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September 14, 2014


Jeff Dobbs

Face it JOMers, you're slow.

Jeff Dobbs

7-Up was originally called Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda

"Make Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda Yours" is not nearly as effective a marketing slogan as "Make 7-Up Yours"

Jim Eagle

Hail to the Redskins
Hail Victory
Braves on the Warpath
Fight for Old DC.

They are slattering the Jags without RGIII or Desean Jackson.


I'll admit it. In fairness we just got back from a hike in Sun Valley. Absolutely, astoundingly gorgeous weather.

James D.

These Jacksonville guys aren't very good. Since halftime of last week, they've been outscored 55-0 in three and a half quarters.

Miss Marple

I am in need of SOMETHING after the embarrassing Obama quote about how the terrorists should have sent the hostages home with notes pinned to them.

I am adopting Tony Abbott as my leader until further notice.

Captain Hate

Arsenic is a naturally occurring element which in small quantities is not harmful, which is almost completely lost on the EPA.

Stephanie riding a streetcar named Desire

But they didn't need Tebow did they James.

Or the butts in the seats a Florida grad would mean.

James D.

I was just thinking about that meeting between Zero and various stenographers/cheerleaders before his useless speech last week.

Being trapped in a room with Zero, Susan Rice, Brooks, Friedman, Tomasky et al pretty much is what I imagine Hell might be like.


--LITHIUM has been known for its curative powers for centuries, if not millenniums. Lithia Springs, Ga., for example, with its natural lithium-enriched water, appears to have been an ancient Native American sacred site. By the late 19th century Lithia Springs was a famous health destination visited by Mark Twain and Presidents Grover Cleveland, William Howard Taft, William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt.--

So the plural of millennium is millenniums but the plural of lithium is lithia?


Washington crushing the Jaguars, I'm reminded of the Hulk swinging Loki like a rag doll, this is certainly a slathering, why did Shadi not sign Tebow again,


Typing on a phone, but I think the message he suggested for the chest notes is telling.

"You'da had an easier time setting up the caliphate if you hadn't dragged me into it, fools."

Danube on iPad

I believe we'll be seeing Kirk Cousins for the rest of the season.

Jim Eagle


You think Bortels will pu bums in the seats?

In Re: Lithium is very soft and very light. I remember we used to cut with siccors in Organic Chemistry classes. Its an alkali and Big Pharma makes Lithium Carbonate pills that help control mood swings.

For you investors out there keep and eye on Bolivia (yeah that rump Commie stronghold) because it has the largest resource of Lithium. God forbid electric cars take off using Lithium-ion batteries Bolivia will be like the ME is to oil.`

Stephanie riding a streetcar named Desire

Lithia Springs is about 40 miles from here. About 15 from downtown Atlanta.

Appears Georgia was a big recouperative spot for lots of presidents between Lithia Springs and Warm Springs being destinations. Which coincidentally, they are almost due north/south of each other.

I wonder if the springs are connected.

Jim Eagle


I still can't type with my index finger:(


And am now enjoying a Bloody Mary on the deck. Cheers.

Jeff Dobbs


I still can't type with my index finger:(

Exhibit A in why JOM strongly discourages trying to fix your typos.

Carol Herman

I worked at Kings County Psychiatric Hospital back in the 1970's. Thorazine, injected, was the medication of choice on all adult inpatients.

Drugs were given at discharge. And, while people take all sorts of medicines; the discharged patients invariably left their medications (which were placed in brown paper bags), up on windowsills. Before they left campus.


Because the psychotropics tend to "flatten" mood.

Before Thorizine was invented doctors used formaldehyde.

There is no "talking cure" for psychosis. As ugly as this looked to outsiders, the 30-day involuntary hospitalization did work in enough cases, that patients could go back to the streets. Those that couldn't got transferred to State Care. Back in the 1970's those were long term commitments.

Now? Prisons are used, instead, very often. Drugs? Only with limited efficacy. Because it's pretty standard for patients to discard their pills. (Even when given free of charge.)

Jeff Dobbs

My lord, it's barely past noon over there lyle, and you're enjoying a bloody mary?

Why so late?

Danube on iPad

An account of Obama's pre-speech consultations (a chronicle of self-absorption):


Jeff Dobbs

Things I know now that I always suspected: Carol was in a psych hospital.


Captain Hate

Jane Harman, a former Democratic congresswoman from California who now heads the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, said she thought Mr. Obama had evolved. “He was all in,” she said. “I don’t know what the definition of reluctant is, but I certainly think he’s totally focused, this man at this time.”

Anybody trust this witch any more?


Ask Kurt Cobain about Lithium.

So the Jihadis decapitate another Western liberal and the Times wants us all to try lithium. Here, take another pill, America.

I was at a medical conference last week where some military doctors think they may have a cure for some of the symptoms of PTSD. It's called a Stellate Ganglion Block and it has been used in pain management for a long time.

It is an injection of a low dose of Novocaine near the C7 in the spinal cord. It blocks many of of the impulses that result in anxiety, anger, stress, sexual dysfunction, etc.

The work on it has been limited but it made the news in 2012/2013. There is a study coming out of 250 special operators out of SOCOM, and the success rate is in the high 90th percentile.

I am slowly coming to the belief that Big Pharma really does want to keep the medication machine going as fast as it can. The VA is really good at dispensing Zoloft, Ambien, Trazodone, Effexor, and a bunch of other meds. Friends have sent me photos of the big bags of pills they were prescribed. It's sick. There is no wonder that the side effects are serious.

Having some experience with the efficacy of mental health stabilization, brain chemistry constantly changes and evolves. This month's combination may not be the right one in 90 days or the side effects may take some time to show. Mental health can be a delicate balancing act.

And yet these doctors can't get the funding. This new study may shake things up. Let's hope they're on to something. Cheap, simple, safe, and effective. We need more of this kind of work.


Has anyone seen the movie "Last Days in Vietnam"? It sounds pretty good, but considering that a Kennedy directed it, I would be very surprised if it wasn't somehow disgraceful.


I imagine a fair number of the attendees stocked up on lithium


although frankly if this is controversial, then everything is,

Jeff Dobbs

Well, I got knocked out "early" last night in the pool tournament. Early was somewhere around 10th place . . . but it was still after 1 AM. Yike. I imagine it took til nearly 4 AM to finish.

Johnny Archer will be at our bar in a week from Tuesday to take on all-comers. $20 to play a match against him. I'll probably save the money for beer or future tournament entry fees.

Last time he came - Archer won all his matches except one. The guy who beat him that time . . . won the tournament last night.


Lithium makes water happy juice? My water has iron (rust anyway), must be DOOM juice. Thankfully yeast turns water into beer, my favorite happy juice.

Stephanie riding a streetcar named Desire

Whatever happened to the brouhaha over radon gas? Everyone was told it's deadly and causes cancer and get a detector immediately zomg before you get polluted in your own house eleventy!

I always thought it was rubbish as granite gives it off naturally and Stone Mountain should have made north Georgia a hot spot for the world's largest cancer cluster.

Now you hear bupkis.


Our well has so much iron I have to huff Rust-Oleum just to stay happy, henry.


matt--thanks for your 2:35. Hubby is friends with people who have PTSD after years of continuous combat deployments.

Is part of the problem though financial? Recovery minimizes future disability financial payments?

On birthdays and starting school, the privates are notorious for essentially red shirting the slower kids or just average kids starting with March birthdays, especially siblings of current students.

I never considered holding back to bookaholic Red, but I certainly did not count on early May making her the youngest in the class. Something she came to hate.


Radon was pushed out of the news by all the Alar deaths.

Jim Eagle

Forgot to add that Lithium makes a great soap-lubricant (grease). You may have a can of it in your garage or tool shed.

Jeff Dobbs

Thankfully yeast turns water into beer, my favorite happy juice.

This Calls for a Beer

Stephanie riding a streetcar named Desire

And WTH is this weather? 3:00 in the afternoon in early September and it's 67 degrees. Brrrr


It was the mountain hike, hit. Of all JOMers, you should understand outdoor Idaho. Well, besides the local JOMers. It's so damn beautiful right now. Leaves just starting to turn, not a cloud in the sky and still as an empty cathedral. 75 degrees. Bliss.


Hit, yes. But first today's episode of the grass won't cut itself, part 3.

Jeff Dobbs

I don't hate you, lyle just because you're in Idaho in the fall. I don't. I repeat that to myself as often as necessary to make myself believe it.

Beasts of England

We're back into the lower eighties here. Still delightful, though!

Jeff Dobbs

And WTH is this weather? 3:00 in the afternoon in early September and it's 67 degrees. Brrrr

I broke out a sweatshirt for deck blogging today.

I don't care if Daddy or Marlene jokes about sweatshirts at 65 degrees. It's like fall deck blogging spring training here. I'm the aging veteran reporting to camp a few pounds overweight. I have to work my way back into top form.


But first today's episode of the grass won't cut itself, part 3.

I only just finished part 1. I'm hoping part 2 has a twist ending, whereby the grass actually DOES cut itself.


As of this writing the previous TM blog has '404' comments on it :-)

Stephanie riding a streetcar named Desire

Great. It's warmer in the mountains of Idaho than here. Hmmmph.


It's currently 103 in Furnace Creek, CA; heading to 113.
Feel even cooler now?

Jim Eagle

87F with water temp of the ocean 80F.

During today's beach walk and swim we ran into a huge school of Atlantic Croaker bait fish. Very close to shore. That usually means sharks are around out deeper. We were very vigilant and stayed close in.


they are going to need something stronger than lithium


rhetorical question, but why wasn't the takeover in '06, bad for Democrats in the next cycle,



Even here is is about 90 at the moment, and it should go up another 5-8 degrees as the day progresses.

But it's a DRY heat...


how does one squirrel in arabic:



Correction, heading to 115 in Furnace Creek.

Supposed to drop to the 80s later this week, doc.
Been a pretty cool summer. Usually means fall rain and a winter drought. Let's hope not.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

I've got the windows open and am in shorts and a t shirt, and I'm chilly!

The Falcons are laying a rotten egg, so I guess it's time to climb back on the ladder and finish the painting from yesterday. That should warm me up some. How do you manage to get paint on your tummy when you are painting the upper 1/4 of the walls? IDK but I did it yesterday.

Later gators.


Barry must think everyone is as dumb as he is.
Seems unlikely Assad would shoot at out planes killing his enemies.

Dave (in MA)

Another mysterious injury at the Greg Norman residence.


DrJ beat me to the "dry heat" line but I'd guess the humidity right now is ~15%. Only game on is the NE fightin' Belichicks slattering the Vikes with the conspicuous absence of the child abuser.


Speaking of Mood Checks...

Via Drudge, I see that a California city has received a Million Dollars from some Mayor Bloomberg foundation for an important "WellBeing" project:


"Really, it seems just about perfect," said one gal. But there's also loads of traffic and a high cost of living, two things that recently prompted the real estate blog Movoto to rate Santa Monica No. 2 on its Top 10 list of America's Most Stressed-Out Suburbs.

So obviously it ain't perfectly perfect.

To do something about that, the city of 92,000 applied last year for a Bloomberg Philanthropies Mayors Challenge grant, proposing that it create a "Wellbeing Project" to determine just how much people in this picture-postcard town really like living here.

I'm excited about this idea, and that's why I think we need to get TM to apply for a Million Bucks from Bloomberg for our own "WellBeing" project to Evaluate Happiness At JOM!"

Don't think we have a problem? See for yourself.

"This Blog is perfect" said Captain Hate and MarkO, "except for the G@#D@#$ed sports nuts and ACC fans."

"Surely this is the best of all possible blogs" said Narciso, "except for all the Sarah Palin fans---E'nuff already."

"This Blog is beautiful", said TK and DoT, except for the posters who continually argue about freakin' Birthers!

"This place would be marvelous!" said TC, Jane, etc, except for the Lawyers!

"If ONLY we could CUT OUT all the music chat and the typing in CAPs", said GUS, "this place would be PERFECT."

"It's the typos that git me," said Calrice, "besides that it's wondrful."

Santa Monica came up with The Wellbeing Project...after the launch of its...effort, to learn how students felt about themselves..."What we found out was only a third of kindergarteners were really ready socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively, for kindergarten."

"That rings a bell said", RSE, who said "the Blog is very happy except for all the people who graduated High School at only 17."

"I can't imagine a happier Blog to be hanging out at", said Iggy and Beasts, "as long as we're not having to scroll on by all those gratuitous pix of T&A:("

...the traffic jams, the homelessness and the cost of living are problems that make Santa Monica not quite as pleasant as outsiders think.

"We're choking on gridlock from overdevelopment," says 30-year resident Tricia Crane...Soon, says street musician Charles Baker Jr., paradise could become the province of just the rich. "The way it's going, nobody is going to be able to afford to live here anymore," he said as he sat in the park with his keyboard.

"My gosh, let's don't let that happen here," posted commenter daddy, "so get with the program TM and get us our Million bucks to find out if we're happier than those dog walking morons over at Althouse!"


I cannot find a reference to it, but an epidemiologist I worked with in the early 1990s said that it was not possible to isolate radon's impact (actually the impact from downstream decay products from radon) on lung cancer risk statistically because smoking was the elephant in that room.

Jim Eagle

Hail to the Redskins
Hail Victory
Braves on the Warpath
Fight for old DC.

Jeff Dobbs

Fight for old DC.

No, blow it to smithereens.

Hail Salina Redskins.

Stephanie riding a streetcar named Desire

Horschel auditioning for ATO president? Yikes. I've got some Loudmouth golf skirts that aren't that obnoxious.

Crowds appear to be way down from prior years at Eastlake.

Really out now.


the editorial board needed a machiatto after this:

Groups identified by Western intelligence agencies as the moderate opposition — those that might support democracy and respect human rights — have been weak, divided and without coherent plans or sustained command structures capable of toppling the Assad regime. Today, those so-called moderates are even weaker and more divided; in some cases, their best fighters are hard-line Islamists.


Alice, I did your plan B since July. Perhaps I lack faith (or drank too little beer?), but my grass not only didn't cut itself -- it grew almost as fast as ISIS!

Rick B


Perhaps they're demonstrating some patience as they wait for the Islamic State to come to grips with reality? As Mosul grapples with their power situation (Turkey isn't providing any and the Kurds hold the dam) while the fuel necessary to run Achmed's pickup gets harder to find every day, the moderates display of patience seems pretty rational.


And yet these doctors can't get the funding.

Maybe if they didn't say it was for the Vets.

The current regime hates our soldiers.


daddy, don't push your luk. (XOXOXO)


I got it from here:


mind the moonbats,


I didn't know this:

Beasts of England

lol, daddy!

Beasts of England

And Horschel should win today based on his trousers alone! Absolutely badass!


Well I don't know if "Lithium" is the answer for the emotional problems of American society in general, but it ought to really build the confidence of one of our low self esteem groups, since "Lithium" is a word America's Lispers can pronounce correctly.

Stephanie riding a streetcar named Desire

Hey, I did say ATO president (I was a little sis at GT).


Go to Hell Carolina.

If, however, you cannot be happy in Santa Monica, you need more than lithium.

The good news is, whatever you need is available by the Ferris wheel.


Great link, Rick.

I cannot find a reference to it, but an epidemiologist I worked with in the early 1990s said that it was not possible to isolate radon's impact (actually the impact from downstream decay products from radon) on lung cancer risk statistically because smoking was the elephant in that room.
It didn't stop the EPA from setting the limits for municipal water systems to 5 pico-curies per liter. Even though places with 200 pico-curies per liter show no measurable effects at all. Even though 20 pico-curies per liter would have put virtually all US towns safely under the limits.

My town's wells average 5-7 pico-curies per liter. We spent $6 million (that we don't remotely have) on a filtering plant and re-engineering the wells and water towers so that all of the water goes through it. We have had thousands of water main breaks since (the record was 13 simultaneous breaks) -- pretty impressive for a town that's only about 4 sq miles.


I don't know about you guys, but I'm ordering 2 years worth of San Pellegrino.

Rick B


I can't vouch for the accuracy of the cause of the fire. IS would have to be even stupider than I believe them to be to torch the refinery servicing Sunni Iraq. OTOH - burning one tank of oil to justify shutting down the refinery and deny IS access to refined product is going to work well for whomever is tasked with slaughtering headchoppers. I don't believe there are enough Rent-A-Camel outlets in Sunni Iraq to handle demand once storage runs dry.

Danube on iPad

I can't decide which guy I like to see lose more, Jim Harbaugh or Jay Cutler. Tonight I'll settle for Cutler, and stop watching the hideous game.

Why is 60 Minutes still showing re-runs after Labor Day?


Something else to consider is that lithium, like sodium, is compounded with other elements - usually salts (like sodium chloride).

The most commonly prescribed compounds are lithium carbonate and lithium citrate. There are also lithium bromide and lithium chloride, but those are toxic. The fluoride and iodide are probably toxic - they're not used.

So it would be nice to know just which form of lithium is in the water supply or the bottled Lithia.

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