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September 30, 2014





Speaking of David French;
Here is his destruction of that condescending, ignoramus, atheist prof who, because he's a cocooned moron, thought he had found a cheap, easy way for the gates of hell to prevail.


Wait. What? Can I keep my doctor?


Jeep owner does what we all wish we had when he drives up on the curb to block a corvette owner's door who had taken two parking spots right in front of a Red Robin.
Let's hope it starts a trend.


Viral Video - Ohio State Coach Anthony Schlegel Tackles Fan on Field:


Jim Eagle

Kill them all.


With so many new links you know for certain that TM's damn Yankee's ain't playing in the Post Season.

Jim Eagle

Slaap kekeer, tots morgen.



I am surprised that in the linked NRO Piece, the author forgot to bring up John Kerry's hot mic mocking of the Israeli's for civilian bomb casualties: 'Hell of a pinpoint operation’

And how come no reporter has been able to find Kerry and shove a microphone in his face and ask for his apology?

Beasts of England

I assume that JiB is referring to Corvette owners? ;)

miss Marple

That guy representing the college which asked the cop-killer to speak was very creepy.

He had hair and a beard like someone from the Emerald City of Oz.


I am going to bed. Nytol.


Wake up Miss marple!!! The A's just got a 3 run homer. Anybody going to bed now is crazy.


Centralcal on iPad

"He had hair and a beard like someone from the Emerald City of Oz."

Of course he did, Miss Marple! To make up for lack of brain matter.


Gotta' take the dogs now and leave the game with you guys (Oakland 7-3 in the 6th), but I did hear Rush today mentioning a report of 3 of the Bergdahl 5 reportedly fighting with ISIS.

I never caught up today. Did anyone verify that from Rush, and I wonder how anyone would verify that? If I was the bad guys, I wouldn't come out to do a roll call for the US, and could we believe the Administration if they told us all present and accounted for?

Just wondering. Off with the boys.


I don't think so, daddy, one of the places that reported the claim was that National Report, it's not entirely out of the question, after all, the Islamic State is the new club, but there doesn't seem to be any evidence for it,

Danube on iPad

It seems Baghdad is likely to fall.

The scope of the disaster we are facing will unfold slowly and steadily in the coming months.

I see no more reason to expect that the West will prevail in this struggle than there was reason to expect that Rome would prevail against the Goths, Visigoths, Vandals et al. Nowhere is it written that humanity cannot descend into another Dark Age.

What do you think Europe will look like in fifty years?


Almost linked this earlier;Is the world on the cusp of a new Dark Age.

Observations rule under enlightenment.

Camilleri's off on attribution of warming. It is only 'extremely likely' that humans are the 'dominant' cause in computer models. The argument rages hot and heavy in climate science, and of course, the derivative politics.


Mebbe I'll go read the rest. He was over the target until then.

Danube on iPad

Interesting link at 10:55, Iggy. I saw no mention of radical Islam in his essay.


Nowhere is it written that humanity cannot descend into another Dark Age.

Well, as the Aussies would say, we've had a good innings, 230 years or so of relative freedom and prosperity.

Danube on iPad

I'm with you, jimmyk. As I keep saying, we lived at perhaps the best possible time in human history.

It's the kids amd grandkids I worry about, but at some point you have to let it go and hope they can make the best of it.


very sobering indeed,


Most valuable player nobody ever heard of.

I think Andrew White was the Anglican who connected with Sistani and together they brokered the onset of the peace.

Some Guy

The A's/Royals game is incredible. Scrapping and clawing into the 12th.

Some Guy

I was pulling for the A's, but the Royals were tenacious.

Amazing game.


Well that blows:(

9 to 8 Kansas City in the 12th.

They deserved it tho' because they wanted it more and played better. Lowry should be strung up by his balls.

Dave (in MA)

I wanted the Red Sox West to win, but when you drop 16 games in Sept., it's not surprising you can't hold a lead. I have to figure out who I root for the rest of the way...



I'm guessing that Cespedes, who we traded to you Beantowners on the trading deadline when the A's were 10 up in the division, is elated tonight.


Condolences, daddy, I usually root for the A's vs anyone but the Tigers. What did Lowrie do (or not do)? Seems like the announcers overlooked the fact that the A's catcher dropped that pitchout, which could have been the 3rd out, and instead was the winning run.



I'm biased against him because so often during the great slump of the last month he'd come up with men on base and consistently not deliver, (at least when I was listening). Then tonight very early on he muffs a grounder and they score it a single not an error. Should have been an error. Then the next batter hit's a grounder which should be a routine double play and we wind up getting only the guy at second. That was the fault of the 2nd Baseman, but arghhh.

Then on the walk I hear the announcer say, "The ball's hit to Lowrie at short, ohhh, it just went under his glove.

So I come in and hit the box score and tonight he's 0 for 5.

Here's our first 6 batters:
Crisp: 2 for 6
Fuld: 2 for 5
Donaldson: 2 for 5
Moss: 2 for 5
Reddick: 2 for 4
Lowrie: 0 for 5.

And Crisp has been in pain with his neck and leg all month while Donaldson hardly ben able to walk.

Possibly unfair, but that's why I'm not a fan of Lowrie.

Dave (in MA)


And Jon Lester, not so much. He's still talked about as a free agent possibility in Boston, which would make Cespedes a steal..


--Interesting link at 10:55, Iggy. I saw no mention of radical Islam in his essay.--

The title echoed what you said, DoT, but much of the contents were pretty suspect or half thought out; the absence of a 1400 year old implacable foe of enlightenment and progress being one of the major misses.


I'm frankly a bit glad the A's made our pain short and sweet, daddy, because they were never going all the way anyway.


I suppose the good thing for Obama, is that now that that CDC Doctor told us all there's nothing to worry about (re: the Ebola case in Texas), if it turns into a horrendous plague, then Obama has another fall guy he can blame for having fed him bum info.


Signing off with 13 gifs of Kate Upton. :)


Signing off with 13 gifs of Kate Upton.


What are you trying to do, perk up Verlander?

Dave (in MA)

Is that a euphemism?


Doesn't matter now daddy. I kinda like the Tigers anyway after the A's went down.
Besides, pretty sure she's perking him up all by herself.


Carp, Iggy's right.

Now I gotta' figure out somebody else to pull for.

Screw the Halo's.

Guess I'll default to the Kate Upton's until some other team catches my interest.


Shoot, still awake so I'll sign off again with two interesting links from The Week;
1. Interesting analysis of the Chinese military threat and the obstacles to it.
2. How liberals are unwittingly paving the way for the legalization of adult incest.

Unwitting? Yeah right. Still an interesting read.

Jane on Ipad


I'm with you. I never thought I'd say " I 'm glad I'm old", but given the state of affairs, I say it a lot. The future looks pretty dark thanks entirely to Obama.


Thanks entirely to Obama? Get a grip. Jesus loves you.

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