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September 02, 2014



Willie Sutton famously, if apocryphally, responded to the question of why he robbed banks with the rejoinder, "Because that's where the money is." If taken to its modern logical extreme it explains Landrieu's situation perfectly.


so she lives with her parents. How symbolic of the Obama permanent recession.

Miss Marple

Well, it's one reason Dick Lugar is a FORMER senator.

Good afternoon!

Jim Eagle

He is getting us confused with our former colonial masters in Great Britain where most MP's represent districts they don't liv in or even have to live in. In facr, it is electoral strategy to find square hole for square peg up-n-commers (safe districts) to preserve their front bench status.


The Constitution should shut up.

Danube on iPad

I think Hollis will lose his lawsuit regardless of who the judge is.

I'd be interested to know how many days she spends per year in LA. I assume she maintains a Senatorial office there.

Interesting issue.

Jim Eagle

This article is for Rich when he shows up. Actually, I've always wanted to be sea captain. Aaaargh!



"I have lived at my home on Prieur Street most of my life and I live there now, when not fulfilling my duties in Washington or serving constituents across the state," Landrieu has told Fox News and The Associated Press.

Perhaps incumbents should be required to document how many nights they have slept in their home districts (states, for senators). I suspect what Landrieu does is pretty common practice, but any political pressure that can lead to our representatives spending less time in DC is probably a good thing.

Barry Dauphin

Corporeal Inversion!


Enough about Mary Landrieu's problems, I have problems of my own.

I am at the Used Book Store/Coffee Shop in our little equivalent of Berkeley in Anchorage today, mustering up courage to go into action.

My mission this afternoon is to see what happens when I take back in to our Library a brand new Library Book I had checked out, that has unfortunately become a tad swollen and filthy from spilled coffee and dog dirt. Beats me how that happened.

JOMer's will recall that my total of late fines and damage fees at my Library currently stands at $227.12.

Knowing I would be having to go in and talk to Library types, my strategy (I actually have one!) has been to put on a clean shirt and head down to my Health Club, where I sat in the steam room for a half hour to cook all the dog grime and stench out of my pores, then took an industrial strength shower, since my car is essentially a kennel on wheels and there is a slight possibility that in general I am a slighter bigger stranger to soap and water than you guys down in the lower 48:)

Anyhow, now I am cleaned up and finishing up a fancy coffee of some sort with healthy oodles of Whipped Cream on top (Thanks TM), and just about to head to the Library.

The damaged book BTW, is this one:

Nature's Nether Regions: What the Sex Lives of Bugs, Birds, and Beasts Tell Us About Evolution, Biodiversity, and Ourselves

Since it's on Darwin type stuff like relative penis size in Japanese Stag Beetles compared to their body weight (I8.66%), I think the Left Wing Librarians might cut me a break.

But since it's also about trying to locate the vagina's of Wallaby's, I may throw them for a loop, if the Dewey Decimaler" happens to be a gal. (Porchlight excepted of course.)

Anyhow, wish me luck. Either the Library gods are with me today, or I may instead be the owner of a fabulous brand new, tho' slightly damaged book, that Miss Marple and I may be able to sell on E-Bay and we can split the proceeds and lose weight together splurging on high fat Corned Beef sandwiches from Shapiro's Deli my next visit to Indy.

Once more into the breach...So fingers crossed JOMers. Wish me luck.


I know if I tried to avoid California income taxes or vehicle registration fees by telling my CA masters I was a resident of NV because I stay at a friend's house once in a while and vote there they would be somewhat less than receptive to my arguments.

Thomas Collins

Good luck, daddy. But pay up! Having already bailed Deadhorse out of the hoosegow this year, if you're pinched and end up in the clink, I'd feel obligated to bail you out in gratitude for that care package you sent Deadhorse when she was in Deadhorse!

Don't mess with librarians!

Some Guy

The Stupidity of Hating Your Senator for Living Where You've Sent Her to Work

The stupidity of not living in the place you REPRESENT.


miss Marple

daddy, If you have to buy that book, I will gladly sell it on eBay, provided that you write the description!

Deal on eating at Shapiro's next time you are here.! That corned beef is superior to any except maybe NYC delis, which I have never patronized, being as I am only in New York when I have a layover at JFK.

Jim Eagle


I haven't checked out a library book in over 30 years. Have the card as does Frederick both here and Southampton but I read mostly on my iPad. Frederick on his,

But I have a library here and in southampton. How the hell did that happen?

Jim Eagle

Why flying flags in Belfast have meanings. Its all aboiut sympathetic oppression. Eejits!


Beasts of England

Are you punking us, daddy? Is that really one of your overdue books?

Jim Eagle

Al Jazeera will not show the vid of Sotoloff's demise but will our MSM?

Who is more corrupt?

miss Marple

The whole beheading thing is despicable.

We should have announced that because of Foley's beheading we were going to destroy ISIS. Period.

Andrea is pointing out how Obama is falsely blaming the Pentagon and CIA.

Jim Eagle


If we can't declare war on ISIS can we at least declare war on William Devane?


Sotoloff has been missing for a year.Where was our Intelligence agencies and rescue teams? Oh right, we forgot to send them and when we did the journalists had been moved. Meanwhile a Marine rots in jail in mexico and Bammy, Biden and Kerry do nothing.Disgusting. how about jailing them for 2 months until the election is over?They sure aren't doing much diplomatically. Lying to voters about hope is not a stategy. A strategery but not a plan.
daddy: At my library if the fine is over 10 bucks you can't take out any more books.

James D.

A status update - as of tomorrow at 8:30 AM, I will be employed again. For the moment, it's only a six-month contract position, but if all goes well, there's a good chance it will become a permanant position.

And of course, since I signed the papers this morning, I've heard back from three other places I applied to, asking me to come in for an interview. It really is feast or famine, isn't it?

In other news, book #8 is on schedule for it's October 31 release (and it's available for pre-order now - Amazon just opened that feature up for us self-published folk a few weeks ago).

OF course, given what's going on in the news, I can't help but think that I'm getting good news just in time for Zero's feckless foreign policy to start World War III and get me and Janet and Clarice and Rich all killed when Iran or Russia or ISIS or one of our other enemies nukes Washington, DC.


Obama will blame anyone he can for his lousy lack of leadership.


JamesD; Congratulations on your new job. It is feast or famine. I remember having 3 job offers in the same day in August before the school year started.


Congrats and way to go James D!!


Very good news, JamesD. Congrats!

Jim Eagle

Can't link it but the Examiner is reporting 11 missing commercial airliners from Tripoli airport in Libya.

911 redux anyone?

Captain Hate

I'd be interested to know how many days she spends per year in LA. I assume she maintains a Senatorial office there.

Wasn't her office in NOLA where James O'Keefe ran afoul of the Double Naught Attorney General?

Jim Eagle


Obama speaks at Public Union rally about jobs in America.



Jim Eagle

The missing airliners link.



Beasts of England

Congratulations, James D.!

Captain Hate

What a louse:


Some Guy

Congrats James D.!

Captain Hate

Good news, James D. CRUW would be proud.

Danube on iPad

Great news, James. Good idea, JiB.

I would call this an act of terror, but not an act of war. The latter would dignify this mob as a state.

Stephanie riding a streetcar named Desire

Yay James D!!


Two good things before the election... Well done James!


Glad to hear you're still in demand, James!

Danube on iPad

The constitution requires that a senator be an "inhabitant" of his state. I don't know what kind of breadcrumbs the Founders left on this point, but my guess is that they were doing nothing more than saying a guy from Connecticut couldn't all of a sudden go down and run for the senate in Tennessee.

A couple of my best friends have bought homes in other states to avoid CA income tax, including the millionaire's tax. In order to do so they have to demonstrate each year that they spent more days in the other state than in CA (days traveling elsewhere don't count either way). The burden is on them, so they have to save receipts from every day in the other state.


The latter would dignify this mob as a state.

If they cannot commit acts of war, can we declare war against them? It's not as though (as with the Bush doctrine) they have state sponsors. Of course with these clowns in office it's a purely academic question.

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Glad to hear good news, James D.


And congrats on the job, James D, hope it works out.


Daddy, you would like this program:

CBC Radio -- Quirks and Quarks


You can listen on internet streaming. Yesterday I heard a discussion about how cloning science is now trying to bring back extinct species like the the passenger pigeon, mammoth, etc.


Perhaps incumbents should be required to document how many nights they have slept in their home districts..

Of course these are the same people who complain about Burger King moving its offices.


Congrats James!


Anyone believe this? Me, neither.

The United States, as you know, has dedicated significant time and resources to trying and rescue Mr. Sotloff. We’ve — I’m not in a position to confirm the authenticity of that video or the reports at this point, obviously, since I just walked out here,” he added.

He said...Earnestly.


DoT, would those friends be considered inhabitants of both States?


It's 110 years since "Perdicaris alive.. or Raisuli dead!" They call this progress? (BTW Perdicaris was a Greek guy?):



-- The latter would dignify this mob as a state.--

You mean the Islamic State which controls considerably more territory than their neighbors, say Jordan, or Israel for that matter, and has a government in more of a sense than Somalia or Chad, isn't a state?



No doubt, if you want to submit. Die already, jackass.

Jim Eagle

My Gut tells me the vids are phony and both guys are alive. Just a feeling but the Jihadis are capital criminals and terrorists and should be given no prejudice at all.


They certainly have divided loyalties, TK. ;)


We should have announced that because of Foley's beheading we were going to destroy ISIS. Period.

ISIS is a symptom. The disease is Islam. I have a strategy for both, and here it is.

STRATEGY: Make Muslims police their own.

TACTIC: Apply so much pain to the governments, families, friends, acquaintances, and other supporters of Muslim terrorists that they either arrest them, turn them in to American authorities, or just kill them before they cause any more pain.

LOGIC: Currently, large percentages of Muslims support terrorists and their tactics, and the more religious the Muslims, the more likely they are to support terrorism. The way to turn that around is to exact a terrible price for such support.

BONUS: This will also inspire Muslims to reform their religion. Surviving Imams, if any, will be motivated to re-assess the commandments in the Quran, and ultimately preach that their book is in need of a modern re-write.

Danube on iPad

I believe the states use the term "domicile" for income tax purposes, and there are a host of factors they consider, such as where you vote, where tour family doctor is, whether you own property, whether you rent or lease property, where your kids go to school, and so forth. But if you own and ude a residence in CA and you can't prove you spent more days in property you own elsewhere, CA will collect income taxes from you.

Rick B

That's nothing, NK. It's now 212 years since passage of the First Mahometan AUMF.

We'd save a lot of time by just passing a Perpetual Mahometan AUMF effective wherever and whenever the headchoppers get rambunctious.

I wonder what Sotloff's final thoughts on the effect of social media might have been? Was he in agreement with the President regarding social media exaggerating the particular importance of a single event?

Jim Eagle


I still like my plan.

Sand =Glass!


I like your plan, too, JiB. Donna Brazile has a different one:


Do click to behold the sheer idiocy.


Great news,James D.

We saw Landrieu strolling down a street one evening several years ago while dining outdoors at a Capitol Hill restaurant.She looked very comfortable walking around "her" neighborhood in DC.
We have a serious decision to make.Should we audition our cairn terrier for the Toto role in the Penobscot Theatre Company's holiday production of The Wizard of Oz? Ha,I would be a terrible stage mother.

Some Guy

The constitution requires that a senator be an "inhabitant" of his state. I don't know what kind of breadcrumbs the Founders left on this point

Remember, to the Founders, each state was considered an actual nation unto itself, and the constitution was a contract between equals. I can't imagine anyone of them would even dream of a state's future representative living somewhere other than inside their state.


I can't imagine anyone of them would even dream of a state's future representative living somewhere other than inside their state.

Sure, versus another state, but remember that Washington, D.C. didn't exist even in anyone's mind until 1790. And even though being a legislator was considered a part-time position, so it probably was not imagined that lawmakers would effectively reside in D.C., I doubt the fact that they have a residence in D.C. would be shocking. The shock would be the size of government and the fact that lawmaking has become a full-time occupation.


Back in the days after the government moved to DC, all senators and representatives went home for the summer because DC was so terrible in the heat and they didn't want to catch malaria. (It was thus pretty easy to know where everyone actually lived, I mean inhabited.) This was also the situation in New Orleans, and nobody with any wealth stayed there in the summer, either, so I guess Landrieu could claim that she stayed in DC because she was more afraid to catch malaria in her parents' home in New Orleans than at her $2.5M manse in DC.

Danube on iPad

CA statute:

"The domicile of a Member of the Legislature or a
Representative in the Congress of the United States shall be
conclusively presumed to be at the residence address indicated on
that person's currently filed affidavit of registration."


Congrats James D.

daddy-just heard my eldest is in your area for a few days with some friends. Quite sure this time he is not staying at Captain Cook nor wanting to ride the train to Denali.

Any volcanoes erupting now? He would enjoy seeing that.


Ex-the Highlands area in North Carolina was essentially established my families from New Orleans escaping that heat. Same law school friend whose grandmother kindly lent her house and maid when we all did a Sugar Bowl trip to watch Ga lose to Penn State for the national championship had a place in the Highlands that had been in the family more than a century.

Learned all that at a house party one time before we all had kids.


Congrats James,

back in 2001, there was that little film, Swordfish, with John Travolta, he played the villain, a former Israeli spy named Gabriel Speer, who orchestrates a bank heist of sorts to finance his operations, which are a very lex talionis approach to counter terror,

who were the idiots who said Sotloff's mother's pleas were a brilliant stroke, I think I saw one linked on Tepid,


From the previous thread: The IRS Union Thug is a logical connection between Lerner and the WH. I hope Judge Sullivan takes this to the wall.

If the evidence of undue influence holds up we have a sound case for banning public unions. Who could possibly object. It would be the liberal thing to do.


I remember Landrieu being chastised by a mother of a child who was using the
voucher system in DC to go to a charter school. Mary was thinking of voting against vouchers. the child's mother said to her "you can send your own children to private schools in DC. Why won't you help my child?" Landrieu I believe either changed her vote or abstained. Living in her parent;s house, I'm sorry but if there was ever a reason for term limits...


Cost of educating new class of illegal immigrant minors estimated at over $760M

The estimate comes from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), which issued a report on the 37,000 “unaccompanied minors” – who mainly are from Central America – after analyzing data from the Department of Health and Human Services and education funding formulas in all 50 states.

The numbers underscore the concerns critics have raised for months about the burden the surge is putting on local school systems and governments.

“We’re not doing American students any favors by dumping in tens of thousands of additional illegal alien children,” FAIR’s Bob Dane told Fox News.

The report breaks down the costs by state. The biggest impact reportedly will be seen in California, Texas, Florida and New York. The Empire State leads the list with a bill of more than $147 million.

Immigrant rights groups, though, say it’s a small price to pay for helping kids in need.

“We’re one of the wealthiest countries in the world,” said Jorge Baron, of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project. “We should be able to handle this if we focus our energy and some resources and we make sure that kids are treated well, and treated the way we, in America, believe kids should be treated.”

"We," the property tax payers.

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

Congratulations on the job front, James. Glad to see your persistence paid off.

Not wanting to appear politically incorrect, but IIRC, the Redskins were not nation states, but were engaged in war with the USA and its predecessor for over 200 years. ISTM some of the acts of war committed were not unlike those now perpetrated by ISIS. The same is true for the Barbary tribes which controlled parts of northern Africa and against whom the US fought what is considered to be its first "foreign" war in 1801-1805 when the fascist Thomas Jefferson was President.


sbw: It is the most logical connection and I am sure that Blakberry has plenty of contact between the union thug, The WH and Lerner.
Be still my heart-Durbin is only ahead by 7 points in Illinois.
If we can tie him to the IRS scandal we can take him down.


Congratulations James D!

"OF course, given what's going on in the news, I can't help but think that I'm getting good news just in time for Zero's feckless foreign policy to start World War III and get me and Janet and Clarice and Rich all killed when Iran or Russia or ISIS or one of our other enemies nukes Washington, DC."

And Marlene's daughter, and as of yesterday, my oldest son.
I started worrying as soon as he announced his move.
(Not hard to do, in light of the Boston Marathon Bombing happening at the foot of his office building.)


anon\manom: I worked with a teacher whose daughter wasin Washington DC on Sept 11th 2001. She had difficulty connecting to her at first but then got the good news she was safe.




thanks JiB for the link. Captain rich@gmu has a nice ring to it.

congratulations on the job front JamesD. and good luck with the book launch.

anonamom. does the oldest need some furniture? could make a deal with my surplus storage locker.


can sort of see Janet trying to post.

and I think I might have torn my rotator cuff. my left shoulder and arm have been hurting since yesterday morning and it was so bad last night I could get any sleep.


It is a shame that the Policeman in Ferguson, Missouri didn't behead the Gentle Giant instead of shooting him.

I say this because I just watched State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki squirm with semantics to avoid having to put any meaning or any intent or any content to the latest beheading of an American by ISIS.

If the Cop had beheaded the Gentle Giant, and the Administration had remained true to form per today's State Department Briefing, no one in the Administration would have questioned the actions of the Ferguson Policeman, nor his intent, nor his mental state, until some time after 2017.

miss Marple

daddy, absolutely right!

I am thinking of asking James Rosen to advise red-headed Jen Psaki to quit wearing the lavender dress with the poison green pop beads.

She's not going to get replaced, so I figure it is my duty to make her look more authorities.


James! Congratulations!

In California, the limit is under 180 days and you have to prove it. We have also had a number of cases recently, including the LA City Council, where convictions have been obtained for false residencies. I believe the toll stands at one State Assemblyperson and one LA CC member, both Dem's.

Also here in the Golden State, the Employment Development Department audits the stays of yachts in harbors, professional athletes playing in the state, and all sorts of other creepy details all in the name of revenue generation.

When one gets a ticket for say, $100, it is not unusual to get whacked with a couple of hundred extra dollars in "court costs".

Government has become a money machine with little relation to justice or equity.

We have a number of our Republican pols who spend Mondays and Fridays flying back & forth to DC in order to participate in local events.

A search of Ms. Landrieu's schedule might be worth doing.Then again, they should just mention Obamacare, since she was the deliverer of the Louisiana Purchase.

O'Keefe's investigation, if you recall, was of Landrieu blowing off of constituent calls, perhaps because she was out of state? Sounds like there is some rich earth to till in this case.

a 1/8th or 1/10th share in a home you never occupy is specious to begin with.

miss Marple

Authorative , not authorities. Spades strikes again!

miss Marple

iPad strikes!!!!

I swear Jobs is making mischief beyond the grave.


Thank you Rich!
He's set though--got a UHaul and moved his one bedroom's worth of things into another one bedroom apt.

Jim Eagle

As an ex lobbyist in DC, I can just say nothing has changed. Its about money. Today money and tommorow's money. It was the only way to get quality time with members. 3 tux;s for the effort.

Jim Eagle


I know rotator cuffs. Can you raise your arm? without pain?

Let me know.

Rick B

Miss Marple,

I see him as chuckling as he sorts through photos in the Cloud and muses over how stupid a celeb has to be to "store" nude selfies in public.


I don't understand why Janet can't post here anymore, but if she doesn't figure it out soon I'm moving to where she can post.


No, that would be if the Gentle Giant, had beheaded the cop, then it's cruel, but you have to be cruel in order to be kind,

that film based on the Bill Granger novel, opens up with a hit on a minor thug in Montenegro, kind of like the bit players that Micah Dalton encounters in his first novel, and incurs a vendetta,

in this one, it goes horribly wry and Brosnan's Devereaux, goes into retirement,
but as with most of these things it can't
last, and an event 'brings him back' in the cold

miss Marple

Rick B,

Good description. While everyone is agog over the nude photos, ask me if I want my financial information stored in the Cloud.


sorry about that rich, how did it happen?


Were you rotating women, rich?

Captain Hate on the iPad

Yes, Rick, Tammy Bruce was characteristically brutal to the dumbasses who take naked pictures of themselves and are shocked, shocked to find out people will expend an effort to see them.


Posted by: anonamom | September 02, 2014 at 07:27-

dang it. is he in the district?


I can sort of raise my arm. It hurts to do so. Although propping it up with a bunch of pillows seems to help.


Go for it Marlene!

Congrats James!

I think Hollis will lose his lawsuit regardless of who the judge is.

I agree. I'm pretty sure Ed Markey has no idea where MA is, and he took over Kerry's spot by while living in MD. There was talk but no lawsuit becayse all the judges in MA are democrats. I think it's in our constitution.

Greta just can't imagine what is going on with Obama. Why isn't he doing anything, or saying anything about ISIS? Her guest just told her, ISIS is already here and they will target schools, churches and other soft targets starting now.

I'm sure extra security will be required on all golf courses.



i wish.


was thinking the move but yesterday was doing nothing. started hurting when I got up from a chair.


rse, what is this?


On the radio it sounded like the high schoolers were getting college credit just to learn that there is a college.


started hurting when I got up from a chair.

My dad's advice always prevailed:

"Then don't get up."


hahaha ... did make it through work today, but doubt I'll do the same tomorrow.


McRino on Greta praises Cankles without any prompting. Angling for an ambassadorship in a couple years?

Captain Hate on the iPad

Maybe the judges are happy to keep Anti-Biz Markey out of the state.


maybe the VP slot on a unity ticket. hope he doesn't think about running again.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Maybe McRINO has a deal with Rodham that if he says nice lies about her she'll keep Slick away from daddy's not at all little girl.

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