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September 07, 2014



Still no first?


All those grey haired middle school "boys" dating teen girls will have no impact on public opinion by November. The delay is just politics, he already gave amnesty.


With apologies to marko, obummer is a liar and not that smart, and he's a pussy.

Henry, I do think this is significant. It shows how unpopular amnesty is with voters. And anti amnesty patriots can use this to pushback, and minimize amnesty to productive types, not medicaid/food stamp mooches. Then there is the real issue, legal immigration. Who and how many, and tied to cutting back entitlements.


Speaking of grey haired boys "dating" teen girls--
this is an absolute MUST view that Patriot posted on the other thread. BBC interview with one of the Rotherdam victims.

I thought I'd never be more outraged and sickened than I was with the Church's pedophilia scandal, but I find this even more horrendous--the police and prosecutors and child welfare people did this, with complete and full present day knowledge of the criminality of it.



“multiculturalism is a Moral Autoimmune disorder”

Regarding your excerpt, Clarice, you may recall in my [overly] dense book, to overcome the shield of defense that Edward Said's Orientalism relativism tried to install in 1978, I distinguished between culture and society.

Society is the underlying fabric that holds different cultures together and one’s friend-or-foe alarm should sound when two conditions are not met - when a group has no humility or doubt and when a group has no respect for others with different views.

Under that litmus test, radical Islam should be defended against at home and abroad.

Beasts of England

The Rotherham scandal is almost incomprehensible, anonamom. I have a very hard time having a rational discussion about it. Perhaps the thing that bothers me the most, as the father of two daughters: where the f*ck are these girls' dads? Or uncles or brothers or mothers? Why are they not marching down the street en masse with machetes? An extraordinary moral failure. Disgusting.


Great Pieces, Clarice. And following on to yr report on the UAE's statement, here's something else amazing: Saudi ruler, King Abdullah, is seriously considering moving the body of Islam's most revered prophet to an anonymous burial ground while at the same time destroying the tomb visited by millions of Muslim pilgrims in Medina.

Beasts of England

If that half-wit loser were trying to destroy this country, what would be be doing differently? Not a damned thing.

Things I hate:

1. Barack Obama
2. Barack Obama
3. Barack Obama
4. Brussels sprouts


Beasts, often these girls have no fathers in their home--they are they easiest prey. Same with the boys.
(Gee, who'd have thought ten years ago tHat I'd be able make informed comments on the victims of pedophilia?)

I'm going to try to watch this MTP attempt at grabbing ratings. Opening with the interview with JEF.


Isn't when a person looks to the left that he's lying?

Miss Marple

I cannot see how delaying his EO on immigration will help the dems in November. He has said he's going to do it, the immigration people are bragging about it, and the ONLY thing which would mitigate it would be Congressional action of some sort, hence, vote GOP.


He won't maintain eye contact, lots of downward to the left gaze.

Now he's denying that the "JV team " comment was IRT ISIS.
He says ISIL, so I won't.

Captain Hate

Here's a little slice of Rothaerham for you, Beasts:


Miss Marple

So, he's continuing to lie, anonmom.

So why should anyone believe him on immigration.

His choices are based purely on what is the WORST thing for the US and what will cost the most chaos.

And the less popular he is, the more destruction he will cause, because we don't deserve his munificence.

Just a terrible person, and the media must bear a huge chunk of the responsibility.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate: Those Penn State fans are no different from the officials in Rotherham.

"I will cry proudly when Joe's statue is returned."

Good grief!

Beasts of England

That's more than a little startling, BR. I had no idea that Mohammed's tomb was extant. I also had no idea that there is an empty space next to the tomb reserved for Jesus. Learn something new every day...


Sunni extremism is the biggest issue in the region.

Our attitude towards Assad continues to be that Assad has foregone legitimacy, but we will work with everyone against ISIS.

Criticism from the panel:
He's downplaying the threat to the homeland.
His strategy is to fight on Iraq soil, with an Iraq army.
Problem is it doesn't yet exist.
MorningJoke thinks he did well. Quotes polls. We are a war-weary nation. (Not if our kids are going to be blown to bits at Marathon finish lines!)
Possibly facing a Congress that doesn't want give authorization.

That's it. JEF will tell us all more on Wednesday.

Shall we set a pool and wager on how late he'll be???

Miss Marple

Well, I will have to gear up to watch Wednesday. I despise him so much I usually cannot make it.

Maybe if I listen and don't watch I can make it through.

Captain Hate

I think they're even worse, Miss Marple, in their callous insistence of considering themselves more victims than the children.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate, I agree.

It's like the victims are bothering their goal of having a winning team.


Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Just a follow up on the DOJ suit to force allowing a mosque to be built.


My guess is this recruit did not get the idea to do this after attending Methodist Sunday school.


On to immigration.
Now he's dropping his Gs.( I so hate that crap.)
Trying to explain why this isn't election politics.
"Now I'm being honest about this Chuck" --which means he's been lying, right?

Ebola. He's doing the looking thing to the left again--and says it needs to be a national security issue.

He must be a true, big-time introvert--he clearly is very uncomfortable with sustained eye contact.

He's explaining why 3 billion dollars being spent to determine if Mitch McConnell gets to help Harry Reid is important. Good wonderful (SPEND! SPEND! SPEND!) Democrat programs or evil Republican gridlock. Chuck fails to note all the stuff that Reid has held up, but does question him on why he thinks he'll get anything done since he couldn't with a Democratic Senate.
Really pounding the obstruction thing--and Chuck isn't calling him on it.

Captain Hate

Bob Menendez is on FNS insisting that 404's foreign policy is almost as good as having sex with underaged girls.

Romney was on earlier making good points of why he was correct and the JEF completely wrong but mercifully rejected any thoughts of running again.

Captain Hate

anonamom, I place a large emphasis on a person's ability to look me in the eye.

Beasts of England

You better PayPal me some eye bleach, Captain! Good grief those people are insane. It's probably no secret that we fine folks (plural) in Alabama enjoy a little college football and are somewhat passionate about same; but if Paul Bryant was as complicit as Paterno, he'd have been shot. No ifs, ands, or buts.

And Bryant would have personally strangled that sick puke Sandusky. Right after he beat the ever-livin' shit out of him. And those idiots are worried about JoePa's win-loss record. Here's the record: he lost.

Soylent Red

He must be a true, big-time introvert--he clearly is very uncomfortable with sustained eye contact.

Most liars are.

This creep has so many tells it's a miracle he doesn't twitch himself off the chair, and yet, no one can believe that every single utterance this man makes in public is a poll-tested half-truth.

Well that's not quite right - no one in the press will ADMIT that every single utterance this man makes in public is a poll-tested half-truth.

Rick B


Sure, he's not running. That's the whole point of the I TOLD YA SO tour, to let everyone know he has no intention of running cuz nothing says NOT RUNNING like penning WSJ I TOLD YA SO editorials and appearances on national TV.

The fact he's not cutting ads for Tillis or Sullivan or Purdue or Cassidy or Ernst or Gardner or Cotton or Land or Brown is also a very good indicator that he's NOT RUNNING as is the lack of statements opposing the use of lawfare against Walker and Christie and Perry.

There's just nothing that says NOT RUNNING like an I TOLD YA SO publicity blitz.

Captain Hate

Beasts, what the cultists can't wrap their stunted minds around is that Sandusky was Paterno's right hand man for almost all of his career, particularly the part when he was winning most of his games. He was the linebacker coach at Linebacker U. You can't go back and undo history and pretend Paterno would've done just as well with somebody else in his place.

But again that takes the emphasis away from caring about the victims and all those idiots should keep their simple yaps up about that.

Jeff Dobbs

Barry Red Line backs away from his promise of immigration reform by executive fiat

Hey, that reminds me of an old tag line I saw somewhere...

From 'Yes we can.' to You Sit Thinking, 'You Know, Maybe. I Don't Know.'

Or maybe it's The Fierce Moral Urgency of After The Election

Or perhaps, Turns Out We Can Wait Afterall

Captain Hate

All the FNS panel members agree 404 has completely botched the immigration issue.

Beasts of England

I just finished all the comments at your link, Captain. Truly disgusting. Moar eye bleach!

And with that, I'm off to the Brasserie Juno and, hopefully, some Brussels sprouts to go with my sautéed frog legs! And a Mimosa or two, natch.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

We are a war-weary nation.

That always gets me considering what a small # of Americans serve in our military.

Weary?...of what?...reading & hearing about our efforts against the barbarians? That's all most of us ever have to do.

I'm weary of our lousy MFM that pounded us with negative stories about our military's heroic efforts for years.

Miss Marple

Janet, I absolutely agree.

This "war-weary" stuff is dragged out like we are carrying around ration cards for coffee and have 1/2 the adult males overseas.

It's a made-up cliche.

And like you, I am weary of the press.


"Weary"? Again, Miss M, you're FAR more circumspect about the press than I which no doubt reflects better on you. I hate the press with the intensity of ten thousand suns.

Miss Marple

Here, lyle, is something to hate even more:


Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

RT @trscoop: Guy who was elected PURELY on optics now says he’s not good at optics

Miss Marple


But that's not what Islam is about, according to the president.


Rick B

Read TM's update regarding Scott Brown returning fire by noting the Siamese twin relationship of Shaheen and Obama. BOzo could have kept his mouth shut rather than compounding the immigration botch but decided to apply the Merde Touch instead.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself


Note that these groups named in the article are up & running. No IRS harassment for THEM. No waiting in limbo for approval. No endless "answer more questions" loop for THEM.
The United We Dream Network is a 501(c)(3) organization
Presente Action, which is a 501(c)(4) organization
America's Voice - Social Welfare Organization 501(c)(4)
PICO National Network - 501(c)(3) organization

Jim Eagle

In Re the most important national security issue of the day, how to prepare, cook and enjoy Brussel Sprouts, Mrs. JiB's recipe:

Wash them, pare them at the stem, then cut a 1/4" cross on the bottom of the stem. Then steam them for 3 minutes.

Heat 1tablespoon olive oil and 1tablespoon unsalted butter in a saute pan. Remove sprouts from the steamer and place in the saute pan. Add 1 teaspoon Oregano or Tarragon (your choice of palate). Saute for about 5 minutes oir until al-dente.

She likes to sprinkle crispy bacon bits on the sprouts and served warm.

No bitter taate just herby buttery goodness the Flemish way.


There is no recipe on earth that will make Brussel sprouts not taste like Brussel sprouts.

Still - I'd choose them over beets if they were the only two foods left on earth. Probably.

Centralcal on iPad

I am fully in Lyle's camp re:the media.

Centralcal on iPad

Oh now, AliceH. Beets can be wonderful - when/if they aren't it is more a reflection on the cook or the preparation:)

Granted, they can be messy to handle.

Jeff Dobbs

Oh that's nice. I like it when Powerline links to one of my posts (the old one about Psaki and Harf being SNL actors)


Brussel sprouts over beets any day. Ate at a French Vietnamese restaurant in SF last Feb and had the best ever. Magnifique!


The thing about Brussel Sprouts is you have to go to a farm stand and get some that are good. Canned ones are barfy, and the ones in supermarkets can be like cardboard.

Miss Marple

Beets for me, specifically pickled beets.


congrat, hit. good to know Power Line reads here.


No, it's not the prep. It's the taste (and sometimes also texture). It's really that simple, as personal, subjective tastes often are.

Eric in Boise

De gustibus non est disputandum, Alice. I'm the exact same way with lima beans (shudder). There's no way anyone could cook those things that would get me to touch them.

Carol Herman

The whole "amnesty" thing might have been an attempt to send a cannon ball onto Perry's ship? There was some hope Perry would fade.

In politics the game isn't "this season." Pretty much the dems are not expecting great numbers in November.

Following the November elections, Obama will be thinking of ways to do mischief BEFORE the newly elected people get seated in congress (in mid-January).

What does November bring? The man's without coattails. Will he also be seen as being without legs?


Exactly, EiB@12:32. BTW, I love lima beans!


There should be simply no words for what occurred in Rotherham, but there are. There should be a national day of mourning for the British soul because to allow this to occur seems to indicate that the decency and kindness and respect for human rights that was so much a part of the country's character is mortally wounded.

This is an open sore that plumbs the depths of evil. It is what some of the more severe forms of medieval punishment was meant for.

To then read of the Muslim crazy who hacked an 80 year old woman to death and of the Belgian who allegedly murdered a woman and then her infant, and then to hear silence from the Muslim clergy is an indictment beyond any doubt.

There is no room for this in civilized society. They must be shunned.


To each their gustatory own but the minute someone start praising tripe, I'm outta here.


OK watch for more of this behavior from Marist. Their previous polling told us Pryor was up by 11%. But an amazing turnaround in the electorate gives us Cotton outside the MOE. HUH:

Tom Cotton (R) 45%
Mark Pryor (D-inc) 40%

Miss Marple


lyle, My parents, being Depression kids, were fond of eating what euphemistically are called "variety meats."

We used to split a whole beef with my aunt and uncle, who were about 10 years younger and had 2 children, while my folks had 5.

So, my parents took more of the less expensive meat (chuck roast, round steak, burgers etc.) plus all of the other stuff (tongue, heart, liver, etc.). My aunt and uncle took all of the steaks, rib roasts, and some of the hamburger, in a lesser amount. My aunt wouldn't cook any of the organ meats at all.

Well, as you can imagine, we dreaded when we got to the bottom of the freezer and mom started using that stuff up.

One week we had liver and onions, the next night baked heart with dressing (aorta still attached!) and the piece de resistance was tongue, baked and put on a platter WITH THE TASTE BUDS STILL ON IT! (Presentation was not something my mother did well with her meals.)

That was IT for my brother, who was 10 at the time. "ALL WE HAVE TO EAT AROUND HERE IS TURKEY TONGUES AND EYEBALLS!" he shouted.

Then he got on his bike and road into town and bought himself a hot dog and fries at the Dairy Queen, five miles away.

To this day my family responds "Turkey tongues and eyeballs," whenever the kids ask what's for dinner.

Miss Marple


I figure they are using the polls to sucker democrat donors, and when they can't get away with it anymore, they end up telling the truth.

Rick B

The Rotherham girls are complimented by the feral youth on Democrat plantations here. They are all disposables, raised in progressive villages and sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. There is so little difference in the morality of a Progressive Fascist and an Aztec priest holding up the still beating heart of his last sacrifice as to make them indistinguishable on a moral basis.

Is anger at the predators who have been loosed by Progressive Fascists the correct response or should some be reserved for the feral mothers who overwhelmingly vote to sacrifice their children? And shouldn't the Progressive Fascists themselves receive the vast majority of the anger for creating the dystopian villages required to sacrifice a child?

Jim Eagle


On our beach walk today, we ran across a neighbor and one of the local turtle patrol volunteers who told us coyotes raided the nest we have sponsored by our walkover. Over 60 eggs devoured by those rabid mutts. The kids were devasted.

President Contagium.

Hah, hah, hah, 'Obola'.

H/t Jaeger Naught on twitchy.


OH BTW Marist also has McConnell up 8 over Allison Blunderagain Grimes. She is failing to crack 40% in their survey.

I am told YouGov has out a bunch of polls that generally support the notion of a big Republican night. Colorado being an exception. I think the modeling in Colorado may be off, given the ratio of registrations there but we shall see once the dust settles.

Centralcal on iPad

Turkey tongues and eyeballs!!!!!!!!

OMG - that is simply hysterical, MM.

Baby Lima beans simmered slowly with ham hock and onions (and a little tomato sauce added midway) is a fall/winter staple around my house.


Tom Brady's beard and haircut make him look just a turkey.

Old Lurker

Back in 1969 as a simple lad from WV, I spent three months with a EuroRail Pass seeing Europe, starting in Paris and eventually reaching all points of the compass.

Within one week discovering that I had no workable French whatsoever, nevertheless I tried to bluff my way through ordering food. I promptly received the grossest looking plate of (Thanks MM) "Variety Meats" I could ever imagine and ran from the place as fast as I could.

The next morning I went to collect my mail from AmEx Paris and promptly picked up a cute young thing from Vassar (also Euro Railing it for Jr summer abroad) and promised to buy her food if she would order for me too.

Take THAT, Beasts...


Kudlow yesterday was basically 3 hours of Larry asking his guests the same question over and over again:

"Why won't the Repubs come up with some sort of "Bold, Optimistic" and Easy to remember Point paper, like a "Contract With America," with 5 or 6 easy to enunciate Bullet Points, explaining what they want to do and why voters should give them control of the House and the Senate in November?

Here's his recent column asking the same question.

8 of his guests thought it was a good idea but that it will not happen, and that it is a shame that it will not happen because winning the Senate is far from a certain thing. The one guy who didn't think it was a great idea was a Republican Congressman. He basically lip-serviced the idea

Betsy McCaughey was quite good, and her big concern was that when Congress reconvenes they will only be back at work for a total of 12 days before they take their next break, and do not return until after the November Elections. Her concern was that stuff like the War Powers Act authorizing action in Syria needs to be passed, along with a few other bits of necessary Legislation, and it probably won't be due to the time constraints, so that what we are looking at now may be what we're stuck with through November.

The question also came up as to who was the current Leader of the Republican Party right now that ought to be bringing up this new Contract With America business, and there was no answer, and nobody spoke up for John Boehner that I can recall.

Larry mentioned Immigration Reform a dozen times but only mentioned "Brainiacs" once.


That sound you hear is the air going out of the balloon. This sound like the words of a fired up partisan ready to vote for the home team? LOL:

“The president’s latest broken promise is another slap to the face of the Latino and immigrant community,” said Cristina Jimenez, the head of immigration rights group United We Dream. “Where we have demanded leadership and courage from both Democrats and the president, we’ve received nothing but broken promises and a lack of political backbone.”

Jeff Dobbs

I am probably going to start using "turkey tongues and eyeballs!" as a curse phrase.

Boss comes in an asks for a report at 4:30 pm on a Friday?


mrs hit and run says I can't go play pool because I have to unload the dishwasher?


Go to the fridge and I'm all out of beer?


Next duda comment?

"That's nothing but a bunch of TURKEY TONGUES AND EYEBALLS!!!"


Yeah, Beasts. Whatchoo gotta say 'bout dat?


Gallup says "Say you think Obama might be dragging down the Democrat in Iowa?":

As a key U.S. Senate race unfolds in Iowa, President Barack Obama's declining job approval rating may be one factor making it such a close battle. Obama's approval rating among Iowans for the first half of the year stood at 38%, five percentage points below the national average and the lowest rating Gallup has measured in Iowa during his presidency.


Fresh butter beans are one of the joys of the summer. To me limas are canned or frozen. You want to season the water first by using bacon or ham hocks, a little oil, and I usually add savory and marjoram. Also a chopped white onion. Let that simmer half an hour or so in either water or chicken stock.

Then add the butter beans until soft. Also works with ladypeas, crowder, zippers. pinkeyes, and butter peas.


Did you see the Allstate commercial where the guy is trying to teach the baby in the crib to say "Roll Tide?" The baby belches and spits up. Just the reporter here but HMMMMM...

Agent J

Speaking of wonderful tasting food, (everything that has been mentioned falls within my "tried it, and love it" group). Nothing like cold cow's tongue sandwiches on home baked bread.

This morning after church enjoyed a first for me and my sweetie. Fresh pawpaw fruit..

Jim Eagle

Jags 14 - Eagles 0!

Can that last? Doubt it. Rookie WR for Jags - first 2 catches both for TDs which they think is a record.

Jeff Dobbs

Agent J - it is very good to see you, how are things? Any big road trips out west recently?


Sure wish I could get more excited about R control of congress. The best I can come up with is blocking prog judgeships. Other than that the Top Men will be just like little puppies afraid of the mean press. That is, when they're not bashing the Tea Party.

James D.

Go Jags! Crush the loathsome Eagles!

Yeah, I don't think it will last, either.

Eric in Boise

"Whats for dinner?"

"Well, we have turkey tongues, eyeballs, and lima beans. What should we make?"



What is this world coming to?

Visitors are no longer allowed to streak naked through the ruins of Machu Picchu.


Anyone not watching men's doubles final is missing some amazing tennis.

Jeff Dobbs

Visitors are no longer allowed to streak naked through the ruins of Machu Picchu.

Dear diary, I added a new entry on my bucket list today.


Congratulations, hit!

MM:His choices are based purely on what is the WORST thing for the US and what will cost the most chaos.

EXACTLY SO. It's as if his political compass was 190 degrees off.

As for turkey tongues and eyeballs, pickled tongue is really delicious--and yes, presentation is important.

Jim Eagle

Anyone else been to the Oxford Cafe in Missoula, Montana? Did you have the breakfast special?

Calf brains and scrambled eggs, yummy:)

They don't serve them anymore according to their website. I wonder why?

Danube on iPad

Very well dobe, Clarice. And utterly depressing.

Here's another Condell offering, Message to Offended Muslims;


Keep up the great work, Gmax.

Jim Eagle

Hail to the REDSKINS
Hail Victory
Braves on the warpath
Fight for old DC.

7-0 against Houston

Jim Eagle

BTW, the Browns can't tackle.


Definition of having a bad day?

Nick Foles - one interception and two lost fumbles and game is not over yet. Should have just pulled the covers up over his head and refused to depart his ragpile...


they should just call it a hudna:


Jim Eagle

I'm mistaken on the REDSKINS score. They must of missed the PAT and its now 6 - 7 Houston.

Captain Hate

Browns are turding it up in Pittsburgh.

Stephanie riding a streetcar named Desire

Falcon's are laying an egg. Maybe it's our turn to don the brown bags. Yeesh.


what's bad for the goose, is not good for the gander:


Agent J

Hit, no on the travel this summer. Will resume within two weeks.

Jack is back, mad cow disease.


I'm already sick of Johnnie Football's commercials and he hasn't played a down in the regular season. He's gonna out Peyton Peyton.

Beasts of England

No Brussels sprouts at Brasserie Juno, but the frog legs were delightful.

Thank you for the recipe, via Mrs. JiB! I'll pass that along to my Mom, who is a fan of sprouts and a whale of a fine chef.

And speaking of Mama Beasts, we had been seated for about ten minutes and I caught her staring at my very long hair several times (I should have put it in a pony tail, but forgot) and she reached in her purse, handed me a fifty dollar bill, and said 'I love you, but I don't want to see you again until you get that damned hair cut.'

So, I got a free brunch and fifty bucks! :)

Jeff Dobbs

I posted it before, but here's Beast's Anthem

Jim Eagle



The Jay Gruden era has started with a bang. He was quoted as saying he wanted to concentrate on the special teams. So far a PAT was blocked (JJ Watt) and a blcoked punt for a TD.

Beasts of England

lol, hit! The brunette in the video is a doppelgänger of my first post-marriage long term girlfriend. I kinda miss her right this second! ;)

Agent J

Unusual food, my sweetie and I enjoyed our first time ever for either of us, fresh pawpaw from our orchard.. looks like a great crop of Carpathian walnuts and York Imperial apple's..

The new "cottage on the farm " will be ready to move into soon.


Beasts (I think it was you)--could you give us that bread pudding with whiskey sauce recipe again. I was on my iPad when I read it and had no way to copy it down.


Captain Hate

Browns trying to climb out of a deep hole by marching down the field for a TD to open the third quarter. Now to see if they figured out how to tackle anybody.

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