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August 05, 2014



I just posted a story on prior thread that says the Sunday school attack was staged by Hamas. Gosh, who'd have thunk dat?


OH I see what you did there. Zero has "earned" zero Nobel Prizes...

In other news, the Democrats in Colorado have pulled anti fracking measure from the ballot in November. That combined with the blurb yesterday from the insider who had seen the focus groups, tells you all you need to know about the coming Tsunami...


"American" has been redefined, just like everything else.


there's a reason, i've dubbed him, Mark 'Tiger Beat' Landler, it's the Arabist contingent, plus the usual confederacy of dunces,

yes, but they came up with this blanc mange commission, that will not come to the right conclusion,

Rick B

Is the NYT instructing its feeble minded subscriber base to be irritated at Netanyahu for slapping President Lame Schmuck for his stupidity? How is Netanyahu different from every other world leader who has taken 'ol Leads From His Behind's measure?

The President has fully earned every bit of the lack of respect which he receives and even a subscriber base as dumb as that of the NYT knows it.


BOzo and his "will not rest" promises

Dave (in MA)

After hearing a couple of news reports that "an American soldier" was killed and 15 were injured by a guy dressed in an Afghan military uniform, now it turns out that the dead guy is a 2-star General.


A good reason to outsource our MSM to Hyderabad or thereabouts. These people actually report things that happen right next to them.


Sunday school attack was staged by Hamas.

Is this the one that the State Dept Valley Galpal was "appalled" at?


wrong link, Indian press here.


NYT: "...leaving American officials to seethe on the sidelines about what they regard as disrespectful treatment."

Disrespectful treatment? Didn't BOzo suddenly abandon a visiting Netanyahu, forcing him to find his own way out of the WH when the dinner bell rang?

Comanche Voter

Well you know Obama, it's true that what goes around comes around. Obama gets all wee wee'd up when he think he's been "disresepected" or somebody is "hatin" on him. Well what did Obama do to Netanyahu in the White House visit?

Act like a shmuck--get treated like a shmuck.

Now that may be school yard stuff--but even politicians are people. And Netanyahu leads a nation that faces some existential challenges from Hamas in Gaza. So he is not likely to cut the shmuck in the Oval Office any slack.

NKtryin' tologin

'subscriber base'

Er, RickB, it doesn't exist anymore, that's Pinch's problem


--turns out that the dead guy is a 2-star General--

Saves Barry the trouble of forcing him into early retirement.


Obama is a nasty little man.

Captain Hate

Clutch Cargo finding new vistas of stoopid:


NKtryin' tologin

The Kerry quotes are as hysterical as they are infuriating.


Bibi is a shining star in the Galaxy.

Barry is an dark asteroid.


"no outcry from Israel’s Arab neighbor"

Actually, there was quit a bit of support.

Same peeps who got mad at "America" for trying to install Hamas-Egypt (MB) into power.

Remember years ago when State said it was important for Israel to follow its orders to show Obama not to be weak?



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