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August 30, 2014


Jeff Dobbs

Good morning.


The Buck stops over there.*

*things Truman never considered saying.

Stephanie so OT Im on Kindle Fire

Morning. It's rather discombobulating to awaken to a football game in progress from Dublin, Ireland.

What's the good word? TohellwithGeorgia!

Comanche Voter

Well it seems like his entire administration has gotten into clown cars (or maybe all jumped into different "bumper cars'). Whatever they are driving, they're not going in the same direction. It almost looks like "every moron for himself" (or herself in the case of Samantha Powers or the two female spokesholes for the State Department). That's what happens when nobody wants to be in charge at the top.


Good News, everybody:


Has Mdme Sikorski reconsidered her opinion from 2008

It's getting clinical.

This bit about the world seeming to be a worse mess only because of greater awareness of it is one of the most amazing things I've read lately.

Consider: Does he believe that? Delusional enough to be dangerous to himself and others. Impeachment would be a mercy.

Does he not believe that? Well, that would make him a liar. I'd have never thought of that.

Worse, he's asked us to ignore trouble.


Comanche Voter, clowns in bumper cars, too funny!!!!

Any guesses why?

Now John, it seems to require a Bush to attract a coalition of the functioning democracies. You and your President repel them.


We're witnessing the effects of the skin deep surface knowledge a narcissist acquires to fool the world colliding with the deep intractable problems of human nature and behavior which utterly baffle narcissists.

Centralcal on iPad

Cross posting, because it seems to fit both new threads:

@iowahawkblog: Kerry 2003: Bush formed "a coalition of the bribed, the coerced, the bought, and the extorted."
Kerry today: we need a Iraq coalition.


Exactly, Iggy!

Indiana Mike

The media gave the same "false impression" in 1938, too. Did the World fall apart then? Well, did it?? UHH, nevermind.

Miss Marple

Another of the juicebox boys whines that covering the news ON TWITTER wasn't much fun this summer:


Comments are almost uniform in trashing him. I enjoyed reading them.

Dan K

What's amazing is that so many "well heeled" donors are still giving this charlatan scads of money.

I can only believe they are buying access.

For whatever reason, it troubles me that so many rich people are still paying for failed Democrats.


So which one was the UK, Spain, Italy, Poland,
fracking jackalope,

Paul L. Quandt

It's a good thing he (that anti-American, communist a**hole ) doesn't play a string instrument or we would have to compare him to a certain Roman ruler.


Stephanie so OT Im on Kindle Fire

Why when Obama's lamenting the evils of social media and his lack of control of messaging via the old fashioned media organs of print and the nightly news do I get the mental image of the spread of the news about the trouble with the plane segment from "Airplane" where it devolves from nightly news to smoke signals to sticks and logs?

And they call republicans luddites? He's the one complaining about progress.


I would love to sign a petition asking Obama for the good of the country to step down from the Presidency because of his ineptness and not knowing there are only 50 States in the Union. Anyone know where such a site might be. I would bet over 10 million would sign in a matter of weeks, maybe more.

Miss Marple

Not signing any petition nor going to a link from an anonymous source.


Yes, one gets that feeling.

re Yeakel's decision yesterday, she's like the 9th Circuit of Texas, so that's not going anywhere.

Eric in Boise

sign a petition asking Obama for the good of the country to step down

What makes you think he'd give a royal rat's rump?

Miss Marple

Those headless corpses have nothing to do with the abandoned boat. Heads were "eaten by fish." Un-huh.

Also, sidebar news: Russians in fights with transexuals, Oman tourist found dead in hotel, self-strangulation victim dies, and British tourist drowns after bar fight.

Pattaya, Thailand, your happening vacation spot.



Good news everybody:


Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Happy Birthday, Elliott!

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

I can't get it to post but there is an article at

That starts. "CIA now admits"

Every American who cares about America needs to read that article NOW.


HB Elliott! Score like Obama today and shoot -3 (total strokes, not below par) for 18 holes. ; )


Pagar, this one.?

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

By Jove, Henry, it looks like you got it!


So which one was the UK, Spain, Italy, Poland, fracking jackalope,
Posted by: narciso | August 30, 2014 at 11:47 AM

Or for which one dis Danube wear a uniform in service of his country?

Keep it up.

Exaspo, you are neither funny, bright, aware, or nice.


Say it ain't so that the Wisconsin Governor race is tied.

Stephanie a proud athletic supporter...wut?

Georgia Southern is beating NC State..

Majored in partying at GSU. Aced the curriculum and still flunked out. How does that happen? ;)


Probably is tied right now. Each side has about 47% locked in, with few persuadables. This has been true since 2010. Thus it's all about turnout, which is why several things are going on.

1. Obama to rile up unions at LaborFest on Monday.

2. Burke to hide from Obama at LaborFest on Monday, but kiss union ass anyway.

3. MSM trolling for headlines from John Doe document dumps (especially juicy stuff made public by accident). Another batch comes out soon. Note the headlines are not supported by the documents released by the 7th Circuit.

4. 10 to 12 phone calls per day asking for money, push polling, etc.

5. Slime wars on TV. Burke has yet to air an ad that is not rated "pants on fire" by the lefty politifact people, but MSM is silent about it. Club for Growth et al are hampered by the John Doe carp, they do the best ads for conservative ideas.

6. Voter ID tied up in the 7th Circuit, arguments next week.

If anything, this is a tougher environment than the recalls.


Got to have voter ID otherwise the busses from Chicago will be let loose. Do you still have same day voting registration? Just make sure no one rips the tires off the busses the repubs want to use to get older voters to the polls. The son of a Democrat principle worker did this trick back in 2004 and other shenanigans in 2008. A wrist -slap was administered for that crime.


Exaspo, you are neither funny, bright, aware, or nice.

Posted by: Keep it up. | August 30, 2014 at 01:22 PM

But then,, you are a compulsive liar, Henry. So how do we know you didn't just make that up to get on my good side?


Yes, same day registration and voting. More rules on the ID used now, but the Chavez Center et al never follow rules anyway. Also The cities are restricted from using weekend early voting hours, as well as early voting hours per day -- now uniform across the state. Dems complained a lot when that law passed, but not clear what the impact will be. BTW, that was Congresspersonofcolor Gwen Moore's son, last seen mixed up in the theft of a Stradivarius.


henry: I will be working the polls on election day but will hope to tune into this blog for your up to date analysis of this race. You did such a great job during the recall and during the Capitol invasion.

Funny, bright, aware and nice are all in there struggling to get out.

Heh, Exaspo sees 'Keep it up' and reads 'henry'. I'm beginning to understand.


Iraqi troops break ISS siege on Amirli.

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