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August 05, 2014



*I accept Rush Limbaugh's definition of the term as the most likely to be correct.

James D.

Thanks, Jane! That's what I'm hoping, too. Plenty of other self-published authors have done it.

Obviously there's the Shades of Gray woman, who made $67 million last year (if that's not a sign of the coming apocalypse, I don't know what is!).

But there are plenty of people making a modest but livable income from self-publishing. If I sold 50 copies of the first book per day at $0.99, and 50 combined copies of the rest of the series at $3.99, that would net me $152/day...or just about $56,000/year. That would certainly pay the bills, and it really doesn't seem like it ought to be an insurmountable goal.

But managing that leap from 2,3,5 books a day up to 100 is the big trick.


the Great Upheaval, has some great character sketches about Lafayette and other figures
in the revolution, how his bravery in the first revolution, almost cost him his life in the French Revolution,

the Top Men, are always watching out for their own interests, which are not the country's and really do not protect them from Democratic attack, Stay Puft doesn't get that, Rove doesn't either, McKinnon
is too gullible to understand the question,

(A)Nuther Bub

Is "Ann" the first name of your wife's ex-roommate, JiB? If so, I've bought many copies of her book for visiting friends -- sort of a jokey gift, but sort of not. It's fun to read.

I buy about one can of Spam per year. Give my husband a breakfast of fried Spam, rice and eggs. Makes him happy.

James D.

By the way, does anyone hear regularly listen to audiobooks?

If so, can you tell me how you discover new ones to listen to? Are there any particular places you look to see what's new or what's popular?

I've learned a few things about how to market the Kindle books (obviously I have a LOT still to learn), but I'm totally at square one as far as figuring out how to advertise the audiobook versions. Especially because I'm actually not a huge listener of them myself, so I have no idea what audiobook fans do to find new material.


TK, I don’t get into a discussion with an unnamed relative because to that person a discussion is a must win situation.

No, not even must win, but an I already have won situation. Possibly because of certain historical psychic injuries there is a certain validation required for them.

From my side, a discussion is an opportunity not so much to be validated, but to come to better understanding and, along the way, find joy in the process.

I appreciate what you and others engaged add, but am obliged to gloss over much of it because the detail obscures the journey.

There ends up being little point in parsing the issue question to answer and back to question because what should engender clarity to often ends up persiflage.

Loving you and your fellow discussioneers dearly, I remain, respectfully yours, etc. etc.


James, I may have asked you this before, but do you have an agent? I know next to nothing about the book biz, so that may be a dumb question, but I would think someone with your track record might be able get one. Then you can let the agent do the marketing and sit back and collect the unemployment check work on your next masterpiece.


James D. I have no idea what audiobook fans do to find new material

Sadly, I don’t find new material. I listen to Harry Potter (Jim Dale), David McCullough, and Teaching Company courses. I have asked them to expand their offerings in a second brand to do just what you ask.

I don’t want a course; I want an opportunity. I want pointers and a reason why.


I agree, sbw.


QUIZ TIME! (Know your narcissist version)

Me, I, Me, I, Me, I, Me, I, Me, I,

Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me,

Me, I, Me, I, Me, I, Me, I, Me, I,

I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I, I,

I, Me, I, Me, I, Me, I, Me, I, Me,

Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me, Me,

Mi, I, Me, I, Me, I, Me, I.

Who referred to himself 68 times in a speech to the US/Africa Summit?

James D.

I LOVE the way Jim Dale does the Harry potter books.

He also did the narration for the audio version of "The Night Circus" by Erin Morganstern, which I absolutely loved (although it's definitely not to everyone's taste).

And of course he was the narrator on "Pushing Daisies", which was a brilliant show cancelled way before it's time.

jimmyk, I've reached out a little bit to try and get an agent, with no luck so far. I need to make a bigger push for that, I think.



Now they've done a recount. It wasn't 68 times.


Visitor Jim writes:

Built a WORD macro for the speech transcript and it counted the following Obama personal references:

I = 73 times
I've = 7 times
Me = 3 times
My = 14 times


It's the my's that bug me the most.


You guys ever have one of those awful dreams where you're in a classroom and suddenly realize you aren't wearing any trousers?

Oklahoma teacher allegedly shows up to school drunk and without pants

Lorie Hill was allegedly found in an empty classroom at Wagoner High School on Monday "disoriented" and without pants. The first day of class at the school is Thursday.

Two other teachers found the 49-year-old and called police.

Actually it makes sense. Those who can't teach, teach


new thread


Re: daddy’s 3:54 on pants

An understandable mistake. Some or us can’t see what is below the equator.


new thread

Thank goodness!

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