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September 24, 2014



The video was uploaded to the WH Twitter account, so clearly someone thought it was cool.


So disrespectful to the military. No other president in history has been so dismissive of them.


No other President was so uniquely eligible for the office either.


TK: You are so right!


OOPs I thought TK said ineligible. I assume sarcasm in his post.


Safe assumption.


Jim Eagle

There is only one Joe Cool:

Off to Mayo for an Electromyography!


Looks like he's buttoning or holding closed his coat with his left hand, which is not an excuse, I was just trying to figure out why it was empty. Too much trouble to switch hands I guess.
Can't say I ever had an officer of any rank return a salute like that in six years of AF.
He has no concept of not just military respect but common courtesy and respectful behavior among civilians and citizens.


He has no sense of decorum. Leave the cup in the helo and make a dignified exit instead of one like a slacker grad student.

James D.

IG @ 10:40 says it all, although I'd even expand it a bit further:

He has no concept of not just military respect but common courtesy and respectful behavior among any other human beings.

He truly is a horrible person on every possible level.


The increase in published pieces that question Obama's intelligence gratify me. For, as you know Obama’s just not that smart©.

Insubstantial and ill mannered, he will be remembered by history as the least of the least, but the first.


Pedos never rest.. LUN

Texas Liberty Gal

Not to mention that he just heads off w/o helping Michelle down the stairs like Pres. Bush always did with Laura.

James D.

Back to the idiotic Olbermann comment linked a couple of threads ago.

You actually could make an argument that Jeter isn't in the top ten Yankees ever - only because there is so much enduring, unquestioned greatness throughout Yankee history that the competition is intense for the top ten spots.

You could certainly put Jeter behind:
Babe Ruth
Lou Gehrig
Joe Dimaggio
Mickey Mantle
Yogi Berra
Whitey Ford
Mariano Rivera

That puts him 8th, and there are certainly other Yankee greats that could be included on the list and push him off of it (Elston Howard, Bill Dickey, Don Mattingly, Andy Pettitte, Allie Reynolds...I could go on). But that in no way makes Jeter overrated or any of the other nonsense Olbermann spouted.




Sandy--Engorged Capital~Fallow Districts--Daze

he is not worthy to scrape the dog shit from the bottom of any MARINE'S boots.

What a disgusting thing he is.

Soldiers, sailors, airmen, and MARINES should expect that their commander in chief is worthy of the sacrifice they are ready, willing, and able to make, as a result of his orders.

A Commander In Chief should pray every night that he is worthy enough to give orders to men and women who are prepared to make any sacrifice necessary in fulfillment of order given.

In this case, the abominable piece of shit in the commander in chief's chair, is not worthy. Hell, he is not even equal to the stuff scraped off the bottom of the boots.

cindyk on IPad

Once again, I repeat....404 is an A$$wipe!!


Aw...Dems finally figuring out they won't be able to pick up Kentucky.


Lotta GOP handwringers wrong on this one too.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

I posted this on the other thread -

Drudge has up Obama's marine "latte" salute.

and his loping ahead of his wife is pretty weird too.
He's OUTTA there...with a spring in his step..lookin' around for admirers while his wife comes out alone.

He really is uber self-centered. He basks in being adored. Look at any speech...as he starts to feel the adoration...he picks up the pace & starts getting jaunty.
It is sickening to watch.
How the people in the audience don't see it is beyond me.

He mopes & pouts when the audience is serious & more critical...but in front of his worshipers, he becomes Mr. Cool...at least in his own mind.


Like that headline, too - "slipping away from the Dems." They never had it, so it isn't slipping away from them.

James D.

Sandy, if Zero prays at night, it's most likely to a picture of himself.

James D.

Janet, there is something in a lot of people that, unfortunately, responds to that kind of personality and presentation.

A lot of people do gravitate towards, respect, even worship sociopaths and narcissists. And, sometimes, the more pronounced those traits are, the more people respond to them.

I will never understand it, but it's certainly not limited to Zero worship.

Dave (in MA)

He probably has a teleprompter app on his ipad in front of his prayer mat.


Still behind the pay wall so you are getting an advance peek at this one:

Snyder (R) 47%
Schauer (D) 41%

The other half of the poll yesterday that had Land inside the MOE with her race in Michigan for the Senate. Maybe Snyder has coattails?


LOL, Dave.

Tom Maguire

On Jeter being overrated - think how high the bar is for anyone hoping to be the top Yankee of all time based on stats. Even if young Mike Trout goes on to have the career we hope, will he really pass the Babe, or win a Triple Crown like Mantle?

So set aside stats and imagine aiming for Top Character Guy, or fan favorite. Now you're going to pass The Luckiest Guy on the Face of the Earth AND Yogi Berra? Good luck with that, unless you manage to cure AIDS in the off-season.

But Jeter is solidly in the top ten Yankees.

And all that said, when Olbermann talks about being overrated, he speaks from authority.


Here is a couple things to know about the NC Senate race. Hagan has heretofore owned the airwaves and Democrats have given her bazillions of dollars to ply her story. Tillis was still in legislative session until last week, and has only recently been able to get sufficient funding to counter the barrage. Yet despite that in poll after poll, she gets no more than 45%.

Note most of these poll have a retread Losertarian getting 5% to 8% of the polling. Haugh. He ran previously and got 1.45%. Its typical in NC for third party candidate to underperform their previous total in any subsequent races.

I think most of Haugh support ultimately goes to Tillis and undecided break decidedly against the incumbent, especially in a State where Obama pulled out every stop and still lost by 2% in a presidential election year.

NC is not overwhelming Republican, and Hagan has all the advantages of incumbency PLUS lots of Democrat lucre. I see no reason however for Tillis to underperform Romney in a non presidential year.

Its not like the Democrat did not run their full War On Wimmenz bs in 2012...

Jeff Dobbs

Joe Cool?

I give you Bo Kool:

Bo Kool


Cool Breeze






Here's the photo Sally Kohn helpfully tweeted to show all those wingerz how crazy they are because Bush!!! did it too!!!

Bush freed a hand to salute, Obama did not bother. And a coffee cup is a lot easier to shift than a dog.


another beheading per gateway pundit. ugh


Did all the beheadings in Mexico ever get this kind of press?

Since they have been facilitating Invasion America for decades, you'd think it might get a mention.


I recommend all of the Gateway Pundit stories, from Ralph Peters pointing out we bombed Syria at night when presumably the buildings were unoccupied by sleeping terrorists to Barry besmirching us at the UN over Ferguson.


the outfit is called 'army of the caliph' no they aren't islamic at all:



Remind me to read this guy every day.

Chris Stirewalt


Extraneus, I get Stirewalt's update in his Fox News First email every morning. Same fantastic column, right to your inbox. Here's the signup page:



Ex, he sends out a Daily email. I get A couple but Stirewalt is my favorite.

"He probably has a teleprompter app on his ipad in front of his prayer mat."

Very very funny.


Thanks, ladies. I shudder at the thought of giving my email out though... Maybe a bogus one that will only forward email from Stirewalt. Hmmm.... That's a great idea!

Danube on iPad

A whole lot of my buddies are very, very upset with that salute.

It is far too much to expect Sally Kohn to understand (as the Marines surely did) that Bush's salute was a gesture of respect, whereas Obama's was one of indolence.

Cecil Turner

I used to get annoyed with sloppy salutes from military officers . . . but this really raises it to a new level.

Salutes by the president is a rather new tradition (first regularized by Reagan, though some earlier presidents may have done it infrequently), and I generally support it. However, there is certainly no requirement for the practice, and if he can't do it properly, he ought not do it at all.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Indolence and insolence, DOT. Two very poor qualities for a CIC at any time let alone when some of his troops are in harms way.


Respect, and of not flippantly shirking his responsibilities.


CecilT-- I agree with that. This came up during Bubba's time, and the military officers I knew at the time shared this view, the POTUS should not be sloppy, and if you can't salute properly,just don't do it all.


Imagine how much Obama despises having to salute, and how much GWB enjoyed it.


That boy is very lazy. He certainly hasn't done anything to enhance or to improve the images of those po' black boys.



New England At High Risk For Snownadoes This Winter

Changing weather patterns continue to produce severe weather

- See more at: http://www.rilenews.com/stories/us-international/new-england-at-high-risk-for-snownadoes-this-year/#sthash.htSIsMV2.dpuf

Danube on iPad

Say what you will about Bubba, he cared enough about doing it right that he took instructions and practiced.

Until quite recently, in the Navy and Marine Corps you didn't salute if your head was uncovered. If you received a salute, the response was a perceptible nod and a return of the saluter's greeting ("good afternoon").

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

I find it telling that everyone assumes it is either

a latte
a cappuccino

No one assumes it is coffee, black to 'put a little hair on your chest'


Probably hot chocolate, Stephanie.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

An answer for the equaters out there:



Jane, the northeast has always had snownadoes. They were called blizzards.

Danube, WFAYTA? It has always been acceptable protocol for civilians (with their heads uncovered) to accept and to return (properly} salutes from military-in-arms (with their heads covered) or even in just tennis shoes and a jock strap.

Danube on iPad

"Did all the beheadings in Mexico ever get this kind of press?"

I think if the victims were Americans and the executions were photographed and videotaped, you would see plenty of attention.

Some Guy

No one assumes it is coffee

I assumed it was Kool-Aid.

In '08 it seemed like everyone was drinking it. He'll be the last one to believe it tastes great.


I assumed it was drank, just like his son, Trayvon.


There are plenty of videos and photographs of America's neighbors.

Dave (in MA)

As long as they're not sharksnownadoes.


Say what you will about Bubba, he cared enough about doing it right that he took instructions and practiced.

You can probably find it on youtube, that awkward instance for Clinton when he gave a weak-ass sorta/kinda start of a salute to a Marine at the WH, then extended his hand. The Marine cooly removed his right glove, one finger at a time, letting him wait for the handshake. Marines are a breed apart.

Danube on iPad

"It has always been acceptable protocol for civilians (with their heads uncovered) to accept and to return (properly} salutes from military-in-arms"

My comment was expressly limited to the Navy and Marine Corps. I said nothing about civilians.


Probably hot chocolate, Stephanie.

Naw it was an umbrella drink. That's more his style.


I've been in the NE for all but 4 years of my life (accd to facebook I am 28) and I've never seen a tornado in the winter. Hell I've only seen one in the summer and it sucked.


It would seem more reasonable to me that the CIC return a salute if having served in the military.
If they haven't a nod could work just fine.


I think that's right, glas. For Reagan and the Bushes, it seemed appropriate, but it used to disgust me when Clinton did it, particularly since we knew about his "loathing" letter. Imagine his wife doing it.


I'm surprised it was only a coffee cup salute;

Jeff Dobbs

.Obama Salutes the Troops


Today, Michelle joined her husband in poor mouthing this country before the UN--moaning about women being mistreated and all--Never saw anything like this.


Karl Rove (yeah, I know) was quite insistent last night on Hannity that it was not a latte, but Chai tea - he said that is what Obama drinks a lot of.

Dave (in MA)

Maybe Mooch would like to have to dress up like a beekeeper the way the women have to in the countries ruled by the people Golfy bows to.



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