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October 03, 2014



Hope and Strain

Danube on iPad

Amother interesting factoid about that game is that Bob Hendley was pitching for the Cubs, and he himself threw a one-hitter--and that hit played no part unnthe Dodhers's scoring, which was an unearned run.

Very few people know that following his retirement Koufax converted to Islam.


Jeff Dobbs

Hmmmmm.....If I was taking clarice's advice....the poster would say...

--Louis Farrakhan


--Very few people know that following his retirement Koufax converted to Islam.--

Har, har.


Happy to see glum Angels fans leaving the stadium.

A little premature, what with 1 on and Trout at bat, but still...


Nice job KC! Trout whiffs, game over.


LA 0-3 today.
There is no joy in Mugville tonight.


Oops, 0-3 so far.
There is no yada yada....


Condolences for jimmy's Tigers as well. 0-2 is not too fun in a five game series.


And lastly I wouldn't discount the Giants. Have won two of the last four WS and weren't really expected to win either one.

Jeff Dobbs

And lastly

On the subject, of course. "And lastly" is not the equivalent of "Nytol".


And lastly out.


Yeah I know, Hit, cuz here I go again;
Ben Bernanke can't get refied.
Let me cry some crocodile tears on behalf of NK. Heh.

And lastly I try to never say nytol because I"m such a contrary cuss that if anyone tells me that's what I'm supposed to say I'll eat dirt before I do it.
And so I say;
A little travelin music Sammy! Good Night Everybody! Miami Beach Audiences are the greatest audiences in the world!

Jeff Dobbs

(hint: yup, don't say "nytol", say something memorable . . . that way when you come on in the morning, you can search for your phrase and not have to scroll to find where you left off. in fact, by using "nytol", you make it harder for DoT to use that trick)

Buenas Nacogdoches.


and if ebola wasn't enough to cheer you up, this might be a thing ...



wonder how well all the chemical, nuclear, and bio weapons have been locked up?

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Consider the other reportage (local) and pictures in this thread posted above and spot the lies...


Fishy, eh?


so those 10 are now contagious too.

great going team


Steph,Rich-- we overlapped! I woke up when you made your last post.

Let's forget the obviously less-than-the-brightest-bulb-in-box nurse's and the dangerous-to-patientcare-which-is-why-we-weren't-using-them-Obamacare-mandated EMR's role here--

the CDC is totally incompetent! Not getting those people our of that apartment immediately and decontaminating it--words fail.


anonamom-woke up with my seasonal why does weather change make my sinuses hurt at the top of my spine headache. Let's play with pressure points while everyone sleeps.

OK here is why we have the Reps always wanting to stay with Statist candidates. I have been watching the JFK School for Govt on the Charles River because it keeps coming up along with everyone wanting all the political focus to be on the local and mayors. Easy place to control people and place and implement that needs focus that is the hallmark of the Human Development Model.

This new book out http://datasmart.ash.harvard.edu/news/article/about-the-book-the-responsive-city-529 if you click to the more expansive info tells us that one of the co-authors is not just a prof. No he is the country's leading experts on public-private partnerships and he was Chief Domestic Advisor to the GWB 2000 Presidential Campaign.

Perhaps he will be available for Jeb too? We could easily end up with the reps from both sides of the aisle being darlings of the Aspen Institute.

Both parties are just infatuated at the leadership level on our being the governed. Based on my participation in those very affairs Steph teases me about and listening well and monitoring who is touting what and who wants to control the dialogue in certain directions only, it appears to me that many of the so-called "conservative' state affiliates in what is called the State Policy Network are actually all about the kind of private providers meeting public problems cronyism that is an essential component of selling a needs-based Marxist economy without the typical person knowing what hit them.

Miss Marple


Going along with what you say, Indiana (which made a big splash about rejecting Common Core) essentially repackaged it, with Pence blathering about "Hoosier standards for Hoosier kids" or something similar.

What I believe is going on is that for governors on the conservative side, it is being sold as a way to produce high school graduates who are ready to join the work force or are college-ready.

The subtleties of the change to collective thinking would be lost on someone like Pence, who despite his "rising star" reputation in the punditry is really not that sharp. Also, through the aggravation about Common Core, here in Indiana our Secretary of Education is a democrat, because parents and teachers (although for different reasons) banded together to vote the GOP secretary out who had pushed for it.

So the part of the changes in education in Indiana which are more what you describe are NOT being resisted by our secretary, as her entire concern is with teacher accountability not being pushed, since she is a union-backed official.

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

Not teasing. I'm amazed that you get into the places you do, rse.


Stephanie, you weren't kidding about not sleeping, were you?
Do you nap?


The term "faith based" is starting to get on my nerves too.

at Instapundit -
""... But now she and the others have a new place to call home in the meantime: a private 4-bedroom residence in Dallas, which was arranged with the help of someone in the local faith-based community."

So it’s not just in Africa that it’s mostly “faith-based” people doing the actual work of Ebola relief. It’s in America, too."

Do they mean Bible believing CHRISTIANS? ...Followers of Jesus Christ?
Is that what "faith-based" means?

The MFM is unable to speak about Christians unless they are bashing us.


Sitting at Frederick's soon to start soccer match and observe that Stephanie may have the JOM record for most posts & links in a 24 hour period. Hell, even Gus went to bed before she did, if she did.


From Scotusblog: The brief to the Halbig en banc court delivered yesterday. Barry's Response urging Supremes to stay away dropped late last night. He seems a bit worried.


on FB -


So, can you unthrow that nurse from under a bus?


Of COURSE that Liberia information was on the EMR from the first visit--and was accessable to the NP, PA, doctor, whoever now gets to see the patients in their ER---
the question was WHERE WAS IT?

No surprise it got lost in the screen after screen after screen of things in identical font and formatting like immunization history, domestic violence, sexual history that looks exactly like the part where travel in someone with Ebola might show up

Miss Marple


Glad you found that article! I heard it on the radio yesterday and posted about it to you, but it probably got lost in the number of articles.


Funny how the vendor who wrote that software is not named. From what I saw last bee sting, the UI is a nightmare with no way to highlight anything important (sadly, this is a software industry standard way of doing it... a standard which needs to be ignored. Your average game app is better at presenting key info).

Miss Marple

henry, I use a program for compiling my eBay listings from a source outside eBay.

I get alerts at the top of the screen for changes on eBay that I might not know about. If I key in certain items ( certain toys, certain bar equipment, certain clothing items) I automatically get a warning about not shipping alcohol, not shipping cap guns to certain states and countries, endangered species prohibitions, toy recalls, etc.

I also get stopped if I load incorrect weights or dimensions for shipping.

So why medical software cannot flag with a flashing alert for travel, history, etc. is a mystery to me.


We didn't need the spiritual description of the resentful prez and his cronies, but this is the best I've read so far:



So our hospital personnel are now responsible?

How bout the State Dept. NOT GIVE VISAS to people from Liberia!



Miss M, my understanding is that the vendors went for market share given sudden big dollars due to ACA, and the competitive advantage went to transaction speed (which is important as well), not quality of care enabled by the system. It is a market created by government fiat, not by value to the users. E-Bay is targeted at consumers and small vendors, quality of experience and usefulness drive that market. What you see is the difference in innovation in a free market (E-Bay) and crony land (health records).


So Senator Sam is now telling the AJC paper that his progeny just might not vote for Harry Reid as majority leader if elected!


That will tell you all you need to know about the state of the race in Georgia. Its a lie of course, but she feels the need to run as something other than a Democrat, and then Obama wants to make the election about his policies. Bring it.



It hadn't already been adopted, despite it being a great billing tool as well as portal to lab and exam results, but it is SO BAD as far as patient care.
From what I read--all of them add at least two hours to an office doc's day, or they've had to cut patients back by 20-30%.

Jeff Dobbs

Do they mean Bible believing CHRISTIANS? ...Followers of Jesus Christ?

From TM's updated:

Duncan arrived in Dallas from Liberia last month, with plans to visit Louise Troh and “start a new life in America” with her, according to an e-mail sent today to the congregation of Wilshire Baptist Church, where Troh is a member.

While TM probably rightfully mocked the idea that the sole reason Duncan came to the US was to get hitched (as opposed to knowingly coming to escape a Liberian ebola death), I think it a fair assumption that one of those dirty Southern Baptists just might be involved.


"According to Roger Hedgecock no statement was issued regarding Yom Kippur. He also pointed to the irony of a claim that an exclusive event will lead to a more inclusive world. " ~ from TK's link

http://islam.about.com/od/hajj/f/mecca.htm - "The ban on non-Muslim visitors is mentioned in the Qur’an as follows: "Oh you who believe! Truly the idolaters are unclean; so let them not, after this year, approach the Sacred Mosque...." (9:28). "

from Obama's message - "It serves as a reminder that no matter one’s tribe or sect, race or religion, gender or age, we are equals in humanity."
Oops! I guess not. Eid Mubarak!


Excellent explanation from henry @9:12.

I will add though that many of the 'conservtive' state think tanks would hype the private creation of the software system according to govt spec's as the "free market in action."

I am convinced there is a book of Hayek, Bastiat, and Von Mises etc quotes for people to pretend to be about free markets and instead be about cronyism. Then the poor Tea Partiers have no idea they are not advocating for their philosophy.

I have noticed the Friedman Institute throwing out arguments that would have Rose and Milton gasping at the fundamental point that makes the desired analogy inapt. When I pointed out one time they were relying on a report Soros had financed and not just as a contributor, the response was of course this is free market, we are the Friedman Institute.


EHRs are not treatment tools for healthcare workers. RNs and MDs are there to feed in data for "population health". In other words, it works great for the end users it's designed for - Grant-seeking policy wonks and politicians and their cronies.


--No he is the country's leading experts on public-private partnerships and he was Chief Domestic Advisor to the GWB 2000 Presidential Campaign.--

I know Barry is astronomically worse than W and "blame Bush" is a moronic mantra but unless we're willing to recognize and examine a problem we'll never fix it.

W's compassionate conservatism and all of its repulsive penumbra like No Numbskull Left Behind, the monstrosity of TARP and yes even his "faith based initiatives" were the antithesis of limited government conservatism and did untold damage to the GOP at the national level.

There is a fundamental flaw in anyone to the left of somebody like Ted Cruz and even he is borderline. They all seem to think we just need to bring experiments that work at the state level to the Federal one and everything will work out great. But the roles of those two governments are NOT supposed to overlap. The Feds were only supposed to do what the states couldn't with the powers the states and people granted it.

The unfortunate fact is the last two Rep presidents have made a complete hash of any coherent conservative/libertarian philosophy and governance and have more than reversed any good the GOP congressional majorities have attempted or even thought about attempting. In fact the state of the congressional GOP's lack of imagination and spine can be almost wholly attributed to the governing philosophy of W combined with his support of useless old beachmasters like Hastert.

The president is the leader of his party and the entrenched, Dem-lite, oinking GOP hogs at the trough were fed an extra ration of slop from 2000 til 2006 when the voters figured out if they're gonna have pigs as masters might as well be real wild boars and sows like Pelosi and Reid who at least seemed to want to share more of the slop with the rest of us.

The soul and guiding principles of the party leadership are farther away from actual conservatism and more importantly, Constitutional Federalism, than they have been since at least Reagan and perhaps ever.
Unless there is a civil war in the GOP which the good guys win the country will never have the succession of leaders it needs to bring it back out of the wilderness and that is because in no small way, Bush 41 and Bush 43 changed the party of the Reagan Revolution to the party of Welfare State Codification and even Extension. And along the way they emasculated and made back-benchers of most of the congressional leadership who were willing to fight statism rather than accommodate it.

Jeff Dobbs

Another way to sum it up, Ig --

Once Reagan left office, the Republican party turned "I'm from the government and I'm here to help" from the nine most terrifying words in the English language to the centerpiece of it's platform.


You just made all that writing pointless Hit, but yeah, pretty much.

Rick B

We've bumped the number of troops heading for Plague Duty to 4,000 in an effort to make sure too little is delivered too late to an environment where risk from the touch of death abounds.

I'm sure the soldiers sent will do their duty but there is no nobility involved in sending men on a mission as absolutely futile as it is deadly. What purpose does the erection of hospices without trained personnel serve? What is the plan for repatriation of the infectious when the infection rate hits the ten or twenty per cent rate currently achieved by Liberian health care workers?

Miss Marple


While I would agree that much of what the federal government now does is supposed to be reserved solely or the states, I think it important to remember that both Bush presidents were having to deal with an education department created by Jimmy Carter, a democrat majority in the Senate, and the machinations of Ted Kennedy.

The No Child Left Behind act was designed to introduce accountability. By the time Kennedy got done with it many of the original ideas had been removed from the final bill. Perhaps Bush should have not signed that final bill, but I believe at the time he thought he could revisit it and improve it.

The Faith Based Initiative was designed to allow churches and synagogues and other religious institutions to participate in government-funded outreach programs on an equal footing with secular groups.

Had we had a very conservative president (unlikely given how close Bush 43's election was) we wouldn't have had these two bills, but I think the idea that there would have been any meaningful reform is pretty unrealistic. We would have had a big argument in Congress and nothing would have been done at all.

My preference is to leave education to the states and let voters decide what they want in their schools on the local level. There is danger in that as well, though, since sometimes this doesn't work out very well.

If the country had been ready for more conservative presidents from the GOP we wouldn't have seen either one of the Bush's nominated. They were a REFLECTION of the times, not the instigators.


Obama referred to Holder's wife as an Obey Gyney yesterday. The man really has some issues. He really does sound like a clueless Punahau, Occidental, Columbia, Harvard placeholder who never really connected with reality or real people.

Like most leftists he is all about "the people" but not about people.


How is it that that this Ebola outbreak "unexpectedly" showed up in the US ?

Now we have to deal with "Ebola DENIERS" .. starting with the White House


MM: So why medical software cannot flag with a flashing alert for travel, history, etc. is a mystery to me.

I'm sure the screen was flagging a flashing red alert like in Andromeda Strain but the person watching had an epileptic fit because of the flashing red message and didn’t take note of it.


-- I think it important to remember that both Bush presidents were having to deal with an education department created by Jimmy Carter, a democrat majority in the Senate, and the machinations of Ted Kennedy.--

And that in a nutshell is the problem.

Barry should be dealing with the left wing problem that a GOP president with a GOP majority shuttered the unconstitutional abomination of a National (not Federal) Education dept.

Instead, W was perfectly happy to get right down into the mud with the machinations of Ted Kennedy to vomit forth NCLB. He considered it a great accomplishment to strengthen and legitimize the national government's takeover of education.

Beasts of England

Roll Tide!!


Let me relink that Daniel Greenfield (AKA Sultanknish) post linked above by BeenThereDoneThat regarding the true nature of the left.
It's the most useful and accurate thing you'll read this week.

Leftist activism is drama. It is deliberately destructive and disruptive. It glories in taking the happy lives of ordinary people and wrecking them. It plays the part of the troubled sibling, the one who is driven to destroy the happiness of the rest of the family out of his or her own willful unhappiness.

I have long considered the ideology of leftism to be quite close to the clinical narcissism/psychopathy of someone like my brother.
The difference is individual liberals can be quite personable and even decent but the guiding political force in their lives is a pathological mental and character disorder that is born of the mental and character disorders of committed, whack-job, far-left destructive nuts.
It is grafted on to otherwise normal decent people who don't spend a lot of time thinking very well and they in a sense become infected.

Someone else can contemplate all the ebola-leftism similarities.


I had a feeling from the weasel words they were using that it wasn't the nurse's fault. She probably recorded the info and the Dr failed to read it or note its significance. Of course it should have been a screaming red flag to everyone involved.

Duncan's family now says they warned the ambulance workers that Duncan was from Liberia and probably had Ebola, but that sounds like CYA.

Miss Marple

Well, Ignatz, perhaps it is because I am less inclined to turn guns on people on our own side, no matter how irritated I get with some policy or another, so I will just disagree with you and move on.


Obama complains that electronic ATMs put people out of a job while electronic voting machines are putting the Country out of a Constitution and electronic medical records are putting people out of their lives.

And the Republicans can't landslide these bastards away?



wasn't *entirely* the nurse's fault


"Liberia? Don't this fool know he gots a scrotum??"


Wretchard's latest contains this cogent bit;

Parenthetically, what is really interesting is where the “Precautionary Principle” has gone to. The administration used to be really worried about the long shot odds that Michael Mann’s climate model might be right. But it doesn’t worry about Ebola odds.



James told us about this awhile ago.
JOM ahead of the curve as usual....


Should, Lord willing, the Repubs retake the Senate in one month, can't you see the excuses now that the left will throw out? "Irrational fear of Ebola" will certainly be one of them.


--Well, Ignatz, perhaps it is because I am less inclined to turn guns on people on our own side...--

That raises two or three important questions;
1. How far on "our side" are people who accept the premise of the other side?
2. Is it wise not to turn guns on people in our own party who seem to have no compunction about turning theirs on us?
3. If merely pointing out that bad philosophy, strategy and tactics will inevitably yield bad results is the equivalent of shooting other party members how can the soul of the GOP ever be saved?
It's the exact intraparty equivalent of the left's tactic of beating their enemies hammer and tong and then crying if the right returns the favor even slightly. The result is a rigged game and a playing field with one end zone fifty feet higher than the other and on which the teams never trade ends to defend.


Found this on Drudge:


Found this at ORYR:


Somebody should shut up.

Rick B

Ebola and the OPM Famine

The publication of quarantine guidelines and protocols by the CDC and application of the same by Dallas County health officials would do quite a bit to assuage public concern regarding the competence of public health officials. Ebola appears less than formidable when identified quickly. It's not actually highly contagious and prompt action had been sufficient to contain outbreaks in Africa in the past.


We are done as a nation.
This is on FB from Ed Gillespie
10 mins ·

"Good to be at Dar Alnoor Islamic Community Center in Manassas this morning for Eid prayers."

Miss Marple


Perhaps you are right. I am a person of very little influence, and disinclined to confrontation.

I will allow you to have the last word. I am going to go do some cleaning.


Obama referred to Holder's wife as an Obey Gyney yesterday.

That was last week at Holder's resignation celebration, unless he did it again. It freaked me out then, and still does.


--I am a person of very little influence, and disinclined to confrontation.--

Me too and I hope it didn't feel like I was confronting you.
It's the guys in our own party already shooting at us that I think we need to confront, but alas my influence is probably even less than yours.

--I will allow you to have the last word.--

I wasn't trying to have the last word. If I was I wouldn't have asked questions that the answers to are not overly clear to me. :)

Stephanie accidentally OnT?

new thread.

Last post last night was just before I got to bed.

Yes I usually try to nap, but two hour increments does nothing for the need for good rem sleep.


Here's Ed -


Where are the women? Is it now okay to go to community centers that are segregated?

The outrage over Augusta golf club is soon forgotten...


Liberals grade inbred savages on the curve, Janet.
They expect more of the inbred savages of, ew, Georgia than they do of those in mosques.


That is so true, Iggy. Typical liberal racism. That is why they attack white Christians mercilessly but leave black Christians alone. In their view, blacks can't be expected to know any better.

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