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August 06, 2014





Building an intercontinental railroad is an idea that is all wet.

James D.

“This could allow you to go places in half the time it takes to travel by car. For some trips, it will be faster than flying — without the pat-down.”

Yeah, right. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before the pat-downs (and worse) start on Amtrak.


"The Obama administration's management of previously appropriated high-speed rail funding has been as clumsy as its superintending of the Affordable Care Act's rollout," said Frank N. Wilner, a former chief of staff at the Surface Transportation Board, a bipartisan body with oversight of the nation's railroads.

I see a pattern forming ...


Come on, it's all about the pelf.

Some Guy

Wow... even the trains don't run on time.

[shocked face]


Transparency troubles: Audit finds $619B gap in federal spending site


a posible theory of what's going on,


the CIA trained Fatah's crack security force, which promptly dissolved as the army in the Anbar provinces,


Amtrak doesn't run on time? Maybe Barry should issue an EO directing Amtrak Execs to take a corporate loyalty oath Il Duce style.

TK @3:34, very clever.


Over at The New Republic they've discovered;

Democrats Have a White Working Class Problem—and Not Just in the South

I suspect in the coming years these geniuses might even grasp that Dems have a bit of a "gender gap" as well.

MRS. OBAMA:...  I said this in my convention speech about the President -- being President doesn’t change who you are, it reveals who you are.  And that’s true for first spouses as well.

You come to this with a temperament.  Some people are shy and never want the limelight; other people are much more outgoing and maybe a bit more aggressive and able to withstand the heat of the spotlight that shines on us.  But I think that all of us, we have to bring what is uniquely us to the table and work within that.  And that’s sometimes what people around the world don’t understand.  First spouses, we don’t choose this position, we just happen to be in it, and we do the --

MRS. BUSH:  We’re elected by one man.  (Laughter.) 
MRS. OBAMA:  Right, right.   

MS. ROBERTS:  And you can’t be fired. 

MRS. OBAMA:  Can’t be fired. 

MRS. BUSH:  We certainly hope not.  (Laughter.) 

MRS. OBAMA:  I guess we’ll see.  (Laughter.) 


I she expecting Obama to fire her?


You know if only we could come up with some way to travel at say 500 mph and be able to move the transporter things from area to area as the needs changed that would be so cool. Meanwhile can't we get President Obama to get FDR's traincar out of the Smithsonian or wherever it is and use it to go his trips. Finally what could be more impressive than him going to Europe by steamship.


Is she....


--Building an intercontinental railroad is an idea that is all wet.--

Not with a 3000 mile long chunnel to the UK and a 6000 mile long one to Tokyo.
Think of all the shovel ready jobs for Hamas kids we'd create.


You guys ever have one of those awful dreams where you're in a classroom and suddenly realize you aren't wearing any trousers?

Oklahoma teacher allegedly shows up to school drunk and without pants

Lorie Hill was allegedly found in an empty classroom at Wagoner High School on Monday "disoriented" and without pants. The first day of class at the school is Thursday.

Two other teachers found the 49-year-old and called police.

Actually it makes sense. Those who can't teach, teach


Hurricane Iselle & Julio landfall take aim at Hawaii (video & computer models)



“Within 25 years, our goal is to give 80 percent of Americans access to high-speed rail,” Mr. Obama said in his 2011 State of the Union address

Maybe those "folks" who think BOzo will ignore the 22nd Amendment and refuse to leave are right.


Regarding some multi-$billion proposal to speed up trains between Boston and New York, Iowahawk pointed out that it would be cheaper to give every single person in Boston and NYC a roundtrip air ticket.

And incidentally, patdowns and all, flying between Boston and NYC is still faster than the train, by a sizable amount. On my recent trip, it was 4 hours door-to-door by plane. Even the Acela would be closer to 5 hours. And the tickets were about the same cost.


I come to the new thread to avoid the jarring shock left on the previous thread and get a second dose. :-(

Some Guy

I can't unsee that daddy. Thanks a lot.


I came in a little late, but I think this hour on the Dennis Miller Show, Dennis is asking for suggestions of what music he wants to hear when he goes under for a Colonoscopy? He's calling it "Procto-Talk", and it appears most callers are recommending Heavy Metal stuff.

Me persoanlly, I'd prefer some upbeat, beautiful Bach piano riff, like what Bill Murray hears over the loudspeaker playing in the diner in the movie Groundhog Day, which prompts him to learn how to learn keyboards. Or the Pastoral from Beethoven's 6th, which Edgar G Robinson hears as he dies in the movie Soylent Green.

Anybody here catch the full segment and know what it was all about?


In the interest of fairness, one of the most beautiful girls in high school was corpulent, but you never noticed because of her radiant smile.


Suggestion for eine kleine proctmusik -- An light and intricate Bach fugue along which one could fly in one’s dreams.


I wonder if the Teachers Union is going to have to defend "Miss Oklahoma?"

If you're drunk and depantsed 3 days before classes start, does that count as tenure in America's High Schools or do you have to make it to Day 1?

Captain Hate

O/T One final comment:

Then wouldn't he remove the comment if he found so offensive? Just saying....

I'll miss EOJ....

Posted by: Tami at August 06, 2014 08:57 AM (v0/PR)

Exactly; just delete the offending comment with a message that he didn't like it and move on. Instead you get a series of hectoring comments chock full of arguments which weren't made that any person in his/her right mind would find insulting. That's ok, soon it will be just ace and JeffB having their own private circle jerk here. Won't that be fun?

Posted by: Captain Hate at August 06, 2014 09:08 AM (0xC05)

James D.

From the previous thread,

I am sure you know about contacting people for leads, etc. Consider taking a part-time job doing something for grocery money. Or do like I do and sell on eBay for some extra cash.

Thanks, MM - the part-time option is definitely part of the plan. I'm also registered on two websites to pick up freelance work - I'll post them in case anybody else might find them of interest:


I've only been registered for a day and bid for a couple of quickie jobs, so I can't say how well they work, but there's a huge variety of work to bid on. And I can imagine that some folks on here could potentially have work they might want done using these services, too...


When are they going to tie this train into the death train from Mexico? It will eliminate the need for busing the chillren around themselves.


Miss Marple

Just heard from a friend that Obama is supposed to have a press conference at 5PM.

I don't have a source yet, going to confirm.



Prez Obama is about to come up and do another Press Conference. This one about Africa.

Bret Baire sez he has been told that the President will be on time.

Danube on iPad

The NY subway system remains vastly inferior to Moscow's. And a 737 couldn't hope to keep up with a Concorde.


Dennis is asking for suggestions of what music he wants to hear when he goes under for a Colonoscopy

At the risk of TMI, I'm going for one on Tuesday (just routine, last was 7 years ago), and I plan to be out cold. But for some reason what comes to mind is the music in the last 10 seconds of Hitchcock's North by Northwest (appropriate for a thread about trains).


Has this been posted:

1,000-member secretive progressive journalist group uncovered

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A prominent CNN commentator, the top two political reporters for The Huffington Post, a Reuters reporter, the editor of The Nation magazine, a producer for Al Jazeera America television, a U.S. News & World Report columnist, and approximately two dozen Huffington Post contributors are among the more than 1,000 members of Gamechanger Salon.

top secretFounded by leftwing activist Billy Wimsatt, the group is a secretive digital gathering of writers, opinion leaders, activists and political hands who share information, ideas and strategy via a closed Google group.

The group’s existence was discovered by Media Trackers through an open records request filed with a University of Wisconsin professor who happened to be a member of the network.

More at the link


Capt. I got to thinking about Ace's whinging post about the EoJ comment:

You have a well-followed twitter account. I think you also have a blog and a podcast.

If you would like to tell the world that you view Africans as "ignorant savages," please employ your own platforms for doing so, and leave the rest of us out of it.

And by the rest of us I mainly mean me.

professional jealousy might be the issue. Ace gets so butt hurt about perceived rivals that I think he took the swipe at EoJ due to his hypersensitivity about those whom he feels threaten him.

A "well-followed twitter account..., a blog and a podcast." Competition is honing in on his territory. :eyeroll:


Dear Leader is about to have a press conference. So what is he going to kill us with today?


Looks to me like he's late.

Frau Dickdarm

daddy - My suggestion is "In the hall of the mountain king."
LUN German military band

Miss Marple

I have 5:03 here.


So JimmyK, you're telling us tomorrow when you go under you'll be dreaming of being in the rack with a young Eva Marie Saint?

Not bad Sir, Not bad at all:)


Frau Dickdarm!?!

And here I thought this was a family blog:(


Shouldn't Ace trade in his skull and crossed swords for a Hello Kitty logo and excise Mencken and his "slitting throats" and replace it with Rodney King?


Bret Baire. verbatim

Let me explain whats happening. You're looking live at the State Department. We're waiting for the President. We were originally told by the White House this would start at 5 PM Eastern Time. We have now been told by the White House that it will be at least 05:15 to 05:30 for the President to come out.

Umm, we went around the quorum and how guesses about how late the President may be. Charles (Dr K) was at 05:03, very optimistic. I was at 05:05, AB (AB Stoddard) was at 05:06. Ron (Fornier) looks pretty good at 05:21 and Jonah (Goldberg) at 05:09, which is just ticking by right now.

Jonah: I've still got 57 seconds...


Hurricane Iselle & Julio landfall take aim at Hawaii (video & computer models)

Stay safe, (A)B, and check in when you can.


DoT's gonna' hate me, but I'm happy to see a new William Devane ad for Roseland Capitol instead of another replay of Marie Osmond trying to lose weight.



Survey USA out with a Fla Governor poll today. Rick Scott up by two, over Charlie Cheeto.

About what I expect, unless Zero enrages the base with a totally illegal amnesty move, which could make it a blowout.

Beasts of England

If I combine this thread's title with the cutie that daddy posted a photo of, I get a wimp and a blimp!

With apologies to Mandy Pepperidge, of course...


--But for some reason what comes to mind is the music in the last 10 seconds of Hitchcock's North by Northwest--

Makes me think of Janet Leigh's shower scene accompanist.

Rob Crawford

Does Ace realize there are people who kill children and albinos for "magic" in Africa? Doesn't that pretty much nail the definition of "ignorant savage"?


That was part of Empire of Jeff's argument, RC.


Make that a wimp, a blimp, and a chimp:


While awaiting the Prez I am still doing catch-up and just got to this by Sandy from the previous thread:

Question regarding Major General Harold Greene, Rest in Peace:

Anyone read anywhere if he was a Christian, and if so what flavor (Coptic? Protestant, Catholic) or Jewish?

My question while awaiting the Messiah, is this. If the gunman who shot our General happened to be one of the released 5 Terrorists from Gitmo for Bergdahl, do you think we would ever hear that definitively from this Administration and the MSM?

I don't.

Jack is Back!

Thanks GMax.

As I have noted before the problem with high speed rail is not technology, ROW, construction, design etc. but operating and maintenance costs. Who picks them up?

There is not one passenger railroad in the world that has ever covered it Capex and Opex at the paybox (revenue) without heavy subsidization. The UK operators are running on someone elses infrastructure for example.

If you go high speed you have to subsidizde since the ticket price to cover both Capex and Opex as well as a profit would be unsellable.

Frau Dickdarm

Well, it was really Grand Finale NATO Military Tattoo Kaiserslautern 2007.

Teh Preezy just wants us to see the difference between him and Bibi. Many of us will not be watching as we have already made our comparisons.


It was not too long ago that the rulers of more than one central African country were eating their enemies.
Even more recently several hundred thousand citizens of Rwanda and Burundi hacked each other to pieces over tribal differences.

If one objects by pointing out the similarly insane behavior of Russians, Chechens, Serbs, Albanians etc, that's an argument for an expanded use of "ignorant savages" not a more circumscribed one.


Obummer against Ben N?

Obummer's been weighed and measured.... and been found wanting.


the cutie that daddy posted a photo of,

The story says she was apparently drinking vodka. Anyone know if it was Tito's?

05:32. Obama should be horsewhipped for general incivility.


New thread.

Beasts of England

Well played, jimmyk!

Danube on iPad

How about the music from Journey to the Center of the Earth?

Captain Hate

A "well-followed twitter account.

Jeff @EmpireOfJeff · Aug 5

Welp, 8 or 9 years was a good run, I suppose.'Cause I will suck a cock before I defend myself against racism charges. That's a sucker's game

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