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October 01, 2014



I am first??



Frau Steingehirn

Is the Ebola visitor a member of the religion of peace? Conspiracy theorists are bound to call him a suicide bomber.

Frau Steingehirn

Good to see you. Why are you up so early/late, Gus?

Eric in Boise

Way to harsh my mellow, Mr. Maguire.

The only thing that will make me more jittery will be if Harf Me Out or Psimpering Psaki show up and pull a Chip Diller.

Frau Steingehirn

TM: "So not to be all Gloomy Gus..."

Our host is certainly not talking about *our* Gus who is never gloomy.

Frau Steingehirn

With six in a row, I get egg roll.

Frau Steingehirn

Thanks, Eric. I thought I was all alone.

I'm sure the immigration authorities are all over this situation with regards to the Embolites's US relatives.


How many people encountered have green cards? Now amnesty because of public health crisis.


Hi Frau, I'm not gloomy!
This Ebola thing. Do not worry, Obama has his peeps "on the job".

Eric in Boise

said the family and community contacts were few, no more than a handful.

Last time I checked, a "handful" was only slightly more than a "smidgen", so I'm on board.

(Does the style guide allow sarc tags?)


Frau-are you feeling better?

This Ebola story interferes with the new global meme about how we are supposed to learn to trust government.

Actually so do the State Department ninnies.

For anyone interested in China and Hong Kong, I put up an interesting link on the previous thread.

Rick B


The final "easier" link is incorrect. [Thanks, fixed. TM]

I'm curious about the fellow passengers on the flights Mr. Asymptomatic took before he wasn't. It's not that I don't believe the credentialed morons at CDC aren't doing everything within their capability, it's just that they're capability is very probably as obamic as every other facet of the maladministration.

There is also the non negligible possibility Mr. Asymptomatic is lying through his teeth about symptoms he had prior to departure.


This Ebola story interferes with the new global meme about how we are supposed to learn to trust government.

And illegal immigrants.


See, I'm telling you guys...

Jimmy Carter says he would have defeated Reagan had he been more 'manly'

Eric in Boise

Ah, if I were a reporter...

"Dr. Frieden, can you provide two good reasons that we should trust the CDC to keep us safe any more than we trust the IRS to be impartial, or CMS to build a functioning website?"

A guy can dream.


Only a handful of contacts... How many handfuls did that 1st handful have contacts with? And so on and so on...

Captain Hate

Interviewed with his wife, Carter said he also had to ignore Rosalynn’s pleadings to “do something.”

In the end, she said that she was proud of her husband. “Peace is very difficult. War is popular in our country,” said Mrs. Carter.

Two extremely disgusting people.

Jeff Dobbs

See, I'm telling you guys...

You're . . . you're telling us to listen to and believe Jimmy Carter.


So the guy was "screened" before he got on board the plane, and the disease wasn't detected at the time , even though he did in fact already have the disease . . . And this is supposed to make me feel better.


Local news last night reported that the man was transported to Presby via ambulance. The ambulance and paramedics are now "quarantined." Comical. Showed us arial views of the isolated vehicle. Showed us a picture of a house, earnestly assuring us the paramedics have promised to stay home for 21 days. Then they tell us they're not sure how many people were transported in the blighted vehicle before it was quarantined.

Then we got to the how-come-Liberia-never-became-an-issue part of the show. Classic whorehouse dance a little sidestep routine. Officials claim they don't know the man's citizenship. They don't know if the man showed an ID. They don't know if the paramedics or ER personnel asked for an ID.

Show closes with an emotional interview with the leader of the local Liberian society who pleads with the man's family members (whom she knows personally) and friends to get to a hospital ASAP.


You mean Larf*, really the Strain seems like a documentary, I read the Strain, years ago, and there are echoes, cue the Blue Oyster Cult

* I didn't come up with that.


Along related lines...


I would note that the way the disease spreads across continents is that a sick person travels from one continent to the next, gets bitten by a mosquito, which then spreads it to others.

Perhaps more from tourist travel than immigration, but it was in Central America as well as the Caribbean.


2nd person being monitored for ebola


commenter there posts these questions two science reporters not able to ask at presser

Q: Dr. Frieden, it sounds like the patient wasn't tested for Ebola when he first sought medical care, on 26 September, even though he had just arrived from a country with an Ebola epidemic. Why not? Did the health care provider who saw him know he had arrived from Liberia six days earlier?

Q: How many health care workers and how many others came into contact with the patient before he was isolated?

Q: You said the patient's contacts are now being monitored. Can you give some details about this? Does it include going to their homes and taking their temperature daily? Or do you communicate with them by electronic means, such as phone calls, text messages, and e-mails?

Q: Are contacts being told to isolate themselves from their friends and family while they are being monitored?

Q: Does the government have any legal authority to force potential contacts to cooperate if they don't want to? Are they free to travel?

Q: Has the house where the patient was staying been disinfected, and if so, how exactly?

Q: What experimental therapies are available now for the patient, should he want to use them? Would you recommend anything specific?

Q: Does the patient or his family members have an idea about how he got infected?

Q: Virologist Heinz Feldmann has described procedures at the airport in Monrovia as a "disaster" and said it was the most dangerous situation he encountered during his visit to Liberia. Could the patient have become infected at the airport? Is that possibility being investigated?

Q: What is the estimated number of people entering the United States each week who have recently been in one of the countries affected by the epidemic?

Q: The number of Ebola cases is roughly doubling every three weeks; CDC's own worst case-scenario says there may be as many as 1.4 million patients by 20 January. Should the US and other countries prepare to see imported cases on a regular basis?

Q: The World Health Organization has raised the possibility that Ebola could become endemic in West Africa. If that happens, how should the U.S. deal with people traveling from these countries in the future?

Q: One more question, Dr. Frieden. The United States is paying a lot of attention to this single case right now. Do you think that will increase the amount of money and number of people the U.S. is willing to dedicate to containing the outbreak in West Africa?


What's WRONG with you wingnutz? Our government is ON this! Government is people! Why do you hate people?

Some Guy

Something occurred to me while reading all the excuse making from Team Zero...

Remember his famous "“I think that I’m a better speechwriter than my speechwriters. I know more about policies...”and so forth?

We obviously took that as excessive self-regard, but what if it was actually just an honest statement of fact?

O is not that smart relative to real world, but the way things have been going, he might actually be smarter than anyone else in his administration! Further, he might be too insecure to seek out and hire anyone smarter than himself.

We might actually have a genuine A Confederacy of Dunces mingling about and stumbling through the halls of power.

Now, I'm really depressed.


More for the last thread than this one, but whatever:


Projection. Remember that liberal fantasy movie about W getting assassinated?


Last night when I finally went to bed the very discouraging news was that ISIS was on the outskirts of Baghdad, and was on the offensive. It made me think that if Baghdad does fall to these monsters, the history of what happens next was written 90 years ago by Will and Ariel Durant:

The Mohammedan Conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precarious thing, whose delicate complex of order and liberty,
culture and peace may at any time be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying within. The Hindus had allowed their strength to be wasted in internal division and war; they had adopted religions like Buddhism and Jainism, which unnerved them for the tasks of life; they had failed to organize their forces for the protection of their frontiers and their capitals, their wealth and their freedom, from the
hordes of Scythians, Huns, Afghans and Turks hovering about India's boundaries and waiting for national weakness to let them in. For four
hundred years (600-1000 A.D.) India invited conquest; and at last it came.

The Durants then recite a litany of repulsive slaughter by these invaders who, regardless what the Obama's of the day thought, believed themselves to be "true Islam." They finish pages later with this:

This is the secret of the political history of modern India. Weakened by division, it succumbed to invaders; impoverished by invaders, it lost all power of resistance, and took refuge in supernatural consolations; it argued that both mastery and slavery were superficial delusions, and concluded that freedom of the body or the nation was hardly worth defending in so brief a life. The bitter lesson that may be drawn from this tragedy is that eternal vigilance is the price of civilization. A nation must love peace, but keep its powder dry.

That last bit, a nation must love peace but keep its powder dry, is a lesson that, per Captain Hate's post above, Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn still somehow have not learned.

Eric in Boise

echoes, cue the Blue Oyster Cult

Pink Floyd?

Thomas Collins

So the CDC critter said "zero" chance. I'm worried. Clearly the chance is greater than zero, even if the infected person appeared not to have symptoms.


In 1919, when my dad was 6, my grandfather died from the Spanish Flu. It was a terrible pandemic:


It was a walk in the sunny park compared to Ebola.


Obuumer safety? absolutely Timesian projection there. The Progs are mentally ill.

Thomas Collins

The Obama Family had better hope that the Secret Service is not involved in quarantine procedures if any of them visit a place with Ebola patients.


In a world of Chinese communists, ebola and Islamic slaveowners and murderers of women feminists find time to be enraged by this 12 second promotional video for some Vancouver soccer team.
It shockingly features these three fully clothed women barely moving (right click for all three).

I have to admit I am coming around to an all woman draft being sent on dangerous perhaps even suicidal attacks against the headchoppers. Surely the NSA can already forward a list to the Selective Service Admin of members of NOW and PP and subscribers to MS. Magazine.
MS. is still a thing, right?


Sorry; 17 seconds. Perhaps that makes all the difference.


Ugh - US aircrew is missing in Arabian Gulf.


I had not seen this White House Secret Service Director, so here is Ms Pierson in happier times:

I think that is a raccoon pelt on top of her head.


What's the matter with TM? He hasn't posted a new link in going on 30 minutes or so. I'm concerned about him.


And now Ras gets on board the Gardner express:

Colorado Senate: Gardner (R) 48%, Udall (D) 47%


daddy-would you read that link I put up on the previous thread on what China censors. I believe you have a bit of personal experience.


You got a problem with the raccoon-gendered, daddy? Raccoonist.

James D.

I'm just going to pull out my copy of "The Stand" and hopefully glean some survival tips, considering the crackerjack response to ebola by our government thus far.

Eric Holder

A quarantine is illegal under the law as it would have a disproportionate effect our African and African-American minorities.


Davy, Davy Crockett.

I had one of those as a lad. You?

Eric in Boise

Bus ticket to Boulder, James D.


@1:24-- the worst thing about that? I really think that's from Eric Holder.


why was he sent home after he presented symptoms,!!!

Old Lurker

Eric, isn't asking an ER patient if he had recently been in Liberia profiling? Didn't the AG say we are not going to do that anymore?



New Marquette Law School Poll finds Walker at 50% and Burke at 45% among likely voters in governor’s race

50% is a very fine number, I am sure Henry more than agrees...


The Doctor on TV at the Press Conference just said this, which I believe is the diagnosis arrived at when he first arrived at the Hospital on the 26th, before being sent home, and then returning critically ill on the 28th Verbatim:

A checklist was in place for Ebola in this hospital for several weeks, and Doctor Ed somebody to my right had led the implementation of that. That checklist was utilized by the nurse who did ask that question.

That nurse was part of a Care Team. It was a complex Care Team taking care of him in the Emergency Department. Regretfully, that information was not fully communicated throughout the full Team. And as a result the full import of that information wasn't factored in to the clinical decision-making. The overall Clinical presentation was not typical at that time yet for Ebola. So as the Team assessed him, they felt clinically it was a low grade common viral disease. That was the presentation.

He volunteered that he had travelled from Africa in response to the nurse operating the checklist and asking that question.

BTW, the dark haired gal behind the Doc is pretty cute. I'd love to see her smile.


Which Eric are you asking OL?

Miss Marple

From other thread, Perry press conference includes the delightful information that school-age children were exposed to patient #1, and they are being monitored.

I actually don't want to hear "monitored." I want to see "quarantined."

Also, Texas Health Commissioner detailed all the precautions they are taking both with patient care and labs. Tells people not to worry, that Dallas isn't West Africa.

Miss Marple thinks this is hubris and is still worried.


-- It was a complex Care Team taking care of him in the Emergency Department. Regretfully, that information was not fully communicated throughout the full Team. And as a result the full import of that information wasn't factored in to the clinical decision-making. The overall Clinical presentation was not typical at that time yet for Ebola. So as the Team assessed him, they felt clinically it was a low grade common viral disease.--

But I can still assure you there is zero chance of anything bad ever happening anywhere.


Your daily Sultan Knish:

Intelligence as ideology is at the heart of the left. Its Orwellian twist discards the need for using intelligence to question its ideology by asserting that the issue is settled. To be smart is to be left and to be left is to be smart. And only stupid people would question that.

There is no need to think about anything because the smart people have already done all the thinking. You can show you are smart by accepting their conclusions or show your stupidity by questioning them.

Science and skepticism are the tools of stupid people. As Socrates put it, I know that I know nothing. We have the most to fear from the smart people who don’t know and will never admit how little they know.

Jeff Dobbs

I think that is a raccoon pelt on top of her head.

You got the airbrushed version, daddy. I found the original:


The Marquette #s are nice, especially Walker at 50%. If he gets to 52% in the final vote tally, he takes a HUGE step forward as a nominee candidate IMHO.


Seems like every follow up answer from the Doctor speaking is something like:

That Information was not available, or that information was not obtained when the patient was in the Emergency Room.

So, we now know that proper information must be given in order to identify this disease properly. Yet we are allowing hundreds of thousands of people across our southern border who do not speak our language and are eager to withhold such information for fear of being deported, and who knows what language this guy was speaking and with what accent., and what he did not want to reveal until he had to reveal it, being at deaths door.

But our system is Failsafe as long as we wash our hands and follow some checklist.

Also I note that the ticker beneath now says he arrived on the 19th, not the 20th. Possibly an international Dateline thing, but still another data point needing revision.


Beautiful, Hit:)

Thomas Collins

See below link for an article on a child's death from the enterovirus that has been afflicting children nationwide.


I think the only people DOJ will quarantine are those who inquire whether the enterovirus is being spread by Obama's dispersing illegals throughout the USA.


GMax, the 50% is what I expect to see. Given the plagiarism ads started running after the polling (along with a "so what if I plagiarized" defensive ad from Burke), a 52% final vote tally is not out of the question. Still 5 weeks of John Doe leakage to wade through for the big prog $ waste-a-thon. It is a get the base out to vote thing again.


Your daily Howard Dean:

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough asked Dean about the skipped briefings on his show this morning. “Howard Dean, you get 42% of the briefings face-to-face, 42% in the second term, missed the rest. Is that a big deal? Are there sometimes you’d rather read something than have people talk?”

Dean wasn’t subtle in dismissing the question: “This rises to the level of Obama was born in Kenya and is a right wing Muslim. I saw Crossroads did this, he has no credibility whatsoever. The presidents, leaders, governors do things differently, I just think this is ridiculous. I can’t even believe we are talking about this. This is silly.”

"Right wing Muslim"? Oh, sorry. Howard Dean is one of those "smart people."

Rick B

Rasmussen and Fox had the Walker/Barret matchup in '10 at five weeks out with the same numbers Marquette has today, Marquette had the recall match in '12 between Walker and Barret with the same numbers at four weeks out.

Henry had this one pegged some months ago.


LOL, hit!


Howard Dean, the Governor who major priority was BIKE PATHS? That Howard Dean?

Gosh if even Stockholm Syndrome Scarborough can get it through his thick skull that this guy is mailing it in, how tough can it be Howie?

Jim Eagle

I will assume the guy is black like in African and that he is Liberian. He must then speak with an accent.

So, a black guy with a non-American accent complains of symptons similar to Ebola according to the E-room checklist and no is curious to ask the simple question, "where are you from, what is that accent"?

Is there such a thing as a special-ed Nursing degree?


Captain Hate

Yeeaarrgghh must be self medicating again.

Jim Eagle

...no one....


I got mostly Minnesota ads given I was in the MSP SP tv market, on my visit. I did see a few ads putting the lumber to Congressman Petersen. He is quite endangered I would think.

Thomas Collins

Is there a Wisconsin lottery game called Buddig Old Wisconsin? In the upper left hand corner of my JOM web page, there is an ad for it.

Captain Hate

It's time to start drinking heavily until this nightmare goes away:



I found the original

LOL. There was also this--airbrushed presumably, but with the transcript:

(right-click as needed)


Rse I'll get to that China link on catch up shortly.

I am watching the Dow drop 245 points at the moment. It looks like all the passenger airlines are down today stock wise. I am sure it has nothing to do with the perception that a possible invisible Ebola virus, transported in passenger planes, might infect numbers of passengers flying.

Perhaps if the CDC called it "Cooties" instead of "Ebola" people wouldn't get all worried about it, since apparently the CDC tells us that honestly Ebola is no more dangerous than Cooties.

A nice day to be in Cargo.


yet W was responsible for the weather, you know Rove's weather machine and all, and we forget the nonspecific carp in the PDB's, which would have had us chasing leads in Brooklyn,

Eric in Boise

If the CDC is really serious about containment, they'll turn oversight of this over to the IRS. That way, the effect will be limited to Tea Party types.

And Hit's 1:36 is hereby nominated for P-Shop of the year.

Thomas Collins

Is anonamom or another member of the JOM Virus and Bacteria Committee around? How much uncertainty is the term "asymptomatic" subject to? What does one need to do to exhibit "symptomatics"?


Obama Defers Deportation of Liberians On Same Day TX Ebola Patient Enters Hospital


Champ has great timing don't he?

Old Lurker

So you are working in an ER in Dallas. Dallas has one of the few direct flights from Ebola-Central. A patient presents with symptoms and tells the ER that he just arrived from Ebola-Central. The box is checked and filed away. Ooops. Communication is hard. Thinking is harder.


Thomas Collins

Koskinen is an expert at rubbing things out, Eric. That's a great idea!

Jim Rhoads f/k/a vnjagvet

I actually don't want to hear "monitored." I want to see "quarantined."

Many of us remember when we got the chicken pox, mumps or measles, we were quarantined. Our parents were required to confine us to the house and post a large card at the front window with the big letters QUARANTINED conspicuously visible so anyone walking by (or the milkman or the postman) would give the house wide berth. And that for just childhood viral diseases.

Miss Marple

I have ZERO confidence that hospital administrators and the CDC have this under control. These press conferences are not helping me one bit.

I want to know if those people who ignored the patients point of origin when making their diagnosis have been disciplined or fired.

I want to know why we are depending on screening in Liberia and allowing passengers they ok into this country. Liberia has a vested interest in Ebola getting here so that more efforts are put towards a cure.

I am not in a good mood.


So, a black guy with a non-American accent complains of symptons similar to Ebola according to the E-room checklist and no is curious to ask the simple question, "where are you from, what is that accent"?

It's worse than that JiB,

The Nurse did ask the question and did got the proper response, yet "the Clinical Team" still did not put 2 and 2 together.

From my transcribing the briefing above:

He volunteered that he had travelled from Africa in response to the nurse operating the checklist and asking that question.

So they had the proper information, and they were functioning per their checklist, yet they still screwed the raccoon pooch.


Henry-- as RickB notes, you've been spot on about Wisconsin for months. If walker actually pulls 52%, it would be a tribute to his GOTV ability, no?

Jim Eagle


With chicken pox, a lot of kids and families didn't even know they had it and were out playing or going to school. That was how I caught it.

Talking to my medico yesterday and he said people should not doubt they had chicken pox because it was so communicable and not as highly visible as measles or mumps.

Which reminds me, how is Frau getting on?

Miss Marple

Yes, daddy, and this is a big deal hospital in a major city.

How about walk-in clinics? Have they had any patients? How about general practitioners?

So if you are a Liberian who is here illegally and has been exposed, will you show up at an ER? Will you send your wife or someone to the drugstore for some over-the-counter meds? Will she expose the cashier? Will the cashier expose others?

And we do not know that it isn't mutating.

Rick B


What about the voter ID law and lack of enthusiasm in the Madison gulag? I could see Walker getting to 53-54% pretty easily if the Fascist deep doldrums continue.

Old Lurker

...big deal hospital in a major city that hosts direct flights from Ebola-Central...

Frau Steingehirn

"I think that is a raccoon pelt on top of her head."
Shhhhh...that's where she packs her heat, daddy.

CH, got something against the Romneyans? How about their cloaking device?

Miss M -FIFY:
"Tells people not to worry, that Dallas isn't West Africa"...YET.

Rob Crawford

A couple of weeks ago I saw some mouth-breather intellectual site railing against quarantine, as a violation of human rights. Wish I had the link, but frankly I was so disgusted I wanted to forget I read such a thing.

Miss Marple

The beheader will be arraigned in about 15 minutes. New mug shot just released shows Islamic-type beard.


GMax, don't know, I pay no attention to voluntary taxes lottery.

NK, yes, over 52% would be a combination of GOTV (& the local magic DB) and Burke tanking based on blithering when confronted with the plagiarism -- a nice ad airing with Burke in "deer in headlights" mode during NCIS and football.

Rick, Mooch was in Milwaukee Monday (trampling disabled vets in the process) and will be in Madison next week to increase enthusiasm. A Burke tank might zorch her political future. ; )


What is the flaw in my logic which leads me to conclude that every human that he came in contact with after entering the Hospital on the 26th and being told to leave, is potentially infected?

If he drove, is it on the steering wheel? If he took a cab, is it on the money he handed the cab driver or the money he handed to the girl at McDonald's, or the clerk at the 7-11 where he bought Aspirin?

And as I understand it, the incubation period could be as long as 21 days?

And why are we still calling Beheader Jah'Keem Yisrael Alton Nolan? We don't call Barrack Hussain Obama Barry Soetoro.

Miss Marple

Another good question, daddy. Send Fox an email.

I solve this problem by calling him the beheader.

Frau Steingehirn

sre and JiB - post-herpetic neuralgia is still with me. My insomnia is still bothering me but I'm back to many normal tasks. The good news is my daily kindle bill has gone *down* with my improvement.


Frau- glad to hear you 're feeling better.


Doctors and hospitals have become much more aware of infectious disease control since our experience in 2001,when my father-in-law died from a hospital borne infection (c-diff). A mistake was made,he should have been isolated.
MM is correct,people should be quarantined,not monitored. Is political correctness going to interfere with medicine?!
Re: mosquito virus... the mosquitoes were terrible this year! This is the first time I've had an allergic reaction to mosquito bites,which were red and blotchy and itchy. Maine mosquitoes have morphed into blood sucking monsters.

Eric in Boise

Another thing I find ominous is the way this thing has progressed over the last week or two:

There's only a 20% of Ebola reaching the US by year end.

OK, There's a potential Ebola victim in Dallas.

OK, he's a real victim, but we've got it locked down.

OK, he had contact with other people, but no more than a handful.

OK, it was eighteen or so people. Might've been school age children.

OK, they were school age children. Fine. We're on it.

...and on Drudge right now: "Second possible Ebola case in Dallas."

Good times.


there is no flaw, once the symptoms present, anyone in their circle, would transmit the disease,

Good to hear, Frau.


On Beheading, just for info, when I was rereading Will Durant today, he makes this point on Akbar The Great, famous murderer/invader of India.

...he had no effeminate distaste for
human blood; when, at the age of fourteen, he was invited to win the title of Ghazi Slayer of the Infidel by killing a Hindu prisoner, he cut off the man's head at once with one stroke of his scimitar.

So that prompts me to look up this title Ghazi, Slayer Of The Infidel.

Apparently among the Turks and Indians ("True Islams") it is a distinguished Title to be fought for, with some religious connotations helping one enter Paradise in the afterlife, and also marks one as "a defender of the Faith".

So beheading one's enemies is not just an instrument of terror, it's essentially a requirement like counting coup, to prove oneself, and to win popular recognition that you're one of the boys who can be fully relied upon to defend the faith.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

This is going to be one helluva holiday season... for Amazon.


Given Suffolk has been leaning heavy Democrat in nearly all of their polling I would give this one a tentative good news rating. Roberts is running good ads, and getting all sorts of high profile Republicans to campaign for him. He is behind but I think Kansas will see this Ormand guy for the Wolf in sheep's clothes that he is in fact.

Orman 46, Roberts 41. Suffolk-USAToday KS.

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