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September 20, 2014



Where is everyone?


Our enemies recognize the present WH occupant is strictly an Old Maid kinda guy.

Miss Marple

Checking in here, Dr. J.

Thanks to narciso and JiB for letting me know Omar is a fairly common name in Latin America. I didn't know that.

You can learn something here every day!

Rick B


BOzo managed to bluff Beschloss out of his reputation even though Old Maid may well be beyond his capability.


Why would we evercarewhat that fool beschloss has to say about anything.... 'highest IQ evah'

Jeff Dobbs

Where is everyone?

Not again.

Ok, here we go.

caro is back home after traveling in Europe.
daddy is in Hawaii
Beasts is just about to go to bed because he's running on three hours sleep at this point, but first another bloody mary
I'm on my deck
You, of course, are up the hill and inhaling second-hand forest fire smoke
JiB is at a soccer game
Gmax is on the gulf coast hunting for easter eggs that he will then use to play ping pong or something
Ext is off traveling some very dark places on the internet


"Don't call my bluff." From the smartest president ever. Gak!

Danube on iPad

I thought "don't call my bluff" was one of the stupidest things I ever heard. I suppose he meant "I'm not bluffing," but hell....

Old Lurker

Hit, and OL is still on Nantucket and Jim Rhodes should be home from his second vacation in the heart ward this year...

HB to CC and James!


HB CCal and James D!


Happy birthday centralcal and James D!

Stephanie, when is the ATL meetup? Mr Porch's new band has a show at Smith's Olde Bar on 11/14.



Since I live inside the perimeter that's easy to get to for me.


Long long ago in the old Roger Simon blog days, a commenter who had been a classmate of W's at Yale said that W had the reputation of being the best poker player at the school.


Back from Goodwill. Now time to pick up the teenagers who just sang at the sandy springs festival.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

That weekend! That would work great if DrJ came in a bit early for his conference.


Steph, check your email.


the Arabs occupied Spain for nearly 8 centuries, and we were copacetic for about three, then El Cid,* went all 'braveheart

*Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

DrJ... you have mail.


HB , CC!

Beschloss--the guy who said Obama was the smartest president to ever sit in the WH?

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