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October 27, 2014





Mason Dixon also confirms the South Dakota dream has indeed crashed and burned:

Mike Rounds (R) 42%
Rick Weiland (D-inc) 33%
Larry Pressler (I) 13%


Cheyney shows the value of having intelligent people in the executive office instead of idiots like biden and obama.

Hopefully, voters will think the same thing when they vote in 2016 and sink lying hillary and foot in mouth biden.


Imagine how far advanced this research could be if the govt wasn't wasting money on the dangers of global warming, carbon dioxide and guns in the home.

James D.

Hopefully, voters will think

If the majority of voters thought more (or at all), we wouldn't currently have Obama in the White House.

God Be With Them

One wonders if US soldiers sent to Africa are now the guinea pigs for these drug companies' profit.


I expect the average JOMer will be able to fly by flapping their arms before Dick Chaney gets an apology from the Democrats for anything.


Christie caves, nurse to be released from quarantine. Perhaps Maine will enforce one once she gets there.


So both Cuomo and Christie caved within 48 hours?


James D.

Chris Christie can go f--k himself.

He can stand up to conservative republicans when it's his own poll ratings on the line.

But when it's the lives of actual human beings, he can't stand up to an editorial in the NYT or a pack of lies from the corrupt jackasses at the CDC.

I despise him. And I hope he, personally, contracts ebola and dies horribly in a pool of his own blood and vomit, on camera for all the world to see. I would have a party to celebrate, and buy the DVDs to watch it over and over again.


Don't sugar-coat it, James.

Captain Hate

Therein lies the problem with Fat RINO Bastard; when he can't use the unlimited power of the federal government to steamroll whomever is in his prosecutor sights or can't bully some wimpy school teacher, he's just an unprincipled coward. Him caving on that is a coffin nailer.


the woman is asymptomatic.like the dallas male strippers, the quarantine should reflect that fact. if she wanders about in Maine.... that's for the Maine authorities to deal with.


I have calmed down somewhat since the Duncan Ebola scare. Unless it is being hidden, it would appear that none of the family members have Ebola. That combined with the guy power washing the vomit from the sidewalk(no talk of him showing symptoms)certainly says to me that perhaps it is not so easy to catch. Perhaps it is still too early to be definitive.


"that perhaps it is not so easy to catch"

It's damned near impossible to catch unless you've been exposed to someone who was recently in West Africa or someone who treated someone from West Africa after they arrived here.

The problem with quarantine is that its effectiveness raises questions regarding HIV and the Center for the Spread of Incurable Disease policies promulgating its spread as a means of homosexual debilitation and eradication.


Why that doesn't fit the narrative, does it now? Dick Vader as savior?

Comanche Voter

Yup hurray for Darth Cheney.


I've always loved Cheney. Seriously. No nonsense, pragmatic realist and didn't give a shit about what the progs thought of him. But the icing on the cake was when I learned that he told crackpot Bernie Sanders to go fuck himself. My kind of man.


that was Leakey Leahy, lyle, speaking of which I think there is a Clymer spawn hanging around at some publication,


how long will it be before some of new Syrian friends shortcomings come out,



You're right, narc. Need more chocolate.

Miss Marple

Let this be a lesson to us all about Christie.

He is, when all else is stripped away, a coward and a bully.

Nothing else to be said.

Old Lurker and clarices,

I think probably I am just worrying ahead. I am also worried about this election as we do not know how much fraud will show up, how they will increase turnout for the dems through who knows what scheme, nor how many potential GOP voters will stay home for whatever reason.

If the polls turn out to be wrong, the polling companies have a duty to explain why.

Frau Edith Steingehirn

I'll let someone else write the equation, Miss Marple:
Enough fraud is needed in order to win an election.

Frau Edith Steingehirn

I'm sure JOMers caught the close connection between the Jersey quarantined nurse and the CDC. No, my local newspaper or TV did not inform me of that fact.

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