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August 07, 2014


J. Fred Muggs

Howdy, neighbor!

Throwing a party at the ranch tonight and would like you to come.

Sure. What should I wear?

Nothing. Its only you and me.


" ....are behind this, who is left to oppose it?"

Anyone on the payroll of the House of Saud or the Qataris or Erdogan.

Beasts of England

Slightly off-topic: turnip greens, deviled eggs, sliced German pink tomatoes, and pintos with cornbread and a yeast roll, plus sweet tea with lemon. $8.62, including tax.

I'd love to invite some of you Yankees down to dip your little toes into our gastronomical cement pond, but I'm afraid that y'all might order an unsweetened tea or - Heaven help us - a Pepsi. Then we'd have to ship y'all off to one of our top secret FEMA camps for carpetbaggers and other assorted scalawags. ;)

Dave (in MA)

Posted this in the dog video thread, but it's on topic here:

David Burge @iowahawkblog If ISIS captures the Yazidis, I hope they won't waterboard them or put underpants on their heads and stuff. That would be wrong.



Miss Marple

Daily Ebola report:


Spanish priest with ebola brought back to Spain. Also, pictures from Liberia.

Some Guy

Re: Ebola

I spoke with a friend at Emory Med School, and the point of bringing the two there is that they are hoping with the proper care, and if the patients are strong enough, that their bodies will start manufacturing the antibodies aimed at Ebola.

If they can, this would create a blueprint or prototype that could lead to a vaccine.

Just FYI

Jack is Back (From Bridgehampton via the Road from Hell)


Can they then do the same thing with Ann Coulter's soul?

Miss Marple

Some Guy,

That makes sense. However, did anyone put this out as a reason? As in, "We know it's risky but we are hoping for a cure?"

No. Instead everyone is left to worry and speculate. Per usual in Obama's America.

Do they think we are too stupid to understand antibodies? Apparently so.

Miss Marple

Posted this in the dog video thread,

Haven't started catch-up, but the video of this up-right bear we've been seeing on TV doesn't look like any bear I've ever seen within the last 12 hours:

Last evening in Kinkaid Park, where I go frequently because it's generally Moose territory but not Bear country, I walked straight into a Momma black bear and at least 1 cub. It is all green grass trails under large trees and beautiful scenery, but I had passed a fairly fresh bear poop a few hundred yards back and now was just coming up to a small rise with the dogs, so my field of vision was about 2 feet higher up than theirs. Just cresting the rise I spotted about 20-30 yards away a huge Black Bear staring in my direction (Momma), with at least one black shape immediately behind her.

Thankfully the boys had seen nothing due to being closer to the ground, so I did a quick about face, called the pups softly to me, and we were out of there ASAP---not running, but a good brisk walk.

The Bear I saw looked nothing like this standing up version. Mine had some serious bulk on her. It was interesting to have watched Black Bears in captivity at the Zoo a few days back because I got a chance to really observe them up fairly close for a long while and to take note of their huge teeth and long claws. You never lose respect for them, but when you have a chance to see them like that up close, and then you bump into one unexpectedly in the wild 24 hours later, you find that you respect them even more than normal:)



Some Guy


Can they then do the same thing with Ann Coulter's soul?

The problem is that the monoclonal antibodies created are a mutant strain called Carvilletoxin that spark an unwanted viral outbreak of a different sort.

Sometimes the cure can be worse than the disease.

Beasts of England

Lee Westwood is atop the leaderboard with a handy six-under. Wouldn't hurt my feelings for him to stay there through the end of the day on Sunday.


No you might need those ultraviolet lamps, Setrakian uses,

so Power has an another chapter in her book,
R2P wasn't really a thing, was it?


Miss Marple

OT (not that it stops me):

Senator Walsh is dropping out of the Montana senate race.



Seems to me that the solution about how to publicize the plight of the endangered Yezidi refugee's on that mountaintop and to save them, is for Benjamin Netanyahu to order the IDF to fire 1 missile at them.

Immediately Israel will be condemned and hundreds of reporters will arrive on the mountain-top location to film dead Yezidi children, callously murdered by unfeeling Jews, and in their train will follow the UN, Doctors without Borders, food, money, supplies, protection, and all the rest.

Hopefully Ben Netanyahu will also launch a missile towards whatever Christians remain in Iraq, with the same result.


Jimmyk and I (assuming he went to the ball game) were like two ships in the night as I accepted a last minute invitation to join some law school alum at a luxury box at Yankee stadium-caught about 4 and a half innings from a suite with air conditioning, sushi, and all kinds of good stuff. Back at my desk at work now. Sorry, jimmyk, I know I have been really bad about the JOM meetups, but one will happen one of these days, I hope. goes for you too j-i-b


I'm a non interventionist but they were our allies and they counted on us. Do we betray another friend when we have so few left?

Bernard Lewis: The real problem with having the Americans as your allies is you never know when they will turn around and stab themselves in the back.”

Beasts of England

'Buy me some sushi and tuna rolls, I don't care if I never...'


David Burge
Looking back on the lessons of Cambodia in 1979, we must recognize that the Khmer Rouge acted irresponsibly.

David Burge
Hamas is irresponsible; genocide in Iraq is deeply concerning.


It's root, root, root, for Kate's boyfriend,
If she don't come its a shame...


David Burge
"Yazidi" is Kurdish for "unarmed Israeli".


Cause it's Ichi, Ni, Ro strikes you're out...


Walsh is no more "dropping" than being coerced by Reid.


Do you know the Walsh story has gotten 33 seconds on National TV as of yesterday - where Bridgate got some thing like 150 minutes.

Beasts of England

Sounds fair and balanced, Jane. Lucky we got a whole 33 seconds of exposure. Ugh.

The IRS won what might be Round One in a series of contests pitting tea party groups against the agency, with a federal judge rejecting a conservative group’s bid for a court-appointed forensics expert to hunt for ex-official Lois Lerner’s lost emails.

Judge Reggie Walton of the U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia said True the Vote’s lawsuit against the IRS failed to show “irreparable harm” in its injunction relief request and that “the public interest weighs strongly against the type of injunctive relief the plaintiff seeks.”

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/08/irs-tea-party-emails-109821.html#ixzz39k50bMDa


Mark Regev, tries to explain the facts to Anderson vanderbilt, the teaching French to a
pig exercise,

OTOH, Jorge Ramos had a good conversation with D'Nesh DeSouza,


Well it's Reggie Walton, we know his rep from the Plame case,



Jack is Back (From Bridgehampton via the Road from Hell)

Today is Thursday not Friday and the traffic out here in the Hamptons is a nightmare. We are stuffing 25lbs in a 5lb. bag here. I have no idea where everyone is going or where they are coming from but there are limited properties, a paucity of motels, B&B's or hotels.

The population of Southampton Village hasn't really changed in 60 years. So, Where do all these people taking up valuable parking spaces come from and why do they want to drive out here 21/2 hours from the City and more from NJ or CT then have to turn around after lunch, a little shopping and then return home on an even longer drive???

I can only sympathize with the wesbound traffic from Easthampton Town as they try to navigate both 27 and the shortcuts while the Clinton entourage do their boogie in Water Mill tonight. We are leaving Suday for Annapolis and then Charleston before we pull back in to Florida. Frederick starts school on the 13th,

BTW, Frederick won the doubles championship for his flight at Tennis Camp today and wes picked two straight days to play in the interclubs.


I know you're shocked as much as I am:



On the Hawaiian Hurricanes, I'm starting to pay a bit of attention.

I'm scheduled to be arriving in Oahu about 08:00 AM on Saturday morning, coming via Melvis. Currently, per some ugly satellite shots, it looks like I may just scoot between them. but it'll be interesting these next 2 days to see if they change my trip and cancel or delay by a day or whatever.

All I'm really concerned with at the moment is what gift to bring from Memphis to a waterlogged girlfriend in Hawaii?

Red Beans and Rice?

Pictures of Elvis in a Lei?

Moose Poop Earings?

What do you guys suggest?


Interesting that Robert Redford is against doing what we do to multi-national corporations.

He paid taxes on his profits in Utah where he resides but is suing not to pay taxes in New York where the company was based.

Would that not constitute "wealthy welfare" as in "corporate welfare" that the livs scream about?


I can see Russian Bombers from my back porch.


the shame of it, then again recall the French actually did something against Hezbollah:


Some Guy

You can never go wrong with Moose Poop earrings.

Jack is Back (From Bridgehampton via the Road from Hell)


Rendevous Ribs!

BTW, had lunch today at Pierre's in Bridgehampton and had the Steak Tartare. Still the best I have had in the States. I have a fetish mission to find the best Steak Tartare I have ever had and so far Pierre leads over here and Le Saint-Hebert in Brussels leads the International set.

Anyone else have their favorite?


Definitely the earrings.



Red beans and rice, after the lousy weather something homey and warm.

Elvis in a Lei, will be a reminder of how lousy the weather has been, depressing.

Moose earring, will also be a reminder of how shi**y the weather is, plus she might think you are sending a wrong message.


Obama admin is sure there’s no military solution in Iraq and everyone else is wrong

“There are no military solutions to the very difficult problems that exist in Iraq now,” Earnest said. “The American people cannot solve this problem for the Iraqi people. The only solution that exists is an Iraqi political solution.”

If that's true, which of course it isn't, who could be to blame? There was surely a military solution last year and the year before that. (And a lot fewer dead people.)

Wolf Blitzer:

“The whole country of Iraq seemingly falling apart right now,” he said. “This is not the way it was supposed to be after when President Obama announced that all forces would be leaving.”

“He was hoping, obviously, that there would be some peaceful transition there,” the veteran CNN news anchor continued.

Perhaps he did not realize that “hoping” in the face of the warnings of countless informed advisors that a “peaceful transition” was unlikely is a stinging indictment of this administration.

Blitzer closed by noting that the current crisis is also not what George W. Bush envisioned when he appeared on the USS Abraham Lincoln and declared “mission impossible.”

Only it was your man who let this happen, Wolfie, not Bush. Bush protected the Iraqi people, including Muslims.

Eric in Boise

All I've got to say is if the combination of "ultimate Steak Tartare" and "moose poop earrings" doesn't make this the most eclectic site on the 'net, I don't know what would.

Jim Miller

From an AP story in July 2007:

"Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama said Thursday the United States cannot use its military to solve humanitarian problems and that preventing a potential genocide in Iraq isn't a good enough reason to keep U.S. forces there."

You can't say he didn't warn us.

(I'll be doing a post on the subject soon.)


Buy Me Some Peanuts and cracker-Jacks...

For JOM legal, I think we are looking at a Class Action Lawsuit made to order.

It is unforgivable that MLB Major League Baseball, still has as their Official song "Take Me Out To The BallGame."

For years now we have had an epidemic in this country of children allergic to peanuts. Why then is MLB continuing to spout this deadly line to children about eating Peanuts.

...and Cracker-Jacks

Has anyone run the dietary terror of Cracker-Jacks through Michelle Obama and the food Nazi's? Thru Taube's? Thru NPR, and CNN?

My gawd, we might as well be teaching 9 years old to sing, "Buy me some Winston's and Red Bull with vodka,
I don't care if I do have a notha'. "

If "Redskins" is offensive to the ears, think how much more offensive peanuts and crackerjacks are to our hearts and coronary's and immune systems.

Off to work now, but hopefully JOM Legal will have taken action on this by the time I am plucked from the sea in a couple days off the coast of Hawaii like Ms Fuddy.


Some Guy

Has anyone run the dietary terror of Cracker-Jacks through Michelle Obama

Like anything run through her, it all comes out sh...

[NSA Intercept]



Bush declared "mission impossible"?


"[P]reventing a potential genocide in Iraq isn't a good enough reason to keep U.S. forces there."

Never mind the squandered strategic value of having serious power in a stable democracy in the heart of the Middle East. How many people have lost their lives due to the immature foot-stamping of this dark-hearted fraud?

He should be personally air lifted and dropped off on that mountain.


Apparently, like Biden, Nancy Pelosi also thinks Africa is a country--she said so in a tweet.

Lately, everytime I seed her stupid botoxed kisser I think of Gloria Swanson;s Sunset Blvd," I'm ready for my closeup,Mr. DeMille.



Jack is Back (From Bridgehampton via the Road from Hell)

But, daddy, you're forgeting the toy:)

My favorite Cracker Jack toy was that plastic thingy you put between your teeth and then made a nerve-shattering whistle, To this day Sister Mary Magdelene has not fogiven me and the welts are still visible on my back side:)


Blue cheese stuffed olives Daddy.


President Obama’s spokesman said that the White House team decides whether to intervene to stop genocide “on a case by case basis” while discussing the possibility of military intervention in Iraq.

That may or may not be a reasonable position, but consider this; America spends many, many billions trying to save every identified endangered species no matter how trivial or isolated and scarce it might have been originally.
In contrast to the snail darter and the Delta smelt which we will defend unreservedly no matter the cost, we have to place entire populations of distinct human beings on the scale and see if it's worth the effort.
Something is wrong on one side of the equation or the other.

Jack is Back (From Bridgehampton via the Road from Hell)

Damn, those Yazidi people are handsome compared to other ethnics in the area. But Champ is all talk and no walk.

I see a Nat Geo photo shoot in the near future.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

More on the chaos in South Texas -

It is a criminal disgrace that our federal government won't do its job.


"..they were ambushed by two armed Mexican illegal immigrants who have been deported SIX times before in total."

"Javier was a Border Patrol veteran of six years and had previously served in the U.S. Marine Corp, like his brother Jordy.
On Sunday he travelled to his favorite fishing hole around 20 minutes north of La Feria with his mother, father, wife and three boys Javier Vega III, Jiovanni, and Jarod.
Tijernia and Hernandez pulled up to the secluded spot in a car and tried to rob them at gun point."

This is in the Daily Mail. Is our lousy MFM reporting this story?


"[P]reventing a[n actual] genocide in Iraq isn't a good enough reason to [use] U.S. forces there."

Btw, I love how the left always claim such deep concern for military people. They don't take a poll of the actual military people or their families to determine whether there's support for a given operation. Instead, they make false claims about their concern for the lives of our soldiers, seamen, etc., when in truth they could hardly care less.

Anyone ever see a poll of the military people stationed in Iraq in 2008 or 2009, asking whether they thought it was worthwhile to maintain our bases there? That would seem to be more relevant than some panty-waist politician's opinion, for example when deciding on a "case by case basis" such things as whether to intervene to save people undergoing genocide.

Captain Hate

Lately, everytime I seed her stupid botoxed kisser I think of Gloria Swanson;s Sunset Blvd," I'm ready for my closeup,Mr. DeMille

Same here; she really needs an intervention. Or involuntary commitment.

Captain Hate

Btw, I love how the left always claim such deep concern for military people.

They aren't very concerned about making sure their votes are counted.


well I dubbed Nora Desmond, without the quotes,
because she shows the same delusional attitude,

Mark 'Tiger Beat' Landler, did his best Chip Dillard impression, re the summit

miss Marple

There is some bombing of the Isis scum going on. Pentagon says it ain't us.

So, who is bombing?

I am at the auction which begins in a minute, so you guys can find out. I would laugh heartily if it is Putin.


compare with pelosi:


well there have been reports of Iranian drones, and they had some Su's on delivery

Captain Hate

CNN says the Iraqi Air Force did the bombing. But it's CNN...


Shemp broke in breathless, because Carlos Slim is never, I mean always nearly wrong

Entous at the Journal seems to blame the war on Israel and Egypt getting together for the unfriending

Jack is Back (From Bridgehampton via the Road from Hell)

You want chutzpah, Theo? I give you the UN Commissioner on Human
Rights. I am sure Tan Man will get right back to her.



I know the US military is designed to be subservient to civilian command, and I understand the point of that, but we have an all-volunteer military these days. Maybe we should consider some sort of opinion surveys of military personnel before committing troops, or at least along with or even after the decision to do so.

DoT would probably disagree on principled grounds, but I would be interested to know what the grunts think about the various uses of their services, especially considering the stakes for them vs. other opinionated groups who have little skin in the game.

Wouldn't it be interesting to read a piece on such a survey along with the "case by case" decision the politicians have made about whether to intervene in a genocide?

Jack is Back (From Bridgehampton via the Road from Hell)


Simple. What did you sign up for? If it wasn;'t the oath you took then shame on you. It is as you say volunteer. You either sign a blank check or stay out, They have no vote. Thank God,


"Chicken hawk" would probably be eliminated from the lexicon, for one thing, unless we were the ones using the phrase to describe politicians committing forces against their will.


Ok, Jack. They have no vote, but what about their opinions? Shouldn't we know what they are?

I'd feel a lot better about abandoning the people of Iraq if a poll of military people actually stationed there indicated that they were against the deployment. And vice versa.


yes, that seemed fishy:


in the closest recent example, Cambodia, which was brought to usus, by the Cooper/Church resolution, but preceded by the vain preenings of Tony Lake and William
Watt, the left had plenty of blood on it's hands,

Jack is Back (From Bridgehampton via the Road from Hell)

The risk you take as a member of the armed forces. I wish after 14 years there I could think of another reason but there aren't any,

Not that I don't appreciate your conundrum because every officer and grunt feels the same damn thing. Duty, Honor, Country.

Of course you can go Bowe Berghdal and Chelsea Manning but it won't
you past Leavenworth or worse.

(A)Nuther Bub

Anchovy-stuffed, Jane!! Geez, I thought I meant something to you.

I have no idea of the identity of daddy's girlfriend on Oahu. If she has the body of a finely tuned athlete and a keen intellect, then she already has as much happiness as a person can tolerate, I would guess, and would be fulfilled by only your fine company.

Who knows what the weekend will bring? In a few hours the Big Isle will be hit and that should give us a clue. We may not have lights, phone or bottled water (or walls!) but we do have a couple of cans of Spam and lots of good wine. When everyone else was stocking up on water, I proceeded directly to the wine shop. Did lay in a couple of nice steaks too, for when the Spam runs out.


Btw, if the Dems thought that the military were against the Iraq deployment, they'd have polled them and shouted the results from the rooftops if it went their way.

I'd bet that they did poll them. We just never saw the results.

Jack is Back (From Bridgehampton via the Road from Hell)


Bill Maudlin encapsulated the grunt's opinion in war perfectly:) Made no differene as you know and we won.

Danube on iPad

"'There are no military solutions to the very difficult problems that exist in Iraq now,' Earnest said."

ISIS begs to differ.

Jack is Back (From Bridgehampton via the Road from Hell)


But the finger is growing:)


Anchovy-stuffed, Jane!! Geez, I thought I meant something to you.

Oh shit! I hate getting old. My once steel trap mind is now a contaminated sponge.

Stay safe AB.


I am so upset about what is going on in Iraq. The Kurds have been such good allies and Obama is sticking his tongue out at them. Massive genocide seems just fine with him.

And does anyone think Isis won't disable that damn?

It's only a matter of time before we get nuked.


the trope, is that ISIS operates more like a military force, well it is Iraqi army,at the
footsoldier level, and at midmanagement, the same problem we faced at the outset, the reason we went into Iraq,


Have people arm and defend themselves? In a city? Encouraged by the sheriff? Milwaukee's African-American sheriff?

Must not be in common core, WEAC funds attack ads on Milwaukee Sheriff. Example of sleazy ad included.




of course there is only so much you can do without supplies;



Dear Jane,

Just wait until you are 72! The man at our local bookstore in Littleton used to say "The Nouns are the first to go" and dammit he was right -- my verbs are working,but it's names and proper names that fuel my senior moments.

I should relax and be glad that I'm still on the right side of the grass. :-)


Nice timing, Henry.

Who knew Sheriffs were the problem?


Eric Clapton?


remember that poll, of which institutions are respected, the military, local law enforcement, and small business, the base of the opposition to Obama




LOL Mary, so much to look forward to!

Captain Hate

The Dersh brings the heat:


Captain Hate on the iPad

The pixy hamsters must've eaten some bad alfalfa.


trolls are the same, all over the world;



I hope the Yazidi children dying of thirst haunt 404 for the rest of his sorry days.

webcam update --Hilo bay windy and raining. Waimea flat and sunny.


evening all.

stay safe out in Hawaii AB and any other Hawaiian JOMers.

Eric in Boise

Fox online reporting that O has approved humanitarian airdrops.

I'll try to ignore my baser instincts for now, which have me thinking "How can he eff this up?"

Rick B

"I should relax and be glad"


I've always been a 'Thy will be done.' type but I find myself a bit miffed that He couldn't have started the steel trap to colander transition with concerns rather than verbs or those other thingies.

Publius of Idaho

It helps to understand that when Obama says US foreign policy is to lead from behind; what he is really saying is that he will be the first to retreat.


MIDDLE EAST NEWS U.S. Weighs Airstrikes on Iraq, Starts Aid Airdrops Bid to Protect Refugees Fleeing Extremists WSJ.


Proper names are the first to go, but the therapist who works with my mother says in addition to proper diet, stress avoidance, sleep, etc, we can retain our memories and get them back by taking DHA supplements and listening to old music we enjoyed..it apparently bypasses other parts of the brain, reignites the hippocampus and expands it again after it's shrunk with age.

(A)Nuther Bub

My husband always says that the mind in the second thing to go.

It's not nouns he has in mind as the first, though.

Laura White

That's useful, Clarice--I will try to remember that when push comes to shove (thank heavens verbs are late losses). As for the news, if we are indeed doing something really useful re ISIS and the poor Yazidis, this will be the first time in many a moon that I cheer our actions and may even give that dreadful figure at the helm a smidgen of credit. Not much, though.

Jane on Ipad

What's your weather AB?

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