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September 12, 2014



The Syrian Christians support Assad and are protected by him. What happens to them when the rebels take him down?


We don't have a clue.

Put that on a banner and hang it from the WH balcony.


Obama's just not that smart.
And, he's a liar.


"We don't have a clue."

that should be on the POTUS seal -- particularly the one on his podium--so long as Obummer is in office.


Another SNL comedy routine by Harf:

Harf to Reporter Saying Germany Is Backing Out: "Why Do You Always Focus On What People Say They Won't Do?"


If you lived in a neighborhood of violent thugs and gangsters and some Dudley Do-right came riding into town who had already proven time and again he'll poke the bullies in the nose and then ride out of town to let the locals absorb the retribution would you sign up to play on his team?


Howie Carr is great today:



I ask the floor wax/dessert topping question:


when they are not directly coordinating with Nusra and ISIS, they run away like the Black Knight,


"Take note at what Obama's, passport records scrubber, CIA DirectorJohn Brennan says in the first video provided here;"



How many of the Democrat leadership quite recently thought Assad was the berries? John Kerry and his shrew of a wife had dinner with the Assads and San Fran Nan comes to mind as well. Levin too maybe? I am sure JOM can add to the list.

This is the caucus that is "torn".

Captain Hate

Harf ought to just start hitting the comedy clubs.


So true, GMax.

The conventional thinking is that Obama's actions are destroying to Democrat Party when, in fact, they are defining it.

Captain Hate

Pelosi might have been there for some cataract work.


Obama deserves to be bogged down in Iraq for the remainder of his days in office.


TK@11:19-- I certainly hope Obummer succeeds in that. It's been my hope since 2009 that Obummer successfully purges all of the 'moderate' Dems out of the party (they are phonies of course) and makes it a full-on prog party. That would allow the Repubs to be a full on conservative party so voters would have a real choice. That kills the Dem party for at least a generation, or until someone is wiping the oatmeal off my chin, whichever sooner.


Yes, next year when ISIS is besieging Riyadh, Lurch will pretend not to have known the royals,

Now Cameron is doing his best impression of Graham Chapman's upper class twit, winning the future,

Rick B

According to the WaPo, the Lackwitz Sisters are buying up all the clues. Charlie Cook describes how to read the clues of a Dem disaster. His description of soft polling support for incumbents fits a number of Senate races as well as the current results for the few House races for which public polls are available.

The Tierney outcome in Massachusetts is a harbinger as is Cuomos performance in New York.


In other news:

The Islamic State changed its name to "No! Really! We're Islamic in the Sense That We're Adherents to Our Interpretation of Islam Which Necessitates Sharia Law And All That Stuff and We're A State"

President Obama reasserted his claim that they are not, in fact, Islamic.

Dave (in MA)

On Facebook someone posted under a picture of Harf,
"I mean, come on. It's war. Sam Elliot or Fred Thompson... not Reese Witherspoon."


a twitter user came up with the optimal name for Obama's Middle Eastern military strategy:
Operation Polling Thunder


I dubbed her Elle Woods, at one point,

Dave (in MA)


Heh (after I looked up Elle Woods).


Contemplate this from Rick's link to Charlie Cook:

As we got to late summer and early fall in 1994, it became clear that a wave was building, a big Republican wave, but it still looked unlikely that the GOP would score the 40-seat net gain needed to win a majority for the first time in 40 years. Giving Republicans every conceivable competitive race, you still couldn't count 40 Democratic losses.

On election night, the GOP picked up a mind-boggling 52 seats, winning districts that had never received a dime from the national party; long shots who had seemed to be jokes were actually winning.

Long shots were winning. Democrats were stuck in the low 40s for soft support...


That would allow the Repubs to be a full on conservative party so voters would have a real choice.

Once again the GOP is beholding to the whims of the Democratic Party.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

"We don't have a clue."

It'll have to be in Latin so it sounds majestic!



Non sum medicus

(per google translate)


TK@12:03-- a lot of truth to that. In the times I grew up, the FDR coalition made the dems the clear majority party. They easily controlled the House 1954-1994. The competitive Senate and POTUS elections were fights over the 'middle' (muddle) so there really was 'not a dime's worth of difference.' That has been changing, slowly, since McCovern and quickening since 1994. I see a real chance than perhaps as early as 2016 (if the Dems nominate Fauxchahontas) we could have a Prog and conservative twoparty system that are very different.


Posted earlier by OL.

U.S. threatened massive fine to force Yahoo to release data

The U.S. government threatened to fine Yahoo $250,000 a day in 2008 if it failed to comply with a broad demand to hand over user communications — a request the company believed was unconstitutional — according to court documents unsealed Thursday that illuminate how federal officials forced American tech companies to participate in the National Security Agency’s controversial PRISM program.

The documents, roughly 1,500 pages worth, outline a secret and ultimately unsuccessful legal battle by Yahoo to resist the government’s demands. The company’s loss required Yahoo to become one of the first to begin providing information to PRISM, a program that gave the NSA extensive access to records of online com­munications by users of Yahoo and other U.S.-based technology firms.

The ruling by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review became a key moment in the development of PRISM, helping government officials to convince other Silicon Valley companies that unprecedented data demands had been tested in the courts and found constitutionally sound.

Seems like a strange way to characterize what some black-robed political operatives approved.


Siena released to NY congressional poll yesterday. I think someone posted the results of 21 but taken in tandem they make a better point. These are districts which are rated competitive by Cook in in PVI at D + 1 and EVEN. Now look at the results:

NY 21
Sefanik (R) 46 / Woolf (D) 33

NY 19
Gibson (R-Inc) 57 / Eldridge 33

Just to put these into context, RCP has NY_19 Lean R, as does Cook and Sabato, and Rothenberg has it a TOSSUP.

NY_21, the ALL have it a tossup.

Think about that R + 18 that was ferreted out yesterday in context of these two races and the measured results. These are upstate NY, not Alabama...

Rick B

Senate Progressives Fascists with soft polling:

Hagan 44.6
Landrieu 44.7
Pryor 42.2
Udall 46
Begich 42.7
Shaheen 47.7


RickB-- there are 3 open Dem seats, correct? So these 6 soft dems, makes a possible 9 seat turnaround? is that correct?

Rick B


There are five open Fascist seats, West Virginia, Monatana, South Dakota, Iowa and Michigan. Michigan is the only disappointment with Land running a peculiarly dysfunctional campaign to date. Three are already solid pickups and Ernst is doing well in Iowa so a ten seat swing is very possible.

Beasts of England

Non habeant ideam.

(per Latin classes, subject to review by Elliott)


RickB-- as usual, many thanks for the scorecard. I am dissapointed with Michigan, that would seem to be a easier pick up than NH. Who knows, maybe the gals in NH like Scottie Centerfolds' features.

Strawman Cometh

not Reese Witherspoon.

Reese has more gravitas than Harf

Jim Eagle


There is no exact word for word translation for "clue" in Latin.

Your translation is "We haven't any idea".

AliceH is closer to "We don't have a clue".

But Latin is a dead language,
As dead as it can be,
First it killed the Romans,
And now its killing me:)

4 years HS and pre-Vatican Council II altar boy:)

Cecil Turner

The NY Times editors felt, with some reason, that they betrayed their readership in 2002/3 by failing to put Bush Administration claims under a microscope in the run-up to the Iraq war.

Funny that the best examples of supposed postwar revelations are in themselves lies. For example: "lied into war"; "no WMD"; or the sixteen words. Meanwhile, the most ridiculous formulations of this presidency (e.g., "if you like your health care . . . " or "kinetic military action") are treated as plausible or starved of ink. And yet, we pretend the revealed wisdom of the Times' consensus reality is somehow legitimate.

“Frankly, we don’t have a clue.”

Well, that about sums it up. And, unfortunately, it's obvious.

But I think the larger point here is that the polls we've been using to fashion our foreign policy are largely dependent on the fourth estate. And, apparently, they're only on board when we're doing something stupid. Which is more than a bit scary.


--Reese has more gravitas than Harf...--

A neutrino has more gravitas than Harf.

--But I think the larger point here is that the polls we've been using to fashion our foreign policy are largely dependent on the fourth estate.--

Cecil, the JOM usage and style manual generally indicates "fifth column" rather than "fourth estate."

Tom Maguire

Name that non-war!

a twitter user came up with the optimal name for Obama's Middle Eastern military strategy: - Operation Polling Thunder

Pretty good. I like "Operation Sand Trap".


Operation: The Wacky President's Game.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Operation Line in the Sandtrap.

Cecil Turner

Desert Sham, Enduring Farce


Uncertain Trumpet

Comanche Voter

Ah in the Middle East who is going to sign on to Nancy Boy's team? They like strong horses and Obama is no more than a broken down Shetland pony--if that.

As for the two State Department Spokeholes, "Heifer" Harf, and Jan Sack of something, don't knock 'em. They are at least as smart as Lurch--which isn't saying much.

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