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August 04, 2014


Carol Herman

Easier explanation: Zero is working with Turkey.


Little Miss Muppet,
Sat on his tuffet,
Watching the Kurds bad day,
Along came an ISIS,
Who sat down beside his,
And frightened Miss Muppet away.

surbuban gal

This is the real war to be afraid of but attention has to be paid to the increasingly irrelevant Palestinians as that works for the Left in the West. Hard to support the ISIS and related factions who are really running across the ME and Africa. The utter lack of seriousness in the "smart" arena is pathetic.
Also loved Geraldo today trying to claim that illegal immigration was not leading to terrorist invasions of the US and that the immigrants were not criminals. I guess he loves and will take in those tatooed 15 year old children himself.
Life not on vacation without a lot of time for the news is much more cheerful.

Sandy--Engorged Capital~Fallow Districts--Daze

Kurds are okay, and this relatively minor IS incursion is nothing special.

(Also, the Kurds have lots of weaponry stashed, not that I am opposed in anyway to ensuring they have all they need.)

Some suggest that the only ally the USA has in the middle east is (are?) the Israelis. This view is uninformed. America has two allies, the Israelis (I still hope they are...) and the Kurds.

If the Kurds need help, and an ally they can count on (until such time, that is, when America gets its stuff straight), then the Kurds need to talk with the Prime Minister Netanyahu.

(I believe they already have been doing so, at least I hope they have been doing so. . .)

The Kurds and the Israelis have mutual areas of interest and concern, and as well, common enemies. A strategic and formal mutual defense and trade alliance between these two great nations--nations that share a tenacity against great odds, a desire to build their nations, and interest in protecting their citizens--would be both beneficial and synergistic. Not to mention, Kurdish oil going to Israel (how to get it there??) would be a lot closer than Galveston !


This view is uninformed. America has two allies, the Israelis (I still hope they are...)

Well, one political party in the US considers Israel an ally. The other, no.


Sheesh. From the previous thread...

Has anyone weighed in on that Obama interview in The Economist?


Because the interview took place on board a plane with three people hunched round a microphone, the sound quality is less than perfect. You can listen to edited highlights of the president's thoughts on Africa, Russia, China, multilateralism and American business, or listen to the full interview here. A full transcript, lightly edited for clarity, is available below.



Since I have come into office, there’s almost no economic metric by which you couldn’t say that the US economy is better and that corporate bottom lines are better. None. So if, in fact, our policies have produced a record stock market, record corporate profits, 52 months of consecutive job growth, 10m new jobs, the deficit being cut by more than half, an energy sector that’s booming, a clean-energy sector that’s booming, a reduction of carbon pollution greater than the Europeans or any other country, a housing market that has bounced back, and an unemployment rate that is now lower than it was pre-Lehman—I think you’d have to say that we’ve managed the economy pretty well and business has done okay.

So releasing five top Taliban will be a good thing:


the Kurds as well as the Shia, did develop greater ties with the likes of Suleimani, after 1991

Sandy--Engorged Capital~Fallow Districts--Daze

Lyle - Being an ally is a matter of mutuality, isn't it ?
In general I agree with you regarding the split between the parties.

For the last ten years I've publicly identified myself as a Conservative (first and foremost) but registered politically as a republican, when pressed.

I think most all conservatives support Israel,
similarly most all liberals are Jew-haters,
including that particularly nasty, liberal, too-smart-by-half-self-loathing Jew who voted for the resident.

There is a similar problem in the catholic faith.

On one hand (the liberal jew) have left the faith and no longer support their faith's homeland...

On the other hand (the resident-loving catholic), they have so little understanding of their faith that when presented communism in catholic wrapping paper, they go happy-clappy...

None of them, on either hand, slept in a Holiday Inn Express--ever.




--Since I have come into office, there’s almost no economic metric by which you couldn’t say that the US economy is better and that corporate bottom lines are better. None.--

What a jerk.
I'm searching the old cortex for any previous recession which wasn't followed by an expansion and, of course, coming up empty.

The question is where are we compared to other expansions and where should we be. Those criteria demonstrate an appallingly bad performance in almost every metric.


The word "ally" does indeed confer mutuality, Sandy. Do you think for one nanosecond a Dem would welcome support from Israel if the US needed it? But then, the Dems love sidling up to the world's scum. Talk about "mutuality."


Nate "runt" Silver tells the faithful what they most definitely don't want to hear:

It can be tempting, if you cover politics for a living, to check your calendar, see that it’s already August, and conclude that if there were a wave election coming we would have seen more signs of it by now. But political time is nonlinear and a lot of waves are late-breaking, especially in midterm years. Most forecasts issued at this point in the cycle would have considerably underestimated Republican gains in the House in 1994 or 2010, for instance, or Democratic gains in the Senate in 2006. (These late shifts don’t always work to the benefit of the minority party; in 2012, the Democrats’ standing in Senate races improved considerably after Labor Day.) A late swing toward Republicans this year could result in their winning as many as 10 or 11 Senate seats.
Beasts of England

The housing market has bounced back? Really? Did he say in which direction it bounced?

Rick B


Never has so very much been borrowed and spent to achieve so very little - you have to give Barack Hussein Obama credit where it is due.


Reposted from the previous thread (or maybe not, since it seemed to disappear):

Since I have come into office, there’s almost no economic metric by which you couldn’t say that the US economy is better and that corporate bottom lines are better. None.

I don't suppose the intrepid journalist challenged him on that laugher.

Anyone on JOM could come up with 5 different "metrics" (what a two-bit word that is) that are worse, like the employment-population ratio, the number of people on food stamps (no doubt Barry thinks that higher is better), etc.

NKtryin' tologin

BoE-- housing has done very well in DC Metro, the Hamptons and Silicon Valley, so it's all good for the cronies.


I yield to no one in my contempt for the fraud in the WH, but what's he going so say anyway? "I suck at my job and I'm surrounded by arrogant, incompetent, sycophants"?

Miss Marple

Your afternoon ebola update:


Jack is Back!


3 words I have sent Gutfeld for banning:





Oh I don't know, the advice I got as a child was if you got nothing positive to say, don't say a damn thing. But I would guess a speechifier has to exaggerate and lie with abandon...


what's he going so say anyway?

Maybe something short of fist-pumping, patting-himself-on-the-back claims that are embarrassingly at odds with reality? Most presidents would say something along the lines of "We have turned the corner, but there's more work to be done," and the like.

Rick B

Given the President's nigh infallible exercise of the Merde Touch, Wall Streeters ought to be lacing up track shoes and crowding under EXIT signs.


Most presidents would say something along the lines of "We have turned the corner, but there's more work to be done," and the like.

I think I spotted the key word.

Miss Marple

Things Obama thinks he has under control:

World Affairs
The economy



Now its Politico's Mike Allen ( another big fat Democrat ) who is lowering the boom:

"Here is an amazing sign of how bleak the environment is for Democrats. A Democratic strategist who had access to all the polls, focus groups said 'we're writing off voters who are angry, our target voters now are people who are worried, disappointed, concerned.' Those are the voters that they want. That's a bad place to be."
Comanche Voter

One thing about the Bamster--aside from endless fund raising, he has a single answer to all questions and issues. "Do nothing looks like the best choice".

And not only is it the best choice, in Obama land it's the only choice.

Some Guy

what's he going so say anyway? "I suck at my job and I'm surrounded by arrogant, incompetent, sycophants"?

No it would start with, "I'm awesome at my job, but..."

Beasts of England

I could take care of those three markets in a heartbeat, NK. Just lemme buy some property there and, well, DOOM!™®©



(what a two-bit word that is)

Somehow the metric of a man never quite measures up.


3 words I have sent Gutfeld for banning:

I submit the following for your consideration: synergy, dynamism, and "smart people" (extenuating circumstances apply when this last collocation is directly preceded by "lots of").


I didn't have the time or stomach to listen to the full interview to determine exactly how "lightly" Obama's actual comments were edited ("for clarity"), but after reading the apparent fluency and lucidity of the "transcription," I'm betting a lead brick was employed.

Rick B

"we're writing off voters who are angry"

Why not. The Spinal Tap Strategy has a proven record with ever more selective audiences.

If you're down to 30% of whites anyway, just toss the ingrates completely overboard rather than having them clutter the decks of the SS Obamic as it begins its final voyage under Captain Alfred E. Nemo.


labor participation rate, under employment U 6,
hourly wage, those are a few indicators that come to mind, Tocqueville screams along with Bagehot

Beasts of England

Bravo, Rick B - SS Obamic + Captain Alfred E. Nemo!!


Taranto, BOTW:

"There has been so little good news lately that President Obama shouldn't be faulted for wanting to celebrate the latest jobs report Friday morning, which showed another month of impressive jobs growth. But he quickly learned [at a Friday press conference] that the White House Briefing Room is not a good place to try to take a little victory lap. It turns out that neither the reporters nor world events would let that happen. . . . The questions from reporters were immediate reminders of all the things that aren't going well in the world. . . . He sadly noted that no one had wished him a happy birthday. That elicited a chorus of questions about CIA misbehavior and deadly diseases, prompting a somewhat plaintive presidential lament: 'What happened to the happy birthday thing?' "--George Condon, NationalJournal.com, Aug. 1

Oh, Good Lord. We have a boy child as president of the US.


I suck at the conspiracy stuff, but I will take a stab at this one.

Last I checked there are reports that ISIS is selling "black market" oil for $30 a barrel. Up from the $18 only a couple weeks ago.

I have yet to find who is buying the cheap oil.

This would be a great market for Putin to play middle-man and Obama to remain flexible.


I was looking for some info about whether ebola survivors are immune from further infection, and apparently they are. So why doesn't one of our medical charities or relief organizations organize some survivors to staff a hospital for the sick? This is the sort of thing that the American people will come up with a billion dollars of donations if asked, and surely there will be more survivors if they can be taken care of without risking infection of others. Heck, just creating morgue transport and cleanup teams with some survivors could eliminate a lot of the risk of infection from the dead.

A lot of the infected are health care workers, so a chunk of the survivors already have exactly the sorts of skills needed, and can train others in the basic tasks. But imagine a hospital where survivors take care of the sick, and incinerate all waste. All they need is a steady stream of donated supplies which they can come out and pick up from the quarantine line. In other words, money. That's something we know how to give in America...

Survivors of Ebola face second 'disease': stigma

Jack is Back!

Hamptons only doing so good because of two major sales:

The Chris Browne/Andrew Gordon Estate on 60 -64 Further Lane in East Hampton for $147 million (note how avoid the words "big ones":)


Bill McKnight's Woodlamd Estate on Gin Lane in Southampton for $75 million. It has 4 subdivable lots and its on the Ocean.

Outside of that bupkis in the big buck range although a house in Noyac overlooking Peconic Bay went for $16 million which is remarkable for a home notth of the highway.

Rentals down 43% but that only means we can enjoy late July and Augiust for the first time in years:)



Tea Party-backed Cochran foe challenges GOP Senate primary loss


Mississippi voters don't register by party, but state law makes so-called crossover voting -- casting a ballot in one party's primary and another party's runoff in the same cycle -- a misdemeanor. Tyner said the campaign had found 3,500 instances of crossover votes, along with the 9,500 "irregular votes" and 2,275 "improperly cast" absentee ballots. It was not immediately clear what made the votes irregular, or how the absentee ballots may have been improperly cast.

Certified results show Cochran won by 7,667 votes, or 51 percent.

Beasts of England

I'll never understand the dynamic cycle of gas prices. My simple mind says: Middle East buggery + summertime = price increases. Reality = $3.09 on land and $4.51 on the water yesterday. Both of those prices are down fifty to sixty cents per gallon from a month ago.


Well lets give Obama credit.

Having previously hammered Girls Scouts for cookie sales, and unlicensed kids with Lemonade stands from peddling Lemonade, he's now well on the way to courageously outlawing dangerous Bake Sales at schools across America.

"If Congress won't do it's job to ban cupcakes, I'm going to have to take action on my own," said the Prez.

"If cupcakes are banned from schools, then only criminals will have cupcakes," countered Little Debby.

Captain Hate

Does this mean we've come full circle?



Completelt OT:

Mr. Beasts, can I have a word with you? Sorry, but I can think of no one else to consult. The dude is engaged to Paulina Gretzky and...that's not enough??


Fighting my not so latent prurience to not wonder what the other women looked like.

Rick B


Ebola kills blacks more efficiently than the DDT ban or Planned Parenthood. Why would the U.N. adopt a simple practical solution, especially when it's focused on reopening Pali school/rocket launch sites?


Do golf wives normally have sex with enemy golfers? That seems cold.

surbuban gal

I am with Sandy (and everyone else). However, remember we double crossed the Kurds before. The immediate wish to side with the "unfortunate' even when it is their choice to be so, means we inevitably, under this group, have no good allies. And then there is the dreaming Erogan, who used to be Obama's good friend and Assad who used to Nancy's etc. Why would anyine trust us when we keep electing such unreliable people? Japan is arming Vietnam and we worry about how free our birth cintrol pills are going to be.

Jack is Back!

LoL. The Champ siding with anyone "friendly" even in a metaphysical way to us is out of the question. The Kurds are on their own just like they have been for centuries,


Jack is Back!

Rotflamao moment: CNN Reporter "bites 2 EMTs in drunken rage". And it takes place in Baghdad:)


Captain Hate

Obviously this network needs a Monkey Boy:



I'm not sure what words should be banned but I do know "folks" is ruined for me for life.


"Natural born" is ruined for me.


that going 'more selective', can you imagine two primadonnas like Anderson Vanderbilt and Gregory

I use lads, for general usage, relating to upsetable youth, from that region,

Beasts of England

lyle, Ext: The guy has been a playa from the word go. In his defense, and from the only (former) touring pro I'm friends with - uncertainty is not in the vocabulary. That larger-than-life confidence tends to bleed-off in other pursuits - whether by choice or osmosis. The other player's wife - Will Mackenzie - is a former FHM model. I hate Dustin Johnson. ;)

And remember this: they didn't call Arnie the King for his accomplishments on the course...


The story of the Thai surrogate mother of the abandoned Down's syndrome twin by his Australian parents (sperm and egg donors), may not be getting headlines over here but it sure is across the pond and Down Under: Conflicting claims over Thai surrogate baby case

An Australian couple have denied abandoning a baby boy with Down's Syndrome, who was born to a surrogate mother in Thailand.

Pattharamon Chanbua, 21, was paid by the couple to have their child. But they took home only one baby when she had twins, leaving behind Gammy.

The parents of baby Gammy have told local media that they were only told about his healthy twin sister.

The Australian Press has found the Aussie parents and camped out on their front yard south of Perth, but as yet has not named them publicly.

The Thai surrogate mother will most likely now sue the parents: Gammy: Surrogate mother threatens to sue Australian parents

There are tons of angles on this heart-rending story that King Solomon would have difficulty solving, but among the ones that cross my mind are the following:

1) Is the Australian couple Liberal or Conservative?

If Conservative, the Media will have hit the motherlode in terms of having a handy example of Conservative heartlessness. If Liberal, I think that mention of their political affiliation will take a back seat, and the couple will probably get a bit of a pass as the Media instead focus's more on the simple tragedy of victims created as a result of this new technology.

2) Immigration: So is baby Gammy an Aussie citizen or not? His parents are Aussie, his surrogate mother not. What is the legal line there? That "Natural Born" argument is starting to be brought up, especially with Abbott's current policy of deporting Illegals being so prominently hated by their Left and the MSM. (FWIW, the Aussie Left when in power said they were for deportation, yet now that Abbott is in power and deporting, they attack him for doing what they said they were in favor of. Sound familiar?)

3) Designer babies: After reports in mid-July that Chinese were flooding Bangkok clinics for IVF procedures to select a baby’s sex, authorities raided more than a dozen clinics.

...the military junta that seized power on May 22 has swung its support behind the Medical Council of Thailand, the organisation in charge of enforcing medical ethical standards in Thailand, which has been steadily tightening guidelines on IVF and gestational surrogacy.

Authorities have warned that clinics advertising gender selection would be prosecuted.

This would allow Chinese parents to ensure that they get coveted boys under China's "One Child Policy", while letting the responsibility of terminating baby girls to the Thai's.

All I know for certain is that this kid is cute as pie, and with the attention and the money coming in to fund his surrogate mother and his medical bills, he has a decent chance of surviving. What a world.


--Do golf wives normally have sex with enemy golfers? That seems cold.

Posted by: Extraneus | August 04, 2014 at 06:02 PM--

Imagine being paired with the guy who was sleeping with your wife.
Johnson's caddy might be replacing a divot in his head.


I thought of putting her in the LUN. but Alli
Spencer, well you google


Folks will always mean terrorists to me because that's how Bammy and the State dept refer to ISIS and Hamas.
They fear militia groups here because they know they are after them{paranoia}
I love how they backed down at that ranch once a crowd gathered. A;so turn busses of illegals around when a group protested. They know what real people feel about these issues. Even the Detroit Free Press knows the IRS scandal stinks to high heaven.

Beasts of England

She's not too difficult to look at, narciso...


I've never been a pro golfer, but due to a lack of taste on the part of listeners, I was once a guitar hero and did meet my share of groupies. (Not in Beast's league, btw.) Through it all, I never once heard about another musician's girl being a groupie for the rival team.

I'm afraid my respect for golf wives has taken a serious turn for the worse.


Sorry I missed the verbatim (I messed up with the remote control) but Dr K on the FOX panel just said that we need to provide amnesty to the 11 Million that are here, but we have to convince the American people that this is the last 11 Million.

So obviously Jane, the solution to your earlier math question: (Could someone please tell me what 840 milliom divided by 40 million is? My calculator won't go that high.), is million.


Jim RHoades;
I am keeping you in my prayers. Good luck with your tests.


She's not too difficult to look at, narciso...

Which one Beasts?,

Ms Gretzky

or Arwa Damon the drunken CNN foreign ​correspondent ​who ​bit the EMT's ​in a drunken rage outside the US Embassy​ in Baghdad​ where she "did not have authority to be."


Another guitar god. Irresistible to women on the level of Fabio.


no the other golf wife, I see a reality show

Beasts of England

Either Ms. Gretzky or Ms. (Alli Spencer) Mackenzie. The CNN babe, not so much.


Agree Obama will always find an excuse not to help our allies-Israel and the Kurds.


QUIZ TIME: Settled Science Version:

Live Science Magazine reports that they have discovered a new process in nature that " is a small-scale version of the massive planetary-cooling process that takes place in the oceans, known as carbon sequestration.

This process cooled Earth's Climate in the past and is currently cooling the Earth by helping trap carbon dioxide from the environment, a new study has claimed.

This exciting new Climate Saving Process is caused by:

A) Photosynthesis
B) Precipitation
C) Ants
D) Thunderstorms

The envelope please...

And the answer is...

Danube on iPad

No one can seriously claim that Mrs. Pelosi is not deranged. When did this condition obtain? U say it was no later than June 21 2005, when she unloaded these remarks:

"'I assume that the war in Afghanistan is over, or is the contention that you have that it continues?' she said to a reporter.

"A few moments later, she said: 'This isn’t about the duration of the war. The war in Afghanistan is over.'”


The war in Afghanistan is over.

And the Border is secure.


Nancy Pelosi.

What better proof of the greatness of America?


Obviously this network needs a Monkey Boy

Meanwhile, Sharyl Attkisson is an untouchable for the MSM. Of course, maybe the feeling is mutual.

Beasts of England

Ants, of course...


I guess my 6:15,was inconsequential since daddy posted his with photo:)

Back to reading.


Sorry 6:10


Correctomundo, Beasts!

Can ants save Earth from global warming?


In my youth, high school days, I used to buy many of those discount paperbacks, one of those
was the Second Saladin by Stephen Hunter, it was the first I heard of the Kurds, one of the characters in based on Mustafa Barzani, whose people were cruelly betrayed by Henry Kissinger



I didn't really want to post the cheesecake photo of Ms Gretzky, but knowing how bad your finger must hurt I felt it was my duty so you didn't have to.

I have to say I'm a tad disappointed in the other boys here not stepping up to help out a sick friend:(

Beasts of England

Mystery Box challenge tonight on Master Chef. Two boxes: ordinary ingredients or luxe, including Kobe beef and Stilton cheese. Yummy.

Dave (in MA)

You Really Got Me is 50.


The hubs current crush is Jaime Alexander


You'll love the dress.


More on the Hamas-Nazi connection:


As Burge notes:

David Burge ‏@iowahawkblog 36m

"Jews add baby blood to matzos" - Hamas spokesman whose casualty claims are uncritically cited by Western media

Hamas: Israel killed 2000 kids.
Media: *tapitytapity* ISRAEL KILLS 2000 KIDS
Hamas: and then they bake them.
Media: let us handle the lede.

Captain Hate

Does photoshop have a function that removes the broken capillaries from Arwa Damon? No luck on getting the eyes to look like they're focusing on anything.

Captain Hate

Photoshop fun with Lurch:


Not as embarrassing as his windsurfing photos imo.



I only wish my finger was as reliable as yours:). But it is growing. Maybe I will post a progress photo.


Nice opening graph from Dr Thomas Sowell, defending Matt Drudge in face of Geraldo's barbs:

Is Thinking Now Obsolete?

Some have said that we are living in a post-industrial era, while others have said that we are living in a post-racial era. But growing evidence suggests that we are living in a post-thinking era.


File under 'if a republican had said this' #33425:


Best response: I hear she speaks jive.


This is confusing;

Hillary and others tell us Hamas uses schools and hospitals as HQs and weapons depots and civilians as shields because Gaza is just so darn small.

But when Israelis hit somebody right next to terrorists in a school you'd think they were shooting at guys in tanks out on the fields of Kursk and must be hitting these civvies on purpose because it would be so easy to miss them.

Which is it?

Beasts of England

Not the kinda dress one would wear after a bacon double Whopper, huh, Steph?

Heard that The Kinks may be going on tour again, Dave. First time in 17 years, if I remember correctly. Plus, Clapton's tribute album to J. J. Cale was released this week. Haven't heard any cuts yet...


I referenced her, around the time of the female
Thor idiocy, not enough to make me watch Thor 2
but still:



I may have to take up the game of Golf!


I actually liked Thor 2.

That dress is tame compared to the premiere dress, narc.

Not the kind of dress you wear undies with either. You should really google for some more pics of that dress. One crooked sit down and everyone gets a cooch shot. Yowza.

Rick B

I keep waiting for the announcement of the Green Helmet Man and the Splodeydopes farewell tour. The Pallywood Productions just aren't the same without their rendition of Intifidahvavida playing in the background.

Captain Hate

Damn Steph; to the Googles!!!


BTW, Kate Upton is at the Yankee Game tonight and in the last few minutes they have down screen shots of her giggling with there female buddy in the grandstands.

Yanks up 2 - 0 in the 4th over JimmyK's Tigers.

Beasts of England

Golf babes not withstanding, daddy, your travels would be very conducive to playing plenty of exotic and faraway golf courses!



You're welcome. ;)


they bring some characters back, as with this season, on Agents of Shield, where she was up against Lorelei, played by Elena Satine, a gal from Georgia (the other one)

jimmyk on iPhone

"Kate Upton is at the Yankee Game tonight"

Shoot, and I'm going Thursday. Is Kate back with Verlander? Inquiring minds want to know....


So who is this exhibitionist broad?

Captain Hate

Damn, Steph; does that get held in place with coocher glue? I'm thinking there was a lot of wax involved there.


BTW, she's from Greenville, SC.

I've always thought that daddy had the perfect job for golf. There's some awesome courses in Asia I'd love to play. And Australia. And GB...


To cross the streams... I don't think she's a landing strip type gal, Capt.

Ig, she plays Sif in the Marvel movies and on the TV show. I watched the Thor movies last week and the hubs ran across the TV show the other night and now has them queued On Demand.

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