizing use of deadly force to prevent the escape of any fleeing suspected felon violate the Fourth Amendment?


Eric in Boise

Lol, Stephanie. "Nosmo King" would be a great name for an indie band!

Also still chuckling at TK's "Tag Heuer it".


I have to say, she followed 'the narrative' from the first day:



Not verbatim but pretty darn close:

"This is not a theft. This is more of a shoplifting thing."

The Lawyer for the suspect who was not shot just said that on the CNN program I am watching.

The CNN host Don Lemon then replays, "Shoplifting is theft."

Then the Lawyer says, "I'm talking about robbery. The Police are saying my client is a robber. He's not. This was shoplifting."

Then 2 minutes later the Lawyer answering another question from the CNN host says something like this almost verbatim but not exact:

"We didn't hide from them that my client had robbed the store. Excuse me I didn't mean robbed, I meant shoplifted."


maybe he was boozing ...


lol ... public integrity on display.


lol ... think that lawyer just did his client in.


I'm rather sure shoplifting involves taking items by stealth, not by force.

Beasts of England

The city just across the hill from the lake is named Arab. But it's not pronounced 'AIR-ub', it's pronounced 'A-RAB'.

Which leads to the apochryphal husband and wife driving through town arguing about how to pronounce Arab. They decide to pull into the grocery store and find the manager in order to settle the debate.

The husband says 'Okay, how do you pronounce the name of this place?'

The manager says 'Pigg-i-ly Wigg-i-ly.'

(A)Nuther Babs

It's not Jeantel's fault and as much as I blame our education system for its many flaws, I don't think our teachers and schools are responsible for her outcome either. Is she Haitian? I don't know that she is but the average IQ of Haiti's native-born population is in the low 70s, as it is in many Caribbean, Central American and African nations. Does anyone think that to get her high school diploma she had to conquer basic algebra and geometry like the rest of us had to do to get ours -- learn to conjugate verbs in French? Of course not. One is not allowed to talk about this IQ disparity, of course (which is why I'll sign with a new name) but as we bring in an ever-increasing number of immigrants from third-world countries the growing segment of Jeantels will be ever more obvious and harmful to our destiny. Do I doubt she'll be given a bachelor's degree too? Not for a minute.


That diploma is retarded, sir!

Danube on iPad

I know nothing about the Texas constitution, but at the federal level an indictment under these circumstances would never issue in the absence of corruption, and would immediately be quashed.

It would be absolutely intolerable if the chief executive, in the exercise of a power granted him under the constitution, could be subject to criminal penalties if any prosecuting authority deemed it "abusive." A government simply could not function.

This is what the federal courts call a "political question," one that is to be resolved at the ballot box.

Miss Marple

Regarding Jeantel: I don't think she has a necessarily low IQ, except in the sense that she is so uneducated she couldn't pass the test. There are plenty of Africans who could pass a regular college entrance exam, because they were educated in mission schools.

What you see is someone whose ability to learn has been atrophied by horrible schools and a culture which mocks learning as being "white." It is a national disgrace.

Plenty of the low information voters, who are considered low IQ by many, are quite capable of learning all of the Kardashian relationships, the words to countless rap songs, the ins and outs of food stamps, every black NBA basketball player's history, etc.

It is just that they don't learn what is really helpful to get ahead in the world.

Believe me, I see this in the food pantry every week.


Legal immigrant and KISS rocker Jean Simmons knocks it out of the park. [h/t to Drudge]

"Learn to speak goddam English."

Eric in Boise

Lol, Beasts. For what it's worth, one of the largest lakes in Idaho is Lake Pend Oreille. Northern Idaho, gorgeous country. It's pronounced "pond-duh-RAY".

Sure enough, there's a small town on the shore called Ponderay. :)


I can't imagine it will survive a motion for s/j dismissal, DoT. In any event in Texas people can file a bar grievance against a lawyer even if not his client. Everyone should feel free to go ahead and swamp the Texas Bar until something is done.
The DA deserved to be fired for her DUI.And now this!


Yet another retelling of what happened from Dorian Johnson. Has the 3rd member of the store-robbing crew seen in the video been named yet?


If you look at these photos do you guys think a case could be made that this guy is taking things by force?

From the perspective of the puny store clerk, my guess is he thought it was force.

Danube on iPad

"The Fourth Amendment prohibits the use of deadly force unless it is necessary to prevent the escape of a fleeing felon and the officer has probable cause to believe that the suspect poses a significant threat of violence to the officer or the community."



On topic, I was down at the Camden waterfront visiting the aquarium a few weeks ago. The several block area surrounding it is very nice, but a few more blocks away... well, to paraphrase a famous Scandinavian bush pilot, "Yaa, don't go dere."

"but I will say lot's of things are too hard.
Anything that can't be done is."

Where are those things?

My climbing friend and former North American Champion Vadim Vinokur once looked me square in the eye after I mumbled I didn't think I could do something and said "Your thoughts are self limiting." And he meant it. He lived it. I've grown a lot since then.

"I stand by my assessment"

I've been beaten through the window of a car door and I respectfully stand by mine.


...Hat Tip TK.

Eric in Boise

culture which mocks learning as being "white."

Bingo, MM. I've pointed this out to people in the past, and have occasionally been accused of being racist.

My response? ""No, I'm not racist. I'm damn sure "culturist", though, and I won't apologize for it.""


this can't go wrong, can it:


my observation is that Haitian immigrants on balance, are hard working and very intelligent,
but as we see in examples of the 2nd generation in other places, they become assimilated into the more noxious elements of this milieu , 'Back to Blood' touched on this aaspect

Captain Hate on the iPad

Sooo is somebody gonna play hardball with the creeps that filed that suit against Perry? Why would anybody in their right mind stand up for that soak of a DA?

BB Key

In reference to the fat bitch from Texas , She never refers to her professional career only her Political Career . In both videos . Prima facie evidence she is a Democrat ?!


You don't think it wasn't a felony to attack the cop and try to steal his gun, DoT? It was apparently a serious attack--the cop was taken immediately to the hospital with a badly bruised face.

If you think those were felonies, don't you suppose the cop would have reason to believe that someone who;d do that posed a threat to the community when he fled?


I'm afraid I have to discount all Johnson's public statements as not credible as he left out the robbery until after the video was made public. And his suggestion that the cop was trying to pull 6'6" 300 lb Brown into the car thru the window is not something I can believe either.

Miss Marple

clarice, I think that "pulling him in through the window" story was probably a lame after-the-fact explanation for injuries to the policeman who got slammed in the door.

It's not believable at all, is it?


GMax posted this a few hours back:

Via the New York Daily News:

Freeman Bosley, a former St. Louis mayor and the lawyer for Brown’s pal, 22-year-old Dorian Johnson, said he has not seen the tape but confirmed that the slain teen took the cigars.

“My client did tell us — and told the FBI — that they went into the store,” Bosley said on MSNBC. “He told the FBI that he did take cigarillos. He told that to the DOJ and the St. Louis County Police.”

Dorian Johnson gave his eyewitness testimony to many, many media outlets. Not once did he mention that Michael Brown had committed a crime prior to the shooting.

This must be the Lawyer I just heard on CNN saying shoplifting not theft, then a few minutes later asking to be excused for calling it a robbery.

Again, not verbatim, but fairly close:

When CNN's Host Don Lemon then replied something like "That's not what you told us yesterday, why didn't you tell us that yesterday?" the Lawyer replied, "You didn't ask us if my client had committed a crime. If you had of asked us yesterday if we had committed a crime we would have told you yes we had but you didn't ask, so we didn't tell you. We didn't lie to you. Everything we told you yesterday was the truth."

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

There's a whole lot of "witness preparation" going on. That could be dangerous when many of the facts are yet to be disclosed.

Miss Marple

I am heading to bed. Sleep should help my blood pressure, which news has sent sky-high.

Goodnight, everyone!


Posted by: Danube on iPad | August 15, 2014 at 09:46 PM-

except in Texas, where strangely, those sorts of questions are handled by the Travis County DAs office.

and wow everyone is a bit harsh tonight. iirc, Jenteal is from Haiti and no comment on her literacy and numeracy. I just thought that it was a decent thing for Rod Veneer to do. iirc she was also at Carol City about one of the worst high schools in Miami Dade County.


Bosley has a checkered reputation, to be charitable, shocker;



do you think she will come to the right conclusion;



The manager says 'Pigg-i-ly Wigg-i-ly.'

Posted by: Beasts of England | August 15, 2014 at 09:36 PM <<<

fear the pig ... I've got a hankering for some Blenheim ginger ale right about now.

Beasts of England

From those pictures, I'd say sweet Michael Brown was teaching that clerk how to do the Pretzel! Great dance...

Danube on iPad

Hat tip TK indeed. But note that Garner was discussed at Ext's 6:59 link.

Seems to me that it puts some amending gloss on the common-law rule.


--Where are those things?--

It is too hard for me to stand on the surface of the sun.
It is too hard to make a square circle.
It is too hard for Hillary Clinton to tell the truth.

--I've been beaten through the window of a car door and I respectfully stand by mine.--

Based upon the officer's experience if you'd had a gun you probably would have been able to defend yourself.

Danube on iPad

"You don't think it wasn't [sic] a felony to attack the cop and try to steal his gun, DoT?"

I think it surely was (assuming that is what happened). I'm not sure why you ask, unless I said something inartfully.


Dad had a guy drive up and start riding his bumper and honking his horn on I85 evidently mad that dad wasn't doing 75 when he was about to exit. Dad drove up the exit and the guy followed and jumped out of his car screaming about old people who can't drive and ran up to dad who by this time had lowered his window. Guy leans over to say something to my dad and WHAM! dad punches him in the nose and breaks it (it was bleeding heavily) and then dad says 'have a nice day' and drives off.

Dad was 68 or 69 at the time. You don't f@#$ with my dad. :)


Hat tip, Ext!

A Law Enforcement friend was sharing beers with me and mentioned Garner and Graham v Connor. He said those opinions are drilled into them.

Goodnight Danube. I may call you next week and answer your question from a couple days ago, if that is OK.


this is part of what I was referring to:


Danube on iPad

What was my question, TK?


LOL, Steph. Good for him.
Riding bumpers is a cardinal sin in my book.


Had to do with my dad, Danube.

Gotta go light a smores fire for the children.

Ill check in tomorrow.


I'm so behind on reading the comments that I'll never catch up. This, however, caught my eye several pages back on this thread.

Johnson said the officer then opened his car door, grabbed Brown’s neck and attempted to pull him through the window of the police car.

I still don't know what Johnson is talking about. It just doesn't make sense.

Now we know that the deceased had strong armed a convenience store 10 minutes before he was stopped by the officer. The release of the store video showing the robbery has "incensed" the community and the MSM. Looks like they want the rioting. After all, it sells better than Iraq, ISIS, starving people stranded on a mountainside, Hamas shooting rockets into Israel and Vlad invading the Ukraine.


So I came across this thriller, by Terry Hayes,
an australian former foreign correspondent and screen writer I Am Pilgrim, which starts as a murder mystery by an enigmatic narrator, which turns into a spy thriller of sorts,


Johnson's story was absurd and at odds with another doofus "witness" before anyone knew they were just a couple of thugs.


One might say it's another tale of the Division,


Something you should not be surprised about Phil:


Danube on iPad

After a week of this stuff, I think I really know nothing except what I have seen on the video, and that Brown is dead. I don't know:

--the officer's account of what happened

--how many eyewitnesses there were to the shooting, other than Brown's fellow honor student

--what any such eyewitnesses have said

--how many shots were fired

--where Brown was struck, and how many times

--and etcetera.

While I don't know any of these things, people are coming out of the woodwork purporting to know, and they tell us at the top of their lungs.

And the Ferguson PD says nothing. Could they not, for example, comment on the allegations that Brown was on his knees, or had his arms raised in surrender, or was lying face down, or was shot in the back?

What a goddam Chinese fire drill.


is the Ferguson PD unionized? They might not be saying anything because they can't esp. if the officer is (or was) in the hospital.


I did read an account of another "witness" who claimed there was no altercation or contact whatsoever between Brown and the cop.


so no one there took some cell camera vid ...

or nothing that would be useful to the rioters.

Eric in Boise

What a goddam Chinese fire drill.

But at least we're not discussing the Russia-Ukraine War or the ISIS massacres, are we?

So there's that.


Occam's razor would suggest the latter, rich,

from Libby to Duke Lacross to Tom Delay, from the Iraq 'civil war' that wasn't to the 'racist' Tea Party, that has likewise libeled as such, the narrative is about supplanting the truth, hence the details don't stand up to scrutiny, but it's not supposed to, it is suppose to make an emotional connection, thatreplaces logical thought, and the media wurlitzer, hammers it
home, a thousand fold, then they move on to the next meme


Donnie Ferguson on FB:

Any Democrat who says Perry should resign because the Travis County DA office indicted him should have to accept a ride home from the Travis County DA.


I hope OL doesn't read that story on Phil's tipping.
He may quit golf altogether. :)


Mark Latrine sounds scared shitless over the Perry indictment:


Move over Niemöller, Latrine is taking over...

Here is a quick link to the the bullshit legitimacy of a Tennessee grand jury:


To bad the Lt Commander was a loon.

Still. It would be worth checking the legitimacy of the Texas grand jury.


Smores were delicious, BTW.


What makes no sense is why people are believing that a cop would pull a 300lb gorilla through the window of his car to teach him some manners.


Meanwhile up in Berengia...

Did you guys know that for the last few decades our Feds have been trying to create an International Park that stretches from Alaska into Russia? I didn't.

Alaska Governor Parnell signs resolution opposing Beringia international park as threat to development

"This is a park that has been going forward quietly over the years. It sounds like such a laudable goal,” said state Sen. Cathy Giessel, who sponsored the resolution and wants an end to the memorandum of understanding between the U.S. and Russia out of concern over Alaska’s resources. “My concern, however, is it’s a United Nations designation that could affect the use of our natural resources.”

(Giessel) said her chief worry is a repeat of what’s playing out with the proposed airport road in Cold Bay, with international bodies dictating how Alaskans use their land.

“Would we then be limited in resource development and use of fishing and game resources?”

The reporter writing this story thinks it's a great idea: “This legally nonbinding memorandum is not an international agreement and does not create any rights or obligations under international law.”

Then why do it?

And weren't we supposed to mock anybody who said that there are places in Alaska where you can actually see Russia?

I don't know anything about this, but I am skeptical when I'm told

1) It's an agreement with the Russians

2) it's a designation under the UN

3) there won't be any new laws or obligations and it won't in any way limit development in the future

This is apparently being pushed by DC Politicians and Bureaucrats who don't live within 3,000 miles of Alaska, so why should I believe them?


glasater @2:30 am


Captain Hate

I'm sure Ferguson police have a standard procedure on how they comment on police shootings which, before this, aren't the subject of national MFM scrutiny which conveniently switches attention away from the malfeasance of an early retirement Preznit.

No shocker about Phil; his generosity to charities is pretty well known. Nice to see what he does in a less high exposure setting too. I've always been a stickler on tipping because I think it's a tell on the quality of person's upbringing. Last night Mrs H and I went out to a chain and, after the meal, asked the waitress to add a gift card for a neighbor who turns 100 today, which as an aside gives you an idea of how active she still is. Unfortunately the software included the entire amount in the total which gave the 15-20% calculations; I made a point of telling her that I wasn't stiffing her by only tipping, well over 20%, on the food portion.

Captain Hate

Btw, yesterday leaving the sleep study site early in the morning (I have moderate sleep apnea which will probably result in using one of those devices but it wasn't severe enough for the tech to wake me up and put one on there; unlike jimmyk I had no problem dropping off to dreamland even with a gazillion wires) I listened to Cleveland State's radio station where two complete idiots pontificated on the Ferguson situation accepting every wildass rumor as fact. I could only take so much of their witless yammering which served well to keep me from nodding off like an Austin DA.


I'm guessing that lawyers have advised the Ferguson police to say nothing, as was the standard advice to physicians for twenty years or so when the inevitable shit that happens happens and somebody has a bad outcome.

No "sorry for your loss" or anything, as it was felt that could be misconstrued to be an admission of culpability.

Guess what? Some brave souls at U Mich let their people say that--and even discuss how what happened happened--and had a HUGE drop in the number of malpractice cases filed against them!

Amazing, isn't it, that most people just want to know what happened, that if human error or error in judgements were made they'll be addressed, and that it won't happen to somebody else.

And that you are sorry it happened.


Nice video of the Travis County DA's arrest and booking.



DoT, because if assaulting the officer and trying to steal his gun were felonies, fleeing afterward to prevent arrest would have allowed the cop's shooting him to prevent him from fleeing to come within Garner's reasonable requirement,


Steyn says he's no idea why the police chief held a second news conference to say the cop hadn't heard about the robbery when he stopped Brown, but he also said the cop saw the stolen goods in Brown's hands and may have then connected him with the robbery. (?)


And on we go!


Armed with an electric drill?


It also appears that the fatal shot (according to the chief of police) was fired from inside the car. In which case if there were shots afterward, they seem not to have mattered and we do not have afelony flee situation but a self defense one,


Just guessing, the frazzled Chief Jackson wanted to make clear Ofc. Wilson wasn't hunting for the store robbers when he encountered MB/DJ "walking down the middle of the street" impeding traffic at 12:01 p.m. The police dispatched bolo giving the descriptions went out at 11:52, right after the "robbery in progress" 911 call at 11:51.

Old Lurker

I will not search out the story about Phil's tipping. Not gonna happen. I am already stressed out enough about the upcoming golf outing.

Looking at the pictures this morning of last night's looting (Fox) and all the yoots with their faces covered, it strikes me that but for riding around in junky white pickups with guns in the bed, how is Ferguson much different than the ME?

Miss Marple


Nugget from article is that the hospitals do hot think that the meager protective clothing recommended by experts is sufficient.

Miss Marple

OL, I read a book by the historian Barbara Tuchman which theorized that the Hundred Years War was caused by a culture that was adolescent, because so many older people had died during the Black Plague.

All of the nobles and rulers at that time were in their late teens and had not much guidance from older, calmer heads.

That idea has remained with me ever since I read the book, and when I see crowds of angry young men, whether in the Middle East of urban America, I think about it. Adolescent cultures react emotionally, are disproportionately concerned with machismo and being respected, act on impulse, and have no long-term goals.

Rick B

"how is Ferguson much different than the ME?"

The cell phone reception is much better. When Holder tweets out the 'OK to Loot' message to his people in the Obama Freeshit Army, no one misses the call on their BOzophone.

This is the 49th anniversary week of the Watts riots. I just can't wait to see what the 50th anniversary celebration will look like.

We've come so far - the looters have learned to wear masks. That's real progress.


You know that occurred to me, OL, with Hamas ans the yutes that join the Islamic state,

now that we know who the players are, there is so much pretense as if we didn't know that Volodya's proxy army has been operating in thee Donbass allthis time


Interesting, MM.


Very interesting and insightful, MM.

Ferguson PD Chief Jackson said he can't release the MB shooting incident report because that investigation has been given to the St. Louis County PD. I couldn't connect to the SLCPD site, but this video of Chief Jon Beldar speaking about another recent officer involved shooting is reassuring as he seems both competent and confident, unlike Jackson.


While we're wondering "why" about things, anyone know why race rioting and knock-out gaming rarely, if ever, occurs in the deep South?


It's come to this. Posted by: Danube
on iPad | August 15, 2014 at 03:12 PM

Welcome to the real world, Rip van Winkle.

Beasts of England

Why were they looting again last night?

Miss Marple makes a great point about no long term goals. Or short term goals. Well, other than free shoes. I don't expect the masses to be cerebral or strategic, but as the silent majority of traditional America is reaching their limit of patience, the damage that these morons are causing won't be undone for decades.

Mr. and Mrs. Sixpack can in no way grasp or reconcile this behavior. The lessons learned won't be discussed on the tv, but they will in dens across the nation.

Old Lurker

MM, Lord of the Flies....

Danube on iPad

Should Perry pardon himself now, or should he wait for a decent interval?

Rick B

Texas Governors cannot pardon - it's not in his gift. The Board of Pardons could but the tape of the Travis County drunken DA needs more airing before they do.

Old Lurker

MM "Adolescent cultures react emotionally, are disproportionately concerned with machismo and being respected, act on impulse, and have no long-term goals."

Sadly, MM, dress that up somewhat and it describes the decline of other layers of our society too, including a business culture which focuses on short term windfalls vs long term value creation; a political class which is much the same; and a class of twenty somethings who wonder why the first car they buy themselves is not a BMW...


DEb-because the south is far more integrated than the North. Whatever the hype that so many now believe who have moved in from elsewhere.

New post up. http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/ballad-of-the-long-sought-shift-to-being-educable-not-educated-adaptation-via-dissolving-the-logical-mind/

Just a heads up in case it happens where you live as well but the local school district administrators are really going out of their way to lull parents into complacency using phone calls and emails to announce the new partnerships with parents. The emphasis on how well kids are performing. Major reliance on the Orwellian language knowing themselves what has changed and also knowing parents do not.

It's a huge, now affirmative, con game going on. No way is it just my school district. It looks to me especially to be a directed effort, probably involving all the large suburban districts slated for wholesale change.

That would be northern districts in ATL, Charlotte, Raleigh, Greenville, Montgomery County in Md and Fairfax in Va and also Va Beach. That's just off the top of my head but it's where many JOMers live so heads up.


Missouri school test scores plummet, in case anyone wonders why MO's Dem Gov. Nixon has taken such an active role in the Ferguson mess. The scores declined even though they've used the same end-of-year test for 4 yrs.


Missouri is one of the states that is shifting to the Carnegie-sponsored Competency-Based Next Generation Learning. The poor test scores on knowledge based tests look better when group oriented performance tasks become the new assessments. The schools gather behavioral info tied to student characteristics while parents are complacent because it is not personally identifiable. True, but it is shifting their personality and intended to dissolve any rational mind brought from home.

The notorious ed lab now in Aurora, Colorado, where its curriculum changes and techniques were used early on in Columbine and Littleton generally is called Mid-continental, McREL, because for decades until the mid-80s it was located in St Louis.

Miss Marple


Quite a bit of truth there. I think the tendency to quick fixes has been pushed by television and internet, combined with the natural tendency of the young to want results right now.

I also think that long-term goals are something that a selfish, inward-turning culture cannot fashion.

We have a lot of people who won't plant trees.


St. Louis Riverfront Times does a pretty good job on this Ferguson riots story:

Nobody is robbing St. Louis Ink Tattoo Studio anytime soon. Or County Guns, for that matter.

Only one false note in an otherwise neutral just-the-facts report, though I admit it's a doozy (my bold): "Not all north county business owners had the luxury of taking such a philosophical approach to the chaos."


CBS shows pic of Ofc. Wilson's house around 2:45. What reasonable justification is there for that? Dem Gov. Nixon also appears, increasing my already low opinion of him.


Ferguson Market looted and attempts were made to set it on fire. Ditto other businesses, but no arrests were made. That's one way to cool tempers, I guess.

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