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September 08, 2014



will ISIS be destroyed before Obama fixes HealthCare.gov?

Tell me if the military will be given free rein to win. If not, a bureaucracy can and regularly does screw up nearly everything it touches while granting itself pay raises while doing so. There is no chance of fixing the website anytime soon, but it might well be a race to nowhere...


TomM-- I approve of your relentless snark against Obummer's foreign and military 'policy'.

On a serious note, like the Afghan 'surge' all obummer will do is get too many wonderful Special Forces killed, for no real purpose.

Dave (in MA)

Hey, a new thread. Let's go OT immediately:

Yikes: Ebola in Miami


Hey I am racist too ( if that is what it takes)! Wont someone throw 2 Billion dollars at me and let me not have to run a business with a bunch of prima donas on stage... ( the proper interpretation of the Hawks owner ).


DaveinMa-- no worries, Obummer says that it's all media hype. Dear God, everything is going to hell in a handbasket.

Dave (in MA)


I'm sure if he'd made a heteronormatively-insensitive remark, they'd have stopped him.

Jeff Dobbs

It is time once again for us to play . . . Who Really Knows Their JOM Stuff?

Q: What is Jane's favorite quote?

This game will end only when Jane says it does.


This month's Foreign Policy slashes the president on his incoherent foreign policy and lack of seriousness. It really has become a crisis.

Three years, huh? I'm sure ISIS leadership is on the same timetable, just like the Taliban and all of our other enemies.

Funny thing about war is that the enemy will do his best to defeat you in any way they can.

Danube on iPad

Ravens release Ray Rice. No one will pick him up.


for our ATL based posters,

Is the ATL fan base different than most NBA franchises? Cuz everywhere I have been the crowd while not exclusive is heavily white. The ticket prices tend to keep out the riff raff of all colors too.
What was the owner talking about in his e-mail, why would upper middle class whites be "afraid" of a few middle class blacks who had the scratch to afford NBA pricing?


It seems to me that this: "The Obama administration is preparing to carry out a campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria that may take three years to complete"

should be read as the O administration making a decision to commit resources such that it will take three years, not that it is inherently a three-year job. Presumably it could be done in a matter of weeks or months, but the choice is to devote so little to it that it may take several years.

And what does "complete" mean? Who knows?


this is interesting, no?

Iran's supreme leader said to approve military cooperation with US




No one? Jerry Jones is still the owner of the Cowboys.

I want to know why we are more outraged than the punchee was? Wonder if he doesn't have that huge paycheck she'll stick around?


Carthago managed est!


No one will pick him up.


I would take that bet if there is no expiration date. Metta World Peace ( Ron Artest ) had no problem after multiple incidents including unless I am mistaken, strangling his coach...


Carthago managed est!

LOL, daddy. Though not sure whether to laugh or cry.


In exchange for what jojo? A nuke?

During the 2:00 hour, Josh Earnest had not idea if the speech would be day or night and if there would be anything old or new in it.


Seeing a report that Goodell has now indefinitely suspended Rice. Powerful profile in courage there...


Well that works, Jane.

If there is no schedule for the speech Obama can't possibly be late!

Took 'em 6 years, but they finally learned something.

Jim Eagle

Know how to make your yard looking professionally landscaped?

Easy. Steal all your neighbors plants and statues:)



Will we soon get to hear another round of the DC Mayor defense? I do expect at some point an attempt at rehabbing this most unfortunate soul with a "Bitch set me up" defense. Watch for it.



looks like your daughter will have a lovely fall foliage season in Hanover NH: http://www.accuweather.com/en/weather-news/fall-foliage-forecast-exceptio/33676385

Danube on iPad

It was Latrell Sprewell who strangled his coach. World Peace went into the stands and punched a fan.

I don't know how J. Jones feels about it, but among my friends and relatives guys who punch women are on a level with guys who have sex with animals. Any club who picks this asshole up is in for the PR nightmare of a lifetime.


Seems like Michael Vick faced more severe penalties (criminally and professionally) than Ray Rice, but he did get a job back eventually. My guess is Rice will as well after a year or two in which he goes through the motions of penance and rehabilitation.

Having him in the room while she was being questioned by NFL officials seems like the biggest embarrassment for the NFL.

Jim Eagle

Has anyone heard from Debbie Wassaerman Schultz about the Ray Rice firing and suspension?


well technically it would be Raqqua managed est,
as they would say it in Roman, (Latin, but while in Austria. . .

really the teams should go Rollerball, they are on their way regardless,


they haven't really though this through:


Sandy--Engorged Capital~Fallow Districts--Daze

Meanwhile, back in Iraq, a glimpse of Frankenstein, errr, what the coalition will look like, from a usually reliable source on 5 Sep:

In Erbil:

Highly reliable source reported 5 September as follows: German Military arriving with Military gear at EIA (Erbil) today – aircraft will stop in BIAP (Baghdad) first for inspection. Gear on route for Pehmarga forces:

16,000 automatic rifles, 40 machine guns, more than 750 anti-tank weapons and missiles, flare guns, 10,000 hand grenades, armored trucks, one fueling truck, and five personnel transport vehicles.

Our comment: Will be interesting to see if any of this shipment reaches Kurds. No previous ones of almost any kind, that is weapons or humanitarian, have as Baghdad and Washington have wanted to limit the autonomous ability of the Kurds.

and in Baghdad:
In the “for what it’s worth” column, there is, not surprisingly, a huge amount of activity in Baghdad right now on weapons and ammunition procurement. Latest effort being put together by a team of US and Jordanian business people is to equip Iraqi Bell 407/412 Helos with Hydra 70 rocket launchers and .50 cal Gatlings; and to refurbish some AH-1 Cobras being provided by South Korea.

The Iraqis, however, are their own worst enemies in some areas. The 140 M1 tanks they acquired? They decided to buy only small quantities of up-front ammo on cost grounds; and consequently have been taking container deliveries of 20 – 30 year old inventory from the USG to stop gap since the IS issue arose. Had they ordered what was recommended to them in the first place, they would have been an effective force. As it is, the old adage about a tank without ammunition being nothing more than a very expensive target is holding true.

Meanwhile, the Lebanese received a “donation” from the Saudis and are looking at weaponizing their fleet of UH-1’s. Apparently, this is their #1 priority right now.

The Canadians have been providing a great deal of “soft” equipment into theater (helmets, vests, uniforms); and the Brits are shipping in a ton of .50 cal ammo over the course of the next several weeks. At least these countries are doing something.

What was the phrase, ah yes, if you want to enjoy the sausage, don't go into the kitchen to watch it being made...


My guess is Rice will as well after a year or two in which he goes through the motions of penance and rehabilitation.

Unless he kills his wife before then.


daddy, I'm just catching up with the last thread. Add my husband and me to the list of JOMers who would happily host your daughter. We are just an hour from Hanover. One thing we would love to do is treat her to lunch or brunch at the Hanover Inn. (Great menu, and arguably the best hamburger in New England!)

Jim Eagle


Anyone providing Tech for training the weapon operators? I see a lot of unintended suicide.

[pardon all typos since I am half blind for a while}


And Latrell happily finished out his career without lifetime ban.


With Momma and dash 1 off at college, I am taking on Momma duties back home. My schedule today, as specifically printed out by Momma is as follows:

1) Get up 06:30
2) Get Z up
3) Feed dogs-1/2 pill for Scout
4) 06:55 leave house
5) Drop Z off
6) Go home take dogs out
7) 09:15 leave house for South Hi School
8) 09:30 pick Z up
9) Drive to UAA (Univ Alaska Anchorage)
10) 1:10 be back waiting at UAA pick Z up
11) Take Z back to South
12) Go home get dogs
13) Feed then walk dogs until 1+
14) Be back to South 01:35 wait for Z
15) Take dogs and Z home
16) 03:10 take Z to tennis
17) 04:45 go back to South pick up Z
18) Take Z home
19) Walk dogs

It was between item 5 and 6 that I ran into our Senatorial Candidate at the Coffee joint. I mentioned that to Z during item 9 and asked if she knew the daughters? Was advised that yes she does, That the older daughter appeasers to believe her fecal matter has no aroma, but that the next youngest daughter is much fun and well liked and has a very nice sense of humor. (That somehow sounded vaguely familiar to me:)

If anyone cares, the UAA excursion is because our Hi School system does no Math above AP Calc 2, and Z has already done that, so her Teacher recommended she not get rusty and she is taking a multivariable Calc class at the University. This I think is cool because she is with the big kids and doesn't want to appear stupid so she is working hard so as not to stick out, and under no circumstances are we allowed to let anyone know she is just a Hi Schooler. I am bragging a bit, but perhaps I should be apologizing and wishing our Math program in Hi School was better. Anyhow, Kumon Math (which I highly recommend) turned out great for my 2, and reading DrJ saying about how many college kids come out unable to do decent math made me and Momma look for the UAA alternatives.

Enough bragging. I am now between item 13 and 14, but I have decided to modify item 14 from 01:35 to 02:20. (BTW, If anybody reveals my bit of schedule modification to Momma, you're a dead man!)

Dogs are angry at me for this waste of time. later.

Jim Eagle

The US Open Final is worth watching tonight since it is the first major to not have Djojkavic, Federer or Nadal in a final in 9 years.

Incredible in tennis but not in golf. But in non-team sports its pretty much the standard like real tennis, badminton, squash, table tennis, et al.


Don't ya figure Ray McDonald of SF 49s is going to take a significant beat down as a result of the black eye the NFL gave itself with Ray Rice? Anyone think it will be a two game slap on the wrist?

Jim Eagle


Ask her if she prefers Daytoma to Achorage and then send her to me.

Calusus is my friend. I am an espert in Modified Bleesel Factions:)

Sandy--Engorged Capital~Fallow Districts--Daze

Also, it appears that instead of having "boots on the ground" advisers to the Iraqi Defense Forces, the Administration plans on deploying a (total number not determined) whole bunch of "contractors" to act as Security Assistance Mentors and Advisors (SAMAs).

Star and Stripes: In place of 'boots on the ground,' US seeks contractors for Iraq
Newsmax: US Wants Contractors, Not Troops, to Fight ISIS
Military.com: Instead of Boots on the Ground, US Seeks Iraq Contractors
All of these advisors/advisers will fall under the OSA-I: Office of Security Assistance–Iraq

What could go wrong ?

Jim Eagle


Just think of all the ad revenue SOF magazine will bring in?


Maybe TMZ can seek out the Khalidi tape?


Happy Birthday Miss Marple!


Who said it?:

“The President’s empty rhetoric and broken promises are a slap in the face to millions of Hispanics across the country,” [redacted] said in a statement reacting to Saturday’s announcement. “This is more evidence that Democrats never really wanted to fix our immigration system when Republicans were sitting at the table. Immigration reform will continue to be the President’s biggest failure as long as he keeps playing politics and refuses to work with Republicans.”

OK Big Fat Democrat pollster Stu Rothenberg puts on his Gmax mask, and tells you everything I have been telling you for months. Will you listen because he is a Democrat or is this "happy talk" again:

While the current Rothenberg Political Report ratings don’t show it, I am now expecting a substantial Republican Senate wave in November( emphasis added), with a net gain of at least seven seats.

But I wouldn’t be shocked by a larger gain.

Rothenberg Political Report ratings reflect both where a race stands and, more importantly, where it is likely headed on Election Day. Since early polls rarely reflect the eventual November environment, either in terms of the candidates’ name recognition and resources or of the election’s dynamic, there is often a gap between how I categorize each race (my ratings) and what I privately assume will happen in November.

That gap closes as Election Day approaches, of course, since polling should reflect changes in name identification, candidate and party spending, and voter attitudes as November approaches.

Right now, for example, the Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call Senate ratings suggest Republican gains in the mid-single digits. My newsletter has the most likely outcome of the midterms at Republican gains of 5 to 8 seats, with the GOP slightly more likely than not to net the six seats it needs to win Senate control.

Of the seven Romney Democratic seats up this cycle, Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia are gone, and Arkansas and Louisiana look difficult to hold. Alaska and North Carolina, on the other hand, remain very competitive, and Democrats rightly point out that they have a chance to hold both seats.

But I’ve witnessed 17 general elections from my perch in D.C., including eight midterms, and I sometimes develop a sense of where the cycle is going before survey data lead me there. Since my expectations constitute little more than an informed guess, I generally keep them to myself.

This year is different. I am sharing them with you.

After looking at recent national, state and congressional survey data and comparing this election cycle to previous ones, I am currently expecting a sizable Republican Senate wave.

The combination of an unpopular president and a midterm election (indeed, a second midterm) can produce disastrous results for the president’s party. President Barack Obama’s numbers could rally, of course, and that would change my expectations in the blink of an eye. But as long as his approval sits in the 40-percent range (the August NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll), the signs are ominous for Democrats.

The generic congressional ballot currently is about even among registered voters. If that doesn’t change, it is likely to translate into a Republican advantage of a few points among “likely” voters. And recent elections when Republicans have even a small advantage have resulted in significant GOP years.

Double Douchebag hardest hit.


Lyle-- Sen 'My friends'? OR



Nice Segway to this latest morsel too:

Republicans continue to lead Democrats on the Generic Congressional Ballot.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey for the week ending September 7 finds that 41% of Likely U.S. Voters would vote for the Republican in their district’s congressional race if the election were held today, while 39% would choose the Democrat.

Its not about even Stu. Its + Republicans which as you know almost never happens and is part of the reason you are letting the cat out of the bag this early.

Sandy--Engorged Capital~Fallow Districts--Daze

Now these SAMAs are, I guess, in concept are not/NOT supposed to be trigger pullers, but keyboard commandoes (sometimes a trigger puller devolves into a keyboard commando), but if I were a SAMA I wouldn't leave home without my 1911.

Which bags the question, who is going to protect these SAMAs? I would think that either more contracted private security, or if not them, then military personnel. Who knows, maybe even the Danes !

I worked with Danish military when the CPA was alive and well. Good personnel, every one. But really, do we think that Denmark will be deploying a battalion or two just to protect American contractor SAMAs? I think not. Will the Brits deploy to protect the American SAMAs? Nope. Will the Germans deploy to protect American SAMAs? Nope.

It would have been so much easier if the admittedly messy Coalition Provisional Authority, and its many reincarnations had just been left in place. Now the resident is trying to recreate the same capability, with fewer personnel, fewer resources, and at cheaper cost.

This won't end well.

End well? It has already ended, Iraq as previously constituted is over as a nation state. Now we're just discussing what comes next.


Neither, NK. But close.

Republican National Committee spokeswoman Ruth Guerra.


For those who don't do the WSJ-Google two step:

"After six years in office, Obama broadcasts his world-weariness with wan gestures and pauses, with loose moments in the White House press room. The world has stubbornly denied him his ambition to transcend its cruelties, pivot smartly to the East, and "do some nation-building here at home." Obama's halting cool at the lectern now reads too often as weakness, and when he protests against the charges of weakness he can seem just tired. . . . His opponents and would-be successors at home have seized the chance to peashoot from the sidelines."--David Remnick, New Yorker, Sept. 15 issue

TM linked this whole piece in the previous thread but I never clicked. Bold mine. Must be agonizing for Remnick to get that sexually aroused and not get the happy ending he so desires.


Mike Ross gets caught on tape telling how tough it is to be a Democrat in Arkansas these days:

Former Representative Mike Ross (D., Ark.), the Democratic nominee for governor, has some bad news for his party —for vulnerable Senator Mark Pryor (D., Ark.) perhaps most of all.

Ross believes that independents in his state strongly prefer Republicans. “Forty percent [of voters] are now independent, and the problem we’ve got is, they’re breaking 2-1 right now in favor of the Republican candidate,” he told supporters in June. A supporter of Republican candidate Asa Hutchison recorded Ross’ remarks at the W. Harold Flowers Law Society and recently provided the audio to Republicans, who released it last week.

The former congressman explained that he is only a viable candidate because of his breaks with Democratic Party leadership.

“I was named one of the most independent members of Congress when I was there,” he said. “I did have an A rating with the NRA. I did vote against Obamacare. You know, I did. And, and quite frankly, if I was any different on any of those three, I couldn’t be running for governor right now in this state, in this situation that we find ourselves in, or if I did, I’d just be spinning my wheels.”

That’s tough for Pryor, who has a lifetime C- rating from the NRA and who voted for Obamacare.


Ah facepalm, pretty much all around, now the promise to 'manage' suggests Al Baghdadi will not be a primary target, one recalls the deck of cards, as the model for targeting in the last war,

exactly under which rules would these operators,
work under, and how much confidence would they have,

Sandy--Engorged Capital~Fallow Districts--Daze

yep, yep, and yep yep narc


What 'contractor' would go to Iraq under the current circumstances. Volunteering for suicide at the Headchoppers' Ball.


Have I mentioned lately how much I love reading TM's posts?

Dave (in MA)


It's once again safe to dress up in a chicken suit to protest an incumbent carpetbagger running for reelection against an opponent who's having the 'carpetbagger' charge leveled against him even though he's been a homeowner in the state for decades, and spent part of his childhood living there.


A pundit elsewhere points out that instead of a developing narrative of Rice getting the shaft, it would appear that the Shaft gets Rice...

Danube on iPad

"And Latrell happily finished out his career without lifetime ban."

Rice is under an "indefinite" ban right now. You think Goodell will lift it? Wouldn't be prudent....


Cilic wins the first set. I doubt Nishakori has the return of serve or baseline firepower to play with Cilic. Cilic is a doper, but only received a brief 3 month suspension. Maybe a bit of a blackeye for tennis here.

Jim Eagle

Cilic will over power and win in 3.


These world class athletes have lead a charmed live their entire career. Starting in High School they are nearly exempt from their own bad decisions and poor choices. Same in college. And if he can get a team into the playoffs, yes I expect at some juncture for a minority world class athlete to get a second chance. Probably not next week or next month but in an amazingly short span of time. Look how he was able to plea to a misdemeanor, some pigs are just more equal than others.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Someone asked about the crowd at Hawks games.

10 years ago it was 70% white (back when the team kinda sucked). They started winning and the demographic changed to 70% black.

The music played at the games also went 80%ish hip hop and very little of the traditional sports get em going music. The Hawks 'cheerleaders' also went from about a 60/40 black white mix to 100%ish black.

The problem the owner was addressing in his email was that the season ticket sales went way down from where they were, and he felt that the changes that had been made in the 'atmosphere' were not conducive to white fans attending the games and purchasing season tix. The increase in black fans did not result in an increase in season tix holders. Can you say 'fair weather' fans?

This link has the entire email embedded:


Stephanie accidentally OnT?

BTW Kareem has come out in support of Levinson and is upset that he outed himself and then caved to very little pressure.

Sure, there are assumptions he makes that are cringe-worthy -- but the questions about how to attract more white fans were entirely reasonable.
Well, the pitchforks are already sharpened and the torches lit anyway, so rather than let them go to waste why not drag another so-called racist before the Court of Public Opinion and see how much ratings-grabbing, head-shaking, race-shaming we can squeeze out of it. After all, the media got so much gleeful, hand-wringing mileage out of Don Sterling and Michael Brown.
The only problem is that Atlanta Hawks controlling owner Bruce Levenson is no Donald Sterling. Nor is his email racist. In fact, his worst crime is misguided white guilt.



Cilic is a doper, but only received a brief 3 month suspension.

That's a bit unfair. It was 4 months, but the decision was, I think, that he shouldn't have been suspended at all because he made a convincing case that the test picked up something in an over-the-counter product. Anyway, it was a stimulant, not a steroid or growth hormone, so I suspect he's clean.

Anyway, I agree with JiB, too much power for Nishikori.


I am very dubious about doping. Cilic tested for a glucose stimulant.. WHICH PED was the stimulant masking?

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Had enough yet?


Yet the liars claim they want to take the money out of politics.


6-3 and 6-3 the first 2 sets. Don't see Nishikori coming back.



Thanks. That is significantly different than Dallas and San Antonio, Phoenix and even Detroit, at least when I went to games. Chasing away season ticket holders makes the franchise a tight rope act, subject to huge swings based on the immediate success of team.

I think I understand why he wants out.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

My only comment on the Ray Rice situation:

The marriage won't last as her sugar daddy had his pockets emptied by the NFL.

He'll be in bankruptcy court soon and she'll be claiming more abuse and demanding a hefty alimony payment.

Watch and see...

Jim Eagle


You're not talking about Milan Cilic I hope?

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

More on the Kareem position:


I read Levenson’s email. Here’s what I concluded: Levenson is a businessman asking reasonable questions about how to put customers in seats. In the email, addressed to Hawks president Danny Ferry, Levenson wonders whether (according to his observations) the emphasis on hip-hop and gospel music and the fact that the cheerleaders are black, the bars are filled with 90% blacks, kiss cams focus on black fans and time-out contestants are always black has an effect on keeping away white fans.

Seems reasonable to ask those questions. If his arena was filled mostly with whites and he wanted to attract blacks, wouldn’t he be asking how they could de-emphasize white culture and bias toward white contestants and cheerleaders? Don’t you think every corporation in America that is trying to attract a more diverse customer base is discussing how to feature more blacks or Asians or Latinos in their TV ads?


JiB what in the hell are you talking about? Who is Cilic?

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Under pressure: (insert Queen music here)

The NCAA has lifted the rest of the sanctions placed on Penn State for the Jerry Sandusky scandal, including immediately eliminating the postseason ban.

Penn State was halfway through a four-year postseason ban handed down during the summer of 2012. The NCAA last year rescinded some of the scholarship sanctions against Penn State.

In a news release Monday, the NCAA says that in addition to the postseason ban being lifted, Penn State will be allowed to have the full complement of football scholarships in 2015.


PSUsies. Not a typo, btw.


First world issues?

According to the Department of Health and Human Services 69 per cent of American adults over the age of 20 are classified as overweight or obese and yet 75 per cent of America’s lesbian population falls into this category compared to half of the female population.”

Jim Eagle

Cilic is the guy about to win the US Open.


--requiring a sustained effort that could last until after President Obama has left office, according to senior administration officials--

So if I'm getting this right, Barry is going to leave an unfinished mess in Iraq fought entirely by Blackwater wannabes for the next Pres to "inherit", as he likes to put it.
Heckuva job, champ.


Looks like Cilic blitzes Nishikori in 2 hours or less.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Ray Nagin reported to prison today.

I don't know if he went by school bus. :)



Conservatives greatly outnumber liberals in this country.


I find Donald Sterling's behavior less repulsive than Levinson's "self reporting" and preemptive denouncing of himself in order to sell out at a premium.
The only thing missing was some blackface and getting down on one knee, belting out Mammie to sell it.

Is there any other plausible way to read his actions?

Stephanie accidentally OnT?


Personal issues???

Weird timing. Something is gonna break on this.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Nope Iggy, the team lost its quality players to other teams for more $$ as he couldn't match their offers due to the tix situation impacting budget.


Havent watched a full set of tennis since maybe Bjorn Borg was dominant. Boring to the point of tears. Would rather have all my finger nails pulled out one by one.

Meanwhile the congential liar in the WH draws another 4 Pinocchios from the WaPo. How many is that? I have lost count. Has there every been such a bald faced liar to inhabitate the WH?

JV was definitely ISIS and even the Democrats at WaPo admit that.


--Conservatives greatly outnumber liberals in this country.--

All the more reason to punt on whatever down it happens to be when some GOPe dope's football shaped head comes within range of our feet.


Easy for Republican National Committee spokeswoman Ruth Guerra to say that.No one it is directed at will see it. The Dems have a lock with Univision and the left has penetrated deeply all the Spanish language newspapers.

See what I mean, Vern?

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

“Imagine Fox covering slavery,” Walsh tweeted Saturday. “It’s not even hard: Promoting the ‘job creators’ and hyping any rumor of violence.”

It’s a curious mental exercise for Walsh, considering MSNBC, where Walsh is also a political analyst, celebrated this year’s Cinco de Mayo with the Latino equivalent of blackface comedy (The cable channel’s president Phil Griffin later apologized for the segment, which showed a producer walking around on camera wearing a sombrero, maraca and bottle of tequila.) And then there was the unfortunate edition of Melissa Harris-Perry‘s show wherein former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was mocked for having an adopted black grandchild. (Harris-Perry later apologized for that.)

Readers can take solace, however, in knowing Walsh isn’t paid to think.

Actually, that’s precisely what Salon pays her for. Never mind.


I like the snark at the beginning of the article though, surprising really since it's mediaite:

Joan Walsh, the white Salon editor at large who believes she has a sacred relationship with black Americans, took the recent controversy over a fairly unpleasant book review in The Economist and turned it into a shot at Fox News.


yes, and that's why they were in this situation,


miss Marple

Cruz must be running. I see on Greta someone FINALLY got him to shorten his sideburns and de-grease his hair and cut it shorter.

Jim Eagle

Milan Cilic wins the US Open. Just like I predicted. Great match.

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

"Sacred relationship"


Described here!

Danube on iPad

I used to go to Laker games at The Forum in the '80s (sports highlights of my life), and the crowds (and the Laker Girls) were over 90% white. The music was straight rock, and some time in the second half Dancing Barry would come down out of the stands during a timeout and the place would go nuts. When the Lakers had it in the bag you'd get Randy Newman and "I Love L.A." Altogether a wonderful place to be. And man, did Jerry Buss put a great product on the court.

James D.

Go Giants!

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

For JiB and Frederick:

Why no one wants Tebow in the NFL...


Stephanie accidentally OnT?

It's all twerking at the Hawks games.

The funniest part of the email was Levinson lamenting the 'late arriving crowds' that are now the staple of the 70% black crowd.

I couldn't get an image of 10K Obamas hanging outside chugging their MD20-20 and toking their blunts before wandering in 1/2 hour late... and wondering why no whites wanted to wander through that crowd to get to the arena.

I'll go ahead and denounce myself for that.


MD 20 20 or Quarts of Schlitz Malt Liquor "Bull"?

OK I denounce myself too, but that was certainly the black drink of choice when I was but an undergrad...

James D.

I don't remember, is there an official JOM rule on how bad a game has to be before it becomes a slattering?

Because I think my poor Giants are headed for one tonight, and in quite a hurry.


I think we agreed on 20 points,


Udall backpedals furiously, will it hurt him in the election? It should:

“When addressing ISIL during this weekend’s debate, I should not have invoked the names of James Foley and Steven Sotloff. It was inappropriate and I sincerely apologize.”

I do give him credit for actual apology not a phony liar party "sorry you were offended" apology...

James D.

I'm guessing we'll be there before the first quarter is over.

Rick B

Now that Mark I Hear Dead People Udall has begun channeling Foley and Sotloff advising everyone to not lose their heads in a rush to combat ISIS, how much headchopping should be used in vids mocking him? Would it be OK just to p-shop a face whispering in his ear on both sides?


What should disqualify Udall is that ridiculous bolo tie that he seems to have started wearing with regularity. This smug Ahole never wears that except when he is trying to tell Coloradans he is one of them...


Daddy, I'm also just catching up and would certainly extend an invitation to your daughter if she want to experience a great fall in southeast Minnesota. We are within an hour of the Twin Cities in bluff, lake country. I just married off my third daughter last week and this would help in the transition. I'd include a grouse or pheasant hunt to sweeten the deal. Full discloser, I have a young son but he live in the cities. You could obtain a good reference ( I believe) from my brother. He is a State Supeior court judge working in your town. In any event, regards,


Please don't be upset with me as I make this statement wrt Penn State and the 112 games that they have been forced to forfeit as wins. These games they have already won.You can't go back in time and unwin them. Can someone here please explain this to me because it doesn't make any sense. The players did not do anything wrong. How can they be punished because of Sandusky?

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