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August 30, 2014



Did Chip Kelly go back to coach the Ducks? 3rd pocession, 97 yrds in a little over 2 minutes and another TD.


so who is more attuned to reality:

Captain Hate on the iPad

OkSt has played tough but the Crims can take it to the house at any time.

Stephanie a proud athletic supporter...wut?


Oil should be deep enough to cover the pistolettes and heated to 350.

I used to make em from scratch (i actually made beignets and stuffed those), but not any more. If you can find Colonial brand French rolls (they half cook them) they work really well. The Velveeta actually works well cause you want the sauce thick like chipped beef on toast thick so it doesn't run.

You can also stuff them then fry them, but it's more difficult. You have to use an injector and the hunks of seafood tend to clog it up.

It also makes an excellent dip if you make it a little runnier. Tear up baguettes to serve as dip.

I now have a major Cajun craving that will probably last all week. Time to pull the recipe box out...

Danube on iPad

I have decided that my measure of success for this season will be that Florida State does not win the championship.

Captain Hate

That would include Notre Dame winning it; are you sure you've thought this through?

Danube on iPad

I take it as already established that Notre Dame will never, ever win it.

Wisconsin is inviting our contempt.

Danube on iPad

The hater's guide to Notre Dame.


Captain Hate

Ugh, Deadspin has by far the biggest turd software on the internet. I suppose there's an article on why the Redskins suck but there's not way I could figure out how to click on it from DoT's link.

I'm sorry for ever doubting you, Mad Hatter.


Wisconsin blew it.

Stephanie a proud athletic supporter...wut?

16 hours of college football today. Lovin it!


When you guys wake up this may be the lead story:

Myth of Arctic meltdown: Stunning satellite images show summer ice cap is thicker and covers 1.7million square kilometres MORE than 2 years ago...despite Al Gore's prediction it would be ICE-FREE by now

Watts-up goes more in depth on the story ‘The Arctic sea ice spiral of death seems to have reversed’

In the comments at Watts Up someone has taken the time to dig up predictions from prominent AGW folks. I don't think anything I say can add to their own words:

Xinhua News Agency – 1 March 2008
“If Norway’s average temperature this year equals that in 2007, the ice cap in the Arctic will all melt away, which is highly possible judging from current conditions,” Orheim said.
[Dr. Olav Orheim - Norwegian International Polar Year Secretariat]

Canada.com – 16 November 2007
“According to these models, there will be no sea ice left in the summer in the Arctic Ocean somewhere between 2010 and 2015.
“And it’s probably going to happen even faster than that,” said Fortier,””
[Professor Louis Fortier - Université Laval, Director ArcticNet]

National Geographic – 12 December 2007
“NASA climate scientist Jay Zwally said: “At this rate, the Arctic Ocean could be nearly ice-free at the end of summer by 2012, much faster than previous predictions.” ”
[Dr. Jay Zwally - NASA]

BBC – 12 December 2007
“Our projection of 2013 for the removal of ice in summer is not accounting for the last two minima, in 2005 and 2007,”…….”So given that fact, you can argue that may be our projection of 2013 is already too conservative.”
[Professor Wieslaw Maslowski]

National Snow and Ice Data Center – 5 May 2008
“Could the North Pole be ice free this melt season? Given that this region is currently covered with first-year ice, that seems quite possible.”

National Geographic News – 20 June 2008
North Pole May Be Ice-Free for First Time This Summer
“We’re actually projecting this year that the North Pole may be free of ice for the first time [in history],” David Barber, of the University of Manitoba, told National Geographic News aboard the C.C.G.S. Amundsen, a Canadian research icebreaker.
[Dr. David Barber]

Financial Times Magazine – 2 August 2013
“It could even be this year or next year but not later than 2015 there won’t be any ice in the Arctic in the summer,”
[Professor Peter Wadhams - Cambridge University]

Guardian – 11 August 2012
“Very soon we may experience the iconic moment when, one day in the summer, we look at satellite images and see no sea ice coverage in the Arctic, just open water.”
[Dr Seymour Laxon - Centre for Polar Observation & Modelling - UCL]

Yale Environment360 – 30 August 2012
“If this rate of melting [in 2012] is sustained in 2013, we are staring down the barrel and looking at a summer Arctic which is potentially free of sea ice within this decade,”
[Dr. Mark Drinkwater]


Apr 1, 2009: But, President Obama cut them off. "My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks," the president told them.

Today: Obama will have to face those pitchforks all by himself

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

I'm watching Sleepless in Seattle, which is apropos of nothing, but for me to comment about 1993, the year the movie was made. It is so weird the TVA aren't flat panel and the phones are landlines.

Obama was using a laptop on a beach in Bali back in 1993! - http://justoneminute.typepad.com/main/2009/11/the-road-to-bali.html

"In early 1993, Obama returns to Indonesia, the land of his childhood. And there he reenacts a common artistic ritual, albeit one that remains largely an unknown part of his biography, until now: He sequesters himself in a rental cottage on the crescent of Bali’s Sanur Beach, where for a month he is a lone figure pacing on the white sand and hammering on his laptop, as unknown as he will ever be."


It's important that the gov't fosters basic research.

Feds Still Studying Why Lesbians Are Obese

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) study is now in its fourth year, receiving an additional $670,567 for fiscal year 2014. The project seeks to determine why “nearly three-quarters of adult lesbians overweight or obese,” and why gay males are not.

In just two years the project’s budget has nearly doubled, growing from $1.5 million to nearly $3 million today, despite fears that sequestration could jeopardize the project and other NIH funding.

The study, which is being led by S. Bryn Austin, an associate epidemiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, operates on the premise that there is a “striking interplay of gender and sexual orientation in obesity disparities.”

The researchers have been busier since last year, when the project had yielded only one paper. Those results concluded that gay and bisexual males had a “greater desire for toned muscles” than straight men.


Miss Marple

Gay men care about appearance.

Lesbian women do not.

Please send me several million dollars. Thank you.

Good morning!


Morning, that's right up there with the half million dollar grant, on why prisoners don't
want to stay in prison,





re, the events we were talking about earlier:


Captain Hate

Tammy Bruce has talked about what Miss Marple mentioned; also a high incidence of alcoholism.

Jane on Ipad


That article you posted about the ex CIA agent was chilling as hell and I believe every bloody word of it.

Jim Eagle


Matt piles on:)


"We're doing everything we can to stop the spread of UKIP"


The drums are beating in the jungle. House of Sod and Feinstein adding their two-cents worth;

"Hurry up Obama, before we know who is driving the IS herd to market"


This may be my favorite tweet ever:

Same as it ever was

h/t Ace


Yeah. The Referendum is gonna be close, but it's just window dressing. Even if independence wins, just look at the US.

'Democratic republic fail'


no reason to be concerned,


Miss Marple


Feinstein breaks from Obama, big time. Excerpt:

"I think I've learned one thing about this president, and that is he's very cautious," she said. "Maybe in this instance, too cautious. I do know that the military, I know that the State Department, I know that others have been putting plans together. And so hopefully, those plans will coalesce into a strategy."

As for Russia's incursions into Ukraine, Feinstein said she doubted that economic sanctions would bring about a change in its actions. Secretary of State John Kerry should talk directly to Russian President Vladimir Putin, she said.

"I think this is deeply personal with him," she said of Putin. "And I think he's calling the shots himself. And he's enjoying intensely high favorability in his country. People say, `Well, just wait till the sanctions bite and the economy slips.' I don't think so.

"The Russians are very brave and very long-suffering," she said. "And they will tough out any economic difficulty."


Be afraid; verry afraid. Heh. Imagine the skillset.


The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria said in a recent tweet it is forcing detained Syrian pilots to train militant fighters to fly stolen aircraft, CNN Arabic reported on Saturday.

In an account reportedly associated with the militant group, ISIS said in a tweet the pilots were abducted when the group gained control over the Tabqa military airbase in Raqqa Province.

ISIS seized the airbase earlier this month. The major airfield houses warplanes, helicopters, tanks and other artillery and ammunition, which were also confiscated by ISIS, according to several media reports.

Miss Marple

I highly recommend reading that article I just posted. Quotes are from Feinstein on Meet the Press, which means if it hasn't aired yet in your area you should probably watch.

Captain Hate

I do know that the military, I know that the State Department, I know that others have been putting plans together.

Calling 404 a liar for that steaming pile he produced about the military not presenting him with strategy options.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate, you are correct. Calling him a liar, saying he's too cautious (coward is what she really wanted to say) and saying KERRY should go talk to Putin himself!

Look at what she is doing in that last paragraph. She is recognizing that Putin is in charge, complimenting the Russian people on their strength in adversity and their courage, and as much as inferring that Obama has made a mess of things, so Kerry (not a sooper genius but certainly able to at least be POLITE) should go talk to Putin.

I am astounded and actually quite worried, as this is close to saying that the president is just plain nuts!

Comanche Voter

At this point what difference does it make---that the Bamster flubs another speech?

Captain Hate on the iPad

Miss Marple, one of my lib Facebook friends, who I'm sure voted for 404 instead of the two tomato cans, is openly ridiculing King 3 Putt on most of his posts.

Rick B

"this is close to saying that the president is just plain nuts!"

It's more like official political notice of the President's Merde Touch, engendered by stupidity matched only by incompetence and cowardice. Personally, I believe the President should work more on his short game in 2015 and spend 2016 on putting.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate, We have gone past left-right on this guy.

He's embarrassing and dangerous.


Isn't Feinsrein on the intelligence committee?


I think the lezbos pudge up their guts so their cans become less noticeable and the fruitcakes trim their guts so they can pretend their pecs are ta-tahs.

If you comprise 2% of the population and you want the media to give you attention as if you were 60% , you need to do some weird shit.

Captain Hate on the iPad

George Will continues to go full retard.


Ok, I binged it and she is on the intelligence committee. She is seeing the chatter that is louder than the summer of 2001. I suspect she is insulating herself by saying hey I warned ya.

Rick B


She's just the Chairman of the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. She's white though - not trustworthy.


What's he saying now, CH?


IS a fabricated bogey-man?

Oh dear. Who to believe? :)


Captain Hate on the iPad

I only heard part of it, Ext, but he was being very isolationist on ISIS. Even Charles Lane was urging more action.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Some fat donk oaf on FNS is predicting McTurtle will lose. Does anybody else believe that?


Rob Maness asks four Louisiana DAs to investigate Mary Landrieu's residency, but was it too late?


Apparently the local government shut down early for the holiday.

I argue that it is never too late to defend the eligibility requirements set within The Constitution.

Of course I, like everyone else, probably have no standing to do so...

Miss Marple

Will is acting like Obama, in the sense that anything Bush did he wants to do the opposite.

His dislike of the Bush family is pretty obvious.

Also, he's a weakling.


The extraordinary story of Ruzwana Bashir


a very smart, brave, and gorgeous Pakistani girl tells her story

I haven't seen much about this "grooming" going on here in USA. Maybe the scumbags think twice cuz mom or dad might have guns.


Today’s fast helps me appreciate Clarice’s Pieces all the more.

Yet I don’t mind a week off so she can relax in the south of France.

There is water underground.

Heh, 'major varsity' from Feinstein was good.

I agree with Miss Marple. This smells like a tipping point.

Dems might get the idea that even they have to reject Obama in order to improve the chances for their '16 candidate.

I'm torn. They'd be right.


"I'm torn. They'd be right."

Kinda like your MIL going off a cliff in your new Maserati?

Miss Marple


Posted this for daddy. They have discovered use of metal in the Israel area was much earlier than previously thought.

Miss Marple

It is very simple to ask the democrats if they will oppose Obama's policies. If they won't, then they are toast.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Sixty five days for the party of stoopid to squander an opportunity to take the Senate.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

the Guardian link - "On multiple occasions, beginning when she was 12, Sara went to her local GP and to walk-in clinics wearing her hijab to get the morning-after pill. She was never asked if she needed help."

Planned Parenthood provides that service here.


Iraqi forces break ISS siege at Amirli.


Ben at 10:30 - ISIS fabrication - Steve Kelley. It rings true. Like OBL's mujahadeen which became AQ was rooted in CIA support to fight Russia in Afghanistan.

But there is a difference. One, the US Govt should have learned from history. Two, the US Govt is now aligned with caliphatism.

But I got a plan, hahaha :)

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

"Second, we need mandatory reporting by people of authority when they signs of potential sexual abuse. One of the most damning parts of the Rotherham report was that schoolteachers were discouraged from reporting potential cases. For Sara, mandatory reporting by doctors serving young children could have saved her years of abuse."

Even our Safe School Czar didn't bother to report abuse...so this wouldn't work here.
...and PP just doesn't fill out the reports. So what if it is "mandatory". It only works if the law is followed. It is not.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

" We don’t need any further reports: we need system-wide change in the way we approach fighting sexual abuse against children of all backgrounds."

Good luck with THAT. More reports & maybe some summits is all that ever happens. Blah, blah, blah.
Any increased funding to fight child abuse will go to groups that write reports & organize summits.


"Posted by: BR | August 31, 2014 at 11:03 AM

I heard it from the horse's mouth just now on MTP.

"well we don't know just where they are, but they are based in Syria"


Obama dropped the ball on the red-line, but someone is persistent/insistent. First Assad, then Iran.


Sexual abuse is part of the Muslim religion. Women are property to Muslims, and unprotected women can be taken as slaves. Pedophilia was practiced by their prophet, whose every action is to be imitated by true believers. Wife-beating and rape are normal behaviors to Muslims.

Fighting sexual abuse in the Muslim community would require fighting the Muslim religion itself. We will have to do this sooner or later, but no one is ready now. Well, except for Muslims.


Isis Goddess of Magic :)

I've always had a strange, nostalgic love for Syria, from long ago when I was in Egypt, but Syria was my homeland.




Damascus is a beautiful city. T.E. Lawrence thought so.

Do dhimmis have souls?

It's already supposed to be mandatory for doctors, who are protected from liability if the allegation is wrong, so long as the report was made in good faith.

It would be very good to understand this massive social fail in Great Britain. Surely they are searching their souls over there.


" so long as the report was made in good faith."

Who is going to determine that? An Arbitrator?

Uh huh.

Rick B

"It would be very good to understand this massive social fail in Great Britain."

Labour attempted to import a permanent majority through opening borders to immigrants sufficiently intellectually challenged so that indoctrination in progressive fantasy would be easy to maintain. The rampant pedophilia is an unfortunate result.

Danube on iPad

The constitution does not require that a senator own or rent a residence in her state.


Thanks, saw. The wedding was really special--The procession was through an archway of trees and the ground was covered with lavender scenting the walkway. We dined for hours under a huge see through tent on long tables strewn with olive branches and lavender, decorated with small pots of herbs and candles. The dinner took hours--wonderful food.. we left about 12:30 but heard the dancing began around 1 a.m. and continued to 3 in the morning. This morning was a farewell brunch with prosciutto, tapenade, salad, Spanish tortilla and Madame Dromet's fabulous savory tarts, leftover pastries and cake and tarts from the night before and still lots more wine. Leaving tomorrow though we are afraid our airline, LUFTHANSA is courting a pilots' strike.

Danube on iPad

Exquisitely bad timing:

"San Jose police tell KTVU that 49er Defensive Lineman Ray McDonald was arrested early Sunday morning on allegations of felony domestic violence. McDonald was arrested at his home in San Jose early Sunday morning."

Miss Marple

Danube, you are right about that. now what Louisiana law says about that is a different matter.

Indiana sort of has this requirement, so Dick Lugar kept a mailing address here at his mother's farm.

He was legal, but the fact that he actually had a permanent residence in Virginia and never stayed here (except occasionally in a hotel in Indianapolis) was a contributing factor to his loss in the primaries.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

This is good - http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/seanthomas/100284604/the-self-loathing-of-the-british-left-is-now-a-problem-for-us-all/


You mean there were unintended consequences to their actions? Say it aint so, Rick.


Found written on a bathroom wall:

No Person shall be a Senator who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty Years, and been nine Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State for which he shall be chosen.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that we need to find out the meaning of "inhabitant" per the Founders.

Miss Marple

Got this in a note from a friend who is watching TV. I am not.

"Connor Powell of Fox said the State Department and the Pentagon DID NOT KNOW that local Islamic militias controlled this building for the last couple of weeks UNTIL THE Associated Press told them. "

I told her it was because Brennan was in charge of the CIA.

Danube on iPad

"what Louisiana law says about that is a different matter."

True. I don't know what that is.


The Law DictionaryFeaturing Black's Law Dictionary Free Online Legal Dictionary 2nd Ed.

Law Dictionary: What is INHABITANT? definition of INHABITANT (Black's Law Dictionary) 


One who resides actually and permanently In a given place, and has his domicile there. Ex parte Shaw, 145 U. S. 444, 12 Sup. Ct. 935, 36 L. Ed. 768; The Pizarro, 2 Wheat. 245, 4 L. Ed. 226. "The words 'inhabitant,' 'citizen,' and 'resident,' as employed in different constitutions to define the qualifications of electors, mean substantially the same thing; and one is an inhabitant. resident, or citizen at the place where he has his domicile or home." Cooley, Const. Dim. *600. But the terms "resident" and "inhabitant" have also been held not synonymous, the latter implying a more fixed and permanent abode than the former, and importing privileges and duties to which a mere resident would not be subject. Tazewell County v. Davenport, 40 111. 197.

Miss Marple


I didn't know that the requirement was in the Constitution.

(Hangs head in mortification.)


Has anyone heard from chubby? I miss reading her (I think) comments.



" We don’t need any further reports: we need system-wide change in the way we approach fighting sexual abuse against children of all backgrounds."

The problem was that this will put certain people, their religion and culture in the spotlight.

There is a reason why when a crime is reported in the news here the race of the perpetrator is not mentioned.

The UK and a lot of other European countries have the same problem, only it is not the race that is the problem but the religion.

The Lefts dogmatic views on "diversity" means protecting that dogma against anything that would sow doubt on that.

And if it came to that, it would be a courtroom.

Good point, Ben. In such a scenario, it is difficult to prove bad faith, so the mandate works well enough to protect the reporter.


Ben at 11:26, heh, yes, but I also have a special affinity for H2 and H3, some wadis in the desert just east of Jordan, perfect for disappearances :)

with some Stargate Horus, son of Isis' warriors


Ha, my post disappeared. Let it reappear.

Ben at 11:26, heh, yes, but I also have a special affinity for H2 and H3, some wadis in the desert just east of Jordan, perfect for disappearances :)

with some Stargate Horus, son of Isis' warriors



I didn't know that the requirement was in the Constitution.

Not to worry, MM, I never get tired of explaining things.



O wonderful, which video caused this?



Ben at 11:11 First Assad, then Iran.

That's the sequence I have in mind.

See Kali's Rumal Wire Service and Salaam Haleikum/Haleikum a salamu.

Danube on iPad

I don't know if any of the cases cited by TK dealt with senate eligibility. Landrieux's people maintain that "inhabitant" was used because the Founder recognized that senators would be required to be resident in Washington for long periods. I am not aware that it has ever been litigated.


BR; Did you happen to see that youtube of the huge fireball at Homs?

Did it look like a tactical nuke to you?

It looked like this...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RKXuQ8lOe8

But this was pretty big (15 kiloton)

They are as small as one.

Texas Liberty Gal

Did any of the DFW ppl here go to the AFP Defending the American Dream Summit this weekend? My husband and I did-it was great. Ted Cruz got the best reception - one of his funniest lines was: Have you heard about Obama's new diet? He let's Putin eat his lunch every day! My favorite speaker was Carly Fiorna - she was absolutely amazing.


Here's the Homs video.



Assuming it has not been litigated, what definition of "inhabitant" do you think best suits the Founders requirement?

Eric in Boise

Apropos of Narc's Telegraph link and JiB's Tory cartoon, here's the Mail's take on the UKIP developments; a 48 point swing would appear to be a big frikken' deal:


Notice that the biggest concern in the poll results is "immigration". Are the Brits waking up? Are they ahead of us in that regard?


One-kiloton. Identical fireball rapidly changing to black mushroom to 1100 feet.


Danube on iPad

I am not really sure. They clearly wanted the senator to be "from" his state, but knew that it would be absurd to require that he be in it year-round; otherwise no sitting senator could be eligible for re-election.

It would be interesting to know if there are other current senators who do not own or rent a residence in their states. Landrieux claims that when she is in Louisiana she stays at her parents' house. Does that satisfy the requirement?

I am sure that the issue is hurting Landrieux, even as it hurt Lugar, which is good.

Rick B

Jim Miller has a very good summary on the Mahometan pedophiles in the UK. Labour established Mahometan plantations similar to those used by Democrat progressives here and then began sacrificing working class kids to keep their perverts cheerful.

There may be a distinction between progressive slime in the US and progressive slime in the UK but there really isn't any difference.


I imagine that where you file your State tax return would come into play.

Eric in Boise

My favorite speaker was Carly Fiorna - she was absolutely amazing.

Maybe she's found her calling, then. I worked at HP the entirety of her regime, and found her somewhat short of amazing. Most of my co-workers agreed.


Ben, as I recall, Hims may have been one of the sites where Saddam's chemical weapons were stored. Perhaps this early Aug 2013 event was an attempt to blow it up before Assad could use it. The wind conditions were right for the least damage. Then on Aug 21, he did use it in Ghouta.


found [Fiorina] somewhat short of amazing.

That is stated very gently. I've heard much more colorful language used to describe how she wrecked what is left of HP.

Miss Marple


I at first thought this was The Onion.

Sadly, it is not.

Texas Liberty Gal

...and found her somewhat short of amazing.

Everyone I talked to was wowed by her. Maybe her tough fight against cancer and losing her youngest daughter played a role in her newfound eloquence & views. HP did pretty well under her though didn't it?

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