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September 06, 2014



Hairdresser? I thought the butler did it. : (


Wow. Maybe one day they'll find out who really killed JFK.

Eric in Boise

OK, killed that one. Eat you're heart out, TK!

Eric in Boise


I know what the JOM guidebook says, but I can't let that stand.

miss Marple



I had my money on Colonel Mustard in the Billiard Room with the candlestick.

miss Marple

Ha! Just like JFK, a bunch of people don't believe it in the comments.

Danube on iPad

It was the Duke of Clarence. Trust me.

Also, the Big Ten stinks, and stinks quite badly. It will have no representative in the four-team playoff. Trust me.


Who killed JFK? Easy.

"Oswald fired three shots--the first wounding the President in the back and neck, the second missing the President completely and hitting Governor Connally in the back, chest, and thigh, and the third missing the 25-foot-long limousine entirely.

While Oswald was spraying bullets wildly, another shooter, an expert marksman on the top of another building, fired a fourth shot, a near-perfect fatal hit at the center of the back of the president's head that exited the right side of the head and struck the governor's right wrist."

Remember, that crack shot Oswald missed everything with his first shot.





the Daltex building, that was the one at the center of the previous Bobby Lee Swagger book,
he retconned the rest of the series to do so,

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Also, the Big Ten stinks, and stinks quite badly. It will have no representative in the four-team playoff. Trust me.

Yep. Mich State, OSU, Michigan...

Captain Hate

Also, the Big Ten stinks, and stinks quite badly. It will have no representative in the four-team playoff. Trust me.

Two weeks into the season and every major conference program has suffered a setback by either losing or underperforming. I think I said a while ago that the four teams should be SEC East, SEC West. either USC/Oregon and Florida State. I doubt that the powers that be will want two teams from the same conference so maybe some team like Oklahoma should replace the loser in the SEC title game.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

For beasts:


Danube on iPad

"Yep. Mich State, OSU, Michigan..."

And how can anyone at JOM forget Wisconsin?

I am really puzzled about how ADs - including, among others, Pat Hayden of USC - can be on the playoff selection committee. Strange.

Stephanie riding a streetcar named Desire

Dang, the Pac-12 channel isn't digital.

I now have five, count em five, SEC channels.

McElroy four putted from five feet today. Eastlake is probably panicking as Michelson didn't make the cut for next week. No Tiger. No Phil.

Stephanie riding a streetcar named Desire

Condi is also on the selection committee. That dude for SC needs to be replaced. What a turd.

Stephanie riding a streetcar named Desire

And Sarkisian is a pussy. He texted the AD to come down to the field cause the big bad meanies in black and white stripes gave him a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

"Whaaaaah, dadddddy, come help me out and fuss at the meanies." WTF!!!! There's no whining in football.

Jeff Dobbs


It's tomorrow. You know what that means........


I gave you an extra exclamation mark today.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?




Aaron Kosminski?

And here all along I thought it was

Oh well:(


Here is a very cool short video via Watts Up of the recent New Guinea Volcano eruption and it's shock wave:

Dramatic video of explosive volcanic eruption with compression wave


Clarice's most excellent assessment --LUN

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Clarice, Great Pieces today!

Beasts of England

Things I hate:

1. Barack Obama
2. Notre Dame
3. Brussel sprouts
4. Hangovers

Off for a cleansing jog...


Brussel sprouts aren't so bad. Try them roasted.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Not to take anything away from USC but Stanford did so many dumb things to not win yesterday. Because of the nature of the beast, unlike baseball and basketball for good reason, I wonder what would happen if they played each other say four times. And an exercise in "what if" is all it will be.

Congratulations to Janet, Walter and any other Va Tech fans whom I've interacted with/ teased / offended in the past. No Chokies last night. I have a lot of Buckeye fans with whom I'm sympathetic, but looking at the meltdown on the Scout board makes those online idiots about as classless as Penn State fans. USC does a much better job of picking up the pieces after the loss of a QB.

Jim Eagle

Excellent Pieces, Clarice. One exception.

I know Pat Condell from my days in the UK. He is an atheist and is critical of all religions including Catholic and Jewish. It's just the Islamists who being the most extreme in his mind.

But he does support Israel.

Miss Marple

Clarice's Pieces is excellent. Thanks for linking it, anonamom!

Snow next week in the northern tier (Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan).
Another "polar vortex", which seems to be, dare I say it, a fancy name for early cold weather.

I still remember the multiple articles I had to read in college about the coming ice age.

I figure when the power starts going out due to multiple overloads, and the windmills freeze up, people will suddenly demand coal power again.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Sautéed Brussels sprouts with a little maple syrup get the nod @ chez Hate. Hard to believe a cultured man of the South like Beasts wouldn't enjoy that.

HB Miss Marple.

Miss Marple

I keep trying to like Brussels sprouts, but every time I try them my mind says they should taste like little cabbages, which they do NOT. It's the same reaction you get when drinking a big swig of Dr Pepper when you think you are getting Coke.

Captain Hate on the iPad

I remember a brutal cold snap in early September in east central Pennsyltucky where it got down to around zero and everybody was wondering WTF. I think it was in the late 70s which probably produced a bunch of inbred births from those hilljacks which ended up being the current crop of warmists.



Beasts of England

I have no deep animosity for Ohio St., but it will never hurt my feelings to see Urban Meyer lose. Heh.

Brussels sprouts with maple syrup, huh? Or roasted? I'm having brunch with Mama Beasts at some artsy-fartsy brasserie today and the online menu shows frog legs and escargot, so they have to have some sprouts, right? Maybe I'll man-up and order some. ;)

Miss Marple

Captain Hate, The late 70's was when they were saying "new Ice Age." Also when we had the historic blizzard here.


A real tour de force, Clarice.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Brussels sprouts have a certain bitter taste which differentiates them from cabbage or cauliflower.

Excellent Pieces, clarice.


of course. I've thought the whole administration falls into that category:


great pieces, clarice

Beasts of England

Brava, Clarice! Truly superb!!

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

When you think of the Rotherham story remember:


Yet there appear to be Americans who wonder how Rotherham could have fostered such horror.


I just steal from you guys..How could it be bad in your eyes? XOXOXO

Miss Marple

CAIR should be investigated for various and sundry crimes.

If Scotland gets independence, do they get to send all of their Muslim UK immigrants to England?

Just wondering.

Centralcal on iPad

Roasted Brussells Sprouts - yummo!

I love Dr Pepper, too. Coke? Never touch it.

Great Pieces to read this morning. Glad you're back on Sunday mornings Clarice.

James D.

Fantastic Pieces, Clarice!

James D.

For all the (well earned_ scorn we heap on Krugman, Friedman and the rest of the twits at the NYT, for my money, there might not be a more obnoxious, irritating jackass in the NY newspaper world than Mike Lupica.


Clarice, spotted a typo ...

Like the Moslem beneficiaries of the West’s long sleep, they believe they have more to ga by playing footsie with leftist politicians than they do by actually defending women.
I think it is worse than fear of being called racist. That is just the final excuse used when confronted.

"I was afraid of being called racist"

They measure their adherence to multicultural ideals by the distance between their "tolerance" and "traditional" norms.

"Asian men have just as much right to pursue their cultural mating activities as western males and their oppressive patriarchy.

At least Asian men are more honest about what they are doing.

Who are you to say they're wrong?"

Well you were derelict in human decency and now you're going to pay for that.

"It wasn't my fault. I was afraid of being called a racist."



Alas...the electric grid is repaired right in time to read Clarice's Pieces! Clarice, you are always spot ON!

jimmyk on iPad

"a shawl which was found by victim Catherine Eddowes"

Not so artfully phrased, if I may say.

One of your best, Clarice.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Costanza's favorite "author", Mike Lupica. Sports writers should know their limitations per Harry Callahan.

jimmyk on iPad

We have a Brussell sprouts recipe involving sautéing them in butter and mustard. Universal acclaim, except for our 13-year-old.

"I know Pat Condell from my days in the UK. He is an atheist and is critical of all religions including Catholic and Jewish. It's just the Islamists who being the most extreme in his mind."

The same failing as Hitchens, as brilliant a writer as he was. Incidentally, it's not the atheism that's the failing--he can believe or not as he wishes--it's the hostility to religion and the belief that its net contribution is evil.

jimmyk on iPad

"Sports writers should know their limitations per Harry Callahan."

As should sports commentators (Olbermann, cough, cough).


Clarice - Thanks for yet another great "Pieces" for our Sunday morning reading pleasure.

Heartbreaking story of one of the Rotherham victims, Emma, and the rapes/abuse she suffered, in the LUN.
(Sorry, it's from the BBC, but worth watching)

Captain Hate on the iPad

Yes, Hitch's over the top disdain for all things having to do with religion effectively prevented him from discussing it objectively.


Excuse me for wondering about the Minnesota town rejecting a mosque, but suppose a town rejected allowing a Trinity United Church led by Jeremiah Wright fomenting action against a class of people or a Jim Jones wannabe urging suicide?

Cloaking one’s actions as religion does not mean it is a religion. If there is ample evidence of using a church as cover for promoting illegal acts.

The DOJ should investigate prioritize its investigations of illegal acts because fomenting the beheading of people, rape, suicide, and the subversion of the country far outweighs the placement of a church.


Where has Frau been?


Even the Guardian says so: Isis recruitment moves from online networks to British mosques


IPatriot, I am sending that to everyone I know, and reposting for emphasis--
BBC interview with one of the Rotherdam victims.

I thought I'd never be more outraged and sickened than I was with the Church's pedophilia scandal, but I find this even more horrendous--the police and prosecutors and child welfare people did this, with complete and full present day knowledge of the criminality of it.



"...string of lunatic asylums". That got past the PC police?

Dr Weevil

Trigger warning: angry tirade.

Something that's been bugging me about Rotherham since I first heard about it: why has no one been arrested even now? The Wikipedia article on "Limitation Periods in the UK" says "Unlike other European countries the UK has no statute of limitations applying to serious sexual crimes." Shouldn't the government be taking testimony from the 1400 victims and arresting every one of the bastards they name as perpretrators or facilitators? (Some of their testimony should be in the files of the police who ignored it at the time, if it hasn't been destroyed.) I haven't heard that the Muslim men of Rotherham have been rushing to the airport in large numbers for one-way tickets to Pakistan. Why not? Are they completely confident that they will never be punished?

As for the politicians, bureaucrats, and policemen who covered for them, shouldn't every damned one of them have been fired by now? Prosecuted, too, if the statute of limitations hasn't run out on their various crimes. But even if it has, they can surely be fired without a pension for gross dereliction of duty and have their names put up on a website 'wall of shame' that will prevent them from ever being hired for any job of trust again. I've only heard of one that resigned, and I believe she got a higher-paying job elsewhere!

Finally, why isn't anyone else (so far as I have noticed) asking these questions? Are Muslim sex crimes like bad weather - everyone's shocked and horrified, but no one thinks they can do anything about it? Of course, the crimes cannot be undone, but they sure as Hell could be punished, and punished so severely that criminals and policemen and politicians and bureaucrats in other cities and countries would be afraid to do (or ignore) anything like this again. What kind of wimps are running the UK that it doesn't seem to have occurred to them to do anything so obviously necessary as to prosecute these crimes?


Thanks, Boris--I caught it last night and signalled the night editor. Caught it again this morning and it's now been fixed.


Alice, I'm sure I saw frau here within the past week.


Clarice: I've been looking for Frau in particular since all the 9/1 birthday wishes. Haven't seen her, though it's possible I missed it.

I did a search for "by: Frau" within JOM site, and the most recent comment I find is from August 7. Again, it's possible my google skills are at fault, but... it really seems like a month since I've seen her here.



My Sundays are straight again, your Pieces and now Football, yeah. Great pieces as usual.

I would like to add one thing that you did not mention, that the actions by the officials demonstrate their contempt that they have for themselves and by extension the victims.

I read that some officials call the victims "little sluts" that were asking for it, it was in a story by the Telegraph or Guardian. Anyhow, their own contempt for all things Western plays a role in the attitude of those officials.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

I thought is was a very powerful Pieces.
It brought to mind a lot of past stories....

Like the Jon Stewart & Colbert "rally to restore sanity"- set up to mock the Restoring Honor rally.
Read the media reaction section - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Restoring_Honor_rally

Why?...it was so ugly & petty.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Faith, Hope, Charity

Why would they want to mock that?


You could be right, alice. Lately I've been signing off early and since she's posting from CAL I often don't see her stuff until the next day ..
Bori, I think it was worth the cops job to try to do something and the denigration of these kids was a defense mechanism. In any event, British cops these days are very unaggressive about ALL crimes..except maybe recycling offenses.

Stephanie riding a streetcar named Desire

((British cops these days are very unaggressive about ALL crimes..except maybe recycling offenses.))

That's because rape and the failure to report it doesn't offend their religion (climate change) whereas not recycling is an offense against their god GAIA.

Excellent pieces, Clarice.

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