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September 17, 2014



Mission Accomplished, the sequel.


Obama’s just not that smart©

Danube on iPad

What's this clown's approval rating among non-blacks?


They always comment on what he meant to say once the polls tank. They never tell us whether what he said, or what he meant to say, has any relationship with what he plans to do or his goals in doing so.

Danube on iPad

What did he mean to say when he said this in 2011?

“Today, I can announce that our review is complete, and that the United States will pursue a new strategy to end the war in Iraq through a transition to full Iraqi responsibility.

"This strategy is grounded in a clear and achievable goal shared by the Iraqi people and the American people: an Iraq that is sovereign, stable, and self-reliant."

Danube on iPad

While they're at it, maybe they can clear up what Biden meant in February, 2010:

"'[It] could be one of the great achievements of this administration,' he said. 'You're going to see 90,000 American troops come marching home by the end of the summer. You're going to see a stable government in Iraq that is actually moving toward a representative government.'

"'I know every one of the major players in all the segments of that society,' he added. 'It's impressed me. I've been impressed how they have been deciding to use the political process rather than guns to settle their differences.'"

"What happened in Selma, Alabama and Birmingham also stirred the conscience of the nation. It worried folks in the White House who said, "You know, we're battling Communism. How are we going to win hearts and minds all across the world? If right here in our own country, John, we're not observing the ideals set fort in our Constitution, we might be accused of being hypocrites."

So the Kennedys decided we're going to do an air lift. We're going to go to Africa and start bringing young Africans over to this country and give them scholarships to study so they can learn what a wonderful country America is.

This young man named Barack Obama got one of those tickets and came over to this country. He met this woman whose great great-great-great-grandfather had owned slaves; but she had a good idea there was some craziness going on because they looked at each other and they decided that we know that the world as it has been it might not be possible for us to get together and have a child.

There was something stirring across the country because of what happened in Selma, Alabama, because some folks are willing to march across a bridge. So they got together and Barack Obama Jr. was born. So don't tell me I don't have a claim on Selma, Alabama. Don't tell me I'm not coming home to Selma, Alabama."

What did he mean to say?


--What did he mean to say when he said this in 2011?

".....This strategy is grounded in a clear and achievable goal shared by the Iraqi people and the American people: an Iraq that is sovereign, stable, and self-reliant."--

He meant to say;
"And I hope the Iraqi and American people don't let me down and disappoint me and cause my fail-safe strategy to blow up in my face by remembering what I said here today and, you know, getting themselves all shot and beheaded and stuff."

Danube on iPad

For those who didn't click through to the Shnnen Dougherty Facebook item, here it is in all its glory:



Where's that from, TK? One of his "autobiographies"? If so, the writing is more turgid than I cared to imagine.

Confronting the Islamic State House Floor Remarks September 17, 2014

 Mr. Speaker:

 Contrary to the President’s assertions last week, the Islamic State IS Islamic and it IS a state – or at least has all the attributes of a state.  It is precisely this combination that makes it so dangerous: a messianic and clearly stated intention to wage jihad on American soil and the resources and equipment to do so.  

 In response to this danger, the President proposes that the United States wage a continuing air war against the Islamic State, but to avoid any commitment of ground forces.  Instead, he seeks to use vetted elements of the Free Syrian Army as the American proxy force and proposes to arm and train them for that purpose...



Lyle, it is from a campaign stop at the 40th anniversary of the marches in Selma in 2007.

There Obama lied or didn't lie about his age, among other things he did lie about.

The media feared ridicule so they never pursued it vociferously.


42nd anniversary?


Not sure I've ever seen this froto of Holder from his black power college days before;

What it is, man.


If you turn on MSNBC right now you will see John Kerry testifying to Congress, but directly behind him you will see people holding up pink signs saying stuff like "Don't Take ISIL War Bait", "There Is No Future In Iraq," etc.

I suspect those guys holding the signs will be tossed out shortly. The camera has now shifted so you don't see them.

Tom Maguire
There Obama lied or didn't lie about his age, among other things he did lie about.

I don't quite agree he lied about his age - anyone who cared to check knew he was born in 1961 and that the Selma marches were in 1965. I think he just revealed the truth about his worldview: history began with his birth.

This is from the Times contemporaneous coverage:

Both candidates, too, turned to stories from their past to show their connection to the civil rights movement.

Mr. Obama relayed a story of how his Kenyan father and his Kansan mother fell in love because of the tumult of Selma, but he was born in 1961, four years before the confrontation at Selma took place. When asked later, Mr. Obama clarified himself, saying: “I meant the whole civil rights movement.”

Uh huh. Kennedy was air-lifting young black scholars to America in 1960? What, as a Senator?



Do LIV's care to check anything?




TM:"I think he just revealed the truth about his worldview: history began with his birth." Some people just don't appreciate narcsissists.

Tom Maguire

Hmm, I don't know my Barack. Barack Sr., that is:

This is the long-hidden saga of how a handful of Americans and East Africans fought the British colonial government, the U.S. State Department, and segregation to transport to, or support at, U.S. and Canadian universities, between 1959 and 1963, nearly 800 young East African men and women who would go on to change their world and ours. The students supported included Barack Obama Sr., future father of a U.S. president, Wangari Maathai, future Nobel Peace Prize laureate, as well as the nation-builders of post-colonial East Africa -- cabinet ministers, ambassadors, university chancellors, clinic and school founders.

The airlift was conceived by the unusual partnership of the charismatic, later-assassinated Kenyan Tom Mboya and William X. Scheinman, a young American entrepreneur, with supporting roles played by Jackie Robinson, Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier, and Martin Luther King, Jr. The airlift even had an impact on the 1960 presidential race, as Vice-President Richard Nixon tried to muscle the State Department into funding the project to prevent Senator Jack Kennedy from using his family foundation to do so and reaping the political benefit.

I don't think it was JFK's, though.

Twasn't Guv money, but Kennedy money.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

lyle @ 3:52- here's a 3 min. video of it.


Listen to the accent too. Oh my goodness, what a phony. Or maybe that is a Hawaiian accent?...I could be wrong.

Selma marches - 1965
Obama born - 1961

Obama Sr. was already at university when Kennedy became President.
Lies, lies, lies....

Please don't make me go look it up.

I think it might have been a trust fund set up with Kennedy money.


Commentary on the swell job done by the media:


What I can't find is a transcript/record of where and when Obama was asked to clarify his fuzzy birth memory.

Nice day trip for a white guilt wedding.

Mighty fine ironies in T's 4:29.



At his Capitol Hill office this week, Obama spoke with Steve Inskeep about his upcoming trip to Selma and his experiences as an African American presidential candidate:

Do you try to talk in the same way to a black audience as a white audience?

I think that the themes are consistent. It think that there's a certain black idiom that it's hard not to slip into when you're talking to a black audience because of the audience response. It's the classic call and response. Anybody who's spent time in a black church knows what I mean. And so you get a little looser; it becomes a little more like jazz and a little less like a set score.

What about in questions of substance or what you emphasize [in a speech]?

Typically that doesn't change. Whatever the audience, I am typically talking about America's capacity to transform itself — our ability to change and make this a more just and equal nation — despite what look like daunting odds.

All I know is what Tom reads in the newspaper.

Thank you for allowing me to not research it.


Thanks all. BHO was/is the ultimate prog dream: an exotic semi-non-American as prez of America. So the whole Barry narrative was almost completely fabricated a little shaky around the edges, you got a problem with that, racist? Take that, you stupid proles.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

check out drudge... now!!!

LOL. Someone needs to capture that and post it. Classic.

Danube on iPad

Apparently the New York Times did not fear ridicule:

"Mr. Obama relayed a story of how his Kenyan father and his Kansan mother fell in love because of the tumult of Selma, but he was born in 1961, four years before the confrontation at Selma took place. When asked later, Mr. Obama clarified himself, saying: 'I meant the whole civil rights movement.'"


Good Lord, what an embarrassment:

Today, Kerry told antiwar protesters they should be against ISIS in part because of the lack of social services they offer to women.

I'm guessing JFingK's plan is to keep the jihadis rolling on the floor with laughter to keep all the headchopping, rape, and general subjugation to a minimum.


"When asked later..."

Prove it.

Although the young Obama Sr. left for the University of Hawaii before the first formal student airlift, he did maintain his friendship with the Hagbergs when he returned to Kenya. Paula has memories of Hussein cutting an intimidating figure, “tall, dignified and stern-faced, yet kind.”


He took the informal airlift?


There must be a Times article on this.


Pure and simple the LIV's were duped by Obama . Not just once but twice. Therefore it becomes a shame on me moment. Almost immediately after the election all the continuous lies and cover-ups started to be revealed. Here we are 2 years later on Benghazi, 1 year later on the IRS and 3 years later on Fast and Furious and records are being deleted .erased and hidden from the public. This is disgraceful and wrong. I thought it couldn't get any worse than Bill and Hil but guess what? it is worse. It is worse because every single decision is politically motivated, with no desire to do the right thing.

Miss Marple


SO embarrassing that Lurch is our Secretary of State, and in this case the SOS initials are MOST appropriate.

Plus, I think that whole thing with Code Pink was staged so he could make his little speech about women's rights.

It is cringe-worthy, for sure.

Meanwhile, out in the desert, ISIS members watche on their laptops, make vulgar and insulting comments, and sharpen their knives.

So they got together and Barack Obama Jr. was born. So don't tell me I don't have a claim on Selma, Alabama. Don't tell me I'm not coming home to Selma, Alabama."

That sure reads like he meant the "whole civil rights movement."


Any other brave reporters weigh into this?


Hmmm...Lurch don't get no respect and Boxer trembles. Was it the Alzheimer's?

On my way to a metting earlier they played Obama's speech to the warriors at CENTCOM in Tampa. He seems to have thrown the gauntlet down to Dempsey and will triple never ever send ground troops into Iraq.

Never, ever has he sounded so petulant.

Their foreign policy cred is falling apart faster than a $100 suit.

Dave (in MA)

Pure and simple the LIV's were duped by Obama

With a massive, gargantuan, unprecedented assist from the press, maryrose.

It is cringe-worthy, for sure.

I think I've been in a cringe since circa Jan 2009, Miss M.

Danube on iPad

"Prove it."



Fight among yourselves:



Never mind.


"I meant the whole civil rights movement."

Man: I think it was, "Blessed are the cheesemakers"!

Gregory's wife: What's so special about the cheesemakers?

Gregory: Well, obviously it's not meant to be taken literally. It refers to any manufacturer of dairy products.


Ignatz@4:08-- was that Holder in college or Stuyvesant HS? There weren't roo manny bruthas at Stuy when I was there back in the day(probably fewer now) but just about all of my pals of color had that fro and sideburns, and that sparse stache.


We already did yesterday, Mark.
You mean again?


Matt-- the Obummer petulance must stem from dempsey refusing to take the blame for ISIS failure, so he tells the simple truth that ISIS will rule until the US groundpounders shove them out. That enrages the lying weasel Obummer... most truthes do.

Danube on iPad

Brave Snopes.com:

"Okay, so what's wrong with that? It all sounds good. But is it? Obama told his audience that, because some folks had the courage to 'march across a bridge' in Selma, Alabama, his mother, a white woman from Kansas, and his father, a black Muslim from Africa, took heart. It gave them the courage to get married and have a child. The problem with that characterization is that Barrack Obama, Jr., was born on August 4, 1961, while the first of three marches across that bridge in Selma didn't occur until March 7, 1965, at least five years after Obama's parents met. Obama went on to tell his audience that the Kennedys, Jack and Bobby, decided to do an airlift. They would bring some young Africans over so that they could be educated and learn all about America. His grandfather heard that call and sent his son, Barack Obama, Sr., to America. "

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Annnd the pic of Kerry making it look like he's a crying pussy is gone from Drudge. Bummer.



I'm just causing trouble. I might be mocking, but that's causing trouble, isn't it?


Here's where I got it NK.
I supply the materials, you do the research.
All I know is he looked like an extra from What's Happening; good enough for me.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Annnd it's back.


Why would any rational person believe anything Obama says?


I expect nothing less, Mark. :)


That's re 5:18 not 5:20.


Snopes is Jonathan Karl.

Captain Hate

That sure reads like he meant the "whole civil rights movement"

I'm sure Stanley Ann drained enough pipe for a significant army.

Miss Marple

MarkO @5:20

I don't understand why anyone believes Obama. Confronted with no jobs, poor and expensive health care, high grocery prices, high gas prices, etc. etc. (and I am leaving out foreign policy and national security, which most LIV's don't care about) it STILL seems to me that people are in some sort of brainwashed state.

They support the guy no matter what. Or, they don't like him but "OMG, Republicans! They want to outlaw sex and want the earth to burn up!"


Ignatz-- it was Holder's 1973 COLUMBIA yearbook photo. He was a StuyHigh basketball player, and when he graduated StuyHigh, there was 'deal' that any StuyHigh football player who agreed to play at Columbia College would be admitted. I suppose the same may have been true for B-Ball. Of course when I graduated in '75 that deal no longer existed, I was accepted on my own merit... and chose not to go(couldn't afford it.)


Holder looks like a Black Panther to me.
Maybe that's why he never prosecuted them for their thuggery.

Captain Hate

They support the guy no matter what. Or, they don't like him but "OMG, Republicans! They want to outlaw sex and want the earth to burn up!"

It would help if the GOPe could lose it's immigration fetish which cost Cantor his job by a landslide. It is a deeply unpopular issue and the Reagan democrats are prime for the picking if the party of stoopid would ever realize that and, more importantly, act upon it.


NK, Columbia football in the 70s had a big losing streak that lasted into the 80s. Bbl was different.


BTW, your quote is from a quote from an email that Snopes was diffusing.

Also, Snopes didn't tackle the 2007 issue until 2008.


Captain Hate

Speaking of GOPe stupidity:



There's nothing I want in my foxhole more than a "moderate" rebel.



henry--I am all too familiar with Columbia football history. A number of my HS teammates were on those record breaking teams, and then in the 80s, my DivIII college coach somehow became an assistant coach at Columbia, and a senior exec at our firm's biggest client (who lives in my Ct town) was capt the season they set the NCAA futility record. Baker Field good times "Oh who owns NY oh who owns NY...."


--Holder looks like a Black Panther to me.--

From the twitchy link, maryrose;

The Daily Caller reports that Holder has given conflicting accounts of the armed protest that resulted in renaming the campus space the “Malcolm X lounge.” In a 2009 speech, he claimed the radical group wanted to “peacefully occupy one of the campus offices.”

Read the whole Daily Caller report, which includes details of Holder’s leadership role in the separatist Student Afro-American Society, a group that “actively supported the Black Panthers and the Black Power movement.”

Captain Hate

No offense to maryrose but Stedman looks about as dangerous as Urkel. Somebody needs to photoshop that afro into Mousketeer ears.

Danube on iPad

Brave Snopes reported it seven months before the election.

It was reported by the New York Times.

Few people really gave a shit about it except World Net Daily. Few people do now, any more than they do about Hillary's whopper about Edmund Hillary, or Reagan's about the bomber pilot riding to his death to comfort his gunner. Most adults expect (and get) these kinds of inconsequential fibs from politicians, and are able to move on. A few see a media conspiracy to hush them up, and struggle to explain why in this instance the Times didn't join the conspiracy.

Some Guy


The best advice I can give you is to make a list of companies you would like to work for, then go full Kevin Bacon, and search out some connection to someone (anyone) who currently works at that company.

You know someone who knows someone who works there. Even if takes all six degrees, all you want is an introduction. Don't start out asking for a job, just tell them you'd like to hear from them about how they like the company or their job.

One, you may find out you don't really want to work there. Second, if you do want to, you can find out from an insider what the company is looking for or where there might be openings, or how to approach it.

Nobody likes to confess it, but the vast majority of hires come from some internal connection.

Finally, don't look at your time as the caregiver for your folks as a negative. Express it with pride, and as time well spent, and it will be viewed that way.



Putting yourself into your own shoes six years ago, try to imagine what you would have said to anyone suggesting that the federal government would adopt a baseline of trillion-dollar deficits for the foreseeable future.

Just the crumbs falling from that big fat stream of redistribution to the FSA (both from today's working middle class and future generations of taxpayers) makes perfect sense of the partisan kabuki show that Obama/Reid/(Boehner|Pelosi) have been putting on for our entertainment.

GOPe is playing for the other side. Since I started looking at fundraising emails hitting my inbox the same way I look at Nigerian 419 scams, it is clear to me that the powers that be all know that the bottom has fallen out and they're all gettin' while there's something left to get.


Snopes is Mainstream Media.

Danube on iPad

The Mainstream Media (but not the New York Times) conspired to suppress this all-important story.


Well said FTL.

Ranks right up there with the stupid windows scam where they want you to give them your IP address. They won't stop calling either and seem indignant at being recognized as a scam.


I noticed another good one at the Twitchy link:

Hashtag backfire: Mock-a-lanche triggered after global warming alarmist suing Mark Steyn solicits questions

#AskDrMann What's a hashtag without a graph? pic.twitter.com/uLVfNJr5s4

— Scottie Mhic Leòid (@variouspenguins) September 17, 2014

Check out the whole pic.


The Times didn't suppress this all important story by posting an unattributed question to a known liar that pretends to clarify that saying you were conceived in Selma isn't what you said.



Thanks, Cathy posted that in the other thread. Amazing.

Danube on iPad

Not a true adult.

Now please give us your last word.

Miss Marple

rse, I have asked to be taken from the phone calls about 50 times. I have told them that I am in a personal situation where I have no money.

If I get any more calls I am escalating it to reporting it for harassment.


--Reagan's about the bomber pilot riding to his death to comfort his gunner...--

It's very easy to believe Reagan heard an apocryphal tale or thought a story or movie movie was based on an actual event.
It's a bit tougher to think Hillary or Barry innocently misremembered false stories from their own personal history that couldn't possibly have been true.

Moreover intentionally telling bald faced and kind of weird lies about your own personal life like that is not something every politician does and is rather revealing of their [lack of] character, IMO.

It doesn't surprise me when politicians lie but it does when they are so brazen that they'll make up something out of whole-cloth that they know is easily checkable and tell it anyway. There's a certain recklessness to that kind of lie which reveals a personality unsuited for being anywhere near power.


Posted by: matt | September 17, 2014 at 05:06 PM-

yeah, but he'll have no problems sending them to Liberia to fight Ebola.


TK, you might need a break. I'm still trying to figure out that 6:03 sentence.


Here is to last words!

Constitution Day – 17 Sep 2014: A Lesson from History. Is Being a Born Citizen of the United States Sufficient Citizenship Status to be President? The Founders and Framers Emphatically Decided It Was Not! | by CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)

Something tells me there will be more words though...


There is good news afoot for those plagued by Windows scammers (I'm not one of them). There now is a toolkit that has been used to infect the scammer's computers. It is not quite to the user level yet, and probably should be run only from a virtual machine, but it should be coming.


It'll come to you, Ig.

Try to imagine yourself so bent out of shape defending Obama that you rely on the journalism found on the pages of the NYT.


The man is a gaffe machine:

"The Nuns on the Bus fought like the Devil for Obamacare."


Hey DoT, I don't get your objection to the ridicule theory.

I thought your position - which I thought I agreed with - was that the birther stuff is embarrassing to Republicans and should thus be ignored, in order to avoid ridicule.

Is that not your position?

Since I don't think the bio question is a birther issue (he was born in Hawaii; therefore, the bio was a lie), why was it ignored if not to avoid the embarrassment of being tarred as a "birther?"

Are you saying that the media ignored Obama's "born in Kenya" bio because such a lie by a president is not in the public interest, or because it was an obvious mistake, or because he couldn't be expected to ever read the bio, or because every author allows a fake bio to be published in his name for 16 years?

Danube on iPad

"Moreover intentionally telling bald faced and kind of weird lies about your own personal life like that is not something every politician does and is rather revealing of their [lack of] character, IMO."

Mine too. But the electorate shrugs it off, repeatedly. See, also, Elizabeth Warren.

I was resolved not to vote for Obama well before the Selma fib (which I was well aware of at the time (without reading the Times), based in large part on my assessment of his character. Ditto Hillary, concerning whom there is also the "I read the Wall Street Journal," the fingerprints on the missing billing records, and much more.


All voters were aware of the Selma fib.

Danube on iPad

Fox has Hagan over Tillis, 41-36; Errnst tied in Iowa.

Danube on iPad

"All voters were aware of the Selma fib."

Don't be silly. All voters who made any effort to inform themselves of it were aware of it, just as informed voters were aware of far more serious fibs by both Bill and Hillary. Even if every single voter in America were aware of the Selma fib, he still would have won hands down.


Elections hinge on the informed voter.


'you ask for a miracle, theo'



The bill the House passed, which is being reported as an "authorization for the Defense Department to train and arm moderate Syrian rebels to fight Islamic State militants" was also...

U.S. House Passes Bill to Avert Government Shutdown


The country is in horrible shape, maybe it is irretrievable. My sole delight is watching Obama's narcissism explode in a million different ways. He is one stressed out dude these days. He's an abject failure and that is coming home to roost.

Danube on iPad

"Elections hinge on the informed voter."

When you resort to the Threadkillerisms, you have pretty much abandoned the field. I have no idea what point, if any, that one is seeking to make.

A good portion of voter do not know the identity of the sitting Vice President, and cannot name a single Supreme Court Justice as they enter the voting booth.. Do elections hinge on them? I would guess that they do, but I have no idea what that has to do with my contention that if all of them knew about the Obama fib the elections would have turned out as they did. Do you disagree?


Posted by: Some Guy | September 17, 2014 at 05:47 PM-


Jack is Back

As a former USAF officer and Veteran I take great exception to the CinC and POTUS lecturing in defiant rhethoric to the the troops especially those used for background. I have always had a detestable view of using non-political soldiers, airman and sailors as backdrop.

This guy needs background to represent his foreground which is basically historical idiocy.


I disagree.


You see that fucking jackass Kerry wink at the camera today after being dressed down by My Friends?


Posted by: Captain Hate | September 17, 2014 at 05:31 PM-

yeah. they won't, but it would be nice.

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