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September 06, 2014



Magical Thinking From Tom Friedman

Is there any other kind from this fart?

Captain Hate

I'm not seeing the word "fracking" in any of this. Of course it would be heresy for Flathead to utter that forbidden word but I didn't think TM was likewise constrained.


He has writers who do this for him right?

It's a comedy styling thing right ?

I like Sarasota, a 54 year old guy with thick curly hair and a few bucks can do alright I think.

The whole Sand Hill crane thing is kinda goofy though.


Off to listen to Kudlow while walking the dogs. Cheers.

Eric in Boise

Meh, it seems to me that people want to be left alone to live their own lives, or they don't. If they don't, and they're OK with some people being controlled by others, for some reason they always see themselves as ultimately part of the "controllers" rather than the "controllees", e.g. Friedman, Kruggers, and pretty much every Dem anymore.

What's depressing to me is the fact that many GOPe members are in the second group as well, while insisting in ringing tones that they're in the first.

And don't get me started on the a**holes that insist that because I favor a government that will leave me alone to the greatest extent possible within the bounds of a functioning civil society, I must therefore favor chopping down stop signs and blowing up traffic signals. Our local fish wrap insinuated as much when they commented on the irony of those nasty Tea Partiers walking along government-supplied roads with their protest signs.



this is why we can't have a coalition, 'nice things'


they leak like a sieve.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Meant to mention this group for their good works but forgot... they were just spotlighted on GMA or some morning show last week.


Eric in Boise

From the comments at narc's Gateway pundit source:

Spot on.


--ensuring that we unite to consistently invest in clean energies that take us beyond fossil fuels, increase efficiency and address climate change--

What would be magical would be a little honesty from this shit for brains.
We massively tax fossil fuels so people use less and then massively subsidize unicorn energy so anyone will use it at all and this is going to somehow increase efficiency?

If he keeps it up he's liable to get himself a Nobel Prize for economics too.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?


I found Harf's interview letter...

Buford Gooch

Holy crap, Stephanie. The stupid from that bunch of knot heads at your link is weapon grade. Just getting ISIS to read or listen to that tripe might cause enough of them to bust a gut laughing to stop their advances.


Hold up, ISIS was stealing oil and selling it on the spot market, undercutting the major distributors.


Expecto Petrona,



In this piece on a failed raid, the NY'er explains little Mr. Obama was kept in the dark about the plans.

To which I say, horseshit.


Stephanie accidentally OnT?

I'd rather have the green flash of light aimed at Obama, narc. IYKWIM.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Could the Buckeyes look any more rancid?

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

This is cool:



their muffins are very dangerous:


Comanche Voter

Keep eating those magic beans Friedman.

He's an interesting fellow in a way. I once had a year where things were pretty slow, so I read the New York Times at lunch every day--including the op ed pages. Even in those days I was smart enough to avoid reading Krugman. Every sentence you read of Krugman kills 100 brain cells.

But Friedman appeared on the surface to be reasonable. But I discovered--over the course of the year, that sooner or later old Tom would come around and contradict himself. In May he'd say object A is a very good thing. Then in December he'd say object A is a very bad thing. Name the subject of one of his op ed pieces--and invariably you'd see him take diametrically opposed opposition--sometimes sooner, sometimes later--but inevitably so.


Schmidle peddled a similar narrative, with the Bin Laden raid,


To consistently split infinitives...

jimmyk on iPad

"and we have implemented tax reform that signals our commitment to clean growth, "

I don't suppose Manifest Energy, Inc. has any stake in "clean energy." Nah, that would be too cynical on my part.

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