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September 29, 2014


Laura White

First, really? An event!

Laura White

Honor requires an actual response (that would be me as poster); honor requires an actual response (that would be the Secret Service).


And the federal police force(s) keep expanding. Just fire them all and give everyone a gun.

Dave (in MA)

Meanwhile, Miriam Carey took a bullet to the head and four in the back.


The Choomer runs a clown show of an administration.. this is a surprise?... how?


Say-- does ISIS read the NY Times? This won't give them any ideas.

Beasts of England

Release the dogs? Sounds rather Bull Connor-ish, doesn't it? Are there also fire hoses in the West Wing?

Old Lurker

Hey, not fair! I posted that on the Rich People Thread.


I feel your pain, OL.


The Secret Service has fewer layers than Obama's birth certificate.

Did the Xerox multitasker stop the intruder or cover for him?


Maybe Obama got hungry. No dogs remaining to be let out.

Rick B


IS would be better off working as groundskeepers at any golf course around DC. What are the odds of the President actually being in the WH during daylight?


I'm with Janet on this one. Why should the WH have enforceable borders?


Mr. Gonzalez should just tell the judge he misunderstood Obama's open invitation to come on in.


Agree, also. Mr. Gonzalez should get free medical care, education, and safe passage for his entire family to stay the WH.


Why should the WH have enforceable borders?

Excellent question. Who would ask it besides Ted Cruz?

“How many of y’all saw in the news that a man was stopped after he climbed the fence at the White House?” Cruz said. “The Secret Service stopped him; they said, ‘I’m sorry, Mr. President, you have two years left on your term.’”

Cruz enjoyed applause and laughter from the audience, then launched into a jab on the left-wing media:

“We should actually hold the media to account, because, I will say, in their reporting on this person who broke into the White House, they really have not used the politically correct term,” Cruz said. “We should insist that ABC, NBC, CBS refer to the visitor according to the term that is politically correct–an ‘undocumented White House visitor.’”

Thomas Collins

Tea party group can't get an exemption letter from the IRS with a legitimate application, but a threat to the First Family almost makes it to the White House Keurig machine.

I think the White House should hire a few solid club bouncers (strip or regular club) to post around WH entrances. They would probably do better protecting Prez than existing security.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Dave makes an excellent point -
Meanwhile, Miriam Carey took a bullet to the head and four in the back.

Jim Eagle

This will be the 3rd straight thread where I post the last post unless it continues.

Do you feel safer today than in 2008?

Do you have more disposable inome than 2008?

Is your dollar giving you the same bang it did in 2008?

Is your life better, richer and happier since 2008?

Have you had to change doctors or medical plans you like since 2008?

Are you now more convinced that Islam is a religion of peace?

Questions I would like the pollers to ask sometime.

Carol Herman

Where was BO?

Also, in the story dating back to 2011, when a shooter got off 11 rifle shots; the woman who worked the SS detail, said she reported the gun shots. But was told it was "career dependent" to lie to her superiors ... who were saying an old jalopy backfired.

How many people were on duty that night?

Why was it reported, "at first," that the female guard, who was supposed to be at the front door, WASN'T!

Now, of course, if she was "knocked down" ... she can retire with a disability pension.


Jokes would be a great thing for Ted to focus on. People will have a hard time believing he's such an ogre if he gets them laughing.

He should secretly hire a serious joke writer. I nominate Dennis Miller.


Few will ever remember her, Janet, unless a high-profile Republican were to make Dave's same point. Who would have the guts?

Ted Cruz, that's who.

He needs a joke writer with a twitter feed.

Carol Herman

In 1950 there was an attempt to assassinate President Truman. He was living, at the time, at the Blair House. Because the White House was undergoing renovation. (He and Bess nearly fell thru the 2nd floor bedroom, to the one down below, because of wood rot.)

Anyway, two gunmen came from Puerto Rico. One was killed on the spot. And, one killed a police officer who was on guard that day. It was quite a shootout. And, one of the men was actually tried. And, given the death penalty. Which Truman commuted to life. (Then? Along came Jimmy Carter. Who, in 1979, gave this convict freedom. He went to Puerto Rico to live. And, died from a natural cause in 1994.

It's actually quite amazing, when you think of how many Secret Service personnel have been hired ... that no one took out their gun. Not a shot was fired.

The good news for Obama? He doesn't have to shake any staff's hand. Do they walk around carrying latte cups?

Rick B

I wonder if Iowahawk would consider working for Cruz now that he's going to be in Austin?

Jim Eagle

More IDF pron:


I'd donate to that, Rick.

Beasts of England

Hot chicks in bikinis with guns? All of a sudden I am happier than I was in 2008. Thanks, JiB!

Jim Eagle

Another left wing charlatan under the bus: Newsweek cautions on the reliability of Fareed Zacharia. LOL,



What Beasts sez


So senator ' I hear dead people' has removed all doubt, going 9/11 denialist

Rick B


I would love to see chatter about a Cruz/Martinez (or vice versa) ticket. It would pretty well shatter the Fascist racist Humpty Dumpty.


If the President didn't want this guy breaking into the White House he should have just taken Joe Biden's advice and stepped out on the porch and fired a shot gun:

"I said, 'Jill, if there's ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here, walk out and put that double-barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house,'" Biden said."

I do recall President Lincoln being told not to shoot on the White House lawn:

Perhaps you'll be more inclined to enjoy Kyle's account of President Abraham Lincoln, standing on the White House lawn one spring morning in 1861 testing various rifles that were being considered as the country's next infantry weapon. While some of you may have heard that story before, you may not know that at one point during his test, Lincoln was interrupted by an Army captain, shouting profanity as he came to investigate who was violating his commander-in-chief's order which forbid shooting in the capital city.

But I don't believe any rules apply to Prez Obama, so fire away Hussain!

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

Who told the lie about Gonzales only making it to the portico that was reported in the MFM?


Instapundit.com retweeted
Brian Wilson ‏@BrianWilsonDC 1h1 hour ago

WH fence jumper made it to the East Room. He did better than the WH reporters -- they haven't been there in ages.

Jim Eagle


I went to dinner one night in Maganda in Tel Aviv (the place to eat with the Israeli elite) and sitting next to me were two hot Israeli babes in sexy cocktail dresses and their version of the AK-47 hanging over their chair. Very calming.


Speaking of Presidential intruders, there's also this:

President Calvin Coolidge loaned money to his Hotel Room Thief.


"Calming"? I suppose that could be ONE sensation...


WH fence jumper made it to the East Room.

I wonder if he was more alone there than Bill and Monica?


In a world full of Barack Obamas and Paul Krugmans it's nice to consider a wonder like Emmylou Harris who just gets prettier as she ages.

Comanche Voter

The dude ran right over a female Secret Service agent. Obozo might want to think about putting a little more "beef" in the front line IYKWIMAITYD. It's great to be politically correct and all that, but leave the tranny and female security guards to some other detail.


Great link, Ig! I lurve me some Emmylou and that's just one of her incredibly numerous recordings. She is beautiful beyond words.



Speaking of good looking elder gals...

Just back from my Library run where I saw that prominent in the new stacks is a new book from 76 year old Marlo Thomas: It Ain't Over . . . Till It's Over: Reinventing Your Life--and Realizing Your Dreams--Anytime, at Any Age

I think the 76 year old Thomas and her douche of a husband should have a talk with Dr Zeke Mengele Emanuel.


I can forgive Marlo Thomas her many lefty sins for continuing her dad's amazing work with St Jude's.
Her hubby on the other hand....


I can also forgive Emmylou her PETA promotion for looking so much like and reminding me so much of Mrs Iggy. :)


From that Ray Donovan show, one has Vinessa Shaw, who plays a reporter with an intriguing byline


The Hillary roman a clef, is insufferable, but the Diplomad review is not


Per Drudge, SC allows OH to reduce early voting days.


JiB, et al

Science Project for Frederick (if you guys aren't already doing it.)

In Science Camp this summer my youngest learned how to find out when the old Iridium Satellites were going overhead, and how to find the few seconds in their orbit where the sun would strike them sending down a visible Iridium Flare to observers standing on the ground looking up without anything but the naked eye: We did it last night toward dusk and it was great to see a sudden bright light appear for a few seconds way up above us and then disappear.

Here's what apparently is happening:

To find Iridium Flare times in your location, you have to go to I believe to this page and enter at the bottom left your approximate Lat and Long.

For our location we just typed in 61 for Lat and -117 (that's a minus sign in front of 117 since we are in the west.) I think you guys in Tampa area would be something like Lat 28 and Long -82. Then keep clicking and other pages come up showing data for when they cross overhead and azimuth and how high in the sky to be looking, etc, and if you click on the actual times in the box you get some depictions and can figure out approximate duration of the flares. The one she showed me yesterday only lasted for a few seconds.

Anyhow, our data page, after entry, looked like this, and then when we click on the first bit of data in the top column at the left we get this.

Hopefully that is enough for folks to figure it out, but if not, I'll get ZoBob to 'splain it to me better:)


Who Didn't Let The Dogs Out?

Can't blame me:) Kayroooo.

(Well, maybe I'll cheat and stay thru the 1st Quarter)


daddy-welcome to the world of iridium flares. Hubby the science guy had half of Fla going out to watch over the years.

My kids grew up doing that. I also miss the days when we would get a call to go out at x time to see space shuttle or sometimes space shuttle and space station.


Who told the lie about Gonzales only making it to the portico that was reported in the MFM?

Slate,BBC,CCTV,Pravda,RussiaToday, and Al Jazirah.

For starters.


I think Janet was asking the name of the WH source of the lie. Who told those reporters? I'd like to know, also.


Cool rse.

I recall back about 1996 or so going over to some far flung airfield named Taoyuan in Shanshi Province in mainland China to take a plane home that had transported an (I believe Iridium) satellite for launch from China. I recall something about having to transport a bit of hydrazine which I think was fuel. I was pretty new to the plane and recalled the difficulty at the time of getting possession of the aircraft sand the loadmaster guy having to bribe officials to get going, and then the Russians making as stink about us not having the proper call sign when approaching their territory.

Does anyone use the iridium satellites anymore or did that whole scheme go defunct? JiB might know.

And Beasts, cool story about being part of the team investigating the Mars Lander screwup (Newton's to Ergs). Any fun stories you can tell about that?


I think Janet was asking the name of the WH source of the lie.

I'm with you AliceH. I was just making a weak joke.


I think to get to the bottom of who told the initial lie about Gonzalez we'll probably have to put the Fort Marcy Park Police in charge of the Investigation.


I remember as a kid being on vacation in Southold New York and looking up in the sky for the Echo satellite.

Soylent Red

If I was Gonzalez I'd demand to be called an "undocumented visitor", and ask to be relocated and given college tuition.

If anyone resisted, I scream racism and demand Eric Holder investigate them.

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Thanks for the Emily Lou Harris link. Made the night a little brighter.


If anyone resisted, I scream racism and demand Eric Holder investigate them.


A lot depends on if he's Hispanic, or a "White Hispanic".

14 to 0 Kansas City. Anybody in Boston sweating yet?

Danube on iPad

For any who are interested, pdf layers explained:



I might be inclined to think there was something to the rumor that Obama might be one of Miriam Carey's babies' daddy, but this would conflict with the "Obama is gay" rumors. LOL

Jane on Ipad

Did anyone mention Joe Biden' s demand in 2002 that George Bush get congressional approval to go to war, or he personally would impeach him.

Run Joe run!


I sat down to eat dinner and turned on the TV to see some new sport on ESPN.
They play with this oblong ball similar to a football but there was like three or more consecutive plays without a penalty so I turned the channel because I couldn't understand why there weren't any ten minute commercial breaks for replays and I really couldn't follow it because they just kept playing and stuff.

Anyone know what game it was?


I feel like I should get the Fort Marcy Park Police reference. But I don't. Nouns are the first thing to go. :(

Beasts of England

@daddy: Only in general, and what you might expect - so-called independent reviewers shilling for their corporate masters. Everything is sifted through a touchy-feely sieve to protect certain fiefdoms.

The only one of those boards I ever interacted with - where there was no sugar-coating - was for the NOAA-N satellite, where it fell off the turn-over cart during testing because it wasn't bolted down. Seriously. Not much room to wiggle on that one...


I was at a campfire at a summer camp north of Old Forge when Echo first passed by.

Interestingly, the scientists at what was then Rome Air Development Center (RADC) were figuring out how to bounce communications off the balloon.


- was for the NOAA-N satellite, where it fell off the turn-over cart during testing because it wasn't bolted down.

Beasts, In a different time, I would have joked that heads should roll for that one. Yow!

Didn't something similar happen to the Oxygen tank that blew up on Apollo 13?

Beasts of England

@daddy: I should note that about a dozen years ago one of the NASA safety offices was trying to justify its budget and hired me to establish the cost of failure: launch mishaps, delays, mission failures, et cetera. Over a three year period I documented every mishap from Challenger to the then-present day. Not just the hardware costs, but opportunity costs, schedule impacts and fiscal ramifications.

It was fascinating and I became the go-to guy for all the centers' safety offices to quantify their mission. And while I was pleased to support a worthy effort, I eventually felt that I was helping to justify bureaucracy. That, and many of those offices reached critical mass and didn't need any more of my analyses to sell their services. Mission accomplished!

Beasts of England

I think the Apollo 13 mishap was caused by a faulty solenoid - although I'm not sure.


This story, on a Gun seller who operates a shooting range and refuses to sell to Muslims, was posted somewhere today.

U.S. GUN RANGE BANS MUSLIMS: ‘My Business is a Muslim Free Zone’.

I can understand his personal reasons, but my guess is those reasons will be successfully trumped in a Lawsuit and he will soon be rendered penniless. Would JOM legal agree?

I suppose the only benefit would be in seeing some of the ACLU Lawyers out there arguing that the Constitution allows private citizens to own guns.

Danube on iPad

Classic Emmy Lou, 38 years ago:



This is crazy stuff. Stopping this man after he entered the White House and made his way deep within, would be like allowing UNDOXICANS deep into Arizona, and every other state, without attempting to stop them!!
Couldn't happen.


Very interesting Beasts,

I hope somebody here can think of some good questions to ask you.

BTW we had a launch at our Kodiak Missile Launch facility go bust last month, and it was terminated at the 4 second after lift off point: Alaska Aerospace takes some solace in knowing the rocket left the ground

Calling the four-second flight a success borders on “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?” but board members said a statement crafted with care is in order.

miss Marple

I guess that woman who is the head do Secret Service is supposed to be questioned about this before Congress tomorrow. (Can't swear I have the day right,a going on what I heard on Fox. They are supposed to carry it live.)

Maybe we will find out who gave the misleading information.


Has anyone heard about this:

Danube on iPad

To paraphrase Hemingway, how does an NFL dynasty collspse? Slowly at first, then all of a sudden.

Beasts of England

A four second flight would have to be classified as a failure - unless it was a Sprint missile launch!

jimmyk on iPhone

Ann, just saw a report on the local news. They described paralysis as very rare and temporary, possibly connected with a particular strain of the virus. Hope they're right about the temporary and rare part.

jimmyk on iPhone

Our new buddies the Iranians are about to execute a woman who stabbed the guy who was raping her.



I bet if we could get the Feds to publish the locations where large groups of illegal alien children have been placed into public schools, we could probably see a pattern that matches where some of these "mysterious" pediatric infections are occurring.

As far as why they didn't manifest along the border, this is easily explainable:

On the border, the illegals were fairly well isolated and contained in holding centers, then were flown and transported into the interior and then exposed to the general population.

Beasts of England

@Gus: I bought a modeling amp for the lake to run my ES-339 through - a Vox Valvetronix 20. I'm blown away by the tones. Presets for 33 classic amplifiers, including Dumble, Matchless, Soldano, Marshall, Bruno, Fender, Mesa, and, of course, Vox. $179.

Dave (in MA)
Emmylou Harris who just gets prettier as she ages.

Not sure I'd say she's
getting prettier, but certainly has held up nicely.

Carol Herman

To: Alice H @ 9:26

Fort Marcy Park reference:

Vince Forster shot himself in the White House. And, he was rolled up in a carpet and his body brought to Ft. Marcy Park. Where it was found. IIRC. (Circa? 1993)

Vince Forster was a friend of the Clinton's. From Arkansas.


The Ayatollahs are not Islamic. I
In fact I'm pretty sure Muhammad was not Islamic and for that matter Allah and Islam are not Islamic either.

Communism Islam never works because it has never really been tried.

Jane on Ipad

The virus is like polio redux . I'm not sure anyone has yet recovered from the paralysis .


Thanks, Jimmyk and fdcol63.

That story and the Drudge headline make me crazy.

Dave (in MA)

The Mooch & Marsha Show.

Pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Crazy baning!



Going pack to topic, because this is a bizarre one that, somehow, manages to sum up our current administrtion. I got some areas of curiosity, that will not be answered, because you have to be right wing to have the curiosity of a Woodward/Bernstein these days...But here goes

So, who lied to whom first? Did the Secret Serviice lie to the President? Did the President lie to his press people? Or did the whole administraton actually know their tail from a hole in the ground, and just decided to lie to everyone?

miss Marple


Good questions! I have even wondered if these screw-ups are deliberate in order to trigger an investigation. Too tin foolish, probably.

Still, why lie about this, since it was bound to come out? It is very strange.

Beasts of England

A libertarian senate candidate in North Carolina could hand the race to Hagan. He's polling at 7%, with Hagan at 46% and Tillis at 43%. Ugh.

Captain Hate

Camille knocking down ivory towers:


Danube on iPad

"(CNN) -- In one of the most closely-watched Senate races of the year, incumbent Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina holds a narrow three-point advantage over her Republican challenger, according to a new CNN/ORC International survey.

"But the poll indicates that Thom Tillis, the GOP nominee, may be falling behind Hagan because a Libertarian candidate could be siphoning off Republican votes.

"Hagan edges Tillis, 46%-43%, while Libertarian Sean Haugh has support from 7% likely voters, according to the poll."

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

"A Secret Service Uniformed Division officer then “misreported” how far the intruder got into the White House to management in order to downplay the impact of the initial failure.

The officer in question told management that the intruder “never got through the vestibule” of the North Portico, which turned out to be false, the source said."



Sliding in the end zone is a 15 yard penalty. OK, now I recognize the game they're playing.

Beasts of England

Paglia is one of the few liberals I enjoy reading. I don't always agree with her arguments, but she's cerebral and isn't afraid to fire at the progtards.


--Too tin foolish, probably.--

IIRC, MM, that is actually spelled tewwt or something similar.
Steph would know.

Janet - the districts lie fallow, while the Capitol gorges itself

you have to be right wing to have the curiosity of a Woodward/Bernstein these days...


Dave (in MA)


Eddie DeVincenzo‎-Dedham Opinions

Gee. Why did they take Tom Bundchen out of the game?

Carol Herman

Nobody in the White House saw this story growing BIG! The "press" gets to ask questions using their "ROLLODEX" ... Or whatever passes for contacts these days.

It goes high enough up the chain!

So, I'll take a guess that the Secret Service HIERARCHY came up with "Omar Gonzales was stopped at the door." OOPS. No he ran past the female at the door. And, the guard outside wssn't even there, either!

So there's been lots of ass covering going on. Including ALL the officers ... from the roof ... down to those disguised as civilians OUTSIDE the gate!

Don't forget it was a Friday night. Perhaps a few of the crew were looking for places they could tuck themselves away in ... until it was time to "clock out?"

It's a wonder they just didn't pat this guy on the back, and send him out, again.

Of course, once the wires heated up ... And, ALL the officers on duty became aware of the intruder ... It had to be a Keystone Cops moment.

Then? People tried to figure out how they could look good?

While the female guard who was supposed to be inside the front door ... wasn't there. (Maybe, when she went to the bathroom, she took the key?)

You're in DC. All the help you hire, here, are black people. Perhaps, even more women than men? It's easy work. It's not like you're working at Wal-Mart's and you're worried that management is gonna come by and check.

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