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September 09, 2014


JIB (on iPhone)



TomM-- copied from the prior thread:

I believe Krugman actually wrote this one, because it makes sense, even the Spain-Florida comparison: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/09/08/opinion/paul-krugman-scots-what-the-heck.html?partner=rssnyt&emc=rss&_r=0


BTW-- Carlos Slim's dancing chimps ar edging closer to throwing Obummer under the bus as an incompetent prophet of Progism. They are up to 'critics contend' that Obummer is a frikkin' moron, next step is the Editorial Board writing that we need more polished Prog leadership-- like Fauxchahontas. Then the reporters will throw obummer under bus by showing that "Progism Good-- Obummer Incompetent"


throwing Obummer under the bus as an incompetent prophet of Progism.

So they can still say that Communism Socialism Progressivism really can work, it was just poor execution.

The hole in Krugman's point that he keeps thumping to death is that there are plenty of examples of countries without their own currencies that do just fine. The problem is that the penalty for incompetence is more severe.


I was thinking about the 9/11 anniversary this morning. I wonder how many people, percentage wise, are wondering if Thursday is a good day to stay home. Work from home. Call in sick.

Being, unfortunately, fully acquainted with the Left's plans along with too many on the Right who are just there to get access to political power, ISIS, Putin's actions, a nuclear Iran, Hamas that will not accept peace, all are inconsistent with every shred of their plans for the future.

Yet those plans continue. Creating dysfunction that cripple us further from the response will will need to mount sooner or later. Even if it's merely defensive in a world gone crazy.

Meantime so many young people are waiting for heir "Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows" with no concept of what produces any of them.


NK-we were having a discission on my blog yesterday on Slim's and Sorkin's attempt to rebrand Gates in that Sunday piece in the magazine.

I have known for a while Big History was important and part of an end game, but that kind of a misportrayal of the facts is like sending up fireworks.


TM You indeed will never vote for W again. But you also will never vote for Zero, ever. Think of how much better you will sleep than those who able to trace this embarrassment back to their own actions...



Hopefully something rids us of the Court Jebster.



A mosque???


JimmyK-- Krugman does focus his currency criticism on the Euro debacle, i.e. the massive economic disparities between the core Northern Europe economies and the southern periphery economies' lack of political control over their currency. Hence, Spain and Greece are unable to politically devalue their currency so as to bring in German/Dutch tourism/investment and bump up agriculture exports, hence massive unemployment and depression results in the peripheries. basically, you're right that independent currency nations are exposed to more risk of their mistakes, but they also have more flexibility to escape their mistakes. Israel's independent currency has worked well under good central bank leadership in recent years, for instance.


So the illegal immigration advocates are angry that Obama will wait until after the election to give them exactly what they want. Does anyone else find this completely absurd?

They are holding more and more aggressive rallies across the country. Challenging the police and challenging the rule of law. And our government is silent. Few if any arrests.

These are foreign nationals flaunting our freedoms and demanding the same for their transgressions. If they act similarly Mexico or Guatemala or El Salvador of for that matter France they would be deported immediately.

Rick B

It's a real shame the NYT can no longer afford sufficient pixels to allow Baker to mention the carrion stench of the Clinton/Obama Arab Spring. Doesn't the completely successful effort in Libya and the overthrow of the military dictatorship in Egypt act as a counterweight to the complete failure of the Clinton/Obama team to negotiate a status of forces agreement in Iraq?


The moderate Syrian Army - Obama's new best friends, sold Steven Sotloff to Isis.


Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

TK, remember the DOJ thinks the more mosques the better and any place that ttry to prevent one gets sued.


OK ABC/WaPo hire Langer and Assoc to survey the lay of the land. Langer for his part is pretty brutal in his assessment, just read below:

Among those who say they’re certain to vote, that goes to a 47-44 percent Republican-Democratic race, underscoring the GOP’s customary advantage in midterm turnout. As a rough guide, when the Democrats lack a double-digit lead among registered voters in the generic matchup, they’re at some risk.
Indeed, independents side substantially more with GOP candidates – by 47-35 percent among registered voters. That puts all the more pressure on Democrats to boost their turnout, or suffer.

The extent of Obama’s impact on the election remains to be seen, but – given his ratings – he’s not helping his party. Registered voters are more likely to say they’ll be casting their midterm ballot to show opposition to Obama than support for him, by 27 percent vs. 19 percent – not an overwhelming gap, but one similar to the result on Bush in 2006, a sweep year for the out-party. Further, Democrats win broad support from voters who see Obama as a strong leader and approve of his performance on a range of issues, international affairs and immigration among them. To the extent that these ratings continue to suffer, his party could feel the pain

So first Battleground says its a R + electorate. Then Rasmussen does the same thing and now ABC/WaPo? At what point do we have an obvious trend?

Jim Eagle

Talking about waves: Black Bear cornered and captured at Jacksonville Beach trying to steal a surf board. [Last part is my guess:].



JIB-several years ago we had black bears on the beach at rb in the panhandle. I asked security what they were looking for and they said "paw prints." I guess the last sighting that year had been in April and they wanted to make sure there were no indications of returns at night once the tourist season started.

People forget you do not have to go far inland at all to get to real woods. Of course there was the beach front home that the monthly house checker found a family of raccoons living in the kitchen.


Hey, Sandy Berger was at the soirée last night.

Obama Dines With Man Caught Stealing, Destroying Classified Documents


"Former National Security Adviser Sandy Berger was sentenced Thursday to community service and probation and fined $50,000 for illegally removing highly classified documents from the National Archives and intentionally destroying some of them," CNN reported in 2005.

"Berger must perform 100 hours of community service and pay the fine as well as $6,905 for the administrative costs of his two-year probation, a district court judge ruled."


On May 17th, Sandy Berger, President Bill Clinton's National Security Adviser, voluntarily gave up his law license and with it the right to practice law. That is a stunning move for an accomplished lawyer, one of the nation's most influential public officials. Someone should take note. In fact, everyone should.

Berger previously entered a deal with the Department of Justice after he was caught stealing and destroying highly sensitive classified material regarding the Clinton Administration's handling of terrorism issues. That deal allowed him to avoid jail time, pay a modest fine, and keep his law license. It also allowed him to avoid full explanation of what he had taken and why he had taken it.

What information was worth risking his reputation, his career, and his freedom to keep hidden? And who was he risking that for?

Recently, the Board of the DC Bar, which had granted Berger his license, began asking those questions. There was only one way to stop that investigation, to keep from answering questions about what he did and why he did it, to keep the Bar from questioning his colleagues in the Clinton Administration about what had been in the documents Berger destroyed.


sbw, 8:17 from the other thread--the best movie line ever from your sister--that's her way of saying you were right.

Hope for change!

Dave (in MA)

Speaking of hope for change,


This brings up some boilerplate that was spammed to an internal message board at work by someone who's apparently a GW true believer. Now that AGW has been shown to be BS, they're "demanding climate change", or something.

Jim Eagle


The only one missing from that clown show dinner last night was jamie Gorelick:)

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

What you won't learn from the networks.


I wonder if DOJ has told them not too talk about it?


I wonder if DOJ has told them not too talk about it?

I have great confidence that they can figure that out all on their own. Just like Benghazi, IRS, etc.

Comanche Voter

Too bad that Ray Rice was not a Muslim. If he was, he'd still be playing in the NFL and Roger Goodell et all would shut up.

OTOH if he was a Muslim, he might have put his fiancée out in a hole buried up to her neck and had her stoned to death. So there's that to be thankful for.


True, CV, though I think decapitation is the preferred method du jour.


Paul at Powerline points out a rather self evident finding of the ABC/WaPo poll:

According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll, registered voters believe, by a margin of 55-39, that President Obama is a failure, rather than a success, as president.

Did I mention that the survey design started out with a D + 10 among Adults, and dropped only to D + 2 among registered voters? Despite that we have the above, AND a R + 3 likely voter screen. HMMMMM


GMax @10:22

I agree that all the polling suggests good news for the Repubs in this years midterms.

I however will be watching to see how many busloads of Somalis are deposited at the polling spots in Ahia for early voting. The machine seems to have this shit down pat. Lots of ways to shift election results.

At least we don't have a Senate race this time around.


I showed my ID to vote today. One worker said "you don't need that" the other worker said: "I don't know why, you should need to show that".


Dave (in MA)
According to a Washington Post/ABC News poll, registered voters believe, by a margin of 55-39, that President Obama is a failure, rather than a success, as president.
No mention of the stuttering Charlie Foxtrot miserable nature of his failure?

Just heard, and then briefly saw, some fighter jet flying east. (Couldn't make out what kind) It was just a single jet, pretty high up.

Military planes overhead are not unprecedented here, but it is rare enough that hearing one sends everyone outside to look up.


AliceH-- on sunday morning in the family room, I heard a single engine military tactical jet flying over coastal Ct. That IS rare aeound here.

except on 9/11/01, the sound of F-14s and F-18s orbiting the NY Metro area was frequent.


We are below the long range landing flight path of Dobbins so I have seen some fun stuff, but more fun is that the blimps always land at P'tree dekalb when they are in town and usually end up at some point coming into or out of town going right overhead relatively low.


With Eglin AFB just across the bay, its pretty rare that fighters don't streak overhead weekly, sometimes daily. I think the F 35s are here, and given the lack of foreign fighters, I would say the USAF is keeping Destin safe!


Poor Repbuplicans,I mean you gotta feel a bit bad for them,right? The Stock market reaching historic highs,highest stretch of job creation in 10 years,corporate profits off the charts,the Affordable health care act working,Republican Southern gov's signing onto medicaid expansion at an alarming rate,Trey Gowdy told by RNC leadership to hide his Benghazi hoax where joe public can't witness how embarrassing Republicans have become on Foreign policy,IRS scandal proven a non-scandal(along with all the other non-scandals)...I mean it's tough to be a righty,right? They've even got to endure the humiliation of watching ANOTHER Democrat pay down the deficit...something no Republican President has ever been able to do.They got nothing. Maybe they'll get the Senate(like a dog catches a parked car).

So all they really have to criticize President Obama about is foreign policy....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....here's how it goes...Obama addresses the nation,looks tough and kills tons of ISIS over the next few years cementing his rep as the President not to fuck with just in time for another Dem to take over the White house to further alter this country.



The Michigan National Guard training facility, which I believe frequently hosts "guests" from Indiana and Ohio, is about 15 miles north of our lake house.
I grew up with the reassuring sounds of artillery practice and fighter jets and helicopters overhead while vacationing during the Cold War years, and this year, after years of relative quiet, there was lots of house-shaking BOOMS and planes and copters overhead.


The reek of stale booze and delusion just wafted through this thread. Oh, wait. I just saw that 2:16 Dubby comment. Carry on.


Double Douchebag admits Senate Democrats are a parked car. Easily passed by Republican challengers. Baby steps baby steps.

Thomas Collins

DublinDave is falling down on his job of mouthing the latest Dem talking points, so I will fill in the gap: (I) War on Women, (II) Koch Brothers, (III) Ferguson, (IV) Citizens United, (V) Koch Brothers, (VI) Koch Brothers, (VII) War on Women, (VIII) War on Women, (IX) Global Warming, (X) Koch Brothers.

You should sign over to me your paycheck from Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, DublinDave.


We have all kinds of aircraft that fly low here,usually to refuel at Bangor. The Maine Air National Guard trains constantly. That is why we think the dog isn't afraid of thunder,he's used to the airplane

rse,you mentioned 9/11. I am relieved that the daughter won't be in DC,she's at big retail HQ this week. But the son-in-law will be in the city. He's teaching at Catholic University this semester,as well as American U. Also one day a week in Charlottesville. Has the Diva decided on a school yet?

Thomas Collins

What's he teaching in, Marlene? My son is a grad student in political theory at Catholic U.


DublinDave knows which lies are meant for libs and which are meant for us. He's uncomfortable attempting the war on wimmenz or glowbull warming b.s. here. Those are for the base. Same with the Koch bros & Citizens United.

He feels strongly about Ferguson, though, as he did about Trayvon. And he's a major deficit hawk.

Thomas Collins

I concede your point, Extraneus. DublinDave is most likely earning his money from the DNC just to rile us up, not to repeat standard Dem talking points. Still, what's a good prog venting without a reference to KOCH BROTHERS!

Thomas Collins

As far as Obama's speech goes, we'd learn more about US strategy if a high level Iranian defector let us know what Khameinei was telling Rouhani what to have his folks tell Jarrett.


ThomasC/Ext-- you both have DuDu pegged. Hilarious.

Dave (in MA)

DuDa 12:16, the chicken is getting sore.


In first speech back, Reid blasts Koch brothers

“We have had in this country a flood of very, very dark money coming into this nation’s political system,” Reid said on the Senate floor. “Radical billionaires are attempting to buy our democracy!”

Speaking of military aircraft,two just flew over. Almost every time we've flown out of Bangor in the last 10-12 years there have been troops waiting to re-board a refueling airplane.The troop greeters at BIA are an awesome group of people. I have always made a point of talking to one of the troops,to say thank you or good luck. Because we always take early flights,there have been times when they are sprawled across the chairs or on the floor,sound asleep. I always think we should tip-toe to the gate,so we don't wake them.
And there goes another plane!

Some Guy

Having observed DuDa over time, I've come to the conclusion that he actually works for the DNC or Organizing for America Action or some other wingnut political operation closely tied to the White House.

His visits here (when he actually posts, he probably reads this everyday as part of his duties) are test marketing. He hides behind the false persona of the drunken lout, but what he's really doing is running ideas up the flag pole to see how they come across, and most importantly how they will be refuted.

He's a pro, who doesn't believe his own bullcrap, but who also has to occasionally convince himself that he isn't a just a bit of corn in biggest pile of steaming of failure ever to hit D.C.

Other than laugh at him, I wouldn't bother to refute his "ideas" or do anything to help him with his job.


Ex, "feels strongly about Ferguson" means what?
Feels strongly like I do, that from the information available that
it appears that a criminal charged a solo patrol man who defended himself?


TC,he teaches voice at all three places. The Catholic U. gig was unexpected because sadly,one of the teachers is ill. She recommended him as her replacement.


No, anonamom. DublinDave is partial to strapping black thugs, and when one of them is cut down in the prime of his life by a white, even a white hispanic, he can't help but share his grief with us.


Less than a week ago it was "No wave apparent" now its Meh, dogs can catch parked cars and Democrat Senators. That is at least evidence of a brain capable of learning. Even the Douchebag can see a smackdown coming. What he wont admit is how much it will make Obama's life miserable. He will actually have to sign bills or veto them, and if popular legislation, one after another is vetoed, someone might get the idea that having Democrats in the WH is the problem...

Rick B

Some Guy,

I agree. He's a recon scout in the Obama Freeshit Army. This year must be like reporting back to Custer regarding the marvelous opportunity presented by having so many targets available...


Scott Walker's campaign fund

Friends of Scott Walker
PO Box 620437
Middleton, WI 53562-9941

Need to include the usual--employer, occupation, phone, address


The Natives are getting restless!

Alaska's problems shouldn't be exploited for political gain

Having to get up so early pulling Momma duties, I was able to catch Dan Fagan's new local morning Talk Radio Show and he had on these Native women who were ferociously anti-Begich on air.

Nice to see such combative back and forth comments in the thread. It tells me there may be a significant divide among our 130,000 Native population in regards to who they might vote for as our next Senator.

FWIW, Fagan and the Native women all agreed that the old Anchorage Daily News Editor would not have published their article, so they give kudos' to the new owner of the paper.


Ext @ 12:48, Reid and the DNC must have sent the memo to the Dem Senate candidates,because Sheena (no chance) Bellows,the Dem running against Susan Collins,blasted Collins for not supporting the Udall amendment.

In other fun Maine political news,state Sen.Geoff Gratwick (D) was taped by a constituent while campaigning door to door. Gratwick is a moonbat and told the constituent that he (Gratwick) prefers Cutler (I) over Michaud (D) in the governor's race,because Michaud isn't a "brain" guy. Ha.


As expected, Janay Rice stands by her man.
WeeDavey's wondering, "damn where can I get me a bitch like that"?
First, ya gotta have some money Dave. And not have earned the nickname "Wee". Sorry.

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

@12:46 we have the report on Sen Reid spreading more of his BS.

The "Radical billionaires that are attempting to buy our Democracy"
Are Democrats.


Sen Reid needs to be called to account for his lies.


marlene-the Diva is a jr and there's a reason for her nickname. She is looking at all the big name programs where acceptance can be less than 5%. She is looking at both MT and drama. She can actually do both.

She found a new program that is former B'way performers now in ATL. They were closed but saw her resume (I never do any of this and she will forward emails from people who assume she is the parent) and let her audition. When I met with the owners they asked if we had an advisor as she had managed already to find or do virtually every name program. I said no, we just tried to get her there.

We will see. She has that 3rd child ( I am a peer of older brother and sister) can do attitude and emails friends of her siblings that are good at the courses she must take where the teachers are no longer allowed to teach the content. Then the teacher wonders why that omission is not slowing her down. Last year her English teacher told her 10th graders could not write that well. She harumphed it and called siblings and complained to every adult she knew on lack of faith.

A genuine character.

Thomas Collins


It appears there is a chance for conservative $$$$ to fund a serious challenge to prog control of gaming journalism. Just as in the case of women's magazines and lifestyle sites such as Your Tango and CafeMom, conservatives probably won't make an inroad. And, GOP wave or no GOP wave in 2014, prog dominance in these areas will continue to hurt GOP electoral prospects.


This is cool:

Sir John Franklin: Fabled Arctic ship found

One of two British explorer ships that vanished in the Arctic more than 160 years ago has been found, Canada's prime minister says.

This next bit is a bit over the top tho:

The find has been described as "the biggest archaeological discovery the world has seen since the opening of Tutankhamun's tomb almost 100 years ago" by a British archeologist, William Battersby, who has written extensively about the Franklin expedition.

So in the last 2 days we found out who Jack The Ripper is, and found Franklin's long lost ship? If these things come in 3's does the discovery of King Richard 3rd's body count from last year, or do we instead have to figure out who Shakespeare is?


Daddy --

I think it was Thurber who solved the mystery of who wrote the Shakespeare plays. He said that it wasn't Shakespeare, but another man with the same name.


it wasn't Shakespeare, but another man with the same name.

LOL, Theo:)


Still haven't started catch-up so this may have been previously posted:

Report: NFL never asked for video of Ray Rice elevator assault

The NFL never asked Revel Casino for the elevator security tape that showed Ray Rice knocking out his future wife, TMZ reported Tuesday, citing sources.

The casino would have given a copy of the tape to the NFL, sources said, as it gave copies to the police and Rice's lawyer. But the league didn't ask for it.

I think the proper term is "Plausible Deniability."

Some Guy

Any truth to rumor that after Zero's speech tomorrow night, that the Republican rebuttal will be delivered by Senator Barack Obama?


The modern Dem party, racialists and gangsters, they don't even pretend anymore, as the Legacy Media teammates cover for them: http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/nm-dem-says-gop-guv-martinez-does-not-have-latino-heart_804671.html#!

Eric in Boise

As expected, Janay Rice stands by her man

I'd put it at just about 50/50 that she'll be standing next to Gloria Allred at some point in the next 6 months.


Strobe Talbott, previously known as Tretyakov's easy mark according to his memoir, was present at this shindig

The NY Times reports that Qatar who provides funding to ISIS and Hamas (and gives sanctuary to Hamas leaders) agreed last year to make a $14.8 million, four-year donation to Brookings, which has helped fund a Brookings affiliate in Qatar and a project on United States relations with the Islamic world.

So is Richard Haas, one of Colin's Top Men,
and a collaborator with Katie Couric to trip up the Huntress,

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

but more fun is that the blimps always land at P'tree dekalb when they are in town and usually end up at some point coming into or out of town going right overhead relatively low.

They should be landing today or tomorrow, rse, if they aren't already here. The Tour Championship is this weekend, so the blimps are coming for those lovely golf shots filmed from above.

I love watching them come in. My parents are off Shallowford so they get to see them up close, too.

I was thinking about going, but I think I'd rather watch on TV than spend $140 for a Sat/Sun ticket and have to deal with the buses that take you from parking at the stadium to the event. And all the delays that causes on the way out. They might have 'cleaned up' the neighborhood around Eastlake, but the same residents that trashed it in the first place, for the most part, are still there. No way I'd park anywhere but the stadium as I don't want to be 'knock out gamed.'


Turns out the problem was just leaves in the blower motor, replaced the cabin air filter


interesting how durable narratives have been:



Alan Colmes. Useful idiot. This is all Bush/Cheney's fault. Saddaam should have been left in power. This wouldn't be happening if he was.

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Could this be where those DAs in Wis got the idea that could just tramp all over the rights of conservatives?



The F-4's and A-4's used to fly in right over the parent's house on their way into El Toro when I was a kid.

Even then we called it the sound of freedom. They would come in low over the hills and you couldn't hear yourself think sometimes during exercises, but we never complained.

During Desert Shield we had the most amazing air-trains you ever saw. 15-20 -25, C-5A's and C-141's all circling waiting for the last ones to form up for the long trip to Saudi Arabia. All of them loaded with tanks and equipment and troops.

We prayed pretty hard for their safety. People forget that it was pretty dicey at the outset.

The crooks and grifters got hold of the base and it has been a mess for the past 20 years. There is, finally, an investigation of where all the money went. Funny that it was the Democrats in the People's Republic of Irvine at the helm.


'sound of freedom' summers at the Outerbanks and Bald Head island, that's what we called the Nav/MarineAir going out to CVN squandron quals off the coast.


really shameful, I guess the natural gas, fills the gap where their souls used to be:



Sue: Alan Colmes. Useful idiot.

Useful? Useful?? Useful for what, pray tell? Should have just quit with I D I O T.

Miss Marple

Oh, I don't know. Colmes can be counted on the spout the most sycophantic Obama swill on any TV show, while at the same time blaming Bush for everything. So he is useful for that, especially now when a lot of democrats are shame-faced about this whole mess.


I guess the western euro gene pool with guts was wiped out at the Somme, during the the '40 Blitz of France, during Operation Barbarossa and The Bulge. The appeaser and collaborator gene pool survives and controls. How did Reagan ever manage to win the Cold War with 'allies' like this?


'Skeletor' has long since proven himself a knave, around the time he indulged in some borderline Trig denialism

from Down Under,



The laundry that is almost directly across from BIA and Maine Air National Guard always has the quote "jet noise is the sound of freedom" on their sign. They do a very good business in uniforms and flight suits.


Why is the NFL like the head of the IRS? DON'T ASK, DON'T KNOW.


not too much of a lone wolf, it seems


Danube on iPad

What I'm hearing this morning is that no one - not the NFL, not the cops, not the prosecutor - asked the casino for the videotape. The prosecutor cut the plea deal in the dark. ESPN's source who said the league had seen it is now backing away.

Also hearing that Rice had a guaranteed $25 million, so Janay is not likely to be dumping him soon.

Strawman Cometh

I like Topsail Island for the ospreys and the Osprey®s

Jane on Ipad

Funny piece in the Examiner about how Repubs screwed with Reid's agenda by letting their proposed change to thr 1 st amendment by letting it go to conference and be debated endlessly for the world to see. Are we getting smarter?


I grew up in marietta and remember everyone coming out into their yards just to watch the C-5 go overhead.

GMax-I used to love the airshow down there, especially when my eldest worked on the beach. He could name every aircraft and knew its characteristics from when he was a boy. Every once in a while something would go by that he would say should not be there.

Plus the sonic booms out in the Gulf.


I have not been to Bald Head since 2010, so I've missed USMC Osprey flights when they became operational and deployed.


strikingly the hashtag brigade, is not as clever as Abusamra:

But IS militants and followers have struck back with some surprising tactics: They have invoked the "terms of service" policies of major Internet companies to get the U.S. government videos and other postings taken down, either by reporting them as spam or even flagging them for excessive violence.

Jeff Dobbs

I have not been to Bald Head since 2010

We last were in Bald Head for Thanksgiving 2012. We're going again next month.

Strawman Cometh

NK, they are distinctive and impressive, both visually and aurally. There seems to be a inverse relationship to altitude maintained and women on the beach.

I love easy fixes.

Nice one, narciso.


FYI: The Collings Foundation Wings of Freedom featuring B-17, B-24, (in some places) B-25, and P-51 is right now in CT. For $450, you can book a seat in the bombers. For $2200 you can get flight training in the P-51.


Is this all there is,


I guess I really shouldn't be surprised they would have such shallow information, I thought there would be something about the Sarasota connection,


AliceH-- very kind of you to send that info; I've missed the local dates, but Bradley International is less than 90 minutes away and a B-25 Flight sounds neat.


Bombshell in Walker case--the witchhunt was spurred on by a disgruntled shop steward wife of the prosecutor:http://legalnewsline.com/news/251647-district-attorneys-wife-drove-case-against-wis-gov-walker-insider-says


Strawman-- heh.

Now I have a mental image of Ospreys hovering over the BH Beach Club on the northeast corner of the island.


What do you guys think the 7th Circuit will do? Isn't it supposed to be today?


Good job, narciso.

Danube on iPad

The Hill:

"SPOTTED: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee sporting a pair of white flip-flops with her pearls while on the House floor on Monday. While the Texas Democrat was all business on top — wearing a red suit jacket with a black and white scarf and pearl necklace — she was ready to hit the beach on the bottom, with her toe-baring shoes. The House feed on C-SPAN did not capture the summer recess-worthy thongs."

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